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SYMA Heli S111G

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Coast Guard Rescue RC 3.5CH Gyro Helicopter Mini Infrared Remote Controlled

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Coast Guard Rescue RC 3.5CH Gyro Helicopter Mini Infrared Remote Controlled SYMA Heli S111G

- Built-in Electric Gyroscope System

- 4-in-1 infrared receiver: Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver

- 6 directional fight: Ascending, descending, turn left, turn right, forward & backward

- Adjustable Trim Control

- Intelligent R/C system

- Newly designed electricity saving function

- High efficient gear slowdown system

- Made of Unique Material to Withstand Crashes

- Flying 5-8 minutes after 30 minutes charging

- Could be charged directly from computer's USB port

- Control Range: around 20 feet

- Power battery: 3.7V Li-poly battery

- Main rotor surface diameter: 7.1" (180mm)

- Dimension: 8.5"L x 3.7"H x 2.1"W

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  1. fun fun fun Review by Chris

    Got this for my big kids... love it hrs of fun and easy to learn how to fly.. fun fun fun (Posted on 8/21/2012)

  2. Poor quality and poorly made Review by Molson

    I purchased this for my son. The product looked very attractive and colorful . The man reason for buy was the 117 reviews for 5 star but I gave it only 3 starts. The helicopter never lifted the ground and rested on the table like a wounded bird trying to fly. Also the picture looks nice but it's very small and made of cheap plastic.

    Thanks to amazon return policy, it's going back tommarow for a full refund. Will not recommend to anyone. (Posted on 8/13/2012)

  3. Fun little chopper Review by LandK

    I have never flown an RC helicopter before today. The learning curve on this one was very short. Adjusting it is simple. Crashing it into the wall and hard landings don't hurt it at all. I think I'll have to buy a couple more for the kids. (Posted on 8/8/2012)

  4. Fun Review by KrisR33

    I have three of these due to their short battery life and inexpensiveness. I have the apache, and normal one and this coast guard. It's probable just random chance but the coast guard battery lasts double the flying time of the apache and 107g. All are awesome. The coast guard and apache are extremely stable while the 107g is very stable. Love them all. Got my dad one and he loves it and any of my friends who play with it love them and buy them too. Great adult toy, maybe for kids too but I'm 30 without kids so I don't know. Very durable when crashing as well. I have yet to break one. Oh also beware you have a 1/4 chance it seems of getting a dysfucntional one but for 20 bucks what do you expect. Return process is very easy.. Watch out if you have cats, they may relentlessly attack your helicopter which is fine for the helicopter but potentially damaging to your cat. Trust me. He learned fast though. (Posted on 8/7/2012)

  5. A little practice is all thats needed for a lot of amusement Review by N. Peck

    I don't know much about RC helicopters, but this little thing is a lot of fun! It does take some practice (and PATIENCE) at first to get a hang of it. Like others have mentioned, you cannot just "Mash" the controls or it will just go out of control. It does move very quickly.

    It is a LIGHT weighted helicopter. So any sort of wind does affect it (i.e. ceiling fan) so definitely an in-door toy.
    And as most others have also noted, it does take a beating. I've crash landed into everything imaginable and still no problems.
    I really wouldn't recommend this toy for a younger child though. Due to the fine controls of it. It's not just a "push every button - full throttle" toy.

    I DO make sure though that if I see an inevitable crash landing coming; I take my hands off the throttle (not sure if that's the correct term for it). This way I don't run the risk of burning out the motor or breaking any gears inside.

    Oh, and the cats find it amusing as well =)

    For about $20 - I figured what's the worst I could lose? I know, I could lose $20 bucks, but it turned out to be a good purchase and (as an adult) I've had a lot of fun with it. (Posted on 8/7/2012)

  6. A lot of fun in a small package. Review by Tyler

    I ordered this to play with it in the house with my daughter and we love it. It is definitely an inside toy as it is very affected by wind. Overall very fun to learn to fly. (Posted on 8/6/2012)

  7. super toy Review by sandisk cruzer

    I enjoyed lot. this is my first RC toy. Initial I struggled to handle after 10 mins I can do. It is super toy for beginners.the body of the helicopter is amazing and rough to handle. you have to get additional wing spare for long run.Totally it is worth to buy....value is great..... (Posted on 8/6/2012)

  8. great Review by tom

    love it flys nice you should fly one ther fun we go to the church jim to play with these helis (Posted on 8/5/2012)

  9. Great Toy! Review by Robert A. Bliss

    For a toy of this type it is great! Flies very well and the price is right! It works better than many other toys of this type and costing much more money. I highly recommend this helicopter, it is awesome. I purchased it for my 11 year old grandson, but I must say, I have as much fun with it as he does. (Posted on 8/4/2012)

  10. Flies pretty well...But can break! Review by redcross533

    My wife and I purchased two helicopters for our son a couple of weeks ago, we just gave them to him for his birthday. He was very excited about the helicopters This one flew very well and for its small size and wings are very durable. We ran into an issue with where the top set of wings attach to the aircraft's propeller shaft. It attaches with two small half square pieces of plastic that attach to each other with two small screws. The square of plastic that holds the wings attach to the shaft with to pegs that come off the shaft. These two pegs broke off during the "final flight" rendering the plane inoperable. (Posted on 8/2/2012)

  11. disappoined Review by phart

    Bought this for my grandson. He loved it but after charging a couple of times it just quit working. No troubleshooting instructions. passon this one, a waste of oney. (Posted on 7/30/2012)

  12. Great Helicopter Review by Jesse A. Bulkley "Jesse"

    This was the first time I've flown an rc helicopter in awhile. I'd watched quite a few videos of this in action well waiting for it in the mail. When I received it, it was surprisingly light. It came with some charge, but not a whole lot. I admit that even though I am a big gamer, I had difficulty controlling this helicopter on it's first flight. Part of the challenge is that you have to be very light on the throttle, yet in order to control it's movements you have to press the movement stick all the way in the direction you want it to go, so you've got to teach yourself how to have your left hand be sensitive, well your right one goes all out, that's the key to flying this thing.

    I do think the transmitter/controller looks a bit clunky, it could be more stream lined, and the head of the joysticks have those crowned edges which are annoying, I think they are meant to grip your finger tips, but mine just tend to slip off anyways. In order to get the transmitter to sync to the heli you have to turn them both on and set them close to eachother for about 10 seconds or so, just as a warning, because I thought my transmitter didn't work anymore. I thought I had a broken tail motor once too, but it ended up that the rotor was too tightly screwed in, I had to loosen it up before I could go forward or backward. The biggest issue is with the instruction manual, it's in terrible english. I've done a lot of research into this thing though and there are a few vital things that arn't in there, you need to turn off the heli and let it rest for 10 or so minutes before and maybe even after recharging or the battery will get burnt out, also it's never a good idea to run the battery until it's completely empty, as lipo batteries need some charge in order to be rechargeable. (Posted on 7/18/2012)

  13. Love it Review by Mona L. Boutin

    This is a very easy to fly, durable helicopter; well worth the money; takes off great; lands without harming helicopter. (Posted on 7/10/2012)

  14. Great, but 107g/108g is better. Review by Richie

    RC heli's has been a hobby on the uprise. There are so many out there for beginners and experts, and it confuses us into thinking what is a good purchase? what can I buy that won't be a waste of money and actually be a ton of fun? Well, look no further. This Syma 109g is honestly one of the best RC helicopter you can get in 3 Channel Heli category. What 3 Channel helicopters is, it's that the person can control the heli to go all directions. This helicopter comes installed with Gyroscope, which is a technology that makes the helicopter almost seems robotic due to how smooth it moves and how beautifully it flies in the air. You won't even need to trim the airplane right off the package, yup it's that good.

    Now to the more technical stuff. The helicopter has an average flight time of about 5-7 minutes depending on how much you fly the airplane and a charge time about 20-30 minutes. It's very light and about 7 inches long. Now you might be thinking, if the heli is perfect why are you giving it 4 stars? well there are two problems about this plane and they both involve the outer body. The outer body is made of plastic and not a very durable one. The helicopter is very light so when you fly it near a wall, the wind sometimes will reflect off the wall and throw off the helicopter, but that's understandable because its a very light airplane, however if you crash there is a very good chance something with the helicopter will go wrong. Now it doesn't happen on the first crash but after a couple of crashes constantly things might chip off the helicopter. Another problem is that the tail is heavier than the rest of the Heli, so unlike the other models such as 107g/108g when this one hovers in the air, it keeps moving backwards by itself. Just for heads up a general problem with RC heli's is that if you charge too many times in a row such as charge it, fly it and then charge it and fly it again, the rotor that controls movements might burn out. Overall for the price this helicopter is a steal and when it comes to Syma helicopters, you cannot go wrong. (Posted on 6/29/2012)

  15. Remote Controlled Helicopter Review by Steve

    I am almost 60. It is a fun toy for me and grandkids. We've all crashed it several times and it holds up, surprisingly. For the money (not much) it's a fun, learning toy. Just wish the battery would last longer. (Posted on 6/27/2012)

  16. the best quality and performance only for $23 Review by monu

    i had couple of expensive heli before indoor outdoor but with there performance and quality i disappointed but after buying this just for $23 i got what i did not get in all other that i had before the best u can get and for beginners i recomended this one (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  17. Easy flying and durable design Review by L. Hilbert "soundream"

    The Coast Guard Rescue is the best RC helicopter I've owned, period. I went through 3 other RC helicopters that crashed and broke within a week. The Coast Guard Rescue has survived many wall crashes and keeps flying perfectly. The only complaint is somewhat limited battery life. The USB charger is great, but I usually need to charge it over night to get more than 5 minutes of fly time. Charging for 1-4 hours only gets about 3 minutes fly time. (Posted on 6/25/2012)

  18. Sent back Review by Robert h

    Item arrived on time however the one I got was defective and had to be sent back. Once funds are credited to my account I will order a new one. I was not given the option to exchange via mail. (Posted on 6/24/2012)

  19. Very Durable & works well Review by TheDeLay

    This unit does work very well, especially considering the price. Battery life is fair and charges quickly. It does not break, even when crash, slammed into walls, furniture, the ceiling etc.

    This is a great trainer/toy. Maneuverability does take some practice and the controls are not super precise. Again, considering the price, it works well.

    Don't plan on taking it outside. The slightest of breeze will send it across the yard and beyond. (Posted on 6/22/2012)

  20. Syma Military Helicopters Review by APR

    I own all the Syma Mini Military helicopters. Here is my review for all 5.

    1. S108G Cobra. By Far the fastest and the most aggressive of the helicopters. This one takes a little bit of time to get used to and is for the more experienced flyer. Its super fast and super durable.

    2. S109G Apache. Another good helicopter from Syma. Runs the same as the Cobra. Fast and swift.

    3. S026G Chinook. A good beginner helicopter. Very stable in flight. It can be fast if you want it to be or it can be slow. This is one of my favorites out of the series.

    4. S102G Black Hawk. My brother has the S107G and this flies just like it. This is probably the best helicopter that syma makes. Extremely stable and can take a serious beating. (But so can all the others.) It will fly at the speed you want it to from slow to fast and takeoffs and landings are extremely smooth.

    5. S111G Coast Guard Rescue. This too is a fine product from syma. Super smooth flyer and very stable when hovering. And yes, this one wins in the looks battle. It works just like the S102G Black Hawk.

    6. And last but not least, the S023G Big Apache. This is a massive outdoor version of the S109G Apache. But this one is meant to be used outdoors. This one is not infrared like the little ones but is a 27mhz radio control helicopter. This guy has some serious power to it and boy does it fly. Very fast and extremely stable are how I would describe it. It is also very easy to control.

    All in all, Syma gets a 20 out of 10 stars on their helicopters for the price. And when you do buy one from them, MAKE SURE IT HAS A G AFTER THE NUMBERS. LIKE S109-G-. The G stands for Gyro. The Gyro makes it twice as easy to fly. (Posted on 6/21/2012)

  21. Waste of money Review by Derick

    controls did not work had to return for a refund. feels cheap mad out of plastic, other Rc helicopters out there that are better for your money. (Posted on 6/5/2012)

  22. Fun little time waster Review by K Jones

    These little heli-s from SYMA are great. I am 26 and received one from my mother-in-law as a B-day gift. I have had so much fun with this little thing. Its very easy to operate, its about the size of two fists, my cats even like chasing it around. Great buy for the money! (Posted on 6/4/2012)

  23. Start to a beautiful relationship Review by Jeff

    Dear SYMA,

    I don't normally say this to a company that makes awesome things but here it goes...I freakin love you. This is what I can only surmount to being the start of a healthy relationship. The kind of relationship that can't be faked by the likes of Kim Karashian or Brad Pitt. This is the kind that will leave both of us happy. You with my money and me with the gift of fabulous flight. Whether it's chasing the dog, the kids or flying this wonderful peice of modern technology into the kitchen with a note that says "get me a beer" you can rest asure this will give me at least if not more than 200 hours of playtime fun. I do have one complaint...Why couldn't I have had this when I was a kid. The only thing I had was a bottle rocket with an unfortunate G.I. Joe rubberbanded to it for the local neighborhood space program which turned out to be light years ahead of Soviet Russia at the time. My how times have changed. Another small compalint, but this time for Amazon, please allow this company to recieve more than five stars. Not a demand but if it's met I'll let the hostages go.

    Forever yours ,

    Jeff (Posted on 5/17/2012)

  24. Great Co-axial Micro Copter Review by A. Longo "SanFelipeTX_apl"

    Years ago, I spent all too much money on micro and intermediate size RC helicopters. They were disappointments all. I later learned about the 'gyro' stabilized models that are now available. I tried out this one and was pleasantly surprised. It has renewed my interest in these 'toys'. These micro indoor copters can teach you about developing a light and stable touch on the controls. It can teach you about following the orientation. This has to do with using the ability to make proper directional control on the copter regardless of its flight path to you, away from you or other angle. While you feel this is obvious, you may learn it is not a given ability for everyone. The next step up is a fixed pitched copter, and after that a 3D six channel copter that has variable pitch blades. A good background on this can be found on [...] (Posted on 5/14/2012)

  25. love it. Review by uzi

    Very smooth and stable heli. Would give it 5 star if I could fly it outside. Def. a good buy. (Posted on 5/2/2012)

  26. Tough as nails, easy to fly, I recommend it. Review by Todd Dice "RickenBat"

    The heli came well packaged. Did not know but a friend of mine who's a fan of Syma heli's told me it was already charged from the factory, so go ahead and start flying it out of the box. Sure enough, he was right! Flew it and found it easy to fly and control. The controller is a standard Syma unit, though the throttle is sping loaded, so to maintain hover, you must keep your hand on the stick. I also own a Barnes & Noble Nook and the USB charger for it works at charging the heli. Although, it's rated to 7-minute flights, I've gotten close to 10 with mine. Definitely a good buy. Highly recommend it! (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  27. RC HELICOPTER. Review by A Customer

    The helicopter is ok, but the thing I dont like about it is the prop. The prop is mad easy to break. I crashed it one little time and I had to get new props I would say not to get that helicopter get something else. (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  28. exceeded expectations Review by ml111

    I have flown 4 electric helis before this one (all cheap, chinese-made) and they were all the same: hard to hover(constantly sliding everywhere), adjusting the trim several times during flight and difficulty moving forward.
    This heli was a neat surprise, it is very stable, it turns and stops very precisely on its axis (its like a robot) and it flies where you point it.
    I have flown it only once (just took it out of the box) so I cannot speak about its reliability, but the first impression has been a very good one.

    Update(May 14 2012): I have flown it at least 30 times and crashed it many more times and it's still going. (Posted on 4/22/2012)

  29. Good toy, not durable, kind of delicate. Review by Alexsin

    Nice little toy, my kids enjoyed playing with it as long as it lasted, but not durable, it hit the ceiling and since then, it doesn't go forward. Not too expensive, so not too worried. (Posted on 4/20/2012)

  30. Excellent Value Review by ReviewGuru

    Excellent value and great fun! Very durable and easy to operate. This is a great gift for older kids who can appreciate how to operate and create challenges with the toy.2 (Posted on 4/19/2012)

  31. Awesome item! Review by labluvr

    This was ordered for my husband's birthday! Fun, fun, fun! He served over 27 years in CG and it's like having fun all over again. These Gyros are reasonably priced, durable and makes folks giggle and laugh. Can't wait to order one myself so we can get into air games! (Posted on 4/19/2012)

  32. Syma S111G Coast Guard R/C Helicpoter Review by jjm

    I have owned a few different Syma R/C helicopters and also own and fly hobby grade R/C helicopters. Overall they are excellent quality for the price. The S111G is no exception and a solid micro helicopter. The finish is beautiful. The flight performance is average to above average for this class of R/C helicopter. Hovering is easy and extremely stable. Forward and backward flight are a bit slow but perfect for a beginner. My son who is 5 now has been flying these for a year or so now with great results. Younger children should be supervised with this type of toy. As with any battery operated electronics, especially those made in china, there can be issues from time to time. Amazon offers quality customer service and easy returns. There are also replacement parts available for most of the Syma line and are reasonably priced. If your considering a micro R/C helicopter for the first time I would highly recommend the Syma line (I.e. S107G, S109G, S111G, among others). STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING BY "AIR HOGS"!! (Posted on 4/15/2012)

  33. nice Review by Daniel F. A. Miranda

    This is a nice helicopter. I bought one of the cheap helicopters a couple years ago and it was impossible to control it. This one in the other hand is very controllable easy to fly it. I recommend get the spare parts kit since you will have some crashes and the main blades get damaged fast. (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  34. Fun but slow Review by Todd Miller

    My only gripe with this is that its top speed is pretty slow. I wish they went a little faster. This one is really cool looking and I like that it had wheels instead of skids. Super stable. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  35. Outstanding control and durability Review by M. Taylor "Melisa Bell taylor"

    This is my 4th Syma helo and by far my favorite. Very easy to fly like a pro. The controls are precise and the helo is responsive. Range is longer than the 20 feet advertised, up to 40 feet. Battery life after charge has been at least 9 minutes of flying time. Great indoor toy for the money. Because the control is infrared rather than radio, it will not function in direct sunlight. The only other minor complaint is that the battery charge port is on the bottom, which means you have to lay the helo on its side to charge, which seems sloppy for a product which is otherwise so well engineered. Overall, it is well worth a few dollars more than the cheaper Syma models. (Posted on 3/29/2012)

  36. coastguardminiheli Review by ken

    I really enjoyed this heli but after about 20 flights the heli lost 90% of its power even tho the AC charger said it was fully charged and the transmitter batteries were new. I think I spent $28 for a piece of junk. (Posted on 3/28/2012)

  37. amazing time with this helo Review by kenxtoday

    i had order s117 before but when i get this i really think that this is some serious product . i m having lots of fun with this helo and stability of this helo is amazing....i would defiantly recommend anyone to buy this product. really easy to handle . (Posted on 3/27/2012)

  38. The best one yet!! Review by Toddsshare

    This is, hands down, the best helicopter Ive purchased to date. I have 7 and this is number 1 in my book. Looks great, flys awesome, handling is a breeze and my 5 year old can even operate it. It responds to the control on a dime. By far, the BEST OUT THERE.
    Highly recommended. If you only buy 1, make this the one. (Posted on 3/25/2012)

  39. Amazingly Detailed AND Extremely Percise Copter -- LOVE Mine!! Review by brockelju

    I bought this helicopter after playing with standard 3 channel helicopters and i GAVE my 3 channels away after this chopper came. This 3.5 is VERY attractive to the eye and it performs above and beyond the price you pay for it. I live in North Dakota (extremely windy, all the time), so i only fly it inside and at my local community center. It is extremely accurate and quite powerful lift for it's size. This is the PERFECT give for any RC Heli Enthusiast. I have put around 15 hours of use into it and have crashed it dozens of times and have yet to break any functional or non-functional pieces of it yet. As an adult child, this is by FAR my favorite toy. (Posted on 3/20/2012)

  40. Flies great Review by Rajesh R. Nathan "RN"

    It takes a few sessions to get a hang of it.. But then its smooth flying.. In the first sessions we were very careful not to break the copter -- using a blanket as a crash area, turning it off as soon as it looked like its going to hit something.. But till now.. touch wood.. reasonably sturdy and going strong.. I would recommend you buy this for indoor purposes.. nice if you want to teach kids about the power of wind/helicopter design. (Posted on 3/18/2012)

  41. I waited my whole life for this toy Review by Z28

    I bought it for my 8 year old and i had to buy another for me, we had them about 8 months crashed them about 50 times being silly and they never broke. i bought extra parts and never used them. (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  42. A Great Choice Review by W. Sklar

    I did a lot of reviewing of Syma and others before settling on this one. Talk about durable. I've had it for 2 weeks in a fairly small office and this thing has taken a beating. Crashed into walls a high speed. Crashed into piles of office supplies. Crashed into other helicoptors. The list goes on and on but this bugger has nothing more then a few dings on the edges of the blades which doesn't seem to be causing any problems. This is a very stable helicopter and would be great for a beginner or even an intermediate flyer. Flight time is fine for what we use it for and we were even able to rig it to pick up some fairly light items. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  43. Lots-O-Fun Review by jennifer davis

    Gave this as a Christmas gift. It's super fun. Ours flew great right out of the box...Well I did forget to buy batteries...but after that it was great. We've never had a toy like this but love playing with it. You get about 10min flight per 30min charge. We don't think this a big deal cuz it's so fun. It's been about 4 months and no problems yet. It takes a bit of time to fly well but this copter seems to be able to take a few crashes. (Posted on 3/12/2012)

  44. Made a great, fun gift for the guy who has, almost, everything. Review by Charles E. Walsh "living off the grid"

    Purchased this for my brother, the guy who has everything, because he always talks about these mini-copters when we see them while shopping. This has been going on since I can remember.

    His birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something fun and whimsical and mini-copters pooped into my head. I chose this one because of the positive reviews and my brother is a public servant.

    My brother called me and was very happy with it and learned to fly it rather quickly. He said it is definitely for indoor use due to its light weight (wind) but is very durable after several learning mishaps. The only downside the copter has, he said, is that it "freaks the cat out". (Posted on 3/8/2012)

  45. rc heli fan Review by jim

    This helicopter is a lot of fun. I've been buying these toys for years; mainly to play with my cats. This is the first one with a gyroscope and it's a very different experience. You don't need a lot of practice to fly it. It maneuvers and handles in ways that the old helicopters couldn't. It also holds up to being smacked out of the air. (Posted on 3/6/2012)

  46. This toy helps me a lot with my hand-to-eye coordination Review by Weny

    I'm a 70-year-old guy who still feels and thinks like a little boy. The helicopter helps me maintain my brain's motor controls and I'm hoping it will prevent me from having Alzheimer's disease. Besides, it's an endless source of joy for a retired man like me. It responds well to my commands and is a beautiful thing to watch while hovering or in flight.<a href="">SYMA S108G 3.5 CH Infrared Mini Radio Controlled Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro</a> (Posted on 3/1/2012)

  47. Nice little chopper Review by Cassidy Withey

    The S111G is a pretty cool little bird that would be great as a first time rc helicopter for just about any one. It is easy to to fly, fairly rugged, and it looks cool. What I like most about it is that you can charge it through a computer, which saves battery life, but it takes around an hour to fully charge it whether using the remote or a computer.

    After it's fully charged you might get 6-7 minutes of continual flight time out of it before you need to recharge, which is about an average flight for whatever introductory level rc chopper, so keep that in mind before you buy one. You'll be charging batteries way more than flying.

    Another thing to seriously consider is purchasing replacement parts along with the helicopter because you may need them sooner than you think. This particular rc helicopter is fairly rugged, but there is only so much it can take before the rotors are too damaged to fly anymore. I have flown it maybe a total of 20 hours on the original parts, but I have only had a few crashes, and even these four or five crashes have damaged the propellers a little. To delay further damage I used clear tape to provide a little extra ruggedness to the rotors and that seems to really work well. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  48. Cheap fun Review by J. Beyrau

    I own 9 Syma choppers and this is my favorite. Love them all, but if I had to choose one, this it!
    If you're considering a Syma product, this should be your first choice. You WON'T be disappointed!! (Posted on 2/28/2012)

  49. GREAT STARTER HELI Review by siov4279

    This heli isnt too bad overall yet it is a bit tail heavy so in order to hover perfectly I had to wrap a small amount of solder around the front landing gear to counter the weight of the tail. I have had this for a month now and unfortunatly the batery seems to be loosing strength already =( But its really good for learning to controll and is great for any beginner to rc heli's! (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  50. Waste of Money Review by TB1981

    Got this as a gift for someone. We were able to use it once (and had great fun). Plugged it in to charge it after roughly 7 minutes of usage and it never worked again. Total waste of time and money. (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  51. great fun helicopter Review by tommy

    I received this helicopter sooner than expected. The quick service was great. Right out of the box I tried it and it had a charge in it si I was able to fly it for a while. It was easy to fly, hover, and turn. After a full charge it flew even longer. I am still enjoying it today. (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  52. Best R/C Flying Machine Ever Review by DAN YOCHIM

    I have been buying remote control toys for myself for over 50 years, and this little unit is the best thing, at any price that I have ever used. It is stable, has adequate flight time, and is just plain remarkable for its size and cost. When you can find something that you can operate better than the neighbor kids, that is sturdy and very responsive ( but not hard to manage), you know you have stumbled upon a good deal. At under $30, there is nothing that works as well as this. Good engineering and construction, very visible flight dynamics, which provide insight into how a helicopter flies. Can not go wrong with this one! (Posted on 2/18/2012)

  53. Coast Garud Helo. SYMA 111G Review by Christian Skidmore "Chris Moore"

    I wanted to get my feet wet in the world of RC choppers. This is a good one to do that with. It's cheap and durable. A must for us beginners. So far I have crashed into the floor, the wall, the cieling, the cieling fan (running) and a dog who was not happy with that. It's been averaging around 50 minutes to charge off the PC and I've been getting around 10 minutes of flight time. All and all, it's a good little product. (Posted on 2/16/2012)

  54. gift helo Review by thomas mader

    This gift took two tries to get one that met expectations. First one was sent back without any hassel or much effort.
    Second one still would not fly until the batteries were pushed and shoved a bit in the controller. Then great determination to make it works, it finally spun up and began to work great. Son in law had great fun flying it all thru house and accross the street. Quite a cute little toy. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  55. Worked for 30 Seconds Before Breaking Review by Linda

    I purchased this helicopter for my 11 year old daughter. It only worked for one flight before the plastic piece that holds the top rotor in place broke. We returned the helicopter to Amazon and received a refund without any problem. The helicopter did not seem to be very durable overall. We ordered a Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter instead. It is more durable and has worked well for over a month. (Posted on 2/6/2012)

  56. Fun for any age Review by Christine

    Bought this helicopter for my adult yet young at heart boyfriend after he saw his little nephew play with one. Almost every night after work this helicopter gets to fly around our house. Love the blinking lights & how real it looks for a coast guard chopper. The remote control is easy to use & even I can navigate the chopper around our living room. If you want an inexpensive toy that brings hours of fun to any age, this is the toy for you. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  57. Whirly Fun! Review by Virginia Barber "Ginger"

    Ny 11 year old son received this as a Christmas gift. He is very much in love with anything that has a remote control. That being said, this plan lasted longer than some of his other ones. He is hard on them. While this toy no longer works, it is still a good toy. I just have to buy the replacement parts for it and it will be up and running in no time. (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  58. Almost Perfect Helicopter Review by FireFerum

    I bought this along with an S107G. The S111G is very clean looking, with great light effects. At night, it looks as if it has a spot light that shines down in front of it. It is very stable, just like the S107G. The only problem I saw with this was that it was slightly rear heavy so when it hovered, it always moved backwards. I eventually tied a zip tie to the front wheel and removed the rear fake blade and that made it perfectly balanced.

    Additionally, I had problems with the remote control. The springs on the batteries was not welded properly so it would only work if I spun the batteries a little. I ended up disassembling the remote control and soldering the springs for constant contact and that fixed it.

    Overall, this is a very fun toy. We have been flying it through the office, crashing it into just about everything and it is still running. It simply works very well.

    For those having trouble with the remote and channels: It seems the helicopters auto sync to one of the frequencies. It sometimes takes up to 1 minute to lock in on the channel so if you have two helicopters, make sure to turn them on separate from each other (in different rooms) until they sync to the correct remote. (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  59. Pleased Review by Dskerb

    This is a great toy for young or old, tests you hand, eye coordination. Very durable, I must have crashed mine a dozen times. (on carpet) not a scratch or broken part. Not to mention there not at all expensive. Great product great price an tons of fun ! (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  60. KimL Review by Mbna Platinum Plus Visa

    Purchased this for a christmas gift for my son (22). Ordered it a couple days before christmas. Arrived in time. Was amazed. To be used in house only, but knew that. Son really liked it. Enteretained him. Seemed to hold up so far. (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  61. A Welcome Addiction To My Growing Fleet! Review by wademech

    I just got my S111G today! What a beauty! My other heli. is an S109 AH64 Apache, just so you know what I'm comparing to. This one is stable, but rocks nose to tail just a little bit in flight. You have to watch carefully to notice it. It doesn't bother me, or affect the flight, it's just something I noticed that the 109 doesn't do. This heli flys very nicely, trims out perfectly, and stays trimmed where you set it. It isn't as fast as my 109 but, I have glued a very small rivet washer (about a half gram) under the nose of it for more speed, which I will probably do to this one, once it is broken-in. Yes, they do "break-in", and the way they react to the controls and fly, smoothes out and becomes more predictable after several flights. This heli. is very pretty! I love the fit and finish, and the light show is just great! I must say that if the longivity of the 111 compares to my 109, I will be very pleased indeed! Approaching 100 flights, with the times running right at 10 mins. each. If you are only going to own one heli, I'd go for the 109, but I can't imagine that anyone could resist the urge to build a fleet, after owning that one! I love the S111G, a beautiful machine, and irrisistible fun flying!!!!! (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  62. Great little heli Review by Ric H.

    I received my Syma helicopter and was able to control it right out of the box. After a few "run ins" with the ceiling, the rotor blades became a little rough on the edges, causing the heli to vibrate some and wouldn't fly very well. However, after carefully filing away the burrs with an emery board, the thing flew like new again. I highly recommend this bird. I'm 52 and I'm having a blast!! (Posted on 1/27/2012)

  63. Blown away! Review by O-livier "O-livier"

    This is our second Syma. Bought exactly the same one as have been impressed by how the first one handled and lasted quite a bit despite numerous crashes. Actually now thinking of buying parts and "get under the hood" to fix the first one. Lots of fun (also reminds me of my own USCG rescue... but that's another story:) (Posted on 1/27/2012)

  64. great toy Review by James A. Gross

    Took a while to get used to. You need to be on the forward stick right from the start. Would recommend familiarity with operations before flying this one. (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  65. Control problems Review by Maggie

    Bought this little helicopter for my granddaughter. Found it to be lots of fun and fairly easy to fly, once you get used to handling the joy sticks. After a few flights however, the forward and backward buttons on the front of the control do not work. Anyone else have this experience? Suggestions or solutions??? (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  66. Easy to fly chopper Review by Len

    I gave it away as a gift, is the first chopper I've ever flown and I used it only the one time the night the gift was opened. It was super fun and easy for me to fly though, although I think of myself as a pretty coordinated person good at video games and stuff. It hovered in one spot amazingly well and was cool to see it suspended in mid air with all the lights flashing. Very realistic looking and acting. The great hovering made it easy to start to get the feel of moving up, rotating, and moving forward which I was then able to make it go around the room (after several crashes) and start to get the feel of it. I'd think after a few flights you could start to master it, and it seems durable enough to be able to handle the learning curve too. It really responds well to your inputs on the remote though, and with practice I bet you could really maneuver it well. Eventually I'll get this same one to play with too. Definitely well worth the price, I'm surprised it's only $28 which is what I think I paid. However, I also didn't use it long enough to know if I'd get tired of it too. Also, I have no idea how it compares to any other choppers as far as handling or speed. This copter seemed very easy to fly, hover and is durable (my brother says it's still works great after a month and a lot of learning crashes). (Posted on 1/20/2012)

  67. COAST GUARD RCSYMA111G HELICOPTER Review by tomhelo

    Great Starter Helo. Get this one first if you're thinking of getting into the hobby. I crashed it, bashed it and broke nothing !I bought two larger helos since and I'm glad I did. The large ones are fun to fly ,but you need flying a small one FIRST ! (Posted on 1/19/2012)

  68. Great Fun but... Review by Dave L

    This is by far the best Rc helicopter I have owned. It is great for all users. It maneuvers excellently thanks to the gyro. I recommend only flying it outside on a windless day. It has a great running time. I found running the battery down prolongs the next running cycle. The two things I don't like about it is; 1 it does not come with replacement parts for commonly damaged wings, and 2 if you have an LCD TV on it interferes with RC functions. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  69. Happy Customer. Review by North Idaho Reader

    Excellent. Rated for 14 year old or older however our 8 year old has not trouble operating this. He loves it. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  70. Coast Guard Helicopter??? Review by DWJunior

    This isn't a coast guard helicopter. Other than the style of the helicopter, it is not even close. This particular helicopter only flew 4 or 5 flights before it broke.....the helicopter stopped responding to the radio controls. For example, the thrust would cut out in mid-flight even though the throttle on the radio controller was calling for thrust. The helicopter handles crashes well so long as you cut the power to it when crashing around furniture and other obstacles. Otherwise, these micro helicopters are great fun when they function properly. (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  71. Very good, but not the best for a new flyer. Review by Drew

    I got this for a friend who wanted it after flying my s107g. He liked mine, but wanted to fly with the USCG colors. I think this heli is very good. It actually outperforms my 107. It will climb faster and fly faster, but it is a little dartier. The plastic fuselage is very good-looking, but it makes this more difficult to repair when there are internal problems. There is a plastic hook on the underside of the tail, which is accurate to a true MH-58A, but it got caught in the carpet all of the time. We eventually just snipped it off. It had its share of crashes, which you'd expect from someone's first heli, and held up pretty well. After a few days, though, the top rotor stopped turning. Could be a number of things, but for proper troubleshooting it would be nice to be able to see through the side plates.

    The short version: If you're looking for your first RC heli, go with the S107G. It's just made to train with, and abuse. Replacement parts are much more readily available, and cheaper. All of the moving parts are in plain view, so you can see how it works (and more importantly, what isn't working.) When you've got it all figured out, start collecting these pretty ones. (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  72. Fun but not educational. Review by C. Carter "Carter"

    I ordered this helicopter for my Dad for Christmas. He stated he wanted a toy and I could not figure out what to get him. It turned out this helicopter was just the ticket. He loves it and it has not broken as of yet. Pretty durable and a great price for great fun. I would recommend it. In fact I ordered two more! (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  73. Best Starter Helicopter Review by brutus980dragracing

    I have many of these type of helicopters and this one is by far the easiest to fly, it may be the weight of the helicopter over most of the others. This helicopter is very easy to keep at any particular height and very easy forward, backing, and landing control. Best Bang for the buck. Very Durable. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  74. Freakin Sweet Review by JImmyC

    My first rc chopper. And I'm hooked! I'm planning on getting a bigger/better/badder arse one ASAP. This little heli tok me about one full charge to get the hang of and fly around the house and bug my dog. Crashed it, flew it into walls, the ceiling, railing you name I hit and the little thing just keeps going. I picked mione up for about $30 shipped to me from Can't wait to get home and fly it today. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  75. helicopter Review by MTL

    Great fun, but after the first flight it won't take off anymore. Had to send it back for exchange or refund. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  76. Great, Great, Great Helicopter Review by graphicdesignandwebdesign

    Flies super stable, so much so that I let my 9 year old fly it almost immediately after opening it. Now all 3 kids (2 girls) love flying this thing. It is super easy to fly, even still, we do manage to wreck it into a lot of obstacles, since we try flying it around and through most anything and land it almost anywhere in the house. The helicopter is super tough. The blades on ours are dinged up a bit, but that is all after some serious abuse, and it still flies impeccably.

    Couple of annoyances: Our USB charger does not work, but the charger on the transmitter works great. The batteries in the transmitter had a little white powder on them when we went to change them, and do not know if this is because of the transmitter or bad batteries to begin with. I just took caution when replacing them and told the kids to let me change the batteries next time to see if it happens again and for safety reasons.

    I loved this thing so much, I decided to order another helicopter, but chose the Chinook (small version) because I wanted something different. Big mistake. The chinook did not keep altitude, and I have sent it back. I will probably order another one of these or 102g (blackhawk) version. (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  77. Love this chopper! Review by geddyfan

    This is my first remote controlled helicopter. I think it's very responsive. Love the lights on it!!! They're really bright, flashing blue and red with a white light on the nose. I wish I could get more flight time out of it but it isn't too bad. Many, many close calls but even after accidental crashes it still flies great! Been flying it about every day since Christmas. I would love to see a police one with same type of lights. Also, a Marine One would be cool too! (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  78. Great fun for Kids and Adults! Review by D. Ruehle

    My Niece and Nephew got an S107 and an S109 for Christmas. She's 12 and he's 28. I tried my Nephew's and it was a blast! I found a better deal on Amazon and I bought the S111 Coast Guard Rescue because I thought it looked cool. I told a guy I worked with how much fun these things are and he bought one, loved it, and bought his son and his brother each one. These things are just flat out fun to play with, they are very durable, withstand crashes very well and just keep on flying. I must say out of the 3 I've flown, mine looks the coolest, but it flies the worst. This is pretty big and heavier than the other two so I think that's why it doesn't fly quite as well. It tended to fly backwards when just hovering so I added a little weight to the nose and now it's fine. So if you want a cool looking copter that will test your flying skills a bit then get this one. If you want to have the easiest one to fly then get the S107, these are lighter and have a very stable flight. My wife laughed at me and roller her eyes when I told her I bought one... After a few days she tried it and had a lot of fun so bought her a S107, should be here tomorrow. Highly recommended! (by the way, I'm 55) (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  79. I opened the box it flew once Review by artgtr

    I recieved this S111G Gyro opened the box charged it up. It flew once and that is it, no troubleshoot guide, nothing. The lights flash. Thats it - nothing else. It will be going back. I am a beginner with helicopters but this is not my first one. I have 2 more coming. hopefully they will fly more than once. Other than that, there is not much to say. It doesn't work at all. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  80. A breeze to fly Review by Coyote Carroll

    I am new to RC Helicopters however after buying two cheap ones I decided to research and found Syma to be a great company. Taking it out of the box I noted that it was a nice size and the details were nice. I saw a couple of people rating this product low because it doesn't say "Coast Guard" on the actual helicopter which to me doesn't matter. The charger is an USB so you can charge it in your computer or I have been charging it with a wall unit, I would not leave it plugged in while you are away or asleep for fire safety. You can also charge it direct from the remote which is nice if you decide to take it on the go. This product is light and drafts will cause it drift around and depending on how strong lose control. It is very controllable and just the slightest movement on the joysticks are all you need. I've crashed it into 12 foot high ceilings and it keeps on going.

    Please note that in today's time things are mass produced and quality control isn't as strong as it use to be so if you get a faulty one send it back and get another. Amazon makes it easy to return a faulty product. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  81. Nice Helicopter, but not recommended for 9 yr old boys Review by Julie S. "cat lover"

    When I researched this item on amazon for my 9yr old son, I noticed that there was no recommended age listed. I bought this helicopter anyway. When I received the helicopter, I noticed the age listed on the product package is 14!!. I also noticed that this helicopter is for INDOOR USE- which I also DID NOT see on the amazon product description. All in all, my son likes to fly it although it took some time to figure out. Buyer Beware!!"
    Update: It's been less than a month since my son received this helicopter, and it is now broken. How Disappointing!! I think he must have flown it too many times into the walls/ceiling. The lights on the helicopter come on, but it doesn't do anything when I try to use the remote control knobs to fly it. Next time, I'm buying an outdoor helicopter, hopefully one that's more durable. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  82. Not Coast Guard Helo Review by Drew Ragan "Drew"

    Not a Coast Guard helo...looks a little like one, but no blue stripe and does not even say Coast Guard anywhere on the helo. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  83. nice Review by Shelly

    very well built the kids are hard on it and is very durable. would recommend to anyone of any age (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  84. Excellent helo. Very easy to fly. Review by Keith Rice

    We purchased this helicopter for my son and have been extremely satisfied with it. We've bought a few others in the past and have had ones that are way too fragile and/or were too difficult to fly. This one is very easy to fly and is extremely durable. I plan to buy one for myself. :-)

    The only downside is that although the controller can be switched between two control channels, the helo cannot be changed so you may have interference issues if you try to fly it at the same time as another. Still that's not enough of a downside to recommend another brand. (Posted on 1/5/2012)

  85. Lots of fun for a good price Review by Prime User "Consumer"

    My cousin bought the smaller micro model and I was instantly sold after giving it a try a few times. I read a few reviews on Amazon and found this model is one of the best for an entry level copter. It is a ton of fun but is still challenging enough. The micro ones seem like they'd get boring after a short time. The only issue I've had after a few minor falls is; our Comcast remote cuts into the signal and will literally drop the helicopter from the sky when you use the remote to change TV channels, the helicopter seems to slowly drift backwards now and I have not been able to fix it yet, when moving forward it curves a tad so I have to move the stick forward and at an angle to go straight. Most of this seems to be from crashes but it's still fun and is worth the price. (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  86. Great fun and durable! Review by M. Armstead "Wolverine"

    I've purchased several of these remote control helicopters and they all either break or get debris stuck in the rotors. Not this one. It's so easy to control, my five year old can fly it just fine. Love it! (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  87. Best helicopter ever! ^_^ Review by crazyfooinc

    I've flown several RC helicopters in the past, though they have all been from those "no-name" kiosks in malls. Those choppers were impossible to fly, spun in circles the entire time, and were easily double the price of this Syma chopper. The Syma chopper, on the other hand, is an absolute dream. The smile on my face as I tightly maneuvered it through small hallways and open rooms was rather wide to say the least. It is easy to control, looks great, and is durable as ever. I've crashed this thing several times already, and while it sounds like the rotors are destroying themselves they are still in great shape! ^_^ (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  88. Great Item! Review by jojo29

    My husband got this for our 4 year old son. He uses it with supervision. They play with it everyday. I can't say how many times it's dropped to the floor and remained intact. The quality of the helicopter is great, and the price is right. Even Grandpa loves it! (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  89. My son LOVES this RC! Review by Meg "Mommie2One"

    We bought this for my 10 year old son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It's been pretty durable as he has played with it almost daily for over a week and it's still doing well. The only complaint is that it doesn't last very long before it needs to be charged. Other than that, it is a wonderful toy. Highly recommend for 8-12 year olds just learning how to fly an RC helicopter. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  90. Awesome Review by Texaminn

    New to remote controlled helicopters and this is my second one. Very durable, very easy to fly, and very fun. The only complaint I have is it's forward speed. It's not very fast. But who needs blazing fast when you're cruising around the living room? Have a blast playing with it. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  91. Really? This toy is great!!! Review by MDC "Gear Head"

    I received this as a Christmas gift. As I am middle aged man, I hesitated to take it out of the box and try it (How fun could it possibly be?). Ummmm...... We have probably flown this thing 100 times since Christmas morning!! My daughter and I have competitions to see what we where we can land it successfully. We have crashed it into chairs, lights, ceilings, dogs, refrigerators, etc. The only real damage it has is nicks in the top blades (which are replaceable). The little linkages, that connect the balance and the top blade are getting loose from all of the crashes. It's impossible to fly if these come off. If you charge it properly, it actually seems to get longer life the more we fly it. We found that it easier to take off if you give it extra power right away. Don't try to take off slowly or it will drift randomly. It's hard to land acurately because it drifts as it gets close to surfaces or ceilings (maybe the light weight?). I am hooked now and am getting spare parts for the S111G and a new S107G. I was really surprised to see that these are only $20-$30. If you have a child interested in flight ... Get this!!! (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  92. Fun but probably won't last long Review by tsams88

    The colors and graphics are nice and the lights are really cool. Maneuverability is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Took about 10 crashes on the carpet floors to break a chip out of the propeller. Fun toy not expecting it to last long. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  93. Not bad at all Review by Billm-i

    Second Heli first one was a cheaper one imposible to fly junk of plastic.(different brand different manufacturer)
    Took it back next day .I saw the reviews for this one and decided to try it out and I am glad I did.
    It flies very good for a 27 buck toy .
    I don't like the charging port under the thing but it does the job.
    It can be a little difficult to get it plugged in at times but be gentile and it will go.
    I would buy this again (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  94. Great for children Review by Rene' "missynay"

    My eleven year old daughter really wanted this helicopter. She's had it for a little over a week. It's her first and she has two sisters so it has really taken a lot of abuse. She's really good at it now and it's still works as good as the first day. My daughter forgot to turn off the ceiling fan and crashed the helicopter into it. It was thrown across the room 10 feet and still works. At first, we thought it was broken because it wasn't going forward and backward, but my husband just had to adjust the tail blade that was jammed down and would not turn easily.

    My husband bought the S107G and says the S111G is easier and smoother to fly. He says the S107G is more responsive and requires a little more practice and control.

    The S111G takes fifty minute to an hour to charge but we think it's worth the extra flight time. The S107G only takes half the time but doesn't last as long. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  95. Semper Paratus in Flight Review by Mr. Incredible

    First, I selected this as a potential gift for my stepdad. I added it to my Wishlist and my sleuthing wife got it for ME for Christmas (one of the best gifts I've received).

    The help is truly RTF--charge and go. Our apt is small and contains hazards associated with a 16 month old, so I went outside first. Getting it off the ground in a breeze was a challenge for first flight, but with enough concentration, manageable within 5 minutes practice. As a member of the Coast Guard, this gift took me back to the days standing fire watch on the flight deck of my 210', ready in case a HH-65 took a spill on our deck. Thankfully, we never had any close calls, but I have a renewed respect for naval aviators and their ability to take off and land on minuscule, moving flight decks with variable wind conditions.

    The second round of flying was night flying--a perfectly calm night and the LEDs made the help POP--really sharp looking. However, I didn't follow directions--always turn on the transmitter FIRST, max out the accelerator, then turn on the help. The result was perfectly controlled learning environment to hover and pivot in a silky breeze. By now, I had at least 50 crashes under my belt and was ready for what would be the biggest test of durability.

    With a 5-10 kt wind, I had the help up to rooftop level and able to control direction and speed. I was caught off-guard with an updraft, resulted in the help getting carried over the roof and landed safely on the other side. I said to myself, "I know I am going to get it stuck on the roof" but it was just too fun to stop. One thing led to another, I got caught in the same updraft but made the mistake of moving closer to better rescue my craft when I lost line of sight coverage and lost power to the craft--beaching it on the 4th shingle up the roof (30' up). Without a ladder in sight, I surrendered for the night and would report my hazard to the concierge in the morning. Day and night, the help flashed its LEDs and took a beating from the sun on a brisk windy day. I was hoping the wind would blow it down, but my sleuthing wife managed to divert a maintenance crew working on a roof across the street. Alas, the craft was rescued and I was immensely pleased to have this help regifted back to me. I was even more pleased to see that it flew just as well as it did out of the box.

    Overall rating: Excellent
    -Easy to see USCG colors (big plus for outdoors)
    -Easy to maneuver
    -Durable (crashes and heat, but is not a good weed eater)
    -Easy introduction to hobby aircraft
    -Size (fits in most desk drawers)
    -Ideal for teaching physics and basics of flight

    - Time to charge
    - Aircraft Endurance

    I highly recommend this to any military member or flight aficionado. (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  96. Good toy for the money Review by taco*boy "taco*boy"

    Got this for my 8 y/o son for Christmas. He loved it. Out of the box it was fully charged and ready to go. This toy has a cable that can connect to the USB port of your computer to charge the helicopter so you don't have to use the batteries in the controller to charge it. I cringe every time it has a hard landing - it makes a noise like the thing broke into pieces but so far it has held up well. Once he gets a little more familiar with the controls, he'l be flying it with accuracy. (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  97. Coast Guard Rescue RC Helicopter Review by V. Martinez

    Nothing but good thinks to say about this product. I was very skeptical about its durability, but after a week of my boys playing with it and crashing it constantly... it still works great. I must admit that playing with this toy is just as much fun for me as it is for my boys. I would definitely recommend this one. (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  98. Second one defective Review by P. G.

    This is the second Gyro that I have purchased but this one was defective and could not go forward or back. Returning for refund. We love the first one and it works great. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  99. It's a Syma, buy it. Review by carr869

    There is not much to say other than this is a great little heli for the money. You can't go outside with it but thats not why I bought it. It's an indoor infrared helicopter so stay inside and have fun. I plan to buy more of these. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  100. They are great gifts Review by byrhonda

    I bought 3 of these for my nefews. Ages 11, 12 and 14. They are somewhat destructive boys. I am surprised that they are still going strong after several crashes.
    The helicopters are built to withstand the crashes. I would definately reccomend these. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  101. Easy enough for my 5year old son Review by Willie-Jay "Uncle BigBank"

    I bought two infra-red, 3-channel helicopters for my 5 year old son. One of them is this Syma S11G Coast guard helicopter and the other is the VieFly V268. I will compare and contrast a little bit, but see my review of the VieFly, for more detailed comments, on that one.

    First of all, my biggest concern was whether my 5yr old son would be able to control and maintain this toy( box says 14+). Upon his first flight, he lost control, the copter came toward him, he ran and it flew into his bare leg. He was not injured, in the least, but it stung a bit and left him afraid. Later that afternoon, he decided to pick it up and try again. From that point, on, he become increasingly successful at flying it. It is now five days, since Christmas, and he flys the copter just as well as I do and has lots of fun doing so.

    As far as the maintenance of the copter; I also thought he would have trouble charging it, due to the size of the copter's on off switch and charging port. He has since gained command of that, as well. Even though the on-off switch is small, he is able to turn it on and off, so that it can be charged. The only thing he has trouble with is connecting the charging cord. However, once that is done, he is able to watch the indicator lights, in order to determine when charging is complete. He does not use the USB charger, I only allow him to charge the copter via the remote. Every now and then, I will come along and use an emory board to sand the nicks off the rotor blades (he doesn't realize that I do that). Sanding the blades will help maintain stable flight, when the blades are damaged from crashing. Therefore, with the exception of asking an adult to plug-in the charger, our 5year old has learned to use the toy, on his own.

    Pros: The copter is a very detailed model (given its size), even down to the step, that a passenger would use to climb into the craft. It is also slightly larger and heavier, than the VieFly and other similar copters. The blades are larger and move more air (probably to accomodate the incresed size and weight). The lights are well placed. They are placed where they would be if the copter were real and give it a very authentic look, when it is flying. It also sounds good.

    Cons: The rear rotor (which controls forward and reverse motion) has no cover, over the hole. In other words, the hole that is used to attach it to its spindle, goes completely through the propeller. This allows the propeller to slide up and down the spindle. Somtimes, when the copter crashes, the rear propeller gets pushed down against the body, which prevents it from turning. All you have to do, is pull it up, a bit, but it can be annoying. The rear propeller, on the viefly, does not have a hole that goes completly through, which eliminates this small problem. The last con is that when the copter is made to move forward or backward, it also tends to lose a little altitude, almost as if the main rotor is being robbed of power, in order to run the rear rotor. You then have to compensate for this by giving it more "gas" and as a result, when you stop moving forword, the copter begins to rise. You then have to give it less gas, to avoid hitting the ceiling. It is because of this, that my 5year old son prefers flying the VieFly (which doesn't do that). He simply finds it a little easer to control. However he enjoys them both and goes from one to the other.

    For ease of flight, I think the VieFly is slightly better. My son prefers that one. However if you enjoy a more accurate replica and a more quality "feel" the Syma S111G is better. I personally like the Syma better. Hope this helps. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  102. Best thing I bought my son! Review by cmksmom

    After reading some of the reviews before purchasing the product, I was a little afraid I would be disappointed, too. However, my 8 year old son LOVES the helicopter. He has learned how to maneuver it very well. He charges it, but gets a decent amount of play with it between charges. I was really afraid it was going to be broken within the first couple of days, but the little thing is amazingly strong. I am very pleased with it. I may have to get everyone in the family one, as they all want a turn with it. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  103. My toy helicopter Review by Athira

    i enjoyed the toy very much. but the sad part was its durability....i also would like to thank the excellent customer care of amazon.....those customer care guys were very helpful.

    athira. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  104. Coast guard heli NEEDS rescue Review by Michael Duarte "MMD"

    What doesn't fly well, steer, or have clear spellchecked instructions? This not so durable heli toy. We figured on it being a poor flyer, but my nephew was pretty happy with it flying up and down with no steering control. But 2 days later I have this toy on my table with a burned out motor and a disappointed nephew. Skip this junker toy with the poorly written instructions. hard is it to spell check instructions? Oh wait, probably about as hard as running some quality control on the motor supplier. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  105. A great first time copter and fun to fly Review by Adam Ruggles

    I purchased 4 different copters for me and my kids for Christmas. This has been great fun to fly and is very maneuverable. Great fro indoors and the best of the 4 that I bought! (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  106. Fly me away!! Review by SGT Kaboom

    I have to say, this is one really nice RC helicopter. The details of the body are great! It is very stable in flight, it practically fly's itself. Very durable! I have crashed it into a few walls due to getting too close to the A/C vents which blew it off course. Make's for hours or fun....the more you fly it the better you get. I can land it and take off on a coke can! I have 5 other copters from Cyma and they are all great, but this one has to be the most stable in flight. If you buy one make sure it has a Gyro, it makes all the difference! Hope that helps you decide. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  107. Pbvm Review by momoffive

    Great Christmas gift they fight over it, and although tough to use it's lots of fun. Hope it lasts but it's not broken in over 50 flights so far and many accidents. Great price too. Technology has really come a long way (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  108. Most fun you can have for $25 Review by Aaron M. Weigand

    I ordered 8 of these (various Syma models) as Christmas gifts this year for all the guys and they were a hit with everyone. I've never seen so many people have so much fun for such a long period of time with such an inexpensive toy. I figured they'd all be broken within a matter of minutes but they actually held up very well. One of them (Coast Guard 111) was defective out of the box; wouldnt move forward because of an issue with the tail motor (could move backward). Items that were broken over the course of the day were a couple tail rotors, a main rotor head, and some misc parts (ie canopies, side pods from a 108, etc). I was going to return the 111 but decided to just order another and we canabalized the 111 for the parts to repair the broken rotor head on the 108. Of the models purchased, the 108 seems to be the most aggressive in terms of flight characteristics. The 109 (Apache) seems to be the most stable of the lot and was very easy and predictable to flight in tight spaces. The 102 (Black Hawk) seemed to have the most lift out of the bunch but also had the touchiest throttle (tough to hover without throttle input where the rest of them seemed to hover without as much throttle manipulation). We've only flown 4 of the 8 and of those 4, 1 was defective out of the box. I'll update after this weekend (rest of them will be given out) and report on how they're doing.

    I cant believe how durable they have been though; none of the recipients had flown helis before with the exception of myself (limited experience) and it showed. I cant count how many times these things have hit the concrete from 8-10' off the ground. None of the main blades have broken yet but we did have the one head failure late Christmas night. Of the 3 that were operational all day, the 108 consistantly had the longest run time of the bunch and usually last 2 minutes longer than the 102 and 109. The 102 and 109 had very similar runtime to one another; perhaps the 108 we got just had a very good battery (2 more 108s will be used this weekend so I'll report if there is a pattern with the longer runtimes).

    We were able to fly 3 of them at the same time. I'd read that while the 108 had 3 channel selections, only 2 seemed to work. The 108s remote wouldnt bind to any of the other helis. We put the 102 on channel B, the 109 on channel A, and used channel B on the 108 (which reportedly didnt work from other reviews I've read) and were able to fly interference free all afternoon. The remote from the 108 is a bit different from the others and has 3 channel selections vice the 2 that are available on the other 2 models. I guess channel may be a bit confusing here, the remote and heli is a 3 channel unit providing throttle, rudder, and forward/backward motion. There are also the channels (pretty sure that was how it was labeled in the manual) that can be used to separate your remotes from the others so you can fly simultaneously around other helis.

    While this one was defective out of the box, I'm pretty sure all the models are basically the same and wouldnt hesitate to purchase another. I did find the lights on this model to be the coolest of the 4 models we purchased; 2 of them flash red and blue and there is a white spot light up front as well. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  109. One tough helicopter Review by EJG

    I have flown this several times a day for about 3 weeks. It is easy to fly as long as your heat or ceiling fans are not running. It has had some crashes and nothing has broke yet. I wish battery life was longer but what do you expect for $20.00. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  110. Value for money Review by Simone Jamaica

    I bought this item for my 10 year old son. Before making a purchase, I always check the reviews,which were good, and the features, which I knew would appeal to a boy his age. This helicopter is so easy to use and within seconds my son had it out the box and in flight. This helicopter flies high (which is why it is now on our roof)and the light (which works) is a nice touch. I would not hesitate to buy another R/C Gyro helicoptor. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  111. Gorgeous Helicopter. The Battery Lasts Longer Than Expected. Review by scooby "JSC"

    This helicopter is beautiful. The colour scheme and the lights make it look really nice. The helicopter feels lighter than my other rc helis.
    I was expecting the battery to die after 8 minutes, but it seemed to go on longer than 10 mins. It's not the easiest SYMA heli to control, but it was quite responsive.
    My nephew was really excited to play with this. He crashed it a few times but there was no noticeable damage on the heli. I recommend buying this just for the looks alone. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  112. Great little helicopter Review by C. Sigmund

    Controls are easy, flies perfectly, just wish the battery life was longer (gets about 15 min flight time) more than most out there. A GREAT little copter for the money. Has hit the wall, TV, chairs, tables and still flies great. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  113. Surprisingly tough and tons of fun! Review by Chris

    I got one of these for Christmas. My parents got it for me and I was a little surprised really. I'm 28, I've shown interest in these before and it looks like my Mom remembered. It seemed a little cheap at first, I was worried about it lasting. It's easily the most durable helicopter I've tried. I have crashed this thing around 10 times, some severe and some light, but no damage yet! The only negative thing I can say about this item is I have had some thing interfere with it. It took a while to pin point the problem but the helicopter would lose signal and fall to the ground and sometimes just start flying without anyone controlling it. I pretty much have to turn off my TV, Xbox and surround reciever. It seems like our Kinect is causing the most trouble for it. Kinect uses an IR "grid" to tell where you are, this helicopter almost always crashed when it was in the Kinect's line of sight. The IR grid must interfere with the signal. If yours is having spotty signal or running on its own, try turning off your TV or Xbox especially if you have a Kinect.

    All in all, the price is right, it should hold up to young children. Its quite easy to get the hang of it. I always able to fly it up my stairs to scare the wife. Get one! (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  114. Fantastic suite of mini-copters! Review by JamesH

    So for xmas a two 107Gs, a 109G and a 111G as well as two Air Hog Sharpshooters arrived at the house for the kids. The Sharpshooters are just not worth it especially for the money - i think they were even more than at least one of the Syma's - they are cheaper made, no forward/reverse - never can really find trim and one piece blades. one broke on the second flight.

    Now, the Syma's - Im absolutely impressed. I had bought two mallstore copters last year which were junk. Impossible to fly, and no where the quality or durability.

    I like all three of these, and here is my take:

    107G's are the most nimble of the three - quick to the air, stablest in hover and seem to move the quickest when low to the ground.they have skids so pretty decent on the land - and if rolled over on side, a quick throttle boost can right them back up on the skids.

    109G - love the look (military), seems a little beefier and for the kids its great --moves nicely controlled.

    111G - most sensitive of the three, but makes it interesting. Seems to be the hardest for the kids to fly. tends to pull back when trying to just hover or lift off.nice looking though and frankly i like the difference the three bring to the table.

    all around, very impressed with the Syma Brand and durability - did not expect the quality and product after the Air hogs experience and mall bought mini's. Pleasantly surprised and look forward to a couple more!! (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  115. Good but not very durable Review by Brad

    I bought this gift for my Dad for Christmas. He has wanted an rc helicopter since he saw mine, which is a gyrpoter that I got from Brookstone. I bought him this because I thought he would appreciate one modeled after an actual helicopter (he is an aircraft mechanic). Well it didn't take but 5 seconds for the 2 pieces that hold the propeller blades to brake. He placed it on the ground and started to increase the throttle. It didn't even get off the ground before it tilted over and the blades hit the carpet. My helicopter has fallen over 15 ft in the air on to hard nylon tiles and get right back up and go. The bottom one wasn't too bad, it snapped back into place and can hole under its own pressure. The top one however split down the middle. I repaired it using a little gorilla glue. Despite the damage, it still flies very well. I have a little more experience than my dad and I was able to fly it no problem. It is very smooth and very responsive. Just be sure to not hit the propellers into anything solid. I have no issues with that with my copter, but this one isn't as durable. And despite the glue, I will still be returning this. hopefully. Hope you found this useful Merry Christmas (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  116. Best RC toy ever Review by Josh Dickman

    For the money I've never had more fun with an RC toy. Kids and adults alike have a blast with it until
    It breaks, which is eventually (crashes are inevitable). Expect it to last around a month of decent use. Super fun. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  117. Best of all low cost remote helicopters Review by Seth Sandler

    I bought 4 different similarly priced remote control helicopters. This is the only one that is easy to fly, doesn't spin in circles and is durable. This is by far the BEST one for the price. The other helicopters I bought have problems with spinning and you are constantly trying to use the middle knob to get it centered. Ultimately you become frustrated and regret purchasing the others. Regardless of the price you are purchasing one of these to have fun flying it around your house most likely. This is the one that works the way it is supposed to work.

    I HIGHLY recommend this helicopter, it is by far the best low cost helicopter. Easy to fly, easy to charge and easy to control in the air. Lots of fun straight out of the box. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  118. 8 minutes of flying fun Review by JLuke4

    Good buy. Fun and easy to fly. Charges through USB, and quickly might I add.

    My 2yr old absolutely loves watching this thing fly. (Posted on 12/19/2011)

  119. Sooooo much fun! Review by Ripvandan

    I regretfully admit, I am completely obsessed with this toy. While it is in fact a toy, it is also a real helicopter. For less than $30, I'm blown away that I can have a precision R/C flying machine. It is very responsive and relatively easy to learn. After a few days of practice, I've become very proficient at navigating it around my living room. While others complained about durability, I have found it to be amazingly sturdy. I keep pushing the limits of my skills and thus crash it multiple times every day and it's still going strong. The rotor blades are quite chewed up and are now in need of replacing but thankfully they sell replacement kits. Unfortunately, I can't find the specific blades for this model on Amazon although they are available on other websites. Although the blades are in poor condition after 3 weeks of relentless crashes, the heli still flies like a charm, but it is a little less stable than it used to be. The only downside of this product is that you only get about 8 - 10 minutes of flying time before the battery needs charging for about 45 mins. This is probably a good thing, however, otherwise I would fly it all day long! (Posted on 12/19/2011)

  120. I Guess 1 out of 2 isn't bad....wrong! Review by Beth348

    I ordered two of the S111G models, one for our son and the other for my husband. Well, when the order arrived, the husband couldn't wait until Christmas to open his and boy am I glad he did! The first of the two helicopters he selected turned out to be defective! He attempted to charge the helicopter battery using the USB method outlined in the manual (someone should help these poor people in their english translation). He left for two hours, came back and the helicopter battery was still dead. He checked to make sure the "on/off switch" was set properly (fyi...the picture of the on/off switch position in the manual is reversed when compared to the actual helicopter)and then tried to charge it a second time and still the battery would not charge. He then checked the second helicopter we bought for our son and thank goodness it works as advertised. So, our son will receive the "working model" and my husband gets stuck processing his own return...I know it's a very low investment, but I think, regardless of the price, the number one expectation for any customer is the product has got to function properly. (Posted on 12/14/2011)

  121. Looks fantastic in boast guard colors Review by Andrew J. Mills "A MIndy"

    We gave this as a present to a friend who had been wishfully looking at these little helicopters for a while. He has been incredibly pleased with this and has had a lot of fun with it. I was a little concerned that it may look very cheap with the Coast Guard decals however it is very detailed and looks great. I had a go with flying and it is quite easy to operate and you are soon zooming all over the sitting room. (Posted on 12/13/2011)

  122. Best flying Helicopter for the price Review by McKell Sanderson

    I love this little copter! It flies extremely well (even better than the Syma S107 I own!) It really excels at hovering in place, it's much easier to keep this copter in control than the others I have flown. I wish it had more options for colors, as I would like to buy more than one of these. The durability is pretty good, considering the number of times I have crashed it... but I have managed to break a chopper blade on it. Fortunately it was the tail rotor and it comes with a replacement. Overall a great toy!

    Be warned if you are buying it for kids though.... this copter doesn't fly well outside. It is rated as an indoor rc-helicopter only. (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  123. Can't beat it for the money Review by Adam K.

    I was pleasantly shocked at how durable this helo proved to be. This was my first helo I bought (much to my wife's dismay) when we moved to a house that had a 2 story ceiling in the living room. It had proven to be well worth the price and has lasted a year. Considering how much I have flown this helicopter during that time frame, it was definitely money well spent. It is very durable (even when falling from the top of the living room ceiling) , easy to control, and a great platform to move up from. I highly recommend this helo. Mine was my learner helo, and it is still flying; it just needs a new battery. Oh, and I did have to replace the blades once (obviously my fault). It is not a hard task at all, but requires a #001 phillips screwdriver. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  124. Parts Review by Lee Barret

    This is the best handling and controlable R/C Heli I have ever flown or seen, and for the price of about $20 it is a steal. My only problem is that it broke an upper blade grip & I can't find where to buy them. There is a parts list in the manuel that was in the heli box new, but it is very small print & i can't figure out what or if the Blade Grips are listed?

    It is such a great little and fun unit I will probably buy a few more for friends and there kids to play with when they visit. It can be flown by someone who has never flown one 1st time without a problem. Also it is absolutely awesome looking scale Coast Guard Heli, great lighting, great everything.

    Only Con is that it is an infrared radio, so you cant fly it in the sun. So it should be kept indoors in the daylight. (Posted on 12/9/2011)

  125. Muy conforme Review by Oscar Enrique Porta "Oscar"

    Estoy muy conforme con el helicoptero y lo he recomendado a mis amigos que tiene hijos. No he encontrado un set de repuestos para este modelo en particular. Es muy facil aprender a manejarlo. (Posted on 12/7/2011)

  126. Awesome first heli Review by Jrockwater

    As with all the Symas I've had, this one is super consistent, stable, dependable and durable. For this price you can't go wrong. MUCH better than an AirHog at half the price. (Posted on 12/4/2011)

  127. Not Coast Guard as described Review by brett

    This is not a authentic Coast Guard product. Actually there is nothing Coast Guard about this toy except maybe the paint schedule. There are not even words that say Coast Guard on this helo...this is complete mis-representation. I have yet to use the toy as it is a Christmas Gift for my 11 year old son who collects Coast Guard memrobilia...great dissapointment. (Posted on 12/1/2011)

  128. Super Huge Value! Review by masterandcommander

    This copter is worth the money. It can be flown outside in very low wind in smaller open areas or light wind in more open areas.
    Works great inside. (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  129. It flew for only 3 seconds !!! Review by Maria

    I bought this toy for may son's birthday. I choose this one based on the positive comments it had and also because I saw a video, so I trusted that it gonna be OK. The aspect is great, my son was amazed, but when we tried it, the helicopter flew only 2 times and only 3 seconds each. After the first time, the lower wings (sorry, don't know the word in english)stop working. After trying several times, it flew another 3 seconds and.... that's all !!! It was very disappointed. (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  130. BUY 2 one for your kid and ONe for yourself! Review by kingneptune722

    What great product. Get the kids away from video and outside using this helicopter. My 13 yearold son absolutely loves it. Myt 3 year old can almsot control the up and down. Very very accurate in directional changes and responds great to controller. Im buying more now for the adults for my xmass party. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  131. Best of the Syma Mini Copters Review by mxc

    I bought a Syma 107 and a Blade mCX RTF for my son's birthday. The Blade was about $80 and the Syma was $20. The Blade mCX RTF stabilizer bar broke on the first day so I returned it and got a syma 108g Cobra, Syma 109G Apache and this one Syma 111g Coast Guard rescue(3 for less than the price of 1). This copter is the most durable and easiest to fly of all of the four Syma helicopters and also has a longer flight time. The red and Blue flashing lights are also "cooler" than just the plain white light. My son pretty much plays with this one exclusively. Amazon has raised the price of most the mini helicopter's by $10 but this one is a little lower at 24.95. If you have trouble deciding between the different models you can't go wrong with the 111G. We bought additional ones for Christmas gifts. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  132. Tou heli review Review by A. R. Gonzalez

    Quite durable, my grandkids are really learning how to fly it an having lots of fun in the process. After a few times they can fly it quite easily (Posted on 11/27/2011)

  133. Two strikes and your out! Review by Skipper

    The price is perfect but the product is a bust. I purchase one after learning on another RC helicopter. I was excited but my excitment was soon turned off. The Helicopter blades kept turning when the power controls on the helicopter were off and the control were off too. Returned asap. Ordered a second, thought it was a fluke. The second ones on/off switch did not work...Returned the next day. <a href="">Coast Guard Rescue RC 3.5CH Gyro Helicopter Mini Infrared Remote Controlled SYMA Heli S111G</a> (Posted on 11/21/2011)

  134. Great little toy Review by P. Shinde

    A very nice heli.
    A slight learning curve for controls.
    Looks cool with the lights , handles very good.
    Took some hits, but not even a scratch.

    Thought of gifting to a 5yr old.
    But i think will gift to an 8 yr old.

    Very happy with what i got for the price.

    Might get one or 2 more, if this lasts enof. (Posted on 11/21/2011)

  135. So fun! Watch that battery... Review by leqid

    Just bought my second S111G. The first one was durn fun, the best $20 I've spent in a long time. Unfortunately, I fried the battery (or something): the heli won't sustain altitude even after the battery is charged. I found out too late that the pundits on the Interwebs suggest to allow the battery to rest 15-20 minutes after each flight and before charging. I was so excited to fly the heli that I never gave the battery its proper resting period and always charged it right away.

    Had the first one less than a week, with about 15 flights on it. As a testament to how fun it is to fly, I can no longer be without one. To repeat the voodoo that I have read but not yet experienced:


  136. Coast Guard Resue Heli Review by NCAv80r

    Wow ! This little RC Chopper is great fun, and quite a lesson in the Rules of Flight. As a Private Pilot, this Heli is a good reminder of how speed, altitude, and
    direction combine to produce a safe, coordinated flight. As for quality, this is a 10 !

    M. Kohut (Posted on 11/16/2011)

  137. Its great Review by Fitness Fiend

    This is the second r/c helicopter I have purchased. It is great. Easy to use and hovers very well. With some practice you can get pretty accurate with its control, even being able to land it exactly where you want. It has crashed a few times with no damage. The copter looks really cool too. The only thing I would change is the warning silkscreen on the rotor blades. The LED's and running lights look really great, especially at night.

    Its a great deal for the price and loads of fun. (Posted on 11/16/2011)

  138. HOW do you ask questions on this site? Review by Bill

    I saw on the picture notes that your 3 Heli units were all on channel A.
    try putting the radio on channel B, then turn on the heli after the radio. This should program the receiver to receive on channel B, I found that out quite by accident on my S107G.There is a little green blinking light inside the 107 that stops blinking when it is paired,it does not respond until then. I had written to them on their site, but I think they dont read English.
    Let us know on your posts if that worked.
    B (Posted on 11/14/2011)

  139. Flying at 80, Review by William Deaton

    The frequent reaction to seeing this sophisticated toy is "Where can I get it?"
    It is not expensive and it is challenging. (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  140. How to keep it in the air without holding the throttle stick Review by Rod

    You can check this[...]
    After that you can do as the video bellow shows.
    It's in german but you can see how good it is.

    I'm very very excited about it. I was concerned about the throttle but after doing this modification, I'm as happy as never :D

    Now that I have the mini, my next step is get a bigger one.

    Great product.
    Great price.
    Great gift from Santa ;) (Posted on 11/10/2011)

  141. Best $18 purchase...ever? Review by B. Locher

    I walk through the mall and see these r/c helicopters all the time and have always wanted one. The prices in stores and in the mall seem outrageous. I saw this guy here online and thought, "for the price, why not?" Let me say, I'm so pleased with this purchase!!! The helicopter is so easy to control and once you fly it about two full charges, you can really have fun trusting yourself to play with it. Once the trim is adjusted correctly, the helicopter will literally just sit perfectly in the air.

    I have to say that I have so far been very cautious while flying this machine, it doesn't look durable in any way but it has taken a few rough landings with no direct impact to the way it operates.

    The two charging techniques are convenient: USB or directly through the controller. If you are not near a PC, you can just plug the helicopter directly into the controller and it will charge via the 6 AA batteries in the controller. It's pretty cool, it has a cable that is hidden in the handle of the controller so you can just tuck it away and close the plate after you're done (if needed).

    The helicopter isn't very fast to fly forward or backwards so be very careful if you wish to fly this outside. I flew it last night with a very light breeze and I had to work the helicopter constantly just to keep it from blowing away. I don't recommend flying this outside unless you are okay with knowing it will probably crash (unless it's totally calm outside).

    If you are even debating buying this, quit and just buy it. Heck, buy two! It's probably going to break one day and I can promise you'll wish you had a replacement. (Posted on 11/9/2011)

  142. Syma S111G - Pilot a helicopter for the price of a DVD Review by Bazz...

    If you are looking for a remote controlled helicopter this one is worth considering. It is suitable for a 'first time pilot' and should keep more experienced ones happy as well. The helicopter performs very well and also looks great. You can charge it from the transmitter although, I have been using a USB cable charger that came with it, charging it from my laptop to conserve the transmitter batteies. Charging this way takes close to 1 hour and you can expect around 7-8 minutes flight per charge. This is normal for this type of model. The helicopter is controlled by an infrared transmitter which means it is only suitable for indoor use. Three channel proportional control means you can contol height, rotate left and right and move forwards and backwards, all at a variable rate. Controls are sensitive and respond very well and a single 'trimmer' allows you to make sure direction does not drift left or right. If you have not flown a helicopter before I would suggest first making sure you have plenty of room and second, take a little time to learn how the helicopter responds to the controls. Most first time pilots tend to be too heavy handed on the controls, but slow, small movements on the joysticks will give you the best results. Finally, I have seen model helicopters costing many times the price of this one that come nowhere close in performance. There are a lot of competitors out there but this one is certainly worth putting on your short-list! (Posted on 11/3/2011)

  143. Great Indoor RC Heli Review by Lagwana

    After issues with several air hogs copters being pieces of crap, I bought this syma heli for my boyfriend who is an adult and collects RC helicopters. He loves this one. It flies up, down, right, left, forward, backwards, with no problems. It is very realistic looking and has flashing lights. I am not sure if it would be good for a child, but for an adult with some experience flying these kinds of RCs, and patience, it works wonderfully. Don't take it outside or near ceiling fans - it is easy to blow it out of the way. My boyfriend said it is the best helicopter he owns, and he has 5 others of varying brands. (Posted on 10/30/2011)


    I bought this little heli to increase the number of helis in my fleet of over 24 helis. It is a most amusing and entertaining member of the whole fleet. This lights are very cool. It is very easy to fly. My little grandson actually learned to fly it in less than 15 minutes. Overall, Syma has done a great job in making such fun and cheap toy helis. (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  145. Fun and stable Review by Draiodoir

    It got here quicker than expected, which is always nice. I only buy Syma helicopters, it's been awhile since I've bought a smaller one, last time I did they were $120, which was ok for what ya got. Now that there $20 AND the battery is better? Forget about that Airhogs crap, you want this. This thing is very stable and easier to land than the other small Syma's, maybe cause of the airframe? Battery life is great for how small it is. Very durable, and even if you do happen to break it parts are really cheap. A full set of blades are just a few bucks. Also, your cat will love this thing, more than a laser pointer so watch out, lol. (Posted on 10/2/2011)

  146. Great flying BEAUTIFUL helicopter. Review by minisoldr

    This heli is super stable,fast,and responsive.But the best thing about this heli is the way it looks. The detailing is awesome and it looks very impressive in flight. With just a little work this thing will look just like a real Coast Guard rescue chopper. The price is awesome also. I'm very glad I added this one to my collection. (Posted on 9/3/2011)

  147. just a gorgous little bird! / that lasts! Review by ROCKIN ROB

    my vendor ordered on a moday 2 am.. i work nights had it on tuesday , awesome.. wanted a syma s107 in a different trim.. omg.. it fab, in it;s detail, just...umm yummy! nuff said.. well how does it fly.. well i fly out doors only.. and at night, so the lights are VERY INPORTANT.. THAT SAID local state use this bird .. a french alloute.. well low and behold the stae police real thing came by while mine up, 75ft..spine tingling realism.. after s107 it's almost a ufo! in lights.. gyro- *****stars handeling stable, it took the spring off the throttle,, well nature called, put in hover, never move ..[no wind whatsoever, at the time] and continued flying!!! got almost 3 minuts more than s107 even with 3 more led's! well put a order for another, 2 nite.. so yes i like it! when the end comes.. as all do, it a great static model.. s107 more parts easy to get, but in beauty.. hands down.. this one just love it! you will 2! i never hesitate to give a honest reveiw.. if it's bad i WILL TELL YOU.. money's tite these day's and it's about Fun not frustration! hope this helps Robert/ rockin rob??? update i have bought 3 more as gifts.. ist timer's all loved it the bird i wrote, 6 months later, this is still flying well.. syma , you do , a great job you rock.. and make kids ..of ALL ages ..happy! RR (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  148. A tribute to my daughter-in-law Review by Michael Horn "mikie"

    My daughter-in-law is a Coast Guard Reserve officer and all the grandkids are proud. My youngest grandson - 9 years old is fond of his aunt (who wouldn't be) and I thought this indoor helicopter in Coast Guard livery would help him pay tribute to her service and let us share some time together.

    I found the toy is be ever so much fun - with a quick learning curve so grandpa and grandson had almost immediate sustained flight with the chopper. The controls are fairly responsive and the aircraft is easy to fly - even in the confines of a house. I use rechargable batteries for all my 'toys' so battery life on the remote will never be a problem. Durability - with all the rotating blades - you never know when a crash will be the choppers last - but so far we've having a blast.

    Keep it away from small apartments, pets, smaller children and food on the table and everyone will be happy. An enjoyable indoor treat - immense fun and enjoyment for the money. (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  149. tough as nails Review by Clayster

    I have recently bought several different types of R.C. Helicopters in the $18.00 to $25.00 range, and this is the best all around Helicopter I have found for the money. I have found some that were faster, and some that maneuvered better, but they all were extra fragile. This Helicopter is tough, and has a Gyro which is a must for a R.C. Helicopter. All of my others are broken, but this one keeps on going. (Posted on 8/25/2011)

  150. Best bang for you buck for flying fun Review by RevJVegas

    The detail is great and flight is easy. You just have to learn to go easy with your left finger controlling the lift. Also, best flown when your A/C is not on or avoid the vents. Down drafts, on any of these small machines, will cause the unit to drop just like a real craft would when hit by a sudden down-burst of air. Of course, that can just add to the challenge of flight once you get the hang of it.

    I also recommend using the USB charger that comes with these because they charge up much quicker via USB rather than through the controller. (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  151. Did not work Review by Joe

    I couldn't believe how quickly this item arrived after ordering and how great it looked. It's too bad it would not work. I put new batteries in the controller and charged the copter but the blades would not spin. Tried to find the right frequency between the controller and copter but no luck. So I had to return it to Amazon for a refund. On a brighter note I ordered a different helicopter a Blackkawk model and it works great right after the first charge. (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  152. Nice Heli but not the best one out there Review by ED DELL

    This Heli is pretty in design and nice handling, but there are better 3 CH helis out there if you want more bang for your buck. The Battery life and charging time is not the best one out there. The speed is very slow and sluggish and the up/down controls too sensitive (compared to other syma 3ch helis) making it go up and down constantly and not having a smooth ride (basically due to the control having the spring-back feature with constantly is forcing your finger to go back on the throttle). Overall a nice beginners heli with an overall nice detailed and strong frame.

    But for a great 3 channel experience go get the Syma S026G Chinook. GO read my review on that one where I compare to other 3 channel helis. (Posted on 8/12/2011)

  153. Great Beginner's Helo Review by N. Rengler

    My S111G worked perfectly right out of the box. Packaging, shipping, price, etc. were all very good. I bought the optional charger which reduces recharge time, and I get about 6 to 7 minutes on a full charge. This was my first IR Helo so I crashed it a lot at first. However, the learning curve was fast and easy and now, I rarely crash at all. Of course, this is an indoor helo; but, in a sheltered, *completely* still, totally wind-less area outside, it is doable. Remember, it is an infa red transmitter, so if you fly the helo behind a solid obstacle and out of your line of sight, it will stop and drop.

    I think my S111 flies slightly slower than my Son In Law's S107. As such, the S111 seems a great beginner's helo. It is pretty durable, too. However, after lots of initial crashes, two of the rotor blades are nicked up, and may soon need to be replaced. I could not find spare rotor blades on Amazon, but I did find them at another online vendor by a simple search (and they are cheap).

    All in all, I have no problem in recommending this helo. Get some extra rotor blades, fly it inside, enjoy! (Posted on 8/7/2011)

  154. Fun & easy to fly Review by GNilsson

    This is my second purchase of this helicopter, the first one was purchased at Fry's for $40 buck, (ripped off) but my 4 yr old really wanted it after seeing it fly around the store. It unfortunately met its end after a week as my 16 yr old flew it into the pool and killed it. I looked online and found this one at Amazon for half the price $20. Great deal for the amount of fun it has awarded the whole family. Just does not fly if there is any wind around, a small gust of wind will make this thing an uncontrolable disaster. I have crashed from vaulted cealings to slate floors several times and it continues to fly. Broke a wheel but nothing superglue couldn't fix. This is a great toy. (Posted on 7/29/2011)

  155. A very nice helicopter Review by A Customer

    The S111g is a very nice helicopter. It looks great and flies very good. A comment was made it doesn't have a spring on the throttle control. I like the lack of the spring. It makes the helicopter almost hands free. With the spring on my other helicopters I'm always fighting the throttle to keep it under control. If you are new to the hobby, here is a tip. Always make small movements with the controls. Jerking the controls around will only lead to constant crashes and damages to a good helicopter. I love this helicopter. I'm thinking about buying another one to keep as a spare. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  156. Amazing and wonderful toy Review by JoyceB "bookmaven"

    A little scary, it moves very fast! I constantly crash it, but it survives well, and ready to zoom up and splat down over & over. I hope to learn better control eventually. (Posted on 6/26/2011)

  157. Not durable, but fun while it lasted. Review by Bob

    Relatively easy and fun to fly. Adult flown indoors. Lasted only a week before it stopped working correctly.

    Examination revealed one of the main rotor electric motors stopped working. While they offered replacement parts, it was somewhat difficult to take apart. It clearly would not be worth my time to obtain a new motor, solder its leads in place and try to reassemble the toy.

    Fun while it lasted, but overall a disappointment. (Posted on 6/14/2011)

  158. GREAT absolutely GREAT....Easy to control Review by wilfford

    the helicopter itself is great it looks amazing and it flys amazing...its durability is good is easy to control for indoors flying..and easy to charge and carry around. (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  159. Not Perfect, But A Fun Diversion Review by Sporty Computer Guy "Matt"

    This is a fun little helicopter to fly around, but it has a few drawbacks. Visually, it looks awesome and once you get the hang of it, is pretty easy to control. The only drawbacks are the landing gear, which I don't feel are as strong as skids (I broke off one of the wheels on the 2nd day of flying) and the battery life. The manual mentions about 7 minutes of flight on a charge, and they aren't kidding, that's really what you get. Also, another a quick callout, the controller isn't radio or any kind of wireless technology, it actually uses IR signals, which (as the manual points also points out), really makes this an indoor helicopter because sunlight messes with the IR signal.

    That said, it's a lot of fun to fly the little guy around, and a perfect diversion when I need a quick break. Just be aware of some of the drawbacks. (Posted on 6/2/2011)

  160. Great Inexpensive Indoor Helicopter Review by Nick Owens

    I bought this from a local electronics store for a lot more than Amazons charging. It holds a charge for about 10 minutes before it becomes too weak, and it handles extremely well! I honestly have never adjusted the trim and I've used it 20+ times. It's crashed into walla and gotten caught in things, but it still holds strong! Like the other reviewer the detail on it is very good, and its nice that it has fake wheels instead of skis, it makes it more of a challenge to land (making you better), and it doesnt get caught on rugs as easily. One thing that I noticed on mine versus other minis I've used is that the throttle does NOT have a spring, so its a bit of a challenge to get used to, but it makes it a lot easier to control landings and in air flight. (Posted on 4/27/2011)

  161. Hope yours works Review by Evangelos Pappas "epapp1"

    Nice detail for the price.Would be much fun to fly if it worked.All other SYMAS purchased worked fine.Probably just bad luck on this purchase.Will return it and see
    what happens.
    If you want a nice indoor infrared helicopter try their S102 Black Hawk.Flies forever on one charge and handles great.They make a less expensive one that comes without a gyro that is no way near as good as the S102.So be careful. (Posted on 4/6/2011)

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