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Cobra Double Horse 9053

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26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW! 9053

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The newest model with the latest Gyroscope technology. The regular 3 channels allow you to fly : up, down, turn left, turn right, move forward, backward. This new 3.5 channels does all that, plus it let you control the speed, you can either fly in low or high speed by simply switch the speed control button. There are not many flying around, be the first to own 1 of this beautiful helicopter.

This New DH 9053 3.5CH Gyro Metal RC Helicopter is fully assembled with all pre-flight adjustments completed.
Simply remove it from the box, charge and insert the batteries, and get ready to take-off.
The package is equipped with everything needed to get airborne (except 8 AA batteries for the remote controller).

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  1. a lot of fun you need great hand eye, to use Review by pilot

    fun, thanks to amazon inexpensive and you can purchase pars to repair as you learn and as parts wear out (Posted on 8/22/2012)

  2. nice Review by sean

    a lot of fun. no assembly required. i've been playing with this for hours and hours. just gotta be careful when using it outdoors though, tends to drift quickly. (Posted on 8/19/2012)

  3. Indoor only Review by Chopper808

    Aircraft as is will fly okay indoors if you're slick on the sticks. Not suitable for outdoors or in any windy conditions unless modifications are done. Otherwise blade strikes are eminent and you will crash the aircraft and will get proficient with repairs quickly. (Posted on 8/13/2012)

  4. Faulty built helicopter, never fly Review by Viet Q. Tran "book worm"

    Never fly, doesn't matter how long it's charged. Battery doesn't provide enough power to lift the helicopter up, it stands on the ground and spins the propellers and that's all it does. Couldn't fly so couldn't tell how it works...... (Posted on 8/12/2012)

  5. Super heli 9053 is a super deal Review by Ronald Lands Jr.

    Got two of these one for my preacher and one for me. Man only took 2 times flying to figure it out. For the price of this product and size it is a deal. Only draw back is true it will not take any wind I mean even a slight breeze. For the price of this adult toy man it is the bomb! I would recommend this toy to any teenager or adult who wants to have outside fun but not have to break the bank. Thanks for the laughs and fun!!! (Posted on 8/11/2012)

  6. Not a real DH 9053 Review by Raymond Deal

    I currently own a Double Horse 9053 helicopter with a 27mhz controller made by Double Horse Toys Industry, and I decided to buy another one, since they are so much fun to fly. I found this on Amazon, and the images and description matched the one I currently own, so I decided to order this one. To my surprise, this helicopter kinda looks like the one I own, but that is as far as it goes. This kit IS NOT the one I expected, doesn't even look like the picture, especially the controller. The helicopter kinda looks like a DH 9053, except it's slightly smaller/skinnier and the blades are thinner. The one I received from Amazon actually came with a plastic flybar, but the one pictured on Amazon shows a metal one, and the one I currently own is metal too. All in all, the helicopter and controller is just a cheap version of the real DH 9053. For the record, this kit is made by the Magic Source Int'l LTD company and the model number is 9053G, there isn't any mention of Double Horse Toys Industry on the box, helicopter, and controller. Plus, the controller takes only 6 AA batteries, yet my "real" Double Horse 27mhz controller takes 8 batteries, and it's much heavier and bigger, doesn't feel cheap like the one I received from Amazon. (Posted on 8/9/2012)

  7. I should have lessoned to the reviews Review by Winston C. Bingham

    As some others noted the helicopter tracks to one side and there's nothing you can do to correct it. I was trying to get it stabilized on the first flight at 2' over the grass before flying it higher. Since it tracks to one side when I landed one skid caught the grass and the rotors hit each other. The bracket on one of the shafts was stripped and I could not re-tighten it. I did order extra blades and another battery just in case this happened. I purchased the copter last June today is Aug 3rd and still waiting for the extra blades and brackets to arrive. They told me it could take up to two months which I was informed after I placed the order. Well two months have passed and now trying to contact them. What's pitiful about this is I flew Helicopters in the 70s so I'm familiar with how easy it is to destroy one. Would I blow another $100 on this model or company? Nope the product is poorly made but looks nice on the shelf. (Posted on 8/2/2012)

  8. An Advanced RC Heli Review by SAO

    I recently got this Volitation Double Eagle RC helicopter for my birthday, and I immiediatly loved it! However, it is a more complex flying machine than the smaller, indoor models of RC helicopters. There are 3 major controls on the small indoor models of these helicopters, on this 26 inch model, there are over 6 controls, ranging from throttle trim to steering trim. There are several more factors to monitor when flying a RC helicopter of this size around, and therefore one must be more patient and careful when flying this RC Helicopter for the first time, in order to properly learn the controls and the proper way to fly this helicopter. Overall, this is a very good product, and would definatly reccomend it to anyone interested and passionate about RC helicopters! (Posted on 8/2/2012)

  9. the sound of the rotors spinning during pre flight alone is eoungh.. Review by larry bob

    I'll have three of these soon
    it's my favorite ride!!

    my other 107s review, same but - many times size and thrill ++++
    "the sound of the rotors spinning during pre flight alone is eoungh.." Not Kidding

    The Volitation 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter..

    and (Toy)(don't believe toy, this thing can kill you) is my favorite !!

    The only thing I'd change would be control ie 4channel or..? not sure what affect that woul have. I still haven't learned to fly big that well, heck I'm sitll ndoing the 107s.

    This is a handful and just seeing the look on people faces even other flyers lets you know right away it's NOT for everyone!

    I stumbled onto the Amzon selections once after seeing some guys flying large unit, I can say maybe 300 series, (scary I know sizes now), and was impressed by the handling I hadn't seen in those $30 TOYS! True to Amazon, tpying in "electric RC helicopters" ( tpying in "large electric RC helicopters" was worse!), I got more than I bargained for and was head deep into the world of electric RC helicopters!!

    I had started R/C in the wood, glue, paper, dope (not me) castrol and a lot of noise!!
    This stuff was totaly odd, I wasn't ready and I work in the tech field to believe batteries
    were delivering that sort of ride (yes it's a ride for me - I used to sit in a doorway than in
    the seat of a few times, not as real but sometimes you can feel your behind and neck doing the

    Well I ordered a METAL unit and then I did a 4Channel OK I found where I had gone wrong.

    My last mistake was it.
    I ordered 3 of the S107s in different colors and had them, delivered to my mom's since I was out of town (haha order from email sale alert while on a trip! too much) and when I opened the package, my 18 year old (visiting too) wanted the blue one (now I got a new flying buddy!) The other day I ordered the biggest one I could find and I had to order (my 18 year old) another 47" and two more of the Volitations! my favorite!

    I like having a few of each just to encourge others to fly so I can have a club or....
    I don't drink or do much of anything else but ride motorcycles and thats getting so dangerous

    I tell anyone that asks me

    GET one
    GET a decent one, METAL with at least 3 or 3.5 channel and maybe it can say "outside" but don't believe it unless you are really really good else you're just making a FUNNIEST VIDEO and will be buying another bird!!

    Oh and if anyone is worried about the quality of these units, I've bought several different brands, they're all good even great and if you want more just spend up because everything even the radio gear improves as the size of features are added, as a micro with 4+ channel and gyro can be more than a 26" there are simple reason and none are as simple as a cup holder or floor matts. So do the right reseach or do what I did, buy a bunch and learn to fly, the better you get the more fun they are!!!

    larry (Posted on 7/30/2012)

  10. BIG DISAPPOINYTMENT Review by John Big Barking Bear

    First order arrived and main rotor blades would not turn. The small gears that drive the fly wheel that makes the main rotors turn were not making contact with the fly wheel. I sent the first helicopte back and asked for an exchange. The second helicopte had the exact same reason for not flying. The small gears that drive the fly wheel that makes the main rotors turn were not making contact with the fly wheel. I am frustrated with the poor construction and poor performance of the Cobra Helicopte. (Posted on 7/23/2012)

  11. junk dont buy it youll be sorry Review by hynqueen808

    bought 12 chopper from various sellers on Amazon out of twelve only one so far has worked the rest are not able to run smell like they are burning wire, others didnt even leave the ground dont buy it its rubbish. the last two I bought came they going back tomorrow they dont work (Posted on 7/16/2012)

  12. Super chopper Review by copter

    my heli is super strong it fell 200 feet when the wind took it out of radio range and in to the woods on log. it only took a couple scraches and a bent gyro. best rc heli EVER. also the price is great. MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 7/14/2012)

  13. I didn't buy from Amazon but the one I bought never worked at all Review by zach george

    I bought this because it looked fun and it didn't work at all the only response I could manage was the LED lights flashing. (Posted on 7/13/2012)

  14. Very cool but but not for Amateurs Review by Daniel

    This is a really nice toy...flies really high and it's pretty versatile, must buy with spare parts when purchasing. If you are an amateur like me, I suggest you buy a smaller one since it's a bit complicated to fly at the beginning and you can damage it. (Posted on 7/11/2012)

  15. Very sad :( Review by teeter totter

    this product was a disappointment. i flew it once and it broke down. The charging time is 40 minutes for a short five minute fly time. I did not like it at all.
    this should be recalled and fixed so it works!! (Posted on 7/7/2012)

  16. UPSET Review by UPSIDE


  17. great deal Review by Karla

    I bought it for my son last Christmas, and it works perfect, the batteries last enough time to have fun with the toy, great deal with the price. (Posted on 7/2/2012)

  18. Nice design and looks, but bad quality Review by Prakasha Kini

    Bought from Amazon after getting impressed by its design and looks. On the first day of the usage itself, the circuit board got burnt. It appears that the ciruit board had poor workmanship. Returned to amazon and got the refund. I dont think I will buy this product again. There is not point in buying an helicopter with very nice structure from outside, very poor quality from inside. (Posted on 6/30/2012)

  19. bad electrionic Review by Rotohead

    just got the DH 9053 volitation helicopter and either the Xmiter or the battery is bad straight out of the box. Will not show at total charge on the heicopter battery and will only turn on and run for about 30 seconds and shut down. I quess you get what you pay for but this company not getting any more money out of me. I'll buy Walkera or horzion first. (Posted on 6/28/2012)

  20. Awsome Review by Kermet The Frog

    This helicopter was awsome!! It was denitly worth its money. I would recomend this toy to anybody. I would definitly recomend you to buy another antena.

    Kermit the Forg (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  21. POS Review by Whootie

    Well whats there to say...bottom line this is a PoS, brand new with a full charge this thing does not want to lift off the ground, I ordered replacement blades and batteries, replaced them all and still nothing, only thing this is good for is half way cutting the grass....bottom line do not buy!!!! (Posted on 6/25/2012)

  22. Double Horse 9053 Volitation vs. 9101S Review by Kevin

    DH 9053 Volitation and 9101S are very similar, they share the same transmitter and charger. The 9053 listed as 26" and 9101S as 27" long, so the 9053 is about 1 inch shorter than the 9101S measured from the nose to the end of the tail boom, you can actually tell as you fly them one after the other. The canopy of the 9053 is a bit smaller than the canopy of the 9101S therefore it seems "clean" in the air. They both fly (perform) pretty much the same, lifting the heavy bodies are same as response to the control, i actually think the 9053 flies a little better, and more stable then the 9010S. For being at 26" long, i think it flies better indoor living room, 1"-2" makes a difference. As for appearance, they looking just the same only in different colored canopy (i painted my 9101S all black). The LED's are same in colors at exactly at the same spots. The metal body frame structure of the 9053 has more lightening openings than the 9101S, and there isn't a "Double Horse" oval loc on the frame (both side). I think i like both DH's, it is much easier and fun to fly than the SYMA S033G. The SYMA S003G is full 30" and has a heavy lifting body, once started, it sounded like a small lawn mower...LOL...i love toys. (Posted on 6/20/2012)

  23. Helecopter Review by woofey

    When my daughter first open the package the entena was bent, so instead of return she went to a store and bought a new antena. MY GRANDSON LIKE IT very much. (Posted on 6/17/2012)

  24. Nice sized coax helo that's easy to fly Review by R B

    The Double Horse "Volitation" 9053 coax helicopter is a decent beginner machine. As other pilots have stated, there's a learning curve. This copter is most fun as your second machine, once you've mastered micro or mini copters that take crashing a little better. It's not up to the quality levels of hobby grade brand name stuff, but it's lots of fun to fly, and has plenty of power. It doesn't really have sufficient control authority to fly well outdoors unless it's absolutely calm, so take it outside only on very calm mornings.

    The included charger is a simple unit with a wall wart power supply that adequately charges and balances the included 7.4 volt two-cell Lipo battery. This battery is something that requires adult supervision; don't let your kids mess with lipos, or the resulting fire could have serious consequences. The manufacturer includes warnings about this. Please believe what they say.

    One problem mine had initially was a sticking top set blade pivot, which created the "toilet bowl effect", a gyration where the machine circles around but the nose remains pointed in one direction. I loosened up the offending blade mount, checked for flash and debris, and reassembled the blade. Once both blades swung easily in their pivots, the helicopter behaved correctly. Be gentle on throttle up or you will strip the drive gears, but fortunately replacements are available. Parts support for this bird seems good, and it's an analog of similar machines like the Odyssey Falcon V2. With proper care and careful operation, this machine should survive most pilots and last a few years. (Posted on 6/17/2012)

  25. RC Helicopter toy Review by Josephus Phillips

    This is my first RC helicopter. I am enjoying it very much. I am learning to fly it and its response is great. The Rc Double horse helicopter is a lovely toy and provides great enjoyment for me. I love it. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

  26. DOA three times Review by Mark Tiffany "seeker"

    I am on my THIRD heli.
    All three came with non-functional remotes. All had "QC 11 pass" stickers on them. I do not understand if there was a bad batch or if I am just unfortunate. No one else seems to be complaining about this. Now I have to return all the spare parts I bought because I do not think I will order a third.
    PIECE OF JUNK (helicopter looks great but I did not buy a model heli I bought an RC heli) (Posted on 6/4/2012)

  27. Has a MAJOR problem...repeatedly. Review by Central-Scrutinizer

    Have owned several co-ax helis, and decided to give the 9053 a shot. We had one repeated incident after another with this model helicopter. The screw that attaches above the gear to the rotor constantly shears off. We couldn't determine if it was due to cheap screws (we replaced and rebuilt the main rotor shaft 4 times on each helicopter,) or if the torque is just too much for those screws to handle, but each time the screw sheared off, which resulted in the BOTTOM rotors no longer achieving flight speed RPM. Keep in mind, this did not happen on just one helicopter. We had THREE of these helis, and it happened FOUR times on each - 4 times with 3 helicopters having the SAME issue = design flaw? For what it's worth (Even tho they all come from basically the same manufacturer, from what I know)...the Syma S033G is a far superior machine for this class of R/C heli.

    (I gave this heli a pretty high educational value, because if all the others are built like these 3, you'll learn a lot about replacing those screws in the shaft and repairing this thing) (Posted on 5/30/2012)

  28. EUROPEAN PLUG EURO PLUG . Review by The Reaper

    This came with the EUROPEAN STYLE PLUG IN CHARGER ONLY. ( you know the round plugs instead of the flat plugs that go into every home in the UNITED STATES) I did not see anywhere on here where it states that. I would have NEVER bought this for my son if I would have seen that. Now we have an aircraft that has no way of being charged until we purchase another devise AND I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THAT WILL WORK. If anyone has a solution please email or write a response Thanks

    MG (Posted on 5/29/2012)

  29. Very enjoyable toy. Review by train wife

    Much easier to fly than others purchased in the past. A good helicopter to learn how to fly with. Just wish the battery lasted longer. (Posted on 5/27/2012)

  30. very successful toy Review by Anton Milanov

    I love, ideal for older children like me, little complicated to manage with all these buttons on remote, difficult to handle, but it proves how healthy and izdrazhliva, has quite crashes without any injuries. (Posted on 5/22/2012)

  31. Need info Review by nrmstok

    I was told by a diffrent company that this only to fly indoors. I can belive this. The size of it I can't see that. I have a hard time ti get it to fly. I tryed to fly with the wind at 4 miles hr. Is that to strong. I'm disabled and my Dr. told me to start a hobbe and get out of bed nad try. am I wasting my time. I need help. After Iraq I gave up and I don't want to give up know more. PLEAl at I know this is out of line but I need help. PLEASe. (Posted on 5/20/2012)

  32. Junk from the start! Review by Dr. John L. Takeuchi Turner "author of Medici...

    Top blades slammed the botom blades at low revs, at high speed, I could not get the birt above shoulder level! After that, it refused to operate! Be warned. The educational value is the lesson that you get what you pay for. Cheap chopper = poor performance.
    QED (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  33. Coaxial Double Horse Heli Review by Tuan Tu "LTMYFR"

    Nice and sturdy heli to play with, tolerate many crashed. a true pain and unstable to fly for what it is. Needs better Gyro or electronic. The mini one is way better! (Posted on 5/14/2012)

  34. Just Plain Junk!!!!! Review by usually quiet

    I dont say much have been in real RC 30 years,Syma s107 Love em, Syma s203Love em Drift king real good. Two of these did all the mods blade spaceing ,nose weight , battery forward.(((The tail motor is to small,,,,Thats it period!!!!Bad engineering...Cheers. dont waste your money I did.. (Posted on 5/13/2012)

  35. Haven't Flown Yet Review by rawnoodle "Noodles"

    Hello All - I just received this bird today - haven't flown it yet, because I wanted to do a couple of the mods I'd been reading about. The first thing I did was to move the battery forward as much as I could to give it more forward balance. Then I tried to do the lower blade reversal that I'd read so much about. Double Horse must have changed the blade positions on the newer models(?) because after I did the mod, the blades were TOO low - they were sitting against the cowling - to even try to power the blades like that would have probably destroyed the lower rotors and the cowling, so I had to put things back the way they were. In fact, when I removed it from the box and saw how the blades were set, I wondered if the blade reversal would even work - right out of the box, the bottom rotors were already pretty close to the cowling. As I said... sure enough, the blade reversal lowered them way too much. I won't say it was a waste of time, as I did learn a lot about disassembly, but it remains to be seen whether or not I'll encounter the blade strike problem that has caused many people to do the blade reversal mod. I haven't yet done anything to the rear rotor... want to see how it flies (at least on a calm day) first. Also have not changed out the balance bar, as I've read a few reviews that have said that the balance bar being widely used, is too light, and can cause wobble, so I figure before I do anything about adding more forward weight, changing the balance bar, and modifying the rear rotor, I'll get some flight time in, see how it goes, and address each problem encountered, one at a time. Will update this post after some flight time. I rated this item at 3 stars, because since I haven't actually used it yet, I just don't know, but Amazon wouldn't let me submit this review without a product rating... I just wanted to comment on the failure of the attempted lower rotor reversal, and my initial observations on the blade positioning on this unit. Again, will update this review after some flight time.

    Update 1 - still haven't been able to fly outdoors yet, but wanted to see how it hovered, at least indoors. Battery charged in only about an hour, then powered everything on - lifted off - wanted to try to just hover around at about a foot above the floor (small living room - didn't want to destroy anything) but as soon as the bird cleared the floor, it would start to move forward on it's own - no amount of trim would correct this, as it was due to my moving the battery forward in order to add forward balance - like the blade reversal mod, I had to put things back to stock in order to get the bird to hover. This may change outdoors, but I will probably just keep some pocket change and tape handy and tape coins to the front if I need more forward weight. That's now 2 easy, standard mods that most people are doing that didn't work for me, and I had to put things back the way they were... hoping this weekend will be calm enough for some outdoor flight time. (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  36. 9053 Helicopter Review by Larry Fry

    I first got this helicopter and of course it has been raining so i decided to try it in the house well that didnt work out to well because of ground affect. about two weeks went by and one day the sun came out O-BOY took it outside and sat it on a piece of plywood hit the throttle and she jumped up about ten feet and i just let it hover for a few seconds and thought ok now lets make some slow turns and be mindful that a little bit of control goes a long ways so i took it to about twenty feet up and made some turns and moved forward and backwards and gaining more altitude and getting further and further away and at this point i cant tell what it is doing at this point it is two or three hundred feet away then i got out of range i know this because the rotors stopped so i raised the transmitter as high as i could reach and the rotors started turning again but alas it was doomed to crash so i pulled the throttle back and let it fall to the ground got in my truck and went looking and i found it nose buried in the dirt and upon further inspection found that nothing appeared broken mind you it was a couple feet in the air.took it back home turned the transmitter on and it still performed perfectly. so you might ask do i like this bird absolutely and would recommend it to all. (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  37. Heli Review by Boyd304

    Good quality, needs more thrust to move forward, blade on tall is under sized and will crash if there is a slight wind,The tail needs to have a stronger motor and larger blade. (Posted on 5/7/2012)

  38. very cool Review by cherie

    The helicopter is attractive in design and finish. The one downfall is it can get carried away in the wind. It is really fun. (Posted on 4/29/2012)

  39. dO nOT bUY Review by James Soriano


  40. NO GOOD Review by JJ1059

    Waste of money, the hilicopter will NOT work out doors, it'll go up and down; however it will not go back and foward because it is not strong enogh. (Posted on 4/21/2012)

  41. Piece of crap! Review by Asid23

    So I bought this for my husband. I kept it for a while because its for his birthday and the day came my husband said its not even working!!! What a shame. (Posted on 4/21/2012)

  42. equipo no sirve Review by A Customer

    Good evening, first of all a warm greeting.
    I tell about my experience and satisfaction about the article as not delivered. This equipment has been received in perfect physical condition to my warehouse in United States and has been sent to Venezuela reaching my hands under the same conditions perfect physical condition. At the time of the test run of the helicopter followed the instructions in the manual and it is that the team takes flight as the secondary motor is burned and no secondary propeller spins.
    I welcome your comments on the case since I have not been able to use it as desired and which simply does not work.
    <a href="">Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW!</a> (Posted on 4/20/2012)

  43. Too good to be true? Yes! Review by HeliBob

    If this thing were only ugly and expensive! Unfortunately, this one goes on the too good to be true shelf. The price for a 26" metal frame copter with 2 motors seems too good to be true and it is. It's a beauty coming out of the box, however, in our case, either the charger or battery was faulty and the only option was a return. 2 minutes of flying time between charges just won't do. Be careful if you have your eye on this one. Too many people with too many different problems to buy it, wait for it, and plan for it to work once you get it. (Posted on 4/13/2012)

  44. Not for beginners Review by Nobleman

    I bought this helicopter for my 14 yrs son for his birthday and eventually became mine since he couldn't be able to control it, he desperately tried several times but ended with great disappointment for him and I had to fix broken parts after each trial. So I don't recommend this helicopter for beginners and it takes a long time to get used to controlling its movement especially outdoor even with slight wind. For the price, I discovered cheaper website than amazon! (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  45. Fun!!! Review by Ram.

    There`s a lot of reviews were state that this helicopter doest fly in winds, but my just do it fine.The instructions states that is not for strong winds I have no complaints with this issue.Many people complaints with the battery charger, green light is blinking when is charging.I cant understand if reviewers read the manuals they still complaint about this.It is normal to blink and then when it finish to charge it will get a solid green light!! It is in the helicopter manual!!! If you want an helicopter that takes strong winds you will need to spend more$$$$ and get a higher model like a Trex 500e!! For this price $$ you cant get wrong with the Volitation 9053!!! (Posted on 4/8/2012)

  46. 9053 Double Horse Review by W. M. Nelson

    This is an beginner heli for sure. Though most of it is made from metal it is the parts that are not that of course will brake quickly if you are not watchful of what you are doing. Parts are very easy to obtain for this unit, again it's a beginners gyro helicopter and for the price compared to others is ok. There are a number of YouTube vids that can show you several modifications a buyer can make to his/her unit, and I highly recommend them. Be aware that any modifications will void most if not all warranties. (Posted on 4/8/2012)

  47. Good design, just not good for its intended purposes Review by Christopher M. Wetty "Chris"

    The helicopter itself is very durable with a metal frame. The blades are pretty durable as well, seeing as they took a bit of a beating on my maiden flight. The design of the electronics is very good, and the remote offers multiple levels of trimming. They even took into account battery disconnects for long term down time.

    As for the negatives: they stated that this product was meant for outside flight. Seeing as I own the smaller versions of this guy, I said sure. Well upon flying this product outside, even the tiniest bit of wind or air movement and control was completely lost. The rear rotor is just not powerful enough to adjust for wind. If you had a large enough interior space, then go for it! I took mine over to the high school gymnasium to fly after the total failures outside. (Posted on 4/1/2012)

  48. crash and burn dont waste your money Review by stick

    piece of junk,maybe 100' range flew just a little over roof top,hard too control gets out of range,flew for maybe 1min then fly bar broke loose from upper blades "1piece cheap plastic" then it crashed,then it went in trash..if you want to fly 3 foot from the ground with no wind it be okay,cheap made...flew it 2 times LOTS OF FUN!!! i guess that is why they sell replacement parts...stay away (Posted on 3/30/2012)

  49. Balance bar imbalance proves fatal: poor QC Review by Eugene Tsiang

    Before I flew this heli, I tied it down and tried all the controls to make sure they functioned. They did, but I noticed a disturbing tendancy for the top blade to hit the balance bar at lower rotational speeds and create a terrible racket, before I promptly cut the power. I noticed that the cause of the hitting was a balance bar that was imbalanced. The distances of the masses from the main axle looked like they could be adjusted by screwing the weights in and out, but alas that was not possible. At high rotational speeds, the balance bar is spinning so fast that there is relatively little droop and so there was no hitting. I then brought this heli to the nearby field on a day with a light breeze but with occasional gusts. Right away I noticed I couldn't get it off the ground without the collision of bar and blade described above; so I increased the rotational speed so it wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, this meant that the heli had only one rotational speed: fast!! And that meant that I had to let the thing ascend fast; so fast that I quickly had to throttle it down to prevent it from flying out of sight downwind. As soon as I did that, the blade/balance bar collision happened and the thing dropped out of the sky like a rock. The damage: a bent main axle and a broken blade connection, both fatal. I think the quality control is poor. Although it does look like good value for the money because of its size, the chances of a defective component bringing down an otherwise good machine is high. (Posted on 3/29/2012)

  50. 15 second, then spin crash and burned. Review by wgollie

    We unpacked the heli and charged it according to the instructions. We took the heli outside and it flew great for about 30 seconds. Then the bottom rotor quit working and the heli dropped from the sky. Tried to start it back up again and smoke came from the engine compartment. I like the design and I will try to get another one and see if it fails. If it fails I will by a different mfg. It looks great. Just hope the next one will work. (Posted on 3/27/2012)

  51. I just don't know where to fly it. Review by just me

    its a nice looking heli and its gotten several comments from people that see it on the self in my apartment. the problem is its to big to fly indoors and it won't fly outdoors in even the lightest breeze. I didn't even know there was a breeze but these heli did. I had to go and chase it down because ti just drifted off into the 1mph breeze and didn't have the speed to even stay in one place flying straight into it. I don't think this is something that most people will want to try to fly as it is very dissapointing to spend money on something that just sits on a shelf and looks pretty when it supposed to be out there flying. If you have a huge warehouse/garage/storge shed, you may enjoy the heck outta one of these. If you don't have anyt of those things save your money and get something that will fly with a bit of wind or stick to something small enough to fly indoors. This one even shakes all over when you try to move it in a forward direction because of the tail design. So again if you don't have a ton of indoor space to fly in. Get something else. (Posted on 3/27/2012)

  52. Very cheap construction. Spare parts cannot be obtained. Review by MetalFan "djg424"

    The antenna material is shockingly thin. They probably saved a few cents using cheap material, but the antenna bent and broker almost immediately. We tried to order a replacement from the manufacturer, but when we tried to checkout of the store, it said that they don't ship to our area (a regular town in California).

    So, it's in the trash and was a waste of money. I don't have time to box it up again and send it back to Amazon for a refund.

    Don't buy this unless you're familiar with the incredibly cheap construction and willing to tolerate it. (Posted on 3/26/2012)

  53. It,s Fun Review by mrricky

    This is a good copter,and the only flaw it has is that you can not fly it when you have a 5mph wind,it will not respond. (Posted on 3/26/2012)

  54. Looks great - Not built to last Review by spence

    My son was extremely excited to fly this helicopter. After initial charging, it flew fine. Had a few minor crashes on the landings. Never flew again after 5 flights. Bigger is not better; definitely not durable. (Posted on 3/22/2012)

  55. a confusing start Review by Proud MOM of 4

    my first review stated that the controller didn't work... well i figured it out. in the back of the controller where you put the batteries in... its actually a battery pack that comes out to hold 8 AA batteries instead of only 4. my son loves it!!! definitely recommend getting the replacement parts kit and extra plastic covers. the cover broke first thing... but easily fixed with tape until i can get another one. Over all: my son loves it and mom got brownie points!!! (Posted on 3/18/2012)

  56. Great helicopter with a few modifications! Review by Chris S

    Great helicopter for the price. I've flown many mini and mid sized gyro helicopters. This one is my favorite by far. Only thing is that you can only enjoy your flight time when it is near windless outside. If you decide to fly this in the wind prepare to crash. There are great modifications you can find on you tube that really help it fly more stable. also you can buy extra battry cells so you can have a longer flight time. Only problem I had was that my rear motor went out on me the third time I flew it. It was no problem because I found a replacement motor online for only 7 dollars. Was also easy to repair because it's so large. Two thumbs up! (Posted on 3/17/2012)

  57. Sucks Review by Cdilm

    Helicopter instructions were in poor broken English. It was hard for a rookie to figure out the controls. Helicopter broke after 3-4 flies... Flight was erratic. (Posted on 3/16/2012)

  58. POS Review by dizzle4schizzle

    I bought this helicopter for my 28 year old husband, who has experience flying RC helicopters. He was trying to teach his brother how to fly it-right into the ground. The propeller is broken, and apparently the only way to fix it is to rip the thing apart and rig it yourself. Worth the effort? probably not. I don't know how reckless 14 year olds are supposed to fly the thing. I wouldn't recommend this thing to anyone. it was fun the whole half hour it worked. and now its garbage. (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  59. Needs Modification Review by RDFELLMAN

    this helicopter is ready to modify and fly and it is not because i am still somewhat new to flying helicopters. seems to have alot of power for takeoff and turning. however it hardly goes foward because the tail rotor barely does anything . it will not fly well outdoors with light wind,i have had the balance bar hit the blades and it dive right to the ground i'm not too sure about indoors. overall i like the helicopter though i am in the process of doing the modifications i found on youtube. after i finish with the modifications i will try to come back here and write about the improvements (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  60. So much fun!!! Review by Kim Riddle

    I will not claim to have any knowledge of RC helicopters, but I LOVE this machine! I purchased this Cobra Double Horse 9053 heli for my boyfriend for his birthday & he is having so much fun with it! The other day, thanks to the wind, he managed to run it into the top of the 2 story roof of our home & it fell all the way to the rock below and it's still alive!!! So durable! When I purchased this heli, I also bought a replacement part kit & I recommend that to anyone looking to buy this product. This heli is EXTREMELY light & the slightest wind will affect your control, so accidents are bound to happen. I think the size of this product is absolutely perfect - small enough to not be *too* in the way in the house & big enough to be totally fun during play! My boyfriend is having a blast learning to control it & would recommend considering this heli if you're in the market for one! (Posted on 3/14/2012)

  61. Lasted 2 flights Review by Starz

    Bought this helicopter without researching it. Not a good move. After having major problems with it on the 1st flight, I did a little checking online. Seems I'm far from alone. People report NOTHING but problems & aggravation with this particular Heli. Without major new parts purchases & modifications, most people find this helicopter un-flyable. Bad design, bad equipment, durability issues, horrible weight distribution..and so on. Mine exhibited ALL of these less-than-desirable qualities in one flight. During the next flight, a hard landing disabled the electronics & it hasn't spun a rotor since. I have experience with RC choppers, planes & cars, so I looked the chassis over for loose wires & obvious faults. I found no broken solders or wiring problems. Disconnected everything & re-connected it. No life at all. Now it's a cool paperweight & reminder to ALWAYS RESEARCH PRODUCT. (Posted on 3/14/2012)

  62. Would not work...very angry! Review by David Bim

    I purchased this item as a gift for a favorite niece. I showed her the pix of it online she was extremely excited. And then extremely disappointed when it did not even come on when the batteries were installed in the remote! It has ever worked.... I really can't write any more since it never came on. (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  63. poorly durable helicopter Review by E. H. Wright

    After 1 afternoon of flyong this needed to be returned due to the poor structure and lack of durability, very flimsy..after going to several mailing places and realizing to send it back would cost 50$ we realized we had inherited a piece of junk. Don't waste your time or $$ (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  64. From tree to tree Review by Russell E. Mayhew

    I recieved my helicopter in a timely manner with great expectations. After minor adjustments it was all that I had hoped for. AS LONG AS THERE IS NO WIND. I fly it daily and enjoy it. After pulling it out of several trees (in windy conditions) and buying some replacement parts, I can recommend this helicopter. (Posted on 3/12/2012)

  65. COBRA DOUBLE HORSE 9053 Review by Bud


  66. Double horse heli Review by Jim Downard

    This is a very stable heli so the ease of use is good there but it doesn't have good forward or back motion.I assume it's and issue either with the size of rotor motor or the pitch.I will play with both to see if I can improve that on mine.Otherwise it is great if you don't have any wind at all.The slightest breeze pushes it around due to the fact that you don't have the forward drive to overpower the effect of the breeze. (Posted on 3/11/2012)

  67. Patience Review by DonSkokie

    I haven't had much time to fly the helicopter outside as it has been windy most days. I have flown it inside for small sessions. I am a complete beginner to flying helicopters, but have found if you take it slow and get to know how the controls work you can learn. I started by adding weight to the bottom so it would not lift off. That way I got used to the power and how each individual controls worked. I am hoping with warmer weather the breeze will kick down outside and I will have time to take it for some extended flights.

    Mick (Posted on 3/11/2012)

  68. for show only. Review by doormaster

    Helicopter didn't last 5 minutes. Practiced hovering and landing, made one landing a little hard and it was dead. Wouldn't buy another online, a local vendor would at least repair or replace item. Shipping this one back costs almost as much as buying another one. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  69. Rc violation helicopter, a sturdy heli Review by Bryan

    I bought this helicopter a couple of months ago and Have been looking at the reviews and not that many of them are clear. this was my first helicopter that I have own and I bought it because I wanted to attach a camera to it and take videos. First off, this is a big heli. I didn't think 26 inches was going to be that big but this is a monster. I also bought because it has a 300 foot range so I could take videos from a far.
    My first day I crashed it several times and broke off one of the two plastic things that keep that gyro level. With that damage it still flew perfectly and I didn't even notice the damage until the next day. My second time flying it I cracked the cover but it was sometime that duct tape could fix. After reading the instruction manual, it says to wait 30 minutes to charge the heli again. I started charging it right after flying and I fried the battery. I had no idea what was going on so I spent that afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong. I eventually found out that the battery over heated and died. I bought another one that same night and it came within a couple Of days and it worked. Speaking of batteries, this one takes forever to charge. Mine takes around 4 hours to charge so usually I fly it in the morning, charge it, then fly it in the afternoon again. I read other people's reviews and they said only a couple hours so I guess I got a weird battery.
    Any way, my main point is to say that this helicopter is tough. I have crashed it dozens of times resulting in cracking the orange cover two separate times on the bottom, breaking the vertical thing on the tail pipe, snapping on of the petal bars connecting the landing things, loosing a piece that helps connect the gyro and frying the battery. And believe it or not, it still flys like a beauty. If I were to go back in time, I would choose a smaller that wasn't so big and then buy this beauty.
    Once you get the hang of flying this heli, it flys amazingly. The controls for the throttle can stay in place so you can let it hover with out touching the throttle. Also the antenna is a piece of crap. It is really easy to break. I accidentally hit the antenna on the ground and the metal bent. I fixed it with duct tape but it bent again later on the bottom of it. I think I am going to buy another one so it doesn't fall off in the middle of the flight.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you make the right decision for your skill or intent of using the heli. (Posted on 3/9/2012)

  70. WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT BUT.... Review by jb863

    The helicopter was great the remote control is trash, while trying to attach the antenna it never got tight, i think the thread sizes were different. I flew the hellicopter in my livingroom to set the cotrols for about 18 minutes, recharged then i took it outside to fly i had it hovering about head level when all of the sudden the motors went to full speed and yep, going going going gone!!! No matter what i did it wouldnt respond so who knows where it went or what town its now in. Im thinking it may have had some kind of radio interference or the circuit bord went haywire, 20 minutes for about a total of 50 bucks, wow! (Posted on 3/9/2012)

  71. Runaway throttle with transmitter failure! Review by ViperCrewDawg

    I was very excited when I received my heli on my initial inspection, but I soon started finding issues when prepping it for its first flight and on successive flights, ultimately leaving me with belief that this is a dangerous aircraft. Those issues are described below.

    *** Battery Charger ***

    I initially ran the battery down prior to charging it while trimming the helicopter. I was unimpressed by the outward design of the charger, it feels cheap and poorly constructed. Once I began charging the battery the green LED blinked like described in the user's documentation. I monitored the charger for roughly one hour checking the battery for signs of improper charging. During that time the charger continued to blink and was quite warm to the touch and had an odor of hot electrical components. I am an embedded systems engineer so I am familiar with the odors that are given off of hot and overheated electrical systems. I continued to periodically monitor the recharge cycle for the next 3 hours and during that time the green LED never went to a solid state indicating that the battery was completely charged. I disconnected the battery at that time. There was NO noticeable "ballooning" or overheating of the battery. Further recharges also left the charging LED in the blinking state. I do not believe that the charger provided with this system is of the required quality to safely charge a Li battery without constant supervision.

    *** Initial Flight Prep ***

    My initial flight preparation consisted of trimming the helicopter and hover stability. This prep was performed indoors on a smooth concrete floor. At low RPM this helicopter suffered some rotor vibration but smoothed out as the RPM increased and seemed to be fine once the RPMs where high enough to provide lift. The helicopter was unable to perform a stable hover due to the fact that it would immediately begin drifting to the right and required constant rudder and pitch inputs to try to control its drift. I was also forced to forward trim the pitch to a point that the tail rotor was constantly running to prevent it from tail slipping. I mitigated some of this tail slip by moving the battery forward in the nose to move the CG forward a bit. I found that the rudder inputs were very snappy and the heli responded very well to the left and right. I believe that the rear rotor is undersized and makes the heli very sluggish moving forward and backward. I would not recommend flying in any wind as I believe this would make the heli hard to control.

    *** Radio Transmitter ***

    I was not impressed that this system requires eight AA batteries. I would have preferred a rechargeable solution, but for the money I guess this is what you get. The transmitter performed well indoors during initial setup and for the short flights I completed while familiarizing myself with the controls and getting comfortable with this heli's flight characteristics. The transmitter FAILED to perform properly during my first outdoor flight. During a takeoff I had a transmitter failure that resulted in the helicopter maintaining a positive throttle setting and running away. I attempted to turn the radio off and back on to regain control of the heli but was unsuccessful. The helicopter increased to an altitude of 40 to 50 feet where it was driven over 300 yards downwind when it lost lift and plummeted into the roof of a neighboring house. Thankfully no damage was done to the home. I believe that the helicopter is repairable, as it faired quite well in the crash, but I will not be attempting to fly this model again. The fact that I had a transmitter failure that was not recoverable and did not fail in a safe manner and that resulted in a completely ballistic aircraft is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HELICOPTER TO ANYONE. (Posted on 3/8/2012)

  72. what a fantastic POS!!! Review by klis

    Out door helli what a joke dont waste your money on this thing get a walkera and be done with it !!!! (Posted on 3/6/2012)

  73. Good quality, durable helicopter Review by taylor

    I first was shipped one which came broken on arrival, amazon replaced and shipped it with free 1-day no problem. Since getting my new one it's been really fun, only thing is be careful messing with it indoors, it'll be way to easy to crash and break on something due to the size. I always go to the park and fly over a large grassy area, sometimes if its windy you kind of have to follow it around, so keep that in mind. Overall flight is easy and the controls work very good, defiantly a bargain for the current price of 50$ (Posted on 3/5/2012)

  74. Great Heli, especially for a beginner but for anyone as well! Review by Goodchaps

    This is a great helicopter. Yes, it has some defects, but all rc helicopters do and for the price, its work buying. Avoid buying the junk toy helis and get a good one like this. I absolutely love it!
    A couple things to mention: Before you do the modifications (they're all over youtube, check them out), fly your helicopter a bit. This is my first rc heli, but as far as I can tell it is in great working order.
    One thing that I cannot stress enough is before you try flying high, learn to fly on the ground. Check out my new website to see a flight school schedule, follow that as best as you can to avoid damage. I have avoided any damage requiring a purchase this way. Also, if you do crash, cut the throttle right away to minimize damage. I have hit stuff so many times (because I'm a poor pilot) but haven't had to repair anything after 40+ flights. The heli itself is very durable when it has hit something, especially the blades. The bird looks beautiful when it hovers.
    Cons: Has a tendency to slowly drift to one side or the other. On mine I have taped paper clips to one side to correct this minor issue. It also automatically shuts off when the battery is drained, but if you recognize when the battery is dieing (its not hard to realize; the heli takes more and more power to hover at a certain height) you can avoid this.
    The battery only lasts about 6-10 mins, depending on your power usage (the higher you fly, the less time the battery lasts). This is the normal flight time for a stock heli battery. For this reason, I recommend and am purchasing a higher Amh 7.4V battery to get about 20 mins of flight time per charge.
    Overall, this heli is great, especially for learning on. For a lot less than similar sized and performing helis, this one will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Some components may be plastic, but the quality of the machine in general, and the technology they squeeze into it, are impressive. I would recommend this to anyone because it is so much fun to fly and makes you feel so accomplished when you try and succeed at a new maneuver.
    I am starting a site at that has an extended users manual that addresses the solutions to many problems that I've observed. Check it out please :) Thanks. (Posted on 3/5/2012)

  75. Double horse helicopter review Review by Rflatt

    This helicopter is a lot of fun however WILL need upgrades right away. You must follow the YouTube videos on how to flip the blades so they don't smack each other cuasing it to crash every two seconds. Also you will need to modify the tail rotor becuase the blade from the factory gives it zero speed going forward. Finally you will want to get some extra lipo batteries. I would suggest some 2s 2500 lipos. They will give you more power and flight time over the stock 1300. They also sell on eBay for ten bucks. (Posted on 3/3/2012)

  76. Dead out of the box Review by Benjamin Rumson "Abundently Curious"

    I was extremely disappointed when this helicopter failed to operate...period.
    It arrived simply dead out of the box. That is, well-charged and new batteries
    all around. Switches on, it simply does nothing except blink LED's. Very sad. (Posted on 3/2/2012)

  77. fun but not unbreakable Review by arthur

    be sure that ALL replacement parts are available. The main part of the helicopter is great, but internal parts need replacing after two weeks (Posted on 2/28/2012)

  78. Awesome!!! Review by Dsmith

    Come on guys! Only three stars? These things are fun, and of course after you crash it a time or two its gonna have problems! If its your first time flying one, just get a small cheap one just to learn the fight concepts and then try out the more expensive ones. This is not always a cheap hobby but for these prices its well worth it. The 9053 was very responsive as long as you don't go to far and I crashed mine about 6 or 7 times before I had to order parts. I would buy another one, or maybe two! (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  79. Don't Buy Review by rtg

    This is not worth the low cost it can be had for. Will only hover. Not usable outdoors and easily loses communication which causes it fall fall out of sky like a brick. Stay away. You have been warned. (Posted on 2/26/2012)

  80. Volitation Review by Alex

    umm got this heli the other day it did not ship good when i got it the under careage on the left back that bolt thing was off and a wate bar was off but is fun to fly in doores and out i had one crash. and the fly bar hits the wing some times.
    but i give it a 5 star would be great for people who allready flew one befor. (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  81. bought for grandson Review by rver

    i first saw this helicopter at the flea market and was fascinated with what it could do. i thought my grandson would really enjoy this and we could bond as we practiced flying it. then my neighbor said have you seen these on amazon. so i went on amazon and they were almost half the price as the ones at the flea market. so i decided to order one and it was as good the one one i saw at the flea market. as a matter of fact it was the exact model.<a href="">Cobra Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW! 9053</a> (Posted on 2/24/2012)

  82. Dont Fly in ANY Wind or it will self destruct in Mid Air Review by E. Johnson "Mommy of Two"

    I am an experienced RC Helicopter pilot as well as having fight time in the big ones that you can sit in...
    I have older RC advanced RC Copters
    4 similar but smaller Hawk Talon mini IR Helicopters
    The mini indoor Hawk Talon V 2-3 are 90% Fun 10% ground time.

    This one is more like 25% Fun, 25% frustration, 50% Ground time because if you fly in a sight breeze this copter will blow away and there is nothing you can do but drop it from the air or chase it because forward speed is ultra Slow.
    In turbulence such as wind blowing over the roof of my house, this helicopter self destructs in mid air as the rotors hit each other (counter-rotating) My smaller Hawk talon wont do that even with a weighted nose.
    My Talons will all outmaneuver this bigger copter Outside in the dark or inside all day long.
    If not for the blades hitting each other in flight, this heli could have been modified with some sort of power siding weight tied with a servo to the tail rotor that would pitch if forward.
    One guy says he modified his quite a bit but that blade strike issue is a design defect.
    In racing there is a saying if it don't go, Chrome it. So this thing is ready for the chrome shop.
    However if you want to learn basic sence of flight and have a ZERO wind environment and room to maneuver then it can be a great choice for the money. (Posted on 2/22/2012)

  83. Not so durable helicopter Review by Judy "Judy"

    I purchased this helicopter for my adult son. I purposely bought the helicopter which was listed to be flown out of doors. I purchased this particular helicopter on the strength of one review that described it as nearly indestructable. It turned out to be extremely destructible. After only 2 flights, when it was brought down carefully without crashing into anything, it was in multiple pieces. I was very disappointed with this product since it was a Christmas present for my son. He was very careful to follow directions in flying this helicopter since he had earlier experience with a much lighter weight machine. (Posted on 2/21/2012)

  84. THIS ROCKS Review by Tighter_Fighter

    Super fun. Dont listen to the neg(-) reviews. I think people think its going to be like driving a remote control car and its not. It take some practice but its sweet and its tough! My 5 yearold and 7 year old both have thses and if they can flay it any one can. Get it...its a ton of fun! (Posted on 2/21/2012)

  85. DH9053 Helicopter review by Dennis Review by Dennis

    I've had my Double Horse Vloitation 9053 for a while now, and it is just awful. It can only be flown inside, because any breeze at all, and it's uncontrollable. For one thing, the tail rotor blade is way too small, and it can't even go forward in a 2 mph wind.
    If you want to fly outside, learn how to fly a 4 channel heli. Coaxial heli's don't do well in the wind, especially with alot of slop in the upper blade grip pivot pin like the 9053's have right out of the box. These heli's go where they want to, and here's why in my opinion. The upper blade grip pivot pin is about .002in. too small diameter for the bushing, so the upper blade tips see saw about 2 inches up/dn, terrible quality, and the gears have phillips head screws instead of allen set screws, and keep coming loose. Life is too short...
    If you want a good flying helicopter, that is tons of fun, easy to fly, and dependable, then order a Syma S107G, and fly in your house. Youll be amazed how precise they fly, and how tough they are as your getting the hang of it, which takes only about 5 minutes. I give the 9053 a big fat zero. Dennis Flora (Posted on 2/16/2012)

  86. DOUBLE HORSE VOLITATION 9053 HELI REVIEW Review by William P. Adkins


  87. Just Keep Walkin'!!!!! Review by wademech

    I bought This heli because I wanted some outdoor flight time. I had read some reviews that spoke of modifications that really should be done before even attempting to fly for the first time. I run a motorcycle and small engine shop, and have lots of experience in modifying machines. I looked forward to the delivery day, and when I got it, I immediately started the charging process, and it was soon time for the first flight. Let me just say here that I own 7 different heli's, I am experienced. I started the rotors, it shuddered a bit, then as I brought up the RPM's it smoothed out and lifted off, for about 3 seconds, then stopped. It had no response to the controls. Then, with the contoller on, and no inputs, it suddenly went "full throttle", coming straight at me, hit the ariel on the controller, breaking appx. 8" off the end of it, then fell to the ground lifeless. I repeated the start-up, and had a similar result the second flight. Boxed it up, and sent it, and the spare parts I had bought for it, right back where it came from, as fast as I could! I gave it a 5-star rating on educational because I learned this valuable lesson. Don't ever buy any of these machines without reading reviews, going on Youtube and watching videos, and don't EVER buy any of them if you see anything indicating a modification that's necessary to keep the machine from destroying it's self!!! While I'm sure that Double Horse puts out some fine products, this isn't one of them. If you're thinking of giving this one a chance, take my advice from the title!!! (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  88. Cobra Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW! 9053 Review by Flying High

    Great heli, charge it up, check you tube do a few mods have some fun. really teaches hand eye coordination. (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  89. Great for the Price Review by Mark_Controls

    This RC Heliciopter is great for the price , however it does have a couple problems that are well documented on the internet and you tube along with the affordable appropriate fixes. It is hard to beleive that a product of this complex quality can be sold and delivered at such an affordable price (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  90. Not for young kids Review by Rich

    I have had fun learning to fly this but there are some levers that were not even described in the manual that I still don't know what they do? I did break one blade off and when the replacement part that I ordered came there were no instructions on how to take it apart to repair it. There should be a better detailed drawing of the assembly, as now I may have another part to order. Not knowing what the parts looked like before it crashed made it hard for me to know what parts needed to be replaced. I am now going to visit a fiend of mine who has the same model to see what it looked like before. Other than that it has been a lot of fun to learn how to fly it. (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  91. awesome toy for an adult very inexspencive Review by demoman

    This toy has been the most fun i have had in a long time and im 46 years old and a maintinance supperviser and 10 of my guys have one now, it is very durable easy to fly and on a scale of 1 to 10 i give it a 10 over all. i would like to purchase 10 more if i could get a good deal on them. thanks (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  92. Remote was defective so I had to return it Review by J. Epps

    The remote control unit was defective. It wouldn't power up with fresh batteries and the left trim switch was completely stuck. The right trim switch moved normally and the helicopter itself at least lit up when it was turned on.
    I tried to exchange it but Amazon said that I could only return it.
    This may be a great RC helicopter if you get one that works, but I'm giving it a single-star to let others know of potential quality issues and the hassle of having to return it (and apologizing to a disappointed kid). (Posted on 2/10/2012)

  93. Junk Review by BBharley

    Do not buy, a piece of junk. On the first flight the Fly Bar wrapped itself around the prop shaft, bringing it straight into the ground. It is now inoperable, the screws in the shaft sheared off. This was not pilot error as it happened in flight. A very poor design. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  94. Durable Double Horse 9053 Review by tractor_man

    My first ever helicopter. I have dropped it from 24' onto concrete (make sure you do the lower blade flip mod BEFORE you even fly it) and ran into: metal pallet racking, metal roll up door, tractor ROPS, forklift, pistachio tree, sycamore tree, peach tree, tulip tree, apple tree, cargo trailer, the barn, large metal rolling toolbox, etc...... I cannot believe the durability this thing provides for such little money. Perfect for learning. I have had to pull the main shaft out and straighten it once and the plastic cowling is cracked.... still flys like a champion. Took the supports/fins off the tail to lighten the back, moved the battery forward and rubber banded a .270 to the top of the battery to add some forward weight. Now it has decent forward air speed and I can still hover/land on an upside down 5 gallon bucket. Also messing around with flying the GoPro around.... I would recommend a more agile chopper with greater/more lift capacity for that. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  95. nice for a great hobby Review by squeakcln

    I'm 40 plus years of age. I recently started a new hobby of flying Rc Helicopters. I own 10 now, I actually have 2 of the 9053 model. I enjoy this style,because its easy to control and large enough to see at higher elevations.I have reccommended this model to several friends who have ordered them as well. So we can go ougand fly together. Thanks once again for a fun hobby toy. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  96. At that price point you cannot go wrong. Review by Fotis Dallas

    Excellent begginers helicopter so you can get used to the bigger size. If you can master this then you can progress to the more advanced systems without breaking the bank. Even the slightest breeze makes it hard to control. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  97. Failure to fly Review by Jerry

    Purchased Helicopter charged battery as per instruction.
    Tried to take off anf Helicopter lifted iff ground arose aprixamatlfy
    15 feet flying in an erractic manner and was unable to control
    Attempted to fly it several times and discovered lower main blade was
    Slupping on main shaft. Basicly useless toy other than a pretty model that
    Is nonfunctional
    Jerryj (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  98. Great for what it is. Review by Bobbyjo2

    My first one. It took me awhile to get up the confidence to get it off the ground at first though. It is a beginner r/c heli though, don't get me wrong. It fell from about 30-35 feet straight into the ground and surprisingly is still good to go (I could have sworn it would have been busted). Def a good buy for a beginner and I'm very happy with it.

    Cons: only one. It takes about 3hrs to charge and lasts about 15-20mins of playtime, but I expect this is normal with these kinds of r/c toys. (Posted on 2/8/2012)

  99. Like a Giant S107 Review by Big Texas

    This thing reminds me of a giant S107. I have flown it in my house. Yes, it is THAT stable, being coaxial. I fly it outdoors, but there has to be absolutely no wind at all. Any little bit of wind will carry the chopper off, and you will spend all day chasing it around. Not fun to do so, especially considering the fact that any crash, or even a hard landing, will break something on the helicopter. The canopy/cockpit will be the first thing to break. If the chopper starts to drift off, with the wind, or you are about to hit something, then you must back off the throttle, so the driveshaft or rotors don't break. Well, this thing is pretty heavy, so even a hard landing on grass will break the fragile canopy. The canopy reminds me of an egg shell. It is super soft and brittle, like a senior citizen's bones. I think it's better to leave the coaxial helicopters for indoor only, using the micro sized S107. Coax choppers have no business flying outside. I prefer my DoubleHorse 9100, if you are interested in having an inexpensive outdoor 3-channel chopper. The 9100 is not coax, so it handles wind a little better (Very little). It is also more fun, because you can fly faster and do drifts. Neither helicopter should be flown in wind, but for the same price, go with the more advanced 9100. What is better about the 9053 than the 9100? Size, and stability. If you have a large indoor area to fly it, like a barn or gym, then the 9053 would be ok, because it is very stable. It is boring to fly though. The other cool thing is the size. It is much bigger than the 9100, so if you want to put it out for guests to see, then it looks pretty cool. Performance wise, go with the 9100. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  100. Reveiw Re-Written/Updated. Getting a bit Disappointed Review by Klagh

    First things first. Many of you are having problems with your remote; won't power on. Make sure you put 8 AAs in your battery holder. Also, you may need to stuff a piece of aluminum foil between the contacts as you slide the holder in. I just saw another reviewer saying his remote began to smoke when powered up. The flaw in the battery holder..just seems to get worse..I was putting replacements in mine. Yup..began to smoke..damn near caught fire. Tip: a 9-Volt battery will power your remote just fine. What I did was get a 9-volt connector and soldered it to the contacts (NOTE!! Positive is the lower one, Neg is the upper one..facing from the back) A couple of days ago my #1 motor failed (the front one..drives the inner shaft/upper blade). Most replacement parts are pretty cheap (price I mean) if you don't mind waiting 2 weeks or more. They are shipped from China.
    Another problem with the DH 9053 is it's poor performance outdoors. The slightest wind seems to cause major control problems..especially your backward/forward controls. Some dude on YouTube did some modifications on of which is he took a couple of main blades..cut of 13mm from the ends and then super-glued them to the rear prop. He said that control improved quite a bit! I liked it at first but not so much now. I like my little cheap-arse Propel Gyrocopter better! (you can get 'em at J.C.Penny, Marshall's and TJ Maxx) If you want to fly outdoors, you might want to consider something 32 inches or better. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  101. chinese piece of crap!! Review by Mousie 43

    this product is highly impossible to fly, and is extremely breakable. When i flew up to about 100 feet and the winds kicked up it just stalled out and came flying to the ground. I do not recommend buying this item. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  102. double horse 9053 Review by kevin "kevkev"

    I have some experience with smaller micro helicopters. For beginners, fly in wide open areas because you will crash. Avoid flying in windy contidions. You will crash. Needless to say, I did crash. Blades got some small dents on the edges. However, I accidentally pushed the throttle while the heli was on its side on the ground. The lower blade assembly came loose from the shaft. The screw holes on the shaft got deformed. As a result, The heli is not flyable. The lowers blades dont turn with the shaft. I ordered a replacement shaft. Until then, heli is grounded. For the money, I think this is a great heli. I cant wait to take her up again. 10 minute battery life is not so good.But then again, for the money...... (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  103. A Great 1st Helicopter for $50.00! Review by MachI69 "MachI69"

    This is my very first R/C aircraft purchase and I'm very happy with it as a learning platform. For $50.00 you get a BIG impressive looking helicopter with front and rear lights (helps flying in the evening) that is ready-to-fly right out of the box. It is pretty tough as it struck a tree limb at 50 ft and came straight down. Sure, it cracked the front cowling and bent the tail boom but it still flies. I also crashed it straight down from about 20 feet onto the concrete driveway which broke the battery retaining strap which was easily replaced with a rubber band, and it still flies. One of the nice things about this helicopter is there are plenty of spare parts and lots of You-Tube videos regarding DIY modifications and repairs to tweak the helicopter's performance. Also check-out the You-Tube videos regarding how to fly a 3-channel helicopter, as this will give you some tips so you (hopefully) don't totally destroy your helicopter learning to fly. If you are not a DIY type who likes to tinker and repair mechanical and electrical systems I would not recommend getting into this R/C hobby as it seems this is 50-75% of what this hobby is all about. If you are a beginner you are going to crash and break things. It's fun to fly the helicopter, find some performance problems, do some tweaks on the work-bench and fly it again. As far as people complaining about the poor wind flying performance, quit your whining! If you want to fly in the wind, do your homework and modify the helicopter to fly in the wind! Don't blame the helicopter because of your lack of flying and mechanical skills. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  104. good helicopter Review by mike "michael"

    overall its a pretty good helicopter as long as there is no wind, i even done all of the modifications & it still will drift off in even very little wind. in doors it is great, but beware when you take it out in the wind. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  105. Not so great. Review by Joseph J Cascia

    It flies like a syma s107 but it is too big for indoor flying and it does'nt have enough forward thrust for outdoor flying unless the air does'nt ever move where you live. I've done all the mods that are supposed to make it better, and even the slightest breeze takes it away. (Even with the Sky King Alloy King tail rotor.) Also, the upper blade holder is too thin and it breaks and throws blades off if you get any blade slap, or land too hard. ( Yes I flipped the lower blade shaft.)Im on my third one (blade holder) and have three more coming from China. It looks great, just wish it flew as good as it looks. Hoping for a breezeless day to see what it can do, but there has'nt been one this year. I have the Double Horse 9100 and it flys pretty well but has its own quirks. I also have a JXD Driftking 4 channel mini heli (infared indoor)and it is by far the best heli I have so far, followed by a Syma s107. Hope this helps. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  106. Don't waist your money on this junk. Review by Bird

    I bought one at a show and paid to much. A little part of the fly bar broke and it crashed with about an 1/2 hour of fly time. It was cheaper to buy a second one. Now that one with very little fly time broke and it needs 25 dollars worth of parts. For the 200 bucks I have in this one I could have bought a good one to start with. Don't waist you money on this junk and just spend the money on a good one. (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  107. Fun to a point!! Review by Adam

    Great for flying in large indoor space. Even a little air movement causes flying problems. Does not have enough power to fly into small winds. Great for a beginner! (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  108. Not for a newbie! Review by Robincat

    We read all the reviews and thought we would be able to fly this helicopter. My 8 year old son and 14 year old son flew this for 5 minutes before it crashed and broke. We went out on a windless day but could not gain control over it. We sent it back and purchased a smaller one. It has been windy and cold so haven't tried the new one yet. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  109. NIce Medium Size Helicopter Review by GPS Buyer

    I have a few RC helicopters, mostly 3 channel. I have the SYMA S033G, Double Horse 9098, Double Horse 9053, Protocol Tracer Jet Pro and the JXD Drift King(4ch). The 9053 is very smooth and hovers with ease. It is relatively quite (compared to the SYMA S033G). It is very durable and easy to control, a nice step up if you are looking to go from a mini 3ch helicopter. The bad: 1)Limited forward motion, will not move forward unless there is NO wind. 2)Balance bar is too big and long and it will hit the main blades while turning or pitching. (replace with the DH9077) 3) Seems to be prone to blade strike. Overall, a very solid helicopter for the price - less than $45 on Amazon. I would recommend this helicopter. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  110. Inexpensive RC Helicopter Review by Troy

    This helicopter is great for the beginner and is durable. I have crashed it several times and a little tape here and there and you are off again. Replacement parts are inexpensive. Definately buy an extra set of blades, landing skids, and hood. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  111. Doesn't work at all! Review by Medic28

    Today I received the Double Horse 9053 RC Helicopter. I charged it up and took it outside, loaded new batteries in the transmitter....and nothing. It turns out that the helicopter is defective. I know that things happen and that is not what bothers me. What bothers me is the return for exchange policy of Amazon. I contacted someone via chat and they said that this wasn't a product sent directly from Amazon, that I have to send the defective order back and that I would have to re-order another one and that it would take at least 15 days to get a refund. So I am having to pay twice for a helicopter, and who knows if the new one will work?? I have always heard great things about how Amazon bends over backwards to help it's customers, but I see that it is not true in every case. (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  112. does not work Review by sandthugg

    i got it was very exited so i charged it took it out side try to fly but it never went in the direction i wanted it too. every time i tried it either went right or left even after i tried to adjust it and still dint work. the last time i tried i came crashing down and the gears striped got a new 1 and the thing still dint work got feed with if took it to a hooby shop and the wanted to much money to fix in the end it was a waist of money (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  113. Fun Toy Review by John Perez

    Very fun and cool looking, But not very good in even mild wind conditions. It will float away like a balloon if the wind catches it. great indoors if you have the room. (Posted on 1/29/2012)

  114. Good first r/c helicopter Review by Leonardo

    It is my first r/c helicopter and it is kind of easy to learn the basics. My only complaint is the battery duration (10 mins). I've seen battery upgrades but where i live (2600m over sea level), every gram you add on this will punish its elevation capacity. By the way, it is very likely you will break parts, but it is easy to get them. (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  115. Big Helicoptor Review by orlandoiota

    This Helicopter is big, just like the those that are sold in the mall for $200 dollars! Best deal yet for a 3 channel helicopter! (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  116. good value Review by stubby

    Great starter. Need to perform mod on lower blade to save your blades. Mod easily to perform and video on internet shows how to perform it. A Carbon Fiber Training Gear Set Kit will save your blades while learning (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  117. Meral Gyro Helicopter Review by Ish

    It was hard to control the plane. When it finally flew it did not come back I found it a block away. It is a hard to play with toy. But when you see others play with it, it almost seems easy. (Posted on 1/26/2012)

  118. Fabulous Toy Review by LynnsayM

    I bought this helicopter for my husband for Christmas. It arrived on time and it was a big hit. He has used it every day that he can. I would suggest not using it on windy days as the information package suggest. Follow the instructions and enjoy. The cost for this helicopter was fantastic could not ask for a better deal exactly what I would pay for this kind of item. This item comes well packaged so no chance of it arriving broke. My husband loves his new toy. (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  119. Best part was it was easy to RETURN Review by Dale F. Murphy

    The best part was the ease of return. The chopper looks great but, thats as far as it goes. Will fly up and dow n real good. Reverse is good but, trying to fly forward is a not fun and if you have wind you can kiss it off. Battery only last about 5min product says 10 to 15min. Would have loved to be able to keep it but, this is not the case for this item. Thanks Dale (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  120. I love this thing! Review by Stephen F

    As I said, I love this thing!

    (below is my experience with mine, in the hopes that it will help someone better understand what they are getting into, so they are not disappointed as some reviews seem to indicate...)

    I purchased my 9053 as a Christmas present for myself. I purchased it because;
    - I wanted an outdoor helicopter,
    - I wanted one I and my grandson could learn with, and
    - I did not want to spend a fortune
    I read the various reviews on this helicopter before I purchased it, and came to the conclusion that most of the negative ones were either due to a "lemon" (which seems to be a common issue for many of the helicopters of all sizes and makes), or cases where the people buying them did not really understand what they were getting into.

    In the month that I have had it, I have had to replace;
    - Main blades (once due to actual damage to one blade (blade-hitting-furniture will do that...), and the second time I thought the blades were just too chewed up)
    - Balance Bar (two times so far...)
    - Canopy (cracked it during rather hard landing)
    - Stabilizers (also cracked in same hard landing)
    - Landing Gear (different hard landing than above, but likely that added to its wear)
    - Blade B Small Gear (likely related to next item)
    - Blade B Motor Mount (where bearing goes cracked; smaller gear issue and this likely related)
    - Blade B Rotor Mount (probably related to above two items)
    - Circuit board (THAT was my fault - did something stupid - but I now understand what people talk about when the Circuit board fries...)

    I also, as was suggested by several reviews, modified the rear blade (stacked two together to double the lift) to address the lack-of forward and backward power. (it seems to make a difference)

    BUT... ALL of those repairs (except the Circuit board) I EXPECTED to happen, based on what I read in the reviews (and plain common sense). In all cases (except the Circuit board and the Blade B Motor Mount), I had ALL the replacement parts on-hand (I had ordered them when I brought the helicopter), and was able to repair the helicopter quickly (the hardest/longest was the Blade B Small Gear and Blade B Motor Mount - had to practically take the helicopter half apart to do it, and it took almost an hour from start to finish, but the fact that I COULD is my point...) Even with the Circuit board, I was able to order a new one, and when it showed up (took about a week, even with expedited shipping, but it was Christmas time...) it took only a few minutes to replace it.

    More importantly, NONE of the metal parts, nor any of the other plastic parts, have broken, and the motors (all three) are still going strong. (so far...)

    If this is your first helicopter, as many other reviews have said, EXPECT TO BREAK AND REPLACE MANY OF THE OUTER PLASTIC PARTS (and some of the inner ones due to crashes and wear) ON IT! That is a given, especially if you are just learning (as I am). READ: If you drop the thing from 10+ feet up (in my cases, by cutting lift too fast...), you should expect SOMETHING to break.

    I would buy another one (and might yet, but with a different frequency, so I can fly the one I have and someone else can fly the second one). (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  121. batteries Review by tbars

    recieved this heli today and the battery wont take a charge dont know if this bad things to come, as of right now 01-25-2012 i wouldnt recommend this heli to anyone! if anyone has any feed back it would be appreciated (Posted on 1/24/2012)

  122. This thing is JUNK! Review by T. Lenander

    This model is junk - don't waste your money! It's super slow and boring.

    I highly recommend the Syma S107 and the Blade MSRX. Both are durable and very fun to fly! The 107 is super easy and the MSRX is a handful, but both are a blast inside & out and worth every penny.

    Enjoy and happy shopping! (Posted on 1/24/2012)

  123. copter Review by bill

    The product didn't last but two flights and then it would not communicate with the remote control. I am sending it back for refund. I plan to buy another if available. I have another one that works great. They are for my grandkids (Posted on 1/24/2012)

  124. Not a real helicopter. Review by khan

    If you plan on learning on this type of machine and then moving on to a real helicopter then DO NOT buy this gyro copter. The controls on these machines are totally different than a real chopper. So if you start out with this gyro then you will have a hard time relearning a real helicopter. With a gyros the throttle is your vertical control which is not the case with helicopters they has a cyclic and collective controls. Look into this some more by going on-line and reading. But if you just want to have fun and not spend a lot of money this is your toy. Specially this model. Very durable and forgiving. (Posted on 1/22/2012)

  125. great Review by beast317

    its nice great strarter heli alot of parts for upgdrades or just replacement parts not bad for 50 bucks has pretty good on power handles well (Posted on 1/21/2012)

  126. Hey, Let's get real! Review by Calvin Neugent "Cal"

    Look folks, this is really a nice adult toy! The gyro is touchy, so I wouldn't recommend it for a child under 13, but reading the other reviews its pretty clear folks expect two pull this 24+ inch helicopter out of the box and fly away. No! Look, part of the fun is mastering the rotor and main blade remote combination to create a simple hover. Then proceed to more complex flying configurations, but be aware, you must be, and you will be, fluid with rotor control before moving out of a 1 to 2 foot controlled hover.

    Yes, right out of the box, I broke the upper blade mount. You have to expect this if you are just learning. The good news is parts are all available on Amazon and, in my particular case, the expense was .02 cents! The parts are cheap to replace and, well stuff happens. I was also pleased to see the design, which is very durable, also incorporates shear points where the manufacturer has engineered the helicopter to allow a blade mount to shear, likely, before the blade shears. This is good design. The blades are more expensive, the mount is very cheap. Repairs are easy and you really need to do them yourself because you become very comfortable with the design and all you need are some needle nose plyers and a very small phillips head screwdriver.

    Here's another interesting observation, mental dexterity. For those of you that have RC experience this makes no sense, but the fact is for a new flyer, it takes training to develop the comfort level needed to create a very still hover. Once you are comfortable with this, you can fly the helicopter anyway you want.

    Word of caution. Stay below 2 feet until you get the hover completely accomplished. This will minimize the potential testing of one of those shear points. Also, start on a contrete surface. Grass causes completely random ground effect and the potential to catch a section of grass and restrict the back landing base is very real. If this happens, you will shear an upper blade! All in all, its a fun experience and great way to wake up the brain. You need to be focused to make this helicopter fly. If you are not in to that, get one of the little minis. They are very stable and really require no special effort, so are good starters and suitable for small children.

    This is a big RC. Don't try anything more than a low level hover in your house. (Posted on 1/20/2012)

  127. Best money invested in a long time! Review by Miaminator

    Ok, I received this helicopter 2 weeks ago, my first one.. and I'm glad I choose the right one. I'm so impress with this little machine that I'm taking some of my time to do a review.. I am amazed.... I have crash this little thing probably 45 times, free fall from 30Ft up in the air, hitting trees, fences, metal chairs, my dog.. everything you can imagine around my neighborhood. just straingning that balance bar and you're good to go, over and over.. and over... again and again.. this this is indestructible. yesterday I was flying hi (my copter doesn't have a case anymore, all in pieces) but it was flying probably 50 to 60 ft up in the air.. fall over my neighbors backyard, right into the pool, I took him out, dry it, blow it with air, leave it under the sun for 2 hours.. and guess what.. it's flying better than ever before.. this is a no brainer.. buy it. well worth the money. Thanks. (Posted on 1/19/2012)

  128. forward weak Review by frank

    The helicopter isn't that easy to control and I have found it doesn't want to go forward which is
    the biggest downfall to the toy. The battery life needs to be longer or a quick battery access for replacement. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  129. garbage Review by nelsonr

    This purchase was damaged in the carton.It is shamefull that it was even shipped to me in this condition. To add insult to injury it was a gift.Who ever pulled and packed the helicopter should have seen that it was damaged and should have never shipped it to me. Where is the quality? You take my money and ship me broken items. And you want me to give you a good rating? Please! I lost on this in more than one way. No replacement and no refund. I had to purchase this item from a different store.
    BUYER BEWARE!!! (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  130. did not work out of box Review by lidocaine

    I bought two of these one worked and other did not. The one that works is great fun cool. wish I could get the other replaced. The chopper tail fin was damaged and wont fly forward out of the BOX. (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  131. P***ED OFF! Review by amanda oberg

    Be careful when taking the Helicopter out of the box,the chances are pretty good you'll be sending it back!
    I was angry to find out after charging the helicopter and putting NEW BATTERIES IN THE REMOTE, the remote would not turn on I tried two brand new sets off batteries and yes I know how to install batteries!! (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  132. Great helicopter Review by Ethan

    This helicopter is great! it is easy and fun to fly around outside. it is a bit of a challenge to fly it around your house because it is so big and powerful. Although all of this it is very bad in the wind. The blades will hit causing it to fall to the ground. Another thing that is great about this are the lights on it. this makes it easy to fly at night especial because it has 2 lights, on on the belly of it and one on the tail rotor. The back one is blue and the front is white so it is easy to locate where the from is and where the back is. This helicopter is very powerful because it has 2 motors so it is easier to save yourself it you are falling. Over all this helicopter is a great helicopter if you want to go big but your a beginner. (Posted on 1/16/2012)



  134. Bad quality helicopter - waste of $50 Review by aviator9109

    I thought this would be a fun little toy; which, it was for the first two days. I was only able to fly it outside once, and it didn't fly very well; if you fly it outside make sure there is absolutely NO wind. Part of the circuit board on the helicopter broke off, making the lower main rotor blades spin at an uncontrollable speed, even when the helicopter was in the "off" position - I had to unplug the battery to get them to stop. Second problem I had was the charger MELTED! I guess the circuit board in the charger box short-circuited and melted it; I'm thankful it didn't burst into flames and catch my house on fire! Over all, I am very dissatisfied with the product. (Posted on 1/14/2012)

  135. Transmitter failure. Review by MaximumPayne

    After less than 24 hours I flew the helicopter 50 feet in the air and the transmitter (remote) shut off. And the heli came crashing back to earth and broke one of the tail supporting rods, front cover (shattered), and the antenna that goes in the radio control was REALLY wobbly. Double Horse is a Chinese company although distributed by an American company, I didn't expect much due to its origin of country. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  136. Sucking your Money with Bad Giro-Upper Blade Design. Review by Robert

    The helicopter LOOKS great when "NEW"
    The Bad "Giro-Upper Blade Close-Gap" Design makes them crash prone from the get go & without warning.
    The distance between the giro & the upper blade is too close and this makes the giro interfere with the roation of the upper blade crashing the helicopter.
    It trashes it.
    A greater gap is required to avoid interference between these two parts.
    Bad Design.
    Robert. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  137. Great heli for a Low price Review by ashaar311

    This helicopter is very nice and is huge. They say its for beginners but i think its not cause its hard to fly it. Dropped it from like 50 feet and didn't even break so you can say that this is a pretty durable heli. Only problem is that the flybar is way too heavy and hits the blades sometimes causing it to fall, but its a not a big problem. I would recommend this to others. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  138. Lots of Fun Review by A. Edwards "mamabird 04"

    Purchased for my husband and son for Christmas. First day out the wings hit each other and cracked. Watched several videos and talked to many people about modifying the copter, ordered the replacement parts, made a couple of adjustments and looking forward to flying again. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  139. For the time & $ you will spend to get this thing somewhat flyable, might as well buy a better, more expensive helicopter. Review by Katie W. Stacey "Cstacey"

    Believe the other reviews. This helicopter deserves only the 3 stars. My experience with this Helicopter: At first, this thing was far from stable. Indoors, it couldn't even hover, and would drift all over the place. I took it outside, where there was almost no wind, but the helicopter would drift off, and the tail rotor is not strong enough to to overcome any wind at all. You cannot fly this outside unless there is no wind at all, not even the slightest bit. I crashed what I thought was pretty lightly, but it broke the skids, canopy, and stripped the gear off the bottom shaft so the bottom rotor would not turn fast enough to lift off. Balance bar easily bends as well. A Fully charged battery only lasts 5 minutes, I'm not kidding.
    Here are the modification I have since made: exchanged the tail rotor for one from a "8500 8501 Sky King Rc Helicopter Alloy King Helicopter" (slight modification needed for this to fit) this rotor is 3 times the size of the factory original 9053 helicopter (slight modification for this too). I Changed the battery out for "Sky Lipo 1600mAh 7.4V 30C 77P-SL1600-2S1P-30C-2222" and bought an ESky Charger for LiPo Batteries "Charger_Esky-EK2-0851" I did the "Rotor flip" that everyone suggests to increase the distance between rotors, and replaced the balance bar with one from a DoubleHorse 9077 (Xheli PN: 67P-Part-9077-01) and added the second connect buckle, and replaced the stripped lower rotor gear. The helicopter seems much better after these modifications. Overall, I would not buy this helicopter again. It is VERY fragile, especially the bottom rotor gear, it will strip off the shaft easily if you ever hit the rotors into something, or crash. For the time and money you will spend to get this thing somewhat flyable, you might as well buy a better, more expensive helicopter... (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  140. Just Ok Review by Susanw

    This helicopter does not like to fly foward. We purchased 2 of them and neither will fly foward. Not sure I would purchase again. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  141. Most Amazing Helicopter Review by R. Fernandez

    For the price- there is nothing that even compares to this in pure fun and amazement. It's not THAT hard to fly, you just have to use a little common sense and some patience. Don't just take it outside and gun it. Take a moment to slowly work the helicopter up to speed and get your bearings. Will you have to twist some knobs to get it perfect? Yes. But isn't that part of the fun? This toy is amazing. I was really impressed at how well it was made and the materials used are good quality. You can find all kinds of mods online to do, and parts are easy to find. I got this helicopter and like most people set it up, charged it, then gunned inside my really small apartment and it banged every wall in the place. It didn't break at all and it's in perfect working order. Fot $50, I challenge you to find any gadget/toy/whatever that even comes close to how cool this thing is. I stuck my go-pro on there and it's amazing! The closest copter to this is like $400, which is far outside of my budget for a toy, so you can imagine how psyched I am with this one. I highly recommend this toy. I'm learning about mechanics, flight, aerodynamics, math, engineering, physics, you name it.
    This toy gets two thumbs up and an A+
    I am scratching my head at the other reviews, which almost made me not want to get it. I'm super glad I decided to check it out for myself. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  142. Great product Review by Happy Heli Owner

    Product as advertised. Ships fast. Very durable. Easy to fly. Best Xmas present our 10 yr old rec'd!! Looked many places for similar product-this was the cheapest for the same quality. Very happy. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  143. 9053 Volitation (Venezuela) Review by Jose Goncalves

    Muy buen helicoptero para aprender aunque hay que hacerle unas pequeñas modificaciones para que pueda volar mejor, muy durable y resistente (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  144. Very fun item with one major flaw. Review by Aperyh

    I have had this for over a week now. I also purchased a SYMA S031G helicopter around the same time at this one. I really like the larger blades and turn speed on this model. What I do not like and it is a real problem is the tail rotor (forward and reverse). Even in Quick mode this is not sufficient enough to really move this copter. Its horrible even in very light wind too mainly because of this. I am going to look around and see if there are any options on ordering a larger tail rotor and hopefully that will make this much better. I have had my share of crashes and this does hold up really well however I need to order a new cover as I have had my share of crashes as im learning to fly. As of right now I like my S031G much better than this one just for the forward and reverse speed but both are a lot of fun! As a newbie I would highly recommend buying a SYMA S107G and master how to fly it before moving onto the bigger copters. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  145. My flying experience Review by laxy

    The helicopter is not durable, after a few flights the hollow shaft started to shear in the area where the gear is located, the gear also starts to twist. Because of this i cannot get the lift sometimes needed to fly due to slippages. Also the forward and reverse is sluggish possible due to the 27.145MHz RC and the small tail blade. These need improvement for this size heli. I started to buy gears already after three attempts to get a good flight. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  146. Must do the modifications Review by bg254

    great helicopter after you do the modifications to help it fly better. They are simple to do, you can find them on you tube just do a simple search. One thing i had to do that i didn't see much on you tube is trim the gear on the B blade so the screw would grip a little more of the hollow pipe. The B blade kept slipping and it would lift off for me so i got a razor blade and took about a mm off each side and it works perfect now. BTW i'm a beginner and still learning but for the money it's a good helicopter. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  147. Good flyer, nice product Review by Robert

    I flew this for the first time this week end. I have flown the cheaper indoor helicopters before and have enjoyed them. This flew better than what I have flown; however I have not yet flown the Syma s107g, but have it on order from Amazon.
    This helicopter was stable and hovered with no trim adjustments needed. There was a slight wind, so I flew it low below the fence line and could control it forward and backwards and it turns well. Take off and landings were easily controlled.
    It does not take much of a breeze to overpower its forward direction, I have read about adding some weight on the skids towards the front and they said that helped. (Small drill bit). It is responsive enough so if you had a gym or other large area you could fly indoors. Without any wind you would most likely have no problem with forward motion. Behind and below the fence line I could fly it if a figure eight and box pattern and land it where I wanted to. It even flew well only feet off the ground (make sure to keep it high enough to keep the skids off the ground so as not to snag anything).
    It is a handsome model and very enjoyable, I hope that I can make it a little more controllable for forward flight in a slight wind condition. For the price from Amazon with free shipping you can't beat it, it was well worth what I paid for it.
    Amazon is great to deal with, if you have a problem they solve it quickly and correctly, no problem with this order everything was great. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  148. dh 9053 mod with DH9101 Review by bun

    The heli is OK if you can keep it from damage. Even a slight crash will need replacement part. This is NOT unique to this kind of toy, though.

    The forward and backward is mediocre at best. I happened to have a damaged DH9101 ($40 free shipping Amazon, there are 2 item number of the same, one is free shipping)
    The DH9101 tail blade is 25% larger than the DH9053. I swapped it, it flew foreward and backward like a jet fighter. One catch though, the blade are upside down, so the foreward button becomes backward and the backward buttone becomes foreward.

    Another problem is the balance bar keep hitting the upper blade, a known problem. Need to increase separation distance by mod. See Youtube for that. I am afraid to say, the technology of
    RC heli still in advancing, not there yet.

    Strongly NOT recommend if you cannot afford keep pumping $ for replacement parts :(


    Strong advice to buy the replacement part with it, you will need it. That made the toy cost $55 + $21 = $76. It is still flying after one week... This is a very expensive hobby :(

    bun (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  149. Great helicopter ! Review by William R. Kruspe

    This is a great helicopter. Too fast for the beginner, ME .
    It flies fast and I'm going to have to get use to it.Cracked the canopy first flight! It took a licking, and kept on ticking !
    Overall, it's a great helicopter !
    I have a small Syma and I love it, (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  150. FACINANTE Review by tomas mejia


  151. Not worth it... Review by Kyle Rhodes

    I bought this helicopter thinking "how bad can it be, for $50 I'll see...". It's bad. It's really bad. The NiCAD battery takes hours to charge, and lasts minutes. The balance bar and rotor assembly is fragile and horribly designed. The tail rotor can't come close to keeping up with moving this thing forward at any reasonable pace. If there is any amount of breeze, no matter how small it may seem, forget it. After a few attempted flights, it was finally (dead) calm enough to actually do some flying. After about 30 seconds the tail rotor quit working altogether. At this point I wiped any desire to mod this thing for better flight, and gave up. After having another bad experience with the DH 9100 (gyro dead out of the box), I'm never buying another toy DH copter. For the time being I'm sticking to my indoor copters, then investing in something REAL for the outside.

    That being said, the amount of lift that can be produced by the main rotors is impressive. The thing will take off and soar quickly. If there was a cheap way to replace the tail rotor assembly with a more powerful motor and rotor, then it might be more enjoyable to fly. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  152. Great Value and Quality for the Price Review by Absolute_HD "Absolute_HD"

    I have had this out of the box and flying the last couple days and cannot believe what a great deal this heli is. A few years ago, this would have been four times the price. I am considering getting another, since by the time you buy an extra battery and some extra parts and shipping you have basically paid as much as this whole heli is.

    I bought two other helis about five and ten years ago, both would not trim, were hard to fly, and cost four times as much. They are junk now. Not to say this will last, but crashed it once (mis-judged a tall tree and it hit the grass hard) and it is back up and flying (with only a small crack in the front cover). Any of my old helis would have been toast, broken rotors, etc., but this thing took it like a champ. It could use a bit more power to handle a breeze, it does not fly well in the wind, but most helis have a tough time with any wind.

    Five stars. You will NOT find a better deal than this. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  153. GREAT BUY!!!! Review by RustBucket30xxx

    Great buy!!!!! This helicopter is made durable. I am very pleased with the buy. I have purchased two other smaller helicopters for only $15 less and let me say, $15 goes a long way quality wise. So I extremely recommend going with this copter over any other. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  154. Great Chopper Review by Jake Floyd

    This is a great helicopter for someone just starting out, flying helicopters. I got it for my grandson's and they love it, very easy to learn to fly and very durable. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  155. AWESOME!!! Review by Hycar

    This heli exceeds my expectations!!! Did I say AWESOME??? I cut my teeth on the Syma S107G (which is an excellent heli in it's own right). I was a bit apprehensive to move up to the larger heli as I have a large non-coaxial in pieces in a box. Took the 9053 out of the box, charged the battery and first flight out was able to keep it under control an fly it around with confidence. I rated durability a 4 because it looks beefy, but since I haven't crashed, don't know how well it will hold up. One note of caution, the battery charger that comes with it seems a bit chincy. Given the hazards of not maintaining a balanced charge on a multicell LiPo, one might consider investing in a more robust charger like the Turnigy Accucell 6 so you can monitor the balance during the charging process and head off any problems. Can't wait to log a few more hours on the slow setting so I can graduate to the quick setting. This is going to be FUN!!! (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  156. Don't Waste Your Money....THIS PRODUCT IS A FAIL!!!!!!!!!! Review by Fredmeister

    I got this thing a couple of weeks ago and immediately broke the rotor blades on the first flight. then I ordered new one and this time even did the modifications suggested on various you tube videos. I flipped the B blades, switched out the balance bar and extended the tail blade. well on the next flight in landed in some bushes and one of the blades got stuck. Soon afters i saw smoke coming out of the controller equipment and that was the end of that. This has to be the worst purchase of my life. I hardly flew this thing for 5 minutes. I wish amazon had a little bit more integrity and pulled this this off the market. In fact I wish they just gave me the money back. THIS PRODUCT IS A FAIL!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 1/5/2012)

  157. Does not have any forward or backward power Review by Doorgunner1969

    I have been trainging on 4 or 5 of the mini SYMA helicopters and then I got the AH64 15" version and actually used that one indoors and got them to operate great! This thing is built well, looks great, metal construction but stinks as a flyer. it says high speed on the side of the helicopter but forget that, it barely goes forward, instructions booklet is no help. just does not have much power forward or reverse. Its suppose to be the latest and greatest but I found it to be not a very good copter. I thought it was a SYMA product but its not. It goes up and down. but shakes alot, not very smooth. Its loud but I don't mind that, I just wish it would fly nearly as good as the SYMA copters. its not for indoor use but if you go outdoors and have even a very very slight breeze it won't do what you want it to do. just barely responds to inputs, Maybe I need to configure the controls a bit, but still, even with the great price I got it for, it really kind of sucks. I would not purchase anothere, I won't send it back, but I will look for another brand and pay the price for a good helicopter. Its one thing to spend 25.00 for a mini. but The higher priced outdoor models should work better as the prices do get much higher. I thought I got a bargain and but this thing stinks! no power at all . no foreard or reverse. dont waste your time with this one you will be disappointed. i returned it for refund. (Posted on 1/5/2012)

  158. 9053 helli Review by Dean Woon "dino"

    Helli is ok but need upgrade to make it better,if flying it with a little wind be ready for it to crash . The fly bar hits the blades and it comes straight down no control.but once doing the upgrades it will be ok. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  159. Don't buy it ! Review by lacy

    Radio Control is messed up out of the box. Wouldn't turn on. when it did the power indicator never worked. When i tried to fly the heli, i had to do major adjustments which is normal. but it will not, it will not go forward ! and i herd other people had the same problem. no matter how much adjustment i made to the control, it will not go forward. goes backward just fine and flies very high. its a peace of crap ! thats why its so cheep ! (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  160. no good Review by rchiste

    Got this helicopter yesterday and opened it this afternoon charged the battery and was hoping for a good result, but no bueno, the copter either started and never turned off or didn't turn on at all. The tx/rx on the controller was either jacked or the helicopter main board was no good. Also when I could get it to "work" it didn't have any throttle control it was either on or off no slow descending ALWAYS a crash. With the lack of control I found this item to be very dangerous with the size of it. Its going back. I did however get the smaller S107 helicopters and they are great not 5 star great but at east they worked. Amazon returns policy is awesome never had a problem with them I will continue to buy from them but just not this helicopter I might just spend the money and get one from the hobby shop. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  161. Awesome! Review by VickiJ

    The R/C helicopter is an amazing device. My son plays with it almost everyday and enjoys every second of it. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  162. HORRIBLE Review by Madeleine

    So I gave this to my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, I was so excited!! But as soon as he opens it he gets the controller out and take the antenna out and it breaks off. I was so angry!! I thought my head would pop off my shoulders... Don't buy this product! (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  163. save your money Review by dean paren

    not happy.take off was ok until i let the heli start coming down the blades hit together and it crashed in mid -air,not good.broke the front "cockpit/plastic shield.Second flight went up ,up and away could not get the heli to come back.It was not windy on the ground, but up 100 ft WIND .I couldnt lower the heli because i no it would crash.I never seen the heli agian (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  164. Can't rate what doesn't work Review by Hokie4Life

    So I purchased this as a birthday gift for my fiance.
    Didn't think I had to open it and see if it worked prior to giving it to him :-(
    The helicopter charged up just fine; however the transmitter (remote) doesn't work!!!!
    So can't really say how much fun it is, or how durable it is seeing as how we couldn't play with it.
    And now we have to go through the hassel of returning it to amazon to get our money back.
    And then purchase a new one...........with the hopes that it works.........
    i dont know.........
    sucks (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  165. Good purchase value Review by Sky King

    I have been involved with R/C models on and off for years. This is the best value I
    have ever had in a model. Can not believe the price and value. Preassembled, ready
    to fly. I did purchase a larger battery for longer flying time. Amazon is my perfect
    vendor, very satisfied customer. S.K. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  166. Arrived non working.. Amazon's return policy on vendor sold/amazon fullfilled items sucks.. Review by KevBo

    I buy a good amount of stuff through amazon. This product arrived packaged well and truely looked from the package and the item inside like something you would pay $200.00 for. I was excited by that. Felt like it was yet another item I bought from amazon that was a great value.

    Gave it as a gift to my friends son who didn't get to open it til a week later. And after initially opening it and charging up the heli, he put the brand new batteries I bought as well for the remote in the remote, and the remote control won't power on at all. If I had bought this as a present for my own child on a special day then words wouldn't explain how even more upset I would be. I contacted the vendor just asking if we could get a new remote either via exchange or outright and nothing heard back.

    To top that. Amazon's return policy for this item or any item that is vendor sold and fullfilled by amazon is that you can only return it for a refund, not an exchange. So even if I wanted to try another one to see if I can get one that works(which is what I wanted to do) I have to go through the trouble of waiting for amazon to refund me and then reordering. Which is a horrible return policy for something fullfilled in an amazon warehouse. This thing however will be going back or I will be getting a new remote for it one way or another.

    Someone below recommended the Syma S031G but it is very similar to this, I'm betting it's basically the same copter just under a different name. So beware of that one as well.

    If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have bought any of the helicopters on amazon and would have either bought more of a hobbiest quality rc heli or bought a different item for a gift. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  167. no problem Review by guy

    This is a helicopter that can take alot of hits an will still fly.I have broken some parts but just change parts an go. I've hit just about everything but it still flys.Have Fun (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  168. RC Helicopters Now and Then Review by Ben

    If you've new to RC and especially if you're new to RC helicopters you might be expecting this to be something you switch on and go. While it's true that no assembly is required this is definitely not a toy to just give to a child and wish them luck. While you won't be autorotating this one down to the ground it's enough like a real helicopter (albeit well stabilized) that you don't want to just pursue it on a whim.

    That said these helicopters are excellent. With proper space, due diligence landing on smooth surfaces and avoiding windy days they are simply amazing. Light years ahead of RC models of a decade ago and wonderfully durable. That doesn't mean you can drop in from altitude or fly it into a pole at full speed and expect it to be fine.

    I simply love the one I have, though I will say transmitter range is limited. Of course it's a helicopter so it's best enjoyed closer rather than far away. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  169. Gone in 20 minutes Review by LibraNX

    This is definitely an advanced toy. Whoever operates this toy should have previous knowledge. My husband and children went out into an open field and the helicopter landed in the grass and cracked. Only the plastic parts managed to break. At least we was able to enjoy it or 20 minutes! Now trying to get it fixed is the hard part because it was made in China. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  170. DISAPPOINTED Review by marcope

    It looks great when you take it out of the is not hard to fly with no wind..I flew it about five times with no crashes but all of a sudden the bottom rotors stopped working...I also bought a syma 3 channel s107 that is a great is very easy to fly & I have had no problems at all.. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  171. Awesome chopper! Review by Cooter R.

    I love this helicopter! I have crashed it many times & it still flies perfect! The controls are easy & precise. If you break it, there are a ton of replacement parts available online ( amazon, ebay, etc. ). I highly reccomend this helicopter. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  172. Not happy Review by Disappointed

    I know i got this heli for a cheap price, but what good is it if I cant get it to charge? The charger it came with will only charge for about 5 minutes and then stops charging, I am going to contact the company tomorrow and see what can be done. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  173. cant wait...IT IS HERE... UPDATE 1-10-12 Review by dave

    i just ordered this from amazon,and i cant wait for it to get here. i have one of the small air hogs,and decided it was time to upgrade. most of other reviews said it is a little more tricky to fly,that is why i ordered it.


  174. disapointed Review by Andrew Monaghan

    This looked great on the site and i bought 2, the first one, one of the rotor blades did not work and the seconds remote would not power up. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  175. Large Helicopter great value! Review by Whitney D Sellards

    This Helicopter is awesome! It is one of the large ones! Just bought it for my husband a couple days ago and already got it with the free shipping! It is very durable he has already crashed it like 3 or 4 times, twice into hard objects. It works great flight time is kind of short but it is easily fixed with the extra rechargeable batteries they sell on here! Awesome for the price! (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  176. Tuff Little 'Copter Review by FBeattysk8

    I received this as a Christmas present, and it has been a the show stopper this year, everyone wants to see it fly. Although this is my first helicopter, and the skill level for the 9053 is a bit above beginner, with a little patiance, you can be zooming around your yard like a pro. The 9053 is BIG, and not really suited to flying indoors unless you have a gym or large warehouse to fly in. I suggest when you start out, fly only on days when there is no wind. Also if you have trouble flying forwards, simply slide the battery as far forward in the mounting clip as it will go, this will give the 9053 a slight nose heavy balance and allow for better forward flight. I would also suggest investing in a spare parts kit, including main rotor baldes and blade grips. also a little mental preperation for repair work, at some point you will most likely crash, and some maintance will be required. I have found my 9053 to be quite easy to work on, all you need is a small phillips screwdriver and a place to keep the tiny screws until you put them back in. For me on a first outing into RC Helicopters the 9053 is a great little...well it is not all that little... machine. I might suggest flying a smaller one first to get a feel for how RC Gyro copters fly before buying a larger model like the 9053. For a more advanced pilot...GO FOR IT!! (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  177. Not as advertised Review by Hilda

    The helicopter never worked, I tried contacting the vender and got no reply, my son is very disappointed and so am I! (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  178. A real love/hate relationship Review by T. Howlin "bookie monster"

    Let me start out by saying that if you want a large outdoor helicopter and don't want to spend a lot of money, the Syma S031G is a better unit that this one but not as powerful. There are also some modifications to this one you will need right out of the box in order to have any hope of flying it successfully outdoors. Most of the modifications are due to a really poor design to begin with which the factory really should correct on their own and maybe will in future models.

    The first problem with this unit is the positioning of the upper and lower rotor blades relative to each other. They are too close and you will get a blade strike if you are doing much maneuvering at all. The fix is relatively simple and there are numerous videos on youtube showing step by step how to resolve the issue. Takes about thirty minutes time and to save yourself some headaches, use a magnetized screwdriver to hold the little tiny screws or you will drop at least one and good luck finding it. You are basically lowering the lower blades by flipping the grip upside down - gains about 1/2 inch of additional clearance.

    The second issue is the balance bar on this copter - it's horrible. It is extremely easy for it to strike the upper blade, resulting in either the loss of control or worse, a shattered upper blade. In either case, there is a good chance your copter is going to fall out of the sky, causing additional damage. Since you want to fly your copter immediately, the temporary fix is to bend the balance blade up slightly on each side. Try and bend it in the same spot on each side and to the same amount or it will become an imbalance blade. In the meantime, go on the Internet and order a balance bar for a 9077 - it's shorter, not nearly as heavy and will not strike the blades and the copter will actually perform better.

    Flying this in a breeze is a challenge, just like the Syma S031G. These 3ch coaxial copters only use the rear rotor to tilt the copter so that the main rotors provide forward progress but it's not powerful enough to overcome even a 5mph breeze and the copter will take off in directions unintended. There is an easy fix and that is to add weight to the front of the copter. On this one, I attached some Velcro to the very front of the copter and then put the opposite side of the Velcro on some different size washers. This lets me vary the weight depending upon wind conditions. The weight assists the rear rotor in tilting the front down and thus providing forward motion, even in a 5mph breeze. Be aware that if there is no breeze and you use the weight, it will give some forward motion to the copter although it's very slow and not really an issue. But, the Velcro lets you remove the weight completely for those rare breeze free days. You do need to be a bit more aggressive in your takeoff with the weight attached as the copter will initially try to tilt downward a bit until the gyros stabilize it more. Get it immediately a few feet off the ground so you've got some error room. Final tip for flying out doors is to always use the "fast" setting on the transmitter - you need all the help you can get.

    Things I don't like include a really cheap front cowl that is held on by little plastic arms that won't last long. The gyro system isn't as responsive as the one in the Syma and if the copter has gone through an aggressive maneuver, it takes a second or two to re-stabilize itself. Charge time is extraordinarily long - up to 3 hours for about ten minutes of flight time. Getting a 2200mah battery as a replacement adds both flying time (up to 30 minutes!) but also some additional weight in the front. I'm still not sure about durability, have only flow it about ten times but so far everything continues to work and I haven't done any real damage on some "hard" landings.

    My personal opinion is that this is not a beginners copter. Buy a Syma s032G for that - R/C controlled, small enough to fly indoors but can take a little outdoor flying with no wind (NO wind). It will get you used to using small inputs on the controls and how to fly the copter in a controlled environment. The 107 series is also good training but I don't like infrared controls. Once you master this copter, I think you'll get tired of it fairly quickly and be ready to move into hobby grade machines like the Esky Big Lama (that will be my next purchase) with a true 4 channel setup.

    Like all R/C projects, you will crash it so don't be surprised. Buy the spare parts kit sold on Amazon and you'll be back in the air quickly with the most often damaged parts. Even if you work your way up to the $500+ 6 channel copters, you will eventually crash them also. At least with the 9053, you're only crashing a $50 machine and repairing it with $5 parts.

    If DH ever gets their act together and addresses the blade strike issues, this could be a four star 3ch copter. Until then, there will be times when you love it (flying on calm days in a wide open space) and days you hate it (listening to your blades strike after an aggressive flight if you haven't done the necessary modifications). So, order the balance bar for a 9077 today, DO NOT take your first flight until you've done the blade modification and at least added some bend to the balance bar. Order those spare parts and then go have fun. (Posted on 12/28/2011)


    We took it out of the box, charged it for about 3 hours. it died after about 15 minutes and we crashed it ONE time and the axle broke. it got bent up and we had to order a new one! really crappy helicopter and not durable at all! (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  180. A Gift Hit X 2! Review by Roo

    Ordered this for both my husband and my brother and both have already spent a few hours (or more) enjoying their gifts since Christmas.

    The wind and temp made it such that a lot of the initial flying has been in the garage or the barn. But they still LOVE it. And so durable!

    Very well made. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  181. Very Pleased with Amazon! Review by enrif2

    This appears to be a sturdy toy. Even though some may consider it too expensive, I believe it is a good value for the amount I paid. I have looked at many others in stores and on line and I think this is much better for the price I paid compared to others. My grandson hasn't actually flown the helicopter as of yet, however, I have great expectations that it will meet or exceed my criteria! (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  182. Disappointment Review by Mr. John P. Herman "cableboy"

    Purchased this for a Xmas eve gift. Knew it took 180 minutes to charge. it clearly states not to be used indoors (which other reviewers seemed to do). Problem is that once fully charged, the helicopter only went up, could not get it to move forward or anything and almost within 30 seconds, it shut off and came slamming down. The landing bar got cracked. My son decided to wait, check the charge and try again. This is all it kept doing and then he noticed other problems. Don't waste your time. Get the Sym smaller helicopter for indoor use as that was fabulous. Worked as it said. But this large heli, although impressive in size, is not worth the aggravation. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  183. A dream to fly, little brittle. Review by JD

    First off - the 9053 flys like a dream, right out of the box. This is my 3rd R/C chopper but my first 3.5 ch and it is probably the most stable. I would actually rate it better than my little Syma S107. The built in digital gyro combined with the coaxial rotors and balance bar work superbly at keeping this medium sized Helicopter stable. If you are flying it indoors, or are a beginner, I would recommend keeping it switched to the low power setting on the controller. This seems to make it far more forgiving to fly by dulling the input responses. The final power output with the forward control stick pushed all the way will eventually let it fly full speed. Again, low power seems to just dull the response time of the motor controls. You can fly this outdoors, however there can be little to no wind. These beginner helicopers rely solely on the tail rotors creating a positive or negative lifting force in order to "pitch" the aircraft into moving it forward or backward. This changes the angle of attack on the otherwise fixed main blades. Even a little bit of wind will overwhealm the tailrotors thrust and you will be at the mercy of the wind as to where the heli goes. It will however remain fairly stable and you will still be able to rotate it in any direction. The control range is good with the 9053. I was able to retain full control to over 100' and approximately 50' in height (I was afraid of winds any higher). Battery life was over 12 minutes in colder weather. Now as far as any criticisms go: The helicopter is advertised as "Steel framed" and it is. Problem lies in the fact that most of the parts are plastic and will break. I managed to break the top rotor hub and one of the the tail boom side bars off in one accident and after only a couple of flights. I was flying at night when a gust of wind caught the chopper and sent it up near a tree. I didn't see the small branches hanging down and one hit the top rotor. The heli fell uncontrolled almost 15'. Luckily, all of the replacement parts are available online and they are all inexpensive. I will say that the accident was completely my fault and I believe that a low outside temperature of 20*F had alot to do with it, making plastic especially brittle. The 9053 is easy to work on and is a very straight forward, logical design. A very good quality, new #1 Philips screw driver is a must however, to avoid stripping the screws. Overall, I would rate this a great product for beginners to advanced heli-flyers. A more experienced pilot would want a 4-6 channel anyway. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  184. Helicopter with little control and no foward motion Review by Panos Exarhos "Book worm"

    I am a somewhat experienced hobbyist, I bought this copter for my son for Christmas. I really hate to retun this copter because it's very durable, large, powerful, and looks cool. HOWEVER the thing is out of control even in a windless environment it just doesn't want to go foward and only rotates to the right which makes it hard to get out of trouble etc. Not fun! The smaller copters kick it's butt so I am very frustrated and will have to return. Bummer... (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  185. Flies Great Review by DAVID JACKO

    Sure I'm a vetern pilot But this is so simple ANYONE can fly it.
    TOO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT ITS OUTDOOR FLING PROBLEMS in the Wind, Guys Spend real money for a real Heli, This is the best value for indoor flight. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  186. dissappointed 10 year old Review by tmurdo

    we put two different brands of batteries in this thing. It would not start up. the controller would not power up at all. I read the reviews and thought I would take a chance. Never again. My 10 year old son is in tears because it wont fly. I'm an industrial mechanic, so I know how to install batteries, in case anyone was wondering. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  187. Save your money Review by Scott

    Everything people say about the rotors colliding and causing the helicopter to plummet to the earth? Yeah, it's true. Save your money and get a better helicopter, unless you just like to tinker and replace parts.

    Updating this review, since I've had the helicopter for a few months now and have done the modifications that supposedly make it better. It's still garbage. I've moved on and bought a couple of better helis that don't have the issues of this one. If you're going to have to put out money for mods and parts, might as well put that towards a better helicopter. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  188. Piece of crap Review by Piece of Junk

    I bought this thing..The first thing the remote did not work. So they send me another remote about a week later.Well the chopper would only run for 10-15 seconds then shut off. The one time I do get it to run..I was only taking it about 6 inches off the ground. I pull back the throttle to off,but the chopper just kept going up till it hit the ceiling. Did not break anything,but did scratch up the blades.I sent it back and they said they would give me a refund.They got it back over 2 weeks ago and still no refund..I have been flying these things for about 10 years,and have not crashed one in 5 years,so I do know what I am doing (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  189. Over the field and in the trees limbs we go, with no control!!! Review by Bigdaddy2lilnuggy

    First flight this helicopter had little to no issues mainly slow response to controls, second flight I couldn't get off of the ground more than two or three feet even after a full charge & my last flight I took it out on a day with 0 wind gusts and it went up and up and up and no response to the controller and flies into the top of an old oak tree maybe 40-50 feet up and got lodged into the branches. On the other hand it's now very dark outside and the LED's are still on!!! Manufacturer or seller should send out a replacement that has been tested and all controls and functions have been certified working 100% properly. By the way, I was over 150 yards away from the tree line with a full charge on the factory battery & brand new remote batteries as this is a "NEW" product (although mine had a few blemishes on the rear section of the helicopter when I took it out of the box)!!! I gave 3*'s on the education part as I learned my lesson to read reviews on here and see what I am buying and we will update later to see if the seller will correct this problem. Maybe they can get it down out of this tree for me!!! (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  190. Bad design Product Review by Thunder

    This Helli Bend the Stablizer bar on my first time out.After repair it Stripped THE Gear on the main rotor on my second attempt to fly it. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  191. oops Review by stelmo

    Product was very difficult to fly. Remote control settings very touchy. Product broke within first 5 minutes of flight. Had to purchase $20 repair kit. (Posted on 12/20/2011)

  192. Hated to send it back Review by John T Blackwell

    I was very excited to get this copter. The radio looked rather cheap made, but the copter looked impressive right out of the box. However, it had an issue with hovering without drift. I adjusted the trim controls on the transmitter and was able to achieve somewhat stable hover, but the tendency to drift backwards was still there even with the forward trim maxed out. I attempted one of the mods I found on youtube and removed the two metal strengthening struts. Removing this small amount or rear weight did allow it to hover without drift. I have always heard a receiver antenea worked best if it was fully extended. so I uncoiled the wire and extended it to the rear stabilizer. This proved unfruitful. The receiver would no longer pick up a signal from the transmitter, as indicated by the flashing red on board light inside the canopy. I restored the antenea to its factory position. I flew the copter inside a couple of times only getting a foot or so off the floor. It seemed to do pretty well, so I decided to take it outside. The wind was almost non existant. The copter did well at first, but out of nowhere, it suddenly cut power and dropped to the ground from about 8 foot. This was unexceptable. I seemed to me to be a loss of radio signal. I have heard that the 27mhz systems are typically used for controlling items other than aircraft, and this maybe why. Because it looked well built and worth the price, this control reliablility issue was cause enough to return the copter for a refund. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  193. Great Fun, Breaks Too Easy! Review by Charlie

    I've had a few smaller RC helicopters and this is the first I've had that is above 12" in length. It looks awesome and has decent packaging. I took it out on its first flight and found that it is very easy to hover and move around slowly. However, even with the switch in quick mode and the forward / backward lever in full throw, it moves very slowly. I believe this is bad design of the gyro system. As soon as you push the level forward or backward the helicopter will "dip" and begin moving faster in that direction but it very quickly levels back out and practically hovers even though the stick is still at full throw. Again, I believe this to be crappy electrical design of the gyro stabilization system. The other thing that I found to be problematic is the balance bar gets tied up with the top rotors sometimes. On one landing it got bent... it got hit by the top rotors causing a chain reaction that ended with the whole thing tipped over on its side which belt the top bar. After straightening it out the best I could it flew decent but then on another landing it happened again, helo tipped over, and a rotor hit the ground and snapped off. Two flights and now its broke. LAME! Luckily the replacement rotors are only $5 on Amazon so I've ordered them to give it another shot. In all reality though, you get what you pay for and I am very glad I got it from Amazon at $50 instead of at $200 because I'd be severely angry if I had paid more than $50 for this product. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  194. Fun for the first day, when it would actually take off Review by linuxanon

    Bought it, shipped quick, opened it up and first thing that happened was the radio controller was not working even with new batteries, connections were not touching, fixed that and took it out for its first flight. It flew okay, a bit too slick and sharp but still fun, main problem was the balance bar would hit the rotor and that would cause it to drop like a rock, never took it above about 15ft. Next day after a full 180 minute charge we took it out to 57 degree weather with about 9mph gusts of wind. Wouldn't even take off. Very disappointed with this product seeing as it was supposed to be a fun toy for my father to play with while he is at home. There is dust inside of the helicopter which I'm assuming means its been sitting in the box for awhile, possibly the battery is so old it can't hold a charge long enough to take it off the ground. If it worked, then I would recommend it. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  195. Great bang for the buck. Review by John B

    Great price compared to mall sellers.
    To big for inside the house.
    Well built. Battery time was good.
    I am hooked on heli's, there a blast.
    Some issues follow....
    When flying outside a very slight breeze will blow you into the next house.The problem is the forward momentum from the rear prop. There is no forward or reverse momentum.Either the rear prop is to small or the motor is not turning it fast enough.I will try weighting it forward and see if that helps.Also looking for a larger rear prop. (Posted on 12/15/2011)

  196. it came broken Review by Ory

    I got super excited when the helicopter arrived. I watched three hours of instructional flight videos. Finally I bring it outside and the left control stick does not move... I'm super disappointed. Sending it back for a refund, debating whether to order another one. (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  197. Fun but expensive hobby Review by Elmo Bagley

    First a warning. Don't buy this unless you're ready to spend a equal amount in replacement parts, because when you're learning to fly this thing, you will inevitably lose control at the edge of it's range, and it will plummet into a glorious crash!

    That aside, it's a great toy! I have 4 Syma 107s so this was the logical next step, right? anyway, It came in the mail yesterday, and I took it up as soon as I could get a charge on the battery. To compare it with the s107:
    -It's four times bigger, so you need at least four times the space to maneuver.
    - it's not infra-red, so you can (and should) fly it outside
    - it's a little unstable at take-off, so ensure there is plenty of room on the ground around it.
    - once it's a-loft, it is thrilling! I has a powerful lift, so it can handle up to 1/4 lb payload (like a wireless camera)
    - it has about 50' of practical range, so try to avold getting it above 20' off the ground, and beware of wind and cold weather! a small breeze carried mine across the neighborhood, and the cold made it brittle, so when it crashed, a few plastic parts shattered.

    I'm waiting for 3 replacement parts to come in, but the cost is reasonable. I'm looking forward to flying this heli again! (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  198. Hav'nt got it yet Review by john a. davis

    Now im scared, i know it's coming to me for christmas. And i'm reading all about the problems. Im new at this. I hate to start modifing this as soon as i get it. As soon as it comes, maybe i should send it back? It's to bad ya have to modifie something thats new. Is this normal? I know it's a good way to learn about the helio but. Mmmmmm. (Posted on 11/27/2011)

  199. Unstable Helicopter Review by S.K.

    In the first 1 minute of its initial flight, this heli fell out of the sky while hovering. Crash landing destroyed fuselage, landing skids and a roter blade. It is poorly designed. The balance bar is long enough to hit lower blade when blade bends upward during flight which is what happened to mine. A light breeze (~3 mph) hit heli, and instead of stabilizing the heli, the balance bar hit lower rotor blade, heli dropped from ~20 feet, and $50.00 was lost. I understand that this helicopter should not be flown in the wind, but it also should not fall out of the sky with a light breeze, and there was barely any wind on my first test flight. Drift while hovering would be expected. Falling out of the sky was not expected.

    I have flown about a dozen different RC helicopters, and this was the worst one ever. (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  200. My First RC Helicopter Review by RTF Extreme

    I must say that the Volitation 9053 Helicopter will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first RC helicopter. It's not a bad helicopter once you add a few mods to it. I glued a magnet to the bottom of the canopy to add more weight in the front, because you will need a near windless day to get this badboy to move forward. I also took some spare main rotors, cut and filed them down, and epoxy'd them to the tail rotor to increase forward flight power. This helicopter works great indoors, but outdoors will be a struggle. The notorious manufacturing defect with this product is that the main rotor blades are too close, so you will have frequent blade strikes and the helicopter will drop like a rock. I've moved on to bigger and better things since then. This is a good beginners helicopter, but only for flying indoors. Flying outdoors, you can forget it. Be prepared to spend money on repairs. (Posted on 11/15/2011)

  201. this is good for a really cheap larger heli Review by Afrothunder

    great heli. needs very minor mods to be okay. sure the next will b great. i ordered a replacement parts package andhad a few helis b4, so i added peices of larger wing chunks too the tail rotor to give it more force, made it fly like a dream. the battery life isnt great but changing it out is easy and buying a few extra isnt that much more and you can really enjoy it. it breaks easily if you dont invert the lower blade shaft and blades, im doing that next. i flew it in the wind though and all it did was break one of those knuckle things inthe rotor holder. had another one. flys good now though even in slight wind if you know somewhat what you doing. now i know to be easyer and it will last. even in hard brezs just set it down and it b okay as long as you dont straight drop it and then kill the roter speed. great chopper. (Posted on 11/11/2011)

  202. Works as advertised. Review by Sara E Hamilton

    I got this heli yesterday and charged the battery for morning test runs. I also re-strung the arial based on video reviews. There was a bit of a breeze so our first flights went a bit rough, but there was no damage after several minor crashes. After the second charging, a wind-less yard provided a much better test flight. Overall control was much better than your typical indoor AirHog and I had no issues with balance or drift. I do plan on modding the tail rotor to get better forward speed and a better Li-po battery is in the mail.

    Overall, this RC helicopter is worth the price, especially if you are willing to tweak it a bit. (Posted on 11/10/2011)

  203. Great Buy!!! Review by Emilio

    We ordered kinda last min for our sons birthday and it was everything the picture shows he is enjoying it and was sent in a timely manner very happy kid!!! (Posted on 11/7/2011)

  204. dh 9053 heli Review by zzrucrazy

    Unit is fairly durable and appears to be well constructed. Does not fly very well outside if there is even the slightest breezy.. Unit can't create enough forward thrust to maintain position with nose in heading into the wind. Controls are responsive enough can maintain a into the wind heading but heli just slips backwards...
    Actually easier to maintain a tail into the wind heading than nose in..
    Is fun as a indoor unit but too big for smaller rooms where a micro has an advantage... controls are responsive. will lift off quickly, quick spins, stable hover... overall good indoor unit.. lower rating is just because unit was advertised as a outdoor unit.
    Price possibly a bit high for unit that in my opinion really is a indoor unit. (Posted on 11/5/2011)

  205. Not worth the money... Review by Cloudsplitter "Cloudsplitter"

    Even for the price, this model is not worth the money compared with other machines in this class. The fun quotient is small due to the limited maneuverability and long charge times.

    My model takes ~2 hours to charge for maybe 8 minutes of flying. I have a small indoor heli from another vendor which is much more fun and has a higher speed with greater agility. Fore and aft trims give little ability to correct. The flybar is too long, or too close to the rotor, and hits the rotor far too easily in any wind, which has caused it to tumble out of the air from a hover more than once. It barely moves forward with full forward stick and moves backwards quicker than forwards.

    Looking at the model, you would think it is much better than it is. As another reviewer indicated, it is brawny, but it fails on helicopter flying qualities. There is a full page of spare parts with the instructions (which are practically nonexistent), but the product should come with a spare set of blades at a minimum - yes, even for the price, as these are standard on many other small helicopters.

    It's not a complete waste of money, but I'm sad to say, you can do allot better. I know I regret the purchase. On a positive note, I did purchase this through and the affiliated reseller did send it well packed and promptly, so no complaints there. (Posted on 11/1/2011)

  206. Good copter, can be great with a few minor mods... Review by apsbainc

    For the price, you actually get a pretty decent piece of hardware. That being said, there are a few modifications I would make before use. It says ready to fly on the box, and fly it will... how well is definitely open to debate. The first thing is to remove the canopy, loosen the battery, and slide it most of the way forward, then tighten the mounting bracket down again. This will move the center of gravity forward. This is necessary because without doing this, you literally cannot fly forwards. Other mods to increase maneuverability are to shorten the tail boom, slide the landing skids forward (easy), and replace the rear tail rotor with one of these: [...]
    After replacing the rear rotor you will have to move the rear stabilizers up on the boom to make room for the larger blades.
    Another mod that helps a lot is to replace the battery with a larger one, like a 15c 7.4v 3000mah. This also improves the flight characteristics by increasing weight in the nose, and over all (less likely to be batted about by the wind)
    Make sure to buy a full set of replacement parts. You will need them... the helicopter is tough, dont get be wrong (I have crashed from 40+ feet with little to no damage) but there are breakable parts like the blade holders. (they are cheap, buy a hand full)
    And here is a link to a forum which has a lot of good info about how to make this good little chopper a great one. For the price, its really a great deal.

    A lot of people seem to knock this helicopter because they don't ever want to work on it. That's part of the hobby... Improving and repairing the equipment. Its not all that complex, and the parts are CHEAP, which is a boon. There are many 'hobby grade' helicopters out there you could spend a lot more money on that probably fly better etc... but the cost of maintainability goes WAY up. Consider that for an initial investment of ~$60 its quite a hoot. (Posted on 10/26/2011)

  207. Good Value that could be a turned into a Great Value Review by R. Mikkelson

    Not sure about the ease of flying this heli for a beginner (like me), but it is hard not to appreciate the value for what is in the box. I have crashed it many times in learning how to fly it over 6 or 7 ten minute sessions, but aside from bending one end of the spinning metal balance rod slightly, the heli seems to take a beating in stride.

    Instructions for flying are spartan to say the least - one half a page with pictures showing what control on the transmitter effects what motion on the copter. When received, the battery pack power cord was not plugged into the copter (which does make sense for shipping) but there were no instructions telling the user they needed to complete the connection. This may be common knowledge to someone who has purchased other RC vehicles, but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong that could have been avoided with more instructions included.

    Too bad there is not a URL link on the instruction sheet to a web site, wiki or an online video showing beginner steps to getting it into the air. Including a longer life battery would be my only other suggestion - you get about 10 minutes of flying time after a 3 hour charge time. Spare charged battery packs might be another option, but the stock battery arrangement would have to be redesigned to accommodate changing them out with more ease. (Posted on 10/26/2011)

  208. pleased but not overjoyed Review by rick

    This helicopter is ok for a amateur. I did not like the fact that it has very little forward motion. I had to make a few modifications that helped. It is greatly affected by even light winds (but most all helicopters are). It is very durable and can survive many mild crashes. I broke the upper blade supports after only my second flight (get spare ones cause you will need them). All and all I was pleased with it but expected a little more. (Posted on 10/25/2011)

  209. Peice of JUNK!!!! Review by Lobsta

    I have never even been able to get this helicopter off the ground, I have not been able to do a thing with it. I would definetly not recommend this peice of junk to any one. Do not waste your money. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  210. Heli Review by Mr. Rebel Smith

    I thought it worked real problems the second buy around. I would say make sure they pack the toy well or otherwise it will be flopping around in the box before u get it. (Posted on 10/16/2011)

  211. Flying is not easy!!! Review by Devon M. W. Lawrence

    I received my item with a decent time. The package came in good condition. Flying this helicopter, however, proved more diffificult than patience would allow. It only got off the ground once only to receive a focred crashed landing during which the canopy broke and the battery being forced from it's support.

    I have had no luck in flying this helicopter since then. I had oredered replacement parts and hope after then, I will be able to master flying this fine piece of RC helicopter!! (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  212. Needs Improvement Review by William Schmitt "Clubber"

    The product is very well built with some very sturdy parts. Would reccommend to beginners except for one issue. Forward travel is very limited and with even the slightest wind, it will not move in a forward direction. It was great to but this for the money to see if I liked flying, I do. Now I need to buy a more expensive product to get the flight that I expected. (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  213. Great heli for under $70 if you're willing to make a couple mods Review by lordst2

    At $200 I would not recommend this heli, but a couple fundamental design flaws I believe have dropped the price dramatically and with a couple YouTube searches you can easily learn how to modify this heli to make it a great under $70 option. Out of the box the counter rotating blades slap together if you make any sudden moves which instantly turns the machine into a rock...and that's no fun. Inverting the lower blade support is a simple change and it completely overcomes this design flaw. The other design flaw is that a heli this size is too big for indoor flight, but the tail rotor is too small to compensate for even the slightest breeze which means it's more of a kit without a string than a heli. I ordered a replacement part kit for a much bigger heli (sky king) [...] and very simply replaced the rear rotor with the much larger Sky King rear rotor. I just came in from flying in gusty wind and had a blast... it now works fantastic!

    The build quality is pretty impressive and even after a couple crashes it still looks and works as good as new. As other reviewers have commented, its worth pointing out that any R/C heli is a very complex machine and takes practice. My recommendation is to consider a micro version of this helicopter first (3 channel with counter rotating blades and gyro) to practice inside. Understanding the flight dynamics and learning how to anticipate potential hazards is critical to avoid frustration when flying larger models outside.

    I have become so confident flying this heli that I just ordered a Muvi DV recorder [...] to play around with arial video. (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  214. Bad quality Review by Ubaldo Polo "drereptile"

    Almost as soon as I unpacked it the antenna on the receiver broke. Horrible flimsy quality on that piece.
    I will look for a refund. (Posted on 10/11/2011)

  215. great heli with a few mods. Review by Larry L

    Great heli had trouble with forward movement, super glued two small round magnets to front of cover, solved the problem. Also took the wire antenna out of the tube and ran it to the fin and tyed it off much better transmission distance now.
    Also took the decorative bars off and just bent the balance bar up a little and tightened the blades, no more blade strikes. Hope this helps... (Posted on 10/9/2011)

  216. Good helicopter for learning Review by Blue Man

    I truly enjoy this helicopter. It is my second one. The first was purchased at a local mall and paid retail for it. Amazon has a much better price. (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  217. Easier than I ever thought to fly, awesome! Review by Rich L

    I ordered the 9053 after seeing it at a trade show for much more than I paid at While I was waiting to get it, I went to You-Tube to find out something about this heli. Seemed like half were good and half bad. Kinda had me scared. So I got it, and other than the owners manual or lack of much of one, being very badly translated this is a helicopter I would recommend to anyone. Took it out of the box, charged it up 3-hours and since it was very windy outside had to try it out in my small living room. Could not believe the control. I was able first time to bring it up, level it out and fly it around a little. Had a couple small crashes but after watching the videos on how tough this heli is, I was not concerned. Have had it now 1-week and although have not been able to get it outside due to winds, I have had a ball with it inside at work, a much larger area. I have had some major crashes but this heli takes a beating and just keeps on going. Worst thing was bent balance bar which I just bent back and good as new. So don't worry about some of the other reviews that say if this is your first heli, forget it. This is my first Heli and I don't know how they could make it easier to fly or tougher as to crashes. It is just amazing that you can purchase this class act RC helicopter for such a low price. I paid that much for a 6-inch toy one at the mall that had zero control and lasted like 2-days. Buy it and enjoy it, I love mine. Oh, by the way My 11 year old grandson was itching to try it so just tonight he was visiting and he was able to fly it around my small living room with NO crashes at all. Guess we know who has the talent in our family. (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  218. Great Heli Review by bcox

    Great helicopter. I had to do some modifications to the copper. After mods it flies very well. Does not do to well in wind but over all its a good toy. There are plenty of parts out there for this heli, so if you break anything you can fix it with ease. (Posted on 10/6/2011)

  219. Not impressed Review by RyaninIraq2011

    I am working out here in Iraq and thought it would be fun to pass my time by getting into remote helicopters for fun in my free time. i received the helicopter pretty quick, but after a few flights and a minor crash, it ceased to work anymore. The blades have trouble spinning and after trying to figuire it out for a minute, the circuit board started smoking and that was that. Is there anyway to get another board compatible with the Violation 9053. I was very dissapointed that this toy broke so quick. (Posted on 10/1/2011)

  220. great chopper Review by T

    since reading all the other reviews for this product. I think this chopper is great. Its pretty easy to control inside and outside. This is one of my first choppers and iam very glad that i purchased it. The flight time is about 15 minutes or more but its worth it. (Posted on 10/1/2011)

  221. NON-WORKING Review by D. Forte "Fight Back w/ D.H."

    Purchased for son's birthday. We unpacked the helicopter. Son really excited. Hooked heli up to charge, lights on charger came on. Waited. Helicopter would not fly. Charged some more. Still no fly. Packed up and sent back. Disappointed. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  222. Worst built helicopter Review by J. Jensen

    I got this helicopter, and I was super excited. That was until I tried to fly it. The balance bar caught in the rotors while hovering, and it fell from about 20ft. Even trying to do a simple straight up and down, or a basic hover it wobbles uncontrollably until it falls from the sky. One of the most disappointing purchases I've made. Not worth the money, even at 70% off retail. I would avoid this helicopter and save your money for something decent that isn't going to fall from the sky every time you try to fly it. (Posted on 9/23/2011)

  223. Do not Buy Review by Kinda sad

    When I first go this Helicopter I was really pumped. I waited the two and a half hours it took to charge and i was out side before you knew it. I flew for about five minutes and BAM! it falls out of the sky. This is because the Flybar got caught in the rotors. After this I straighten the rotors and take off. What I didn't reallize was the lower main frame had snapped. This is a design flaw. When this happened the fuselage would point the nose to the ground, therefore getting caught in the rotors. What they should of done was to make the lower main frame out out of aluminium. This helicopter is okay if you are very very experienced but I really can't recommend it. I should also mention that Amazon was very good about returning the product and refunding it. I should also mention that this is not my first Helicopter. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  224. Awesome Toy for an Older Child!!! Review by T. W. Hogan

    Of course, I mean the parent (in place of Older Child) in the description. This is a really fun toy to play with at any age. It is definitely not for younger children and I would suggest adult supervision depending on where you are flying. I would not use this inside a home unless you have a significant open area (equivalent to 50'H x 100'W x 100'L

    I found a light wind is not really an issue once you learn how to fly. The product is very durable. I dropped mine from about 25 feet (I could not get it to turn - pilot error - and I did not want it to end up on my neighbors roof) so I cut power and it went straight down and did not receive a scratch. I did, however, make one minor modification to the On/Off switch which in my opinion is the only weak point on the helicopter. The wires connecting the On/Off switch are connected with solder only versus plastic connections on all other wiring. After a couple of crashes the wire came off. I soldered the wire back to the switch but instead of fixing the switch back on the frame I left it unattached to remain flexible and absorb some of the impacts that I am unable to avoid:-) Modifications are made at your own risk.

    The only item that would have made this better is more in-depth flying instruction. The user manual is lacking which leads to a high learning curve that could be reduced with a better manual for the transmitter.

    For the price this is a great toy. (Posted on 9/21/2011)

  225. Don't buy this Heli!!! Review by kitrina

    This Heli is crap, it only lasted 2 flights before the rotor head disintegrated and burnt out one of the motors! Worst Heli ever owned! I don't recommend this Heli to anyone! (Posted on 9/15/2011)

  226. NST has made good on a previous bad review Review by zorro1

    I had complained on a previous review that NST was not treating me fairly. They have now made good on my complaint and give them a good review. E.Ross (Posted on 9/13/2011)

  227. Great Toy While It Works Review by Stingray

    Awesome helicopter and a lot of fun. Quality control can improve. Frequency board went bad after 1/2 of use. Buy lots of parts as you will need them while you learn how to fly. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  228. violation helicopter Review by clawhammer

    works as described,nice aqction super fast and big,a sure winner for the pro,not for beginers as they say,but all in all its a great piece to my collection (Posted on 9/9/2011)

  229. Gone with the wind Review by Pelagic

    After charging it, it wouldn't turn on. Turns out that the battery is not connected as shipped. I had to remove the cockpit faring to get at the 2-conductor power cable and connect it to the chassis socket. The 3-conductor cable is for charging. Only one screw (at the bottom) is needed to remove the faring.

    I've flown lots of small coaxials in the house. But this guy is a very big fellow, much too big for indoors. So I waited until late in the afternoon for the wind to die down. Well, no wind at street level but not so at 50 feet. There are lots of big trees in my dense residential area and the 9053 was blown a block away into them. After knocking on doors and looking in a number of backyards -- no luck. Take away: it has very poor forward velocity and a 3-5 MPH wind is way too much. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  230. Could not use it Review by Shea

    I got this in the mail, charged the battery, was super stoked to fly it, and the controller did not work. Bought new batteries, still did not work. Wanted to exchange it, but could only return and buy another. OVER IT (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  231. I fly pro ! Review by CaddiMan

    I fly 6ch pro helicopters and thought I would get this for my 13 yr old son to start out with . I flew it and the first thing it did was crash because the top gyro will hit the blades beneath when you go up or down a little fast . I saw on youtube later people bought a shorter gyro from another helicopter to make it work . I took it to work and flew it in are factory and it hit a metal pole because it has no response and cracked apart ! Also when I got it the gears were warped and it wobbled like crazy. I will be sending this back ! (Posted on 8/22/2011)

  232. dont buy this Review by my reviews

    It broke the second day. The battery was not working at all
    I charged for 3 freaking hours as it said but it would only fly for 5-9 min not 10 min [pause] just 5-9. When flying, the propellers would smack and get damaged and the balance bar would become uneven and would shake and tip over and crash. so I would not recommend this product to a friend or anyone. The quality of the helicopter is not great for the price. Bottom line it ........... SUCKS!!!!! (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  233. not for beginners Review by george

    well what can i say i bought my 9053 and my first time it was bad i mean bad first it was little windy the helicopter did not wanted to go foward just did not follow my command so i wreck it
    i was very upset so i srarted modified my 9053 i upgrade the tail and flip the main blades upside down i add a liitle weight in front beacase the tail was bigger .
    now my helicopter listen to me and i love it it just looks so good out there so before you take it outside modified or stick inside flying beacase the little wind will make you crush ....
    (ps) i had to spend about $45 dollars in parts (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  234. Excellent recreational rc helicopter. Review by Rmhlight

    This is an excellent helicopter for the price. It's fun to take to a park and fly around in your free time. It can tale a crash very well and keep working. You just have to straighten the stabalizer after it crashes. I haven't needed to purchase parts yet but they are very affordable. Battery life is pretty good. And spare batteries are available, although it takes a bit of work to get to it to change it out. (Posted on 8/14/2011)

  235. Disapointed Review by Chunko

    I removed this helocopter from the box and It was the coolest thing I had seen. Took off and landed in short hops to get a feel of the controls and one of the straps holding the balance bar broke. No hard landing or crash. Disapointed. (Posted on 8/7/2011)

  236. please dont buy this toy from the mall Review by abc

    this toy looks cool but it flys like crap.Even the slightest bit of wind knocks it down and bends the balance are better off buying a small heli because its more stable then this cheap thing. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  237. Poor design Review by John J. Oconnor "ATPRN"

    Crashes with ANY wind. Charger stopped working after 3 charges. Center of gravity always makes the heli go backwards. (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  238. Awesome once you do the basic mods!!! Review by bungeeguy

    I have a couple rc helis and this one is an absolute blast, it's big, fun to fly and easy!! BUT it must be modded before the first flight. If you do a quick search on Utube you will find how to invert the lower blade grip set(mandatory) this will keep the blades from striking each other. Another must is to make the tail rotor larger to provide the needed forward speed(also on utube)without this the heli will just fly away in the lightest breeze! I also added a gens ace 2200mah battery, this allows me to fly alot longer but was not required. Avoid the mod that most are recommending about the balance bar, if you try the lighter balance bar the heli wobbles, the stock balance bar works much better. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  239. Volitation 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter Review by Mike

    Newest DH 9053 26 Inches Volitation 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter

    I have a little experience flying RC helicopters and this one is easy to fly. (Posted on 7/17/2011)

  240. Waste of money Review by mountainman90562

    This helicopter is a waste of money. It is really hard to control. When you make it go forward it it looses a lot of power to keep it in the air. It does hover at all, the joystick that controls vertical movement snaps into place. When you set it to hover at one speed it either starts to fall or keeps going up. It doesn't have enough power to even go forward or backward, A breeze doesn't help. When you do get a handle for the controls a breeze will come along or you will press forward and then let go and the blades crash together. Then it will fall to the ground.

    The first time I took it for a test drive with no wind and it crashed and broke.

    I HIGHLY recommend buying two Syma S107 Indoor helicopters for the same price. Syma S107 was my first helicopter and it is easy to fly and can withstand a lot of punishment. (Posted on 7/15/2011)

  241. Outdoor...sort of. Review by Darien

    It's big, so it should be flown outdoors, but doesn't have the power even with the slightest breeze. The bar gets involved with the upper blades when a breeze comes by and bye bye, it crashes. Worst crash was when I got it 30' up, broke the blade holder. Keep it about 10' off ground in a warehouse was fun. (Posted on 7/7/2011)

  242. Small learning curve, but Awesome rc helicopter Review by John Gonzalez "Bulletstorm"

    Just got this DH 9053 and its awesome. I crashed it about 6 times on the grass, pole, and side of the garage and haven't broken any parts yet. It definitely takes time to get used to the controller, but with a little patience, practice and adjustments on your controller, you start flying this thing in no time. For the price, is an awesome time killer. (Posted on 6/27/2011)

  243. Great Beginner Item Review by Robert Craft

    I have never seen/used a R/C helicopter before. This was the first one I have purchased. I would have to say that this is a little hard to get used to. Once you do get used to it. It is extremely fun to fly. It is durable as well. I had this thing drop from about 25 feet onto a grill and concrete surface and nothing happened to it. If you are a beginner this is a great helicopter to start with (PS the blades hurt) (Posted on 6/26/2011)

  244. Awsome little RC chopper Review by Steve

    I had a lot of fun with it for my first day. My dog loves to chase it and bark at it, gives me a lot of time to just laugh. Like everyone has said, better battery and better tail prop would help this thing achieve a lot more for the money. All in all, fun little learning project. More for diy people, because this needs to be modded to be effective. (Posted on 6/23/2011)

  245. double horse 9053 Review by EF

    received this item and did not open for a couple days, (my bad), after opening charged it, and tried to fly but it would not stabilize, it just kept spinning, and the blades would hit each other when starting up.
    i tried to go on the amazon site to return item, and it was not a friendly site for info, i thought i had 30 days to return with amazon, i again assuming , i bought it from amazon, i would return it to amazon, it was my first time ordering from amazon, when i finally got thru, they referred me to the seller for exchange or return,the sellers return policy is 14 days, but you need to get a r.a. from them within 7 days.
    (it was now almost 25 days). so i am eating this one. i have purchaced smaller ones and they are lots of fun. (Posted on 6/19/2011)

  246. Great starter copter Review by RoyzDad

    I was hesitant to buy this RC copter but, I'm glad I did. I'm still trying to learn how to fly it - it's a blast. It is definitely for outside use and does not do well in the wind.

    I've crashed it several times and already ordered/replaced blades. It's a lot of fun and a great bargain. Stay away from the same helicopter at the mall for over $100. (Posted on 6/15/2011)

  247. Wow... Not for beginners thankfully I am not Review by nhsledfreak

    OK first I'd like to start by informing folks I am not new to thee sport of RC Heli's. So with that being said, I want to let you all know I have many hours into this hobby from Nitro to 3D. I bought this to basically have fun and not care if I crash it or not LOL. Out of the box this is not an easy toy to fly. I definitely would say no to a beginners choice. It is tail heavy has serious rotor strike issues which do cause it to crash and it is large enough to hurt some one or household pets.

    I modified it right off. This is my preference and do not recommend you do this as it voids your warranty. And also can make the toy extremely hard to control if you are not at least a Novice pilot. After my mods it is very agile and fast. It maneuvers with lightening speed as well. However as stated I so not recommend modifications of any type nor are they endorsed by and manufacturer or Amazon itself. If you want to mid yours there are numerous videos on You Tube to watch and I will be adding one of my own soon. as well as flights with the Volition.

    At the price I paid for this gem it is worth every penny if you do not mind some mod work and be sure to get extra main blades and a few tail blades. I also will tell you one mod requires a pair of connect buckles and a balance shaft from an 9077. this eliminates most of the blade strike and is shorter and lighter.

    my user ID on You tube is nhsledfreak: look for the video soon within the next few weeks I hope too have one up to show you this heli can be made to fly stable and fast or slow and have lots of fun doing so. (Posted on 6/9/2011)

  248. NEVER BUY THIS ITEM. Review by andras nagy


  249. I love it! Review by marianodt

    The DH 9053 is very stable and fun, the controls are great and easy to learn (master them is another thing!)
    I crashed it many times and it's still working. I'm very happy with this product. (Posted on 5/26/2011)

  250. Badly engineered, self destructs Review by Shai

    This toy will not fly in any wind.
    It self destructed in mid air when its top blades tangled with its lower blades and the whole thing came crashing down.. One of the blades shattered and its now a really neat decoration in my son's room.

    I would not buy this again, got about 3 minues of joy out of this Helicopter. (Posted on 5/24/2011)

  251. Very unstable - lots of blade strikes outdoors... Review by Bruce Moore "Hyflyin"

    If you read around and watch some YouTube videos you will see that this heli is VERY prone to blade strikes, since the blades are too close together. There are some guys making modifications (ie. reverse the mounting of the lower blade to increase the distance, modifying the tail blade, etc.) In my opinion you shouldn't have to do that, and I do hope their engineers are reading the feedback. This particular model is sold at many "mall carts" and I feel sorry for the people that buy it. I feel this heli is too large to fly inside the average home, and too unstable outside - even with the slight whisper of a breeze.

    My recommendation is the SYMA 031 for outdoors. A MUCH more stable helicopter and rarely a blade strike. Remember this - 3 Channel COAXIALS are not the best choice for outdoors, but everybody seems to manage, cause they're SOO much easier to fly. (Posted on 5/23/2011)

  252. Do not buy Review by david lundby "amazon addict"

    I bought this and took it outside immediately after charging it. There was a slight breeze (maybe 2MPH) so I figured it would be good to go. I had some problem getting to go into the wind so I landed it immediately and brought it back inside. The next day I took it outside when there was litterally no wind while flying a slight gust (maybe 5 MPH) took it across the street and it fell from about 20ft, breaking the nose piece and the rotor stays. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ROOM TO FLY INDOORS. I am sure this Heli is great for gymnasiums but NOT FOR OUTSIDE. (Posted on 5/12/2011)

  253. it sucks Review by :(

    it sucks first flight had a little wind and it crashed breaking the head cover and the upper blade grip. (Posted on 5/10/2011)

  254. DH 9053 Review, a fair take... Review by Ryan Spence "juggalotus"

    The DH 9053 is a fun RTF heli right out of the box. I would definitely recommend inexperienced flyers practice on something smaller before taking this plunge, maybe the S107 or S032. With a relatively low learning curve, the DH 9053 does provide some fun outdoor entertainment at a relatively cheap price, and while it does have strengths, there are downfalls as well.
    As many other reviewers have stated durability is a bit of an issue with the 9053, it certainly won't be surviving any missions to Libya in the near future, however, that is why I recommend garnering some experience on a smaller heli before taking on this monster. I have crash landed a handful of times in the few days I have had it and had no major damage outside of a minor bend in the balance bar which is easily remedied. Try to stay away from high altitude parking lot flying whenever possible as it has a tendency to cut-out entirely when the battery life is spent. On an overall scale for duarbility I'd say the DH 9053 would get a 6 compared to other helis currently on the market.
    The performance of the 9053 is mid-level at best in terms of strength and maneuverability. Any small presence of wind will render controlled flying impossible, and you will end up chasing it until it lands. I prefer to take it out either early morning or later at night when the wind is nearly settled for best performance. Battery life is roughly 12-15 minutes of fly-time, followed by approx 120-180 minute charge cycle. The last performance issue is balance bar interference which others have commented on. During flight it is not uncommon for the balance bar to strike the blades and knock this bird from the air, especially if flying has become erratic.
    The DH 9053, while not light on shortcomings, does provide ample entertainment if you are willing to be patient with it. It is by no means the best heli out there, nor is it intended to be. For beginners I would say it is the best plunge to take to make the jump into the outdoor heli world, especially before you spend $1,000 on a nice one and wreck it on the maiden flight. I will conclude on this note, the DH 9053 is an acceptable heli for the price and a great way to expand a beginners involvement in the hobby. Happy flying. (Posted on 5/6/2011)

  255. Francisco L. Saprissa Review by Francisco L.Saprissa "Paco"

    I just received this model N. 9053 large helicopter, I was impressed to see one, I hope not cost me fly, I think it is designed for outdoor use in the houses because no appropriate spaces, could probably go something like breaking glass ornaments or harm someone who was close seeing is different than the smaller models such syma s-107 is designed for indoor use which incidentally is excellent, even without the battery lasts only 5 minutes.
    I hope this 9053 model with a battery of more alcanse of time, achieved enjoy my new helicopter to be used outdoors with little wind. (Posted on 5/5/2011)

  256. Not really a beginner heli Review by Jose Barron

    Ok... first... dont flight it after unpacked, you have to do some research about mods for this heli, mainly about the lowers blades if you want to flight it even with a light breeze... so watch out!.
    After that, you may have to do some minor changes, and you would have a nice big heavy steady heli great for the keycar spycam. I already crashed at neighbor houses, but its ok, but be prepared for buying extra blades. Great for the price... (Posted on 4/29/2011)

  257. not for outside Review by hemi

    I got this helicopter as a gift for my birthday and every time I took it outside it would not go forward even when their is hardly no wind at all. It would be fun to fly inside if you have enough room but for outside it does not have enough power to fly agianst the wind. It also cuts out alot and breaks easy so its turning into a money pit. I guess you have to get a gas powered one if you want to fly one outside. (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  258. Tough to fly in any small breeze Review by Gus

    This helo flies well in if there is completely and absolutely no wind. My first time flying it, there was a maybe a 2 to 3 knot breeze. I had to keep the nose into the breeze just to keep it stable.
    The copter is somewhat durable. I crashed it a couple of times but have been able to fix most things. Here are some of my recomendations.
    1. I don't recommend this be your first copter. Buy first a cheaper indoor copter with same similar remote controls. I recommend the Syma S107 for under $25 dollars. This would allow you to become very effecient on maneuvering a copter.
    2. Buy an extra set of blades. This should be only about $6 more. This is the one item that I could not fix on when I had my many crashes.
    3. Fly this outdoor when there is absolutely no breeze. The max speed my copter would fly is only 3 knots. Thus I could not even move forward against a small breeze. (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  259. I like my 9053 Review by Bobby L. Tefft

    I have had my 9053 for about 3 months now. I still have the original blades on it. I "flipped" over the lower blade holder (see youtube) to get more separation between my upper and lower rotors and have never had a blade strike. In order to improve its forward flight ability, I did a tail mod in which I glued onto the tail rotor paddles I made from other rotor blades that I busted of my other helis. I also used double sided tape to stick a weight weight under the front of the canopy. Now, when I give it forward pitch, it really tips over and flies into the wind.

    The battery doesn't last a real long time, but by the time it starts to die, I'm ready to quit anyway. I also have a Lama 400, Lama 400D, Blade CX2, Falcon 40, Blade SR and Honey Bee 2. Of all my helis, I always look forward the relaxing flying of my 9053.

    But mind you, even with my mods, if I get it up too high, a good wind will still try to take it away. When that happens, I fly at an angle to the wind and land it as soon as I can.

    And the main thing you can do to save yourself some grief is to fly over grass and be real sure to kill the throttle the moment before you hit something. If you have power on and you collide with the ground or the wall or the dog, or, well, you know, you are muich more likely to break a blade, strip a gear, bend the inner shaft, etc.

    Bobby T. (Posted on 4/16/2011)

  260. Not very well made and does not do well outside Review by Gadget Guy

    I am an experienced Heli pilot and I wanted something that would do well outside. Given the size of this very large helicopter, it is impractical to fly inside a normal sized house. As others have commented, it there is any breeze outside, this helicopter will struggle to stay under control. Unlike some of the other reviews, I did not find it very durable. While flying it outside, a gust of wind caused it to crash on soccer field. The canopy tore, and the outer shaft actually bent. Some of the plastic parts holding the canopy together also broke. I would loved to have tried it in a gym, I bet it would have faired better there. So in summary, too big to fly indoors in my house. Too hard to control outside if there is the slightest breeze. Not as durable as most of the Mini Helicopters and one crash bent the outer shaft and tore the canopy. (Posted on 4/1/2011)

  261. Disposable toy Review by L. Greenleaf

    It is a great toy for about 5 minutes. By that time it has likely either run out of power or more likely has broken something or lost it. Keep in mind it will not last very long - I spent $23 bucks on mine from Amazon in 3/11 for my son knowing it would be a short-lived joy ride. If you can run with that go for it. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  262. Good Helicopter, but has a learning curve Review by Gun Geek

    Ok I did not buy this on Amazon, I got it at a local expo show and paid a little more but it is the same heli. This is a very nice helicopter and despite other reviews seems to be very durable. To give an example I have crashed numerous times, including into the ground, into a tree, a telephone pole, a steel automotive lift (the things that lift cars in mechanic shops), while I have a few dents and dings in the rotors they are still solid and it still flies. The balance bar bent as well but I just bent it back and all is well. I would call that pretty good considering some of the more high dollar helis like my friend has the rotor will shatter upon contact with a solid surface.

    There is a learning curve to flying this. Just because it is a gyro copter, dont think that you can just take it out and fly with out crashing. I had a hard time getting off the ground for the first day, ground effect came in and made it go left every time. After some practice and messing with the trim tabs on day 2 I got really good at it. It is affected by wind but ALL helicopters are. This is to include real helicopters. Not something I generally bring up but in this case it might help, I use to be on a flight line with the AH-64A and AH-64D on a regular basis, I also worked on the guidance systems and weapons. Wind has a dramatic affect on a large heli so small winds can and will knock an RC to the ground. To start learning either do it on a day with no wind or find a gym/auditorium to start.

    Battery time is not bad, I get about 15 minutes per charge, it takes about 2.5 hrs to recharge the battery. I just ordered 5 more batteries here on amazon so that I can get about an hour or more of play time before having to wait on a charge. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and actually am going to get one for my buddy who paid over 400 on his Pro heli that is too hard to get off the ground. I figure use these a learning tool then get to the bigger more advanced 4 - 6 channel helis.

    Again just a suggestion, but get good with it at about 1.5 - 2 ft off the ground first. Its harder to fly closer to the ground because of ground effects so if you can get good close to the ground you should have no problems higher in the air. (Posted on 3/12/2011)

  263. double horse9053 Review by clay

    I recently purchased a double horse 9053. I don't like one thing about it! To be honest i don't know if i like it or not. When i got it i charged it and now i was ready to fly or so i thought the bottom main gear has a screw in it that wouldn't stay tight on the inner shaft. I got a new one about a week later and getting that from amazon was about like pulling teeth. So i get the new part put it on. Charge the heli, ready to fly or so i thought i lifted it off the ground about 4ft set it down tried to take off again wouldn't work the circuit board burned out that was two week ago amazon will not back their product at all if you want to buy this heli get it somewheres else. I still havent got a new circuit board.. The parts paper that they send with it with the part numbers on it are not the wright numbers so throw that in the trash. A good place to get parts and the heli ( (Posted on 3/6/2011)

  264. Double Horse 9053 Review by Nathaniel Terrell

    Double Horse 9053 has many problems starting with the top and bottom blades, Don't take this out on a lite winded day or you will be bring back whats left after it hits the ground given that this big 450 size outdoor helicopter needs a non windy day to fly it.The blade are not stiff enough to hold it in the air without hitting each other. I have ordered parts twice Blades and blade grip set. can't keep wasting money. When Purchased the new blade grip set for the DH 9053 it was just as thin as the one that broke, Need to use a lite weight metal or carbon for parts.The tail end of heli is heavy, Tail blades could be better don't produce enough lift even when you put it in fast mode. This big metal bird gets off the ground pretty well but the 2-motors that powers the blades are easily over worked making them too hot to touch and can also burn out the circuit board. Battery needs improving. There are a lot of customer Mods you can see on Youtube, If you already have the DH9053 learn from it and move up a class or two. Double Horse just came out with the DH 9100 a Single blade set up and a very nice tail Assembly that controls direction and a servo for forward fight. looks to be more bang for my bucks. Will let you guys Know. (Posted on 3/3/2011)

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