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LP Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable

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ION Profile series

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The most elegant way to rediscover your records. The PROFILE series of LP-conversion systems is designed with contemporary, low-profile looks and is finished in sleek, piano black. Each model is designed to capture the music from your vinyl records and turn it into portable, flexible, digital MP3s that you can enjoy at home and on the go. PROFILE LP is an LP-conversion system based on a multi-speed USB turntable with a dust cover. The turntable has simple USB output that enables you to capture music from records onto your computer. ION’s EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software assists you in creation of flexible MP3 files you can listen to on your computer, load onto your iPod, or record to CD. When not converting records, you can also enjoy your classic vinyl records using PROFILE LP as a standard record player.

The PROFILE series of LP-conversion systems is designed with contemporary, low-profile looks and is finished in sleek, piano black. Each model is designed to capture the music from your vinyl records and turn it into portable, flexible, digital MP3s that you can enjoy at home and on the go.

A turntable designed for use with your computer. Click to enlarge.

Easily convert your vinyl to MP3s.

Sleek, contemporary design.

The PROFILE LP Turntable
The PROFILE LP is an LP-conversion system based on a multi-speed USB turntable. When not converting records, you can simply enjoy your classic vinyl records using PROFILE LP as a standard record player.

The belt-driven PROFILE LP features 33 1/3 and 45 RPM settings, a high-quality tonearm and cartridge, a raise/lower lever for the tonearm, and a standard RCA output (in addition to the USB port) for use with normal stereo setups.

The turntable has simple USB output that enables you to capture music from records onto your computer. No drivers are necessary, simply plug it in to your Mac or PC and the audio will be sent via the USB port.

Conversion Software Included
The PROFILE LP includes a software CD with EZ Vinyl Converter for PC (with auto track detection) and EZ Audio Converter for Mac. They are the simplest way to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes. Before you know it, you'll be listening to songs you haven't heard in years in iTunes or on your iPod. A free download version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote MusicID is included for automatic track naming.

Audacity Software for Advanced Processing
Audacity (PC and Mac) is intended for the advanced user. This application allows for advanced audio editing and processing, such as normalization, noise removal, 78 RPM speed conversion, and automatic track separation.

What's in the Box
PROFILE LP Turntable, USB Cable, Slipmat, Software CD, 45 RPM Adapter, Quickstart Guide, Safety Instructions & Warranty Information

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  1. The ION Profile Turntable does NOT even deserve one star! Review by Jack Werstein

    There is only one standard that this or any turntable should be required to meet: the RPM one.
    It fails miserably! The 33 & 1/3 revolved at perhaps 31 or 32 at best! The 45 RPM was useless.
    This is garbage being passed off as state of the art! HAH!
    Do NOT buy this product! <a href="">ION Profile LP Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable</a> (Posted on 8/20/2012)

  2. OK Hardware. Annoying Software. Here's a Solution Review by Susan "susan_in_az"

    If you look at the other three-star reviews, you'll get a pretty good idea of the problem. The hardware is a good basic turntable. The software is a pain. It clips off parts of songs. It divides songs into tracks poorly. There is no provision for noise removal.

    Here's my solution: I run the captured audio into Audacity. If you look under preferences in Audacity, you can see an "input from USB codec" setting. Choose it. Capture the audio, and clean up the noise. Mark the beginning of tracks with CTRL B. Then save the audio as multiple mp3s into the file you choose. Bring the tracks into Media Monkey and add the track and album information there. It's a little bit more work than the software that comes with the turntable, but the final product is much better. (Posted on 8/10/2012)

  3. Junk! Review by recumbamom

    Would not transfer from vinyl to MP3 even though followed directions. Support from ION is non-existent as we called multiple times and were put on forever hold. Never was able to reach someone. Really disappointing! (Posted on 7/8/2012)

  4. a decent buy Review by Chris

    Have this turntable for a couple months. It works pretty well. I give it 4-star because of its inexpensive price tag. Also, it sounds as good as my previous more expensive turntable. However, I do wish the RCA cable is detachable and I can replace it with a higher quality one. (Posted on 6/23/2012)

  5. Works great! Review by Terri

    This turntable works great! Was having a problem getting it to work with my stereo amp, but I found out through customer service that you DO NOT connect it to the 'PHONO' input, but to any other input. Other than no manual or specifications on it, it works great. The product explanation on Amazon said that it did '78's', but it does not. But what I have transfered so far to mp3s is great. Would like the Mac software to be more developed and equal to PC. (Posted on 6/23/2012)

  6. Worked great for a while, then... Review by Buckwheat Pellets

    this worked fine for me for a couple of weeks (once i sorted out the pre-amp issue and plugged the unit into the DVD input on my receiver). but then it went very much downhill: sound got distorted, like the needle wasn't staying in the groove. tried it in every input in my receiver. cleaned everything, dusted everything. the works. totally unusable. any idea why it would suddenly degrade like this? (Posted on 6/10/2012)

  7. Trouble putting onto iPod Review by Jacki McCormick

    I purchased this and it is working great putting the lp into iTunes. However when syncing with my classic iPod, the songs do not transfer. They play well in iTunes.....any suggestions?
    Otherwise I love hearing my lp in iTunes but want to take them to go without taking my MacPro everywhere ! (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  8. DO NOT BUY THIS! Review by thatguy

    I purchased this piece of crap and got it today(I bought it out of impulse to play some vinyls I had) and it sucks! Don't waste your money on it!! Even if it was only $10 you'd still be wasting your time and money on it! (Posted on 4/28/2012)

  9. Can you create an MP3 with no software? Review by ddmsf1 "ddmsf1"

    After processing one album, I did not use the software I had installed for two weeks, whilst I was busy ordering more vinyl to create MP3s.

    Fatal error.

    For some reason in my two weeks of non-use, the software crashed. Evidently I must have expressed the profound stupidity of having the gall to process something other than the Ion turntable and iTunes software through my PC in the past two weeks.(2009 Compaq, with Windows XP) How dare I use my PC for anything else?

    iTunes has not forgiven me.

    I have just given up after spending the last six hours trying to re-establish a connection with spontaneously "lost' and unresponsive iTunes software that comes with this turntable, including two hours to complete a simple "REMOVE PROGRAMS" task that obviously has not worked.

    I have now given up, stuck, hopelessly on an error message:


    ...not to mention with fragments of iTunes apparantly now lurking about my PC.

    Of course, as, evidently, this error is common knowledge to everyone on the planet [except me?] iTunes does has not squandered their time including a suggestion of what to do if "Quicktime" will not load. What do I do now. Seek out a hacker?

    The several times I kept trying to re-install and re-install and re-install the software I just got to the point of clicking "FINISH" and the installation died right in front of me. [It's not exactly a glowing review for iTune's "Quicktime" when it is appearing more difficult to acquire than a virus...]

    As for now?

    With no Suggestions...

    No software...

    No MP3s...

    And a number of vinyl records ordered.

    Ion, the manufacturer of what appears to be superior hardware, should be ashamed of themselves for linking it to such unstable, defective, bargain basement software, if one would risk insulting responsibly and professionally designed programs by calling this wheezing iTunes "Pong" era fraud, "software." It was insulting enough to have my disk chewed up with meaningless options, and commercial promotions, not to mention a media player I did not need and did not want, and "Quicktime" to boot.

    But to have the iTunes software's INTENDED FUNCTION now gridlocked to a point of requiring the negotiation of e-mails or 1-800 numbers, or "The geek Squad" to get it working is an unforgiveable slap in the face. Why Ion would risk bad reviews by marketing what appears to be a perfectly sound piece of hardware, with defective, useless software makes no sense to me.

    [NOTE TO APPLE: If you want to declare war on Bill Gates, and punish PC owners wth the burden of Apple software, would you please not use my PC, OR my nerves, as your battle ground?]

    As the saying goes, the only reason I am giving this disaster one star is because I don't have the option of giving it NO STARS.

    [Are there any other Ion-iTunes victims here that can recommend REAL MP3 conversion software? Or does this mean another donation to The Good Will?]

    As for any future association I might entertain with any future Ion product, that, as they say, is the end of that. (Posted on 3/25/2012)

  10. Very nice, affordable, turntable Review by Roger

    I purchased this turntable because I wanted a second one for my bedroom. I already own a <a href="">Sony PS-LX250H Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable</a> that is in my living room. I decided to go with another brand for a little bit of variety. This model is very decent for the casual listener. I got it for $25 as an open box on here, which is amazing. Set up was one of the easiest, 15 minutes with no help from the manual. But the fact that my goal is not to use this unit to transfer vinyls to mp3 sped up the process. So I didn't need to download anything from my computer and didn't use the CD that came with the turntable. I just wanted to use this unit to listen to my records when I'm in my bedroom, with no plans of converting them (converting vinyls to mp3 doesn't make sense for me as I'm already subscribed to a music service. I would almost always find a vinyl album digitally). This seems to be a good unit although it does not have an automatic start like the Sony unit. You do have to manually push the arm towards the record for it to play. There is however a "stop" button to stop playback. I'm sure audiophiles would want something of a higher end with better sounds.
    Update (June 2012): Well, I kind of take some things I've said back. The turntable is now somewhat defective. For $25, that explains it! Occasionally, the arm will not sit on a record and play. Instead, it returns to its resting position after you try to play music. It doesn't happen every single time, but it has happened a few times already. Ion has been willing to service the unit but since I purchased it at a relatively cheap price on here, it is not worth paying the shipping price. I don't want others to get the wrong impression about the product. It honestly seems to be a very decent product. Maybe the specific unit I purchased on here was faulty from the beginning. I have maintained my current rating to four stars. But I'm now in the market for a replacement. I will probably stick with Sony and get the <a href="">Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable (Black)</a>. (Posted on 3/19/2012)

  11. This is a wonderful product that does what it does WELL,but software is weak Review by Doug Danzeisen "frankfan42"

    This is not a high end turntable, so it should not be expected to have features such as tracking control, stylus pressure, fine tuning of speed, etc. However, it does a great job of intuitively converting vinyl into the digital realm.
    Ion uses a magnetic, instead of cheaper, more common ceramic cartridge, which is the component that holds what we used to call the "Needle." Ceramic cartridges are very common, used in all Crosley turntables I believe, and are cheap and sound that way. Magnetic cartridges give a more natural, musical sound to your record. You do not have to be an audiophile to tell the difference, simple tinny laptop speakers reveal the tale. See the link below..
    You must also download itunes to use the EZ vinyl tape converter. After recording you will be given an opportunity to list the artist, title and each track. The software senses the lack of sound between tracks and if there are four songs there will be four tracks listed for you to type in the names of each- intuitive and simple. Then the software converts your recording down to Itunes at 192kbps. They actually sound very good, better than I expected. One caveat, if your source vinyl has a lot of scratches, clicks and pops the sensing for tracks may not work properly and you may end up with fewer tracks listed, although all the music will be recorded. It just does not sense the breaks between tracks. This is a relatively unusual occurence however. There is no manual method to input track breaks or change settings for encoding.
    There is also included a more advanced type of software called Audacity, which allows you to do many things to your tracks, including how you wish to store, transcode and edit the audio itself. Very nice software.
    The turntable itself has a manual cue with a mechanical pickup and a hydraulicly damped lowering so as not to scratch your records. You really don't scratch your records when you pick the stylus up unless you slide it across the surface. A nice feature is that you can leave the recording unattended once you set it up and the tonearm will sense the end of the recording and return the tone arm to the rest automatically. Also the software sneses the end of the recording and will stop recording. There are 33rpm adn 45rpm settings on the table and a 45 adapter is included in a recessed cavity of the turntable body. Not a high end turntable, but respectable in what it does. There is also a "Stop" on the front which can be depressed to lift the tone arm and return it to the rest and shut the turntable off.
    easy to use and great value
    Moving magnet cartridge, fairly light tracking force
    Very Good Sound quality
    Has built in pre amp great for connecting to non phono inputs

    Software has little fine tuning, outputs only in MP3 format in Itunes
    Straight tonearm, S arms track better

    Conclusion, this is a wonderful turntable and software package for the price and really does a nice job giving you a lot of bang for the buck. I am sensitive to sounds and audio in general, and like the turntable and software a lot. I have used this product to convert approx a dozen LPs into I tunes and just revised my review to lower it fo four stars. Software is weak and while the MP3 files sound great I would love to save as a cd, which this software does not allow, a major caveat for me. If you are interested in tweaking, cleaning up your files I urge you to look at an alternative software, such as "Spin it Again" from acoustica software. To listen to differences in turntables before purchasing can be quite valuable, head over to "Knowzy" dot com and search Sample_Audio_Clips_From_USB_Record_Player_Turntables
    Happy listening! (Posted on 3/11/2012)

  12. A good buy Review by Jeffrey Rowan

    Initially I had a problem during set-up; on Windows 7 computers, the sound card defaults to "CD Mono" instead of stereo for the initial wav file. Eventually, I realized that I had to go into the control panel of my laptop to make the change manually. After that, the Ion Profile has performed extremely well, producing digital files that are as good and clean as I was expecting. I should point out that I have made no use of the the supplied software: instead I use a conversion software called Polderbits which can be purchased online, as well as software called "Spin it Again." I have also never used the Audacity software, but it certainly has a good reputation and is likely superior to the supplied software. Overall, I highly recommend this unit, especially for the price. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  13. MP3 Turntable Review by Robert Noel "bobby_03"

    Putting my LP collection on CD. It's easy and affordable. I love it. It will take me a verry long time to do it, I have over 100 LPS. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  14. Oh wow miracles do happen Review by duke of earl

    For years I wanted to transfer LPs and cassettes to cd,I started with usb turntable audacity and lame with no luck. It never worked ! "file not found" unable to create play list.
    The software that comes with turntable is amazing, so easy for me to transfer any record or tape to cd. There is hardly any wow or flutter it plays records so flat. My only complaint is the tone arm is not weighted like my analog turntables, but over all I am thrilled with this purchase (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  15. No internal speaker Review by Mark Murphy

    It's a good record player, but you need to hook it into a receiver to work. I thought I would be able to just plug it into speakers. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  16. Forced To Use iTunes? Review by Michael Bradley

    The actual turntable works fine, I have no problems. The software that comes with it is pretty generic, but the thing that irks me most is that I am forced to use iTunes! Pretty stupid. Perhaps they can get some software upgrades to help their hardware. (Posted on 1/27/2012)

  17. Easier than I thought it would be Review by luvocean

    The sound quality is excellent from my records that are 30-40 years old! And once you get used to it, it's relatively easy. I had never used itunes and that was very intuitive. The instructions on how to do the conversion leave something to be desired. For example, on the computer screen it says to push the start/stop button when ready to record. However, nothing happened so I spent 30 minutes waiting for customer service to be told that on this model you need to have to manually put the needle arm down.

    If you care about how the tracks break, you need to use the manual option since on the first LP I converted, there was a bunch of small tracks where the singer must have taken a breathe and on the second, several tracks got combined into one. If you use the automatic option, you might want to label only the first track before they get uploaded until you see what you have. It's very easy to label them after they are uploaded.

    You can convert one side of an album, upload it and then come back and do the other side or convert one side and immediately flip it over and do the other. When I did this it gave me a 25 second blank track that was easily deleted. Do not hit the Back button unless you want to start over!
    Since I'm doing my 3rd LP as I type this, I don't know how long it will last, but I really like it now. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  18. Exceptional Quality and Price Review by T. Kraemer

    For years I've watched the ION USB turntable but could not afford it at $250. Finally the Profile Pro <a href="">ION Profile LP Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable</a> fit my budget at just $49.95. I figured it was so well priced that if I couldn't get it to work I wouldn't be out too much. Well, was I pessimistic for nothing! This USB turntable provides exceptional quality.


    Hardware connection is a snap. Attach the USB cable from the back of the turntable to an open USB port.

    The EZ software that comes with it I didn't use. Instead I use the free program Audiacity, which I downloaded from the Audacity web site. Audacity includes a users manual. If you plan to record to MP3 you also have to download a small MP3 converter called LAME. Learning Audacity took me a few hours. Use it to adjust the incoming volume (the ION puts out a whopping big sound). Use it to view the spectrum of the recorded sound. The ION computer cannot play the music while recordingto avoid feedback. You have to unplug the turntable to hear how the edits sound, then plug it in for the next record.

    Recording LPs with ION and Audacity

    Record. The turntable starts automatically when the tone arm is over the edge of the LP. It stops when the tone arm rises and moves back to stowage position. Flip the record and Audacity automatically fits the second side to the first.

    Editing with Audacity

    The best editing tools in Audacity: Click removal has been perfect with default settings; Remove Noise is an essential second step especially when recording from very old vinyl; Normalize will set the output volume to the ideal level. There are about 25 editing options.

    For LP recording there are two VERY handy capabilities: set track label at selection lets you put the name of the track at the start of each selection on the LP. Do this after all editing is done, especially deleting sections of dead space. Use it with Explort Multiple and Audacity will record each track as an MP3 file with a track number added and album information entered through the metadata dialog box.

    If you have 78s, order the optional 78 stylus since 78s have different groove depth and width. Amazing! The ION folks made each stylus in a different colored housing for easy identification. I've even brought my parents and in-laws 78s from the 1930's back to life and they sound excellent!

    ION Profile Pro and Audacity software -- a great combination to bring your records back to life! I love it. Converting old records -- 33, 45 and 78 -- is my new hobby. Now I'm listening to music I haven't heard in 50 years. I can't recommend this combination enough, but the key is the ION Profile Pro. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  19. converts right into itunes! Review by KatJoe "m"

    I received this as a gift and am very impressed with it! My turntable is 30+ years old and I got tired of replacing the belts. The software is very easy to use and uploads right into Itunes. The sound quality is much better than expected as others have stated. I kind of like the vinyl sound on some of my old well worn records when listening on my ipod.
    My only complaints are 1) the USB cable is very short so I had to move my stereo system around to get the turntable near the receiver. 2) You have to 'watch' as you click on the next key to save the songs in itunes; I had to replay an album twice since I somehow deleted the songs.
    Otherwise this is a great price (can get even cheaper when on sale) for a great product. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  20. Just got mine in Review by BV1

    After going through about 300 of my parents old vinyls, I decided it was time for myself to get a Record Player. Ordered this, picked up Mumford and Sons, Ratatat, and Iron and Wine Vinyls and eagerly waited the 2 days to ship. All I can say is 'wow' so far. Sound quality is amazing, for both the new and old vinyls. The entire build is solid bar a weak feeling control arm, although I believe they did that to keep it light weight, and I don't really plan doing anything hazardous with it, so it should be fine.

    5/5 (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  21. Great Record Player, Great Price! Review by cageyourelephant

    This Item Works great! This item is a great buy and a very easy way to transfer records to MP3's. It has an AUX RCA out and a usb out, i beleive the only downside to this is that the rca cord is short, and would recomend buying an extensive rca cord... Overall I would recomend this to anyone looking for a decent record player!

    Update 8 months later: I use this alot and it's still in great, working condition! One defect is that if you, instead of picking the needle up yourself or letting it automatically stop, press the "Stop" button, for about 5 times afterwards (altough this doesn't happen EVERY time) as soon as you pick the needle up it automaticaly rejects and jerks back to its resting place. Still worth the money though! (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  22. Not the One I Wanted, But... Review by Skip

    My parents got this turntable for me as a Christmas gift. I, being the music nut I am, had really wanted the <a href="">ION USB Turntable w/ Direct-to-CD - ION-LP2CD</a> but was just as excited to get this one for converting my vinyl collection to digital. Here's what I've found thus far.

    1. The included EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software is Windows and Mac compatible (also see dislike #1).
    2. The software is lightweight and quick to install on both Mac and Windows.
    3. The turntable is very easy to use, even for someone who hasn't used one in many years.
    4. It can be connected to speakers with the attached RCA connectors thanks to the built-in preamp.
    5. The unit isn't heavy, bulky or cumbersome in any way.

    1. Although the included software is Mac compatible, the Mac version cannot automatically determine new tracks while the vinyl is recording - the Windows version can.
    2. The software is not of any use to me except for converting vinyl to MP3 - everything else must be done with an audio editor (see Audio Editing below).
    3. I'm not a fan of MP3's as the end all be all. I would rather have multiple file conversion options, to include WAV and AIFF.

    The Dime Trick:
    One problem I had almost immediately was that my records were skipping and producing a lot of static and pops. This was resolved just as easily by placing a dime on the control arm. Static and pops are part of what makes vinyl so great, but before adding the dime, the static and pops were a little too overbearing. The dime brought them back to a nice vinyl quality (thanks for the tip dad!). The skipping was also greatly reduced by adding the dime. In fact, one Dizzy Gillespie album went from skipping in every song to just one skip at the end of the first song... a little magical audio editing and that was completely taken care of.

    I have ordered the <a href="">Audio Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit - Includes Record Care Solution, Brush Pad, Storage Base and Adhesive Tape</a> so I can correctly clean my records and maybe with a little luck, I can remove the dime from the control arm without sacrificing quality.

    Audio Editing:
    As I mentioned before, static and pops are part of what make vinyl so great. But, when you're digitizing your records, it's also good to remove some of the static and minimize the pops. Some people like to remove all of it; I just like to remove some of it.

    There are numerous software titles available for audio editing. Some are free, like Audacity. Some are not free, like Adobe Audition. Whichever software you choose for editing, you'll only need to learn the absolute basics of how to use it for most of your converted records. Of course, if you're trying to hide skips you'll need more knowledge, but getting rid of dead space before or after a track, and removing pops and static are very, very easy things to do.

    I only wish the Ion software were more capable, so additional software didn't have to be used for such basic track editing. On the other hand, I understand why Ion has tried to keep their software as easy as the name implies - not everyone is a music nut and having too many track options would probably confuse some of their customers.

    Overall, I'm quite impressed. I gave it 4 stars because of the limitations with the software. The turntable itself deserves 5 stars. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  23. A dream come true! Review by Audiophile

    The ion profile pro usb turntable is exactly what a turntable needs to be. Now that computers can easily hold 2gb files, an uncompressed 24 bit 192khz audio stream is achievable without overloading the computer. This turntable is not for listening to records! The idea is that you download and install audacity, and use it to record the record as it plays through usb. When it's done you use the noise removal function to do just that, along with normalize to bring the volume up acceptably. You then effectively have a digital copy of the vinyl, which you could even put on your ipod if you wanted to. So the end result is that you get a better quality playback out of the digital copy because you've removed the noise and turntable rumble.
    Because I've tested this to actually work, I quite like the product. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  24. You get what you pay for Review by BorisBulldog

    I bought this hoping to digitize my 200+ vinyl collection. At $65.00 I thought it was good value only to find out I was wrong.

    It worked good thru the first 20 albums and then I let a week go by and when I started my project again there was awful static coming from every LP I would try to record from.

    I followed the instructions that were in the manual for bad sound quality- make sure cartridge is secure, clean LP etc and still no luck.

    Big fail from ION! (Posted on 12/18/2011)

  25. Love Love Love It! Review by CRYSTAL L SHURTZ

    This product was better than described. I have used it to convert all of my old records into MP3's. The player and the software it comes with are very user friendly and have great instructions. I would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 12/4/2011)

  26. Djing ? Review by Dylan

    Im curios, can you dj with this turntable since it has rca out ? Im looking for a cheap turntable. (Posted on 11/20/2011)

  27. Perfect for beginning a collection Review by C. Gonzalez

    This turntable by Ion is definately worth buying if you are currently building a vinyl collection, or just want something simple to play your LP's. It does not have pitch control or a weight control on the tone arm. It does however have the simplest setup in the entire world. Take it out of the box, plug in the RCA cables into your current sound system (it also can apparently be played through the computer speakers but I have not tried out the usb portion of the unit) and put a vinyl on. It has auto start/stop and simply works great. I had a very good Pioneer PL-4 unit before this but finding a cartridge none the less connecting the wires for it turned out to be a bigger pain than it was worth.

    I bought this for about a hundred bucks at Staples, amazon had it for about 65 with free shipping. The sound on it was great, and the unit felt actually pretty sturdy (although the tone arm as expected is plastic and feels cheep). I waited a few weeks searching at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for a turntable before buying this unit, and if you're anything like me, you've run into the same situations, missing needles, missing cartridges, messed up motors, etc. I have about 200 vinyls at this point and while I love them, I don't have the technical know how or the patience to research fixing a player or finding a replacement cartridge (although needs aren't that hard to find). I simply wanted something that would work, and if anything happened to it, have a company that was still around and could easily send a replacement part.

    I can't comment on the USB portion as I have not tested it out, but as you can tell from the description, you can save your vinyls to mp3 easily. People underestimate this because in all honesty, alot of music simply isn't available on youtube or in mp3 form. This isn't just obscure artists, I mean big album tracks from people such as Ray Charles and Otis Redding.

    In the end, I rate this a 7.5/10

    Very simply, user friendly setup
    Usb connection to rip vinyls to mp3s
    Comes with 45 adapter to play (duh) 45's
    Built fairly sturdy

    No pitch control
    No weighted tone arm
    Tone arm in general has a cheap, light, plastic feeling
    Super short RCA cables (get an extension) (Posted on 11/6/2011)

  28. Ion Audio Turntable Review by elnegroraul

    By mine mistake, I had not verified the electric frequency of the motor, in this case 60 Hz.
    For this reason I had must to pay for conversion to 50 Hz,that is the frequency used in Chile..
    Now all is running OK, without troubles.. (Posted on 10/1/2011)

  29. Kantik Review by Kantik Syed

    I am amazed to find how simple it is to digitally transfer old vinyl records to computer. I am an experienced audiophile and handled expensive Studer Revox, Teac, Sony and Akai tape decks and Technics and Pioneer turntables. Ion Profile Pro DJ USB turntable is by far the cheapest I have ever used. But wow! In terms of utility and service for the purpose the product is built, I rate it as excellent. I have already transferred some 33 and 45 vinyl records to my Mac Book Pro. Handling the turntable is child's play. You simply take it out from the box and connect the attached USB cable to your computer. Prior to that you have to install the EZ Converter in the computer. I downloaded the software from the internet. Once the USB cable is connected to the computer you are to click the EZ Converter icon and the screen in the computer leads you to finish your recording. The turntable has red and white RCA cable which can be connected to the amplifier for listening through the speakers. Otherwise you can listen directly from the computer speaker or through headphone. The great thing is, unlike most good quality audio turntables, Ion turntable does not require balancing the tone arm or setting the tracking force. You just plug and play and any novice can handle it with ease and record. All in all, Ion USB turntable met more than my expectations. The recorded music sounds excellent and I hardly notice any difference from my more expensive Technics turntable. I gave the turntable five stars considering it's simplicity and recording quality, not to speak of the very low price I paid for. The only thing is, I have not yet figured out how to copy a 78 rpm record. I will appreciate tips from others who have done so. (Posted on 8/25/2011)

  30. Tone Arm Skips Review by Brian M. Warman

    I returned it and purchased the Ion Audio REC2PC RCA-USB Cable adapter instead and attached that to my existing turntable. (Posted on 8/21/2011)

  31. Everything I Expected Review by M. E. D.

    I had been using a retro 70's turntable, so I wasn't sure how well this newer and less expensive model would compare. I am happy with it. It looks good and functions well. It plays both 33's and 45's so this is all I need to listen to music in the best format. (Posted on 8/5/2011)

  32. Good buy! Review by GFP at CP Media

    I purchased this item for 2 reasons, 1st because of the USB direct connection, 2nd Price. I use a Mac and it was simple to setup and use. This was a first time purchase from Amazon for me. Everything worked perfectly even though I had not done every step perfectly - Customer service helped me and it all worked just as they said. I'm happy. (Posted on 7/10/2011)

  33. Decent Player Review by MFowl777

    First off, I haven't used the USB conversion yet so this will be based on just the table performance as far as playing records.
    I was rather impressed for $60.00-ish (amazon needs to explain why prices rise and drop constantly). I'm sure there are better tables, but this is the best for the price. The hook up is simple and easy, and operation is fairly simple (just need to know how all the parts work). Although I do recommend that buyers should upgrade to a diamond tip needle rather than the sapphire tip this one comes equip with. I think a previous comment actually points this out (replacements are like $20.00). I've had this player skip on a few occasions, but that because some of my records are EXTREMELY dirty, so I suggest either buying some cleaner, or washing them by hand and wiping them down with a lint-free clothe to make sure the grooves are extremely clean. This player does not hook up to a phono input. The guide really should explain that before they go blow out their receiver. Otherwise, decent buy as far as playing records. I really would like to see how this performs as a converter. (Posted on 7/9/2011)

  34. Great Turntable for the Money Review by Todd R. Brown

    Just so you know, I'm no audiophile, and I've little experience with vinyl; I just wanted a nice-looking turntable to play the records I have with minimal fuss. This turntable absolutely lives up to that. It's a gorgeous unit, and operation couldn't be simpler. I haven't used any of the software (or hooked it up to a PC at all, for that matter), so I can't speak to that. But if you're looking for a simple, minimal turntable, this absolutely fills the bill.

    I love that there's no "start/stop" button -- you just pick up the tone arm, and the turntable starts. (Posted on 6/9/2011)


    The turntable is good for the money but the software is lacking. I could not get the audio input low enough and this made for some real bad distortion. Also it make you put in Itunes. That I did not like. I ended up buying Vinylsoft and it is very easy to use and had scratch and pop filtration and cleanup. You do have to install LAME. But that is free.
    I have a very good computer so that is not the problem
    gigabyte mobo
    phenom ii xl 1090t
    12gig ram
    windows 7 64 bit
    crosfired video cards hd5870
    I do not use the onboard audio
    I state the above as I know some people report problems, but how can you judge if you have no idea of what they are using the product on. (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  36. Great product for a cheap price Review by Alex

    When it got here, I had it set up and playing within 15 minutes. Works perfectly, and while some people may complain that the needle isn't at the greatest quality (giving a not-so crisp quality), I love it. For the price I paid for this, it's worth every penny. (Posted on 6/3/2011)

  37. Very Satisfied...does what it says & easily Review by Elizabeth

    I recently lost one of the most influential women in my life, my Granmama. She had an extensive album collection that I wanted to covert to digital. This turntable has been exactly what I needed to do so. You just download the program from the provided dvd, plug it in and begin. Simple as that. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 is because on the Mac you have to manually split between songs. This makes it rather time consuming because you can't leave it for long. That said I'm so glad I will be able to capture these treasured albums as they are such a part of my memories with my Granmama. (Posted on 5/28/2011)

  38. Worked great, until.... Review by Jason Bailey

    I ordered this turntable to replace an old one because the price was right and the software sounded user-friendly. True in both cases, and the audio quality is genuinely good. I was very pleased with the purchase, until, about two months after purchase, it started malfunctioning. I would go to play a record, and as I was moving the arm to the record (there is no "start" button, only a "stop" one-- a definite issue that I wish I'd been aware of), I would feel something catch and it would push the arm back to the cradle. Time after time, it would keep pushing the arm back to the cradle, over and over, no matter if I lifted it high or low. It got, needless to say, very irritating. When I contacted the manufacturer, I was told that it was a mechanical issue and that I would have to return it to them for repair--on my dime, and which would take two to four weeks. Instead, I contacted good ol' Amazon, who of course sent a free replacement right away.

    That one worked for about two weeks, until I started noticing a decreasing quality in the sound of my records-- odd volume modulations, distortion, etc. At first I thought it was my speakers or receiver, but when I switched to radio or CD, they sounded great. Nope, it was my wonderful Ion turntable again.

    I'm returning it for the second time, this time for just a refund, which I'm applying towards the purchase of a Sony. What a POS. You get what you pay for, guys. (Posted on 4/28/2011)

  39. Love it! Review by uncle_leo

    Works great and is a bargain for the price. I'm using this with a Mac and the software is super easy and imports your music right into iTunes. I also connected it to my home stereo through the standard RCA jacks. I remember in the past it was always a headache digging out an ancient receiver with a phono input so you could play a turntable through it but this one connects through any standard audio input that you will find on any receiver or audio system. It's true what they say that nothing sounds better than vinyl. Neil Young sounds great on this. (Posted on 4/1/2011)

  40. Works Awesome! Review by kristin

    I'm really pleased with this turntable. It plays my records beautifully and only took seconds to hook into my home theater system. My only complaint is the short RCA connector which wasn't an issue for me because my turntable sits on top of my surround sound box, but I could definitely see it being a pain if that weren't the case.

    All in all I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and am glad I chose this product! (Posted on 3/2/2011)

  41. Great tool for the job Review by Darren Hughes

    I've been ripping records to mp3/wav for years using a standard record player wired straight to a sound card or with an iMic adapter. When that player finally died, I found the Ion brand. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for something I probably won't be using for too many more times, but didn't want a pice of crap either. Did my homework and price checks and brought this one home.

    Within 30 minutes of unpacking I was ripping my first record, with great results. I use the Goldwave program to capture and edit the music, so no experience with the included software or Audacity. I'm used to Goldwave's tools so I'll keep using it.

    I did detect a small whine when I hooked it up to computer speakers through the turntable's (very short) RCA cables while it was hooked up to the laptop via USB, but haven't dug into it as I use it only to rip tracks.

    It has a cue lever, although it is hidden way in the corner (my last player used a cue button on the front), and the record starts spinning when you move the lever over the record. Easy to use, no skipping, looks good on the desk. (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  42. Easy to use!! Better sound than previous USB turntables. Review by BobbiHun "Bobbih"

    Even though I don't have mine hooked up to a PC, I get a lot of enjoyment ripping my vinyl collection with the iKey Rackmounted Digital Recorder. The sound is clearer and the albums play better than it was when I used the Brookstone USB turntable (the one that recorded straight to a USB flash or SD card). With the ikey RM3, I can record my albums to WAVs if I want to. I've done about 50 albums so far. (BTW, the ikey doesn't do so well with the PNY flash drives I have been using: it usually cuts out by the time I get to the 2nd side. So I use only SD flash memory cards. ) The RCA connectors on the Sony turntable I bought stopped working after a month or so. Therefore I had to buy another turntable and the Ion Audio just happened to be on sale down at Office Depot for $59.99 last Black Friday. I like the springs on the feet of the turntable; it helps to keep it steady. Don't sell this turntable short because of the brand name or the price. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  43. USB device HOW TO RECORD in STEREO Info Review by Plankwing

    Since posting my original "FYI" review (see below), "Steely" responded with info which proved my review to be wrong. I have tested this "how to" with my ION USB with Vista "fixed" as per his info and the result is stereo, so yes, you can record stereo from USB devices. I would not have easily found this info if I had not posted my incorrect review. Sometimes being wrong helps find the right info; here is Steely's "how to" as submitted by him (and I've updated from two stars to five).
    Steely says:
    Maybe this will help. I more or less lifted these instructions from an Audacity page on USB recording:

    Windows Vista and 7
    Stereo recording

    External devices such as USB turntables usually default to mono recording on Windows Vista and 7. This means that if you are recording a stereo LP, only one channel of the LP will be transferred, and this will be duplicated in both channels of the track. To record in stereo:

    1) Right-click over the speaker icon in the System Tray > Recording Devices. Alternatively, click Windows Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound, then the "Recording" tab (in "Classic View", there's a direct link to "Sound" in the Control Panel).
    2) Right-click over USB Audio Codec and hit Properties
    3) On the "Advanced" tab, in the "Default Format" section, change the dropdown menu to "2 channel 16 bit 44100 Hz"
    4) If the input is too loud or distorts, also click the "Levels" tab in "Sound" for the USB Audio Codec and move the slider to the left. (Plankwing says, I had to set the volume level at 25 to prevent clipping).

    So here is the skinny on this turntable. It works great as a plug-and-play with USB ... for monophonic output. It does not output stereo using the USB connector.

    I have a Stanton turntable, currently to computer via Numark DJ Mixer. I wanted a more simple hookup because my desktop computer sound system works only randomly and no solution has been found. I got this to record with my laptop and bypass the unreliable desktop sound. This is literally "plug and play" and works without any futzing. As for recording, I don't use the software included with this device; I have and use SoundForge and this device works perfectly with it. The problem is, the USB hookup does not transfer in stereo, converts both L/R to identical "mono" tracks. Note that it also has stereo RCA out but the caveat is that turntable output is not generally compatible with computer line-in. If connected directly to line-in, one risks blowing out the sound card. I.e., a DJ Mixer or similar device should be used to make the turntable output compatible with computer line-in.

    In fact, ION does admit that USB is mono only, but their language does not make that fact obvious. Here are two quotes from the Amazon page for this turntable:

    "The belt-driven PROFILE LP features ... a standard RCA output (in addition to the USB port) for use with normal stereo setups." Note the "STANDARD RCA ... FOR ... NORMAL STEREO SETUPS"! What is not stated is that the USB hookup is mono and not a "normal stereo setup"!

    "Audacity (PC and Mac) is intended for the advanced user. This application allows for advanced audio editing and processing, such as normalization, noise removal, 78 RPM speed conversion, and automatic track separation." Note the "AND AUTOMATIC TRACK SEPARATION"! What is not stated is that ANY program that will record in stereo will separate the R/L tracks as "normal stereo" IF the RCA connectors are used. In fact, if any program that will record in stereo is used with the USB port, the result will be identical R/L tracks so that someone who is not familiar with what wave files look like could mistakenly believe they have a stereo recording. Caveat emptor.

    I am now using it with USB solely for 78s (at 45rpm then time/frequency shifted to 78 with SoundForge), 45s, and non-stereo LPs for which it works great. So why have I not just hooked it up via RCA > DJ Mixer > laptop? Ummmm ... bummer ... my Stanton went fritzy, only outputs L; haven't found the fix yet.

    Back to reality. If you want to get stereo out of this turntable, I suggest you acquire an inexpensive device such as a DJ Mixer and connect to your line-in port. NOTE that ION's RCA to USB adapter that converts turntable out to USB in (which I also have) does NOT have RCA out so it is mono only. For that reason, it does not substitute for a DJ Mixer.

    I found the problem with my Stanton; a quick-connect to the cartridge carrier had come loose. So, two turntables, one for stereo, one for mono. Twice the fun, right?! (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  44. Easy to use, but requires I-tunes Review by Andrew

    Overall, very easy to use. My mother was able to figure it out, and is now transferring all her old records to i-tunes. I told her when I was helping her set-up that she would need to get an i-pod to listen to them. She surprised me by saying she had an i-pod touch stored away for over a year! I would reccomend this product, but be ready to need an i-pod. (Posted on 1/16/2011)

  45. Working Around ITunes Review by Dobro Dan

    First I love this turntable but wanted to store my music on my hard drive converted to MP3. I installed the software for the turntable then installed Itunes.Couldn't make things work as I wanted so I uninstalled Itunes. I have an old edition of roxio cd creator,[it's 10 years old. 5th edition.]. I click on the desktop icon for the turntable, then click next. Then I open my Roxio, and a few clicks later I am recoding my music to the file I created, in MP3. If you don't want to spend the bucks for the latest Roxio you could probably get an older version like mine somewhere. Truthfully I'm happy as a lark with this turntable and my own setup. Hope this may help some people out there. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  46. Decent turntable is hindered by terrible software Review by Andrew Lowd

    I am not an audiophile, but I do want to make clean recordings of the LPs I have, and label them with proper track info for use as MP3s. I was not able to do either of those easily, and the software is to blame.

    The turntable was adequate for my purposes, with a plastic platter, a sapphire needle, and no anti-skating or auto-start. When hooked up to my audio system through the phono input, it played my LPs cleanly.

    I had no trouble attaching it to my computer, but some difficulty in configuring the settings on my computer to properly capture audio; the documentation is minimal. Once I got it working, I had two options: let the software automatically decide where tracks start and stop, or define them manually.

    The automatic feature relies on finding periods of quiet, and labelling those as track separations. This works okay for studio albums of pop, folk, and rock music, but has difficulty with live performances, classical, and spoken word. It did not split the live albums into enough tracks; it split classical and spoken word into too many tracks. It split one choral LP into 31 tracks instead of 21, combining some tracks together and splitting others in as many as 6 pieces. The software then asks you to label the tracks without either an opportunity to listen to them or to revise the splits it made. I am forced to guess how to label them, and end up with some terrible mismatches.

    The alternative is to define tracks manually, but this requires you to sit by the computer while the recording is in process, and click the "New Track" button in realtime; there is no option to go back after the fact and edit things. So this is an incredible expense of time.

    In addition, the software does not remove clicks, pops, or hisses, and it cannot trim unnecessary dead space (like when you're flipping the record over to record the second side). This makes your recording sound "authentic and historic" but hardly beautiful.

    I found an alternate product which allows me to record the album first, and split it into tracks afterward. I can do all the cleanup mentioned above with that product. Therefore, I am returning this product tomorrow. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  47. Turntable's great but the software stinks Review by Ray the Rat

    Like other people have written, this is a good piece of hardware for the money, but the supplied (and upgraded) software is terrible. I run Windoze 7 and had no problems installing iTunes or the application software "EZ Vinyl Tape Converter." Using them is a different story. I bought this unit because of the auto track separating feature. It's ok, although it misses a split here and there. But iTunes absolutely reeks. It puts the songs in a location WAY down deep on the system drive with no way to set a desired location. I guess the folks at Apple don't want people knowing where their files are. Since I run a 60gb solid state disk as my system drive, I have to be very careful with what gets put on there or I run out of room real quick. iTunes just makes it that much harder.

    The record queuing is awkward and usually results in a click when the needle is "dropped" even with the tone arm lift/lower lever. As others have mentioned, there's no pop/click filter in the s/w and I have to process each track with Audacity to clean 'em up. If I wasn't fairly proficient with that program, I can see how I'd be tearing my hair out. From now on, I'll just use it to do the recording and bypass the supplied junk.

    I can recommend the turntable, but definitely not the software. (Posted on 1/2/2011)

  48. a point Review by Deep83 "the deeper I go"

    So I'm not sure what I'm doing plays the records fine, but when I try to export the files, i look on my itunes and it says it can't find the file. they are nowhere on my hard drive. it did work a few times, but then just stopped exporting to itunes .anyone have any ideas? i'm using a mac (Posted on 1/1/2011)

  49. Works Great On Mac Review by Ben

    Very happy with this. Spent the better part of this morning capturing lots of songs from my 80s past that I cant find in itunes. Very simple 2-3 mouse clicks to capture a song. Playback much better than I would have expected. (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  50. ION Profile LP Review by J. Matute

    The unit at around $80 is a good value. I used my Christmas gift card to buy 2 extra stylus because I have close to 400 old vinyl LPs to convert to my iTunes Library. The sound reproduction is very good, but that is about as far as it goes. I called the ION help desk to work me through the problems I had went I set it up. Total wait time (after Christmas gift period) was close to 40 minutes. Once connected, I got my help. The software disc that comes with the packing is out of date and does not work. Reason is that these were made a long time ago and have been on a warehouse shelf. The disc does not reflect the latest version changes in iTunes (which this ION uses to pass its data stream to your MAC). So you need to go to the ION website and download the latest and greatest software version (free). The accompanying "Audacity" software is not supported by ION, and is really not needed, so I do not use it. The other issue is in the transfer of data from the turntable to the MAC after your recording is completed. The last steps in the software recording is that you can enter the title, and track names for each song on a cover list that is supposed to go along with the recorded LP. Well, it does not happen that way (for me at least). What you get is a mixed bag when you open up your iTunes library and you see something like EZACtempfile.1, and maybe...maybe the artist name of the album name, or maybe just EZACtempfile. What you need to do is then manually edit each file entry, and using the iTunes text edtiting to put in the information that is missing. You do get the time length in minutes and seconds for each entry, but the rest is manually entered for each separate transfer. So, the way I got around it is to just record side one and two of each recording, transfer the recording from the turntable, and then go to my iTunes Library on my MAC and enter the missing or correct the garbled notations, before I record another LP. All transfer files are 'EZACtempfile" so do yourself a favor and do it one by one and not get confused with many transfer tracks with the same name. With close to 400 LPs to record, I just satisfy my iTunes Library with the name of the Album, the artist, and the album name, and genre, and each side 1 and side 2, and then go process the next LP. However the audio output from iTunes is as good as any CD download, and at $80, it is a good value to save my old LP collection. (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  51. Welllllll.... Review by Miss Nomer "Pima"

    We just moved, so my boyfriend hasn't set up his Xmas gift quite yet, so I'm not rating the product. I'm rating the packaging--it was shipped in it's box--no outer box or additional bubble wrap or anything else to protect it from the brutish mail service. I really hope it works, because the return period is over. I think the packaging was a little thoughtless and now know to ask how an electronic item will be packed for mailing.

    Shipping was lightning fast, however! (Posted on 12/29/2010)

  52. Does what it's supposed to Review by adeclerk

    Drivers installed easily on my Mac, however the supplied software is garbage. Converting vinyls is easy with Audacity (free software for Mac, Windows, and Linux), and otherwise the product does as described. (Posted on 12/28/2010)

  53. poor record to digital Review by kmarshal

    The unit has poor record to digital
    The software has no filtering for needle clicking
    The cartridge is low quality

    I cannot recommend this product!!!!! (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  54. easy setup and operation Review by D. kahle

    i had no problems setting this up and operating. just followed instructions and now i'm copying my vinyl to the computer. works great. (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  55. Motor speed not regulated Review by Daniel M. Roy "Dan Roy"

    I got this turtable for $50 at Costco. It DEMANDS iTunes, if you do not have that installed, forget it, you cannot even tell where the mp3 files are hidden... Not a big deal though since iTunes is free, but I could not make it work under W7. It kept saying that iTunes had to be closed to proceed AFTER I had recorded (or so I thought) 1/2h of stuff. And of course, this was an infinite loop. It kept saying this after I had closed Itunes since it would immediately re-open it... I was able to make it work under XP after tinkering with sound defaults but what made me return the product was the annoying whining it produces when a note is held for more than a few seconds. This indicates a non regulated motor speed. So, this product is good enough for rock and roll but not for J.S. Bach. Caveat emptor. (Posted on 12/21/2010)

  56. ION Profile--What a Treat! Review by Doc Holliday

    Saw this in Costco for about [...] and bought it on an impulse. What a great new toy! I've got piles of LPs and 45 singles from the 60s and 70s. Havent been able to play them in years and am in the process of converting them all to MP3 for my Ipod. What a blast to take this walk down memory lane. I dont understand some of the negative reviews. It works great. And yes, I'm using a MAC--one reviewer said it didnt record with his Mac. I installed the Mac compatible software that came with the turntable and it works great. Very simple and the conversion is FAST. About 15 seconds per track for the actual conversion process. I love this thing and will finally be able to get all these dust-collecting, space-hogging vinyl records retrieved and then outta here! Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/19/2010)

  57. Defective Review by Ty Gee

    The turntable will not power-up. Tried everything to get it to work, but it will not spin (moving arm, changing the outlet, etc.). Next time I will pay the extra cash to get a more reliable product. (Posted on 12/18/2010)

  58. Nice except ----- Review by rmarcussen

    This thing works great except it comes with a saphire tip stylus. My recommendation is to order the ict04rs - 2 diamond tip replacement stylus' at the same time, it will cost about 30 bucks and this definitely is not wasted money. Trash the saphire tip. Audacity as a recording tool works fine. If you really want perfect conversions go to and get Denoise and ClickRepair and you enjoy your music till your last day here. (Posted on 10/20/2010)

  59. excelent turntable Review by Heinz Stecher

    For lovers of acetate, this turntable is a good choice, it is easy to use, the installation is simple. The only thing that is very slow is conversion software to music files .... I recommend it and the price is reasonable (Posted on 8/16/2010)

  60. simple and excellent Review by Enjaume "fotutinny"

    Well-priced simple way to transfer old LPs to iMac/PC and then burn to CD. Worth every penny. (Posted on 8/14/2010)

  61. Works well, but misleading in some respects Review by cal

    This record player sounds great, works great, but I was pissed about two things. First of all, while you can play the record player through your computer, it cannot actually record the songs if you have a mac. It acts like it is, but then the files don't play and I had to research online to find out that the software is not mac compatible. Second, if you're running it through a stereo system you have to plug it into the audio input, NOT the phono input. I could have saved a lot of time and hassle if they had just explained those two things in their instructions. Hopefully this will help other people! (Posted on 7/22/2010)

  62. Works just fine, but isn't perfect Review by Glen Oakley

    This turntable made a great replacement for the 20 year old one I had been using. The turntable itself was very easy to set up; the included manual outlined the entire process. I did have an issue with the attached RCA cable being very short, only about 3 feet in length. I had to extend it using another RCA cable. The power cord is much longer though, and should reach the nearest outlet easily. The sound is very clear, even on my age-old system. I was, however unaware that the turntable has a pre-amp installed in it, so I was unable to hook it up to the Phono Input in my home theater system; I had to use one of the Aux/CD/Video imports.

    I used Audacity to digitally record my albums on a Dell Inspiron running Windows 7, and the device was recognized and configured instantly. PLEASE NOTE that some of the settings may need to be altered, depending on what system you are running (the set-up guide explains this in detail). Other than a couple nuisances, this device was an excellent buy. (Posted on 7/16/2010)

  63. Unsophisticated and unreliable device and software Review by James Reck

    My biggest frustration with this turntable is that the software doesn't always recognize track separation. It will record more than one track and treat it as one when it comes to labeling the titles. You'll end up with a lot of manual re-recording and titling problems. Seems like a good unit, but not reliable in consistent performance. (Posted on 6/29/2010)

  64. Ion Profile Review by Luis A. Serrano "MovieCrazy"

    Received this item quickly....a plus for me....Setup was simple....My only issue is it take long to save unto itune.... (Posted on 6/1/2010)

  65. Pretty much fantastic Review by Todd C. Reich "Funktastic"

    If you're looking for an all-in-one, satisfying, affordable turntable solution, this guy is pretty much your best bet. It feels like it could be sturdier, but it doesn't feel flimsy or particularly cheap. It's actually quite satisfying to use.

    I got this so I could integrate it into my Home Theater PC setup, and it works wonderfully. There are a couple caveats, though:
    1) The RCA cables come hardwired into the unit, and they are RIDICULOUSLY short. Like, 2 feet. If you're planning on using the RCA output, I'd recommend picking up some extension cables or something.
    2) I don't know exactly how the software does the automatic track separation thing, but on more than one occasion the automatic track separation has failed; it'll rip two or more tracks as a single track. Doesn't happen all the time, but be prepared to have to prepare tracks manually on occasion.

    Overall, though, I'm happier with this purchase with every day that goes by. Also, a plus, it comes with the large RCA 45 spindle adapter, with its own mounting slot in the turntable platform. So if you have any 45s with the super-large RCA spindle, you're good to go, and it stores away neatly when you're not using it. (Posted on 4/21/2010)

  66. Does the job as advertised Review by Neil J. Katz "blegs38552"

    Really no complaints. The user should have a decent degree of computer literacy to use the editing software, but all in all, it does what it is advertised to do. It also helps that it has a built in pre-amp to connect to the more modern receivers which do not have a specific input for a phono. The built in duist cover is also a nice feature - I had bought an earlier model that did not have this. I would like a cueing lever to slowly place the tone arm on a designated (usually the beginning) point of an LP, and an automatic tone arm return for the end of the record (I had these features on older turntables/changers - maybe just on changers?). It is much easier to connect a turntable to a USB port on a laptop than to have to go through the gyrations of connecting to an audio input (all I have on mine is a microphone input and I don't know if this is a mono or stereo input). Like many people, my desktop PC is not located anywhere near my entertainment center, so the USB connection is a great feature, since I can use it with my laptop. All in all, highly recommended. (Posted on 4/18/2010)

  67. Converting my LPs to MP3s for a great price. Cant beat it! Review by Steven A. Orbeck

    I recommend this to anyone who has LPs. My only wish is that you didnt have to install I-tunes to use it. I-tunes thinks they can charge you for album info of music you already own. That's a rip off. I just copy them over to media player and download the album info for free. Cheers! (Posted on 4/7/2010)

  68. Don't Listen to Any of The Negative Reviews!!!! Wonderful Review by Lewis

    This is a great LP recorder and player for the price. I have never owned a record player in my life and i love it. The sound quality is far better than i expected. And it is so simple to use. Just plug, download the software, and you are all set. For the price and what it does you can't beat it. (Posted on 2/9/2010)

  69. Works great, but very slow to convert Review by Lisa M.

    The turntable works great and is so easy to use. Plug in the power, plug in the USB cable, install the software on the CD, push record and start playing and it records the music. Then comes the slow part, the conversion. It takes forever to convert after you're done recording so be patient!
    One nice feature is the automatic new track sensor. The software can tell when one track stops and another starts and will automatically start recording a new track for you. After recording, you only have to type the artist and album names once, then you just type in the track names and bam it goes in your iTunes all nice and organized. Sound quality is as good as you can expect from vinyl. (Posted on 1/12/2010)

  70. Pretty Good USB Turntable. Does The Job. Review by Concert Man "What's your next concert?"

    If you are looking for an inexpensive usb turntable that does the job easily and quite well, this one could be for you.

    Just install the software, plug it in to your pc, put on your lp (don't forget to clean the lp), and record! It's that simple with the ezvinyl software.

    There's also Audacity for more advanced use. I've been experimenting with it and it is working quite nicely. The audio quality using either ezvinyl or Audacity are very good. I was certainly pleasantly surprised at the sound quality.

    So far, so good. It is doing the job. I think I can safely recommend this turntable for those of you who are wanting to transfer your precious lp's to digital, be it cd's or ipod and such. (Posted on 1/1/2010)

  71. Piece of Junk Review by A Customer

    I bought this for my dad for christmas, thinking it would be a great gift for both me and him. We took it out of the box, and i was glad that it came preassembled. The first bad news was that It made a huge amount of noise when we turned it on, and when we started it moving, it was warped to start. We then put a record on, and it was THE WORST sound quality i've ever heard. We're going to send it back immediately, which is too bad, because it's a very practical thing to have around, it's just so crappy. (Posted on 1/1/2010)

  72. It's OK, but how does it work? Review by Alfred Meagher

    I bought this item in eager anticipation of capturing a few precious vinyl tracks I haven't heard in years, since changing all of my audio devices to digital. Upon unpacking the turntable and assiduously reading the manuals before trying to use it, I plugged it into the wall outlet. Nothing. How do you get the turntable to move? There's no power switch. Oddly enough, there is a STOP button, but no START button. So my frustration grew, and my anger at having purchased an item that seemed obviously to be defective became such that I immediately fired off an angry review to Amazon, characterizing the product as a piece of cheap trash. Well, that was unfair. After continuing to stare forlornly at the turntable and wondering why it simply didn't turn I moved it around manually for a few rotations. It was then that I noticed that the tone arm would rise and fall automatically with each cycle. So I raised the tone arm myself, and when I moved it over toward the platter it suddenly began to turn. THE SIMPLE ACT OF MOVING THE TONE ARM TOWARD THE PLATTER MAKES IT TURN! This may not be news to many who are more familiar with turntables, but all those which I've ever owned have had a simple on-off switch. (Posted on 12/30/2009)

  73. cheap junk Review by Ronald Slayback

    This thing is Mickey Mouse beyond compare. I had to download part of the software off of another site. I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't read the reviews on this product. Too bad I didn't read them before the purchase. This thing is going back. (Posted on 12/27/2009)

  74. Awesome Review by Kelly

    I had to download the installation file from their website rather than from the CD (outdated) but once that was installed, I was golden. I wasn't prepared for the mp3's to sound as good as they did. Very, very easy to record songs & they sound great! (Posted on 12/21/2009)

  75. No Complaints Review by S. F. Duca

    Very easy to set-up and use. Converts old 33's and 45's into Mp3 or CD format without hassle...I'm totally satisfied with the look and performance of this product. (Posted on 12/19/2009)

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