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Ion USB Turntable

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with Built-in CD Recording

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LP 2 CD is the fastest, easiest way to convert your vinyl records to CDs with none of the hassle of connecting a computer. Listen to your music in the car, at home, on your computer, or any place with a CD player! Play your album into LP 2 CD and record one or more CD copies in the internal CD burner. Or, connect your computer and easily transfer your music to your iTunes, iPod, or MP3 player. LP 2 CD comes with software for fast, easy importing to your iTunes library. Just place your record on the turntable and insert a blank CD. Play your vinyl, hit the record button and let LP 2 CD do the rest! LP 2 CD includes a software CD with EZ Vinyl Converter for PC (with auto track detection) and EZ Audio Converter for Mac. They are the simplest way to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes. It´s like magic! Before you know it, you'll be listening to songs you haven´t heard in years in iTunes or on your iPod. A free download version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote ™ MusicID is included for automatic track naming. Now you can listen to your music in the car, at home, on your computer, or any place with a standard CD player. Converting your records is a snap with LP 2 CD. iPod and iTunes are trademarks of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Gracenoteâ„¢ is a trademark of Gracenote, Inc.

LP 2 CD is the fastest, easiest way to convert your vinyl records to CDs with none of the hassle of connecting a computer. Listen to your music in the car, at home, on your computer, or any place with a CD player.

The fastest, easiest way to convert your vinyl records to CDs. Click to enlarge.

Belt-driven turntable with a premium tone arm and cartridge. Click to enlarge.

Standard line output in addition to USB. Click to enlarge.

The LP 2 CD Turntable
The included turntable is belt-driven, with a premium tone arm and cartridge to get you the best sound from your vinyl. It's as great for simple playback as it is for conversion. 33 1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl are both supported, and you can also record 78 RPM albums using the included software.

Record Directly to CD-R/RW
LP 2 CD features an on-board CD burner that lets you record one or more CD copies of a record with ease. Just place your record on the turntable and insert a blank CD. Play your vinyl, hit the record button and let LP 2 CD do the rest.

Records on blank CD-R/RW discs.

USB Interface
Thanks to the LP 2 CD's USB interface, you can also connect your computer and easily transfer your music to your iTunes, iPod, or MP3 player. LP 2 CD comes with software for fast, easy importing to your iTunes library. Mac and PC compatible.

Conversion Software
LP 2 CD includes a software CD with EZ Vinyl Converter for PC (with auto track detection) and EZ Audio Converter for Mac. They are the simplest way to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes. Before you know it, you'll be listening to songs you haven´t heard in years in iTunes or on your iPod. A free download version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote MusicID is included for automatic track naming.

What's in the Box
LP 2 CD turntable, Dustcover, Cartridge with stylus, RCA audio cable, AC adapter, Quick start guide

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  1. Lloyd Adams Review by Lloyd F. Adams

    The process is quite effective and efficient although it does take a bit of patient fine tuning at the beginning. Was given as a present for Christmas and the party is very happy and busy downloading and converting a large stack of 1950 78 rpm records. (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  2. A disaster-do not buy this product. Review by Marvin Kuperstein

    My experience is quite similar to the one from e.verillo. Product stopped working after 3 months. Sent it back and it was returned in 6 weeks being told they could find nothing wrong with the unit. When it came back I was able to use it for 3 months. Then once again it stopped being able to burn CDs and now the CD tray won't even open up. I will ship it off again shortly, but I'm not expecting any progress. Technical support over the phone is a joke. Been told "your had a unit working for 3 months, why don't you go through you computer" to "the instructions are in the booklet".Their corporate headquarters is in Rhode Island. I am filing a complaint with the State Attorney General's office. Would encourage other to do likewise.Just google attorney general, Rhode Island. Does anyone else with similar experiences want to combine our efforts for refunds? I am also calling my credit card to seek repayment. I'm at M.Kuperstein (Posted on 2/3/2012)

  3. Great all-in-one product Review by The K-Man

    Great all-in-one unit. No need to attach to a computer (if you do, be aware the USB connection is real-time sound capture to your PC, not a file transfer like from an mp3 player or such). Auto track split is a good feature, although on some older vinyl there may not be enough silence between tracks to detect it. No worries, you can manually split a track afterwards. Getting into recording mode is easy, as is burning an audio CD when you're done. Holds about 80 minutes of audio, so since a standard vinyl is only about 30 minutes total, you can basically record a double album before you need to burn to a CD and clear the internal flash memory for more recording. Even just by itself as a record player, it is great. Just connect its output to your stereo system aux input, and there you go. (Posted on 1/19/2012)

  4. Gets the job done Review by Thud

    I have now archived over 150 classical LP's using the Ion LP2CD and am quite satisfied overall. It's been a big job, but I know that if I had to do the extra step of going through the computer, it would have taken too long and I would have given up. Having the Ion do it for me in two easy steps has made it kind of fun.

    Easy setup, although I had to work around one quirk (see below).
    Good sound, faithful reproduction.
    Well-designed button controls for setting, moving and deleting tracks.
    Flash drive is extremely helpful. Get the tracks just how you want the final CD to be, from multiple LP's if you want, then burn a disc.
    Disc burning is pretty fast and quite reliable.
    Solid "feel", attractive appearance, dust cover.

    Tone arm does not automatically return at the end of a record(!). You can't just put on a record at bedtime and forget about it until the morning -- it takes some babysitting.
    No way to combine tracks. This makes the automatic track splitting feature useless for classical music, although it worked fine for other kinds of music. Since inserting track marks is easy, this wasn't a deal-breaker for me.
    The fast forward and reverse modes are a bit slow. For long tracks it takes a little while to navigate to where you want to insert a new track.

    I hooked the Ion up to my amplifier's Phono inputs (grounded) and found the sound to be horribly distorted. I changed to a different input (CD input) and it worked fine.
    The first 50 recordings burned to regular CD-R discs. For some reason the next batch of CD-R discs consistently failed and I had to switch to Music CD-R's,which is what Ion recommended in the first place. No failures since then.

    It would be wonderful if it had a built-in LP restorer for eliminating pops and crackle like computer software can do. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  5. Ion USB Turntable Review by JB

    This product was too hard to set up and the instruction manual was not clear. It was hard to follow because the instruction was
    not in clear order. (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  6. Does what it promises Review by My Ob

    Only issue was that Amazon shipped it to Australia with a US power cable. I've suggested that they provide option to specify country customisation. Fortunately, the product accepts Australian voltage & current. The turntable does everything Ion promises. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  7. Great Item to buy Review by m greene

    When i received this item i was amazed by how this turned my old Lps into Cds. Now every album i have i can turn into cds. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  8. USB Turntable Review by Nerf

    This turntable is the best. Terrific. BRAVO! What a great way to transfer all my old albums to MP3. It is remarkably is and the instruction manual is easy to follow. The quality is pretty darn good. I have put alot of my album collection on my laptop and then onto my Ipod. Some of the albums were pretty scratched but that's the way it is. Albums lovers can relate to the albums and their inevitable background sounds. Just love and I should be done transferring in about a year. Thanks ION- GOOD STUFF! (Posted on 11/17/2011)

  9. Out of Box Failure Review by Mike

    The Turntable was well packaged and easy to assemble. I was never able to get the turntable to work through my stero with distorting. My old turntable had a speed problem but the audio quality and sound levels were fine. The Ion had almost no volume and required that I crank up the volume on the amp to point that if I switched to another input (CD) I risked blowing out the speakers. I have an electronics background and believe that the preamp in the turntable is not working properly. I am returning the unit and will not purchase another. The instruction manual was poorly written and only had minimal information for setting up the turntable. I read an equal number of positive and negative reviews for this product but gave it a shot because of the CD feature. I never got to test that and decided that maybe the negative reviews are the ones I should have listened to. (Posted on 10/30/2011)

  10. This product works very well. Review by Rick Meyer

    I had tried another Ion product before and had little success, but decided to try again. Having the built-in CD unit makes it much simpler to use and I successfully recorded a number of record albums. It was easy to put more than one album on a CD, getting both sides recorded "seamlessly". The only odd part is that the instruction booklet is difficult to follow. Being used to directions telling me what to do first, second, etc., this was different. I had to hunt through the booklet to find what appeared to be applicable. But I was able to do so and things worked fine. (Posted on 10/26/2011)

  11. ion usb turntable Review by heather

    I purchased this as a gift and was not entirely pleased. It arrived missing some components, and even if they had been included, the recipient found this too difficult to use....... (Posted on 9/9/2011)

  12. turntable Review by Ronald W. Robinson "Kool"

    this was gift to someone else and they reported that it worked very well and they are very satisfied with it (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  13. From Vinyl to Cd easy Review by L. Roman

    Being over 55,I was very hesitant on trying something so technical.The only thing that could be improved on is the instructions on setting up the tone arm.other than that it's a one button recording with very good results. (Posted on 1/15/2011)

  14. Decent Value Review by Dermot ODonovan

    Before I ordered the ION LP2CD (Cute) I checked out the reviews and saw that early models were beset by problems with the firmware loaded into the turntable, but, in a triumph of hope over experience, I ordered it anyway. Setup was easy and I like the fact that you don't need a PC for simple transfers of vinyl to CD. After I recorded my first vinyl album to the Ion's onboard flash memory, I loaded a blank CD and hit "Burn." All looked good at first, but as the eighth track started, I got a "System Error" message and the burn, and my new CD, were terminated. I was very annoyed, because this was one of the issues raised by the previous reviewers. I loaded a second CD and the second CD was successfully burned and I haven't seen that error again since.... but I'm sure I will. Overall, I like the machine. There are bugs in the firmware and you don't always get the response you expect on the first push of the various buttons, but it will do the job.

    If you can afford to risk $300 on a machine that is sometimes a bit unreliable, then I would recommend the Ion. (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  15. The worst company I have ever dealt with Review by Ray andLois B

    We weres given an Ion-audio LP2CD by our children as a present for our 50th wedding aniversary. It soon developed a problem of "corrupted playlist". I contacted Ion-audio through their email form giving the necessary data and describing the problem. No response. I sent another similar email. No response. I called them, they do not have an 800 number, and talked to a technician who told me to remove the plug from the wall and reinsert it. That didn't work. So he said he would transfer my call to an expert, but the expert was not there and I left a message on his voice-mail which he said he would return the call ASAP. No return. Three days later, I called again. This technician at least tried a method to correct the corrupted playlist, by pressing certain buttons etc. That didn't work. He also informed me that the warranty had expired by a month or so; I told him I would pay for the repairs and wanted the required address. He said it was in California somewhere and would get back to me after talking with an expert about other possible corrective procedures. No return call or email. The LP2CD was sent from Reno NV, and the other reviews mention that Reno was where repairs work occurred. And just before the last technician hungup, he mentioned that the system would still work as a record player. I have never been treated like this by a business organization. By probing about I get the sense that this is not an American company. As an added complaint, I think Amazon should look into this, they are marginally responsible because the system was purchased online through them. (Posted on 12/11/2010)

  16. lp-2-cd by ION Review by mark

    Just put in software and started putting my LPs into I-TUNES. Easy to set up and fun to use. I can read while LP-2-CD works.Once on I-TUNES ITS easy to select any of thousands of songs onto CDs.I'm having fun and will now listen to music I have't listened to in years. (Posted on 11/26/2010)

  17. CD Writer doesn't work! Review by DebDeb "Life is an adventure! Live it!"


    With mixed reviews I took a chance and ordered this product anyway. After countless tries to use the turntable to burn directly to CD, I gave up.

    I could have used an av cable and existing turntable (from old Pioneer stereo system) to record to my PC. I surely didn't need to spend over $200 on this unit.

    Save yourself the grief. If you've got an old turntable with a red and white output connector, go to RadioShack and order an AV cable to PC. Cost is about $10. Download free Audacity software and record your LPs directly to your PC. (Posted on 10/31/2010)

  18. Convert old albums into CDs. Review by Angelo Desimone

    I have used LP2CD for one year now, and I have converted so far about 100 albums from my collection of over 250 albums. The results have been excellent. The sound quality is superb, this is due to the fact that my albums are all in mint conditions without a single scratch on them. People who have heard the finished CD cannot believe that it was copied from an album using LP2CD.

    The machine has worked without a flaw. It is extremely easy to use. The menu options are very helpful. I love the manual split track option, because it comes handy when recording a "live" album where there is no "quiet spot" needed for the automatic split track feature to work. I have also converted audio tapes into CDs and the results have been just as rewarding.

    I love the way you have the option of using LP2CD without the aid of a computer (even though you could if you so choose, it comes with its own software installation CD). The included manual is easy to understand and guides you every steps of the process.

    I only found one small problem: When using the manual split track option, every time you press the split botton, it makes a small noise which it becomes part of the recording. As a direct result, when listening the finished CD, you always hear this quiet but unwanted intrution.

    I greatly recommend LP2CD for those who want to faithfully convert and reproduce their albums into CDs. (Posted on 10/8/2010)

  19. couldn't get it to work with receiver Review by kim Ward

    I don't know if this item actually works. It is very difficult to use and when I connected it to my receiver, it sounded very grainy. Very disappointed with the product. (Posted on 8/14/2010)

  20. LP to CD Review by Raymond Hopkins

    I found the equipment a little difficult to learn ,but once I figured it out it was easy to use. (Posted on 5/3/2010)

  21. Very Nice - No Major Complaints Review by Anthony Chiappette "chippe01"

    I've been having a lot of fun with this turntable. It does everything it is supposed to.

    A word to the wise ... turn off auto track split - it will start new tracks when you don't want it to.

    Very easy operation - choose your disc, press the RECORD button to start the recording process in PAUSE mode, test the recording levels - play the disc from the beginning and press PLAY / PAUSE to start recording. Press PLAY / PAUSE again to pause recording when the track is finished. Press SPLIT TRACK to start a new track in memory, recording will still be in the pause mode. Choose your next disc - repeat... until you have all the tracks you want.

    You can rearrange or delete tracks before burning the CD. When you have all the tracks as you want you can then burn to CD.

    Another word to the wise - read the pamphlet before trying to burn to disc. I generally do not read manuals, and I could not figure how to get the music from internal memory burned on to a disc - but I looked it up and felt somewaht stupid when I read how to do it.

    Also, on the front of the unit by the CD tray, it says you can only use MUSIC CD-R discs, but that is not true, I have burned quite a few regular CD-R discs. The pamphlet also states you can use regular CD-R.

    The only problem I have had with the unit is the occasional extra track inserted when things get too quiet. This unit could use a combine track function to combat this problem. This is why I turn off auto track splitting. And you must do this every time you turn the machine on - it doesn't remember the setting.

    Overall, the unit is very well built, perfoms flawlessly and I have had no problems recording to memory or to disc. The turntable also sounds better than doing this with my Audio Technica turntable hooked up to the stereo and dedicated CD recorder - there is better bass response with the ION.

    Setup was fairly straightforward. If you've never set up this type of turntable before, balancing the tone arm may seem a little daunting - so read the instructions carefully.

    This unit is a great idea which has been carried out nearly perfectly. I'd recommend this to anyone who has a vinyl collection they'd like to digitize.

    The CD's that you burn with this will, however, still have the beginning lead in and ending lead out sounds since you have to start recording before the music actually starts to get the beginning of each track. The manual track split function combined with the delete track function can remedy this if that bothers you. If you do use these functions to get rid of extra lead in / lead out time, be sure you delete the extra noise tracks. It will not let you burn a CD if there is any track in memory of less than 4 seconds in length.

    There are RCA Jacks on the back for output to an amp, or input from any line-level source, such as tape deck, CD player, etc. You can choose to record from the Line In source by flipping a swith on teh unit. I have not used the USB function on the turntable, nor the software that came with it as I have my own music software. It does come with the free Audacity software, which I've read is very good and updated frequently.

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this after reading some of the problems people had, but the good reviews far exceeded the bad ones, and I decided to go ahead and buy this unit. I am glad I did.

    Have fun!

    Anthony (Posted on 4/20/2010)

  22. Exactly what I wanted Review by Jerrold Eickmann

    Faced with the challenge of converting 300+ vinyl records to CDs, I searched Amazon for a converter and found the <a href="">Ion USB Turntable with Built-in CD Recording</a>. The product description matched exactly what I wanted, and when I received the product and began to use it, the description proved to be entirely accurate. The User Guide is very comprehensive and helpful. The product can be assembled with ease. The mode and function buttons bear labels that are clear both visibly and with regard to their meaning. The product produces CDs with excellent sound. The only negative is that the volume control knob does not have a marker to indicate the level at which the volume is set. (Posted on 3/11/2010)

  23. state of the art Review by Richard P. Tureck "metal jacket"

    Hi,I purchased this unit at christmas for my father who has old records he wants to burn to cd format.I helped him hook it up to his stereo and so far so good.It does what it says it's supposed to and more.I recently found out you can burn other cds as well as cassete's which is great! (Posted on 3/1/2010)

  24. Great Product if You Know and Understand what you're getting Review by Steven B. Rogers

    If you've ever used a cassette tape recorder to tape record albums, you will be right at home with this product. It will convert your old LPs in to CDs or MP3s, and the recording process is almost identical to the process used by the old tape recorders. This is good and bad - I bought one of these for my Dad (78 yrs young) for Christmas so he can save and listen to his collection of literally hundreds of jazz recordings, some so old they are mono or "hi fidelity" recordings. I spent hours teaching him how to use it, and as of today I have no idea if he was able to continue to burn CDs after I returned to my home across the country. Here's the deal: you have to learn to push a few buttons, insert a blank CD, and cue the record in the proper order. I can't remember the exact procedure now, but the idea is that you insert the blank CD, cue the record in a "sample" mode so that you can set the recording level with digital bars that graphically indicate the recording level (it helps if you know the loudest part of a record so you can set the max sound level at that portion of the recording), then you recue the record (lower the tone arm at the beginning), and when the needle pops into the groove, you press another button to start the actual recording. It will automatically separate your tracks, but you have to pause recording at the end of the first side of the record when you turn it over or else you will have a long silence in your recording that lasts as long as it took to flip it. So making a CD is not a simple procedure (insert a cd, play a record, and walk away expecting it to spit out a perfect CD). It takes some practice. But if your are willing to learn how to use it, this is an awesome product. (Posted on 2/5/2010)

  25. total piece of junk! Review by Paul B. Adams "Paul Adams"

    I bought two of these for a big record transfer project for a school. What a disappointment! ION is also the same company as Numark and the quality of their products has really declined. These things are cheaply made and all plastic. The "nu groove" cartridge and stylus that comes with it is useless junk and sounds terrible. I had to go buy a replacement stylus as soon as I received the unit. Even their sales department recommends upgrading to a better stylus!

    Within about 50 records, one turntable started to break down! The speed began fluctuating, and the output jacks became loose and started buzzing.

    I got the run around with Tech support. Emails were never returned, and I had to wait on hold a long time, only for them to give me lame things to try. Finally they admitted the unit was faulty, and set up a return.

    GET THIS FOLKS, INSTEAD OF REPLACING IT, THEY SEND IT OUT TO RENO NEVADA FOR REPAIR AND IT TAKES 7 to 8 WEEKS!! Which is useless! They told me they didn't have any new product to replace it with. Probably because they are discontinuing it because it's junk!

    This is buyers remorse in a very big way, don't waste your time or money! (Posted on 2/1/2010)

  26. Great Turntable Review by Happy in Petoskey

    This turntable is great and extremely easy to figure out how to burn a CD. We love it. (Posted on 1/9/2010)

  27. ion usb turntable Review by Stephen J. Gennuso


  28. Works well. Audacity is great stuff. Review by Tim Mooney "colorclocks"

    I received this as a gift, so I don't know what it cost. I would pay $250 for this product; I think that would be a fair price. It's of good quality, and it works well.

    I started out converting to the USB turntable's flash memory and then to CD. This is the easiest (very easy!) way to convert LP's to CD's, and it works well. It's sensible to convert to flash first, because you get a chance to preview your work, and because recording to flash doesn't add CD-drive noise, as converting directly to CD would. It was a little disconcerting to have to push both 'record' and also 'play' buttons to get the thing to record, but I sort of understand why they did it this way.

    But recording to flash and then to CD is not the best way to use the product. Although the easy way works very well in most cases, I got into trouble because one album I wanted to convert (Cat Stevens' "Foreigner") contained a very long song, and this got me a not-at-all-informative error message. After wasting two CD's, I guessed that I should split the song manually into smaller pieces, which worked. But the simple method also doesn't provide any way to remove clicks and pops, and some of my old albums sound like popcorn.

    Then I ran out of blank CD's, and accidentally found what I like most about this product: it includes, and works well with, a program called "Audacity", which is an open source program for recording audio straight to a computer's disk. (I declined to install the included program, 'EZ vinyl tape converter', because it wants to install and use a copy of ITunes, which I already have, and hate, and don't want to get my music mixed up with. I keep ITunes around only so my daughter can use her damn IPod. I hate Apple.)

    Anyway, Audacity does a great job of recording directly to my PC's disk, and lets me convert to .wav and (because I found a copy of lame_enc.dll) to .mp3, which is what I *really* wanted.

    Now, here's my strategy: I run Audacity, start recording, start the USB turntable, wait until it's done, trim off the beginning and ending, remove clicks/pops, mark tracks, and convert to WAV and mp3. It's quite easy to do, and there's step-by-step instructions to help.

    If you're on a restricted budget and already have a regular turntable, just get a cable that converts a pair of RCA jacks to a 1/8" stereo phone jack, plug it into your computer's microphone input, run Audacity (see [...]), and convert. You'll have to do a little thinking, maybe, but you can get good results this way. (Posted on 12/29/2009)

  29. Surprised in a good way Review by Jimmy DeLoche "redSVTneck"

    I have the other Ion unit that goes through the computer and just hated it. I searched the web to see if there was a better software out there. Never really found anything good. I wanted to replicate the way I used to make analog mix tapes. This unit does that.
    You store on the flash drive via anything on the input or the turntable. I was surprised how well the turntable recorded. I'm going to try hooking my Thorens into it.
    The sound is very good on the demo I made off 45s. (Posted on 11/21/2009)

  30. Thank you ION Review by In the USA "livin hot"

    This is so easy to set up and operate my 6 years old daughter could set it up. When you set it up don't forget to wrap the drive belt under the bottom of the turntable around the little knob if you don't the turn table will not turn. The sound of the finished cd is awesome you can even mix different songs from different LP's. I even hooked up cassette tapes and recorded to cd awesome and easy. Quality of sound A++ and besides my very very LARGE collection of albums and tapes were just sitting there. It not very reasonable to try to buy them again on cd. Straight out the box on the table in 15min at the most your making digital quality cd's of your favorite music. WOW did I go back down memory lane from the 60's to the 90's WOW I love this dohickie! (Posted on 11/12/2009)

  31. Unreliable ...and unfixable Review by e. verrillo

    The Ion LP 2 CD converter is a fairly straightforward machine, which means there is no reason why it shouldn't work consistently and reliably. Unfortunately, mine started failing immediately after I purchased it in April 2009. I got an "Error: System reset" message after trying to burn my first CD. I called Tech Support and they walked me through the reset process. Then, I began to get "Error: Track less than 3 seconds" messages. The machine was now inserting short tracks, which meant the burning process would not work. So, I switched off the automatic track inserter. I then started getting "Burn failure" messages. Once again I called Tech Support. (By now, they knew me by name.) After a week or two of fiddling around (by which point, the Ion was rejecting 90% of my blanks, but formatting them so I couldn't use them for anything else), I sent the Ion back. The company paid for the shipping, of course, and promised I would have the repaired machine back in 7 or 8 weeks.

    It's been 3 months since I sent it back, and I'm still waiting. According to customer service, they'll get around to looking at my Ion "soon." But given the backup in orders, and the huge quantity of machines that have been sent back for repair (it seems quite a few of them have similar problems), I don't expect to see it before September. And when (if) it does return, I would not be the slightest bit surprised if I got an "Error: You've Wasted Your Money" message straight off the bat.

    Update: I hate being right all the time. My Ion was returned after exactly four months with this note attached: "Tested extensively. Ran for 3+ hours. Not be able to recreate customer's complaint." I was able to recreate my complaint in less than a minute. I put the Ion back together, recorded an album and the very first CD I tried to burn yielded the same "System Error CD Write Failure" message I had been getting before. I called Tech Support. After verifying that I was using the right kind of CD (audio -R)they had me reset the machine. The second CD also produced the same error message. In short, the machine still doesn't work. (And why should it? Nobody be able to fix it.) Customer service says they'll have some new stock around October. My next prediction: The new machine will perform as badly as the old one.

    Further update: Well, I was right. Again. The same broken turntable was returned to me in October. The repair people did not even test it to see if the CD burner worked. According to customer service, I will have to send the machine back again, but nobody seems to know when the new stock will arrive. I feel like I'm trapped in some weird existentialist play--Waiting for the Ion...

    THE SAGA CONTINUES: After 7 months a new Ion was finally shipped to me. I assembled it and to my delight, it worked!! For a week I blissfully converted my LPs without a hitch. (Or nearly. Like the last Ion, the automatic tracking did not work on classical LPs. But, hey, I could live with that!) Then, after successfully burning about 15 CDs I got the "CD write failure" message. It was like a bad dream. Undaunted, I dashed out and bought a different brand of CD-Rs. (SONY Music. I splurged.) But these wouldn't burn either. Just to make absolutely certain it wasn't SONY's (or Memorex's) fault, I stuck one of the new SONYs in my computer and cut a CD. No problem. I called Tech Support. They advised that I reformat. (Turn off the Ion. Press record and erase simultaneously and then turn on the Ion--Wait until the message bar indicates that the machine has been reformatted.) The reformatting didn't help. I dashed out and bought yet another batch of blanks (Memorex CD-R Music). Then I turned off the machine and let it sit. Before using it, I reformatted the Ion, then I turned it off and reset the defaults twice. (Turn off machine. Press Record and Play, then turn the machine on, and hold for ten seconds. Turn off. Then turn on again). Now it's working! Apparently, these machines don't like it when you switch brands. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... (Posted on 7/22/2009)

  32. Amazingly easy to use, perfect sound Review by Lawrence Kistler "lawrkphd"

    Having seen 1-2 cautionary reviews, I crossed my fingers ordering this turntable. It's proven to be AMAZING. It took about 30 mins. to set up, looks great (LOVE the dust cover), and recording was a BREEZE. The sound was absolutely perfect - no hum, no buzz, nothing. I'm a classical music lover and have pretty high standards, but I have no complaints at all for this product. Compared to the old days (complicated connections, having to record to the computer, edit the recording, then burn to CD) this is the height of technology making life worth living. I'm in LOVE! (Posted on 6/24/2009)

  33. No, no, no! Review by Thomas N. Gist "Tom"

    ANY USB turntable is NOT the problem. It's the SOFTWARE! The problem with USB is that it uses a "silence between tracks" type software only. Is it the end of a song, or just a quiet spot? With DAK's software, YOU, not the software can chose. With USB, you plug into a USB port, with DAK, it's the rear stereo input. Did LPs come as stereo/mono, or as USB? Hmmm...1st clue. Please TRUST ME, try [...] first. ANY type of software means that YOU must enter album/track info... Be this as it may, LPs take a while. DAK makes this as simple as possible, and more; like click/pop removal. I tell all that will listen about DAK. Those who try it, buy it. Yes, I do use a Thorens turntable, but his package will blow any USB's away; your turntable, or DAKs. (If you use a 'turntable' vs a 'record player', you'll understand.) Have fun! The music is the result! All I wanna do is to preserve my 30 plus years of LPs to MP3 or WAV, or both. With DAK, you can. (Posted on 4/27/2009)

  34. Works fine, instructions a little lengthy Review by S. Wheeler "San"

    Just got around to setting up the Ion. Took a while to wade through the instructions the first time. Only did vinyl to CD this time. The CD turned out very good. Have to spend more time getting to know the machine and trying with the computer. The machine appears substantial, the Flash Player worked as stated. Wonder how long the rubber belt will last. Not very substantial. All in all, it worked as advertised. (Posted on 4/26/2009)

  35. E-Z !!!! Review by A. fraser "rocket 21"

    Let me tell you , it doesn't get any easier than this ! I bought a usb turntable that works with your computer , and after about a month of trying to figure out how to use it , I gave up . Then I saw this machine . I LOVE IT !You can record and edit your tunes in the internal flash drive , and when you have it like you want it , push one button and bingo ! High quality cd's that sound great ! And you can use your computer to clean up pops and hiss if you want to . If you want to archive your vinyl , this is what you want !!! (Posted on 4/19/2009)

  36. Great Idea, Great Product Thus Far Review by SunWizard

    I have had this turntable/cd burner for about one month at this writing. I have recorded 20 LPs into the on board hard drive and then burned 10 cds thus far. The machine is easy to learn and easy to use. I have read other reviews and some of the people who have purchased this machine have had some problems with the cartridge balance and hum. I have not had any such problems. If you follow the directions closely you will be able to balance the cartridge arm properly and as long as you plug the machine into a grounded outlet you should have no hum. The machine has thus far worked exactly as it should have. The fidelity is clear and therefore you won't need to purchase an expensive cartridge for it. (Posted on 3/25/2009)

  37. Easy to Use Review by S. Sharp

    I bought this as a gift so this is largely second-hand information, not my own personal experience. i bought it for my folks who aren't at all technologically savvy and who don't own a computer. I knew the machine would have to be very easy to use in order for them to benefit. They're smart, just no tech experience. They succeeded in completing a recording about 2 hours after opening it. i didn't see them open it or get it set up, but my mom said it wasn't hard. So I can recommend it for the late 60's set or your non-technological parents. Shipping was fast; the box was larger and heavier than I thought but I haven't seen the item to know what the machine weighs--an older person might have difficulty lifting the box in from the outside if you send it as a gift. Not sure why it was so heavy. And if it isn't obvious--you have to play the whole record to actually record it--there's no fast forward technology in vinyl. (Posted on 1/17/2009)

  38. Better than I thought Review by Donvski

    The ION LP turntable was much better than I thought it would be for the following reasons:

    1) First of all, the sound through the headphones was nice, full, and deep - much better than I expected.
    2) Recording directly to a CD made it much easier than dealing with software since I don't have the time to figure out how to effectively use the software (maybe later I will take the time to see if it makes it any better).
    3) Recording to the CD was simple because the tracks are automatically separated. It also allows to manually separate tracks if for some reason the turntable missed separating a track (especially when an artist does not space out time between songs because they want the effect of a continual track).
    4) It comes with a cover which many others don't (this may seem not important but it really is if you live in an environment where dust is prevalent).
    5) Here's what I didn't expect which was a bonus - it comes with an internal hard drive to be able to record around 2 albums. This is very helpful because it allows you to correct any mistakes or skips that occurred before recording it on a CD. It also allows you to rearrange or erase any of the tracks very easily before recording it on a CD, so you can personalize your tracks compared to the album in a simple, easy way.
    6) I am a musician and audiophile, so the most important thing to me is the quality of the sound that is recorded on the CD. Upon hearing the CD through my car CD player, the sound remained full, rich, and deep. This was very pleasing to me as I have tried other brands and the sound was always a disappointment, being very thinny and poor in quality.
    6) Finally, the price on Amazon, along with free shipping makes it worth the money. I compared it to Brookstone which would have charged me $200 more in the store.

    I personally believe that ION got all of the best features placed into this model which was more than I had expected. This is a good buy and the best model I have experienced so far. It is a 5 star product! (Posted on 1/9/2009)

  39. Can't really say... Review by Kevin Gilpatric

    The Turntable arrived broken, only just today was I able to speak with someone at ION about what to do.
    I will reserve my right to review as soon as I get one that works... Thank you, Kevin Gilpatric (Posted on 1/6/2009)

  40. Just Right Review by Stephen M. Anderson

    I bought the LP to CD recorder not knowing what to expect as far as recording quality. The Ion Recorder is easy to record and easy to record to cd. No hookup is needed to a computer. The Stereo of the LP is the same as the burnt cd. The imperfections on the vinyl is transfered to the cd. The recorder is very well worth the extra money I had to pay instead of getting a cheaper model. (Posted on 12/13/2008)

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