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Double Horse 9100 "Hover"

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New Double Horse 9100 "Hover" 3-Channel Sports R/C Helicopter w/ Built in Gyroscope

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This is the NEWEST of the DOUBLE HORSE Helicopters. This product adopts the design of the most optimized single-propeller structure available. Together with a fully functional Remote Control. It is the most Stable Single Rotor R/C Helicopter out there. Made out of High Quality Aluminium with a High Degree of Carbon Fiber Pattern Simulation. Function: Up/ Down, Forward/Backward, Turn left/Right. Includes 7.4V Li-ion 650mAh Battery, Charger and Transmitter. Ready-to-Fly

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  1. Bad quality!! Review by Oscar Wilde

    I ordered this one because i had ordered 2 of the 9116 and they were both defective. So i tried this one. EVerything working perfectly when i was 2 feet away from the heli, but when i went more than that, the controls would be more and more delayed. So i returned it. (Posted on 8/21/2012)

  2. Fun for the price. Review by Sugar Land

    I am a beginner who first started flying coaxial helicopters about three weeks ago and quickly got the bug for more challenging flight. For $40, this DH 9100 is a good step-up choice from a coaxial DH 9053, but don't expect super performance. I read a lot of reviews before buying this and sort of knew what to expect: slightly more sophisticated flight characteristics. A lot of reviews and youtube videos suggest mechanical modifications to the 9100, particularly changing the pivot point on the swashplate. Unless you really enjoy putting in a lot of work for marginal results, don't bother - just accept this toy for what it is: an inexpensive introduction to 3 channel ( ch1- main engine speed for up and down, ch2- rear rotor speed for left and right, and ch3- swashplate servo for forward and reverse angle of main rotor) fixed pitch rc helicopters.

    My 9100 arrived about a week ago and I flew it right out of the box, after a 2 hour battery charge. You can get about 6-8 minutes flight time per charge. I quickly learned how to hover and struggled (or failed) to fly forward in any kind of breeze. While trying to hover at say 2 meters, a slight breeze can make this heli climb to 20 meters in about 2 seconds and in the absence of wind, the 9100 moves very fast in both vertical and forward directions - so expect some excitement and hard crashes. The balance bar will contact (i.e. "smash") both the tail boom and the cockpit - I used a little bit of Gorilla brand tape at the contact points on the boom and inside the cockpit to good effect here. On perhaps my 4th or 5th flight, a hard tail rotor first crash left me with a slightly damaged tail rotor (still functioning though) and a main control board that won't run the main motor. I'm trying to decide whether to stock up on parts or, at $40, just buy a new 9100 and use the old one for parts. Bottom line, I'm having fun with this and already looking to step up to a 4 channel. (Posted on 8/18/2012)

  3. good but needs some changes Review by yo yo yo

    This is a very good beginner heli. Its made of metal which is nice and durable ive crashed it many many times and nothings broke yet. Only bad thing is it does not have good forward and backwards movement at all, it is horrible in this sense. (Posted on 8/1/2012)

  4. Do not buy this helicopter! Review by Dennis K. Strehle "Amazon Fan"

    Even though I have some experience flying rc helis this particular helicopter is nearly impossible to fly. It cannot be properly trimmed and requires constant adjustment to fly at all. It has zero forward thrust and will actually move backward in any wind at all. Save your money and buy something besides a Double Horse product. (Posted on 7/31/2012)

  5. Cheap Plastic easily broken Review by Dean

    I bought this product with full of regrets. Made of cheap china plastic...and badly design electronic transmitter!
    End up on a garbage bin. (Posted on 7/24/2012)

  6. double horse 9100 bad tail rotor motor Review by Pen Name

    The tail rotor motor breaks easily,if the rotor gets stucks. On anyhing even grass the little motor breaks causing the helicopter to motor (Posted on 7/6/2012)

  7. Good product for what we paid Review by Kelly N. Payne "kpayne"

    Gave this to my then fourteen-year-old as a Christmas gift. He really likes it. It keeps a charge for 5 to 7 minutes, I guess. That's about the expectation for these toys. It is fairly easy to handle. He has had a smaller one before and some "flying" experience. So far, it still works. We don't play with it very often. I would guess we've flown this thing about 10 to 15 times since getting it at Christmas. That said, we like this toy and would recommend it for someone that wants a fun helicopter that won't break right away. Not sure how durable it would be with heavy use, but no problems for us to report. (Posted on 7/5/2012)

  8. Double Horse - Double Dead Review by Armond Aghabegian

    I have flown several micro helis (IR guided indoor models) and in the past I had flown a friend's Nitro powered model outdoors. This heli was fun to fly for the first 5 minutes. It hovered well, take off was very easy and landing somewhat good too. The problem was that despite applying maximum trim, its forward motion was not strong. It had a bias to hover backwards and I could not make it fly forward fast enough. It would, however, fly backward faster than it flew forward. This is why I had to cut the power quickly to prevent it from going off into inaccessible fields. The had landing cracked the canopy and now it won't fly. The motor comes on for 3 seconds and then dies. I reset the power switch, which resets the main circuit and the motor comes on for 3 seconds and then dies. The main circuit board can be replaced for about $10, but do I want to do it given the short live of this model? Maybe. (Posted on 6/22/2012)

  9. DH9100 suck Review by lou M.

    I didn't even enjoy it , the radio controller is not communicating properly , it get lost while your in the air and dropped.
    I change the mother board but still the same , I order a new remote control let see what happen . Very poor performance .Waste of money . Not recommended . (Posted on 6/21/2012)

  10. Not bad for price Review by reviewer

    It has really good controllability in the first three minutes of flight then after three minutes it doesn't want to fly forward, or sometimes doesn't want to fly backwards or it just banks left or right for no reason. Overall its pretty fun, but I have only flown it about 10 times and I already don't see it lasting vary many more flights. I tried to do a video response for this RC Heli, but couldn't get it to hover on a level plane long enough to do a video within the cameras view. From the videos I seen i would recommend buying the slightly smaller version S107 instead because it looks like that heli has at least the ability to hover on a level plane. I say its a three star item overall. I don't recommend it if small children are in the vicinity because it has a mind of its own and could easily take out an eye. (Posted on 6/20/2012)

  11. Be Careful - Product Size Review by BronzeMaster "BronzeMaster"

    As stated in the Product Description , Measurements are 26 x 9 x 5 inches. This Helicopter measures out of the box at 15 x 6 x 3.5 Inches. The box measures 26 x 9 x 5 in.and weighs 5 pounds . The helicopter out of the box weighs under a pound.
    It comes with one white landing light and one rear blue flashing light. I had no problem with forward movement as stated in other reviews listed here for this helicopter. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

  12. Helping kids have fun Review by JRE

    It's nice to see kids in joy and learn how to drive scent-able even if it's not behind the wheel of a car. I be-leave you can learn to drive in many ways. Amazon can help, they have every thing you need to help teach kids. Thank you Amazon. (Posted on 6/6/2012)

  13. wish i could fly it-- Review by michael

    --but unfortunately i can't--not because of my inability but because the tail rotor motor burned up within the first five minutes of flight leaving me at abit of a disadvantage--unit seems to be built fairly solid and after that landing i can attest to it's ruggedness--fortunately i wasn't at much altitude and the unit landed on my yard--now the bad part (or perhaps the worst part) i cannot return it and get a replacement and so must return and get reimbursed, and then i guess i would buy another and get it shipped on my dime again--since the motor is cheaper to replace than my shipping cost would be i guess i'll be taking care of THEIR problem myself--not the best impression but i haven't heard of others with this problem and the unit does seem like a good one sitting here on my desk--makes a GREAT paperweight-- (Posted on 6/4/2012)

  14. Double Horse 9100 "Hover" 3-Channel Sports R/C Helicopter w/ Built in Gyroscope Review by Mariusz


  15. Save your money Review by Aaron

    I am an experienced r/c heli user. I have 4 other copters. This was my first single blade experience. No matter how I adjusted the trim this helicopter was uncontrollable. The transmitter did not even work out of the box. I had to take the battery cradle from another
    transmitter just to get it to work. At best it flew in a backward circle.Save your money and do your research this is not a quality product. Some of the reviews say it needs some adjustments out of the box. It needs a lot of adjustment out of the box. It is not ready to fly as the description states. (Posted on 5/25/2012)

  16. Double Horse 9100 Helicopter Review by rinkydink

    I like the Helicopter, if you fly it indoors, when you fly it outside it just doesnt want to go forward, I have tried to adjust it, but it just aint there, it goes up,down,left,right and backward, but not forward, It just might be the one i have,the servo seems to be working just fine,It does go forward a little, thats why i fly it indoors if there is any wind at all then it wont go forward.But overall it is a good toy and i am glad i got one. PS. My next one will be a BIG ONE (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  17. POOR DESIGN Review by AB

    Bought this for my 12 yr old and it very unstable. I cant even keep it going strait. It needs the second set of blades on top to help stabilize it.
    Would definitely NOT recommend purchasing this for anyone. (Posted on 5/6/2012)

  18. Good entry into RC Helicopters Review by M. Moyer

    I'd been bitten by the RC bug not to long ago and wanted to get into the world of helicopters. Not knowing anything about them, I chose this as my first foray. It was a good choice. This helicopter is pretty resilient to crashes and can teach you the basics of helicopter flight. The only big negative about this helicopter for me is that will teach you a control layout that is not the same as the more advanced helicopters.

    This heli is an outside only heli, or you must have a warehouse sized area to fly it. It does not handle wind well, so it needs to very calm outside when flying. This heli is also large enough that it will hurt you if you get hit by it. It does have the ability to fly forwards very fast and given it's momentum, it can take a bit of time to turn it.

    While this is a great beginner heli, you will outgrow it quickly. Mine hasn't been outside since I've upgraded to a 4 channel V911 (another great beginner heli). If you want something this size, but 4 channel, you might look at it's more advanced sibling, the DH 9116. (Posted on 5/5/2012)

  19. Very addicting hobby Review by Ricardo

    This little machine it's addicting.You need to modify the swash plate to get forward thrust, after that it's all full of fun. Learn how to in YouTube. (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  20. practice to learn Review by g bez

    if this is your first single rotor heli it is difficult to learn but once you figure it out its a lot of fun very quick for its size and wind is always a factor should be very little or none the canopy is fragile but i have learned if you cover the canopy with a single layer of light clear packing tape it really helps to stregnthen it and if it is your first single rotor copter i suggest buying 2 its just better that way because your almost certainly going to damage it very early into it but overall its easy to learn to get it up there and fly and be able to bring it back to you and isnt that the point (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  21. Don't do it. Review by halikanpuetko

    I think they call it the "Double Horse" because you feel like such a horse's ass for purchasing it. This chopper is very impressive in terms of power- it's just very difficult to control. Mine would barely go forward. It has a nasty veer off on takeoff that makes it difficult to fly in anywhere but a large open field. The best thing about it helicopter is it's ability to go straight up. It will climb out of sight before you can even realize you can't do much but go up. Eventually, I was flying it without the body panel as it was destroyed when I lost RC contact and it flew into the side of a building. I know the helicopter is cheap and great looking but if you want any sense of control over it, don't buy it. Just say "NO" to the double horse 9100. I noticed they had a new model (9053) I can only hope this is better because it can't be much worse. (Posted on 4/14/2012)

  22. Looks can be deceiving. Review by Jason

    Bought two of these in a row first one had no tail rotor athority so it spun in circles. Second lasted a little long till it broke a tail stabilizer and then it rolled over on takeoff and the main rotor snaped in two. Also had very little movement in any direction. Others may have been luck but I didn't. (Posted on 4/13/2012)

  23. Great RC Heli Review by Scott

    I bought the 9100 as my third RC heli. It was my first single rotor and the most challenging to fly. It has a lot of power, and I would suggest that you use it outdoors, but in no-wind conditions. It can overcome a slight breeze better than my other double rotor heli's, but it can still be difficult to handle if the breeze picks up. I had some minor mechanical problems at first, ex. the brass gear on the motor would slip down the shaft and missalign with the rotor gear, but this was fixed with a drop of superglue. I chose this heli to learn how to fly (and repair) single rotor RCs because it has a lot of replacement parts available when it breaks down. There are also several hobby forums that discuss modifications to enhance the flyability of the 9100, and this seemed like an inexpensive way to learn about the single rotor mechanics and to segway into a more "hobby store" like RC. It is a ton of fun to fly, and I would recommend it to someone who already has some RC heli experience who wants to learn more. (Posted on 4/9/2012)

  24. caught fire! Review by annoyed

    I bought one of these a while back and or if the box it looked awesome. Super excited, I charged her up and brought her out for a flight.
    I ask very experienced with copters and had no problem flying this one, that part is pretty good... But the wind picked up and took it soaring into a tree just out of my reach. The stupid thing just say there whining trying to stabilize or something.. No way to kill it. Just kept whining and twitching until it started smoking!
    By which time I'm pissed and now freaking out having thrown anything I could at it to knock it down. I grabbed a length of wood and smacked it out of the tree just in time, when it hit the ground the wiring then the body caught fire.
    unless they redesign it. (Posted on 4/2/2012)

  25. double horse 9100 Review by mike

    At first I thought this helicopter was defective. I analysed all the components to find the cause of the problem and made some modifications similar to the ones I saw other people do on youtube. It turns out that you just can't fly this helicopter if there is any breeze. I mean the kind of breeze you don't even know is there. The swash plate doesn't tilt the rotor enough to overcome gentle breezes. It creates too much interference wind indoors to hover like the dual rotor indoor types do, so forget about flying it indoors. Also, when the breeze carries it off to about 40 feet away the controller becomes out of range and the helicopter drops to the ground. I've had one evening when there was zero breeze and I was able to fly it successfully. This evening was so still that I was able to fly my "indoor only" helicopters outside as well. The smaller ones lasted longer and were more fun. (Posted on 3/25/2012)

  26. Not........ Stable, really hard to fly and easy burned itself Review by linh

    It's not recommand for flying lover,
    - It's very hard to fly, if make the right turn you need long round, but left really quick. Need open area, it's can flying hight but not easy take it back,sometime it's seemly flying itself. It's not long life, just few days and burned itself. Now I'm stucked with it. I fell realy sad for it, wase money for nothing. (Posted on 3/24/2012)

  27. bad circuit board Review by Chasz

    shipping was right on time -- something on circuit board died after first flight, didn't even wreck -- wanted to exchange for another 9100 but only offered refund--great service on return Amazon-- recently ordered 9104 Double Horse - came in yesterday flew today will give it a 4 or 5 - fun (Posted on 3/23/2012)

  28. Why you should not get this!!!! Review by Jake J.

    Ok well first I am into electronics and I asked for this helicopter for Christmas. On Christmas I flew it and I guess it wen a LITTLE bit to high and It got stuck in the wind so naturally I killed thr throttle I stayed up there for about another 2-3 minutes then crashed over the scholl 200 YARDS away and broke. My parent got my a new one last sunday it came in on MONDAY when it was SUPPOSED to come in on WED-FRI!!!!!! I get it and I am very excited I wait for my dad to get home so he can help me fly it. We go over to the football field nearby and start flying. WE DON'T EVEN GET 1 LOUSY MINUTE OF FLYING BEFORE IT CRASHES AND STARTS SMOKING AND WHEN THE REMOTE IS OFF AND THE HELICOPTER IS TOO THE BLADES START SPINNING AND IT WAS STILL SMOKING ON THE WAY BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT!!!!! BUY THIS TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 3/21/2012)

  29. far. Review by Toddsshare

    I only had a few minutes to fly this one before leaving for work. Outside with a little breeze and it flew like a champ. Was able to go forward into the breeze with no problem. The handling of the helicopter was quick and very responsive. Really enjoyed this one. I have a larger model of the Double Horse and it doesnt compare to this one what so ever. This one, hands down, is far the superior one to me. I get more enjoyment out of this one outside than any other helicopter I have. And I have a few, small and large.
    I highly recommend this helicopter to whoever enjoys flying them outside. Even with a small breeze you can handle this one with ease, unlike the larger ones where they are off into the the air and out of control with the slight burp of wind.
    BUY THIS ONE!!! I know you will really enjoy flying this one while the kids chase it all over the yard.
    UPDATE...One thing Ive noticed about the DH is the head covers crack easily. Even on soft landings in grass. This is the second time I have had to purchase a head cover for my DH's. Im not happy with this aspect at all.
    So be careful...Get a back up for show or just go with the cracked one because it will crack and throw off the stability of the chopper.
    UPDATE... The wind took this one about 150 feet straight up. I totally got away from me. When it dropped I thought for sure it was totaled. However, after about an hour long search, we found it with only a few scratches and a busted tail unit. It still flew in that condition. Tough as nails. Purchased a new tail unit and should be here in a couple days. Will fix and let you know how it flys after that.
    UPDATE...Having major issues. Its not the tail unit. Something is wrong and I cant figure it out. It wants to spin during lift off and flight. I cant get it to stop spinning. I have no idea whats wrong at this point. If anyone can help please send some suggestions. Thanks.
    UPDATE>>>8-1-12....Apparently I didnt realize what I was purchasing this time around. I seen the "NEW" with a description of 26" and went ahead and purchased this one, AGAIN. lol Thats my fault. However, this is not 26" long. Its only 15" long. Dont let it mislead you when purchasing. Ill return this one and buy a larger one from Amazon. (Posted on 3/20/2012)

  30. Piece of junk Review by Motocycho

    Where do I start. When I opened the box the tail rotor was cracked and about to fall off (it was folded over but not completely broken), but I added a small zip tie and its still holding. Then, once I got it to fly, it turned off in midair, the switch is so cheap on the helicopter that you can kill it just by touching the button. So I cut the wires and spliced them together, taking the switch out. Now were ready,right? No. Within 2-3 minutes of fly time, it turned off and started smoking, so I unplugged the battery real quick thinking the battery was shorted, but the circuit board had shorted and burned. So I talked to the seller and they said they would send me another circuit board, well then they sent me the wrong one. Still waiting to hear back. Im pretty much fed up with this thing and feel like smashing it with a hammer. (Posted on 3/1/2012)

  31. helio Review by zach

    the new double horse helicopter was and is a great helicopter. I only suggest you have plenty of room when you first fly it and make sure there is no wind. It has great control and flys great if you have the trim perfect other wise you well be fighting it the whole time. Its great to fly at night and is very visible because of it bright led lights. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  32. Durable yet MODAFICATION NEEDED BADLY! Review by siov4279

    I love how durable the frame tail and blades! Although, out of the box the servo is so weak it doesnt controll the heli at all. Secondly along with the transmitter and receiver being 49 mhz instead of the spread spectrum 2.4 ghz; it has no response and it makes flight more like a fight, and hovering imposible because it starts acting like a dwindling top. Therefor with the lack of another channel to controll strafing it is really harder to controll than my Esky honey bee cpx that I wish had such an awesome frame and tail but for some reason Esky doesnt seem to make a carbon fiber frame for the honey bee cp cpx cp3 etc...
    Lastly; on top of it ALL, the swashplate is poorly designed and should have been made with more upgradability so that we can add another channel and more controllability because the pivot point for the foreward backward movement is flawed becasue it initially gives the heli too much reverse and almost no ferward ability, ALL THIS MIXED WI8TH THE FACT THAT THE PRODUCT CAME WITH A FAULTY SERVO MAKES THIS A REAL DISSAPOINTMENT TO SAY THE LEAST!~ (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  33. double horse 9100 Review by dynamo71

    This is a horrible helicopter.Right out of the box if flew terrible.Couldnt get it to fly forward.I adjusted the swashplate,added weight to try to balance the right roll it has.Ive broken a few parts in a few flights.I take off,it rolls right and starts backwards and the rest is trying to ride it so it doesnt impact so hard.I thought by the reviews I read and the look of the copter was good so I pitched the box.Now Im stuck with this junk that cant be flown. (Posted on 2/26/2012)

  34. Good helo great price Review by slapnuts88

    Fun to fly and takes one hell of a crash and still survives, the only negative thing I can say is that wind really affects flight even the slightest breeze makes it difficult. (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  35. Helicopter Review by Liz

    I got this for my boyfriend who loves these toys.
    I found out this one was for outside and inside and when we went to test it outside and crashed it, pieces started falling off. Also, the wind took it above our house and into a neighbors lawn. Thats when the plastic and more pieces got lost.
    It was easy to fly according to him, but a bit big, and broke easily.
    Bummer. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  36. Not durable Review by Rach

    This product is difficult to use and breaks very easily. It is cheaply made and should not be so expensive. (Posted on 2/22/2012)

  37. 9100 double horse Review by DK

    The reason they call it the " 9100 Hover" is because that's all it can do, hover.
    The slightest breeze and it's gone, I'm talking 1-2 mile an hour breeze.
    No matter how you adjust the trim, it can't make headway.
    This is my second "9100" thought maybe the first one was defective
    but it seems its flawed by design. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  38. Don't waste your money on this one. Review by An Amazon Customer

    I have had several heli's, but don't waste your money on this one. I should have read more reviews because this one is bad. It is almost impossible to fly indoors and forget about taking it outdoors. I flew it in a 1.5 mph wind, and it took off with the wind. You really need to spend twice this amount to get a heli that you will enjoy. (Posted on 2/16/2012)

  39. Experienced only-JUNK Review by D. Davis "D"

    I am an experienced Heli flyer, so when it arrived, I removed it from the box, checked it over and then charged it. Right off the ground it pulled hard to the rear, and I could tell then it wanted to bank right even though left trim was at max. In order to fix this, and keep the trim at some mid-point, I had to add almost 6 OZ of weight to the left skid, and 5 OZ to the nose. Even with this accomplished, it is still very squirrelly and I would not recommend buying this unless you are a seasoned flyer. Even with my mods accomplished, the gyro (if there is one) does not seem to hold the heading, and in my opinion does nothing for stability as it should. Just a few words of advice, big grassy area, and seasoned flyers only. This is not for a child, or you will waste your money in under 30 seconds when it hits and smashes.

    UPDATE: I have spent three days trying to make this heli hover in a somewhat decent manner, however I cannot. After adding weights and trying to balance the (because it has no lateral control) I have found it impossible to control. I modified the swashplate, and made several other mods, and just when I got it to stay in a stable hover the tail rotor motor seized up and is now INOP.

    I have several hundred hours flying gas, Nitro and electric heli's, and I am also a real Commercial Pilot in both fixed wing and rotorcraft (not that it makes a difference really) but I have found this helicopter to be completely unstable, the tail rotor lock gryo is almost worthless and I believe that this helicopter is a complete waste of $45

    HUGE WASTE OF MONEY. DADS PAY ATTENTION. IF YOU WANT A VIABLE HELICOPTER THAT ACTUALLY FLYS AND IS NOT A WASTE OF MONEY SPEND THE MONEY FOR A NICE ONE LIKE A WALKERA WITH UFLYS TECHNOLOGY. DON'T BUY THIS JUNK. Took the heli out of the box charged it correctly and then spent a few minutes in the garage trimming it out. Total use during trimming about 5 mins before battery died, and most of this time was sitting on the ground. Second flight last 2 minutes 42 seconds before the battery died. Third flight was 2 minutes 27 seconds, forth filght stayed in the same time frame and so on. This is the forth China helicopter I own (9100, Syma S033G, S031G and this 9400). The Syma S031g has the best flight time, is the cheapest and is by far the easiest to fly. I also fly gas heli's and in my experience, most of these China helicopters are junk. In these cases, the DoubleHorse 9100 tail rotor motor went bad the second flight, the Syma S033g flys very well and is very big, but the battery pack is small and it only flys about 4 to 6 minutes tops. In this case the 9400 is a bigger waste of money in my opinion and merely junk. In my opinion these battery packs are the lowest of the junk heap and are not viable for real fun. THE ONLY CHEAP HELICOPTER IN THIS PRICE RANGE THAT ACTUALLY FLYS AND WORKS, IS THE SYMA S033G COAXIAL. IT'S BIG, IT'S HEAVY AND IT FLYS VERY WELL FOR ABOUT 25 FLIGHTS. AFTER 25 FLIGHTS OR SO THE GEARS AND MOTORS ARE WORN OUT BECAUSE THE QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGIES ARE SO BAD. MINE TAKE ABOUT 3.2 HOURS TO CHARGE. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  40. Best Heli deal on amazon Review by Dave n

    If your a new Heli fan this one is for you. I made mine very fast with a few easy mods you can do yourself just go to you tube. Mine flies out side very well and is very fast. Out of the box is is easy to fly and can handle slight breeze. It's very fun and much more of a challenge to fly than a coaxe which makes it more fun parts are cheap and I have crashed mine alot and only broken the tail motor and body. By two and use one for parts because the shipping for the parts is more than the parts (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  41. 9100 Review by Torres

    It is not a stable helicopter and it's dificult to control. But it's really fun and fast. the tail motor stopped working on the third day. I replaced it and now it works. (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  42. hope it doesn't burn up! Review by darkknigh810 "dark"

    Well i bought this 9100 but now after reading all the reviews,i'm seriously wishing i didn't buy it!but we will see when it arrives tomorrow, i will let you know how it goes! Well it arrived today, only 3 days wait, not bad,and the UPS guy took away the syma 033g,and brought my new 9101,at the same time! lol! well to all you dummy's out their that wrote, that when you put the battery's in the controller, that it wouldn't work,If you look closely you will find, that where the battery's go, that tray lifts out, and you then install the rest of the battery's,it takes 8 AA battery's , not four you dummy's!
    Now as for the way it flies, i charged it for an hour and then took it outside,but before flying it,i bent the ends of the fly-bar right at the tips by the ends bend them up so they don't hit tail blades or canopy!
    I than held it up in the air to get it to hover,and adjusted all the trims foreword and backwards,I even had some really good wind blowing gusting up to 7 to 10 miles an hour!
    You better be a good pilot,cause this is a lot like a four channel craft,it goes really fast and can get out of control very easily,But i did not experience any of the problems,except the battery problem ,but that was my fault,for not reading the whole instructions.cant wait for a no wind day to see what she can really do!
    well day two,and i'm good enough to fly indoors some,but i don't recommend it!cause this thing is really fast!
    Please feel free to contact me about mods! (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  43. Waste of money Review by Classicaviator

    I bought the first one on sale at Fri's thinking it was a great buy. The flight didn't even last a minute - the helicopter was so unstable it crashed every single flight attempt. It's too unstable to fly indoors, but too sensitive to the wind to fly outside. After the first purchase I decided to buy one trough Amazon thinking that maybe I just got a faulty version. It had the same exact problems. After about 10 minutes of flight attempts outside on calm days, the helicopter just finally stopped working all together. I tried to contact the number written on the box and in the operating manual, but no one answers the phone. Kind of disappointing. I spent more than $110 total on these helicopters. The first one should have been my clue!

    UPDATE: Finally got my Double Horse 9116.. What an improvement! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE 9100, spend a little extra and get the 9116. Flies like a charm, even in a 5-knot wind! Love everything about this model, how it handles, and everything. The nice thing is, the two 9100's I bought are great for spare parts. IF YOU READ THIS - DO NOT BUY THE 9100, BUT GET THE 9116 -- MUCH BETTER!!! (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  44. Hobbyist's best friend Review by Marcia Wilson

    Took my new heli on it's maiden voyage in which i flew inside (big mistake). It crashed a few times, but held up great! Since then i've flown it fast, i've flown it slow, crashed it into walls, polls, and the ground many times. only defect is a cracked hull, which was caused by a somewhat fierce fall-out-of-sky flight. Hoping it lasts for much longer than the bad reviews gave it..but so far i'm not having any problems they are having (besides drifting left on takeoff). An outside/large indoor copter for sure. Start out slow, don't bite off more than you can chew, and don't have too much fun is the only advice i can give to future buyers. (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  45. fly close by Review by Jr

    Great little Heli, but beware... fly indoors or very close by. I was adjusting mine out of the box with a fresh charge. I just got it dialed in and started to fly the heli around. Soon after my Hover started to "hover" away up,up,up... I had no control, It finally got a point where I couldnt run after it anymore and it was "gone". (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  46. will brake..... Review by Danny

    You have to understand that you need to be experienced in flying these because you WILL crash and it will brake. These things are extremely fragile so flying and especially landing is difficult. If your a pro, then you will have lots of fun with this Heli. (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  47. Double Horse 9100 Review by dan

    The Double Horse 9100 rc helecopter is a very nice model, but for those people who are looking to buy it, please understand that this is a bit difficult to fly at first. If you have read other reviews talking about buying a smaller, easier to fly model, trust those comments. If you have never flown a rc helecopter before, buy the smaller, easier to fly models first and then move up to this model later on. This model is a bit too large to fly indoors, unless you have a large open building to fly in. I do enjoy flying this helecopter and for those who are up for a bit of a challenge, go for it. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  48. Horrible heli!! Stay away Review by Jgage

    This is a bad heli to spend this kinda money on. I have 7 different helis and this one flew the worst. Took forever tuning it in and it still flew and hovered horribly. Def a waste of money. There are so many others out there that fly better and don't break so easy. This heli crashed 2 feet in the air and it needed all new parts. Extremely cheap and put together Bad. Soldering job was really bad. Other then all that the shipping was really really slow. Wasn't happy at all with this purchase. Or better yet waste of money! (Posted on 2/7/2012)

  49. don't waste your money Review by B. M. Feinberg "feiny"

    bought two of these for the kids for christmas and they were awful! one helicopter couldn't hover more than 12 inches off the ground. both lasted less than a day before parts were breaking off left and right.

    we had one we bought we bought at Costco for half the price and it was awesome. i've never bothered to post a review on anything before, but i was so horrified by this product and i wanted to spare you the misery. (Posted on 2/7/2012)

  50. Fun and Cheap. Review by Big Texas

    This chopper, with very simple mods, will fly fast. It is not as stable or easy to fly as the Coaxial choppers, but you get more versatility and speed. It is very fragile and will break the first time you crash it. And you WILL crash it. It is almost impossible to land this thing well, and even if you drop it on grass, then something will bend or break. Hope you are skilled at fixing these things. Battery runs about 10 mins before you need a charge, about 1.5-2 hours. I have extra batteries, but have to modify the helicopter to make changeout easier. It is not designed for easy battery swaps, because the canopy and pegs that hold it, are cheap and will break after you remove the battery a few times. I would recommend using velcro tape to mount the batteries on the belly, with it staggered closer to the nose, for the correct balance of course. It needs to be flown on a windless day. Any little bit of wind will carry the chopper off. You don't want to spend your day chasing this thing around, not to mention, you'll have to cut the throttle when it flies away, which will result in a crash. Don't say I didn't warn you! So if you want a cheap outdoor 3 channel RC chopper for 50 bucks, then this will be good. If you want a toy that will last longer, then stick to indoor micro Co-ax choppers like the S107. I also have the 9053, which is much larger and cooler looking than this 9100. The 9100 flies much faster and better though, so don't wasted money on the 9053, unless you have a large indoor space to fly in. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  51. a toy not anything more Review by theembersjester

    I learned the hard way on this one. Not out much money here, but this is no more than the syma 107 just bigger and easier to break. I watched the videos and was sold. Thought I did my homework, but failed to read actual rc discussion forums. If you do you will see why I too graded this toy poorly. My suggestion is spend the extra 50 and get a 4 channel if you are wanting to get into this, I wish I did. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  52. FIRE!!! Review by helicopter finatic

    I took the heli out of the package charged it. turned it on. and it went on fire. everything is melted and completely useless. awful helicopter (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  53. Not very good Review by Frank Wink

    I wouldn't buy this for a beginner trying to have a little fun in the back yard.
    The 9100 is really sketchy and delicate.
    I have crashed it several times and eventually, the flybar cracked through the canopy and fried my electronic board.
    The board was replaced and I fixed other various parts. (decorative bar 2x and canopy)
    I would't buy it again. It's not worth it. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  54. Good to look at, but don't try to fly it. Review by Nelson Ho

    All the 1 star reviews are correct. Very hard to control once it goes more than 10 to 12 feet away. It was completely out of control and ended in some trees and then the grass. Rear rotor stopped working. $60 straight to the trash bin. I own 4 RC copters of different sizes. This looks good the box, and should stay in the box. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  55. Save your money! Review by EM

    I received this helicopter on 2-1-12. I charged up the battery and followed the Mfr. sheet on set up and adjustment. It flew just fine- for about 3 minutes, then the tail rotor motor burned up mid flight. The quality of this item is poor. The radio control also was poorly assembled and came with a broken wire on one of the battery contacts. The spring was bent when the item was opened for the first time to install the batteries, so it also would not work at first. I would not recommend the Double Horse 9100 based upon my very short experience right out of the box today. Looks nice but is of inferior quality. Avoid being disappointed - pay a little more and get a different brand hopefully better quality control! (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  56. Double horse Double Trouble Review by David

    Cheap price, cheap product. Dosent fly worth a #^$^ and the servos are weak swash plate is a worthless piece of dung unless modified.It couldn't even go forward or back, even with the trim set all the way forward it just went up and drifted around until it either crashed or went out of range. Parts began falling off in mid flight so make sure to glue down all the metal tubing and add epoxy to the the plastic mounts or they will break off and you will be hunting for the tubing. The main inner shaft is cheap plastic and it will break after a few crashes. replacing it with an all aluminum unit will help if you can find one that will fit. For 45 bucks if you replace enough parts with better quality you might have a decent helicopter and it would be under the price of the competition. My advice would be save the money and get a Walkera Dragonfly 36 Pro for 110 bucks more. (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  57. Really great helicopter, and alot of fun. Review by cbmirada

    I really enjoy flying my helicopter, and have found it to be very easy. It's a really good size for outdoors. (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  58. Great entry to fixed pitch heli's from coaxial heli's Review by R. Hipp "Absence of evidence is not evidence ...

    Wonderful, durable heli just right for those wanting to take the next step from indoor coaxials to a fixed pitch outdoor flyer or large indoor space flyer. Start with a Syma S107 or similar coaxial , then move to DH AirMax 9103, from that to this, and from this to a fixed pitch 4 ch such as a WL V911 , or NE Solo Pro 2 or GW Xieda 9958. I own all of these helis and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. For the most part they are all very robust and durable - and FUN!! Buy extra main blades, landing skids and canopies. They are inexpensive. Also get extra rotor heads and linkages and lipo batteries just in case. All are easy to get and inexpensive and you will need them eventually and you will be glad you have them on hand. The WL V911 is great indoors and very controllable in a smaller space. Same with NE solo Pro but the Solo Pro is faster and requires more practice and skill. The GW 9958 has a tendency to slide and is more suited to larger indoor areas, but still a nice heli. I would recommend the WL V911 as the first 4ch. FP. It has a great transmitter and it flies great. Enjoy yourself & great flying everyone! ;) (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  59. Disappointed Review by Ted S.

    This item is totally over-priced. I purchased this item for our grandson who is 14 years old. The quality of this item did not withstand one day of pleasure that he had flying it. The stem where the blade is attached broke, it is made of plastic. There is no way of repairing it - I took it to a local hobby shop owner and he said there were no parts to replace it either. This helicopter is difficult to manuever, but that was not stated at the time of purchase. There are others out there for beginners, but this is not one of them. This is for the more experienced, and it should be marketed as such. (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  60. GOOD FOR BEGINERS Review by prarchery


  61. Shipped with a bad Radio Review by Bird

    Came with a bad radio. Can't get ahold of company so I had to buy another one to get a workable radio. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  62. Great Helicopter for Price Review by Lisa Brannan

    I just received this Helicopter. I have flown the expensive ones and have been flying planes for 25 years. This is a GREAT HELICOPTER for the price. I have read the reviews both good and bad. I think the bad reviews are from individuals that expect this to be perfect right out of the box. This helicopter does take some trimming for it to fly hands off. This is a basic helicopter that needs to be flown indoors or in very little wind, It is not hard to fly. Also this thing can take a good hit on the ground. I would recommend this helicopter. (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  63. Pointless helicopter Review by 96ethanh

    When I purchased this helicopter here on amazon, reviews were 50/50. I decided to take the risk anyway, though, hoping I'd be lucky.

    The 9100 seems to be pretty durable, but doesn't fly properly. Unless you give it full forward trim, it won't move forward at all. But when it has forward trim, you can't stop it/make it go backwards. And did I mention that it also can't fly straight? Yep, that's right, it banks left constantly, making it extremely difficult to fly outdoors (if not impossible), and totally impossible to fly indoors.

    I would definately not recommend this helicopter to anyone. (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  64. leaning to the left? No forward? Review by METAL

    After fighting with the left hand lean, I agree that some balence issues need to be addressed. I started by flipping the batt over and moved the wiring to the other side. Then (with the heli facing me) I took the swash plate tie rod off on the right hand side, cut it in the middle and shortened it about .020" and used plastic epoxy to glue it back together. 100% better!!!!. And to get better forward movement, I took the horizonal plate off the boom and cut the wings off. seems like rotor wash pushes it down in the back. After all that I can hover in the kitchen. lol. still seems to drift around a little but im new at heli flying.Hope this helps. Thanks. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  65. No stablity out the box. Review by New to amazon

    Right out the box (after charging of course) there was no kind of control. drifted left and wouldn't "Hover" at all.
    i even had a friend that was experienced in flying try it and couldn't control it. he suggested i do some adjusting and trimming of the controls. I did that and still wasn't able to control it. i am by no means an expert, but you should be able to somewhat fly the thing out the box. Another friend and i bought one on the same order and his flies. I'm guessing luck will determine if yours works or not. So be prepared to return it or use it for parts when you buy another one because its too damaged to return. Maybe number 2 will work better. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  66. Understanding German Not Required Review by nobody

    You guys need to watch this YouTube video. Durability of this heli is tested. The guy cracks me up! (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  67. Junk Review by Tallon85

    Junk a compleat wast of money will not hover at all throttle up to hover and it does a 6 foot circle pointing in the same direction to bi to fly in an average size room controls are the laziest if ever delt with and no adjustment for that can't fly it outside because the littlest bit of wind upsets this heli flew it threw about 4 or 5 charges and got discusted with the thing if they could speed up the controlsand get the thing to hover in a stationary spot it would be excellent because the power to weight ratio is great and it holds a charge for long time (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  68. buy spare parts, learn to fly this one Review by Gwlans

    This is a fast intermediate heli, learn to fly this on calm days, in the park, before trying to move up. It pitches and yaws, and is very fast for a beginner. It's pretty durable, but I would suggest getting a couple of main heads, (they break easily) and then after you've crashed it several times ascertain what you've broke! lol.. order the parts and you'll be just fine! Figure on a new front cowl too! (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  69. Shoddy Electronics Review by B. Peters

    This is coming from a guy who loves hobby-grade RC vehicles, so I might be a little picky, but I thought this heli was a complete failure because of its electronics. I fly RC airplanes and drive RC cars, trucks and boats. I've owned electrics, nitros and even big gassers. And I always come back to electrics because of their ease of use and relatively low maintenance. I like the size and looks of this heli. I like the 3-channel design as well. But the radio range is terrible. On my first flight, with the heli's antenna extended to the end of the tail boom, mind you, the heli dropped out of the air due to loss of radio contact within 15 feet of me four times. That's completely unacceptable. The 4-in-1 controller also did not supply enough power to the servo that controls the swashplate. This translates to zero forward-flight potential. At first I thought the servo was bad, but it worked fine when I hooked it up to another receiver of mine. So, because of these two insurmountable problems, this heli has extrememly limited potential. Maybe mine was exceptionally bad, but I saw enough negatives in this one to return it right away and not order another. I'm back to being amazed at the precision with which my Syma S107 flies. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  70. a little info in this heli Review by shaz

    hey i just got this heli, its a great heli, but when outdoors its a bit tricky to handle, some time it move forward and sometimes it does not, if you never flew a rc heil before dont get this one, sometimes it does what it wants when its outdoor... (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  71. Doesn't fly forward Review by SD MK

    I bought this Double Horse 9100. This heli simply doesn't fly forward.
    So, I made a modification on swash plate to lilt slightly forward, but still doesn't fly forward at all.
    I put a little weight on nose, but still doesn't fly forward.
    I exchanged it twice, but the same problem exist.

    Parts break easily, too. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  72. Wally's Heli Review by Cluefus

    It handles very well, and is very responsive to input, More power than expected, so in the house I bumped the ceiling a few times. Outside in a light breeze it's marvelous... (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  73. First flight review Review by carr869

    Double horse arrived on time. Amazon Prime said friday and it's here. I will do this review in stages so I can be fair.

    1. OK, first off this is a really cool looking helicopter. I've read the entire manual step by step. The helicopter is now on charge waiting to go outside. There is absolutly no wind today and it's nice and sunny here in the South, 70 deg. I wil raise or lower my star rating according to the next steps in the review process. Stay tuned for the after first flight review.
    2. Well I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. I no sooner said the weather was nice and it got nasty outside. Looks like the maiden flight will have to wait. Sorry folks. I just want to make sure I do everything buy the book. This helicopter is too cool to mess it up by getting in a hurry.
    3. Took it to the soccer field. This helicopter does not like wind. Weather channel said 10 mph but I think it was a little closer to 5 or 6 mph. Too windy to get it trimmed properly. Also when the heli was about 30 ft. Away it lost it's link to the transmitter and dropped like a stone. To be fair it might be the rechargable AA batteries I had in it. They are only 1.2 volts each. I went and got some alkaline batteries and will give it another try after the wind dies down. Oh yeah, when it dropped to the ground the rotor was still spinning. Go figure. The balance bar hit the canopy and tail boom, causing damage. Not much but some. I put a piece of foam around the tail boom where the balance bar hits to protect it. It will cause some serious damage to the metal tube. Maybe even ruining it.
    3. Got to take it outside for the first time. This is a fun helicopter but, it does NOT like wind of any speed. Take it to the school gym and get it trimmed right first then you might have a chance. All in all I still like this heli. If you want to see a grown man run for cover and sqeal like a little girl fire this puppy up in the living room and watch this thing eat the lamp shades. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  74. 14 and older Review by L. Curtis Dugger "the admiral"

    I rate it a 3 to be consistent with the present overall rating. My 11 year old son got one for Christmas and the propeller broke (crash landing) that same day. I would definitely stress to buy this for kids 14+. It's too much for younger kids (in general)to master. On a positive note, you can buy replacement propellers here on Amazon for less than $10. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  75. The Heli just keeps on going... Review by DionRB

    First of all, this is not coaxial... don't expect the heli to fly perfectly Out-of-the-Box. Single rotors are harder to fly. Second, it's not for little kids to play with. Third, don't down rate this heli because "You" don't know what you're doing. Most of the reviews with complaints about this heli is due to people not really knowing what they're doing. They get frustrated because they are crashing it all over the place and not making adjustments and not checking and keeping the flybar straight. It doesn't matter if you have other helis... each one will behave different. Basically, they want instant gratification and they are not getting it. If this is your expectation, flying heli is NOT for YOU.

    You need to make adjustments first and protect your investment right away. Make sure to adjust the Linkage Rod between the Swashplate and the servo immediately after you get this Heli, you want the Swashplate leveled at zero trim. Check the servo movement with and without load. You should see a very small gap in between the horn (servo arm) and body. Disconnect the connector from the Swashplate and test servo by moving the forward and reverse stick on the radio/ transmitter (TX). If you hear the servo is fluttering all the way up and down without load and the horn is may need to replace it.

    There's a very high probability that the Balance Bar (Flybar) will hit the Head Cover at any given crash and it will crack. So before flying your heli, I highly recommend that you carefully remove the Head Cover and line the inside with a layer of electrical tape to add durability. Put the cover back on and angle the Balance Bar towards the center of the Head Cover and put three layers of electrical tape across... make it look nice please. It will not prevent it from cracking, but it will lessen the damage and it will be covered by the tape. Just push the crack back in place and it will look like new. (Speaking from experience). Angle the Balance Bar the other way towards the Tail Boom and mark where it will hit. Wrap about three inches of electrical tape there also... because it will get hit.

    I recommend buying spare parts such as the Main blade, Inner Shaft Head (Get a few), Head Cover, Landing sled and a Balance Bar. Also, remove the Tail Boom Brace (decorative bar) and the horizontal tail fin (stabilizer) that it's attached to. The horizontal tail fin is close enough to get the down draft from the main rotor and making it hard for the Heli to tilt up and move forward. The plastic piece that's holding the Decorative Bar will break no matter what and when it does, don't bother replacing it. Another benefit to this is... you'll also get better forward movement because there's less weight at the rear.

    Ready for a test flight. Get a training gear! Turn up the throttle just to get it going without lifting off the ground... adjust the trim left or right until it stops turning. Yes, it will drift a little to the left during take off... this is normal.

    Practice take off and landing like making small to big hops. Get to know your Controller/Radio/Transmitter really well. The more you practice before real flight = less parts to break = save money. Practice alone so that you'll likely less tempted to "Go for it". Anyway, enough about that... this Heli will have TBE (Toilet Bowl Effect) due to bent Balance Bar... if it's slightly bent, you'll also notice the vibration at low RPM. TBE --> That's when your Heli is flying in a circle while facing one direction and it makes it hard to control and more prone to crash. Remove the Balance bar carefully and roll it between your thumb and index finger while holding lightly on the other side. When you roll it, you'll see where it is bent. Make light corrections accordingly. Once you get the Balance bar straightened, hold it next to the tip (Don't hold the tip) and roll it from the other side. You'll see if the tip of the Balance bar is bent... make corrections accordingly. Put it back and be careful not to bend it while doing so... attach the linkage, it should perform like new.

    Get used to removing the balance bar because you'll be doing this each time you have a big enough crash. Another thing... you need patience... if it's windy outside... don't fly it... just don't. Don't make me say I told you so! Since this heli doesn't have a strong forward movement, a small wind gust or breeze is like a hurricane for this size fixed pitch Heli.

    If you want to push the potential of this bird... you'll have to modify the Swashplate. By default from manufacturer's design, the pivot point is way at the front. With this design, the angle of the Swashplate for forward movement is very minimal as the servo has to work hard to "lift" the Swashplate from the back and slightly push against the main rotor to change angle of the blade and the Balance Bar. You can even see the whole assembly lift slightly upward. Just a very bad design.

    Well, I finally got around to modifying the Swashplate on my Double Horse 9100 and it made a HUGE difference. I fly it more than ever and enjoy every minute of it. It can take on light wind and handle so much better. It can now fly forward, reverse and hovering is a beauty. It's a totally new heli!

    What I did is change the pivot point of the Swashplate to the middle. The plastic frame that's holding the bearing is thick enough to drill a very tiny hole on each side, I used 1/16 inch drill bit. (Don't damage the bearing). It is very important that the hole is centered with the main shaft. It took me some time to think of a material strong enough to hold the Swashplate in place and also has a spring action to keep pressure and stay in the hole. I ended up using the handle on one of those very small black binder clip... perfect! It's better than paper-clip. I'll call it the "Control Arm" (Left and Right). I used a small pair of pliers to get it straightened ... I kept the angle on the tip as it's already angled perfectly to go in the hole. I also drilled two 1/16 inch hole on each side of the main shaft bearing block and two 1/16 inch hole on each side of the frame... close to the bottom to anchor the bottom end of the new Control Arm, just follow down the middle. I bent the bottom tips the same way as you see on the existing servo linkage, the one attached to the servo horn. Then I have it lean against the frame to give it the spring action I was talking about... then up to the side of the Swashplate. I sure hope it makes sense to you as it's hard to describe the steps.

    Update: I found this video on youtube "Double Horse 9100 RC Heli Awesome Modification" and it's similar to what I did.

    Update: I had an issue with the signal... it got so weak, no signal connection/bind beyond five feet... The heli would just drop. Not good. I re soldered the antenna and rerouted it from the front, down to the hole under the battery and place the antenna wire between the landing sled's frame and the heli's undercarriage, down the middle towards the back. Now the antenna is completely away from other wires and metal frame. The signal is back and I can go beyond fifty feet and still have control of my heli. Sweet!

    I hope this review will help someone enjoy this Heli and save more money than me ;^) (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  76. Wonderful Review by norma buchanan

    My 14 year old grandson has had a blast with this helicopter!!!! He and his dad have had so much fun. Of course, as it states, it is not indestructable, so we need to order a new part. Good thing the parts are not expensive. All in all, it is well worth the price to see him and his dad having so much fun. It so much better than the ones you buy in the store. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  77. GET IT AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!! Review by Vegas Charlie

    Like most, I was looking for something to help with the transition from co-axial to single blade. Let's face it, it just looks cooler and is a lot more manouverable. It seems like the reviews are 50/50 and since I couldn't find anything else at this price range, I decided to take the risk.

    The good:
    Despite of what some reviews say, this is a well built, pertty solid heli. I've had a couple of harsh landings and side swipes without any real issues.
    The battery and supplied charger seem to work great and i get a good 6-8 minutes of flying time.
    There is a definite learning curve and most will find this much more challenging, however, the heli is by no means "UNCONTROLABLE". I've managed to get it off the ground and in a pretty stable hover the first day.
    I've flown it twice now and I already see progress, so it's a good learning tool.

    The Bad:
    The transmitter is of cheap quality. The battery caddy didn't quite fit and power would cut on and off. I was able to easily mod this to work. The antenna is very flimsy and I almost broke it the first day.
    The heli has a hard time going forward no matter how I trim it. I've seen some mods on youtube recommended for this as it seems to be a common issue.
    YOU MUST FLY ON EXTREMELY CALM DAYS. This thing gets affected by the slightest gust of wind and can easily fly out of range or worse even in mild winds.

    Overall, I am pleased with this purchase and am enjoying learning on this heli. If it actually came with a bit better transmittor and had better calibration of the swashplate out of the box, I would give it 5 stars. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  78. The copter that did not work Review by Mark C. Leroy "Piney"

    I open up the box and everything looks good...I charged the battery and the lights came on the helicopter,then I put batteries in the remote controle and nothing,no light on the controler its just dead..I laughed when i saw the pass inspection sticker on the controler.. (Posted on 12/21/2011)

  79. Well built, poor quality control. Review by Alexander G. Luthy

    The product arrive well packed and seemingly well built. The balance charger works with no issues with the LEDs like some users have noted, the problem, however, was in the transmitter itself.. After installing the batteries I switched it on, no joy. The led remained dark. Upon further inspection I noted that one of the contact plates for the batteries was never installed. It didn't fall out, it was just never installed. I believe this because one end has the spring, the other is crimp riveted through the battery tray thus making it impossible to fall out unless the tray was destroyed. This is a huge failure in quality control asit renders the product completely unusuable. I will do my best to find a workaround and further review the helicopter itself once I get it up and running. (Posted on 12/20/2011)

  80. RC DH 9100 "KEEP IT FLYING" Review by Jer R.

    If you have read some of my reviews you know I have had quite a run on repair parts, but as I stated in one of the reviews this is only my beginning for flying helicopters. Thanks to Amazon I have been able to keep my 1st 9100 flying good a new. Great selection of parts and quick service.I decided last week to order a new 9100 from Amazon. My old one looks pretty banged up when compared to the new one, but the main parts that make it fly work fine. Still has the original cover,blades and undercarriage. The new one flies even better than my first and having no crashes make you feel good because it's a sense of being in control.(Finally some good news)
    To those who are thinking about buying, here are some most important things you need to know that are not in any instructions that come with the copter:
    1st--Do not attempt to fly in a wind or strong breeze.I have a ribbon hanging in the open and fly when it's not moving.The slightest breeze can cause a crash or lose your copter. Notice the trees for movement.
    2nd--Most important--cut the power to zero immediately if you sense a crash and absolutely to zero if it crashes. Protect the PCB by doing this or it could burn out.
    3rd--I added a penny to the underside of the cover to give more forward thrust.
    4th--Add some insulation to the tail rotor tube if you want to protect it from the balance bar ends striking and leaving dents in the tube.(something light)
    5th--Wait 15 to 20 minutes before trying to recharge the battery.
    6th--Adjust the speed trim to zero, so the motor stops when cut to zero. When set high the motor may not stop immediately when cut.
    7th-Those of you having trouble with the copter going backwards-check your servo and make sure it's working. You should see movement when switched on and off and the swashplate bottom or top needs to be level to the carriage frame and move up when using the hand control to go forward and goes back down when releasing the control. (up for forward and down for backwards).
    I am applying this listing to my new copter and I have had a half dozen of great flights. No roofs, trees, powerlines and no CRASHES.
    8th--Last thing- Hand launch and grab back at the end of the flight. I just don't like the sideways movement when launching from the ground or cement. It can tilt over and bust the inner
    shaft or buckles. This is a decision you have to make.
    I love my new copter. This one is a 40htz where the old is a 27htz. This new one seems to respond better.I hope you find this helpful in aiding you to successful flying.
    Read some of my other reviews for tips not given in this review.
    Thank you Amazon! (Posted on 12/18/2011)

  81. Not a good learning chopper Review by harmontech

    this chopper is durable but it will not go forward and drifts to the left unless you know how to modify the swash plate. i would not recommend this to anyone that wants to step up from coax. (Posted on 12/17/2011)

  82. 9100 double horse Review by heli jim

    I would not recommend this heli you are better off investing more money for something better.

    reasons this heli does not fly forward with out a lot of effort squirrel y when in flight.

    mine broke after 5 flights parts are cheep construction. It would been nice if they better quality parts.

    The idea of this heli is good but cheep parts. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  83. Disappointed Review by Flying Dutchman

    I read the reviews after purchasing this product. I really expected that the people rating this product low were just beginners or poor at r/c helis. Boy was I wrong. The left drifting issue occurs with most fixed pitch single blade helis. This is fixed with a fast take off. However, once you get this thing in the air there is no telling what's going to happen. I wouldn't fly it indoors at all. If flying outdoors you had better have a large open area with no trees at all present. Avoid flying in any wind at all cost. Beyond 15 feet my heli would not respond to any commands resulting in an engine stall and fall to ground or flying into an object and crashing. Even unwrapped the cord to extend range on controller, but this did not help either. It flies way too fast to have such a short response range. It is extremely twitchy at the controls making it even more difficult to control. Circuit board seems to be very fragile and easily damaged. Initially my rotor motor was non responsive. Had to hit it a few times to get it flying straight out the box brand new. The main blade's shaft appears to break very easy as well. Went to order a new one and noted that it was out of stock hinting at a production problem. The only pros that I have is the price and styling. Don't know of any other brand producing a 3 channel single blade fixed pitch copter. I guess you get what you pay for. I found the DH 9104 to be a much better bang for the buck! (Posted on 12/14/2011)

  84. Stay away! Not worth it at all. Review by Matthew

    This has to be of the worst rc helicopters ever. For those of us that just want a 3 channel rc helicopter that is RTF and fun, this is not it. It is fast but i prefer that it goes in the right direction. I have never had to make that many adjustments just to get a good flight. I did get one good flight and that was all. It is now a $50 paperweight! Sure I could buy the spare parts but I would rather spend my money on something worth it. I chalk it up to a learning experience. I should have payed attention to some of the other reviews. I don't mind spending the money, but if I could have gotten just a little enjoyment out of it that would have been nice. When it crashed (no wind at the time of flight) the decorative bars broke, the tail rotor (actual motor) snapped off, the head cover shattered along with the holders and the fly bar bent. I have quite a few choppers and they are all working just as good as when I bought them, so it isn't a lack of experience on my part. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  85. Double horse 9100 Review by Ahara

    The double horse came in good condition. Everything came in at the same time. Looks like a good product but it's missing the connecter rods for the prop. Haveing to buy them my self just to fly it. But looks fun to fly (Posted on 12/8/2011)

  86. double horse Review by tatted

    love this thing!! you need lots of room to
    fly this bad boy. and you really should have no wind. any wind at all will really have you chasing this thing all over the place. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  87. Beware!!!! Double Horse 9100 Review by tmreed1

    I recently purchased 4 of the Double Horse 9100 RC helicopters. Trust me... THESE ARE PURE JUNK!!!! Anyone writing a review on this site and giving this product high marks has to be a plant from either the vendor, Mfg, distributor ect. All 4 units broke in various spots while landing in a grass field. (2) Head Cover Canopy cracked. (1) Landing Skid broke in half (1) Inner Shaft Head Assembly broke. I have been flying RC Copters for a long time and know how to land so this was not a case of "hard landing" or "dropping from sky" they were normal landings on grass. Beyond this the units lost control on several occassions. The remote that comes with this unit is crap. On 2 of the units I had to turn the power switch to on and then bang the battery compartment cover to get the unit to come on. Please do yourself a huge favor and look at a different Mfg and unit before you purchase this piece of garbage. I hate being ripped off by anyone who produces junk products and then puts that item on the market. I can assure you I have no ties or obligations to any Vendor or Mfg of this item, I'm just trying to spare anyone else from wasting their money. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  88. after 3 i duds in a row! Review by ROCKIN ROB

    i was lucky. every year microcenter, a homedepot type store, national chain gets helicoptors for the season holidays. i have a couple syma i bought 3 years ago still flying/. well they got the d-h 9100, in and rubbed with glee.. well a duds a dud , all three died the first day . how? after on -3 flights, just dropped out of the air, and the motor, main , stopped working, tail rotor, just fine. but u don't fly on the tail rotor.. they are wonderful on returns, wanted a heli not my money back, after the third return, .. turns out over 95% of all they sold where returned, the rest , are for xmas.. so bad they pulled them the sale sheet, over a 150, they bought for the season nationwide.. all fried.. so quality, control. well your warned, a national chain.. throws the towel in.. don't you make a mistake.. to see 4 myself, 3 fall out of the air, omg x3 don't need , lucky i did not get xheli.. i would bought it.. for sure! just get something, anything else.. robert (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  89. Looks Great but Does not Fly well Review by Dad 'O' Three

    Product shipped out and arrived quickly. First thought was what a cool looking toy. Tried it outside on a calm day and was very disappointed at the quality of the control functions/response. The helicopter would go up and down and tail would turn quickly but the forward and backward function worked mediocre at best. I tried to adjust the trim in order to get the thing to go forwards and backwards but it would drift/tilt to the right every time I tried to go forward or backward. I looked online at different websites and could not find any answers as to why I could not get the thing to move in a steady direction. I watched utube videos about the heli but none of them helped. The instructions were no help at all and the discussion blogs didn't offer any answers to my heli's problem with forward movement. Swash plate was level and pitch servo worked fine but all said and done I charged and tried to fly this toy 6 times and I never was able to get it to fly forward. I did crash it several times and the body and fame held up fine but overall i'm disappointed with the way this helicopter works. (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  90. This is pretty much awesome! Review by Jimmy "Sumo"

    So, you can gather from the title that I really like this heli. It flies amazingly in my opinion.

    I've started getting into R/C helis in just the last few months - I'm still kinda new to it. I first bought a Team R/C mini gyro military heli. It flies easily and is pretty quick for an indoor model. I also have the Syma S107G that is much slower but is very easy and fun to fly. So, that's my experience up-to-date.

    I was a bit worried about crashing this Double Horse 9100. Since it is larger and has more mass, if I crash it, it will get damaged easier than the little indoor helis. I'm going to be nervous until I get used to it.

    I've only had it out for about 10 minutes of flight but it is easier to control than I thought. I haven't crashed it yet. It has got PLENTY of power. Oh my goodness, it has power! Even with a very slight and gentle breeze last night, I was able to get it to hover nicely.

    The first thing I found is that it is quicker responding and more maneuverable than either of the mini indoor helis I have. This thing can spin around at least twice in a second because of the tail rotor. It flies more like a real helicopter.

    I found that in order to get some forward travel, I had to push the right stick forward to get it to pitch forward, which is typical, and the 9100 would start to move forward but it wasn't flying fast. I then started to realize, I had to push on the power at the same time to start getting it to fly forward quickly. That's when I started to get the hang of it and I was able to "fly" it around my driveway.

    - it flies relatively easy and has PLENTY of power
    - controls are easy - I had it flying in minutes (I know, I didn't fully charge the battery - too excited to wait)
    - nice looking design and color scheme - nice LEDs
    - it is FAST! when compared to mini indoor dual prop helis
    - seems to be made durably, IMHO, for the money (lots of "bang" for the buck)

    - the remote feels a little cheap in fit and finish (it works)
    - I didn't get any spare parts in the box (some people do)
    - since it is bigger and heavier, it will get damaged easier than the mini helis (that's just a law of physics)

    I would highly recommend this heli for the money. While the remote control is a bit "cheap" feeling, it works and the heli looks to be built very well.

    Other thoughts:
    Oh, and I do get the "pull to the left while the heli is on the ground" thing, like other reviewers have seen, but it's not a problem. I just give it more power and it takes off. I've had the mini helis do that too if they start to lean while taking off from the ground. Adding more power overcomes this.

    It is definitely an OUTDOOR heli - I just tried it in my basement and I'm not good enough with it to keep from "finding" the walls :-) , not yet anyway.

    Having the mini indoor helis was a good start for me. I would not have been able to fly this 9100 as easily if I had no other experience. (Posted on 11/23/2011)

  91. Happy ending Review by Timothy L. Brinkley "Skill is discovered, not...

    I had my fun but due to issues beyond the foreseeable control of the vendor, I had to settle for a partial refund. The vendor was most gracious and proactive in getting a problem solution that was acceptable. So in the end these guys take care of their customers. Happy flying out there. (Posted on 11/15/2011)

  92. Double Horse 9100 Review by TANKSZONE

    The Double Horse 9100 isn't for beginners. I flew it when i got it it crashed and broke the main shaft and bent the balance bar, and the cover on it. I got replacement parts for it flew it a second time same thing happend. I am now on my 3rd set of parts I am waiting on if the main shaft breaks I will advise to buy more main shaft parts. other then the main shaft breaking everytime it crashes it is a cool toy. (Posted on 10/29/2011)

  93. Don't Buy, Poor Quality Review by awem

    I've bought two of these now, and both broke within a week and less than a couple hours of flying. In both cases, the circuit board fried. The second time this happened, it caused the motor to burn and emit gray smoke.

    This could be a really fun product, especially for the price. There IS a drift issue, but I was able to fix that with a paperclip, and later, by shortening and re-gluing the stock plastic arm on the right side. Other parts of the heli seem durable and even after a few crashes and some bent tail rotors, it was still fly-able. I even picked up some extra batteries online for cheap that extended flight time.

    But really, the circuit boards give out so easily that you should spend your money on something that isn't going to break as soon as you learn how to fly it. (Posted on 10/29/2011)

  94. Manufacture defect in shipped item Review by South Texan

    This item was purchased expecting a three channel "hover" helicopter. The unit shipped would not hover according to the instructions. It is my opinion that the assembly was not aligned correctly so it moved in a lateral direction immediately. There is no trim or adjustment available to counteract this movement so it would not "hover" which is a part of the name of the helicopter. (Posted on 10/25/2011)

  95. van Review by Van

    It broke after its second flight. We took it out and it broke. I ordered the new parts and it never flew right. I ended up throwing it in the trash. (Posted on 10/25/2011)

  96. Wh Wh Wh whopper of a Chopper Review by Tyy Daymon "Tyy Daymon"

    This is my 4 th RC heli and my first single rotor. I love it. First of all the copter is very stable. I was told the single rotor was substantially harder to controlle in comparison with double rotors. It may be true but this copter is not that hard to learn to controlle. This is by far the fastest copter I own. It's incredible when going full speed turning sharply. The controller is also a smaller step up with trimmers for all directional axises and throttle. Also a knob for lf/rt spin and horizontal rotor knob as well. The copter has great range the highest I've flown. Two LED lights help with night flying but the are better lit copters for that. Blue tail light and white nose can add to confusion as to exact heading when flying out and back. Side to side or parallel flight is best t night. There is some controlle delay when at max range. The nose cone is not very flexible and has a tendency to crack. As happened on my first crash to the grass. Very precise controllers but to big for indoor flying A home. I also notice that the paint chips on the plastic cone and rubs off on my fingers. I do recommend this a an intermediate copter or firstl single rotor due to the exceptional gyro. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  97. Awesome TOY! Review by CLINTON1030

    Ive always bought the big RC Heli Models which cost me thousands of dollars. I Bought this for my son as a starter helicopter to get the Best after review on youtube i found it to be a very TUFF TOY! (Posted on 10/22/2011)

  98. Double Horse - an awesome development Review by Christopher H.

    I have been planning to buy and learn to fly some RC helicopters for a long time. I bought the Syma S107G on a whim because I got such a good deal. It really hooked me. So I bought this Double Horse 9100 on the basis of liking the idea that it was a new development in this area as it has a single set of rotors but flies like a simple 3 Channel co-ax. I love it. It is fast and way more machine than my little Syma S107G. I have flown it three times, all at night, and this past evening I really started to get it to behave in the air. It doesn't like wind so wait for calm conditions. Incredible. Did I mention I love it? (Posted on 10/22/2011)

  99. From a Rookie Review by Eric H.

    Changed Review...

    Well I'm new to RC Helicopters. Bought a S107 and within a week my controller went out.
    So I purchased the 9100 and received it in just 4-5 days of purchase. So here it is.

    1. This heli does not move straight forward that fast, but if you angle your forward movements it will move fast so it takes a bit of getting used to flying at an angle to the right then an angle to the left like a swaying motion or you can fly it in a wide 360 pretty fast. Again it will not go straight fast. Be careful if you are a rookie like me because when it picks up speed I hope you aren't next to trees because I was and crashed it, but it still worked.

    2. It doesn't do good in wind, but you can make adjustments while flying. Still if there is wind you will need a big area to fly in because it will fly in the direction of the wind no matter what direction you fly it in, but it will fly and watch the height of flight because a light gust will take it away. Another lesson learned from me.

    3. Don't fly at night if you are a rookie. that's what I did and I couldn't tell which way to turn the heli when it got to far away and crashed it into a tree a couple of times.

    4. Durability: Well I just said I crashed it into a couple of trees and it still flew ok. Unfortunately I crashed it into my work Van and the main blade broke, but it still can fly, just not forward anymore and the swaying in angles don't work anymore also. It can still moves left and right though and hoover and I move the trim way forward to get forward movement. So I ordered new main blades. You should do so also.

    5. Pass Reviewer issues: Yes it does pull to one side when you left off, but can be adjusted once in the air. Flight time is short. About 10 minutes. Will try one reviewers suggestion of unplugging the LED lights to get 20 minutes of flight time. Burning issues of engine. I suggest like other reviewers to allow 15 minutes after your charge to fly it.

    6. As for the controller, it takes a few flights to get used to it, but I really like the fact that it doesn't have that spring action on the ascend and descend. Which makes hoovering a little easier for me. Also I got about 60-70 meters of control with it. I may have been able to get further but couldn't tell which direction it was flying in at that distance.

    7. Charging:It takes about 1hr 15 to fully charge. The green light will start flashing and when it stops flashing you are ready to go. Again I suggest from other reviews to give it time to cool off before flying.

    All in all I really enjoy my 9100 and I ordered another S107 just to have fun inside with a heli. I recommend for the rookies to fly more than a week with a S107 before jumping to the 9100, but if you must jump ahead, don't fly the 9100 to high and make sure you are in the grass for soft crashes.

    Next will be a 3D Heli. Good luck everyone with the 9100!! You will love it. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  100. A Gamble at best Review by Sam "S.S."

    Looking at the other reviews, it seems that due to the quality of build, you are gambling on whether you get a good one or a bad one. The one I got had the take-off immediately to the left problem. Once in the air, it stabilized, but would continuously hover in an oval pattern. No matter which way I flew or turned, it would keep trying to fly in the oval pattern. Trying to land it was challenging. I had a few lands in thick, soft, grass, but this did not prevent one of the rear boom stabilizer bars from coming off and the tiny screw holding the tail wing from breaking. Overall, it is cheaply made. If it flew properly, I think it would be fun, but get some spare parts ready!! (Posted on 10/19/2011)

  101. Broke Review by Timothy H. Williams

    The back rotor on the back of the heliocopter didn't work at all right out of the box. Waste of time.. (Posted on 10/9/2011)

  102. garbage Review by me

    this thing is piece of junk. if you want a decent rc heli get the blade sr120 its a 4ch but its way better and you can get parts for it at almost any hobby shop. (Posted on 10/9/2011)

  103. Good quality product but sideways launch make it hard to control Review by GizmoGeek

    The quality of this product is good and it seems relatively durable. The only problem is that on take off it goes sideways (to the left) and there is no horizontal tilt trim so it become very hard to control on takeoff. This might also be because I am a beginner and need to learn to compensate for that tilt in some form. Just have plenty of room for the helicopter until you get used to it. (Posted on 10/8/2011)

  104. Cheap Review by Badger

    This is a sharp looking heli that tricked me. I haven't been flying that long but am reasonably good at it so I thought it was time to step up from my Syma S107g, but I was wrong. As soon as I took this out of the package the charger crumbled in my hands. The antenna feel apart when trying to extend it. There is no forward thrust at al. The turns are to fast and sharp to even really control it. Durability is great though but I have realized I need to stick with the smaller indoor helis for now. I would not recommend this item but that is your call. (Posted on 10/4/2011)

  105. watch for wind Review by alanjay

    be very careful with the wind. If you are flying too high and catch a slight breeze...pray there are no hazzards around. A small gust took my heli about 150 yards into a tree line never to be seen again :( All in all, its a good buy, not a great buy.'s good fun for under $60 (Posted on 9/29/2011)

  106. DH-9100 Review by O. Hernandez

    Amazon seems to have delivery down to a science, they deliver within a few days!
    Although my Dh-9100 was and I did say "was" alot of fun to fly the connecting buckles were not durable at all and were lost after a couple of unfortunate crashes which ended my experience with the DH-9100 until I could get new parts for it which just arrived and I have not assembled them yet, I also am having trouble with communications with the transmitter and the reciever some times it works and sometimes it does not, all in all I have would not to buy this helicopter again. (Posted on 9/27/2011)

  107. Heli fun Review by Jeff

    This little machine flys very well. Good value. No ability to fly sideways which is a little frustrsting if you have flown fully functional helis. Good value for the price. (Posted on 9/17/2011)

  108. About as stable as the U.S. economy Review by J. Ward

    This thing is total junk. I've owned several of the small Sigma helicopters and can fly them with ease. This thing will not even hover properly. You need an area about the size of a football field to fly it in if you don't want to be crashing every five seconds. Once you get it off the ground it takes off in one direction or another and crashes before you can adjust the controls to get it into a stable hover. It did this outside with no wind and inside as well. Even with an empty two car garage I could not get this thing to stay in the air more than five seconds before it would get a mind of its own and smash into something.

    Don't waste your time or your money. It will bring you nothing but annoyance. (Posted on 9/16/2011)

  109. Fantastic, cheap toy! Review by Anhtuan Phan

    I bought this heli because it was cheap and I was quite surprised at how it flies. If you have the Syma S107, the DH 9100 flies exactly the same except faster. Because it's faster, it won't stop as quickly so be sure you have plenty of room. I would not fly it indoors. As with all 3-channel helis, it can turn left/right but cannot move left/right (i.e. sideways) but that's not an issue if you have plenty of room. Parts are cheap and plenty on eBay. There's a video on YouTube of a guy abusing the heck out of this heli and it still flies ([...]). If you want cheap fun, get this heli. If you're an experienced heli pilot, you may be disappointed. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  110. Looks great! Review by monkeysocks

    But not enough forward speed to overcome a slight breeze, causing it to catastrophically crash into quite a few pieces. (Posted on 9/6/2011)

  111. So near, and yet, so what. Review by BuzzMega

    At about $54, this model seems quite nice. Well built. Potentially versatile. Pretty impressive.

    Then you have to learn to fly it. Quickly it becomes obvious that even though it is tagged with "HOVER" on its cowling, it does everything except that.

    The one I received had a strong tendency to fly backwards and toward the side and not forwards well at all. The turn control worked well, the trim controls worked well, but could not stop the machine from flying backwards. I ended up putting an 8 gram bolt taped to the nose of the machine to get it to tip forwards and fly more or less to the front. Still it was biased to the right side. On take off it tried to crab to the left, but once up, it still had a strong crab to the right. Go figure.

    I spent a week of short hops trying to learn how to get it to go where I wanted with only mixed success. It came down hard many times from under 10 feet without damage any more than grass stains and paint rubbed off. This in our back yard. So, encouraged and feeling very macho, I took it to a park where it could soar more freely. The first flight was fun, and with more airspace I began to see its possibilities, but a crash screwed up the top of the blade assembly permanently. Replacement of all lost parts needed to make it flightworthy again would be 60% of the original cost at the lowest price parts place I could find. &^%$#@!! Everything was intact except a broken ball joint and its connecting link was lost. Lesson learned.

    Anybody want some spare parts cheap? The Xmitter is 40.680 MHz. Heli frame, blades, motors, RC, all fine. $30 buys it. A clever googler looking for "buzzmega" should be able to get a note to me... (Posted on 9/4/2011)

  112. HOVER FUN Review by DADDY1


  113. CATCHES ON FIRE! Review by Roobus

    DO NOT BUY! I have had 2 of these. The first one caught on fire within 3 minutes of flight and the second one caught on fire after about 10 minutes. These things are junk! Also, the lightest breeze will carry this thing away. (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  114. hifly Review by kanaka50

    great fun flyer, got better when I installed a 7.4/1100mah lithium/ion battery & 370 motor 2X flite time & power. (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  115. Fun to fly! Review by CLC

    Having flown several coaxial, and 1 fixed pitch rc helicopter I thought this bird was really stable considering it's a single rotor heli. It flies as well as my highly modified Blade CX2 coaxial and a stock CX2 costs $180.

    Out of the box, I charged the battery, centered the trim knobs and took it outside on a calm evening and it flew flawlessly. You are limited by 3 channels and have to adjust to that. It has little to no power against even the slightest breeze. A large room or dead calm day will get you the best results.

    The lights help with orientation at night and just plain look cool!

    For the money paid, this is a great value. Stay within it's limitations. Check it before each flight to make sure everything is in place and screws are tight. If you are about to crash or hit any of the rotors on anything, drop the throttle quickly. This will save your receiver and minimize any other damage. (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  116. Not Good at all Review by AZzi

    Not first timer flying....
    The DH 9100 have good looking lines and stile but...
    The DH9100 New shipped from the States to my FOB in Afghanistan " to have some fun".... never happens...
    Flying time for my New DH 9100 was 10 seconds, as i say is not my first heli so i know what to do with them. also i took some time and build my Test Stand in my tent to have the right seting on my New RC Heli. I secured my RC Heli to my Test Stand and I check my settings all was good no tumbling or vibrations, no left or right spinning, gyro set and tune, Heli ready to flight.
    next i went out side for the first flight only 0.2 mph / 0.17 knots hr" perfect wind/weather conditions to flight, lift off and went airborne i push a 1/2 of throttle the heli lift like 10f high and smoke came out and crash braking the undercarriage, the sides bars and the inner shalf. I am so disappointed with this RC that i will not recommend to my fellow soldiers or any other RC Heli's fan. I will not bother to return the heli back to the States it will take like 5 or 6 moths.

    <a href="">New Double Horse 9100 "Hover" 3-Channel Sports R/C Helicopter w/ Built in Gyroscope</a> (Posted on 8/18/2011)

  117. Warning: Dangerous!!!! Review by FauxStar "fauxstar"

    I was so looking forward for this RC helicopter, we have actually purchased 2 to fly them together ... But as you can see I am so disappointed that I am giving 1 star to this product and overall experience that came with it. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Well, thanks to dear Amazon fulfillment who doesn't seem to think at all they've sent us 2 RC choppers on the same frequency. I'd like to meet genius who packed them together. BTW product comes in 3 frequencies: 27, 40, 49 MHz. Amazon sent us 2 at 27 MHz. For that fail one star is off.

    2. We contacted Amazon Customer Service immediately, just wanting to exchange one of the 2 for different frequency so we could fly them together, but apparently that was too much to ask from dis-service in India. Overall experience of that dis-service was beyond horrible. Amazon take a note of this. This people are hurting your business: Generic, copy paste answers, for instance your Customer service rep Kumaran was only offering refunds, hell bent on loosing money for Amazon instead of just doing the exchange we wanted. I told him 10 times during our chat we want exchange and no refund, but he strongly kept on offering refund only, and no any other solution. Unreal. He kept us in circles sending me links that were sending me back to Amazon's so called customer's service again, while we insisted to talk to real seller, because these people and their service were absolutely useless. Finally he gave in and gave us real sellers e-mail.
    For this "service" another star goes away.

    3. So finally we contact the Seller, and of course , seller is super nice and offers different frequency right away. But here comes the catch. I have to ship it to him (at my expense I assume) to L.A. and wait another 15-20 days for the replacement???? Well there goes 3rd star away.

    4. So in the meantime we've decided to try one of the choppers, battery is charged according to instructions and we turned it on: boom it just goes down in smoke and flames. Yes in less then 2 seconds it was caught up in super intense smoke and fire and sparks and flames were coming out of the canopy. That is just ridiculous. This thing can take your home down. This is some serious stuff. Now this definitively takes the last available star out.

    I am absolutely confused. I've checked online and bingo , other people had that experience too. Here is an example given by brick an mortar retailer who was checking dh 9100 for the customer in his store: " I did open a box for this guy (his customer), checked the charger, radio, the fliped the heli switch and it caught on fire, turned it off took off the canopy pulled all the plugs to see the circut baord better, and it was missing 1 power transeister and and a big diode between the other power trans. when compared to the flying demo`s board."He was wondering in his review: "but what if this was pluged in at his house and burned it down..."

    Maybe this was all bad luck, but I doubt it. I learned today that Amazon has outsourced and bad service, Sellers kinda don't care if I have to wait total of one month to get working product, and dh 9100 has issue with catching up on fire. (Posted on 8/15/2011)

  118. Tail motor stop working Review by M. Ordo

    I received this Double Horse 9100 as my BD gift, and about 2 minutes of flying of the maiden flight, the tail motor stop working, making spin the helicopter, it didn't work any more. (Posted on 8/13/2011)


    It was a Lot of fun for the 2 days I had this hei, until my boy was hovering it about 40 feet in the air, and A Big gust of wind took it Like 100 yds and out of range in seconds, as we could only see it and wave GOODBYE!!! HOVER IT CLOSE! (Posted on 8/9/2011)

  120. DH 9100 rc helicopter Review by woodsmag

    So far it's a great heli. A little harder to fly than my co-axials but I'm learning. Likes to pull left initially but I figured it out quickly. Overall, I would recommend. (Posted on 8/3/2011)

  121. Awesome 3ch heli! Review by Ashley

    I have a 4ch and a 6ch fp and cp and neither one of these helis would come close to the durability and ease of flying than this bird. I have been flying elec. helis for a while but this is a break through for a gyro 3ch fp. By the way my order was quick and the quality of product was great, as long as you don't fly in high winds this bird will last for a lot of flights. (Posted on 8/3/2011)

  122. Very nice Heli for the money Review by Abraxas "Velturas"

    A Great choice for anyone who wants to step up from the indoor coax heli. Preforms better than my 200 dollar Air Hawk (which is junk). This can be a handful if you are not use to a higher powered heli. Not recommended for a beginner.. With a vertical tail rotor it can get forward speed very fast. If you are looking for a heli you can fly outdoors this is it. Be patient with this bird, there is a learning curve. Flys very similar to a fixed pitch 4 channel heli for 1 quarter of the price, and 10 times more durable. A nice feature is it has 2 trim controls, one control for forward/ backwards and another for right/left. I have flown it in light winds up to mabey 10 mph. and it does great. Make sure you have alot of room to trim this beast, and remember to set it level when you turn it on to set the gyro. This is an Amazing heli for the price, I wish I'd had bought it sooner. (Posted on 8/2/2011)

  123. NOt as easy as you think it is... Review by Hassankobe

    As a fixed pitch 3 channel heli, I would recomend to go for the 4 channel heli instead. This has barely any control when airborne. No way you can fly this indoor, unless in a very large space like a basketball court. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  124. Nice heli, but not steady Review by Kristine Parsons

    This is a very nice heli, it climbs very fast, landing is not a problem. But as in other reviews, it is rough to control. It has difficulty moving forward, when it moves forwards, it moves very slow. It has strong tendency moving sideways, making it very hard to control, most of the time it swing like crazy. I have flied several choppers before, btw. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  125. VERY DANGEROUS - CAUSED FIRE - DO NOT BUY Review by Vincent Montecalvo

    When it arrived, it looked beautiful. My son and I took it out of the box, charged it up for about 3 hours, then took it on it's maiden voyage. I took off really strong, but the very slight breeze just carried it with little control. After about 3 minutes the final flight carried it into a bush near the house. No big deal, we went over to the bush and the helicopter was smoking, and smoking like crazy. All of a sudden, after about 10 seconds it just caught on fire! The bush caught on fire as well! Luckily there was a hose near by so we were able to extinguish the fire. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, it just poof, went up in flames. If the hose wasn't near by I'm afraid the house would have caught on fire. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  126. Easy to Fly Review by F. Gleason

    This copter is as easy to fly as any single blades I've ever flown. I would recommend flying in no or almost no breeze. A gymnasium would be best.It will take off like a kite with a breeze. It flies very well with no wind. I've ordered its bigger brother the 9104 which seems to be an improved version with flexible blades and skid plate. (Posted on 7/23/2011)

  127. Good mid size heli but... Review by bungeeguy

    I have the 9100 and the 9053. I think straight out of the box the 9100 is a better heli, it flies very well, is very stable and had moderately good speed. Because of it's smaller size it can also be flown indoor if you have a large enough area. The down side: it is a little harder to fly if this is your first heli and will struggle in a light wind. If you are not modding the heli the 9100 is a better choice.
    If you have the ability to do the basic mods to the 9053(invert the bottom blade grip set, add a larger tail rotor and bigger battery) the 9053 is just more fun. Do not mod the balance bar! tried it and it just makes the heli wobble.
    The 9053 is substantially larger and is really a blast once properly set up!! (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  128. lasted 2 flights Review by Kyle "gixster"

    this helicopter only lasted 2 flights, on the second flight i was flying about 20 feet up and it just stopped and fell out of the sky and broke several parts. while i was looking at it i could smell burning electrical parts, so something fried after about 10-15 mins of flight. On the note of pulling left, it does but i found it worse if you tried to ease into it. give it more throttle faster and a lot of it goes away (Posted on 7/18/2011)

  129. Be Ready to Return This Review by Francis F. Rovella

    Remember this is a $60 RC Helicopter
    First time out with this one, the main motor smoked and fried immediately, got about 20 seconds of flight.
    Okay so the quality control is nonexistent, I laughed at the QC sticker, but don't get me wrong I'm returning it and getting another. This product is very cool and worth the risk. From the reviews, I've read it's just a luck shot to get a good one of these but it'll be worth it if you do. (Posted on 7/14/2011)

  130. Great Heli for the Price..... Review by Spawn

    No RC Heli will do well in the wind. This unit is easy and fun to fly. I had no problems with the unit turning left after I trimmed it out. Very easy to trim and control!

    The pitch of the blades change which gives this unit much more control and speed over a coxial heli. This thing is built like a tank and will hold up well after use. I get about 6-8 min of flight time & about and hr of chargeing time.

    If u are new to the rc heli gig look into the Syma s107 first and practice indoors. (Posted on 7/13/2011)

  131. Excellent alternative to learning real rc helicopter flight control. Review by Nick Nishino

    Nick from Honolulu Hawaii
    I recently purchased this 3channel helicopter locally at Toys & Joys paid a retail price of $ 79.95 Which was a great buy for a local purchase. If ordered online additional shipping charges would have been within that price range. The HELICOPTER is excellent for beginners who want the realism of Helicopter flight control unlike the easier to fly COAXIAL type twin rotor style. The CARBON FIBER LOOK which is metal stampings looks great, The Dual Stick radio control had a pro style look and offered additional fine tuning controls for throttle left and right and angle pitch for the main rotor blades. The instructions pointed out an important issue for the main rotor. Due to a factory install error you may need to remove the servo arm and adjust it up about one notch and ck for level flight i found by making this change the HELICOPTER had a better heading control while starting upward flight. Another critical factor was the main rotor blades was causing an off balance vibration which was resolved by sanding the paint off one blade and checking the weight difference on a precision digital mini weight scale. I was also able to increase the flight time to 20 min by unplugging the led lights especially during daytime flying. I do recommend flying this model outdoors in light wind only. The 7.4 volt power is strong and powers the twin motor system with no problem. Adding a light touch of precision oil to the rotor bearings and tail motor also allowed a longer and improved flight operation. Overall its a great alternative to learning real flight control in comparison to the typical easier to fly COAXIAL TYPE HELICOPTERS. (Posted on 7/11/2011)

  132. outstanding buy Review by kidmoh

    first off, let me set the tone for this review and advise all that this is a fantastic helicopter to buy.

    IMHO, this helicopter is not for beginners. i broke mine in two weeks but that is because i am a newbie to the helicopter flying business. trimming this helicopter was challenging. to assist with trimming i would suggest a training gear; they are cheap and readily available online.

    in regards to parts, at first they were difficult to find. now (four weeks after purchase date) they are becoming more available as this helicopter becomes more popular.

    out of the box, this heli was ready to go. the helicopter comes with its own battery. however, you have to buy 8 AA batteries for the remote.

    i would recommend this heli for flyers who are familiar with the hobby and have handled previous helis before. if you are up to the challenge then go for it. (Posted on 7/5/2011)

  133. BE CAREFUL !!!!!!! Review by MJG

    Got my DH 9100 today via fedex. Very fast shipping... Big ups to Amazon for that... Had the chopper in the back yard in extremely light wind... Upon take off the chopper wants to pull to the left... No amount of messing with the trim knobs will fix this... Once you get it in the air it flies well... Only trouble I had is getting it to fly forward... No wind at all would take care of that issue... So all is well until I fly it into a tree, at which point it was hanging in the tree by the tail rotor. Once I got it down and tried to fly it again I noticed the tail rotor was spinning at full speed, which once I got it in the air it caused the helicopter to spin uncontrollably to the left. Nothing I could do would fix the issue.. I tried to take it apart to see what the issue was.. Turned it back on and a puff of smoke rose from the tail unit making my bedroom smell like an electrical fire... Tail unit = useless... The replacement part is 6 bucks but from what I saw difficult to replace... My DH 9100 after only a few hours is a parts chopper now.... Going to try the DH 9053 or a different syma model next time... Be extremely careful when flying this heli..... IT WILL GET AWAY FROM YOU IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL...... Other than the issues I had with the tree, great heli fun to fly.. Made me want to get a 4ch. to do more....... Good value, hence the 4 star rating.. Only thing that kept it from 5 stars was the durability issue.... nonetheless, would recommend..... (Posted on 7/1/2011)

  134. Damaged product. Review by Fred

    Hi all,

    I purchased for an Helicopter Radio Control Double Horse 9100 but it came with a metal bar from his tail missed, that bar did not came at all.

    I looked for that in the box but it came at all, the helicopter came incomplete. I realy do not know how this affects its performance but the thing is the toy came damaged for sure as that part was not and came broken.

    Please provide a response soon.


    Freddy Monge R. (Posted on 6/30/2011)

  135. awesome 3ch. Review by simon thornburg

    Nice chopper. A great step up from mini indoor copters but in the slightest of wind it'll get away quickly. For the value, you can't beat it. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  136. It's ok for the money.. Review by Jeph

    Don't expect too much.. and if you are a good pilot, it will operate fine once trimmed properly until you have a decent crash. Then, it's pretty much done.. for some reason the gyros are never the same. After that you can expect to fight it the whole time. I've had two of them now and they were both the same. They are also very prone to interference if you live in an urban setting like me (this is how I lost the last one). (Posted on 6/12/2011)

  137. great for the price Review by team flyer

    flies great out of the box just make sure its not too windy and lots of space to fly . (Posted on 5/27/2011)

  138. Great Heli Review by Werner Kujnisch "Fruits and veggies forever."

    I've been flying the 3 ch Double Horse 9100 for about a month. It flies great in winds outdoors up to about 10 mph. Might be tricky landing it, but still fun. I just ordered and installed a 1000 mah 7.4 v battery and now the 9100 flies much longer.
    I highly recommend this heli to others. It's just great fun flying it. (Posted on 5/26/2011)

  139. Double Horse 9100 Flight of Fire Review by Spinner

    First fight went as follows.

    Lifted off, adjusted trim, flew around a while, brushed tree, burst into smoky mass.

    Copter is a little rough to control because of discrete positions on vertical throttle. It snaps from position to position, sometimes making it hard to hover or make subtle landings but was able to get used to it after a couple of minutes.

    Eventually, the wind took the copter into a tree, but not too far up so I wasn't concerned. At contact with the tree I killed the throttle, but apparently not soon enough. The copter fell about ten feet through the branches and landed cosmetically unharmed, except it was smoking... a lot. Turning it off did not stop the smoking. Had to unhook the battery cable.

    It appears that on tree-contact the rotors got jammed by some leaves, putting the motor in a fixed high-current situation which very quickly melted the components controlling the motor and locking in on-full, causing more burning and melting until the battery was disconnected.

    After removing the leaves and reattaching the battery, the main rotors spun full-on even with the copter off, and more smoking commenced.

    The circuit board is melted and the copter is useless after one flight. This is not my first copter but is the first to catch on fire. I've had many other similar brushes with obstacles and never this result.

    It should be self-evident to the designers that this condition would occur and some kind of current interruption should be included in the controls design.

    Would not recommend. (Posted on 5/20/2011)

  140. Durability and Performance Review by rrlouis

    The Double Horse SM 9100 single blade helicopter is a good choice to enter the outdoor helicopter market after you have flown those smaller indoor copters, like the S107. Also, this is a decent copter to transition from double co-axial blade helicopters into the more realistic single rotor copters. On take-off, the 9100 tends to pull a little to one side, but this can be overcome with just a little practice. I found that the twin decoration bars that support the tail bar and the associated plastic connect parts for that are the first to break if you have a moderate crash. Getting those parts can be tough, but they are out there on the net. The main rotor blades are remarkably tough and have taken a beating and not cracked or broken. However, the body cover is very thin and will crack easily if it hits the ground on the nose or collides with anything. The weighted gyro-bar on top of the main blade will come into contact with the tail bar and dent it. I found that by taping a small padded square at the point of contact prevents further denting. On my copter, the swash-plate servo seems to have malfunctioned after three weeks. When I transmit forward motion to the helicopter, the servo shifts upward and then flutters so that the copter does not get smooth fluid forward thrust. I tried to trim this with the transmitter, but cannot get the servo to perform again like it did when the copter was new. I don't know if I damaged this servo in a crash, or if it just went bad. I plan to purchase a replacement servo, since I like this copter. When working well, the copter is fast and very good for a 3 channel. Actually, I like the three channel performance since I am not good enough yet to handle side-to-side movement well on the more advanced copters. This copter is a stable transition from indoor to outdoor copters. (Posted on 5/14/2011)

  141. Double Horse 9100 "Hover" lives up to the hype. Review by minisoldr

    This heli is awesome. I have been looking at it on the internet for 3 or 4 months reading the reviews and thinking it was just hype.It's NOT! I got into this hobby when I brought a mini-copter from a friend 6 months ago and have been hooked ever since. Even though I've only been flying about 6 months, and I don't have a lot of flying experience, right out of the box this chopper is easy for me to fly. All I had to do was adjust the trim on the control and I was in the air and boy was I flying.I found myself in my back yard laughing like a kid screaming WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing really moves! I have not had the chance yet but I will be taking this thing to the biggest field I can find so I can really open her up and let her rip.The response on this thing is incredible and for the first time since getting into this hobby I felt like I was flying a real RC Helicopter.It takes about 90 min to charge the battery but you get at least 10 strong mins of flight. For those of you, like me, who have only flown the "Co-axial" tpye choppers with two mian rotors don't worry. This chopper is as stable and easy to control as any co-axial although I would not recomend this for anyone with no flight experince because of it speed (start with a mini co-axial first).If you are thinking about buying this chopper go ahead. It's Well worth the money and you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 5/13/2011)

  142. Great Helicopter!!! Review by RTF Extreme

    Last March, I started flying with the Double Horse 9053 Volitation and within three weeks of flying, I wanted a fixed pitch helicopter without putting a dent in my wallet. I researched the Double Horse 9100 and found that it is the best and only 3 channel helicopter on the market. I read great reviews on it, so I bought one of these from and am very glad I did. After adjusting the trims on it, it flew great out of the box. This thing is fast and handles as if it is a 4-channel helicopter.

    I did find that it is a little fragile though. There was an incident where I was flying in light winds and the helicopter started coming towards my face. I caught it in mid-air while the throttle was on and the balance bar cut into the canopy, causing damage to the circuit board. Not a problem! I had to order the circuit board from China and the canopy locally in the US. I soldered the new board on and replaced the canopy and I was flying again in no time. There are spare parts available from suppliers in the US, but if you need a new system board, it will most likely be from China as I haven't found a vendor locally.

    I highly recommend this helicopter for the novice pilot. I like it so much, I bought another one! For the price, it's well worth the $56.00 I spent!

    Thanks for reading! (Posted on 5/13/2011)

  143. Great Heli Review by jeff wilcox

    I just picked one of these up. Started with a S107 indoor heli. This helicopter is very easy to fly. Mine is very stable with no drifting at all. Pretty fast too when your only used to the little guys. I would recommend to anyone new to the hobby looking for a good quality inexpensive heli. In fact I am ordering another. (Posted on 5/4/2011)

  144. Great Next step Helicopter or for coordinated Beginner pilot! Review by L. Sallack "THL Performance"

    First off 3 channel! much easier than 4 channel, next only 1 rotor blade! so it looks cool! 3rd. This thing flies great! controls, left stick is up down (controlled by rotor speed) right stick is forward backward and turns the tail left and right, the trim knobs work great to controll unwanted rotation or forward or reverse motion. I tried 6 channel crashed it, 4 channel also tough. I flew 3 channel twin rotor they were fun and easy perfect for beginner but they lacked forward and reverse thrust. The double horse takes care of this! would recommend.. (Posted on 5/3/2011)

  145. Tons of fun Review by D. Enlgert

    This is the first helicopter that I have ever flow and so far it's been a blast. Seeing that I have replaced a couple of parts on it, I would have to say it may not be the best starter helicopter out there, unless you really take your time with it and make sure it is a clam day. I did a little research on it pulling left and found a great website explaining why that is, but Amazon will not allow links. :-( but if you Google reviews and read killbuckets review you will see this is common in all helicopters of this kind. So please educate yourself before giving this helicopter a one star please. This is turning out to be a great new hobby and can't wait to upgrade to a four-channel helicopter, but I'm sure that's not till quit a few more crashes . :-)

    Happy Flying!

    Ok, I have upgraded to a four channel helicopter, the Blade 120sr. I still like the Double Horse 9100 and it a great place to start, but it is really only a toy compared to a four channel bird. Being able to move the helicopter left and right makes it a whole new game. It is harder to get use the extra channel but once you do you get lots more control of the bird.
    One think I really like about the Blade is that you can get parts locally, and they are cheaper and no shipping charges.
    Not tiring to say the Double Horse is not any good, I still give it its 5 stars, and its a great cheap starter helicopter to see if you like the hobby and want to put a little more money into it. (Posted on 5/1/2011)

  146. Good built quality... however, cannot support wind. Review by Marco

    Pros: Built quality, design, battery...

    Cons: Pulling to the left... cannot support wind, my one brooken during the first flight due to the wind, and it is so strong to fly indoors.

    NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!!! (Posted on 4/30/2011)

  147. Disappoint...Left Drift so true Review by J. Lucchesi

    I was really looking forward to flying this helicopter and I have a little bit of experience flying them. The largest problem that I had with this unit is that it always drifted to the left. I flew it in the house with no wind and every time it lifted off it would go to the left. This is not an adjustment issue. It does NOT hover. It has good durability but I would not purchase this item. I am told that the left drift is an issue with all helicopter with only two blades. Not an expert but read many reviews that all said the same thing... this is a problem with this model. DO NOT BUY! (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  148. Lots of fun Review by vaionut

    Had a problem with the first one, but after getting a replacement all things have gone well. The vendor was great to work with in resolving the issues I had. My grandson and I have been having lots of fun with this heli (Posted on 4/17/2011)

  149. pulling to the left Review by MyFirstRChelicopter

    well iam a virgin to this rc thing. But i got this brand new and its pulling to the left i tried to trim it all the way but still pulling. May be its not a good model for a beginner like me. (Posted on 4/15/2011)


    You will regret to get this. Very POOR quality. I buoght a lot of stuffs at amazon. but never and ever to received a bad quality item like this. good luck (Posted on 4/15/2011)

  151. Double Horse 9100 drift left constantly Review by yo

    The helicopter drifts left constantly making it nearly impossible to fly. I have already crashed it five times. Not recommended, unless your the lucky few that get the ones without drifting then congratulations. (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  152. Exceptional Service! Review by Luis Figueroa "Lou"

    I wanted to personally thank Lenard, for his exceptional service and professionalism. Staff that provides excellent customer service as he did should be recognized, thank you!
    The heli I purchased is awesome, and I recommend it to those RC enthusiast.... I love it! (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  153. Always drifts left. Review by twoputt "twoputt"

    I didn't see the discussion about the helicopter always drifting left, but the one we purchased definitely has that problem. I've tried taping pennies on the inside right to weigh down the right side to minimize the left-ward drift. Its helping a little, but this seems like the manufacturer has a serious design flaw on their hands. (Posted on 4/3/2011)

  154. Great heli for beginners Review by RCpilot

    Great heli for learners/beginners. Down side to it tho you cant crash it very hard or the flight controls break easy. Especialy the inner shaft. This heli trims out really well also. With the throttle all you need to do to hover is set it and forget it then just make small adjustments on the pitch and roll channels and you are set. (Posted on 3/31/2011)

  155. Ok for the price Review by cinekanati "cinekanati"

    Just bought one of these 9100's and the S107 coaxial. The S107 is super simple to fly and rock stable. If you're looking for a heli to play around with indoors, and have never flown one, the S107 is hard to beat. It's durable and capable of precision flight. I have it at work and store it on top of my computer. I can fly it off and land it back to the same place. Lots of fun.

    The 9100 will fly but it is a little more tricky to control. It's very fast and responsive, which usually means not a good trainer. Once you can stay ahead of it, it's pretty smooth flying. Regarding it pulling left on take off, mine does that too. The way to take off is just give it enough power to overcome the left tendency. And turn (right) away from the direction it's pulling as soon as airborne. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can hover with this one and fly simple patterns with it. For first flights, make sure to have plenty of room, like a 50' X 50' area and about 12' high. Hovering stable takes a bit of trimming to achieve. But even once airborne, that left pulling tendency shows up intermittently. Just have to
    watch for it and compensate for it on inputs. From what I've read, the left pulling is common with 3-channel heli's. I read somewhere they are coming out with a newer version that addresses the problem. Watch the 9100 intro on youtube and you can plainly see it favoring left. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  156. Fun to Fly! Review by Tank

    This Heli is a great step up from a 3-channel Co-Axial. One set of rotors and forward and backward pitch. Unlike 3 channel Heli's this has one servo in it so it adds another dimension to control. No one else that I know of makes a 3-channel single rotor helicopter so there is no other brand to compare it to. It proved to be the step-up to 4-channel that I needed before I went to Fixed Pitch. Very durable, I crashed it inside several times on hard concrete flooring and it didn't get damaged. It can fly outdoors with little or no wind. I wouldn't recommend flying it in heavy wind (over 3 miles an hour) unless you want to watch it fly up-up-and-away. Very responsive. Make sure you have plenty of room for indoor flying. This Helicopter is Fun to fly! (Posted on 3/24/2011)


    THESE HELICOPTER IS VERY GENIAL EN WONDERFULLLLLLLL.<a href="">New Double Horse 9100 "Hover" 3-Channel Sports R/C Helicopter w/ Built in Gyroscope</a> (Posted on 3/19/2011)

  158. Best 3channel Helicopter EVER !!!! Review by wmligon

    I have been trying to learn how to fly rc helicopters now for 1 year. I have at least 14 broken heli's around my house, but now I have a lot of experience, and I can fly a 4ch. So, anybody who is wanting to get started flying rc helicopters, here's is a few pointers that I can pass on to you.
    1. Start out with a Syma s107 3 ch. this is hands-down the best 3ch heli, very accurate.
    2. Next heli would be a Mini-X 6025, this is a tiny 4"long, 3ch heli. These little heli's are extremely accurate, cute, and so much fun to fly.
    3. Now, the Double Horse "Hover" 3ch 9100 Helicopter. These heli's are a little harder to fly, but with a little practise you will get-it. This is actually a 3ch collective- pitch heli. Now after you can fly this heli with confidence ,, you will be good enough to move up to just about any 4ch co-axial heli, which is a 4ch heli with the double-blades.
    Esky Big Lama 4ch is a great heli for out-side to fly. Blade MCX is a good 4ch to start out with inside. I sincerely hope some of this experience will help someone else that is getting started in the rc heli's. Good Luck!!! and have fun. (Posted on 3/13/2011)

  159. Double Horse 9100 Will not fly at all with left constant turning Review by Raymond C. Cauchon "KusH"

    To the seller (name left out) Hello, I wanted to ask you if there is a cure for a double horse 9100 helicopter you sent me. There seems to be no possible way to have the item lift up and fly without extremely heading to the left. I have been on Google, you-tube and have tried every possible setting that I have heard, read, or found. This item will only lift up, try to turn over on its left side and there is no adjustment even to the extremes of all the settings, trim tab adjustments. As soon as the main rotor spins up it immediately leans to the left to the point any more throttle will turn it over on its side or drift left. I have training feet added so I can try to see why it is doing what it does and can not seem to find anything wrong in its operation except this constant left drift across the floor dragging the training feet I have installed to protect it. There seems to be no way to let this item go free because I have been a USAF pilot and know when something is going to give a problem for sure. I have other helicopters that do and do not have giros and double sets of blades and this one is not flyable in its present condition. I purchased it from you new and it appears to have no damage or use in the past and there are no parts damaged or broken. The swash plate is also unstable as it will oscillate in either direction and does not seem to have any immediate control at all. If I turned the throttle up enough to allow this thing to get away from me I am positive it will not fly more than a few feet and be on the ground at the blink of an eye. Can you tell me what is possibly wrong because I like it and would like to see it fly one day. I am patient, willing to do what is necessary, and will follow your advice to the letter. It is suppose to be as advertised and it certainly is NOT so! Since I have the Amazon Purchase Protection I will take my time and wait a few days for a decent reply. I have charged the battery twice testing its ability to fly. It has not struck a single thing. The batter has an extremely short life so that makes me wonder as well since I have never given it much throttle ever. This unit as delivered is an accident waiting to get loose from me and I know it will not fly in its present condition. I await your answer before I return it as unsuitable as advertised. Ray Cauchon Spring Hill Florida (Posted on 3/10/2011)

  160. Pretty much the most advanced Review by Joshua M. Sterling "acehighflyer"

    This is the most advanced and forward thinking 3 channel heli I have ever flown. Great responsiveness and it even banks like a four channel heli. Great build quality and design. I am very excited about this heli....ordered another one today. Only down side is that this model is brand new so product support such as parts are going to be a lot harder to find. Like what I have seen so far when flying it. Trim levels are easy enough to adjust and the hovering on this model is very stable for a single blade configuration. The speed on this thing is definitely past what any other three channel has to offer. The characteristics are far more like a 4 channel with servos that affect the pitch of the blades, vs every other 3 channel that is fixed blade and usually a coax/ double blade configuration.
    I would not recommend this heli to someone who has never flown a rc helicopter. Start with another Syma Heli, there is a mini s107, regular double horse which is roughly the same size as this one and the volitation which is 26 inches, a fairly large heli. The volitation is great for beginners as well as the s107. I own both and they provide a stable platform to work with while learning to control rc choppers. Both don't take kindly to light winds, but besides that they are great to fly. All syma's have lights found throughout the frame of the chopper. Night flying with any of these models has to be my favorite pastime. I hope you enjoy this addictive hobby and happy flying regardless of what ever model you choose. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

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