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Panasonic 16.1MP Camera

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Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 16.1 Megapixel Compact Camera - 5 mm-40 mm - Blue DMC-FH25A Digital Cameras

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  1. Great Pictures Review by MamaGillian

    Love the camera. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because I don't like where the zoom is located. It's taken some time to get used to. (Posted on 8/21/2012)

  2. Great Little camera Review by James K. Fantone

    This little Lumix camera is turning out to be a great bargain. I bought it to replace a Canon 1400 that I dropped on the floor while the lens was open. Never do that! Anyway for the price, this is a very good buy. It takes great pictures, and is very easy to use. Small enough to carry anywhere, but not so small it will slip out of your hands. The Canon was a great camera, but from day one it always felt too small for my hands. The Lumix has an interesting feature that really comes in handy. The fast zoom. If you want to zoom all the way, you just press a button and it goes full zoom immediately. Buy it! (Posted on 8/21/2012)

  3. Sharp Lens = Sharp photos with excellent 8x zoom range! Review by D. Chien

    1) One of the best, low-priced P&S cameras around with FAST AF and SHARP images.

    Lens quality is very high. A touch of corner softness in full-wide, but not annoying or visible in most situations. Very high sharpness across the board and 16MP images shot with this vs. Canon & Sony P&Ss in this price range are more detailed and sharper. Simple things like blades of grass are rendered crisply with this model, soft and fuzzy with the other brands tested at this price range.

    2) Realistic color rendition.

    Not over-saturated like Sony's. Real. Sand looks like sand, not super-orange. Grass looks like grass, not pop-green.

    3) Fast system response.
    AF, menus, delete, etc. all work quickly and don't slow you down. Nice.

    4) 8x zoom is a wonder! You can really zoom in and capture things, yet the body is so slim - like most 3-4x compacts. Shift down to a lower MP for capture (eg. 5-10MP), and you can zoom in even further! Nice if you know you'll only capture for 4x6" or screen (only 5MP is required), and you can zoom in much more.

    5) Light!
    Almost too light for the size. At first, you think the battery is missing, but it's actually quite nice once you realize that's it. Form factor is slim and pocketable, so no issues taking it out in a shirt pocket.

    6) Auto works well for low-light and regular situations. Just point and shoot! Pretty much does a very good job all day long, and little need to fuss with anything but the auto modes.

    7) Would buy another if I didn't already give it away as a present and own multiple cameras =P 8x zoom + sharp lens + fast AF + very good image quality are the reasons. (Posted on 8/20/2012)

  4. My first and best compact camera Review by mr.unknown

    This camera is awesome , At first i could not taken some good photos but after that I learned how to use this camera. It is small, very compact and i am carrying this with my jeans pocket. Really useful for college students like me.

    Good : Everything is good , if you are small camera lovers

    bad : This camera does not has zooming while you video recording . it has zoom but before record you have to set up.

    I would recommend to buy this product . cheers (Posted on 8/18/2012)

  5. Received a used unit instead of a new one Review by Marco

    The unit I received was a used/refurbished unit....!!!!
    Everything was packed back inside an old box using plastic bags so poorly and so obvious that there's no doubt that this unit has been used for a while or was a refurbished one.
    Don't ever consider buying from FireBall unless you want used/refurbished item at the price of a brand new item. (Posted on 7/29/2012)

  6. Good little camera Review by Jess M.

    I bought this camera because we are expecting our first child. I don't need to be able to take professional photos, but I would like to be able to take clear, in focus pictures once the little starts darting around the house! I think this camera will fit the bill. It seems nice, but time will tell- the last camera I bought froze up and stopped working entirely after two months of VERY light use. It is a nice size and takes good pictures. The only thing I don't care for is the fact the I have to remove the battery to charge it- I would have preferred to just be able to plug in the camera. (Posted on 7/25/2012)

  7. Excellent camera Review by Armando Jose Rojas Moreira

    I love this camera. It's very easy to use and takes good pictures. I'd had a Cybershot but I bought the Lumix last week and I think is the best camera that I have ever bought. (Posted on 7/25/2012)

  8. Great price, easy to use, lots of battery life Review by J. N. Pimental "Isis"

    The Panasonic Lumix (dmc-fh25k) is so easy to use.
    Insert the supplied disc and it downloads your user guide.
    What I did while reading the guide is held my camera and went over all the features as I read.
    This helped immensely getting to know the camera and all it does.
    The zoom is phenomenal and the picture quality is bright and vivid in any setting I tried.
    I take photos with a light box since I am an EBay seller and also collect dolls and photograph them as well.
    The pictures came out professional looking and I am no professional.
    My friends and family have actually asked if I had someone else take the photos!

    The camera is a good size, lightweight and comes with its own recharger.
    Battery life is much better than other point and shooters.
    I took pictures for 6 hours and the battery was still 3/4 full!
    The price is excellent and in my honest opinion, the only better camera than this is the Canon EOS Rebel and it is much more expensive.
    Grab this camera up! (Posted on 7/21/2012)

  9. I'm impressed Review by MikeW

    I have had a lot of digital cameras, both compact like this one and DSLR like or bridge cameras, so I've got some experience with them. One problem all of them seem to have had is low light. Indoors and almost always indoors without a flash is a problem, but not with this one. Yes, the pictures are a little grainy, but not too bad and they're sharp and in focus. The image stabalization which is advertised on many really works on this one, I took a lot of pictures on vacation at 1/8 second or longer and most came out well, and that is a long time for a handheld shot. The 8X zoom is also very good for such a small little camera, though sharpness does suffer some as the zoom is increased. Battery life is a little shorter than I'd like, while I never ran it out it seemed like I was almost out after only 125 shots or so, the battery icon was showing a low charge. This isn't a perfect camera, more like very good, not excellent and 4.5 stars is what I wish I could rate it, but it has impressive zoom and excellent low light capabilities for a modest price in a small package. (Posted on 7/19/2012)

  10. Pictures will not load up Review by Eric Parton

    Terrible camera. Took minutes to upload a picture to my computer. Would definitely recommend something else if you want good pics. (Posted on 7/18/2012)

  11. Highly recommend Review by Richard A.

    Just returned from vacation and downloaded the pictures. Awesome! Much beter than my previous Panasonic I purchased 3 years ago. Was very easy to use, especially liked the zoom capabilities of this camera. Very impressed with the battey life, bought a backup battery and never had to use it. Highly recommend this newer Lumix. (Posted on 7/18/2012)

  12. great camera for well lit pictures Review by R. Demaine

    I had this camera for about a week and I have to say I was disappointed with the overall picture quality in modest to low lighting situations. Overall I think is it a good well built camera it felt good in my hands, and was fast to load, zoom, and take pictures between shots (I purchased a good Class 10 SHDC memory card).

    This camera did well for outdoor pictures and pictures with good lighting, however it does lack quality when working at high ISO speeds. I really wanted to like this camera.

    Good physical size
    big screen
    great zoom
    fast between pictures
    Did superb with landscape and close up pictures with adequate lighting
    Autofocus is great! I don't think I took too many blurry pictures when I took the time to setup the shot and allow the auto focus to focus.

    Didn't like the pictures taken indoors in moderate to low lighting. lots of static. I've added a couple of pictures to the gallery, one indoor and one outdoor mountain scene.

    Overall impression, good camera for the price, good features, fast. This is definitely a solid point and shoot for well lit shots, I probably could have tweaked and dialed in the settings to allow for better indoor pictures.

    I've ordered a canon ELPH 500 for about $25 more, this particular canon may not be around much longer as it has been replaced with a new model. I'll see how that goes. (Posted on 7/18/2012)

  13. Great, Just what I ordered. Review by Justin

    I'm not really a photographer. Plus, I've never had too much of an interested in general before I started driving around so much. So I wanted a compact camera with a good zoom. This camera certainly fills those requirements. Very small and takes great pictures. You can also edit pictures on the camera itself. Not to mention it starts up quickly and takes pictures fast. Which is always helpful.

    Best Camera i've ever owned. (Posted on 7/17/2012)

  14. Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8X Wide Angle Review by Terry W. Lynch

    I haven't bought a digital camera for many years, and I was surprised to find such a large-pixel camera for the low price. The Panasonic is excellent--it is small, but not difficult to manage. The pictures are easy to download to my pc via the cable and they are beautiful. There are many feaures that I am still investigating. I recommend. (Posted on 7/17/2012)

  15. Great Pictures! Review by In2books

    I bought this camera to replace a Kodak I wasted my money on last year. I wasn't sure about a Panasonic brand camera, but went with the reviews. I am so glad I did. It produces sharp clear pictures with a simple point and shoot. I enjoy the easy of use and I don't have to worry about blurry pictures anymore... (Posted on 7/12/2012)

  16. Poor Service All Around Review by Vince

    Let me get one thing out of the way: the camera is great. It was priced very reasonably and is still what I consider to be best-in-class for inexpensive digital cameras.

    Here's why it was priced so reasonably:

    Shipping from the original order was slow but not terrible - we ordered three things from three different US-based Amazon merchants and this was the last to arrive by two full business days, taking 7 business days. The camera looked unused BUT it was clearly an open box item, and it was advertised as new. The charger included with the camera didn't fit the battery (and the battery fit the camera, so the charger was obviously wrong) so I contacted the seller (Tek Depot) for a replacement charger. They apologized and said they would be shipping a new charger. At this point they were still on track for a 4/5 star review at worst. I understand things can sometimes be confused at the point of shipping. However, a full 8 days later we had not received any charger or any notification of shipping (or delay), so I contacted them again and asked when it would be delivered. They replied that they had JUST ordered it, that it would be coming directly from the manufacturer, and they would be contacting me again when they had a tracking number for me. Eight days to process a replacement charger seems ridiculous to me. So we waited. And waited. Two more days later, I still had no tracking number and no communication, so again I contacted them and asked for my tracking number. Their reply was that it had been shipped USPS and therefore would have no tracking number. Regular mail after almost three weeks of having an inoperable camera? Inexcusable. We finally received the replacement charger - and it's a knockoff from China. (It works, but it isn't what they said they were having shipped.) We will never again purchase from Tek Depot, and the only reason this product receives TWO stars is that the camera is indeed superb. (Posted on 7/12/2012)

  17. Decent Review by steff

    I did a lot of research on this camerea before I bought it and overall I loved it. However when taking pictures inside at my daughter school shows I tend to get blured pictures, I think at full zoom you are going to get that. I do think in the living room taking shots of my 1 year old it did pretty good. Someone stole my camera at a wedding and I have been shopping for another one and I did consider purchasing this camera again due to loving it and still have all the items to go with it and I probably will. Overall for the price it is a good purchase. (Posted on 7/11/2012)

  18. Nice little camera Review by daisyskies

    I've been getting used to my new camera, and really like it! It has great zoom ability, and the battery lasts quite a while. The only thing that I don't really care for is that it takes a couple more steps to switch to movie mode than my old Kodak. However, I'm still very pleased with this camera. (Posted on 7/11/2012)

  19. Good Price, good product Review by Mrs.Moon

    The price is great and the product too, I will suggest that if you just need this in order to take simple pictures nothing special, do it
    its a good deal....nothing out of this world of course..dont expect too much
    is just a camera (Posted on 7/9/2012)

  20. Panasonic DMC-FH25 Camera Review by Thomas L. Callahan

    This camera functions very well in "Intelligent Auto" mode, which is what I need. I use it, for routine camera tasks, and to capture computer screen shots of items that I wish to document, like error messages, serial numbers, account numbers, et al. This camera does these closeup shots without flash or special adjustments. It also has all of the routine camera tweeks that skilled photographers use for fine tuning their photo efforts. (Posted on 7/8/2012)

  21. Spend a little more to get a lot more Review by L. Knights "jinx_tv"

    Last year, I went on a horse and carriage ride in wine country with a group of people and at the time I was quite happy with my old hand me down digital camera, but then everyone else there had these great like, 12 and 14mp cameras with big displays and they took better pictures and had better zooms and features.

    So, this year my boyfriend and I were going to the tulip festival in Washington and he got me this Panasonic Lumix so I could be happy and have 16mp and 8X zoom and plus it's PURPLE. I have to admit, this is not the first time I've been heavily influenced to choose a particular electronic device because it was purple, and last time it was a really bad choice, but this time I got the camera and I took it to the tulip festival and everyone admired my pictures quite a bit and I was happy. I was also pretty happy playing with this camera at home - it does much better in low light conditions than my old camera and has good anti-blur and good zoom...I was able to zoom in on some fabric across the room, in low light, and with my maraca hands and the picture I took was very clear with lots of color and you could see the individual threads! So I was happy.

    Happy for a few months.


    I ended up with another camera. I was sent a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 to review and it costs a little bit more than the Lumix and it's 18.2mp with more zoom and more features in general but I was really ready to not be impressed (besides, it was blue, not purple!) But when I started playing with both cameras side by side, I became very impressed with the Cybershot and this Lumix just didn't measure up. When I was looking for a camera a few months earlier, I was confused by all the choices and it didn't seem like it was worth (my boyfriend) paying a little more just to get a few more features or a few more mega pixels, but actually the Cybershot is totally worth it (even if it was my own money.) I took them up to wine country for a bike ride, and gave the Lumix to my boyfriend to take pictures while I used the Cybershot. That gives the Cybershot a disadvantage, since I have "maraca" hands and he has a very steady hand. The Cybershot wins every single time, though. When we both zoomed in on a lizard on a patio and later on a crow in a row of grapevines, the Cybershot had the clearer image, hands down. Even just the fact that it was very bright and sunny out...the Cybershot got more detail and depth in every outdoor blazing-with-light scene. Also, the anti-blur feature on that camera is amazing.

    The Cybershot is also better in terms of basic for one thing, you can charge the camera simply by attaching it via USB to your computer. The Lumix forces you to open the flimsy door on the bottom, take the battery out and put it in the little battery charger. I could go on, but I'll save it for the Cybershot review.

    So basically, is this Lumix a decent camera? Yes. Does it come in purple? YES!!! YAY!!!! Can you get a much BETTER camera for just a little more money? Yes. (Posted on 7/6/2012)

  22. I keep coming back. Review by betweenthepages

    About 4 years ago I received an older version of this same camera as a Christmas present. For those 4 years that blue little Lumix served me well; it survived all that time in great working condition before finally succumbing when I dropped it one too many times (and believe me, I dropped it constantly; I'm surprised it held up for so long). After briefly trying out a new brand of camera that I sent back with disgust, I decided to return to the old & trusty brand that had worked so well before. And boy, am I glad I did!
    This beautiful, updated model seems to be (so far) just as perfect as it's predecessor, for many reasons:
    1) It is the PERFECT portable size to fit in a purse, backpack or even the pocket of your jeans.
    2) Beautiful color and and design.
    3) User-friendly interface for changing modes, turning flash on/off, deleting pictures, and every other function you might need.
    4) Gorgeous picture quality. When taking a photo of my dog, for example, you can see just how luscious and luminescent her fur is, and the gleam in her eyes is clear and crisp. In sum, the photos it takes look great, which leads me to:
    5) Very flattering picture quality as well! (it must be the flash; either way my skin looks a whole lot better on camera than it does in the mirror!)
    6) Easy to use buttons/toggles for zoom, taking a picture, turning on/off, deleting, etc. This comes in handy when asking a third party to take a group photo (there's no long struggle trying to find out how to work the camera).
    7) It's SO simple to charge (just plug the battery into the charging unit, into the wall, and you're good to go; it's also very easy to remove and replace the battery as well).
    8) It's easy to upload photos with the simple, no-confusion USB cord (clearly delineates between which end goes in the camera and which goes into the port, which has been a problem with some other devices I own).
    9) Durability. At least if this model is as sturdy as my last, it will tolerate quite a few tumbles and still looks beautiful despite the scrapes, while never downgrading the quality of the camera itself.
    10) Simple setup. There's no confusion in setting the time/date, or turning down the volume, etc etc.

    Suffice to say I'm in love with this little device. Not only is it sleek & nice to look at, but it produces great quality photos/videos and is easy to use as well. I'd recommend it to ANYONE, literally, whether you're looking for a camera to take landscape pictures on vacation, portraits of family members or pets, or self-portraits. It's an all-around, great camera, and the best I've EVER seen to date (certainly out performs all my friends and family members cameras at group occasions!). If you're like me, this is one purchase you're certain to be glad you made--money well spent! (Posted on 7/6/2012)

  23. Satisfied .. Review by Amit Bhole

    This product is working very well so far as described. The picture quality is not amazing but it is good enough. The overall performance is worth the price. I will try to update the post if something goes wrong. (Posted on 7/3/2012)

  24. Easy to Use. Great Pictures. Review by lump_kin

    So far I have just let the camera be in the Intelligent Scene Selector mode. It has just taken great pictures. (Posted on 7/2/2012)

  25. Love it! Review by B. Ferrante "bonf"

    I am not a photographer by any means and don't know the technical details about cameras. But, I value wonderful photos and was searching for a camera that was easy to use. I hit the jackpot with this Lumix. It is compact so that I can keep it in my purse and can take those pictures that you wish you had, but don't because your camera is at home. It was exactly what I was looking for and more. (Posted on 6/30/2012)

  26. panasonic camera Review by catherine Patalocco

    I've only used it a few times but pictures have turned out great. Easy to use point and shoot camera. (Posted on 6/29/2012)

  27. Piece of Junk Review by Paul Baxendale

    I was in need of a good little camera to take on a recent trip to Costa Rica and picked this based on the many good reviews. Anyone who gave this camera a good review must have painfully low standards. I've had a few compact point and shoot digitals and was happy with the quality of the photos, so I didnt feel any hesitation about buying this. I should have done more research, as this thing basically ruins every shot. Here are some of its shortcomings: light areas in photos are totally blown-out, focuses poorly- 75% of shots are out of focus, very poor digital menu layout--difficult to navigate (not intuitive), photos turn out randomly too dark or way too light, photos taken in darker light are extremely grainy... the list could go on but Ive already wasted too much time on this little hunk of trash. Look for something better... you'll be glad you did. I'd return mine in a heartbeat if I could. (Posted on 6/29/2012)

  28. Good. Look no further. Review by tvb68

    After about six months and four thousand pictures: This camera is really good.

    Battery - 4/10 - does not last as long as it should, I would definitely prefer using rechargeable AA/R6.
    Software - 1/10 - worstest, horriblest, slowestest, stupidestest software that would be perfect for the mid 1980s. Do not waste time installing the garbage that they offer - pictures on the SD card can be accessed directly (they are organised in subfolders containing 1000 images). For editing or minor corrections I use PhotoScape; panoramas can be made, with some effort, using Hugin.

    Picture quality - 9/10 - produces sharp images with very good colour retention.
    Autofocus - 7/10 - generally very good, but missing is a real spot focusing like in high-end cameras. Sometimes has problems with finding obvious focal point.
    Zoom and macro - 8/10 - close-ups come really nice, but watch out for the flash (I recommend taking macro pictures with and without flash). Zoom is quick (after a brief delay) and quite sufficient.
    Flash - 9/10 - for this type of camera it is outstanding.
    Workmanship - 9/10 - some parts, particularly battery release, look like a cheap plastic. However, I accidentally fell on the camera while taking a picture, on concrete surface and everything works despite a dent in the case!
    Low light focusing and pictures - 9/10 - I would not expect such quality from a small point-and-shoot.
    Viewfinder screen - 9/10 - works in any light, brightness can be adjusted.
    Automatic modes - 8/10 - way too many choices, with some of them unclear. I am most frequently using self-portrait and starry night (long exposure).
    Intelligent auto - 8/10 - works excellent, but at times has mind of its own during searches for the focal point.
    Movie modes - 8/10 - high definition films are good quality, sound is decent. Missing is ability to change focus during filming.
    Delayed shutter release - 8/10 - magnificent feature, but 10 seconds may be too little. Missing a counter on the viewfinder screen and/or indicator at the camera's front.
    Image stabilisation - 8/10 - much better than I would expect from this type of camera. (Posted on 6/27/2012)

  29. The Amazing Camera Review by Rantonio

    The Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stablized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD Blue is everthing I expected and more. The price was excellent and the picture are like professional quality. I took it to Target to get a print from it, I was very please with the quality of the picture. This was my first digital camera I bought. I would highly recommend this camera for anyone who want a quality camera for a good price. It's easy to use with alot of features I have yet to use. (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  30. Failed the amusement park/running after 7 children test. Review by A. Lang

    I wanted to love this camera. I also wanted to spend some time looking over the manual, take some test shots and make some comparisons. As I suspected, however, the latter (and now sadly the former) never happened.

    Shutter speed, even on burst mode, is terrible. Almost every shot that had any movement was blurry. Low lighting shots the same. The amount of time between pressing the shoot button and the flash/taking picture event was LONG. Most of the time my subject had already left the picture.

    My third problem with this camera is the extended zoom. The button for it is on the top right right next to the photo taking one. I'd be taking a photo and all of a sudden, it would do a crazy super zoom because it's pretty difficult to keep your finger away from that spot. Forget trying to hold it with one hand. Getting it back to where I wanted it took far longer than my subjects allowed for photo ops.

    One last thing I noticed which I have never experienced with any other camera (even my big fat SLR lenses) is that this camera appears to be a dust magnet. I am constantly having to remove dust from the lens. I wasn't taking photos in a dust storm. Is it getting in there when it is closed?!

    In summary, if you plan on taking pictures of immobile subjects, while standing perfectly still (never on a boat; even a stable, slow-moving one), then this may be the camera for you.

    I included a sample of photos. I'll be looking for another grab & go/point & shoot camera but for now I'm back to lugging my SLR. (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  31. Great photos Review by kk

    I have been very happy with my new camera -- the photo quality is excellent. The camera is easy to use. I am so glad to have the rechargeable battery pack as part of the purchase. And although I bought the camera from an American supplier, there is no problem recharging the battery pack in my home in Japan. I am very satisfied with the product. No more batteries to purchase! That savings actually makes this type of camera a very reasonable purchase. (Posted on 6/21/2012)

  32. Excellent camera; excellent value! Review by Sarah

    Product was exactly as described. A great camera for the price. Takes great picture and has great zoom ability. The features are a total bonus! (Posted on 6/18/2012)

  33. Convenient camera Review by Retired Educator

    The DMC-FH25K camera size makes it very convenient to keep continuously with one, especially when used in conjunction with the Panasonic Lumix Leather Slim Case for FP and FH series sold through (by discountsJungle, $5.58 + shipping). I can't say anything yet about long-term camera quality, but the first few pictures that I have taken with the FH25, including wide angle, telephoto, and close-up pictures, are all first rate. Surreptitious candid portraits taken indoors without flash were high quality. Seller shipped promptly and item arrived long before the projected arrival date. The large number of settings will take time to test, but pcitures taken on the automatic setting seem quite satisfactory for those who want to just point and shoot. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

  34. Another Great Panasonic Product Review by Karl Gosswiller

    I purchase a lot of cameras for my company and personally use a Canon DSLR most of the time...but after multiple Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Casio cameras I tried my first Lumix. Wow what a difference...Canon and Casio both have nice units but the Leica lens in the Panasonic Lumix line makes all the difference in the world. I have converted most of my company over and everyone comments about how much better their shots are. I would go so far to say that photos from these are close to DSLR quality. You will be rewarded over and over for the few extra dollars it costs to go with Lumix. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

  35. Panasonic DMC-FH25K 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Black) Review by Moe Skeeto

    This camera takes absolutely stunning pictures. I was really shocked to see the "modified" zoom capabilities. It is very easy to just "point and shoot!" Great product from Panasonic. Thanks Amazon for carrying quality items! (Posted on 6/5/2012)

  36. Perfect pocket size Review by MnWild

    This has all the features you need for the basic picture taker. Also has enough features to customize. I was looking for a small lightweight camera and this fits the bill. Perfect for me Biking/Hiking, Indoor/outdoor. Flash seems to work well up to about 10'-12' away for detail and will light up 30' across the room in my house.. Simple to use. (Posted on 6/3/2012)

  37. Good value Review by Verge

    The camera does its job pretty well concidering what I paid for it. The only downside is that the battery doesnt last to long and the spare batteries are expensive. (Posted on 6/1/2012)

  38. Love it, but need to buy extra memory card.... Review by InAlt

    I really love this camera -- I am not technologically inclined, and do not have a steady hand, but these pictures come out so sharp and beautiful. I find it light, easy to bring with me, and works so well with my Mac/iPhoto. BUT I will need to buy a memory card, though -- the built in memory only holds about 11 pics --I did not realize I would need to buy something extra; I think it should have come with the camera. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

  39. No USB charging, proprietary USB connector Review by James F. Bellinger

    This phone has no USB charging capability, and uses a proprietary USB cable.
    If you are looking for something compact/lightweight you can carry around and not lose parts, you'd be better off with your phone camera I suppose. With this camera you'll no doubt eventually lose the cable and/or charger.
    Very disappointed in this design choice. (Posted on 5/30/2012)

  40. Excelente Review by Robinson

    Excellente el producto, la camara tiene una resolucion increible y el envio fue super rapido, un excellente servicio que me brindo el proveedor. (Posted on 5/27/2012)

  41. Great Camera Review by ADAM J CON

    Took it to Germany. Worked flawlessly. Took over 700 pictures. A great camera for point and shoot. Good motion control. (Posted on 5/25/2012)

  42. Received as a gift, BEST camera I own! Review by A. Hudson "papillon_lover"

    My mother bought this camera for me as a gift. It was a lightening deal the day she bought it. At the time I did not understand because I have several Point and Shoot cameras around the house with almost the same specs. However, she said she owned the camera and it was fantastic.

    I have had the camera now for over two months and I use it ALL the time! It takes wonderful pictures! It is a little bulkier than my other cameras but that does not matter. I have yet to find a camera that you can literally just point and shoot and get a good shot, this camera you can! My other cameras, it would take about 10 pictures before I got one that was not blurry, too late, you name it.

    I have to take a lot of inside and outside photos and this is the camera I carry with me. I will say the night time photos are not the best unless you are taking them up close. My other cameras I grab to take photos I need to zoom in at night, from a distance. This one just pretty much takes a black photo and does not pick up much on zoom at night but that does not bother me.

    For the price range, I am so happy with this camera. Granted I did not buy it, it was a gift but I spent a lot more on my other cameras and they are not near as good as this one. I was buying Pentax, Fuji, Samsung; you name it thinking I was getting a good name. I did not think Panasonic made great cameras but they proved me wrong. I will stick with them in the future. (Posted on 5/23/2012)

  43. Amazing camera for affordable price. Review by L. Franck

    Bought this camera because I was heading for vacation and I had a friend who had one she loved for the last 4 years, and it was a great price with all the specifications I needed. My last camera was a more expensive Canon that became useless in about 6 months. My sister and parents bought the same Canon($200) and both were also unhappy with it. I just took a week vacation to New York City and my pics are so fabulous!!! There are so many extra features that are easy to figure out on this camera that, even with horrible lighting on some occasions, I was able to get pics that my photography major friend with her $1500 SLR camera couldn't get!!! I was able to take several hundred photos without charging the battery. The charger comes with it (the Canon didn't). I would just snap away even though I didn't think the pics would turn out well, and at night when reviewing them, I was surprised to find I didn't have to delete many. LOVE it!!! (Posted on 5/19/2012)

  44. VERY Pleased with Purchase of the Lumix FH25k Review by x

    I bought this camera as a replacement for another Lumix point and shoot I had for the past 5-6 years. I've always liked the build quality and great pics that the Lumix family of cameras provide. What sold me were all the stellar reviews on Amazon, the Leica lens, and the rock bottom pricing ($139 a few weeks ago).

    The camera feels light in your hand- almost too light. Not sure if the body is made of metal or plastic, but it's small enough to pocket if you had to. I'd prefer to place it in a belt looped case for added protection. It might be a tiny bit longer and wider than a standard deck of playing cards. What warrants the 5 star rating from me? What should always matter the most with cameras - picture quality. I made a few basic settings once I got the camera in the mail - highest picture quality, vivid color setting, anti-shake setting 'on'. I popped in the battery after it was fully charged (about 90 minutes), and a new 8gb class 10 SDHC card.

    After heading to the wilderness of the backyard, I snapped all the familiar images I always seem to shoot when testing out a new camera. Flowers, textures, any stray bugs or birds that might be out. I always take a few shots in the shade, the direct sunlight, macro, as well as zoomed shots. The Lumix FH25 delivered in spades. Shots were HUGE on my monitor - I was very pleased with the sharpness, contrast, and color saturation in all of the test shots. Detail on some of the flower shots were amazing - gentle textures on the structures within the flower were razor sharp. Focusing is fast, so I doubt you'd ever have to blame the FH25 for a missed shot.

    I've only just started to explore all the various shooting modes- just sticking to the basic shooting mode or the Ai mode for now. If you're looking for a quality camera with a lens everyone knows as one of the very best, search no more. The Lumix FH25k delivers. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and look forward to years of shooting with my trusty new camera. (Posted on 5/17/2012)

  45. Camera Broke but Warranty was Honored Review by Rodrigo6767

    I would have given this camera 4 stars except for the fact that it stopped working after a few weeks of very light use. Upon pressing the power button, the camera lens would come out and attempt to open. It would fail to do so and then have to be shut off.

    I sent the camera to the Panasonic Service Center for warranty service in south Texas. They promptly mailed me back an identical re-manufactured version. I did have to pay for the postage to mail it to their service center. Their service center didn't seem to have any user friendly way to tracking the status of the camera and the warranty claim.

    I gave the camera two stars because
    1. It failed and I had to go through the trouble of the warranty process
    2. But the warranty process and customer service was decent.

    It has a rechargeable battery. I prefer cameras that take AAs.

    Other than that I like the camera. (Posted on 5/16/2012)

  46. SOOOOO DISSAPPOINTED Review by darren

    I am returning this camera right now! tried taking pics on mothers day and my 13 year old told me that this camera add years to our faces. I was shocked to hear my 13 YO telling me this. I have printed my return labels and now I am waiting on UPS to come pick this junk up. (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  47. best pics Review by razou

    Takes great night pictures, flexible options for different types of scenes and 1 in 10 are the odds for blurry pics. Sure the recording function does not zoom while taping, but its a camera....enough said. Will not disappoint. (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  48. Excellent Point and Shoot! Review by cobb cruiser "Amazon Fan"

    After reading numerous reviews I decided to purchase this Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25A for my son. Wow the pictures that he takes with this are excellent quality. We are generally a Nikon family so buying this Lumix was a stretch for me, but I'm glad I made the purchase. This is the best camera for the price. It performs better than my wife's Nikon S570 - which is a decent camera as well. (Posted on 5/14/2012)

  49. Excellent Little Camera Review by qmsterling "qmsterling"

    Picked this up for our trip to Europe after doing lots of online research. The battery lasts for what seems AGES, and this handy, little compact camera was easy to use and took great pics. Definitely would recommend. (Posted on 5/14/2012)

  50. Not as capable as the advertising says Review by Walt

    The good: slim, takes movies, looks good, nice LCD on the back, price is decent

    The bad: 16MP is for 4:3 images not widescreen images, and at 16MP the images are so noisy when viewed fullsize that I downscale them to about 5MP to make them look clear which defeats the purpose of buying this "16.1MP" camera in the first place.

    If you're looking for a good 16MP camera then don't buy this camera unless you're willing to sacrifice quality in order to get the lower price. Better 16MP cameras seem to cost a lot more though so it's a tradeoff. If you're looking for a medium quality pocket camera then this one is not bad but I bet that there are cameras with more honest descriptions of their capabilities. If you have a 5MP or 8MP in your cell phone then don't waste your money on this "16.1MP" camera. (Posted on 5/13/2012)

  51. Amazing little camera, just perfect! Review by chava

    I love it! Not a single bad picture. And the response time? Crazy fast!
    I bought it as a gift for my wife and now we fight for it all the time. (Posted on 5/13/2012)

  52. Camara Panasonic DMC-FH25K Review by Nathaly K

    Muy buena Cámara y no es para menos siendo de la gama de las mejores cámaras del Mercado como lo son las Panasonic - Lumix.

    Si estás buscando una cámara para recordar esos buenos momentos de la vida, está es. Sin embargo si buscas algo mas profesional no la recomendaría. (Posted on 5/12/2012)

  53. Very Nice Review by Mchad

    This is a very nice camera with a ton of features and takes awesome pictures. Sleek design, OK battery life, easy to use, shoots great HD video (you have to zoom before you start recording if you need to zoom). Speed burst takes great action shots. Super fast. Great camera. 5 stars all the way. (Posted on 5/12/2012)

  54. A nifty little camera Review by Denis

    Although it can operate as a simple but sophisticated point-and-shoot camera, it also has many custom features that are easily selectable. It takes great, high quality photos and are easy to download from camera to computer. With an added SD card, one has on-camera storage for thousands of pictures. I'm very happy with this purchase. It seems the best buy for the money. (Posted on 5/9/2012)

  55. Price Point Win Review by Graham Oliver

    We've bought four cameras in the past two years, two for ourselves and two for family. This was by far the best bang for the buck. (Posted on 5/9/2012)

  56. Great Little Camera! Review by Kevin Rawlings "cooking fanatic"

    This camera has far exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a small camera that could easily fit in a pocket (and not hanging from a strap around my neck). I did a ton of research before buying one because even more important that small size was the processing time. EVERY other digital camera I tried had a significant lag time between when you press down on the button and when it snaps the picture. This camera can process through the myriad automatic functions and still snap the picture fast enough to catch what you see...when you see it! I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a new one. (Posted on 5/9/2012)

  57. Takes great pictures Review by Carrie A. Southard

    I got this for Christmas and I haven't used it too much yet but I like it. I used it the other day on our trip to the zoo and it took wonderful pictures. I haven't figured out all of the features yet. One thing to note it does not come with a memory card and the memory doesn't hold many pictures. I'm not sure if it was a size setting I haven't figured out but I only got about five pictures on the built in memory. So keep that in mind when buying one. (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  58. Great Family Camera Review by Roger Eisentrager "triggermaninKC"

    Bought this a few weeks ago, for my wife, and she loves it. If this did not work out, would have bought a Canon (our last digital camera that is now over 2+ years old), and Panasonic did a great job with the design of this, and price was great. I would recommend the extra battery pack, and 16 gig SD card too. (Posted on 5/7/2012)

  59. Love Lumix! Review by Bubz

    My first Lumix was a DCM model which needed to be relaxed from too much sand & rough use! This model is more sleek & compact but just as great for point & shoot pictures! (Posted on 5/6/2012)

  60. New Camera Review by Pippi L.

    My last camera was a Canon Elph 3.2mp. I had it forever. Loved it. Welcome to the new century! 16mp! I like the stabilization a lot. Easy menu, easy to operate. Takes great photos. (Posted on 5/4/2012)

  61. just ok for the price! Review by kedimarlon

    I honestly loved this d. camera in the beginning but later on I realized that you cannot print the date on the pictures. The only way is after taking your pictures you need to edit and add the dates on it which is not nice for me. But for this price, the camera is ok! and very easy to use also!
    After several days husband solved the problem. Now I have to say that it is a wonderful camera and I changed the rate from 3 to 5stars :-)))) (Posted on 5/2/2012)

  62. Not good! Review by Sylvia

    I had a very cheap Nikon and loved it, but lost it. I was looking for a point and shoot camera that would take great still pictures of my babies! But this took very grainy pictures in low light, even using the auto option. Was very dissapointed since this camera had one of the better reviews on, I returned it and bought a cannon at best buy. Takes awesome pics, but a little bulky. I also just purchased a Sony(I think), that can fit in my purse. Haven't gotten it yet, but hopefully the pics turn out better! (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  63. First digital camera Review by David

    First digital camera for an old man. After printing manuel and then reading parts, I can now take great pictures and even send them to friends. Very good camera at a very good price. (Posted on 4/30/2012)

  64. Great Gift Review by Kevin Cozier

    Bought this camera as a birthday gift for a friend who is absolutely in love with the camera. It takes great photos with very little fuss. She has had the camera for about a month now with not one complaint. Great purchase in my book. (Posted on 4/30/2012)

  65. Panasonic DMC-FH25K 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Black) Review by Gerald Williams "booklistener"

    Verry happy with this camera; did add a class ten card and all pictures are sharp and clear. It shoots as fast as we ever will shoot, it is feature rich, seems solid and well built. We love it and would expect most people would. (Posted on 4/29/2012)

  66. YES!!!! Review by J. Nelson

    I love taking pictures of the outdoors in Alaska and my 3 children, who are constantly on the move. I have been searching for a decent priced camera that not only takes good pictures but one that also takes great movies. It takes HD movies and is very clear. There are many picture shooting modes, sports is my favorite because i can take pictures of my moving children as they play and i cant even force it to blur. It also doesnt have a long pause between each picture so i can continuously point and shoot. I havent tested it at night yet, but soon will. I love this camera, especially that it comes with a rechargeable battery! (Posted on 4/28/2012)

  67. Panasonic DC-FH25A camera Review by Marjorie Freeman

    This is a great little camera and I have been using
    it to take pictures of new great grandbaby, cactus
    blooms , inside and out side pictures, fishing,
    and have been very pleased with it and the ease of
    use to see the pictures that i have taken .i have
    not had any hard copies made yet but know that I"ll
    be thrilled with them. The camera is small and
    easily carried in a purse. (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  68. Great Review by Elizabeth Fisher

    So far the camera works great. I went to DC a few weeks ago and there wasn't a cloud in the sky but the camera still took great pictures. Also the camera can take pictures very quickly so I was able to capture some fun moments. (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  69. Excellent camera equals Excellent Gift Review by D. Vani

    Recently, I purchased a Panasonic camera for my son's birthday. He had been unemployed for two years and had to sell his old one in order to help keep current on his bills. Last week, he emailed me photos of my grandsons, who I don't get to see nearly enough, and I felt it was a gift for me, as well as for him. The pictures were so clear they almost jumped out at me. He also took a picture of a lake near where he lives. It was magnificant and captured water color variations, the sun, the mist. He is having it put on photo quality paper and framing it for me. I doubt another camera would give such great results. And, it was quite affordable.

    Check it out for yourself : (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  70. Awesome camera for the money! Review by Carolina Torres

    I got this camera mostly because of the high mega pixels and it's small size. I also have a panasonic lumix fz35 which I love because of it's awesome zoom, but it's bulky to carry around. I love the portability of this camera. I can put it in my pocket and forget about it. I recently took some closeups of flowers in my yard. When I downloaded the pictures to my pc, I could not believe how clear, crisp and vivid the picture was. I saw a lady bug on a flower which I had not seen with the naked eye. Because of it's high mega pixels you can get your pictures made into posters without losing any color, clarity or vividness. I got mine for $119 from Amazon. By far the cheapest price around. (Posted on 4/26/2012)

  71. good camera Review by J. Howard

    When my Cannon PowerShot A3100 went Kablooey after being dropped, I went back to using my ancient Nikon Coolpix which is slow as they come and temperamental. So I did some research and found the Panasonic Lumix, which I had always known about. I remembered the commercials and always liked Panasonic's products. I am very pleased with the camera. It is smaller than my older cameras but faster and takes much better pictures. The dial in back is simplistic and the icons are embossed but not in color so are a little hard to see ( so I need to memorize them. ) Still finding my way around this camera, but it all seems quite easy. Best is the zoom lens...very close up and great for product shoots ( Ebay). I think it's a great camera and I hope it lasts me. (Posted on 4/26/2012)

  72. The auto-zoom button is driving me crazy! Review by Jules

    This camera doesn't seem to take pictures as well as my cannon power shot that finally died (due to multiple drops & storing in my mommy bag). I am not happy with the lens, it zooms inadvertently if my finger slips off the click button, and it has a unique USB cord that I have to keep track of rather than using a standard USB. It was cheap....that is about the only good thing about it. Can't wait to kill this one off so I can go back to a cannon. oh, and the battery doesn't last very long, I have to charge it about once a does take pretty good action shots, but then again, so did my cannon which didn't have all the other issues..... (Posted on 4/25/2012)

  73. Just got it in the mail! Review by M. Hansen

    I just purchased this product and received it in the mail today (April 25, 2012). I haven't had a chance to play with the camera yet, so I'll review that part at a later date. I did want to clarify though for those wishing to purchase this item through that it does come with PC software, an owner's manual, a battery, a battery charger, a hand strap, a USB connection cable and an AV cable. That wasn't really clear when I purchased the camera. Hopefully this information will be helpful to someone else! (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  74. Overall, very pleased! Review by AnnieK

    Before the birth of my son, I hardly ever took photos and I was perfectly happy with my iPhone camera. Then my son was born, and I started taking tons of pictures. When I printed them, they looked terrible. They were, after all, mostly taken indoors in low light. That's when I started shopping around and decided to buy this Panasonic FH25k.

    I have had it for a year and a half now I believe and overall I am very happy with it. In outdoor lighting, it gives wonderful pictures with vibrant colors. I take it to the park all the time and I get great action shot of my son riding bugs and playing. I have also gotten some nice indoor pictures when the lighting is good (lot of sun coming through the windows). When the lighting isn't good, the flash works well enough to capture the moment. Without flash, I have gotten some blurry pictures of my now toddler running around. It is a tad slow too in indoor light, but not so slow that I have really missed anything. For a point and shoot I think it is great. I have used other point and shoots and was never happy with them. I have taken some videos too, and they look pretty good on the computer screen. I haven't tried them on my tv yet, but this is leaps and bounds better than my phone camera.

    A couple of minuses, I do get some red eye sometimes, but I can fix that in iPhoto so it isn't a big deal. I don't like in camera red eye reduction for toddlers. He isn't going to sit still while the camera shoots light in his eyes. Also, sometimes while shooting in very bright light outdoors, I get a flare on the screen. It isn't super often, and it doesn't come through on the pictures, and that was my main concern when I first saw it. It is a little irritating, but not a big deal really.

    It does have a lot of options to choose from , with all the different scene modes, and you can change the iso if you feel like getting into it a little more. I recently decided to buy an entry level dslr, as having this has re-ignited an interest in photography that I had as a teenager. Even so, this is small enough that I keep it in my purse so I don't miss anything. Obviously I'm not going to compare the quality of the two, because they are two different animals, but as a mother who wants a small, light, inexpensive carry everywhere camera, I am very pleased. (Posted on 4/22/2012)

  75. LOVE IT Review by Nomad

    Great camera, able to take pictures most of the time without blur on moving targets!!aka babies! and pets who always tend to move when you want to take a picture (Posted on 4/21/2012)

  76. great little camera Review by kokosman

    I don't usually write reviews but feel I should on this product. I recently purchased this product for a trip to Central America. This camera performed flawlessly. the picture quality is as good as the more expensive cameras, for sure. From close up shots of flowers to max zoom, this camera is fantastic. Anybody will be able to pick up this camera and immediately be able to take top quality pictures with the auto mode. Of course, the camera can be adjusted however one wants to their own personal settings but I don't see why since the auto mode takes excellent pictures. I had an Olympus FE 4030 and wanted a camera with better zoom capabilities and megapixels and this camera was up to the challenge. It blows my Olympus out of the water. If you are in need of great little pocket digital camera that is reliable, easy to use, with ability to take great pictures, look no further. For the price and features, this camera cant be beat. (Posted on 4/20/2012)

  77. good basic camera for those who want to point & shoot Review by D-Squared

    I bought this for a family member who knows nothing about cameras or photography and who has no interest in learning more than just push the button. :) So, when shopping for a camera for her, my criteria was - how good will it do on full auto. It needed to focus quickly and accurately and I wanted it to have reasonably nice image quality. I bought this and tested it out for a few days.

    The focus is fast and accurate just as I was expecting on a Panasonic - they usually have very good focus (accurate) on full auto in the point and shoot camera category. On the widest angle setting, outdoors, the picture quality is very nice. Once you start to zoom, picture quality is not the greatest but still OK. Macros are very good on this too. It's very easy to operate if you are a novice. You can set it on iA (intelligent auto) and the only buttons you have to operate are the shutter button (press half way down to focus; press the rest of the way down to take the picture) and the zoom toggle on the top of the camera.

    I wasn't super happy that there was no dedicated movie button (it's in the menu) but I knew she would not likely use the movie function. I also knew that most of the photos she might take would be of her son and grandson, so mostly wide angle (better photo quality) would be fine for her and a little zoom on this still gets you a decent image in terms of quality. I liked the size and weight of this - slim and light weight. I liked the size and shape of it so much that I almost bought one for myself but I prefer different features and better image quality when fully zoomed out.

    Bottom line is - she loves it and actually uses it! Before this, any camera was too complicated for her to even give it a try. This one is not intimidating. This camera has plenty of settings to try out too and I encourage you to try those (sports, portrait, landscape, etc) as you can often get even better results with those.

    It was between this and <a href="">Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video (Silver)</a>. I thought the Elph might actually be too small for her to be comfortable with AND you have to be willing to work the settings more to get the best photo. I find the full auto on the Elph does not consistently lock in on the right subject when focusing - so I knew any camera she had to "fiddle with" would not be the best choice for her. The image quality on the Elph is a bit better but ONLY if you work with the different settings and modes (it also didn't have 8x zoom).

    If you want a budget camera that you can put on full auto and get the right subjects in focus, this is the one I would recommend. 16MP is too many for this small sensor. 9 or 10 would be much better in my opinion in terms of image quality BUT, in terms of what I was looking for and the budget P&S camera category, it is a 4.5 star rating. In terms of all point and shoot cameras in the world, I would say 3-ish so I gave this 3 stars. I wish camera manufacturers would stop playing the mega-pixel race game and concentrate on image quality.

    I've uploaded several sample photos taken on iA too, so check those and others out for more of a feel of what you can expect from this camera.

    I try to make my reviews as helpful as possible so please let me know if this review was helpful to you by clicking the "was this review helpful" button - or ask a questions in comments. I am happy to answer if I can. :) (Posted on 4/20/2012)

  78. 24FPS HD video!? WOW I like it so far! Review by Rick R. Riley "R. Riley"

    My order arrived in good order. What a cute little camera! I have taken about 40ish photos and a couple of videos. The controls are very easy to use and the function menus are pretty intuitive. The anti-shake stabilization is pretty impressive! If you need native 24FPS video, guess what! This camera shoots HD video @ 24 FPS! How cool is that! I put an 8GB SDHC card in and it will hold ~1400 18:9 photos or 10+min of video. this would be a great back packing camera. It's late now, I'll follow up after I've had a chance to live with the camera for a while. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

  79. meh Review by D. Workman

    This camera had fantastic reviews and the price was definitely right! I was very excited to get it. I needed to replace my Kodak z1012, which is only 10mp. This one, at 16 mp, didn't take as good quality pictures.
    The good things about it were it's small size and lots of features.
    The bad things were the software (which had very little editing features) and the pictures themselves just weren't sharp. It took decent pictures, but I wanted something that took great pictures! Even in outdoor light, the pictures were pretty good but not very sharp. Indoor pictures were quite poor, in my opinion.
    The wide lens was pretty nice, I just wish the picture sharpness was a little better. Ultimately, I returned it. (Posted on 4/17/2012)

  80. Good camera for the price - former DSLR user Review by D. Littman

    I purchased this camera to keep in my bag primarily for family events or the occasional photo opportunity. I own a Nikon D70 which I love. While this will never compare to it, it definitely takes fantastic, high-quality photos.


    Super Compact
    Great Battery Time
    Easy to Use Interface
    Fantastic Auto Focus (I have shaky hands)


    The zoom isn't as fantastic as I would like. The photos come out very clear if you're nearly on top of your subject but more than 3 feet and the photo quality reduces.

    Overall, if you're looking for a good, high-quality point and shoot that is comparable in regards to a DSLR then this is a great option for you. (Posted on 4/15/2012)

  81. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25K Review by Thais C.

    Excelente equipo, la resolución de las fotos es muy buena, super nitidas, el zoom y el estabilizador de imagenes funcionan a la perfección. Recomendable cien por ciento.<a href="">Panasonic DMC-FH25K 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Black)</a> (Posted on 4/14/2012)

  82. Great Camera for Realtor Review by Steve-O

    Was looking for a wide angle camera for houses. This makes a huge difference in taking pictures of bedrooms. With a basic camera you can usually only catch 2 walls and this spreads it out and really lets you see how a room looks and feels. The auto focus setting seems to be fine. I have not had any of the blury images other reviews discuss. It feels somewhat cheap and light but it seems to be holding up well. I have shot 30+ homes since buying and it is one of the best wide angles for the money. My last one was an Olympus and the lens went crooked and jammed about one month after warranty ran out. This is a good product so far if it breaks or stops I will let you know and update. (Posted on 4/13/2012)

  83. No fuss good pics Review by Beermongler

    I wanted to replace my wife's old camera with something that would take better pictures. I saw this on sale, read the reviews, and decided to give it a shot.

    The camera takes great pictures right out of the box. You can take pictures pretty quick without having to wait (using a class 10 SD in the camera). The pictures aren't blurry from hand shaking and motion shots don't blur most the time either. The camera is very small and fits in a pocket without a problem. It feels pretty solid and the controls are simple to figure out.

    Overall this is a great camera for taking quick pictures when out and about if you want something that takes better pictures than a phone but don't want or need the high end camera equipment. (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  84. "The Clearest Pictures of Any of My Digital Cameras!" Review by M. Gorlick "markie"

    Pros: -the sharpest pictures, most brillant and super-natural colours!
    -intuitive interface
    -thin, compact and a sexy colour...not your boring black, grey metal.
    -panasonic knows how to make an awesome camera!!!

    Cons: -none so far, replaced an older thicker panasonic lumix glad i did...

    thank you amazon for your quick delivery!!! (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  85. Nice little point and shoot Review by QL

    This is the fastest p&s camera I've ever laid hands on! You know that "thinking" time that most do between pics? This one doesn't need that AND it captures super-fast pics! Awesome! (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  86. LUMIX FH25 is a sweeet little bugger Review by jeanne belliveau

    I carried around my Canon PowerShot Elph for a long time, and I was always satisfied with the results. On my last trip abroad, I managed to drop it onto a tiled patio and "pfft!" there goes the Elph.

    I read a number of reviews on affordable compact point-and-shoot cameras, and what it boiled to was either get another Canon or try out the Panasonic LUMIX FH25. I decided on the Panasonic this time mostly because of the favorable reviews on its zoom capabilities.

    I have only had the camera for a week, but I am very pleased with the results. The iA mode provides very good results if you are unsure of what settings to choose, and I really like the ease of changing exposure on the fly. It also has very good stabilization. I am very much looking forward to taking this little bugger on an upcoming trip to US parks Craters of the Moon (ID), Yellowstone (WY), and Garden of the Gods (CO) and really running it through its paces!

    My two greatest praises: 1) It has WONDERFUL color saturation and loves to play up shadows. This bodes very well for outdoor shots. 2) The price point is great for the quality of camera.

    My two biggest complaints: 1) Thus far it's the fact that the software which arrived with the camera is just plain lame. 2) The flash is very powerful, more powerful than the one I was used to with my Canon. This has the undesired effect of washing subjects' faces out a bit indoors. I guess I shouldn't really call that a complaint, since a bright flash is better than a weak one. Perhaps I just need to get accustomed to it better. (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  87. Love it. Review by Gregory Barney "GAB"

    Tired of lugging a camera bag around and worrying about it. What a great camera to stick in a small case and put on your belt. Great resolution and color. With the camera using an SD card, I load my pics right from the SD card to my new IPad. Heck, the photos are so great that iPhoto has nothing to modify!!!!!!
    Love it. (Posted on 4/7/2012)

  88. Amending my review Review by Turbo Tony

    My first review was that the camera felt cheap. Well, I took it to Europe and IT took amazing pictures (despite my efforts to mess them up) .
    This is a great little camera. It held up thru all the rigors of the trip and provided lasting memories.
    Don't hesitate - this camera is fantastic! Buy buy buy!! (Posted on 4/5/2012)

  89. Feels Cheap Review by Bee

    I bought the camera after having read the great reviews. I removed the Canon and purchase the Panasonic instead. I got a little bit of a surprised when I opened the box. My first impression is that the materials the camera was made out of was a bit cheap or of poor quality. It feels like a $50 that I would buy at Walmart. Picture quality okay, but in future, I will think I will rather stick to a Canon or Sony. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  90. buttons Review by button

    I like the buttons as they are easy to use. It has a great zoom feature. I like the shutter button and ease of taking pictures. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  91. Panasonic DMC-FH25 Review by Sentinel

    I have been looking for a camera with a greater zoom for nearly a year. I have a Canon AS 590 IS bought through Amazon which takes excellent photographs, but it only has a 4X zoom. I take indoor, outdoor, low light, wildlife pictures and pictures for a local flea market. I wanted a longer zoom for the wildlife pictures that the Canon could not reach.
    I looked at cameras with a 10X to 30X zoom from $150 to $400 and read all the customer reviews and all the professional reviews. The pro reviews usually showed pictures taken at full zoom which was very helpful. Any camera I saw in the stated price range has a slight softening to a horrible softening at full telephoto.
    Last Saturday I was disappointed with all of them for the long zoom shots. I saw a sale flyer for this Panasonic DMC-FH25 at $99, so I looked on Amazon and reviews were extremely favorable. I found a pro review and the zoom shots were the best I had seen. I decided to buy the camera, figuring if nothing else, the zoom was worth $99.
    I have used the camera all week long and it has been equal or better to my beloved Canon and the zoom is as good as advertized. I have an old oak tree 100 yards behind the house and with the E Zoom button I focused and shot the picture. The photo came out so well I can see the bark pattern on the tree.
    The camera is very easy to use and with the IA mode (Intelligent Auto) I did not have to do anything but press the shutter button (after pressing half way down to allow the auto focus to lock) and the pictures are great. So far it is the best $99 I have ever spent.

    Pros: Super easy using IA mode and excellent results (sharp pics)
    E Zoom one touch button uses 8X optical zoom and digital zoom to make 18x with no visable picture degradation.
    Exposure levels can be changed by pressing one button on back of the camera. This is great for getting the right exposure on a white flower under a bright sun.
    LCD on back can be set so you can hold the camera up over your head and still see the screen. This is great if you are behind a crowd but want to take a picture of an event.
    Quick menu button enables you to make menu changes on the fly to improve light compensation filters.
    It is super easy shifting from stills to movie mode at 720p. And movies look very good.
    Battery life is very good. It ran for hours while I accustomed myself with camera features. Battery comes out easily and recharges in an external supplied charger.
    Camera is very small, yet feels good and looks great.
    LCD screen has modes to adjust for taking pictures in bright light.
    Party mode takes great indoor low light pictures.

    Cons: No manual focus, but then the auto focus works very well.
    Battery takes over two hours to recharge from a complete drain.
    Movie mode files are .MOV and need to be converted to .WMV for Windows Media Player. There are ways if you search on the Internet.
    Software that comes with the camera for picure handling was barely adequate. I just use my Canon software instead.

    So far those are the only drawbacks. I will update if I find more things good or bad.

    Update 4-17-2012 The battery is easy to remove and reinstall. It takes just under 2 hours to recharge from zero. The battery and SDcard cover is just a slide on off so no worry about it breaking the plastic. The battery is good for 200 pictures without flash and indoor pictures are good without flash under normal daytime conditions. You can take all your pictures using IA mode if you care to do so. Macro pictures are great. AF Zoom allows you to take a macro from 3 feet away. Indoor pictures usually snap at 400 ISO without a lot of noise. I have posted some pictures taken today on my blog at [...]/ You can judge for yourself. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  92. Happy with my little camera, purchased from Amazon Review by KCGrammie "M."

    I am definitely not a professional photographer. I was looking for a camera that could take decent macros so I could help my granddaughter with her science experiment. (Extracting DNA from a strawberry and from a kiwi.) This camera is perfect and it has already delivered some fantastic macros for me. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the images or the ease of operation. Canon has done it again, and so has Amazon!

    Sorry to say, after leaving this glowing review, that i had to return the camera. The built-in memory failed within hours of beginning what I thought was a happy life of photo-shoots. It's a great little camera, but I didn't want the hassle of getting another one that might do the same thing. (Posted on 4/2/2012)

  93. AMAZING camera!!!! Review by Mufawufa

    Just got this camera from UPS today. All I can say is WOW! Ive had a few Sony cybershots. Im in my early twenties and my first camera was one of those, it broke and bought another. Well needless to say the second broke so now I decided to venture away from sony b/c all of the wonderful reveiws of this camera and Im SO glad I did. I know ive only had this a few hours so I cant exactly review its durability but I dont think it will be a problem, seems better built then the cybershot and just taking the first few pics I was blown away with the quality of the pictures! They are so crisp and clear with soooo much detail. This is so important to me b/c I am always taking pics of my kids. A big problem I noticed with the cybershots is that if you moved ever so slightly the pic would come out blurry. I also bought this b/c it has the shake detection and what a difference! During and after my daughters delivery we took a lot of pics with the cybershot and so many of them came out so fuzzy that we had to erase them. I SO wish I had this camera b/c then I wouldnt have had to miss out on so many pics on such a memorable day. I HIGHLY recommened this camera. I will be sure to update my review if anything bad comes across this product but I have a feeling I wont have to :) (Posted on 4/1/2012)

  94. Love it! Review by MsGeode

    I have not bought a camera in a long time. Had my brothers old Nikon hand me down digital. This camera is great for a not professional like me. Always got blurry pics before, but with this camera pics are great! Easy to use and a lot of great features that I am having fun learning to use. The only draw back is like I read on other reviews, I wish this camera had a view finder. Outside in bright light you can not see the screen very good. Other than that, for the money I think this camera is awesome. Enjoy taking pics of my new granddaughter. (Posted on 3/31/2012)

  95. I love it! Review by Cutie Turtle

    I have this camera for 4 months now and I am still loving it. The zoom is awesome! All my pics are great too! I am completely satisfied :) (Posted on 3/30/2012)

  96. Nice point and shoot camera Review by lyn8z

    Overall, this camera did what I wanted it to do, which was to take nice pictures. I bought it to update my old digital camera. I wanted one with a faster shutter speed and a nice lens. The zooming capability is great. Pictures were clear and never blurry, even in the rain & fog. Nice point and shoot camera, and the automatic setting is great for a novice like me who doesnt want to mess around with settings. (Posted on 3/18/2012)

  97. love this Lumix Review by shell shell mom of 4

    I reviewed alot of cameras around this price ranged, and this had the best reviews for what i was looking for. I bought it and just recieved it this week, so far i am very happy it's perfect for me and my family. I wanted something small but decent and that is what i got. i have'nt uploaded pics yet but im sure they will be great. I love the color, the size and the screen. I am so happy and i really like amazon too. (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  98. Good quality at a great price Review by Heather D

    I am very pleased with this camera. I got this as a Christmas present to myself. Needed to upgrade my digital camera. I recently saw this exact camera at Staples for twice the price. So I got an excellent deal using Amazon. The camera takes great pictures, especially since I have extremely shaky hands, the stabalizers works very well. (Posted on 3/12/2012)

  99. Great camera Review by Linda Vielhauer

    My husband purchased this camera for me. I wanted a small one to take on vacation. It fits the bill. Great pictures and easy to use. Glad I got it. (Posted on 3/12/2012)

  100. Wonderful camera for the price! Review by Dottie J

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my son,Chris. He absolutely loves it and all the features that it has. The picture quality is great and he likes how easy it is to use, along with the convenient, small size. The price for me was fantastic, especially with all the features it has and the quality of the pictures. It was surely a winner for him at Christmas. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  101. Very satisfied Review by helenmarie

    Very happy with my purchase. Haven't had a lot of time to use it but so far it seems to be just what I wanted. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  102. no prob Review by thepane

    It arrived on time and there's no problem with the item. Cool cam for touristic reasons, and provides practical usage for photographers to carry it any time. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  103. One con for FH25 Review by Richard A. Larson "Retired"

    All the pros in the reviews are worth repeating but I will not go to that extant here, The only con is, as only a few mentioned, is the LCD problem in bright light. It does act like a mirror and you have a hard time seeing any image. I have tried adjusting the settings to little value. Even with this problem I still like the camera. I also have a FZ28 and love it too, but it is big and heavy compared to this FH25. The FZ28 takes much better macro pictures and of course the FZ28 has a bit more zoom (18-25). All in all I would recommend the FH25 to anyone that doesn't try to compare it to a a $300 or $400 camera. (Posted on 3/7/2012)

  104. Another great camera Review by lovetoshop "lovetoshop"

    I have owned a Panasonic camera since 2004 and loved the quality of pics and the ease of use. I have gifted one to my sister also. I had to retire my first panasonic after 6 years of use because while taking it out of the bag, I accidentally banged it on the wall lightly but the lens got stuck so I decided to buy a new camera because cameras nowadays are lighter and smaller even with the super zoom and my old panasonic has 12x zoom and was a bit big. After doing a lot of research on other brands, I knew I would end up buying lumix since I had tried nikon,olympus,fujifilm and a canon in the same price range and none had compared to the lumix. I am a loyal fan of panasonic and all the positive reviews and my own trials of different cameras led me to buy this camera. I got it on one day sale last month that amazon was having this camera for $99 the next day it went back to $130 even though it was still on sale original price being $179. I love everything abt this camera. Only thing that I don't like with this camera is that when the flash is not on indoors some pix are blurry. So I hope they improve that, I took a lot of pix with this camera when we went to Disney world and some shows in DW didn't allow use of flash so those pix ended up blurry but most place you can use your flash indoors and nighttime so it's not a major problem. Daytime pix are awesome and crisp and I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for cheap and best and a super zoom camera. Delivery was so quick, amazon said it'll take 5-7 days and it arrived within 3 days of ordering so that was awesome too! Very pleased with Amazon and the camera! (Posted on 3/7/2012)

  105. Great camera with 1 but... Review by Steve Kerr

    This is a great camera. Other reviews will give you the details.

    I will give you the but...

    This camera does NOT charge thru the USB cable. You must remove the battery and use the plug in charger. Other than that its great.

    cpu (Posted on 3/5/2012)

  106. Disappointed at picture quality. There are better ones out there. Review by Pug Ster "pugster"

    I got this camera because the reviews were pretty good here in Amazon, and the price looks right. I was hoping that I can get a compact camera which takes good picture quality that would replace my canon sx100 IS and I was sorely disappointed.

    Despite having a large 16mp camera sensor, the picture is much worse than my old canon sx100 is as well as other cheaper cameras that I have like my canon a590is. Forget about the file size of the jpgs, all of my files are more than 6mb's while my canon sx100 is are about 2mb's. Forget about low light, an iphone 4s camera can take better pictures at low light.

    I am looking for cameras with backside-illuminated cmos censors and ones which can take hd videos using h.264 compression (not mjpeg.) These features should be standard in mid-tier cameras and trickling down to low end ones. I would get a canon elph 100 instead or the elph 300 if you can afford a little more. After an hour of use, I just returned it. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  107. Panasonic Lumix camera Review by Nathan

    I bought this same camera a couple years ago and had it until I left if on an airoplane. Purchased newer model and it only lasted a few months. A small portion of the screen turned black about the third time I used the camera and that spot just kept getting bigger over the course of a few months. I'm now looking online for a new camera and I won't be buying another Panasonic. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  108. Panasonic DMC-FH25 Review by B. T. "Slim2N1"

    I bought this camera mainly so I would have something small to take to events such as concerts. In addition to taking pictures I also wanted the video capabilities that many of these small cameras have. The camera was great in many respects but I was disappointed to learn that the zoom function will not operate while taking video. If you zoom it in while it is in camera mode it will stay zoomed when you switch to video mode, but all zoom functionality is disabled. For that reason I did something I have not yet done on Amazon, I returned it. I must say "kudos" to Amazon. I figured I would have to pay return shipping, but no, they make it very easy to print the return shipping via UPS at no cost. Thanks Amazon! I finally settled on a Canon ELPH 300HS which has 5X optical zoom and 4x digital zoom which does function while taking videos. It also has full HD, stereo sound and a super slow motion feature. I got it for the same price as this camera and am very pleased with it. (Posted on 2/28/2012)

  109. Great Automatic Camera Review by Sterling J. Badon

    This is a great camera. If it is on sale, take advantage. I only had one issue with this camera. It was not a design flaw. The camera had some contamination that made itself into the lens from assembly. This is not a common problem. The camera still took incredible pictures. I returned this camera and ordered another. Those saying this camera does not take good pictures probably can not use it. I had initially taken over 2000 pictures with it within a one week period. Constantly turning it off and on. The color and clarity of the photos was incredible . I bought a Nikon S9100 a few weeks earlier than this one and had to return it cause the quality of the pictures were not up to par. Even though the Nikon was an incredible piece of tech the photos just looked flat and not crisp. With a few shots of this LUMIX I was convinced it took incredible pictures. I am a person who is not a professional at photo taking but often am complimented on how my photos look like Post cards. I usually use an upper end Kodak that creates incredible crisp and vibrant pictures. Due to the incredible lens and tech it contains. This Lumix was able to give me the same feel and was allot smaller for when I am not able to lug around a big camera. Remember this is a point and shot camera. It is not a manual camera. It will take pictures people spend thousands on filters and camera gear to accomplish automatically!! It is small and very powerful. Unless you need Super Macro or Super Zoom, this camera will work fine. My macro pictures turned out nice. It caught a Bee hovering above flower and caught the wings that were visible without blur!! It is fast!! The ISO is also great. If you are thinking about a camera, a Lumix is a great camera. Buy an extra battery. The battery is long lasting but since this camera is so easy to use you might just want to have an extra. I used one while on vacation and was glad I had it. Read the Manual. Info in it will make using it allot easier even though it is simple to use anyway. The camera is a solid 5. (Posted on 2/26/2012)

  110. Great camera Review by R. Call "cavu"

    Seems to be as advertised, great pictures, easy to use. I like the zoom capabilities and the price for 16MP is a good deal. I think someone could
    rewrite the user manual to be much more helpful. (Posted on 2/22/2012)

  111. great camera ! Review by Shirley Liang

    I've been needing a camera because the one that I had really sucked. I had a samsung one. When I was looking for digital cameras, I came across this one. It had a really low price and had many great reviews, so i bought it. Any camera would be better than the one I had. The camera shipped really fast. I got it in 2 days! Tried it out and the images are pretty clear. You just need to buy your own SD card, but it's a great camera offered for a cheap price. (Posted on 2/21/2012)

  112. Solid Product, Great Pics, No Nonsense Review by Sparky

    Simple to operate and superb pictures. What more could you ask for? For the price point, it doesn't get much better than this. (Posted on 2/20/2012)

  113. Great camera Review by Otis

    The item arrived earlier than expected. This camera is much better than I thought it would be. The zoom is fantastic and images are very crisp. (Posted on 2/20/2012)

  114. Panasonic Lumix FH25 Review by Christy

    Recently bought this for a trip to Disney. Loved the zoom. The advice to get the wasabi batteries was spot on. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  115. Good picture quality, good zoom, but inconvenience outweighs benefits Review by Scott Turner "EngineerBoy"

    For the price, this camera takes great pictures. We use it a lot for taking product pictures for our business, and in that role it is perfectly fine. It also has a good zoom, and the default picture settings work well in most situations.

    However, as a general use/travel camera it is inconvenient.

    First of all, it uses a proprietary USB cable to connect to a computer. In this day and age of plug-and-play compatibility, this is just ridiculous. Also, the battery does not charge via the USB cable, another ridiculous limitation.

    Secondly, this camera uses a rechargeable battery, so if you are traveling with just the camera and the battery runs low, you can't just pop in some AA or AAA batteries from the store and keep going. You have to have remembered to bring the charger, have access to a plug, and have the time to wait for the battery to recharge. Or, you have to bring spare batteries, but here again Panasonic has taken the low road with <a href="">tremendously overpriced spare batteries</a>.

    The one bit of good news is that the <a href="">Wasabi batteries and charger kit</a> work well. The kit comes with two batteries, a charger, a car adapter, and a European plug adapter, all for less than just a Panasonic-branded battery. Oh, and the Wasabi batteries are 1100mAh, compared with the Panasonic batteries, which are 660mAh, so each Wasabi battery gives almost double the life of a Panasonic battery. Note that the camera manual states that using other brands of batteries can damage the camera, but I've had no problems with the Wasabis.

    So, when we use this for taking product pictures for our business, this camera is great. We're at home, have access to a plug, spare batteries, and the time to wait if we need a recharge, as we won't miss anything. We are also near the proprietary cable and/or have access to computers with card readers, so getting the pictures off the camera is possible, if not necessarily convenient.

    But when traveling? Not good. Got the camera? Check. Got the charger? Check. Got a spare battery? Check. Got the proprietary USB cable? Check. We end up taking our older, crappier camera because it uses AA batteries, and we can transfer photos using a 'normal' USB cable that we use to charge our other devices.

    We would not buy this camera again, as we're eventually going to break down and get an additional camera to use when traveling that isn't so inconvenient and gear intensive. However, if the inconvenient logistics of this camera don't phase you, it does take great pictures for the money. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  116. Great Point and Shoot Camera Review by Boris_gd

    My husband and I purchased this camera to replace an older model which was clearly outdated. We recently had a baby and our cell phones could not capure cute moments fast enough. This camera lives up to our expectations by taking quick shots that are clear all for a low price. (Posted on 2/16/2012)

  117. Great! Well Worth the Price! Review by Reviewer

    I bought this Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25K for $130 thanks to the Valentine's Day discount. This camera has 10x optical zoom (including the intelligent zoom feature). It takes sharp and clear images and has different scene modes. This is the best camera for beginners. The video is also 720p HD and does not zoom in or out during recording. It can only record up to 2 GB of videos at a time which is about 10 minutes (according to the estimated time). I tested it out and it recorded up to 15 minutes. I think it could record even more, but I never tried that long. Also the battery life is pretty short especially when you record a video. After a few minutes the battery bar goes down. But overall, it's pretty good. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  118. Good battery life; decent low-light images Review by Michael P. Adams

    I replaced a <a href="">GE Power Pro X500-BK 16 MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera, Black</a> with this. It uses a proprietary battery, but the life on it is good for a considerable amount of pics, in between charges. Decent auto-mode, with a choice of about two dozen different picture profiles to use from. Panorama mode functions better than the one on the GE did, but still somewhat hard to use. (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  119. Perfect camera for family picture-taking Review by Ms W from WA State

    I received this camera as a Christmas present. Before buying it, the purchaser spent alot of time researching it and reading all the reviews he could find on the camera. It is just perfect for me. I've been taking video's of my little Grandson with it and I love the camera! It has a whole lot of features that I like, including the Intelligent Auto Mode; My Scene Mode; Motion Picture Mode and more. You can also easily choose Black & White, Sepia, and "Happy" Modes. It has anti-shake feature and two different Self-timer modes. This camera is easy to use. I have a 16 GB SD card in the camera and it works great. The camera battery seems to last a long time without running out of power. I am very happy with the camera and it is exactly what I wanted for everyday picture-taking. (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  120. Lovin' it!!! Go for it!!! Review by Anna "the newby"

    After nearly going blind reading reviews on point and shoot cameras I bit the bullet and got this Panansonic. I am so glad that I stopped stressing and over thinking and got it. It is all I wanted to be and more! It is smaller than I expected, but that's great because I got it to go in my purse. I love all the optional scene modes. So far, because of weather, I have only taken indoor pictures of my cat. It has a "pet" mode that works great with no red-eye. It takes great pictures in low light. The flash was pretty bright in automatic mode, but in "pet" mode it was perfect. Also, with the light from the windows it didn't even flash and the pictures were great! I tried the "movie" mode and it worked wonderfully. All in all this little gem (I got the RED one! :)) is more than I hoped for, especially after reading all the issues with other cameras. Go ahead and get this one, I promise you won't be sorry. (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  121. Not natively compatible with Mac OSX /iPhoto Review by T. Sullivan

    I just got the camera and I'm pleased with the quality of the photos. However, I was shocked to find out that the camera isn't plug and play with my Macs. Or iPhoto. It is my fault that I didn't actually think to look at compatibility when I bought it, because it seems hard to find an electronic (especially in cameras) that isn't Mac friendly anymore, but here is me telling you that it is only Windows friendly natively.

    That said, I found the way to import my pictures from this camera into iPhoto from that involves a few more steps, but for those who like "easy", the way almost everything is on a Mac, you may want to factor this into your decision if you are considering the Lumix. (Posted on 2/10/2012)


    ESTOY SATISFECHA DEL DESEMPEÑO DE LA CÁMARA COMPRADA EN AMAZOM...ES EXTRAORDINARIA LA BELLEZA DE LAS FOTOS¡¡¡ [Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD ]


  123. Great little camera Review by N. Ilyin

    My favorite aspect is how quick it takes photos and lets you take the next one. I'm used to DSLRs with faster shooting rates, but this little camera is feisty in that respect. Great camera for carrying around to parties or sightseeing. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  124. Solid Camera, great photo quality Review by AbelEko

    I bought this camera for the girlfriend after a lot of research, I normally dont use compact digital cameras however this one is great. At a party that we took pictures at I noticed of the four girls with cameras, ours were clearly the better pictures (All relatively new cameras). My one complaint is the proprietary cable it comes with, such a stupid idea. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  125. I Dream of Leica Review by Kelvin Brown

    Many other fabulous reviews, so I will keep this short. This camera is small, and so light it feels flimsy and cheap at first. But even with no view finder, this camera is a must have for any serious amateur photographer. Not so many menus you need a master's degree to use it, image stabilization is incredible, and for all the press the Leica lenses get (and well deserved for sure), what places this camera light years ahead of some of the other more popular brands - the light metering. Yes, you get sharp...everyone does sharp. But you're going to have to look long and hard before you get such constitent, evenly exposed pictures that take advantage of light as in the Panasonic DMC-FH25K. I went out and took pictures of a few dead and hibernating trees on a clear winter day - and got shades of yellow, gold, and brown that I couldn't see with the naked eye. Posting for few for you guys to see what I am talking about here. Yes, there are a few things I would like to see improved. Batterly life. And anti-relection material on back screen that makes it glare proof. But having owned other cameras in the price range - Nikon, Canon, Olympus - this one is by far best in class.

    Highly recommend. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  126. Awesome customer service Review by SBD

    The Lumix DMC-FH20 camera is cool (when it works), but the "most awesomest" thing about it is the customer service - my unit died while on warranty, I sent it for repair and less than 10 days later I got a brand new replacement.

    Panasonic just got itself a repeat customer... (Posted on 2/3/2012)

  127. Never misses a shot of my daughters! Review by Mom2ChannyAddy

    I purchased this camera in December of 2011 and love it! Prior to purchasing it I tried many cameras but I hadn't found one that could keep up with my active daughters and kept missing important shots. A friend who was a camera buff recommended this camera to me. First I went and tried it out in a local store against other cameras. The Cannon Sure Shot was recommended also but when I tried it out it took too much time between pictures. My Lumix has been used at Disney World, Christmas Programs and Legoland Florida and the pictures look fantastic. I may be just a point and shoot gal but this camera gives me professional looking pictures. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  128. A fine camera, with a few caveats... Review by M. Ram

    I got this camera during a sale for a cool $100, and so far it's been a great deal. It replaces a 5-year-old 5MP KODAK camera (where the contrast got all messed up), and in comparison it's superior in almost every way - it's smaller and lighter, takes great quality pictures, and records movies in HD. The menus are easy to access and navigate, and the LCD screen is sharp and bright. You don't really need to use the software; I just plug it in and let Windows (XP) transfer the pics/movies right to my computer (I use AVS Video Editor to edit or convert the movie files when needed). I've mainly used it to take pictures of small setups for items going on Ebay, and it's worked out nicely.

    I bought a Kingston 8GB SDHC card to go with it; it holds around 1200 pictures at max quality and plenty of short (10 minute long) HD video clips. The battery drains faster with movies so it's nice to have an extra; I also bought the Wasabi Power battery set (comes with two batteries) which is compatible with the camera.

    Three negatives I can think of are:
    -Taking pictures in high light often brings out reflections...the flash is blindingly bright as well
    -Taking pictures in low light can result in grainy'll need some ambient light to avoid this
    -No zoom in movie mode - the camera automatically focuses on things, but if they're far away you can't zoom in (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  129. Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1MP Digital Camera Review by amishjedi

    Excellent value for this high MP digital camera.

    -Extremely easy to set-up, charge, and use as a daily/vacation camera.

    -Grab a 16GB HD-Class10 card and most casual shooters will have plenty of storage space, even at the highest MP setting.

    -Zoom is functional and what you would expect for this price range. Don't expect the results you would get with a Nikon D3 w/400mm glass. Reasonable results are achievable with this little unit.

    -People shouldn't compare these point-and-shoot cameras vs. higher-end Nikon or Canon DSLR's. These higher end units can sell for $3,500 for just the camera body w/no lenses....lenses upwards of $3,000 alone. You won't go out shooting professionally (weddings or events) with one of these as your primary rig. As with any picture, lighting is everything.

    -Pix settings are easy to use. When on Auto-A, the camera does most of the work. Flash is decent/good. Again, don't expect the on-camera flash to perform like a high-performance SB-900 Speedlight.

    -Colors are good. Again, lighting is everything.

    -Battery life is good, better than expected after heavy use. Easy to charge.

    This is a great point-and-shoot camera for those that are looking to capture daily pix (birthdays, parties, vacations, etc.). (Posted on 1/29/2012)

  130. Great travel zoom! Review by Craig M Williams

    We bought this camera for our daughter who was going on a 10-day mission trip to Kenya, followed by a short safari in the Samburu Refuge. I liked the decent zoom range, plus the 16 megapixel resolution should make for very good cropped photos. Plus it is quite compact. She was thrilled with its performance, and lots of her team members were impressed by its results.

    Our daughter is not an experienced photographer, so she left it in i-Auto (? - I think that is the term) most of the time. By and large the photos were very good to excellent. She sometimes used the eZoom button, which uses the full optical zoom plus digital zoom. The photos in this mode were not as good, but at least she captured the target. When using the eZoom mode, the contrast dropped a good bit and more noise was present. I believe a good post-processing software package can make many of these photos even better.

    So I highly recommend this camera as an excellent value. BTW, along with the camera I bought her two spare batteries from the main auction site. The seller is named orphanbiker, and I have bought numerous batteries from him over the years. She was on the third battery by the time she got home, and captured 450 images. (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  131. Great Panasonic camera Review by Rita Anderson

    This was a replacement camera for one I loved, but a friend dropped and broke. This newer improved version Panasonic camera is better than the previous camera. It is easier to use and takes great pictures even with the flash off. People think the pictures I have taken are from a more expensive camera. Also it is red. Love it. (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  132. super fast Review by ram dude

    just like to say that delivery was awesome I orderd the camera on saturday nite 8pm and it was on my front porch monday noon could not beleive it great job amazon.... the camera is cool all the other reviews were good so I picked this camera to replace my 5year old 10 meg samsung cant wait to get out and do some snapin. (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  133. Great Camera Review by Gordon

    Very happy with this purchase it is avery nice product, Having a rechargeable battery with charger is a definate plus. (Posted on 1/22/2012)

  134. Watch out for the retracting lens Review by ShockwaveWriter

    After my Canon and Sony cameras' lenses failed to retract, partially retracted and finally just jammed (and each being repaired once under warranty by their respective companies), I read the reviews and got this camera. Even after treating it like a very breakable piece of crystal, never dropping it, the camera lens began acting like the others.

    I have had it for a little over a year. Yes, some may say, that is not bad, but I am so tired of the same problem happening regardless of the brand. So, I just began another search for a dependable camera.

    In reading about Nikons of competitive value, I noticed one reviewer had the same issue with the Nikon. I do not know for certain, but I am assuming the same manufacturer is making these lens or lens motors for all these brands and probably "Made in China"! Now I will research Samsung and Pentax cameras. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  135. great price Review by Joe

    Good camera for a great price, I was sent here by another website that noticed about the deal. And oh boy I'm glad I bought it for my wife. (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  136. Panasonic DMC-FH25A Review by Liberty's Teeth Band

    Found this camera to be very easy to use, takes great pictures. We have had several other brands of cameras in the past, and this one takes great pictures even in dark settings. Very Happy. (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  137. better late than never! Review by monca

    This is a great camera, would purchase again. Takes clear sharp pictures. Easy to handle and easy program on how to use. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  138. Love this camera! Review by A. Giacalone "Fun Mom"

    I received this camera as a Christmas gift from my husband. It arrived just before Christmas. I took beautiful pictures of the children opening their gifts in the morning. The pictures were crisp and even in low light the clarity was amazing. It is easy to hold and very lite. I would definately recommend this camera to a friend. I am very happy with the choice. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  139. Love my Lumix! Review by S. SMITH

    I received this as an early Christmas present to myself. I love it and how easy it is to use. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  140. Panasonic Camera Review by Ann Marie Gardner

    I really like this little camera. It is compact and works well. I love the color as well and it seems to take good pictures. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  141. works great. really fast delivery Review by Eileen A Koelpien

    Order placed, camera delivered promptly. No problems at all. Very happy with the camera
    What more can I say? everything was just fine. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  142. Great Features but lack luster performance Review by John Barker

    I was excited to get this camera with all the features that it came with. But when it arrived and we used it for a few days, it became apparent that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. The pictures were of poor quality. They were blocky and not smooth, not at all what I expected from a 16.1MP camera. We had an old Kodak 6.1MP that died on us that took great pictures, with amazing color depth. This one didn't even come close to it with more than double the pixels; I wouldn't recommend this Camera. We returned it and got a Cannon Powershot. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  143. Great little Camera for the money Review by Blessed

    I picked this camera up just before a 10 day Cruise with my wife as a gift for her Great pictures and she loves it easy to use and no problems with battery life and the picture stabilization help to capture many of great shots even when in a moving car...I looked at many of cameras before I bought this one and it lived up to its reviews......I looked at many of cameras before I bought this one and it lived up to its reviews...Thanks Amazon (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  144. Lumix Review by Rich

    Bought for wife. It's compact and easy to use. A great all around camera for every day use and takes quality pics. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  145. Don't just go by the excellent ratings, not a good low light camera Review by Edward Castano

    Summary: The excellent rating for this camera is misleading if you're comparing it vs. a much more expensive camera. And despite the marketing, this is not a good low light camera.

    After we decided to upgrade our 4 yr old Cannon Digital Elph SD1000, I thought that I could go by the reviews on Amazon. I was deciding between the this $150 Panasonic with 4.5 stars and a $330 Cannon S95 which also has 4.5 stars. I figured if they have the same ratings, they must be fairly comparable. Well, I think I was wrong. When I received the Panasonic, I immediately compared the low light pictures with my old SD1000. The SD1000 low light picture quality was much better. Besides that, the whole feel of the camera just seemed lower quality vs. a Cannon. So I decided to return this Panasonic and spend the $330 for the Cannon S95. I haven't received the S95 yet, but will update this review when I do.

    Bottom line is you can't compare a 4.5 rated $330 camera, with a 4.5 rated $150 camera. People purchasing a $330 camera are expecting a much higher level of quality vs. people that purchase a $150 camera. Those expectations means a 4.5 rating for a $150 camera is actually much lower vs. a 4.5 rating for a $300. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  146. Pleasantly pleased Review by Bmore critic

    Never having purchased a Panasonic brand camera before, I was sceptical...but very pleased with the camera and the quality of the pictures. Takes great pictures in low light and action shots. Easy to use. Would reccomend to anyone. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  147. My favorite camera Review by Mr. William E. Graham

    This is a great camera, in fact I have purchased three total.The first one I dropped from a great height and broke, the second one replaced the first, and the third was for my 9 year old daughter. It is so easy to use that she mastered it in no time. The picture quality is remarkable and video feature is surprisingly good. I bought for $99 so it really was a steal. I have had many cameras in the past in which most my wife have hated but she really loves using this lumix model. You would be hard pressed to find a better value in a point and shoot camera. As long as panasonic makes them, I will buy them. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  148. Panasonic with Leica no compliment to Leica Review by DT

    The camera has an amazing zoom. Each picture taken at various zoom amounts was in poor focus.
    If I used the longest or shortest exposure, the pictures did not compare to the Leica quality I am use to.The camera had to be returned because of so many pictures being out of focus and this is not what one would expect from using the Leica camera lens name. The flash worked great.
    Perhaps you truly get what the price you pay for in both the long and short run.

    DT (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  149. Panasonic DMC-FH25A Review by ajaac

    Camera takes photos quick with minimal shutter lag, but the photos are sometimes fuzzy especially in IA mode. My daughter has a similar Panasonic and she gets fuzzy photos also. We had an Olympus before and it took beautiful photos but is had such shutter lag that we missed a lot of shots. For now we are mostly happy with this camera (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  150. not happy Review by Rose

    I was so excited to buy this camera to take to aruba. It has fast shutter speed and the wide angle lens. I was very dissappointed during use, the camera would instruct me to shut it down and then turn it back on. also would recieve "Error System" (ois). once this started it happen freg. I have had this for only three mo. and will need to go thru the back and forth with the company then end up with a refurbished one anyway. this is the second time I have had problems with a digital camera of a different kind. I guess I will just stick with my slow canon, at least it works when I need it. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  151. Takes great pics!! Review by rads11

    The product was great. It takes great pics but I would say that there are a lot of scene mode selections to choose from which can be good and bad. At times i had to take test pics to make sure i had the right scene picked. but usually if the camera is in normal picture mode it does fine. The camera came with the charger and battery so that was great. it also takes pictures fast too. Money well spent!! (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  152. Great Camera Review by Richard E. Taylor

    Nice camera and no problems so far. Big, clear screen and opeartes easy. Came with all basic except carrying case, which I think should be included in the price. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  153. Fantastic camera! Swift delivery from Abes of Maine Review by RFS57 "Rick"

    Best camera I have ever owned. 16mp gives a sharp picture with brilliant
    colors. Also fast delivery from Abes of Maine. Not to mention the best price. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  154. Great little camera Review by RLM - Calif. "Bandaid55"

    I bought this to fit in my pocket of take on short trips without lugging my Nikon around. Easy to work with and the photos are great. Lots of settings and was way cheaper than a Nikon with roughly the same features. I like the zoom and pixals capability. And of Amazon delivered promptly. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  155. Panasonic camera DMC-FH25K Review by Joseph T Party

    Alright for my non professional bang around uses. I should have shopped more as I found better prices locally in the Sunday paper flyers, (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  156. cute and smart camera Review by Devi

    its amazing one.Really wonderful quality. Worth for this cost.I love it.I thought to give gift to my friends but now I planned to keep it myself. (Posted on 12/21/2011)

  157. Great! Review by Burak

    The only thing bad for this camera is 16.0 megapixels resolution. But i've changed it as soon as i took it. if you use it with 10.0 megapixels resolution, you will love it. (Posted on 12/21/2011)

  158. Love it! Review by go4him

    I have been looking for a small camera that is easy to just pull out and take a picture. Unlike some small cameras, it doesn't stall and it takes nice clear shots. I love it! (Posted on 12/19/2011)

  159. Look elsewhere Review by New Hampshire

    I was looking for a compact point and shoot in the $200 range that took sharp pictures with good image stabilization. My old Canon Powershot SD750 (which I was very happy with) died recently and I needed a replacement. I tried 5 different cameras, and the picture quality on all of them was alful:
    1. Panasonic DMC-FH25A
    2. Nikon Coolpix S6200
    3. Canon PowerShot SX230HS
    4. Canon PowerShot SD980IS
    5. Canon PowerShot Elph 100 HS

    They all got returned. I finally found the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX7V and I am THRILLED with it. I never would have thought that a Sony camera would outperform comperable models from Nikon and Canon (WHAT has happened to Canon in the last few years?), but the difference is absolutely night and day.

    Conclusion: pass on this one and look at the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX7V. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 12/19/2011)

  160. Hugely disappointed Review by Musa Tembina "Musa Tembina"

    After reading reviews of over 20 different digital cameras, I chose this one based on a majority of satisfied buyers. Boy, am I disappointed. I wanted to replace my camera because it was not always turning on, sometimes not taking photos and a few other problems. The camera I was replacing was a non-expensive one, but the photos turned out twice as nice as this Lumix does. I read the manual, used the cd that comes with the camera, and still am not getting nice pictures. Many of my photos turn out over exposed, blury, and of not good quality. Even when I try to photoshop, the pictures are grainy and not nearly as vibrant. Also, a big appeal was the claim of how long the battery life was. In my experience, the battery lasts just as long as any other camera I've owned. Overall, this camera is ok, but not nearly as great as I had expected. (Posted on 12/18/2011)

  161. Please tell me it's me and not my new camera... Review by Dustbunny

    Have had several P&S digitals. The battery problems are horrendous. My Kodak 14megapixel inconsistently focuses-loses alot of shots. Kodak moment? Nope. Sorry gone again. About 2/3 of my shots are too blurry to keep.
    Then the battery stops with no warning. So bad now that camera is apparently draining both batteries I bought so on to the Lumix....... which takes excellent pics & so far the battery seems adequate. Video feature is hard to find but shoots well. Uh oh........ My SD cards are now saying they are fullafter erasing. Reviewing says nothing is there but I can't re use the SD card. This could render my brand new camera useless if it's going to cost me a new card EVERY TIME I USE IT? I can buy a disposable camera for less than that.
    Seems like a glitch in the camera which will render each SD card useless after you fill it up once (?) or do the new cameras lock the SD cards so you HAVE to buy more? Any suggestions or ideas? (Posted on 12/14/2011)

  162. Camera Review by Deisha

    the camera staopped working after less than a week. The shutter stopped opening so no pictures could be taken. Not sure exactly why this happen (Posted on 12/13/2011)

  163. good camera Review by P. Ha

    Works like I expected.
    The quality looks good and the video is okay.
    One request would be ability for video to record while holding it horizontal or vertical. (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  164. nice camera!!! Review by Brian K. Martin

    Very nice camera for a great price, i would say its the best deal out there. The blue is a great color by the way.... (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  165. Great camera! Review by C.L. "None"

    As a long time Canon user, buying a Panasonic was a little out of my comfort zone. But, the camera works SO well and is a really great deal. Highly recommend it and love the violet color! (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  166. Great camera with super features Review by James C. Coolbaugh "Jimcool"

    After reading many reviews of small cameras, I ordered this one for a gift for my mother-in-law. She has used it several times and really loves it. Features are easy to use and the photos are excellent. Especially pleased with indoor photos. I would recommend this camera. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  167. Great camera Review by PrueC

    This was my first Panasonic camera, and I absolutely love it. It takes great pictures, both in light and dark, and has lots of great features. Also, it is very, very light, and can be carried around in your pocket, no worries. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  168. Wonderful camera! Review by Michelle

    I purchased this camera for my mom as a Christmas gift. I've played with it a bit and it's amazing- I can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens it. It was reasonably priced and it's just a great buy. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  169. Love this camera! Review by Gabi777

    I am so happy I bought this camera!!! I didn't want to spend too much money and bought it on black Friday at a great price, but I still wanted to have good pictures.
    I use it every day to take pictures of my kids, it's so easy to use and take great pictures. You don't even need to use the flash.
    I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 12/10/2011)

  170. Love it! Review by samvon13

    Love this camera! Did lots of research on all digital cameras before finally choosing this one and I couldn't be happier. So easy to use. Great for up-close and far away objects. Definitely will get your money's worth! (Posted on 12/10/2011)

  171. Very happy with this camera Review by Rose

    I just bought this camera as a replacement for my Kodak Easyshare Z8612 that I absolutely hated. I figure I would like just about anything that came my way that didn't gobble up the batteries. I am very happy with this little Panasonic. It easily fits in my pocket and most women's jeans have ridiculously small pockets. The LCD screen is bright and clear and the 16 mega pixel specification isn't lying. What I didn't realize up front is that it runs off of a lithium ion battery instead of two AA batteries. That was no problem as it comes with a charger new. It is easy to take pictures one handed and the start up time is about 2 seconds. The optical zoom is average and the digital zoom -like all point and shoot cameras- is not wonderful. The controls are simple if you take the time to play around and figure them out. All in all it is a great camera for someone who wants to just slip it out of their pocket, snap a picture, and be done. I have no complaints thus far and I am confident it'll stay that way. (Posted on 12/8/2011)

  172. works for me Review by Thomas G. Britsch

    Looked for a small digital camera with ease of use and with positive reviews yet not too expensive. This was exactly what I expected. Works well and is easily carried around. (Posted on 12/7/2011)

  173. Lots of features Review by Carthew

    Not a great user of cameras but this one seems the joker in the pack for ease of use. Lots of features. (Posted on 12/7/2011)

  174. Panasonic beats Canon And Nikon Everytime Review by Amazon Shopper

    Got it for $99.99 from Amazon. This makes it without a question the best sub-$100 point-&-click there is, maybe ever. Period.
    And its better than much more expensive camera's from its competitors.
    Never mind 8x wide-angle and 16.1MP, never mind the features and fit and finish which are all great.
    This little thing shoots great photos.
    Another win for Panasonic. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  175. Panasonic DMC Digital FH 25S camera Review by W. L. Humphrey

    It had been 10 years since I purchased a digital camera and had to wade through scores of them and the benefits of each. I was looking for something in the price range of $100 - $120 at the highest. Didn't need a lot of bells and whistles. This Panasonic Lumix is slim and compact but packs a punch. The LCD screen provides great resolution for pictures and video. The buttons are easy to use and do not get in the way when gripping the camera. The features and functionality allow even the least experienced user (like me) to figure out the simpliest things, such as the flash features. Comes with a battery charger and cord to download pictures. It does have some memory but that was used up after about 4 pictures so you will need to get some sort of memory card. All in all, excellent camera for the price paid. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  176. Easy to use Review by MIR

    Love this camera, easy to use and it takes great pictures. The auto focus, is great, and makes picture taking easy. I wish it used standard batteries, but the battery does last a long time. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  177. LCD Screen cracks internally without being dropped Review by karen ping

    Within 3 months the LCD screen cracked internally. Panasonic told me the warranty is void. I have never dropped or misused the camera. After researching online I have found it to be a very common problem with the Panasonic LCD screens. I will not purchase another Panosonic product again. Expensive lesson. And their customer service department is very rude. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  178. A good point and shoot camera Review by Sam

    This is a good point and shoot camera. For that you need to set in IA (intelligent Auto) mode. This mode will automatically adjust the camera setting for a given lighting and distance. In a regular camera you have to manually adjust these setting otherwise the picture will not be good and eventually blame the camera. Panasonic has eliminated this problem.
    Battery life is good (took about 150 pictures and still had battery power). Flash brightness is pretty good (well the IA mode helps)

    Con: After taking pictures, could not use memory card directly thru memory reader or on laptop. Gets formatted to Panasonic camera. Need the software (included with the camera) to down load pictures on laptop. I bought 8GB memory and can take 1120 to 4000 pictures or 45 minutes video.

    Hope this will help. (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  179. Very well, simple design camera Review by S. Dharam "usdesi"

    I bought this for my wife who didn't like Sony TX9 as it was touch screen(she will always miss the shots). I bought this for $100 in thanksgiving deal. And guess she is very happy, very simple. great low light results. Great outdoor results. 8x zoom, which is very good for point and shoot.
    Nothing to complain for $100 so I gave five stars. (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  180. Love it Review by Mandysue

    This camera is great for the price. I love the small size and picture quality. The zoom is great and the screen has an awesome display (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  181. Great little Camera Review by ariabach

    Did research for a friend on this camera and was so impressed with the results she got versus my Nikon Coolpix S4000 that I got one for myself!! Excellent low light photos, great zoom, 70mb internal memory, in case you forget to put your SD card back in the camera. Tons of features and settings, excellent picture quality. Great camera! (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  182. Great Camera! Review by A.J.

    I bought this camera with high expectations - I would love to have a point and shoot that takes pictures close to DSLR quality, and truthfully (to my untrained eye) this camera gets very close. The level of customization is well beyond what the average user will need, but it's still not confusing or hard to operate. It's fast and responsive through the menus, and starts up very quickly for those short-lived photo opportunities. As with a lot of cameras, the flash washes out the subject in poorly-lit areas, but in auto mode, turn off the flash and let the automatic iso adjustment work its magic! The lens is deceptively large, which I assume is a good thing. I particularly like the Vivid/Happy color mode - it brings out the colors a bit more and makes pictures look very "HDR". I've only owned it for a few hours now, so I can't comment on longevity or build quality, but I've put it through it's paces and I am very satisfied with it.

    UPDATE: I just got back from vacation with my wife, and the vacation pictures have received a lot of complements, even by a few seasoned photography junkies. I've found that the flash tends to wash out the image a lot indoors, so I've been turning it off if it does so. I've had the camera for almost two months and I still think its great. Battery life is excellent, I only had to charge it once while I was on a week long vacation. I'll try to post a picture to the user submitted photos if I can figure out how to do so. (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  183. Great Camera for the money Review by Kim and Ed

    Great Camera for the money takes wonderful movement pics. No more blurry pictures. Perfect for someone like me, loves taking pictures but not a professional![ASIN:B004NBZAOI Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)]] (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  184. Nice Camera Review by teamcharles92

    This is a really nice camera for the price takes excellent pictures and is very easy to use.
    I would recommend to anyone who wants a nice compact camera. (Posted on 11/27/2011)

  185. Lens Cover Breaks Pretty Easy Review by Carmen

    I had one of these cameras and I liked it, about a year after I got it the lens cover broke, it stopped working and I had to pry it open with my fingers to get it open - or it would open half way - I thought it was a fluke so stupidly I got another one - that lens cover broke even faster - like 3 months later. I've been prying it open with my fingers every time I have to take a pic. Sometimes sticking half way open, sometimes not opening at all. I like everything about the camera except for that lens cover - seems to break. I can't believe it happened to me twice in a row. I'm now shopping for a new digital camera. (Posted on 11/26/2011)

  186. Lumix Review by William Craw

    Excellent piece of kit. The only drawback is the lack of a view-finder - difficult to see and focus in bright sunlight, and there's a lot of the latter where I live. Maybe there's a way to compensate for this? Otherwise, my Lumix is an amazing advance on its predecessor which I dropped once too often. (Posted on 11/26/2011)

  187. awesome point and shoot Review by Leah Beech

    Perfect point and shoot camera, good color, easy to use, compact. It was also a very good price! I have used it for the holidays and have some awesome shots! (Posted on 11/26/2011)

  188. Amazing Camera!!!! Review by J. Wojteczko "JKat"

    You can't get any better for this price range! Takes AMAZING photos! I don't have any complaints about it. I have literally had this camera for 4 years and it has been put through hell to say the least (including a year long deployment to Iraq!) and it is still in great working condition! I completely, 100% recommend this camera to ANYONE! Buy it now! You won't be disappointed! (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  189. great camera Review by Barbara Campbell "Rural librarian"

    I love this camera.. It's so easy to use. The pictures are great. Anyone,even technically challenged can use this camera. (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  190. groblay Review by blay

    Excelente camara para tener un precio tan bajo, realiza unas fotos de extraordinaria calidad a la vez que es muy facil de utilizar. (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  191. Great with many settings Review by Jennifer M. Spooner

    You can point and shoot easily. It takes a second for the zoom to adjust, must remember to do that before trying to take video or the whole thing will be out of focus. The different settings seem silly, but really show a difference. One says for taking pictures of food, I laughed, but when photoing my Thanksgiving dinner I forgot to set it to food, so I took separate shots of the pumpkin pie and it really looked delicious in those settings and did not photo well in the others.
    Everything seems great except I notice when veiwing my videos, the volume is usually way low and it's ruined many moments I thought I was capturing of my children. SOmetimes the sound comes in and out too, it's a bad video camera, so if thats what you want, buy a video camera. (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  192. Very good Review by David V.

    I learned about this product when talking with my co-worker. Besides that my brother had one too. The best thing I like is Intelligent auto and 8X wide angle image. (Posted on 11/24/2011)

  193. GREAT Camera Review by Matt29Addai

    I LOVE this camera. It's my first camera I've had that actually takes nice photos. They are perfect. The images are not blurry, they are very sharp as said on another review. The video is surprisingly great too. It's great for taking family and pet pictures. I do not regret making my purchase and at this price, it's a steal! I'm impressed with Panasonic mainly because I assumed the best cameras were made by Kodak, Canon, etc. I looked at the reviews and took a shot and it did not fail. Great buy. (Posted on 11/24/2011)

  194. Problem in 2 days Review by jp

    Bought the camera for a small point and shoot.
    Had it 2 days and the LCD screen stopped working.
    Very disappointed. (Posted on 11/24/2011)

  195. Good in low light Review by Janet Marie Bowen

    I am a grad student in need of a camera that could handle photographs when doing research in archives that do not always have well lit spaces. The difference between my last camera is literally night and day. I have fewer foggy and shaky images. Also, the multiple face finder makes it easier to do a quick photo in a room with low light. I don't feel like a turn-of-the-century photographer making everyone stand still for 3 minutes any more!

    The negative is that the zoom button is exactly where my right hand goes to hold the camera. I accidentally bump the speed zoom and have to stop to undo it.

    At the end of the day, I'll take one slight inconvenience for the fact that the camera is so slim it can even fit in a woman's pant pocket without looking bulky, it takes great photos, and it is reasonably priced. (Posted on 11/24/2011)

  196. works great! Review by Brenda

    I bought this camera for a trip to Fiji. I have an underwater Canon camera that I have found to be unreliable. It stops working from time to time (arrrgh!) and I didn't want to miss a single shot. I wanted something inexpensive, small and simple. This camera is so easy to use and takes great pics. (I've received many compliments on my pictures so far.) It fits perfectly in my hand, the zoom is great. My much more expensive Canon took one picture and died. Again. Without this camera I would have had one picture of Fiji! I haven't bothered to read the manual, and I have over 400 amazing shots of my vacay. I put it in a ziploc in my dry bag and took it kayaking in the rain. I took it out in the heat, in the sand. Again, a million times better than my waterproof, shock proof, temperture tough Canon. I think I'll look at Panasonics underwater camera next. I should have bought it in the first place. If you want a simple point and shoot, you won't go wrong with this. It's a lot of camera for a great price. (Posted on 11/24/2011)

  197. Proprietary USB Cable Review by heysox "heysox"

    Nice camera excepting the USB issue. If you are traveling and forget the unique cable, you are in trouble. Short of getting a card reader, you cannot transfer images to a laptop. Shame on Panasonic. (Posted on 11/23/2011)

  198. Panasonic Lumix Review by Bob

    Nice camera for everyday use. I replaced a lost Lumix, which I loved. This one has additional features and has been satisfactory so far. The Leica lens system is a great feature. (Posted on 11/21/2011)

  199. Great Camera Review by Bob

    Use this camera for my appraisal business. Camera is small so I can put it in my pocket. It is very easy to use. Quality of photos are good and the wide angle lense is great (Posted on 11/17/2011)

  200. sleek and powerful Review by harold

    This camera was recommended by the owner of a huge camera shop as the most powerful, functional, and cost-effective camera in its class. I have used it now for two weeks, and I am very pleased with its performance, weight, and capability. Excellent choice. (Posted on 11/17/2011)

  201. Great camera Review by Frank T. Mamat "Frank T. Mamat"

    Good. Smalln nsharp pix. Get it!!!! Great features. Easy. To set up. Don't pass this one up. Best compact I have ever owned (Posted on 11/14/2011)

  202. Excellent Camera Review by Narvaez

    Good quality, excellent zoom and amazing pictures, great LCD. With 5.0 MP the camera take very good pictures with big details (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  203. great picture! Review by Jodie D. Daniels

    This is a great little camera, I Love It. Very easy to use, took no time to learn the ropes. Came with the recharger, and cables for internet and tv. Great product, great price. (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  204. Delighted grandaughter Review by Eduardo L. Favaron

    I bought this camera for Martina, 12. Her whole family now uses it whenever Martina gives them a chance. Simple, accurate and full of useful features. (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  205. oh how I love thee, let me count the ways Review by MegOMG

    I am so over the moon with this camera, it borders on disturbing. >.<
    I love absolutely everything about it. The zooms (both of them) are so powerful, I can take clear, crisp looking pics of my ring from across the room, I am not joking here, I actually tried it. When I zoom in on the laptop sitting on my kitchen table a few feet away, I catch every single pixel. Quality of the pictures is amazing.
    I bought this camera, because I have a few jewelry pieces I'd like to sell and I needed a good product with macro feature and a powerful enough zoom to catch a tiny 0.25 inch object. This one exceeded my expectations. The stabilized picture option is most helpful, my tiny objects come out crisp and professional looking.
    I LOVE IT! (Posted on 11/12/2011)

  206. Very Nice Review by Kennedy "Her0Zer0"

    Very nice little camera. Takes sharp pictures. Color is very vibrant and nice. Lots of nice features. I wuse it to take product photography and it works great for this. Was also very nice to have around on a recent trip. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/11/2011)

  207. Great little camera Review by Windsors

    Bought this camera for our Alaskan cruise at the last minute after finding out my old Canon wasn't working. Wanted something I could slip into a pocket and that would take good pictures. It did both quite nicely. The zoom also worked out well when taking pictures of glaciers where we could only get so close. It was no match however, for whales and such against those professional looking cameras I saw others on board with that had telephoto lenses, etc. You can't expect it with a point and shoot though. Looking at the pictures on my computer moniter truly amazed me as to the quality of the photos as it captured the magnificent Alaskan scenery beautifully.
    Pros: Nice, clear sharp pictures for a point and shoot.
    Great size and weight, slips into pocket or purse nicely.
    Zoom was improved over my old Canon, but I guess this may be true of most newer cameras
    Price is low enough that I didn't sweat every minute about what may happen to it.
    Very easy to use.
    Cons: In bright sunlight, as with all types of cameras with these viewfinders, it's difficult to see what you're taking a picture of.
    We simply took tons of photos and deleted the ones we were less than thrilled with. It's not as if you're wasting film after
    all. (Posted on 11/10/2011)

  208. Muy bien Review by Hugo

    Muy bien todo el producto llego en buenas condiciones aunque demoro un poco pero igual llego exelente muy bien muy bien muy bien muy bien (Posted on 11/8/2011)

  209. Decent Camera big feature is missing Review by Paras

    1. It is definitely a nice product much better than similar configuarion products from Nikon and Canon however one big thing missing is the zoom during video recording.
    2. My previous camera Canon powershot A460 had this wonderful feature of zooming in and zooming out even during the movie recording and i am missing it... (Posted on 11/8/2011)

  210. Great camera especially for the price! Review by F. Porter "frugal rock"

    I did a lot of research for this purchase and this turned out to be a great camera. The pictures come out wonderful when using the auto feature, but really shines when you personalize the settings. Very happy with my choice. (Posted on 11/7/2011)

  211. WONDERFUL Review by mary


  212. Great camera! Review by Kat

    I bought this camera for my husbands birthday he needed an easy to use camera as he is anything but tech savy! He loves it and it take amazing pictures! he uses it all the time around the ranch taking picture to catalog horses and cattle, plus taking pictures of our very active 3yr old son, he's also pilot and it even takes great pictures from the air! I would recommend this to anyone it a great everyday, easy to use, carry in your bag camera. (Posted on 11/5/2011)

  213. Plain and simply a great camera for the$ Review by Michael H. Hayduk "coach mike"

    This camera is compact, light weight and versital. It shoots amazing stills and decent video. The sound on the video for distant sounds is low but up close is fine. It is exactly what I wanted, which was/is a camera I could put in my pocket/small bag/clip on my belt that has decent magnification and HD video. Buy it (Posted on 11/5/2011)

  214. I like it! Review by always striving

    I really like it. It's easy to use and I'm happy with the quality. More intuitive than the Canon I dropped... (Posted on 11/3/2011)

  215. Great Camera Review by Conrad McConrad

    I purchased this after owning a ZR3 camera, but a toddler broke it. This is very close to that camera except instead of dial, it has a mode button which changes the shape a bit. This camera also has more MP. I recently took some outdoor pictures at night and I really think (more anecdotal) that the flash on this camera is better as well. Every picture I've taken so far (around 100) has turned out great. Very happy with this camera. (Posted on 11/2/2011)

  216. Panasonic Lumix Review by J. Emmerthal

    I love this camera. I had to purchase extra memory but it is totally worth it. It takes great pictures and is easy to down load. It is small enough to slip in my pocket and go. (Posted on 11/1/2011)

  217. good & bad Review by Beth Ann Miller

    I bought this camera for MP and because it would fit easily into a pocket or purse. I own a larger Panasonic that I am very pleased with but I can't say the same for this one. I was pleasantly surprised at the zoom. It is crystal clear as long as you are in daylight. There are lots of settings on this and probably too many because it gets confusing. Also few of them work well. I did get decent results from using the candlelight setting and the pet setting but not many of the others. Also the stabilizer works well. None of my recent photos have been blurry. However, the photos are never consistent. I can take 2 or 3 shots of the same thing in the same place at the same time and each one will have a different look (mostly brightness). Also, the battery door is very flimsy and I am afraid it will break soon.
    Overall I would not purchase this camera again for my needs but for a basic user it would probably be fine. (Posted on 10/31/2011)

  218. Excelent camera Review by Ama

    I bought this camera because the reviews that I read. And they were right. It take great pictures and great videos. My daughter is the one that use the camera and she is no complaining. I recommend this camera. (Posted on 10/29/2011)

  219. solid camera Review by CMR

    This is an amazing camera for the price and for even $200 more if you find it somewhere else. Pictures are sharp and show no soft spots or blured edges. The best pictures are on Happy mode which to me is like the old Vivid mode on the prior models. The video on these is sharp also. Using a tripod (the simple cheap flexy type) I set the camera on it and put it on firework mode. The video was outstanding. I only wish it had souround sound but no big deal since the stereo sound was very deep and wide in it's recording.

    MY biggest issue wasn't with the camera at all but Amazon suprisingly.....In the past, free shipments were sent right away and they arrived usualy 3-5 days before the date quoted. Now even if it's in stock it will sit till a day or 2 till the due date and then ship. Usually the transport company gets it to me in 2 days after shipping. So Amazon, why the delay from you. I understand the transport company because I got the lower rate and they would send it a slower way but you have no excuse for instock items (Posted on 10/29/2011)

  220. Does what we need it to do Review by emilyforce

    This is our second mid-range model Lumix, and I like it even better than our first one. It's small enough that we really use it; it fits into pretty much any pocket and doesn't weigh much. The biggest bonuses are the image stabilization feature and the non-delay between hitting the shutter button and actually taking a picture. We get many more usable pictures because of those two things, and with fewer shots overall. It also warms up and is ready to use quickly after being turned on. The video quality is good, though obviously not as good as a dedicated video camera, but possibly easier to use, and the quality is fine for filming impromptu clips. I find the buttons and features and icons easy to use, but that's at least partly because I'm used to the Lumix conventions. I do recommend getting it in a nice bright body color, like this blue one or in red or gold or something, because that makes it so much easier to find -- there are a lot of little black box gadgets around the house these days. (Posted on 10/27/2011)

  221. Nice looking camera...Low quality photos Review by Az

    This camera looks nice and is very easy to use.

    Sadly that's where it ends. As I tend to do a lot of photo editing, I need a camera that takes a reasonably sharp photo, not professional SLR quality, but decent quality. Sadly this camera fails miserably. Although the photos look nice initially, a bit of a closer looks makes the poor quality of the camera lens very noticeable. You don't have to be an expert to see this, just increase the photo size to full-size and zoom in a bit and you will notice a major fuzziness or edge bleeding around the objects in the photo, which is unacceptable.

    Don't get me wrong, if this camera was about $60 cheaper it might be worth it, but at it's current price it's just not worth it. Don't be fooled by the 16MP, if you want a standard point and shoot camera, save your money and get a cheaper camera, as you are paying extra for nothing with this camera.

    Another thing I find a bit annoying, is that you have to remove the battery to charge it. Although this may not seem like an issue, the last camera I had you could simply plug in the camera, or better yet charge it with usb. With how flimsy the battery door is I wouldn't be surprised it it broke off. Plus if the battery dies the camera can not be used, where my other camera could be used while it was plugged in. (Posted on 10/27/2011)

  222. Panasonic DMC-FH25A Review by The boy in the bag

    The performance of the camera is really good. The best thing are the OIS assistance to avoid handshake, and bad photos.
    I recomend this item. (Posted on 10/26/2011)

  223. This is my favorite camera so far! Review by Ginny

    I love this camera. I have two toddlers that I try to capture in pictures and this camera is very fast in taking a picture! I haven't had time to read the manual, (yes there is one!) so I have not even begun to tap into the "tricks" that this camera can do. I just set on intelligent auto and have been more than pleased with the results so far. Very glad I purchased this camera, and would purchase again. If Amazon could have sent the email offering me a better deal on the camera BEFORE I purchased my camera, it would have been even better! (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  224. Tiny and great Review by R. Faria

    I was looking for a pocket size camera with good lens. That's exactly what I got. I can take great pictures, it is fast, the battery lasts like forever. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  225. Simply Wow Review by Paul M. Moorman

    I'm totally impressed with this camera. I'm just a point and shoot guy; don't need anything fancy. But my simple needs include no/very small delay between pushing the button and taking a picture, very little pause between taking pictures, a very good zoom, simple controls and fits in my pocket. This camera delivers them all. Particularly impressed that I take very few fuzzy pictures anymore due to the quick shutter. I really like the slide switches for on/off and take/review. Much nicer than buttons or pushing arrows, especially since I use these two functions a lot. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  226. Easy To Use Review by Scott

    This camera takes great pictures and videos in 720p. It's small and compact enough to fit in your pocket to take with you anywhere you go. The feature I use the most is the intelligent auto setting. It will automatically sense the best exposure settings and enable/disable flash accordingly. you can of course adjust these settings in other modes manually, but the intelligent auto setting works perfect for me and takes wonderfull pictures indoors in low light or outdoors. I love this camera so much I bought another one as a present for my mom and she loves hers also. I use a 16gb memory card to store pictures and videos with. The videos can be played back on your computer as they're .mov files that windows can play on it's own without installing any special software. My only complaint is that you can't zoom in and out on the camera while recording. you can zoom in and out prior to recording but not during recording. I won't take away a star for that as the quality of the video is still very good. The video quality in bad in very low light and will turn out grainy. as long as you know this ahead of time you can make sure to have the blinds/curtains open to let sunlight in or have lights on indoors as this is not ideal for video recording in low light. It does take good pictures in low light as it uses the flash. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  227. Excellent pictures - make sure you let i focus Review by Timothy Davis "Tim"

    This camera takes excellent photos - scenery or people. So far I like using Normal Picture mode
    vs. intelligent Auto for most shots. The focus is very good as long as you let it focus before pushing the button all the way down. Controls are easily understandable and the menus are a breeze to navigate. (Posted on 10/19/2011)

  228. Excellent Quality at a Great Price! Review by Georgia Pat

    I've waiting a couple of months before giving my review, and I am still getting acquainted with the camera. I have not used it for videos, nor have I tried every mode setting. However, I have used it extensively for still photographs, including close-ups, and am very pleased with the ease of use and quality of the photographs.

    I did have to get a new (inexpensive) card reader, as the built in slot of my older computer would not read the SDHC card. My next purchase will be an additional battery pack.

    As it turned out, it wasn't such a bad thing that I tripped over a curb, and my old Olympus digital camera took the full brunt of the fall onto the concrete! This camera was a fraction of the price I paid for the old one, and I love the red color! (Posted on 10/18/2011)

  229. The camera that meets my needs Review by Asian Amazon

    *** ALERT: This is NOT a technical review. ***

    I spent almost a year reading about different point-and-shoot digital cameras.

    Talked to a few professional photographer friends for their suggestions and input.

    Had a few cameras on one of my Amazon wishlists for a while before removing them after a couple of months because I didn't feel the same way about them after the time lapse.

    Tinkered with a few point-and-shoots at every electronics store I found myself in.

    Two weeks ago the list got narrowed down to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 and the Nikon Coolpix S8100. Back to an electronics store we went. I struggled with the menu on the Nikon, then it dawned on me that what I really wanted in a camera was simplicity without too much of a compromise on features. When I picked up the Lumix DMC-FH25, I liked it instantly. The locations of all the buttons felt right. The flash was not in the way. Without access to a user guide at the store, I pressed each button and figured out what its purpose was. The husband glanced through a few of the MANY available shooting modes and was pretty impressed. I ordered the camera from Amazon a few days later.

    This camera is perfect for my needs. I don't want to be a professional photographer. I don't take pictures to enter them into contests. I don't intend to decorate our home with poster-size reprints of landscapes. I don't mind at all that the Lumix DMC-FH25 doesn't have a lot of room for manual maneuverability. I do like -- very much at that -- that this camera was easy to learn (with a little help from the husband because I got impatient, lol). I am excited about the shooting modes (the one named "Food" made me laugh out loud)! I also like that a simple description scrolls across the bottom of the LCD screen when you select each shooting mode, so you know what the mode does best. I like that it's small and it fits comfortably in my small hand. I am also pleased with how quickly pictures are taken and stored so I can move on to the next shot (I ordered Transcend's Class 10 8GB SDHC card with this camera).

    There are SO MANY digital cameras out there. If you want something simple with a few bells and whistles but will not frustrate you with a steep learning curve, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 is worth considering.

    UPDATE on 11/25/2011: Still enjoying this little powerhouse of a point-and-shoot digital camera after a month of use. Experimented with Normal picture mode to an extent and decided my photography skills are simply nothing to write home about, so I switched to iAuto mode full-time. Uploaded two pictures taken yesterday (Thanksgiving) and today in the image gallery for this camera. The Thanksgiving picture is the one of the coffee mug and flowers. The other picture is of our Lab/Shepherd who was just trying to take a nap in the sunlight that poured into our kitchen.

    Video-taking with this camera is also easy to manage. Yes, you cannot zoom in or out while shooting the video. Some may find this an annoyance, while others will not be hindered. I have taken two 30-second videos with this camera so far and the playback quality is excellent. The camera's mic also picks up the volume of chatter in the video more than capably. Color reproduction is sharp and vibrant as well. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  230. Very satisfied Review by J

    Fast delivery, excellent camera. I have been very happy with my purchase of this camera. It takes very pretty, detailed photos and is lightweight. The battery is a flat rechargeable battery and it comes with the charger. (Posted on 10/16/2011)

  231. Great camera Review by Nakkiel

    It is not quite the camera I wanted to buy, but it is $200 cheaper. For the price it takes good quality pictures. The macro option works great. The macro-zoom is alright when you need it, but it does add some blur over taking a regular macro mode picture. Movie quality is decent as long as there is enough lighting, the camera doesn't provide any for movies. It does still adjust for too much light in movies though, and very well although it has a slight delay.

    The sensor size is a bit small, but it is the same as all pocket cameras in this price range. You can't adjust zoom while shooting a movie clip. Also flash will basically always go off indoors when on auto, even if there is plenty of light and the flash will just make it look worse. You basically have to manually set it off if you want it off indoors, which is easy to do but still annoying. iISO is nice, but doesn't always use the best option indoors. Sometimes it will use 800 and the picture will look too bright from flash, and then when manually set to 400 the same picture will look perfect.

    If you don't need to zoom while taking movies then this is a great choice. If you have a higher budget look into larger sensor sizes and go with a more expensive camera if you really want the best quality pictures. (Posted on 10/14/2011)

  232. good Review by cole

    the camera works fine, battery life is good...more than 8GB recording video still have energy! 720p resolution make video great and qualiti but with stop tic! pic is ok! (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  233. Better than all my friend's cameras! Review by Pixie Poet

    I went to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park recently and used my camera for the first time.
    My pictures turned out WAY BETTER (more vivid, colors were true to life) than my frien's cameras (they had a Kodak and a Canon, same size and style). My camera was the only one that captured the redness of the canyons. The pictures on my friends' cameras were all faded yellow and not red!!! This camera is also easy to use. Even a dummy like me can figure most of it out!!

    The only complaint I have is that I could not telephoto the lens for the videos. But I am not deducting any stars because maybe I just don't know how to do it yet.

    Now one of my friends is wanting to buy it! She saw the difference and was impressed! Me too!! (Posted on 10/11/2011)

  234. AMAZING CAMERA!!! Review by pachiqueen

    This camera has really impressed me!
    In the past I had a really old sony cyber shot that work ok but never did a great job has I've always wished. I've seen how Canon Power Shot work, delivering pictures that have great colors and focus very well, with no blur at all. However the price of the Power Shot, when I was comparing cameras, were way higher than this Panasonic lumix. They offered less MP (14 MP and 12 MP vs 16 MP) and just half of the zoom (4x vs 8x). So, in terms of features and price, between Canon and Lumix, the Lumix is a better option.
    The intelligent auto mode works GREAT as a "point and shoot", it has a very fast shutter speed! and focus great!. If you want to play more with the features like amount of light or enhance colors, the Lumix has already options to make it even easier like "candle light" mode, "food" mode, "sunset" mode, etc, and they work very well. Also it has a panoramic mode that helps to make nice panoramic shoots although it doesn't acoplate the pictures itself.
    I also have to say that if you don't have basic knowledge of how to manipulate the menus of any point and shoot camera (like my old sony cyber shot), it could take just a few days to discover everything that this camera can do, but when you do you will be amazed! also the Optical Image Stabilizer works great! but you have to pay attention on have it ON, otherwise it won't work, of course!
    And last but not least, My brother and a friend, both professional photographers, each own DSLR cameras, they both agreed that the lenka lenses have the best quality in the market wich the lumix has.
    Finally, I always wanted a point and shoot that would allow me to "play" as a professional photographer and take interesting and nice pictures. This camera has done that and more.
    So, in summary, I would totally recommend this camera, beyond expectations! (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  235. Looks cheap because of plastic Review by Ralf

    Look cheap panasonic should use better material, specially where u put batteries I thing after few times it can brake (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  236. Nice camera for the buck Review by Ohio Joe

    This camera fit my needs and price range nicely. I wanted something small and easy to carry but also good enough to take decent pictures. I like the telescopic range and it is easy to switch from still frame to movie if desired. It has a menu with multiple options for shooting under various circumstances but this takes a bunch of time to set up. I use it only in auto mode as I want to just click and shoot and the pictures are great. (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  237. great camera Review by Steve Wilson

    This is the best canera that I have ever had for always taking with you. It fits nicely in your pocket.
    It takes excellent pictures, even when in direct sun light. The extra 10X also takes great looking pictures, not like the old digital zoom.
    The many settings make it all-in-one camera. So far the included software is easy to use and allows you to edit the "bad" shots so that they look good.
    After over 200 pictures I have nothing but good things to say about this camera. (Posted on 10/4/2011)

  238. Nice camera for the money...if you don't pay retail. Wish it zoomed while taking video... Review by J. Carlile "JC"

    The Amazon price is $60 cheaper than places like Staples, and I think it's reasonable for what you're getting.

    It's probably the easiest digital camera I've ever used. The interface is simple and straight forward, and it gives you descriptions of each function along the way. Focus is excellent and fast compared to my old camera, as well as the zoom feature which is pretty powerful for such a small camera. Picture quality is decent and images almost always come out sharp. Taking pics in extremely low light conditions may require an adjustment or two since they sometimes look grainy.

    My only real complaint is video mode. 24 frames per second in HD mode is pretty low compared to the cheap Flip HD 60 frames per second. I recorded part of a TV program on my plasma as well as video game clips and it had a flicker in HD mode, whereas in SD mode with 30 frames per second it looked perfect. I'm not sure why they couldn't have made HD mode at least 30 fps. Also, as others mentioned, you can't zoom in or out while shooting video. If you're looking for this feature with higher frames per second, look into one of the higher end Canon point and shoot models. They're a little more expensive, but I sort of wish I spent the extra money for these features alone. It still won't replace a good camcorder, but it's nice to have an efficient all in one device.

    This camera also doesn't include video editing software like Flip cameras where you can shorten or splice clips. It says Super LoiLoScope is on the CD, but it's only a link to purchase the software for 70 bucks! I found it bizarre and ridiculous to feature the software's name on the CD if it's only a link to download and pay for it.

    Bottom line, if you only have a $150 budget or less to spend on a camera and need something simple and effective, this is a good buy. If video is going to be a priority, save up a little more and get a Canon. (Posted on 10/3/2011)

  239. PANASONIC CAMERA Review by Janet M. Principino "general customer"

    Love this camera! So much faster,and more compact than my previous one. I haven't even begun to figure out all of it's features., but love what I have. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  240. Where's my case? Review by MKIII

    I purchased a previous Lumix model which I liked, but lent it to my son who dropped it in Turkey. Now it has spots in the zoom. Not thrilled with that quality, but liked the camera so I decided to try Panasonic one more time and bought this one.

    Why don't my old batteries fit?! What's with Panasonic. Make cameras to sell batteries?! Like HP with ink cartridges. I really hate that kind of marketing. Why so expensive? Probably my last Panasonic because of that. Or at least make 1 kind of battery that fits all.

    And where is my case?! No case with this one either. I had a difficult time finding what exactly was going to ship with the camera. Glad it at least came with a battery. I should be able to use any battery that meets the electronic specs. It's just a battery! Too bad Panasonic. Did the seller, Quality Photo, remove the case? Otherwise the price was right and delivery on time. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  241. Great Camera With Only One Minor Flaw Review by J. Reker

    I honestly really love my camera. I've always bought Casios, but I was getting tired of their really bad flash (washes out people's faces really bad). I didn't want to pay for a Canon and I heard good things about Panasonic Lumix. This camera is great. The picture quality is amazing (not like a professional, but still great for what I want) and the flash doesn't wash anyone out. The only thing that disappoints me is that the battery dies a little faster than I prefer and once the battery starts losing power, the camera takes a lot longer to take a picture. My old camera was really quick to take pictures and wouldn't leave them blurry, but this camera hesitates when the battery starts getting low and I'll sometimes miss great opportunities.

    Otherwise, a really great camera. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  242. Nice little camera to carry around every day Review by Vickie Klick

    I think this is a great little camera for the price. I was replacing another pocket-sized point and shoot that got bounced one too many times on my bike, and my criteria were size, image quality, and zoom range (especially wide angle, which I'd had on my previous camera). I use a DSLR for "serious" shooting, but the point and shoot in my pocket gets a lot more use than the DSLR in the camera bag at home! The user interface is pretty intuitive for someone who's used Nikon and Canon point-and-shoots. There are a few oddities like the mechanical switch to go between playback and photo modes, but they aren't a big deal. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  243. A wonderful decision Review by tristan

    This camera is truly amazing, the settings are easy to use, it has a great weight and I can't complain about the battery life, on the whole it is so cool I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a great deal for a reasonable price. (Posted on 9/16/2011)

  244. Great camera Review by Jerry B

    Great features, great zoom, high megapixel, compact and lightweight, east to use, great price, how can you go wrong. This is my second Panasonic. love them both. (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  245. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25K Review by Tim Teagan

    I recently purchased this camera, very pleased with the ease of use, size & handling, battery life, pre-sets and picture quality. I'm sure the more I use, the more I will learn about all it's features, which should provide even better pictures. (& videos) (Posted on 9/8/2011)

  246. LOVE IT Review by B. Wade "B.Dub"

    The only thing that I don't like about it is the battery lid to compartment. It comes unlatched and doesn't feel as secure as my FH-20 latch. (Posted on 9/7/2011)

  247. Good Specs, Good Camera Review by A. Siddiqui

    I bought this camera for my wife and the moment she got it she loved it. Even a beginner can take great pictures with builtin intelligent scene modes with this camera. It gives you lots of manual controls as well if you want to experiment & learn. It has got all the latest features and all features function as described. It makes good videos as well. You cannot go wrong with this camera at this price (I bought it even cheaper as Panasonic was running a special ofer then). Its build quality, picture quality and screen quality is excellant. Zoom is good too. I am glad that I selected this camera.

    Update 29-11-11. The battery of this camera is only but very annoying downside of this camera as it hardly lasts less than a day. Still I ordered another of this camera (FH24) this time with the hope that it has a better battery life, though I did order a spare battery too this time. (Posted on 9/7/2011)

  248. Fantastic for the price Review by Lindsay

    I'm leaving 4 stars because it's not the highest quality camera, but for the price, it just can't be beat. I had a strict budget for a point and shoot, and this was perfect for what I wanted. Uploads to my computer are quick and easy, battery life is great, picture quality is very good, and it's small enough to fit in a clutch. If you're on a budget but you don't want to sacrifice quality, this is a good choice. (Posted on 9/5/2011)

  249. got just what i wanted! Review by Rich lee

    only after many reviews and forums did i found this camera would suit my needs! easy to use and good picture quality. the color violet was getting hard too find but amazon had it! (Posted on 9/5/2011)

  250. Good camera Review by J. Dougherty

    I purchased this camera for a backpacking trip in New Mexico. I got two weeks before I left which left very little to really learn how to use. It is fairly intuititive for simple picture. However it has quite a few options that I am still learning how to use. I was very happy with the pictures that I took with it. I have been a serious photographer in the past but have drifted away over the years. So, I am a fussy photographer and not easy to please. This camera did a good job for me.

    I was concerned about the on/off switch at first but it was a non issue.

    I was happy with the lens range (28mm to moderate zoom.) I was amazed with the macro feature. Easy to use and high quality. I took several photos of butterfly that landed on my arm.having never used that option.

    I did not see much difference with the different auto photo options except for the high dynamic option. It seemed to make a difference in some situations.

    I was very disappointed with the battery life. I was only able to get approximately 60% of the expected life. I believe that this was because I reviewed and deleted photos regularly. BEWARE, you are burning battery life every time you play with the photos. The battery strength display is deceptive. The battery did not last long once it quit showing full strength. Panasonic needs to sell their batteries for a reasonable price. This is the biggest weakness of the Panasonic System

    I still have not figured out how to take pictures of fire works. the camera system is not "friendly" for those situations.

    I did purchase the recommended class 6 memory card.<a href="">Transcend 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GSDHC6E</a>

    Bottom line: Good camera, easy to use with options that should satisfy serious photographers. Get an extra battery for long trips when you can not recharge. .<a href="">Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)</a> (Posted on 9/5/2011)

  251. Better than my camera Review by JON BLUME

    My parents were floored to receive this camera. They had an older model so learning this one was much easier for them. They have taken some really nice photos with it. Thanks. (Posted on 9/3/2011)

  252. This Could Have Been Such A Good Camera Review by Mel

    After my Olympus FE-340 quit working after 3 years (I am still trying to have it repaired), I looked around for a new camera that could take its place as my every day camera. The requirements are for a camera to be small and light enough to fit in my bag with all the other odds and ends, as well have at least 5x optical zoom and a decent picture quality, sensor, start-up/shooting speed and hardware-accessible (not buried in menus) shooting modes. On paper, the Panasonic DMC-FH25S has all of those, and a Leica lens, too.
    I do want to mention that the lack of a super macro mode is disappointing, but something I was willing to live with. Considering that one of the things I often take pictures of are flowers and other plants in close-up, that is saying a lot about how impressed I was with the specs of this camera.
    What I have found in a few months of working with this camera is that it is nigh unto impossible to be sure what the camera is thinking at any given time, and as a result there are many blurred shots, or missed shots simply because the camera is still thinking about the shot, instead of reacting when you press the button.
    I have been taking pictures for 30 years, and I understand the trade-offs in size and quality very well. From my Nikkormat and Nikon FE to my Fuji S-5000 and beyond, I may not consider myself an expert, but I have a solid background. This camera does not add up to the sum of its parts, and I only wish that I had more of a chance to test it during the return window. Live and learn. (Posted on 9/3/2011)

  253. Looking something to replace my old Samsung S1050 Review by Roel Lzn

    In comparison with my 4 years Samsung, who was heavy, slow and power hungry, this one is decent for the price
    Good optical zoom
    Fast shutter speed
    Intelligent auto
    Nice scene modes
    Great Image stabilization
    Decent battery life
    Easy to use
    16mp doesn't help to take much better pics than my old 10mp Samsung
    LCD no better neither

    I've chosen the violet color, because too many already buy the blue one, lol
    I dint try the 720 video yet, or the software that came with my camera
    I purchased a core logic case, with memory foam interior, and Wintec 16gb class 10 memory flash at Fry's
    Good camera for teens, mom's, dad's, and casual photographers ... (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  254. Poor image quality Review by Melkosh "Mel"

    I'm disappointed. I'm by no means an expert in cameras but I still can't get over the image quality of this camera. The image is grainy and colors are off for indoor shots. I got this for a really good price as part of a promotion but regretfully this one goes back. (Posted on 8/30/2011)

  255. Camera replacement from Amazon Review by William B. Garber, Jr

    Nice camera. Big capabilities, right size, pics great. Very easy to use. Recommended for the technologically challenged as well as the amateur photographer. (Posted on 8/30/2011)

  256. Practica Review by Antonio

    Para un camara de bolsillo y para una persona como yo que no soy un experto en fotografia y lo que unico que desea es tomar la camara y capturar el momento, me parece marabillosa, en el modo automatico, la calidad de las fotos es muy buena, la resolucion, le brillo, la nitidez, el enfoque, todo me gusto, no he tenenido la oprtunidad utilizar muchas de las funciones, pero las que he trabajado me satisfacen, se las recomiendo. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  257. In a Flash Review by David F. Kegel "Dave"

    I haven't upgraded my camera for 7 years. This camera is amazing. The optical zoom is huge. In the daylight, at night, inside,outside, fantastic. I love this camera. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  258. Colors are OFF - sent it back Review by istkrieg

    It was time to replace our 5-year old Sony 7.2 MP camera, so, after reading through tons of reviews, I decided to get this Panasonic product. A combination of features, positive reviews and price seemed unbeatable. Well, we really wanted to love this camera, but it just wasn't meant to be. Our main and pretty much the only issue with this camera is that the colors on the pictures just look way off. We tried Intelligent Auto first, in the variety of settings, and the pictures just didn't look right. What you see in reality (colorwise) is not what you get when you take a picture with this camera. Since Auto mode pretty much failed, I then played with different settings to try and find a good combination. Still no luck. Kept comparing colors to the ones on the pictures by our old Sony and Panasonic was beat time, after time, after time. As others have already mentioned, good P&S cameras will take good pictures in the Auto mode without you having to mess around with settings every time you are in the new surroundings. This camera is not only incapable of that, it can't even take decent pictures when manual settings are used. I'm not a photo professional, but both my wife and I could easily see the difference between our old pictures taken by Sony and the ones taken by this Panasonic camera. It might be a matter of personal taste, but this camera didn't work for us and is being returned to Amazon. The search for new camera continues... (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  259. Best point & shoot Review by Ash

    Best point & shoot camera...Best pictures with this camera even better than sony & cannon.
    I recommend people to buy this if you are in a market for a cheap point * shoot.
    Great photos with IA mode, best zoom in its class & best megapixels for large size pictures. (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  260. Panasonic Digital Camera from Amazon Review by KimW

    I read many of the reviews before I bought this camera and they were extremely helpful. This is a great camera, picture quality is good, speed is a bit slow but good for this size of camera. Fits very conveniently in a small purse or pocket. The only downfall of this camera is the battery life. If you take a lot of pictures at one time it will run out of battery. I would suggest an extra battery to charge while you are using the camera. (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  261. Nice camera with high zoom Review by Tamaz Ozbetelashvili

    This model is exactly what I was looking for in a camera. Pictures are nice quality. Easy to use, wonderful zoom.... (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  262. Nice camera Review by nkbm

    A friend had this camera and liked it, so I thought I'd try it. Handles well - easy to work with - nice size screen. Easy to understand online owner's manual. All in all, I would recommend this for the every day user. (Posted on 8/27/2011)

  263. Excellent Camera! Review by Rebecca Rose

    I love this camera! The quality is amazing, the video is good, and it is not a bit grainy or blurry at all. The pictures turn out very sharp and vibrant with the best quality. I have been looking just for a camera this good and it is the perfect camera. I love it! I highly recommend this camera. (Posted on 8/27/2011)

  264. Amazing quality for such a small camera Review by lens45

    We wanted a point-and-shoot camera that will easily fit in one's pocket and yet take quality photos and video clips. After extensive research, we settled on the Panasonic DMC-FH25. Plus a friend has one and raved about it. We have used it for both photos and videos and emailed a few to friends and relatives with ease. We made the right choice. (Posted on 8/21/2011)

  265. Compact, many features, value Review by SCB "SCB"

    Very nice camera, many many features and easy to use, easy to navigate menus and even gives you a definition on many of the features right on the camera if you need that.

    Photos have been sharp and good color and many of the settings come out pretty true for automatic settngs for picture scenes and types.

    Panasonic has had good conistent quality with the lens glass and with 16mp youcan certainly create monster size prints if you'd like and for online the photos are great as they are with most cameras of half the megapixels.

    Pricing is competitive with other bands, personally I have always had a good experience with Panasonic products. It isn't too heavy and is ok in a shirt pocket or back pocket providing you remember it is there.

    There are though many smaller cameras if that is an issue but very few if any with all these features and 16mp. Always remember, these little camera will NOT match the large 35mm Nikons, Canons, Sony fullframe digital cameras. I hear so many who have that expectation, can't and won't happen. But many of these little cameras do a great job at an affordable price for most.

    Like with anything you buy, do your research, go to a local store to see it, test it, and with Amazon you have 30 days to try it out, if it doesn't meet your expectations return it. You only need pay the return shipping. (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  266. Panasonic Camera Review by Annie3of7

    This is an awesome camera! Takes great pictures and was a really good price. It was exactly as described and works great! Easy to use and set to capture your pictures exactly as you want them to be captured. I love it and carry it with me all the time! (Posted on 8/18/2011)

  267. Battery/SD Card Door hinge broken Review by S. Santi "Gadget Saint"

    Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity to do much with this camera. The battery compartment door hinge shipped broken and I decide to return it. The door hinge is made very cheaply with what looks like two narrow hoops of soft plastic. Considering the lens brand and the fact the solid construction of the body, why would Panasonic skimp on the quality in a high-traffic part of the camera? It makes no sense.I wasn't expecting miracles from a $150 point and shoot and the camera actually looks feature rich. I ended up buying a FinePix (Fujufilm's version of the Coolpix line) 14MP/10X for $139 at Walmart and returning the Panasonic for a refund. Definitely not as many picture mode options, but excellent ISO range and 10x optical zoom with HD video capability? Oh, and the door hinge is made of metal, not two plastic loops. Seemed like a good deal to me. Of course, Amazon's refund/return policy is second to none. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  268. Great camera, though not good for night time shots Review by Nell K

    I love the camera because the functions are so easy to use. It is not at all complicated and has lots of different options. I try to take pictures on horseback, and can easily work with the camera while moving. On auto most of the shots were REALLY nice... beautiful shots, I have some that look professional. A few of the shots under auto were fuzzy... you have to be patient and wait a little for the camera to figure out what it needs to focus on under this option. I imagine that the camera was adjusting since I was moving when I took the shot. If you need to take a quick shot of something fast, use normal view or if you want to chose a specific photo option, your target for the photo might move by the time you flip through a couple screens to chose face, animal, candle light, etc as the specific type of photo you want. This is true of most cameras though... and like I said, it is easy to find what you need. I tried video and shots of a deer under regular and night.. with my porch light on it. I could see the deer but the camera couldn't even when I messed with different options. Some pictures under certain options showed the deer some... but not that well at all, I was disappointed with this. The camera has been durable for the month I have had it so far, and the software was easy to use as well.
    As far as amazon goes, they sent me an e-mail to pick up the camera at the post office as it needed to be signed for... but it showed up the next day via mail and was left in my mail box. Just a heads up... could have been the post office or amazon that got that one messed up. In case it happened to rain and your mail box is outside like mine, be careful to get the camera when amazon says it is coming. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  269. Nice camera Review by Love to read

    I was looking for a small camera to keep in my purse. I have been very happy with the photos of my granddaughter and the video of her, although it took me a couple of tries to get something useful! I'm sure I haven't tested all of the features, but for something that falls in the point and shoot category while taking higher quality photos...this works well! (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  270. Nice Camera Review by Eli D

    We bought this camera after having a number of different digital cameras. We needed a camera that is easy to operate and easy to carry as we needed to take quick shots of our kids. This camera takes great pictures, they are clear and you get the shot you wanted versus having a delay to take your picture. I would highly recommend this product for those needing a camera for great, clear, quick pictures with the convenenience of portability and ease of use. Additionally, I thought the price was great as compared to other cameras of this quality. (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  271. great camera for the money Review by everydayJoe

    I recently purchased this camera to replace an old Sony Camera which took AA batteries and drained the juice out of them at the tune of 20 photos per set of batteries. This Panasonic Lumix has a good little battery that seems to go on performing for a good while between charges. The photo quality on the camera is very good. Other folks who have reviewed this camera had less desirable things to say about picture quality, however, I thing they must be comparing picture quality to a far more expensive camera. I love the size and simplicity of this little jewel. You cant go wrong for the price. This camera meets my expectations and I would highly recommend the product to others. (Posted on 8/15/2011)

  272. Awesome camera! Review by Jordy

    This is a great little camera. The picture quality is fantastic, it's easy to use, it's small, and it's not too pricey. I did a lot of looking around for digital cameras, and I'm very pleased I picked this one! (Posted on 8/12/2011)

  273. Photo addict Review by B. Brizendine

    LOVE this camera! I use it for both work and personal and the wide angle lens allows me to take my photos for work effortlessly and it fits in my pocket! This camera is worth every $$! (Posted on 8/10/2011)

  274. LOVE this camera!! Review by Kim G. "Kim G."

    I LOVE my new Panasonic Camera. I have been looking for a small camera that will fit in my pocket yet take great pictures and after a lot of research I found it! I highly recommend this camera. One of my biggest pet-peeves with most cameras is the slow shutter speed. I know that to get perfectly fast shutter speed you really need to invest in a professional camera but I have to say this Panasonic has great shutter speed! I have three very active kids and I manage to get about 90-95% of the pictures that I want with this camera. I bought it right before our recent vacation to the beach and was so pleased with how it worked. Cloudy skies, bright sun, indoors, outdoors, it took great pictures in all environmental conditions. It is a breeze to use also. After charging the included battery with the included battery charger, I just started shooting. I hope to eventually read the manual to see if I am missing any info that may come in handy but for now, it works just as I need it to. My only complaint is that I cannot figure out how to zoom in/out while taking a video (after reading the manual I might find out how...but really a very minor complaint overall). One of my favorite features is what I call the "quick zoom" button. Push the button once and the camera quickly zooms x8, push it again and it zooms to full optical zoom, push third time and it quickly goes back to no zoom. Great feature! If you are looking for a great little camera that will take great photos this is it! (Posted on 8/9/2011)

  275. Quite pleased Review by username_5


    - small camera that fits easily into a pocket. A true go anywhere camera
    - love the intelligent auto mode. Don't even have to tell it I want to shoot in macro mode, it figures it out and switches automatically. Same with portraits.
    - Very good quality images for a 16MP point and shoot even at full size magnification.


    - as other have noted the battery could last longer. It's a 600MaH battery and an extra one from Panasonic is $30-$50. Fortunately if you search Amazon for "Wasabi Power Battery for Panasonic NCA-YN101G " you will find a replacement with twice the capacity for around $10. Why buy an extra Panasonic battery when for ten bucks that one battery will last as long 2 Panasonics? Older reviews indicate there are no 3rd party batteries that will work in this camera, but that is not true any longer.
    - It's a 16MP camera with a tiny image sensor so at full magnification there is a lack of sharpness that is very noticeable (at full magnification of the image) when shooting in less than ideal conditions. This isn't the fault of this camera, every point and shoot camera has a tiny image sensor and 16mp is too high for those sensors to record every pixel accurately. In ideal, outdoor conditions and in some cases with the flash close up they look very good though. For those who will never print at larger than 10x14 or only display at greatly reduced resolutions (such as on monitor or HD TV) this is a non issue. Do not think reducing from 16MP to 10MP (this camera allows this) will change the lack of clarity at full magnification as it can't. It's still the same sized image sensor, just not using all of the area. If you want a camera for large prints, choose lower MP in point and shoot or go DSLR for it's larger image sensors. I will note that the lack of clarity at full magnification is proportional to how far away the subject is. For macro shots I am incredibly impressed. Those are very clear even at full magnification.

    In between Pro and Con:

    - the 720P video mode is OK. The sound is what you would expect, wind noise will be a problem outdoors and voices from far away will sound 'off'. Same as any video from any camera with an internal mic. The video quality itself seems fair. About what I would expect from a camera with a video mode.


    Nice little camera for the price. Nothing about it is revolutionary, but nothing is awful about it either. The intelligent auto mode is quite slick and a feature I will look for from now on with any point and shoot I consider. (Posted on 8/9/2011)

  276. Bad quality photos Review by C. Kolasinski

    I bought this camera because of the great reviews. It has some nice features, as do all the cameras in this class, but the quality of the photos is lacking. Maybe I'm spoiled because I currently have a Canon SX100 IS that takes beautiful pictures, but I've been using digital cameras for over ten years and have not had another that takes bad pictures except for another Lumix that I purchased because of the zoom and good ratings. I also did not keep that one. One more sour taste was the $33.00 it cost to return this camera. I am done with Panasonic. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  277. pretty ok little point n shoot! Review by John H. Rowe

    Price was right. Convenience & size and quality ok.
    I'm a former Pro it will not replace my "real camera"
    but great for those "happy-snaps".... (Posted on 8/7/2011)

  278. The best picture quality possible with a point and shoot Review by Varun Mittal

    I was a little hesitant buying a Panasonic camera at first, simply because Panasonic is not the biggest name in Camera industry. But I am glad I made this purchase. It has so many options for the price. One great thing about this camera is that its picture quality under low light conditions is really good. Generally with other cameras if you take a picture in dark with flash on, the things close by become bright and you get an almost black background. With this camera, somehow I did not have that problem. The light was spread evenly and I was able to capture exactly what I wanted.
    Another important factor here is the 16 MP. You will know the difference immediately. I viewed the pictures that I took recently on my 47" HD TV and even on full screen, there was not a single blur photo (of about the 1000 I took on my trip).
    The only drawback I could find is that each picture is about 8 MB, which means you at least need to get a 8 GB memory card if not more.
    All in all, highly recommended. (Posted on 8/7/2011)

  279. Awesome Camera Review by Mr. Strody "Big Streezy"

    I REALLY enjoy this camera. Let me start off by saying that I am really just a point and shoot kind of guy, I am NOT a professional photographer by any degree. This camera is easy to use, has long distance zoom, and takes really crisp photos. It is also much cheaper compared to models from other companies supposedly on its level. Finally, it has an auto function that adjusts itself to whatever setting you're in, to take the best possible photos it can; I keep it on this setting and it works great. You can also record videos as well. If you are looking for a simple camera that takes quick and nice crisp photos without hassle, this is for you. (Posted on 8/4/2011)

  280. Not the best battery life Review by Katherine J. Singler

    Love this camera, but it has a pretty short battery life. Also doesn't have color stitch, which I wanted to play around with. Does have many other settings, and really like the pictures that are produced. (Posted on 8/4/2011)

  281. Lumix DMC-FH25A - Great little camera for the money!!! Review by Terry Lee Johnson "Book Snake"

    I purchased this "blue jewel" on sale for $130 from Amazon and would have paid more, if I would have known how easy it is to use and still get great pictures!!! Set it to Intelligent-Auto and forget the rest!!! It will pick one of the 6 most used settings when it senses a close-up (macro) or landscape for scenery, etc. You can also choose your most used setting and store it in My Scene. It is pretty small and I thought that might be a problem for shooting good pix and holding it steady, but not an issue. You can definitely put this baby in your pocket or purse and forget about it, until you need it. You won't be sorry, if you pick one of these great little cameras up. Get a Class 10 SD card for it and you're also ready to shoot good HD video, as well. Make sure when setting it up, to choose the highest color and sharpness settings and the rest is taken care of in Intelligent-Auto. The Auto zoom lens on it is just great. Goes from 1X to 10X by just pushing a button or you can manually zoom, as well. It takes as good or better pictures than my $250 Kodak Z1015-IS, which I also love!!! The image stabilization is great even when zoomed. For ease of use and great pictures and nice bright, self adjusting LCD viewfinder, this little jewel can't be beat for the money! Also remember, it has a Leica lens (enough said)!!! (Posted on 8/1/2011)

  282. Great camera for the price Review by Jamie

    This camera is very easy to use. The zoom is amazing for the price of the camera. A very good point and shoot with an excellent price. It is easy to use right out of the box, nothing too difficult, and small enough to put in your pocket to have on the go. (Posted on 7/29/2011)

  283. great! Review by jenhub

    This is a great, simple point-and-shoot camera. I'm fine not being a professional photographer and carrying a huge camera. I just want to capture what the kids are doing or the fun we're having. This camera make every picture look great. It's not hard to figure out the functions and it a great camera for the price. I did order the 8GB memory card to ensure always having plenty of space. (Posted on 7/28/2011)

  284. Outstanding Product! Review by sammywhat

    I don't offer too many reviews, but this one was worth the effort. If you are looking to purcase a point and shoot, the Panasonic DMC-FH25 is probably the best camera for the money. I did quite a bit of research and was taken by the 8x Zoom and 16.1 MP. And it wasn't much more money than those cameras with fewer megapixels and features! It's easy to use - whether you are taking close-ups, or panoramic shots, the controls are intuitive and handy. With flash, without flash, macro, zoom... it's really just a few simple clicks and your taking great shots. Right out of the camera with no touch up the photos are well balanced and accurate.(I've uploaded some of the shots on the Panasonic DMC-25K page above.) I didn't even bother to read the manual, I was too excited to start playing with the 16.1 Mega Pixels! :) I've seen some reviews where the reviewer was less than enthusiastic about a feature or two... these are probably the kinds of people that complain about everything! They probably should have purchased a DSLR and been done with it! My guess is they'd find something to complain about THAT too. I digress... The fact is, for the money, I'm really pleased and happy with this purchase. The only thing I need to do is read the manual and I'll be all set. Oh, one other really fun feature that I found accidentally... When I hooked the camera up to an HDTV, (with included cable), there is a slide show function that has MUSIC built in!! Five or so different songs that play in the background while you watch the images fade and slide across the screen. That is a really nice touch Panasonic! It should tell you how much thought went into the design of this Lumix. Thanks for reading!! :) (Posted on 7/28/2011)

  285. excelent camara Review by Beatriz Izaguirre "beatrizizaguirre"

    great images and capacity i love it
    but i am an amateur so is just for personal photos and funny ones too (Posted on 7/27/2011)

  286. Best little camera Review by Marlene

    I use this camera everyday for work and I just love it. the zoom is excellent bringing in clarity and exactness. It's lighter and smaller than my last Panasonic. Easy to use. (Posted on 7/27/2011)

  287. Great Value for money Review by Mr Nice Guy

    This camera is very easy to use. It takes great pictures and is small enough to keep in your pocket. It is my understanding that it has a zeiss lens. Everything works well and is convenient. I like the switch instead of a button to turn the camera on. It is easier to find when you pull it out to snap a picture. Very happy so far. (Posted on 7/26/2011)

  288. exceptional lens Review by Chris

    I bought this camera in large part because of the Leica lens. I've used it on a dozen occassions and the picture quality is superb - razor sharp clarity and snappy contrast. I was a photojournalist many years ago, a dinasaur wedded to multiple cameras and lenses, and a variety of films, filters, exposure and color temperature meters. This is my first venture into the digital camera market after a long hiatus. I'm still experimenting with the various automatic settings, but the camera has enough versatility to make it simple to use, while still allowing a measure of creativity. Time will tell whether its durability matches its picture quality. But for now, it serves my purposes and I've got no complaints. I'd certainly recommend it for the casual user. (Posted on 7/26/2011)

  289. Looks Great Camera!!! Review by shrn24

    <a href="">Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)</a>
    Has a lots fun and great item its been few days got this camera it looks good, if it works good i would buy one again to my Husband. Will see how it works. (Posted on 7/26/2011)

  290. So happy Review by Judi

    After reading the reviews on Amazon and on the web, I decided to buy this camera to replace my 5 yr. old Canon Elf. I am not a big camera person, I like to have a good small camera to take on vacations. I have to say, I got such a great deal through Amazon ($125) for this camera. The color and quality of the picture is far better than my Canon. I especially love the zoom, something that I had with my previous camera, but the Lumix, is by far so much better. Closeups are beautiful too! I love the camera and can't wait to take it with me on vacation. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  291. Excellent Camera Review by Myra

    I wanted to purchase a lightweight easy to use point and shoot. I found that not only was this camera perfect in weight and size BUT the image quality is amazing. The flash isnt overbearing, the image stablizization feature works wonders, and the zoom distance is incredible. My pictures have been clear and crisp with little need for editing. I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for quality, quickness, and easy usage! (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  292. Beautiful color Review by Peola

    Ordered this point and shoot camera from Amazon after reading various reviews on different sites. I'm not a photographer and so was looking for something with motion stabilizer and a good zoom feature. Also something light and with a rechargeable battery. This camera fit my criteria and several people who reviewed it said they were semi professional photographers and they recommended it except for the lack of a view finder, which none of the cameras in this price range had anyway. I'm very happy with this camera because the color is vibrant and all my shots are sharp. My brother noticed it has a Leica lens which seemed to impress him. I did press the zoom button by accident twice but now that I am more familiar with the camera that has not been a problem. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  293. Beginner photog Review by Edward Hughes "E. N. Hughes, M.D., Ph. D."

    Great little camera. With the sports mode, I took an action shot of the Cincinnati Reds pitching ace Chapman throwing a strike. My seats are 22 rows up behind 3rd base. The photo could have been used in Sports Illustrated! Wow ! What a camera. And it fits in my pocket. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  294. Great little camera for photo, okay for video. Review by M. Zahangir

    Firstly, let me say this is a great little camera for the money. Photos are sharp, macro photos are nice. Outdoor photos are incredible, provided you have enough light. Takes about 250 photos a charge as advertised, however videos will eat the battery almost twice as much. The camera can take 720p videos, fine with that.

    Heres the catch, the camera cannot zoom when you're taking videos, no optical, no digital.

    Other than the no-zoom-video problem, it's a fine camera for photos. If video is your priority, you're better off looking somewhere else. (Posted on 7/23/2011)

  295. Great little Point and Shoot Review by JLL from NC

    I bought this camera about two weeks ago to have a pocket size camera that takes good pictures. Granted it isn't a SLR, but that isn't what I wanted. It takes very sharp, clean, crisp photos and much faster than a more expensive camera that I own. I'm very pleased with the quality for the price and would recommend it to anyone wanting a point and shoot without all the BIG bells and whistles. (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  296. Disappointed Review by C. B.

    I needed a pocket size point and shoot with basic features for under $200. I really tried to compare features, reviews, etc for my new camera from numerous websites. While the FH25 had less reviews than the other Sony / Canon cameras in its class it generally had no negative reviews. I normally go with Canon but I had read good things about the Lumix / Leica lens. I took the camera on a recent trip to Yosemite to test it out. I took 686 pictures mostly outdoor and a few in low light / sunset. It seemed like the Intelligent Auto feature always selected landscape even for pictures with a lot of motion which left the final image blurred (waterfalls). I also kept having to decrease the white balance because the pictures / details were too washed out in the auto mode. When I returned home to look at the end results on a bigger screen I was completely disappointed. The colors looked saturated and most if not all of the images look either grainy or soft. While my previous Canon A720 lacked the megapixels, features, etc when I compared the pics of my last trip to Yosemite the Canon images beat the Lumix images hands down. I tried to go cheap and lost out, maybe I just got a dud? I am sending it back. I still think I did enough homework and based on the other reviews / research.? Im not sure but I think I am going to plunk down more money to get a higher end Canon. Out of 686 images maybe 100 were acceptable and that is a terrible percentage of acceptable images. (Posted on 7/21/2011)

  297. Panasonic DMC-FH25K Review by pbcguy

    Overall, I am pleased with this camera. It's relatively "idiot proof" to use in automatic settings and takes good, high quality pictures. About the only shortcoming I've found is the lack of an internal program or setting to format a memory card. For this, you must download and install onto your computer from Panasonic a program called SD Formatter V. 2.0. Panasonic makes no mention of this program, or alternative methods of formatting a memory card, in any of the literature that comes with the camera. I stumbled upon it by accident in a Google search. Despite this, I think this is a good camera for the price. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  298. Just what I needed for my limited ability Review by florhome

    I read reviews before purchasing this camera and am very pleased. It has a quick shutter speed that I need to take pictures of my grandchildren and I also like the weight of this camera. I wasn't sure, but was pleasantly surprised, that the battery came with the camera. It was a great buy and I also used my Amazon points to make it an even better buy. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  299. Love it Review by Cheri Armentrout

    I had the FH 20 for a few months and really liked it,except for taking pictures at dusk,they were always dark even with the flash. I dropped that camera and had to replace it.
    I really wanted to stay with Panasonic and did more research and decided to go up a step with the FH 25.It is a great camera and it work's at dusk !!! I have this camera in violet and love the color. This is a light weight camera with LOT"S of options and setting's,I've only used a few and am very happy. I have a Macbook Pro and the disk that comes with it includes the manual and was easy to put in and read. I was really upset my 1st camera broke BUT in the long run am now glad as I have a better camera. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  300. Very good. Review by yang

    I'm from South Korea to buy this product efforts have been made.

    So things are very pleased with the product I bought.

    Like a little toy to have the feeling

    Other than that, it is considered a very good product.

    Sell ''a lot of good products.

    Thank you. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  301. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Review by C. Kolasinski

    I did a lot of research before deciding to buy this camera. I like the size, ease of setting, general feel and great reviews. The one thing I don't like is the picture quality. I bought my first digital camera in the year 2000. It was a 460 X 380 with minimal settings and not the best quality pictures, but I have had several cameras since then and have not had a complaint about the pictures except for one other Panasonic Lumix. I have now sent both back for the same reason - poor quality pictures. I really wanted this camera to work, but I couldn't get past the fuzzy photos. My recommendation is if picture quality is important to you, don't buy this camera. (Posted on 7/17/2011)

  302. Wonderful little camera Review by Sheila M. Warner "Crime Thrillers Fan"

    I'm not a professional photographer. I enjoy the outdoors and wanted a small camera that I could point and shoot. I am particularly fascinated by cloud formations. I am thrilled with the sharp photos I am getting with this camera. The 16 megapixels allows for a lot of detail. The mode button is handy, the viewfinder screen is nice and large, and the camera is very forgiving for folks like me who have a hard time holding a camera completely still. I love the battery charger which comes with the camera; it is small and easy to just pop my battery in and charge it overnight. The battery charge lasted me over a three day period. I don't use video, so I can't comment on that aspect. The price here on amazon is very good. I've seen this camera for over $200 on other sites. It is a snap to transfer the photos onto the computer. I don't use the display on my television, so I can't comment on that, either. The camera case which comes with it easily attaches to my belt, and it is so light I hardly know it's there. What I like most about the camera is how easily it focuses, especially when using the zoom feature.

    Overall, I love this camera! If you are a casual photographer, then this camera is the one you want. I researched digital point and shoot cameras for hours before deciding on this one, and I am sticking with it. (Posted on 7/17/2011)

  303. Small, light weight and great quality Review by Denny Woolaghan

    <a href="">Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)</a> Very small and light weight camera. The 16.1MP yields extremely good quality photos. Shutter release is immediate and photos are crisp and sharp. I purchased this camera as a second camera to a Nikon DSLR. I wanted a second camera with at least 8x Zoom, Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, and relatively cheap to carry with me at all time. This camera sure fits the bill. Now I'm able to take decent photos without all the setup time using the DSLR. Perfect camera! (Posted on 7/16/2011)

  304. returned for refund. poor quality... do not recommend Review by glen "randomglen"

    I returned this for a refund due to a small smudge brown spot in the LCD display.. while taking a picture of an art project I kept noticing a faint brown spot near the center of the LCD display of this camera... I thought it was from what I was taking a picture of but could not see anything.. then I looked closer I saw the spot is from the LCD... again I was not concerned until this brown smudge showed up in the taken photos! Unacceptable!
    I cleaned the lens but still the smudge was there. I do not know what the smudge was but returned camera for a refund which amazon accepted. If this camera did not have this problem I still would be underwhelmed overall. I have been out of the market for a camera for about 5 years.. (last camera was a Samsung compact 5mp) and maybe my expectations are high for what is available in 2011. I bought this Lumix based on the specs of 16 mega-pixels but I found the LCD display just so-so.. with so much info going in, it's really unnecessary to even go to 16mp on such a small lens... plus my fault was not researching the video format which this has a jpeg movie format...who wants that? This camera is designed for not just amateurs but more like 5th graders.. on top of that this camera has a ultra-fine delicate feel.. cheap china plastic i am guessing.. it's so fragile feeling it might as well be a disposable! There is nothing I personally liked about this camera... After this mistake I am re-thinking what I need... You really need to think twice at what you want in a camera.. Trying to go on the cheap while buying a name brand in Panasonic got me nowhere... do your research first... pay more for what you want or you will be disappointed like I was... 16mp means nothing... it's just the camera makers showing off... look at how many mega-pixels we can cram in this little thing.. but it's not important.. during my research I found a camera that last year was a 14mp camera and this years model they went down to 12mp.. why? because 14mp is to much for the lens.. if you want to print at 14mp you cant and have to downgrade the file in the computer anyway.. so why bother?... the camera I am looking seriously at is the Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 (2011). it's $270.. that is more than I wanted to pay.. but if your above average photographer you need to pay more for a better camera.. this Panasonic has zero pros for me... I am sorry I bought it and thought 16mp is all that matters... then why did Kodak go down in mega-pixels? Think before you buy. My advise is, even if your a total novice this Lumix has little to offer. There is I am sure better point and shoot cameras out there. No way do I recommend this on any level.
    The Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 is in my cart and I am sure to try it... hope it works out and will post a review... regards camera shoppers. (Posted on 7/14/2011)

  305. adequate Review by rambokitty

    I got this camera as a mistake, ordered the fh 20, and received this instead, so I decided to give it a try. It is definitely small and cute. Has many settings and functions, but the pictures lack the sharpness that I know digital cameras are capable of. Will 16 megapixels, I would expect better quality pictures. My previous camera was a sony cybershot that only lasted 2 years, which is why I wanted to try a different brand. It had 12 megapixels but took much clearer pics. But all in all, a fine camera for basic use. May not be great for enlargements, though. I will be sending mine back for the right camera. (Posted on 7/13/2011)

  306. Fast photo for children Review by MC Rene Solis

    A brief review, I found practical than in less than 10 seconds I'm ready to take photo of my 4 year, or my baby 5 months old. I put my 16 gb SD card also purchase on amazon, and a set of two batteries for extra space, but I'm impresive on the "IA" functions all automatic, really recomend to parent with little childrens. Thanx for your time. (Posted on 7/10/2011)

  307. Excellent Review by Jess W. Barnett

    I have only had the camera for a little over a month. I love the thing. Simply. It takes great, clear, and focused shots. I haven't had time to try all the features. The shutter lag is extremely fast for this price range and one of my favorite feature is the Autofocus tracking. If you are considering to buy, I recommend. I almost got a Canon, thankfully I didn't! ;-D (Posted on 7/9/2011)

  308. panasonic lumix dmc- fh25 camera Review by teddi

    it is a very easy to operate and the pictures come out very clear and sharp. and the zoom leans brings everything close and sharp too. i love this camera (Posted on 7/8/2011)

  309. Great every-day use camera for the price Review by James P. Malone "SwimJim504"

    This is the second one of these we have had (first one we dropped and broke!). They are great for the price. They have all sorts of cool functions, zoom is good. For people like us - folks who just want a very good digital camera for every use, like taking pictures of people, scenery, ball games, pets, etc - it really is the perfect camera. (Posted on 7/7/2011)

  310. Love this camera Review by Liz

    No issues yet with this camera. Turned out to be smaller than I anticipated which can only be a good thing. I do miss having a view finder but for the price & quality of pictures, u really cant complain.

    Would highly recommend if u just want a point & shoot camera that takes fabulous shots. GREAT for travelling! (Posted on 7/7/2011)

  311. Just Ok. Review by Buckshot

    The camera appearance is good. It takes very good pictures I will say that. What I don't like about it is the switches, seem cheap, makes me wonder about how durable they will be over time. Labeling of switches and buttons are very hard to see also. Battery door, cheap, cheap, cheap. The camera looks good, takes good pics but just feels cheap. I debated on returning it, decided not too, hope I am not sorry for that decision. (Posted on 7/6/2011)

  312. Great Camera Review by Lynn Camp

    This camera is great! Love everything about it! If you are shopping for a camera for personal use, this is the one for you! (Posted on 7/6/2011)

  313. Great Product so far on my Trip Review by Nites

    The camera has been great, the only thing is that there is no zoom for the video but other than that the camera has been great. (Posted on 7/6/2011)

  314. Good camera for a decent price Review by Amelia

    So far I'm fairly happy with this camera. Takes great pictures in and outdoors, and some great quality videos for a small camera. Takes pictures fairly quickly too - not too much loading time after taking a shot. Haven't had any problems with it.

    I guess if you're used to a cybershot camera then it may be mildly annoying to get used to the different interface but I'm used to it by now so I don't find it an issue. It's really not that difficult to figure out. (Posted on 7/6/2011)

  315. that's greate!!! thank you very much!!! Review by hyunho

    So you can buy new products at an affordable price was good.
    Including memory and performance at an affordable price with a decent camera
    Buy and good.
    But now South Korea'm a cloudy with rainy weather
    Get a good picture, but is a decent product. (Posted on 7/2/2011)

  316. Kewl Kamera Review by JAC

    This little camera is the younger version of the same that was a gift to the wife several years ago. It was so nice and easy to use - I bought the newer version! (Posted on 6/29/2011)

  317. excellent camera with an incredible Leica lens Review by S. H. Roth "cat lover"

    I have been using this camera for about a month and it is fantastic! I have taken photos using both the
    automatic intelligence mode, where the camera does all the settings, and the My Picture mode, where you
    can choose options such as ISO, flash settings and so forth. I have also tried various optical zoom lengths.
    Some of the pictures were taken in less-than-optimal conditions, like in the rain and under fluorescent lights.
    All of them came out great, sharp and with excellent color. I have noted several reviews that mention
    problems with color rendition. All of my images have been taken using the "Natural" setting, which is
    one of several "color bias" settings. It is worth noting that the color bias selected will be used even
    when the iA mode is selected and, before I realized that, I had some pictures with terrible color
    because I had left the camera set to "Vivid". I have not yet used Macro but have tried various optical
    zoom lengths and have not had any of the problems with poor focus or decreased clarity, also mentioned
    in some reviews. I have posted several images. The 4 kitten pictures were taken under fluorescent light
    and the leaves and flower were taken in the rain. All were done using the highest resolution setting,
    automatic white balance and "natural" color setting and ISO 200. The camera was hand-held. No editing
    was done except for cropping of the images of the white kitten (the full image pre-crop is also shown)
    and the book/leaves. Both were tightly cropped to the center portion of the image, and remain very
    sharp and detailed. I am especially impressed by the white kitten, where multiple tones of white can be
    seen. I was concerned at first by the lack of a detailed manual instead of just a CD and I originally
    planned to print out the manual after loading it on my computer, so I could have carry-along instructions.
    However, after going through the manual, most of the settings are easy to find and use and I may only
    print a couple of the more difficult to find directions, like how to format an SD card. This is a wonderful
    camera which takes excellent pictures and I am very glad I purchased it, despite the negative reviews.

    Additional information: I have now been using this camera for 7 months and still love it. The only
    criticism I have is in regard to the lever used to zoom; it is small, with a narrow range of motion
    and it can be difficult to stop at the exact distance you want. It is a minimal problem but one
    that can interfere with my photographing my favorite subjects; kittens waiting for Forever Homes at the
    SPCA. I have also discovered that this camera has a surprisingly powerful flash that can "wash out"
    pictures if I am not careful. I prefer natural light pictures, so I keep the flash turned off for
    both IA and normal picture settings and set the sensitivity at 200 or 400. Even in low light, the
    pictures look very good and I have posted a couple on this site as illustrations. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  318. Very impressed with the camera, ease of use, & images. High quality Leica lens. Review by Gary in Sun City, AZ

    Received mine yesterday and very impressed so far. I am a retired photography teacher, also have a nice Kodak z-series point & shoot, and a Canon Xsi dSLR. Bought this to have a nice pocket camera to carry. Setup was easy, there are plenty of options, features, and modes. But most owners will probably use it in the "intelligent auto" mode where the camera figures everything. It has a high quality Leica lens. I am amazed at how close I can shoot, without using the zoom, and even with the flash firing. This camera just came out in January, 2011, so the required lithium-ion rechargeable battery is expensive at $49.95 at this time. Generics will not work, I have read, because like many companies, the battery contains a computer chip which tells the camera if the battery is legit, sorry. I'm sure prices will come down on the battery, and a second battery is not needed, at least at first. It takes very high quality pictures. You can adjust settings, but even at the best image quality setting this takes over 1200 images to an 8GB SD memory card. A Class 6 is recommended if you plan to shoot HD 720 video. I highly recommend this camera. UPDATE: Months later I am still very happy with this camera. In fact, I tend to use it most often of the 3 good digital cameras I own. I mainly like its small size which can be slipped into a pocket in a thin camera pouch, and automatically great pictures. One thing I have noticed, and that is sometimes floating dust in the shot will end up as a round circle in the picture. This does not happen often, usually only happens in lightly dusty areas, and according to the company is normal. There's nothing really wrong with the camera. I can live with it, and dust spots like these can be corrected using photo software most of us have. Additional UPDATE 12/2011: I still love this camera but have had one additional problem. Sometimes when I take flash pictures in a darker area, or of a dark object, i.e. mens suit, the black does not photograph as black. It has "noise" made up of multiple color pixels. This does not happen often, and I think it may be a problem of the flash. It doesn't perform like my Canon digital Rebel XSi, though, but it's a much simpler camera, small, and very easy to use. I do still like it even with it's occassional problems. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  319. Very nice! Review by J. Allen "j allen"

    I got this camera as a backup to my Panasonic DMC-FZ35 to keep in my car.
    I found that I use it more than my larger camera because it's always near, and it's small enough to carry around with out lugging something big.
    It takes decent pictures and the zoom is better than most of this type.

    Being small, it is missing some of the tricks and functions of its larger siblings.
    Although the brighness of the LCD is adjustable I find it difficult at times to see in bright sunlight.
    On my other cammera, I can switch to the viewfinder in bright sunlight.

    I had wanted a black version, but ended up with the siver model because it was considerably cheaper, which doesn't seem logical.
    Not a deal breaker, and I actually like the looks of the silver version.
    It does not come with a memory card, just internal memory.
    I got an 8GB SD card for less than $15 on Amazon.
    And a case from Case Logic for $7. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  320. Nice for the price Review by T. K.

    Got this camera to use when I am not really in the "photographer" mood - something light and easy to carry. Have been pleased enough to use more often than I had expected - it is very compact and the pictures and movies are actually just perfect. Even the charger is compact as the prongs fold in and there is no cord (plugs straight into the wall). (Posted on 6/24/2011)

  321. Great Camera! Review by Karen L. Tucker "karent7"

    I am not a techie, and haven't had a lot of luck with taking good pictures with any camera I have used. This one takes a lot of the picture quality issues away for me. It maintains if I shake, it freezes the subject of the picture so you don't just have a blur if there is motion, and the auto setting works great for novice photographers like me.

    Couldn't be happier with this camera! (Posted on 6/23/2011)

  322. Great camera Review by ZoomT12

    I first went to a big super store and checked out several different cameras. I found that some of the bigger named camera did not perform as well as the Panasonic Lumix. The zoom will zoom in and out without loseing focus. I thought that was good. The menu is easy to use and it takes awesome pictures. I like that I can carry it in my purse, or in its case hooked to my belt loop. Its like having one of those big fancy camers with all the gadgets in a compact easy to use and carry package.
    I`m very happy with it. (Posted on 6/22/2011)

  323. Great LITTLE camera. Review by Maureen Abel

    I received the case before the camera and thought there must be a mistake. It was so tiny. All the reviews said this camera could do anything. But this case could not even hold a deck of cards! So how could something so small be all that great?When the camera arrived the next day I found out.This thing does everything and does it well!I did side by side test shots in different light conditions and it performed much better than I hoped it would. There is not a whole lot you can get for $140. This was money well spent. Panasonic has out done itself. And yes it is TINY. But that's what is so good about it. Just slip it in your pocket and you are good to go. (Posted on 6/18/2011)

  324. DMC-FH25R Review Review by Joanne M.

    Been using it now for about three weeks and am disappointed with the picture quality. With the settings set at full 16MP and full auto, the pics come out kind of hazy, not sharp at all and the colors seem washed out. I was upgrading from a Kodak 5MP Easyshare camera that was on it's way out and I have to say that the old Kodak took much better quality pics, sharper and more vivid colors than the new Panasonic. A point and shoot for me must take great pics on the auto setting, I don't want to have to fiddle with the adjustments because pics are usually taken quickly and on the go, thats the whole purpose of a point and shoot. The camera itself is solidly built, the screen looks great and the size is perfect, but all that means nothing if the pics don't come out great. Sorry to say this one is going back and will be replaced with a new Kodak. (Posted on 6/15/2011)

  325. Great Camera Review by R. L. Shagon

    Lot's of positives for this camera:

    Advertised as 8x optical zoom but that's video. It's 10x in photo mode, 22.5x if you employ the digital zoom as well.

    16.1 mp is amazing for a camera in this price range. I actually used the max digital zoom and still got good resolution photos.

    About 2 dozen scene modes (portrait, beach, sunset, etc) that work well and are easy to select. Text scrolls across the screen explaining its use as you you move from mode to mode.

    Very easy to use. About 1/2 hour with the manual and camera and you can understand and begin using all the features.

    Image stabilization sems very effective. I shot every thing hand held even at max zoom and liked the results.

    Great battery life. I chrged it 1x on a week vacation but that was just in case. Could have gone all week with 100s of shots.

    Like most digitals the camera has very little built in memory so you need to buy a memory card. I chose the PNY 16 GB that has more room than I think I'll ever need.

    One negative this camera shares with most point and shoots: you miss a viewfinder in very bright sunlight. But the screen is bright enough to make it manageable so I still rate this very highly. (Posted on 6/14/2011)

  326. Does a nice job Review by Grant E. Smith "The Big Guy"

    I bought this to replace a Sony that I partner with a Pentax DSLR. Something I can keep in a pocket and use in crowds, etc. Just attended a high school reunion, and it performed well. At one indoor event, the lighting was poor, but pictures were acceptable. At another where lighting was good, pictures were excellent.
    The batteries are expensive, but I think I can get away without buying a spare. This seems to do well holding a charge. At the reunion, I did two full days of shooting without bothering to recharge at night, and the charge was still good. Recharge is done quite quickly. (Posted on 6/14/2011)

  327. Great Camera Review by johnbyte

    This camera is very easy to use, the pictures are sharp and clear,battery life is good. I would recommend this to a freind. (Posted on 6/11/2011)

  328. Full featured, compact Review by Richard J. Manassa

    Like the small size and great optics. Controls are intuitive with a little practice. Would like to have raw capture as an option. (Posted on 6/10/2011)

  329. Good Quality for the Price! Review by LC

    This camera works well if you're just really looking for a point and shoot camera. Like other reviewers say, the video is not zoom enabled. The image gets noisier the higher the optical zoom you go. If you are good at tuning the brightness of the camera, then you should be able to take really good pictures with it. The best thing about this camera is that it has the "Intelligent" feature where it would detect difference scenes (i.e. night scene, pet scene...) so that for an amateur camera user, it would be very easy to be used. However, the camera doesn't have the gyroscope feature. All in all, it's a great starter camera for anyone. (Posted on 6/10/2011)

  330. Very nice camera Review by Smilin Sam

    I've had this camera for a little over a week now. I found it very easy to learn how to use, and it's enabled me, in a relatively short period of time, to grab some pretty nice images -- if I must say so myself. Normally I write long, verbose reviews. This time, I'll just let the 4 sample photos I uploaded above speak for themselves. And for the FH25. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I'm certainly no professional photographer. But I've dabbled in photography for a number of years, and I was very pleased with the results after having only worked with the FH25 for a week.

    (NOTE: I will be replacing the FH25 with the Lumix ZS8, but it's not a knock on the FH25, it's more a matter of preference: larger zoom (16x vs 8x), the 3" monitor (vs the 2.7"), the manual control options/settings, more reasonably priced replacement batteries and chargers, center position tripod mount, 2 "My Scenes" vs 1, and the ability to zoom in video mode -- all available on/for the ZS8. But the FH25 really got me hooked on Lumix cameras. It's somewhat smaller and lighter than the ZS8, which I see as a plus, and for the price, it's a great, capable, very user friendly camera. In terms of the ergonomics, I actually prefer the FH25. I like the Mode button on the back, rather than the Mode dial on the top. I got very good at switching back and forth without ever taking my eyes off of the screen. With the ZS8 I have to look up on the top and fiddle with the dial, making it a slower, more cumbersome process. I also prefer the placement of the tiny top speaker on the FH25 compared to the ZS8. It's almost a guarantee that everyone's left index finger is going to be blocking the ZS8's speaker. It's literally RIGHT THERE where you place your finger. It's not that big of a deal, it's just annoying. There's plenty of real estate up there; it could have easily been moved over a couple of inches. At first I thought I'd set the volume of the "beep" on low, but I hadn't. It sounded low because my finger was covering the speaker.) (Posted on 6/8/2011)

  331. Panasonic DMC-FH25V camera Review by jeff conant

    I liked the camera very much, for the very short time I had it. I had the camera in the case, clipped to my belt with the clip that came with the case. While out exploring the first day I had the camera, the strap on the case attached to the clip broke, and I lost the camera and case. I was refunded for the case ($6.00), but not for the camera. (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  332. A good one Review by Y. Cao "Y Cao"

    I bought one for my parents. It is very handy and quick to use. The images taken are also good. The only thing my dad complained is that he can not change zooming while the movie is being recorded. In this sense, he likes our canon one more. (Posted on 6/4/2011)

  333. Good little camera for the $ Review by Megz

    Have only had it for about a week, but so far, so good. It takes great photos compared to my old Nikon Coolpix which had a ridiculous amount of noise on indoor pics. The body seems a bit awkward to hold, so I'm definitely putting the strap around my wrist. I am concerned that the on/off is a switch - we shall see how that holds up over time. I'm taking this camera on a trip in a couple weeks and can't wait to see how it performs. The blue color is very vibrant. Definitely not a color for the discreet. (Posted on 6/2/2011)

  334. Best Little Camera Ever! Review by m siffer

    This camera is fantastic! I bought it because a friend asked me what I thought would be a good first digital camera for a beginner around $150.00. When he RAVED about his I decided to get one for myself. I have been using a Lumix DMC-FZ15 since 2004 and have had great success taking thousands of pictures. I thought the new DMC-FH25K would come in handy as a pocket size option. WOW! not only does it take incredible pictures, the VIDEO is superb! And that includes audio, folks! OK it does not have the battery life to take more than 1/2 hour of video, but it is not designed as a full feature video camera. It is a pocket sized snapshot camera. And that it does superb as well. The gobs of preset scene modes cover just about everything I need. The "Food" setting provides brilliant color on close ups with no flash, and the "Sunset" setting gave me some breathtaking results. Out here in Arizona, daytime shots can be challenging in the extreme bright sun. No problem with the DMC-FHK. Just choose the "Beach" scene mode and WOW! I recently took stills and video of an Oath Keepers Memorial Day Event (to honor USMC Jose Guerena in Tucson) and posted the results in a youtube video in less than one hour! [...] AWESOME LITTLE CAMERA! BUY ONE NOW! (Posted on 6/2/2011)

  335. Great Point and Shoot Review by E. Pacheco "The Gun"

    Just amazing for a point and shoot, couldn't get any better for the price..Took magnificent shots of the Grand Canyon over the holiday weekend, which was to test the abilities for all modes; IA, SCENE and manual mode.. All worked out what they are programed to do, great! The sunset mode worked out very well. Indoor shots came out fine.
    Image quality for a point and shoot were great! Speed was impressive, still need to give it a 4 star as all point and shoots have there limited abilities.
    Overall for the point and shoot... Great camera! (Posted on 6/1/2011)

  336. Great camera for price! Needs reinforcements to body! Review by Will

    Overall a great camera for the price. Love the color blue this camera came in. Battery life is good and better than the previous Sony camera I had. The only things that bother me is the exterior build quality. It does not look durable, I'm scared to drop it 6 inches. The battery door and USB door seem very week and not reinforced with any metal plates or anything, also the on and off is a switch and not a button same thing with the preview or camera mode switch. They should of used buttons instead of switches which feel like they'll break or wear after so much usage. Other than that this camera is an amazing performer for the money. And the pictures it produces is top notch. Also there are no accessories available for this camera compared to what the manual states.
    An extra battery is like $50 bucks which is outrageous. And no generics available. Good camera but fragile. Amazon shipping was pretty quick but the processing is not so quick. Packaging was pretty good though. (Posted on 6/1/2011)

  337. Great Camera Review by CREDIC1 "DAD"

    I don,t understand the previous review saying it takes poor indoor pics . I have a friend and along with me who purchased this camera and love it. We purchased this for our trip and stayed at a condo and took many shots indoor and they all look great. Same at indoor resturants. Outdoor are clearer yet. I think he might have got a defective one. Even best buy have good reviws on it ... Its quick and the movie mode is great also at 720o.. My friends son takes karate and he showed me many indoor shots he took in a gym (with fast movement) and they look clear and in focus.... The battery last long also...Would recommend... (Posted on 5/31/2011)

  338. Takes poor pictures quickly Review by CaptJack

    I had been looking for a fast camera that takes decent pictures for a while, and had high hopes for this camera. While this camera is very fast (shot-to-shot time and flash recycle time are excellent), the images it produced were unacceptable. When the iAuto mode was used indoors, some of the pictures contained dark rainbow colors (despite the fact that the flash was used). I also noticed that the colors seemed "off" (indoor or outdoor pictures), and photos of people looked "fake" (skin looks like it was smeared). The camera also had a tendency to raise the ISO level very high to capture photos. I used the Canon A720is as the benchmark for my testing. Other than a broken switch and overall slow operation (which prompted my search for a new camera), my Canon A720is still takes excellent pictures. The indoor pictures taken with my old A720is were far better than the Panasonic. (Posted on 5/30/2011)

  339. awesome camera Review by animationgirl43

    while it feels like a cheapy camera - this one actually give really great pics for its price - not for professionals but a lot better than some of the more expensive point and shoots out there (Posted on 5/30/2011)

  340. disappointed Review by Lorraine Ciancio

    I am returning my Panasonic Lumix FH25 camera. I know it's at the lower end of the P&S spectrum and brand new, but Panasonic in collaboration with Leica produces a generally above average camera at any price. I own serious cameras and take pictures every day. I ordered this one because the price was reasonable and it seemed to be a nice little snapshot camera for occasions, especially an upcoming visit with family. Panasonic's press release and specs sounded perfect. After three days of continual use and several hundred photos on every setting imaginable, I am sorely disappointed. Why?
    1. LCD screen acts like a mirror in bright light and image can't be seen, even in shade
    2. macro does not produce a sharp image at any setting
    3. color saturation is extreme, even with adjustments
    4. pictures look satisfactory on LCD, but when zoomed in, even once, they quickly deteriorate
    Any pros? it stops action well when set on "sports"
    In my opinion, this little camera (well designed and attractive) has sacrificed sharp images in order to market 16 megapixels. It's not worth even the low price. Sorry, Panasonic, you let me down. (Posted on 5/29/2011)

  341. Very disappointed Review by Matt Benzing "Librarian"

    I bought this to upgrade from a Samsung BL103 that I bought for $69 at a Wal-Mart Black Friday special a few years ago. The Lumix has a better flash, a better zoom, and better sound when video-recording, but in every other way was equal or inferior to the old Samsung. Images look great on when reviewed on the camera's screen, but look terrible on computer screens or when printed (and I've had them printed at more than one place). Photos look processed, color is odd, and video is full of artifacts. Can't say how disappointed I am, especially after all the glowing reviews the FH20 got. I will be returning this purchase. (Posted on 5/23/2011)

  342. So far so good Review by Great Guy

    I haven't had this camera for very long before writing this (only 1 week), so I'll update in about a month. So far, however, it's exactly what I expected. I was going to get the Nikon Cool Pix, but that had too many bad reviews. So I bought this one. I tested it just once by taking photos INDOORS under flourescent light. Photos came out better than I thought they would. Digital screen is bright, and has settings that even allow you to change the angle of view in case you're holding the camera above your head.

    The other reason I bought this is the size and ergonomic design. I need a small, decent camera to take around w/ me for misc parties and such. I have another, much better Canon SLR, but that one is big, bulky, heavy, and as such difficult to keep inconspicuous. In the past, when on vacation or in another country, I was often the center of attention when I pulled out the camera or traveled on public transportation. That could be quite dangerous. So, I opted to buy this camera. Has a nice, attractive design, nice blue color, but not so nice that it looks like it's $1000 bucks. And if it's stolen or I'm robbed, I'll be mad, but it's not as if it'll take $1000 bucks to replace! And I could hide it while traveling. It's small enough to put in your pocket. It would bulk up your pocket, but it's much safer than carrying around an SLR around your neck.

    Some of the cool features is face recognition technology. It actually puts a square around people's faces! It will focus on those faces. That feature I did test and it works. The few photos I took were very clear, focused, color was as true to the real scene as I could tell. And I only used a setting that saves 5m of information.

    Most features are easy to get to quickly, using the menu buttons and such. There's even a feature that allows you to set a "normal" scene setting if you know you use it a lot. This allows you to go back to it quickly if in a different scene setting.

    One con is that some features aren't available depending on the scene you're using. That would be fine, except that it will take a few months of using the camera to really get familiar w/ what you can and can't use depending on the scene setting. The instruction manual is unfortunately on CD-ROM in pdf format, so if you're away from your computer and you need to look up a feature to remind yourself how to use it, you're out of luck.

    But those are cons I'm willing to live with. I didn't expect this to be as good as my SLR, and indeed it's not. There is no manual focus, for instance, the flash is somewhat limited. But I didn't buy this camera to have manual focus and a good flash. I bought it to be able to hide in my pocket, travel w/ it, get quick, high quality-in-focus pictures, and not worry about replacement value. My initial tests confirmed I can do all of that and even more.

    So far, so good. (Posted on 5/19/2011)

  343. The Panasonic DMC-FH25A With a Whopping 16.1 Megapixels is a "Picture of a Deal at The Advertised Amazon Price" Review by Rebecca Stewart

    <a href="">Panasonic DMC-FH25A 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)</a>

    I was searching for a small, easy to store camera with a high number of megapixels, since this was the figure of merit that I was utilizing primarily in determining which camera to purchase. In 2005 the megapixel was brought to everyone's attention as a characteristic to look for when determining picture quality. This little camera packs a whopping 16.1 MP which I thought to be a very large number for such a small device. The second quality I was searching for was a big factor for my daughter since she would be photographing her two step-children who are very young, was the amount of time between pictures. This camera has NO competition in this area. This camera is SO FAST! You have no wait time between snaps. You can almost keep your finger on the button.

    Not only is the intense blue color of the camera itself so pretty, it also takes beautifully intense pictures. I bought this small camera for my daughter's birthday. She is always on the go and she is in love with it. She says it takes the BEST pictures and is considering some photography classes. So, I am ever so happy that I found this particular camera on sale and made an excellent purchase. Thanks Amazon for coming through for me again!


    Rebecca Stewart (Posted on 5/15/2011)

  344. third time is the charm Review by R. Montez

    The first was a 7.1MP 3x zoom Canon Powershot SD1000. It took great photos (day and night) but it was slowww and the video was standard not HD. I traded up (or so I thought) and got a 12MP 5x zoom Sony Cyber-shot W290. It was sleek and stylish. The photos were okay (good day photos lousy night photos). I couldn't believe it. A 7.1MP camera was better than a 12MP camera made from Sony! The HD video (720p) was awesome. I sold it and gave my Powershot away as a gift. It took me almost a year to decide to get a new camera. My research paid off. I originally wanted to get the Lumix FH20 or the Lumix ZR3 but chose this camera only because it was cheaper than the FH20 and I don't shoot too many videos so what's the point of having a camera with AVCHD Lite.
    This camera too many may be overkill. 16MP is too much for "regular" photos (4x6). The zoom is a nice feature for a camera of this class (mid-range). 5x zoom is pretty much the industry standard and sufficient for most people. I like this camera, it satisfies my every need. It has the best features of my previous cameras. Photos (day and night) are great, HD video is great, and its pretty fast. I recommend getting a 8GB Class 6 SDHC card the fully enjoy this camera.
    I will go on vacation in 3 weeks. I will taking this camera and putting it to the test. I will update this review later. Wish me luck. (Posted on 5/12/2011)

  345. Very Poor Warranty Return/Exchange Policy Review by Bryan in PHX

    Well I decided to purchase this model when the price dropped to $129.
    I will update after I receive the camera. Before my DMC-FH3 broke, see below, I was very satisfied with the quality of the images.

    Update: Panasonic CS called me wanting to correct the mistake and replace the Pink camera for a Black model. I must credit them for stepping up. I had already purchased a new camera and the Pink model is already planned as a gift.

    I am looking to replace a DMC-FH3 with this model.
    But hesitant to purchase another Panasonic camera after my recent exchange experience.
    Overall I have always been satisfied with Panasonic products up until my recent camera exchange.
    Panasonic has a very poor exchange policy. You get a Refurbished Camera, Not necessarily the same model or color. You also pay for freight to ship it to Texas.

    --------------Panasonic Product Exchange Notice --------------
    In accordance with your model's warranty coverage, your product will be exchanged instead of repaired. The exchange model will vary depending on availability, and will be of the same, similar, or comparable model in a factory remanufactured condition. Color match is not guaranteed, and will depend on availability.

    My DMC-FH3K broke after just a few months. The lens would no longer retract fully into the camera body the majority of the time, and had to be coaxed by repeatedly turning on and off. It also displayed an Error message saying to turn the camera off then back on again to resume.

    I sent my Black camera into the Panasonic McAllen TX Exchange Center and received back a Refurbished Pink DMC-FH3P (as in Pink) camera. Seriously, a Pink camera to replace a Black model???
    I had even sent a cover letter with Bold Type stating "Please replace with another Black (in color) model camera", which they ignored, or perhaps sent Pink as a sick joke.

    On the Plus side. I now have a Refurbished Pink camera to give as a graduation present to a young niece.
    But now I need to purchase a new camera. (Posted on 4/29/2011)

  346. Great Little Camera Review by TNHawke

    I primarily photograph my pets indoors and birds and small animals out doors, along with landscape. This camera has taken excellent indoor (low light) photos and outdoor wild life. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to use it for much in the way of landscape yet, but it has done everything I've asked of it, and done it very well. I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase this camera and so far, I am not at all disappointed that I did! (Posted on 4/27/2011)

  347. Good faimly camera Review by love2shop

    I purchased this camera to have a basic point and shoot to take photos of my family and friends. The only thing I did not like is that is did not zoom while taking a video. I took pictures and video in the dark at a recent concert and they turned out great and the sound quality was good too. It also takes photos really fast which is good when using it for children. (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  348. Good Camera Review by serialshopper

    I am a novice photographer and basically wanted an easy to use point and shoot to take pictures of my family and friends. One reason I gave the camera 4 stars instead of 5 was because the camera does NOT zoom while taking video. I was a little upset b/c I thought that this version, unlike the FH20, was suppose to have this feature. I wish I purchased the ZS5 model instead. Besides that fact, everything about the camera is great. It takes very good quality photos fast. The video is also good quality. It does well in low light and in fast moving action. I have only had the camera for a few weeks, but so far so good. (Posted on 3/30/2011)

  349. Finally a decent camera that takes sharp photos Review by Scott

    I purchased this because I was very unhappy with the new Canon A3300 that I also purchased just a week before this one. I did extensive photo tests with both cameras because I felt the Canons overall sharpness was bad. Both cameras are 16mp and although i'm a Canon fan I have to say they failed on the A3300. Even with setting custom sharpness, contrast and saturation, the normal straight out of the box settings on the Panasonic were way better.

    The two big problems with the canon were most photos even bright outdoors had way too much noise. The other problem was no matter what setting and focus type, only the center areas were in ok and i mean ok focus. All four corners of the photos were on the blurry side and that's just unacceptable. Compared to this, much better and much sharper. When fully zoomed in there was a bit of noise but its expected. Night shots depending on how you take them also have noise but again depending on how and what you can work around it a bit.

    There are minor differences with the two cameras like the zoom smoothness was a bit better on the canon and the user interface and menu screens were also a bit better on the canon. Not a deal breaker at all because I'd rather have quality over cosmetic things. The other minor things i found were that the Panasonic has the af assist light very close to the top corner of the camera where you put your fingers. Also the on off and photo/play aren't buttons they are switches which i'm a little worried about breaking so we'll see how they last.

    One of the biggest differences is that this camera is faster. I found that saving photos is almost instantaneous on the FH25 but on the canon it was about a 4 sec pause to save before you could take another (a "busy" icon shows up. Most of all the functions on the FH25 are faster and i like being able to grab the camera and take photos quickly.

    Overall i'm all about quality and sharp photos and this camera does that. If you don't care about the spare battery cost or that the user interface and menus look like 20 years old, i think you'll be happy with this camera.

    Photos for the most part are well exposed and using the full Ai seem to always come out perfect. There will be a slight bit of noise in certain shots but sharpness is never an issue. The whole thing about higher mega pixels is better isn't completely true, its all about the sensor size. Do some research about that as I did but believe me, this camera really does a great job. I've posted a few sample photos.

    UPDATE 8-17-11
    Still loving the picture quality of this small camera. I even tested out the new Canon SX230 and again this FH25 was sharper and photos were exposed better. The full iAuto setting is amazing and it really
    does a great job, I've taken photos with it that I will be publishing in my second book next year. That's how good I feel the quality is.

    Update: there are batteries available for only $10.00 making this camera a great choice. (Posted on 3/28/2011)

  350. My New Pretty Red Camera Review by Phyllis E. Williams

    Just got this product today and have been trying it out. So far I am really impressed. The colors are great, the video clarity and color is great and it seems to be built solidly. I am thinking I may need a bigger card than 8G for movies for a trip though, the videos take up a lot of space. After I have more time with this camera I will write an update, but so far it seems great. I am anxious to try all the options. Thanks Amazon and Panasonic! (Posted on 3/8/2011)

  351. I had high hopes, but it's going back Review by B. Shutes

    Initially, I was very excited to try out the new Lumix DMC-FH25R. It came on Friday and I immediately charged the battery so I could put the camera through its paces this weekend.

    Well, it's Monday and I'm sending it back.

    In spite of Leica glass on this camera, the image quality, I'm afraid, isn't there. Pictures taken in low light yield false colors. For instance, a shot of a red dinner plate came out a strange burnt orange and very oddly distorted. The flash seems very underpowered, which may well contribute to these odd results. Other shots looked quite dim and out of balance.

    As far as build quality goes, I cannot understand why Panasonic would give the camera such a flimsy battery/SD card door. I know this is a small thing, but for a feature that is meant to be opened and closed often, there should be some structure beyond a small metal pin. The two Canons and Nikon I've previously owned in compact digital cameras had either metal braces or were intentionally made of a flexible rubbery plastic that had some give to it. The Panasonic camera, which is very light, just doesn't feel like it will hold up well over time and use.

    Maybe others will find virtues in this camera, but I, for one, didn't find a whole lot to like. (Posted on 3/6/2011)

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