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Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP Camera

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD - Black

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 Megapixel Bridge Camera - 4.50 mm-108 mm - Black DMCFZ40K Digital Cameras

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  1. Excelente Producto Review by Adriana M. Suarez Iguaran "Adriana"

    Excelente producto. Lo compré para usar de manera profesional y funciona perfectamente. Inclusive para realizar películas y documentales. 100% recomendado. (Posted on 8/20/2012)

  2. User for 18 months - EXCELLENT Camera Review by Internet Addict "Larry"

    Let me cut to the verdict on this camera. I have used it for 18 months and have taken thousands of photos. Before purchasing it I did extensive investigation and chose this one over others in the same price range. I have nothing but very positive things to say about it. I do also own a DSLR Canon ($1500) for comparison. Both cameras are used very often. Photography is my hobby. And I am very critical of the quality of all photos and strive for the best. I've made hundreds of small and large prints and most of them have turned out very good in quality. The videos are good as well. Those that would give this camera a poor rating evidently are doing something wrong.

    A winner for sure. I would buy it again in a minute. I hope that this will help those who are considering an intermediate size camera. (Posted on 7/20/2012)

  3. Repair service is BAD at Panasonic Review by Momo

    I hate to say, but Panasonic customer service sucks! I have two Lumix; but this is a first time to handle with customer service. I've been using this FZ40 for a year and half now; I just had to send my unit to the repair center in TX. It took so long to get the customer service by phone, it also took super long to be notified the RMA# after sending the repair request by online. I've got immediately charged twice(!), twice!!! of the charge of $82.50 on my credit card after just obtaining my RMA#. It is already sucks; but now I am handling with trapped e-mail that I've received from Panasonic. I was told that the repair cost was $82.50 at the very first time when I've spoken to customer service including parts and labor; now I've got an e-mail said additional charge of $50. I again I received a call this morning and the lady told me to pay additional $98.00 for total repair cost!!! It is so unbelievable customer service!! She told me that e-mail that I was received was wrong! Wrong?? I would not ship my unit to the repair service if I knew it cost so much(Total repair cost $230)!! Are you crazy?? I will buy another brand-new unit with $300!! I told them that I want my unit back without repairng; and she said they anyway charge the initial cost of $82.50!! I can't believe it!!

    Camera was OK for a year. As a Japanese, and I trusted the product of 'Made in Japan'; but the customer service was hell!! I will complain to Panasonic in Japan to re-educate customer service in here US. I was so disappointed by Panasonic. (Posted on 7/1/2012)

  4. perfect for taking pictures of active kids! Review by lktate

    I read a LOT of reviews before I settled on this product. I knew that I didn't want to go w/ an SLR or DSLR, but that I wanted a camera w/ a good zoom, a quick flash (that didn't make you wait forever to take another picture), and one that would take pictures of my kids NOW not 3sec later when they've already run off to the next thing.

    And I'm happy with it. In fact, my dad, who grew up using an SLR (and loved/understands it) and was needing to replace the digital camera he bought back in 2000, was very impressed with it.

    My only complaint (and this is user error more than anything else, just something to be aware of): sometimes I find that it's focused on the background behind my subject and not my subject. I need to get better about ensuring that my subject is in focus. However, what IS in focus is really in focus. :-P. Again, it's user error. I'd rather have this problem than have it focus on everything and nothing all at the same time. Per the recommendations of other reviewers, I really need to get out my manual and take the time to learn how to use my camera.

    I've had this for a year, and would buy it again today! (Posted on 6/19/2012)

  5. Love it... Review by Astrid

    I am not very knowledgeable about the technicalities of photography/cameras, but I need to take good photos for various projects. This camera was recommended to me by a talented photographer friend.

    Going from a pocket point and shoot to this is amazing. It makes beautiful pictures, has so many easy to understand settings and focuses/shoots instantly...I used to get so frustrated waiting for my old camera to focus and decide if it felt like actually taking the picture.

    Can't give tech specs on why I like it, but if like me you need to take beautiful, professional looking photos, but have limited knowledge about cameras - it's a great camera... (Posted on 5/23/2012)

  6. So In love with it!!!!!! Review by Kristin

    I love this camera. I have always had a point and shoot camera and every time I wanted great pictures I borrowed my mother's Panasonic. I am glad that I finally bought my very own Panasonic and it is so much better than my mom's (which is almost 7 years old). The pictures are awesome and now I don't have to borrow anyones cameras. The improvements are excellcent. (Posted on 5/7/2012)

  7. sturdy, fast and dependable Review by Thomas Wlassak

    I've been using my FZ40 a year now, shooting more than 1000 pictures. Most landscape. Just perfect. the FZ40 gives me some wonderful colors. Color processing is not artificial, however. It takes the natural colors and enhances them! Some pictures i realy think to be bether than taken by my DSLR Pentax K-r, a very good camera. However, in low-light situations, don't try to expect an DSLR result. Obviously the tiny sensor just can't take so much light to register the image. I do like, however, the CCD sensor it uses. I've experienced the difference between CCD and CMOS sensors in other cameras, like sony f717 (CCD), sony wx7 (CCD), hx5(CMOS), canon HS300 (CMOS), and realy liked more the pictures I've taken on CCD sensors, specially on lower pixels. They do look much more natural. I can realy say FZ40 is a winner. (Posted on 3/25/2012)

  8. Perfect for my trip to Hawaii Review by Shane

    Battery last forever. Great pictures for my screen savers and family. I love this camera and am so glad for purchasing it. A must buy for the casual photographer. (Posted on 3/22/2012)

  9. Great Camera Review by Ozkan Ozkoldas "ozzy"

    I love this camera. I have been using it since last summer and its performance is great so far. I took thousands of pictures in New York and all Europe and I am really happy about my pictures. I strongly recommend this camera. But, low light performance can be a problem if you don't have tripod. (Posted on 2/6/2012)

  10. Awesome camera Review by Eric V. Weber "Sweeper User"

    This past Christmas, I purchased this camera for my daughter who is a bit of an amatuer photographer. At the least, she loves taking lots of pictures. She was wanting an SLR, but the budget only allowed for this camera. Since then, she has absolutely fallen in love with this camera. We enjoyed it so much, we have since bought a second one. I had this camera recommended to my by a photo expert. He stated that the panasonic was probably the best, most under rated camera on the market for the money. He was right. I highly recommend this camera to anyone who wants to take casual/amatuer photography to the next level. (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  11. Panasonic service is unacceptable Review by Mary Umbricht

    I did not purchase this particular model, but I have owned two other models, the FX500 and the FH27. The FX500 needed service twice within the warranty period. Instead Panasonic chose to exchange it for a much inferior model. Long story short, do not buy electronics from Panasonic! After two months of trying to reach them I still do not have a camera! This company is unethical and I will never purchase a Panasonic product again! (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  12. Upgrade Review by Geene Mulvaney

    Upgraded from the previously good but slow Panasonic Lumix. The new FZ40 is fast but they have made some changes I don't like. The SD card/battery door is now counter intuitive and the battery is a different size so I can't use my old battery as a spare. Otherwise, I love this camera for the pictures I take. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  13. Compact DSLR Review by M. Dooley "Conan"

    This is the most amazing, coveted camera and lens I've ever wished to own and now do. The brand Leica has been beyond my possession for all my life and now I own my first. I am competely satisfied and no longer held back by equipment inadequacies. (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  14. Weakest link determines image quality Review by Glenn Soltes

    Shot with a FZ30 for years ..... was a great camera in bright light.

    Don't bother with this camera, the noise and very limited dynamic range of these cameras make them pretty much useless. If it is worth shooting, these cameras aren't up to the task. The long part of the zoom is not fast enough to get long shots except in the brightest of light with a perfectly stationary object. The limited ISO means that shooting people indoors without a flash is very hit and miss., With a flash the results are perfect except for the need to clean up the mess the flash makes of peoples faces.

    Buy yourself an Olympus Pen or a Pana micro 4/3s ...... not much bigger especially since the Pen's lenses fold in. My camera bag is no bigger or heavier than with my FZ30 and I only get 300mm with the Pen .... but the image quality is far far far better. Many more images are keepers with no PP.

    If your time is worth something to you, spend more and get micro 4/3.... The post processing time you save will pay the difference in no time. If you really don't care enough to do the required PP, buy a much smaller and much less intimidating point and shoot.

    If you must buy this camera, invest in a Puffer to soften out the flash, it allowed me to get another year out of my FZ30. I can't figure out why Pana doesn't include one with he camera. With one shooting indoors is almost bearable.

    If Pana had the guts to put a 6 or 8mp sensor in this camera that actually could do ISO 1200 properly, it might be a usable camera. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  15. One year of use Review by Paulo

    Very good camera, especially if you are not a professional photographer, but still loves fotografia.Vai able to take very good pictures using the automatic mode or by setting manual.Desculpem English written by me, I'm Brazilian and not dominate the written language too. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  16. I love my camera! Review by L. Carter

    I've had this camera for about a year now. It's gone to Humboldt county, Yosemite, and Big Sur/Monterey as well as close to home. I have been EXTREMELY pleased with it. I have gotten LOADS of excellent shots, including at max zoom WITHOUT a tripod. The 'Intelligent Auto' setting works quite well for mosst pictures but there are plenty of options for those who would like to be more adventurous. The quality of the photos is quite good and when I upload pictures I frequently see details I didn't notice with the naked eye. A charge on the battery lasts a nice long time--I've only needed to charge it twice since the initial charge, and the first time I was just being safe before going on a trip. I would definitely recommend this camera. (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  17. EXCELLENT CAMERA! Great Zoom. Ample Features. Easy to Learn To Use for Hobby Photographers. Review by Carrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""

    Start using the different Mode Settings & You will soon LOVE this camera. I've owned & used this camera for 6 months. Once I started experimenting with the different modes, I was sold.

    I use this camera for business and travel. For business, I mostly use the indoor/outdoor sports mode & for travel I use many other modes including: portrait, close up, burst, scenery, night portrait. I have not used the camera on a manual setting.

    The camera takes phenomenal pictures. From a sports action point of view, I can catch someone in mid action using full zoom in outdoor light. Indoor light (ie, gymnasium) provides enough light to shoot decent pictures, but you have to be patient. If the subject isn't moving too fast, your pictures will turn out OK. Using zoon will make the camera not focus fast enough to get a clear shot. It is better if your subject is standing still or posing & those pictures will turn out great. Indoor action shots in low light are difficult, and 8 out of 10 are not in focus (low light, verging on dark).

    For travel shots, my outdoor zoom pictures are stunning (I've posted some). I've captured birds in flight, close ups of animals where you can count the scales, and birds (herons & flamingos) that are at such a distance that I don't know if I have the shot until I see it after the picture is taken (see posted pelican picture - I didn't know the iguana was next to the pelican until I looked at the picture).

    All pictures that I posted were taken without a tripod & I was able to steady my hands well enough to get great animal/scenery pictures.

    All in all, this camera is a fantastic value for the money. Many people on my last trip made favorable comments about my pictures (even the DSLR users). The camera is small enough to carry around in a backpack & isn't too weighty (compared to a DSLR). For the money, the ease of use & the pictures it produces, this camera will be my go-to camera for many more years. (Posted on 12/17/2011)


    I bought this camera about 13 months back, warranty just expired and flash stopped working. Troubleshooted everything. Called customer support -they advice take it to a local repair shop and get it repaired or buy a newer camera!

    going for sale on ebay as is.

    Go for canon or nikon - I believe they make more lasting things. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  19. Great Camera for a Great Price! Review by Taylor Wind Set "Very Cool"

    The FZ40 is a great camera. You don't have to be an expert to use it, right out of the box it performs great! It has most of the bells and whistles that anyone would need, feels great in the hand, and the large screen is great for it's view and resolution. This camera is worth it just for the balance and feel alone, but it takes great photos and is sturdy, does not have that plastic slick feel that some cameras do. I'd recommend this camera to anyone. (Posted on 12/15/2011)

  20. I am pleased with my new camera. Review by Ellen D. Hepp

    My camera was delivered in a timely manner and it is all I hoped it would be. I am learning how to use it and getting better photos every time I use it. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  21. Loving My Panasonic Lumix FZ-40 Review by Loves Books "bwing"

    I used this camera a LOT over Thanksgiving weekend and I am loving it to death. It is so easy to use and taking great pictures. I am so in love with that 24x zoom feature too. I am not a great photographer but this camera is making me look good! Thanks, Panasonic for another great product. (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  22. Concerns about this camera Review by will wilderness

    The Panasonic DMC FZ40 is a very good camera. I have just returned from a 3 week trip through the Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu, & Galapagos Islands. During this trip I took over 3400 photos with this camera. The general construction of this camera held up very well in some pretty tough weather conditions. Everything from heat & extreme humidity,high altitude & cold wet weather, & open salt water conditions. The weight of this camera makes it easy to pack & hold. The zoom is incredible & the quality of pictures from average to good. I shot most of the pictures in the program mode & about 400 in IA (auto) Little to no shutter lag & auto focus worked well most of the time. My issues are with the senor & processing. Sometimes this affected the quality of the picture or pictures in the view finder appearing to be in focus, only to get home & preview on a 22" monitor to find they were out of focus. The other issue for me was the 24X zoom. My experience shows that at the extreme end of this zoom most pictures were out of focus. Likely to due to my inability to hand hold this camera still, even when braced against a firm object. Camera shake can always be a problem. Also the auto focus had difficulty focusing at extreme distances. I found it was best for me not to exceed 21X zoom. I like this camera as a bridge camera & the fact you don't have to pack a lot of glass (lens). However the photos I took with Nikon D40 on this trip were superior to the Panasonic. As the price points drop on this camera it will become a real bargin. The battery life is average, as I was able to shoot about 520 photos on a single charge. Also batteries were difficult to find, as I was forced to purchase (3) after market batteries for the price of 1 panasonic. The reason I gave it 3 stars is due to the focus issues,guessing about battery life, & knowing now that for extreme zoom one should use a tripod. The low light capabilities of this camera are average.The flash is adequate with varied results. Likely there are few cameras that compete with Panasonic in this price range. I was happy to have this camera, as many of the wild life photos were much easier to take with the extend zoom. Just know what you are purchasing & don't expect DSLR quality in all your photos. (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  23. Poor Image Quality-Defective or Wrong Sensor Size Review by A. Hayes

    I ordered this after I dropped my much-cherished Lumix point and shoot in a creek. I was hoping for the same quality with an upgrade in features like zoom and image quality. I saw that there were a few bad reviews about it, but figured those were from professional photographers and I wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, I found all the worst problems mentioned by the other 1 star reviews here on amazon. This camera was horrible in low light, horrible in the car, occasionally turned out these really orange tinted pictures, and overall had poor image quality. I sent mine back to Amazon, and went to a nearby store to purchase a Canon Powershot SX40, which I love. I'm thinking there is a reason this camera is about $100 cheaper than most comparable cameras. (Posted on 11/27/2011)

  24. Great for lighted shots Review by Polarized

    I have the camera since December 2010 and have taken around 2000 shots and maybe 5 hours video with it.

    I love this camera, the zoom is great and probably the first thing you would notice when using it. I love the 'Expressive' mode with the saturated colours, but a point to note is the flash is disabled when using this mode. Auto works well for me once outdoors or in well lit rooms.

    Video at any resolution is excellent, HD or lower, again once in the light. You can zoom the full range while recording and the stereo mics are great for voices, of course not really any good for music with highs and lows. The image stabilisation works very well, across the full range of zoom, but I would not rule out getting a tripod for the best shots. I usually press the shutter button half way to get it to focus before I take shots, random shots by just pressing the shutter button all the way down do not always come out sharply.

    The battery can go for at least 1.5 hrs HD video recording, and probably 400 shots at least without flash, I have not kept a proper count of the amount of shots as I recharge batteries regularly, not just when they are drained.

    When reviewing pics on the camera you can press the zoom out button and reach to a calendar to choose a date to see pics beginning on that date

    The camera lightens the flash in close up Auto shots so it is not too bright and washes out the picture.

    You can program peoples faces and names with their birthdays into the camera, so it will show a name on the box around their face on the lcd when taking a pic of them, I am not sure if this info is saved into the image data file also.

    It is disappointing when trying to take low light shots eg in restaurants, evenings on Auto with no flash. The exposure time in the night mode is too long so images are blurred when people move or your hand shakes. The video at night is very grainy/noisy and focus does not work automatically, sometimes even after pressing the focus button. It's annoying when during zooming with videos I have to press the focus button as the camera may take a while to refocus with the new zoom level. My old camera the Canon S5 IS did a better job at night time video and focusing, but it was not HD as this is.

    The burst mode only lets you take 3 shots, it is not continuous, so if you start to shoot too early you might miss what you are trying to get with the bursts. After it takes a burst the camera has to save the pics to the SD card and you cannot start a new burst until the saving is done. I started using video for everything I may have used the burst for before.

    I do not have a card reader so I empty pics off the cam via USB and it is pretty slow, 5 or 6MB/second according to Windows 7, with many gigs to take off this can take several minutes.

    It takes 3+ hours to charge a dead battery, this is why I bought a spare.

    The data cable connector in he camera is a non standard shape, so if you lose the cable you need to buy a new one from Panasonic or use a card reader on your computer.

    The locations of the pictures and video are separate and hard to navigate to the buried folders on the SD card.

    The glare lines from bright lights at night/indoors is annoying to deal with it is very pronounced on this camera just as on most other cameras, even with the lens hood on.


    I ordered <a href="">Panasonic DMW-BMB9 Lithium-Ion Battery for select Panasonic Lumix Cameras for DMCFZ100K and DMCFZ40K</a> as a second battery since I read the generic/imitation ones did not show the battery meter on the screen. The new battery works just as well as the original that came with the camera.

    <a href="">Sigma DG 52mm Multi-Coated UV Filter</a>
    The same lens cap fits well on the filter.

    I have two 16GB sd card (Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC Card (TS16GSDHC10) ) that works well with the camera. I like the idea of multiple 'smaller' SD cards vs fewer 'larger' ones so that in the unlikely event that one card does go bad I do not lose everything on them. I empty the cards pretty regularly off to my PC, backups are very important. I recommend having at least two copies of all your pictures/videos either on two separate internal hard drives or on an external hard drive, they are very cheap these days, a USB 500GB hard drive is about $70usd. (Posted on 11/15/2011)

  25. Excellent video. Review by Cesar P.

    This camera produces excellent video. DMC-FZ100 can record 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD movie in AVCHD with high sound quality of Dolby Digital stereo. (Posted on 11/11/2011)

  26. I LOVE THIS CAMERA Review by Margaret Turner

    I bought this camera because the reviews were so good and the price was right. It was a smart buy. I enjoy it. The only thing I don't like is the digital settings won't allow me to adjust the aperature and shutter speed too do special effects if they aren't of the norm. I would like to play around with these more but, I just make the adjustments on the computer and it works. (Posted on 11/9/2011)

  27. Great expectations... MET! Review by Scott M. Verdun

    I've been very happy with this purchase so far. I have been using it for pictures around the golf course as well as landscapes on vacation in the ozarks and the colors and detail is fantastic. I am a very amateur photographer but this camera has yet to disappoint. The fast shutter speed has been great for capturing candid pictures when only a few moments are available to get the shot.

    This isn't a disappointment but a swivel LCD would be nice to have at times certainly not necessary though. (Posted on 11/4/2011)

  28. love love love it! Review by amazonian

    took this to Italy for my whirlwind several city vacation...having just bought it, and not being a cameraphile, I did not know much about all of its features..nevertheless, it worked great...wonderful zoom for those long Venice shots, long battery life, easy to hold and not too heavy...
    have not loaded up the photos yet but excited to do so..
    as another person said, the only issue so far, which is small, is the bigger cap used when you want to eliminate sun does not stay on well...not that big a deal but annoying..
    it is all in all a wonderful camera, esp for the price...which I found cheaper on Amazon... (Posted on 11/3/2011)

  29. have not tried all the features, yet Review by M. Fahey

    I haven't had the camera all that long and I am not a professional photographer, but your typical grandmother. I took the camera on a Disney vacation and played with it, but I obviously don't know what I'm doing. However, I will say that the zoom is awesome. The only shots I haven't been that pleased with are portraits. The colors all seem to be pink-tinged. (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  30. Fantastic camera Review by B. Scott

    This camera is absolutely fantastic. The macro zoom pictures, as well as the mega zoom pictures, are very impressive. The detail is stunning. It's fun and easy to work with. If I was to find any "fault", I would say the lag time between pictures is a bit long, but it's a minor price to pay for such excellent results. (Posted on 10/21/2011)

  31. Great bang for the buck Review by Holmeswk

    This is a feature rich camera with lengthy optical zoom, image stabilization, auto and manual controls, face recognition, etc. What drew me to it was full manual capability, particularly manual focusing, and the zoom capability. I opted not to go for the 30 and 35 x zoom lenses out there because of the chromatic aberration reported on them, and i figured i couldn't hold them steaady anyway. Also, i likes the fact that the tripod threading was metal. Some are just threaded into the plastic case and i thought for long zoom shots i'd need the tripod. What amazes me is how well the image stabilization feature works on this camera. Clear sharp hand held pics even at full zoom. I did have to adjust color saturation (more) and exposure (less 1/3) and sharpness sharper) to get the pics exactly like i like them, but the process was easy. Also, the flash does not pop up automatically when needed. You have to push a button, a feature i like because i hate unexpected flash. Lots of camera for the money.i (Posted on 10/21/2011)

  32. A great camera. Review by Betty Wright

    Lumix has long been a favorite camera for me. This one has new features I enjoy but much of it is still beyond me. I get beautiful photos but don't yet take advantage of all it offers. Great photos even with my limited understanding. (Posted on 10/19/2011)

  33. Buena Cámara Review by Bryant Brown

    Es muy buena, cumplió mis expectativas! Mientras tengas buena luz las fotos salen perfectas, nada que envidiarle a una Nikon Reflex en cuanto a calidad. Y mientras no hay luz con el flash salen excelentes. (Posted on 10/18/2011)

  34. Great camera! Review by Ronald C. Crosby

    The camera works very well. The only feature that it has which I am finding less then excellent is the manual focus. It takes too long and is awkward to use. I wish the aperture was a bit better, but it would take an SLR to be better. Overall the Auto focus is quick and the pictures it takes are excellent. I'm am pleased. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  35. A good step up. Review by Lexidog

    I previously owned the Panasonic Luxix DMC TZ3 and loved the size and that it was user friendly. Alas, it died. I purchased this camera after reading the reviews and I love it. Love the zoom at concerts. Only question, how do I adjust the color when my object is royal purple and the photo comes out royal blue? Have referred to the manual but haven't been able to find an answer. (Posted on 10/16/2011)

  36. wonderful camera! Review by biwabik49

    I haven't had much opportunity to really get out and use this camera yet but what I've done is great. I love the idea that I can get a super zoom without having to change lenses and the zoom is fantastic. Camera is very easy to use, from the 'auto' feature to the manual settings. The video button in right on the top so it's very easy to switch from photo to video. 14 MP makdes the focus great even on automatic. Lightweight for a camera with this many features. Really, just love this camera! (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  37. Easy right out of the box Review by Triciamd96

    I was ready for a slightly more advanced camera to capture my son's sports photos, but didn't have the budget for a true DSLR. This camera was easy to use right out of the box and I was taking photos immediately. I have only had it for a few weeks and have all ready taken several great football action shots. It's a good value for the money. (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  38. Great Mid-Level Camera Review by Mark

    I just got this camera and so far it has exceeded my expectations. It is light, portable, and takes great photos. In fact, I've taken some of my favorite photo's ever with this camera and it's only been 2 days (the close-ups are phenomenal). The user manual is a little daunting (almost 300 pgs on an included CD) but is well worth the read. My only complaint is that neither iPhoto nor Aperture on my mac (latest OS) recognize this camera's RAW files. I've done plenty of research here, but was unable to convert them to a DNG that they could use. That being said, the JPEG quality is still phenomenal at 14.1 MP and I am extremely happy. If you buy this, get a case just to be safe! An a word of caution, on of the much used knobs feels like a cheaper plastic, we'll see how durable it is. Not a deterrent however. (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  39. Great camera for novices Review by Traveling Grandma

    Wanted a better camera than my pocket Olympus for a recent two week trip to France. Contacted a friend of mine who had posted great photos on Facebook and was told she had used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP with a 24x zoom. Since I didn't have time to experiment with the camera before our departure, I used the automatic feature and constantly used the zoom for detailed close-ups of scenery and architecture. I am extremely pleased with the results. Great colors and beautiful photos without flash indoors, which was great in museums which allowed no-flash photos only. The zoom was amazing outdoors, too, including close-ups of flowers in the Monet Gardens. I took over 2300 photos, a few videos, and only had to recharge the battery a few times. I purchased a 16 GB SD card, which was sufficient for the whole trip. The camera was small enough to fit in my travel purse. I am very pleased with the photos I took to record our trip and can't wait to experiment with other features. (Posted on 9/30/2011)

  40. I've been searching FOREVER Review by Rebecca

    For a great camera to use and this is what I finally purchased. I LOVE this camera. It is pretty much the only camera that had it all, good quality, amazing zoom, fun features and really easy to use. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  41. I like this camera Review by Randy Craig

    Just to start, I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur. I don't go anywhere without my camera. That being said, the more I use the FZ40, the more I enjoy it. Along with wanting to take better quality photos, I stepped up to the FZ40 mostly because of the consistently good ratings/reviews and the price. I looked at other super-zooms but did not like what I read about the overall decrease in image quality over previous models, especially due to noise. I also wanted a camera that could handle high contrast situations since my old camera (Fuji Finepix E550) could not. I've taken a thousand or so photos over the last few months and am happy with the image quality, especially in high contrast situations. Photos do tend to get noisy at ISO 400 or above. Even though it includes decent software with anti-noise filters (SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.1 SE), they either can't compensate with photos at ISO 400 or above or I'm doing something wrong. I say "decent software" mostly because, as a Photoshop Elements user, I have no idea what most of the terms used in SILKYPIX actually mean.)

    I am also happy with the image stabilization. I do a lot of hiking and so a tripod isn't practical. I have a relatively steady hand but, except for anything near full zoom in low light, there isn't significantly noticeable blur even at shutter speeds of around 1/15 and ISO 100.

    In the little that I've used it, the Intelligent Auto (iA) function tends to slightly over expose. But since I prefer to take raw photos using manual settings, this hasn't been an issue.

    To me, a class 10 card is a must with this camera. Even with a class 10, at full resolution, each photo takes several seconds to write to the card.

    Even though this is secondary to me, videos with this camera are beautiful. The only issue I've experienced is the sound of the zoom as you zoom in or out. It's not overbearing but it is there. In the few test videos I've taken, stabilization has worked beautifully.

    Battery life has been great. While out hiking and far away from an outlet, I've been able to take 300+ photos in one day on the same charge. That was a very pleasant surprise. Panasonic says "up to 580 shots per charge" and I tend to believe them.

    Since I take a lot of photos in the snow, I will be able to say more when I see how it performs in the cold. But so far, I'm glad that I chose the FZ40. I like this camera. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  42. Best Camera EVER Review by Cashmere4ever

    I really did my homework on this one... and boy was it worth it. I love my camera.. A little complicated for me in the manual mode.. ok.. let's be honest.. it's very complicated. But it does have the automatic mode which is super easy and fun to use.. produces crisp, clear, quality photos every time.

    I will be taking an intro course to learn how to manipulate and use all the features.

    Excellent battery life if you're not a professional photographer.

    Great buy for a reasonable price.


  43. but first format your card! Review by John C. Rounds "jrounds"

    I am very happy with this camera over all, but I suffered a great disappointment on the first day of the trip (to Borneo) I bought it for -- "write error on disk", this after 83 pictures stored on that card. I rushed to buy another card. Worked great for 26 pictures, then the same error. When I returned to the US I called phone support and the response was, Well, did you format the card? I asked, please show me where in the documentation it says I should format the card? It doesn't). So yes, I would recommend this camera, but do remember to format the card first! (Posted on 9/20/2011)

  44. Good Camera for amateurs Review by RT

    The DMC-FZ 40 is an awesome camera for the intermediate photo enthusiast. Wide range of features, great photos and lots of manual controls.

    While the camera would do great for most situations, it should be noted that it is bulky and is not intended to fit into one's pocket. It is technically a compact camera providing a lot of features that DSLR's provide.

    The one problem i have encountered is that it is difficult to do blur photography if someone is serious into it, though most people try to use a DSLR for this. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  45. excellent pictures...except under low lighting Review by Kirk

    I bought this camera after a good amount of research. I wanted something with excellent zoom and nice picture quality. I agree with most of the other reviewers that this camera does great-with good lighting. Once the sun starts setting or you are indoors, the flash seems to become necessary or the ISO will get higher. The higher ISO really does increase the noise a good bit, which can be frustrating. I'm still trying to get a moon picture as good as some of the examples that were posted. I'd say a great buy for the price, especially because I don't think you can get a camera that's good in low lighting without getting a SLR for another $500 ish. (Posted on 9/17/2011)

  46. Lumix DMC FZ40 price reduced great value Review by Michael Byrne "Mike B"

    I recently purchased my second lumix camera and this one is the DMC FZ40. Amazon has the lowest price I could find. It has been reduced from its list price of $399 to $279 because its successor has been announced and people may still be waiting to purchase the 2012 model. It has 24x and 14 MP whihc makes it a great camera. I brought it because I was traveling to Europe for a 2 week transtalantic cruise. I took 1200 photo's and only had the recharge the battery 2x over the cruise. I was surprised how small and light it was as I was used to a SLR camera. The lens quality is great and the features are easy to understand and use. It also takes reasonably good video.

    I think anyone moving up from a lower priced point and shoot to this would be amazed at the value for the dollar. (Posted on 9/17/2011)

  47. Panasonic FZ-40 Review by George F. Armstrong

    I purchased a Panasonic FZ-30 8MP camera several years ago.
    I was assuming that based on my experience with that camera
    I would be getting an upgrade, so to speak, by buying an 14mp FZ-40.
    I was unpleasantly surprised. I find the picture quality when zoomed
    out to be quite poor; no where near the quality of the FZ-30. Not pleased. (Posted on 9/5/2011)

  48. Love it! Review by Beth

    I've only had the camera for about a month but love it already! It's extremely easy to use. I like the fact that it isn't difficult to find the function your looking for. With other cameras, I spent more time looking for a feature than actually taking pictures. The zoom is also better than other cameras I have used. So far so good! (Posted on 9/5/2011)

  49. Another excellent camera from Lumix Review by Karen Loughrey

    This is my 3rd camera from the Lumix FZ range. I bought my first, the FZ12 in 2005 & upgraded to the FZ18 in 2008 for more pixels & a larger zoom. The FZ18 has served me well but has it's limitations, mainly a poor macro feature which has been an issue to me since I enjoy photographing insects, so I decided to upgrade to the FZ40 when I found it on Amazon for $280.
    I've only had the camera for a couple of days & I am very pleased with performance so far - more focus points help with macro shots & although the auto focus is still a little hit & miss at short range, it's whopping 14.1 mega pixels allows me to pan out & then crop the image without compromising quality. It is also much faster than the FZ18 so I am finding I am missing far fewer shots. The 24x zoom is a real plus & the larger LCD screen is great for reviewing images.
    My only gripe is the lack of a hot-shoe limits the flash capability. I got round this with my FZ18 with a Neewer slave flash that I bought cheaply from Amazon which I hand hold & I will continue to use it with the FZ40 when I need more oomph than the internal flash can provide.
    All in all I think this is a great camera for the price, with most of the functionality & the image quality you would expect from a mid-range DSLR without the price-tag or the hassle of lugging around all the kit. (Posted on 9/2/2011)

  50. Pleasant surprise Review by CG97

    Initially I wanted to buy a new camera within a certain price range.Ater testing a Nikon S6100 16Mp and a Lumix H27 of 16Mp also,I realized that unfortunately both cameras have different issues or design limitations. So therefore I decided to go for a little more expensive camera with great proven optics/lenses. The Lumix DMC-FZ came up as an obvious choice. I extensively tested the camera and after a few days of vacation and hundreds of picture later, I can say that the combination of the Leica lenses and a well design Panasonic camera resulted in great pictures taken, with natural soft colors, well balance sharpness and a user friendly operation. I truly believe that I got more that I paid for it. (Posted on 8/27/2011)

  51. Love it! Review by Kate n Nara

    This was exactly what I wanted. I was looking for an older model but this one was available and it has turned out to be even better than expected! If you are an avid photo taker, buy an extra battery right away. The off brand works great! (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  52. Another great one in the series Review by cgreen37

    I loved my FZ-35 and so did someone else on that train, I never saw it again. It was still available when I went to replace it but there were two newer models to choose from, the FZ-40 and the FZ-100. After much dithering I went with the FZ-40. It gets absolutely beautiful shots in decent light and actually does quite well outdoors at night using the starry sky setting. Forget about low light indoors. Shutter speed seems faster than the FZ-35 but still seems sluggish compared to DSLR, which is the price we pay for the convenience of superzoom.

    What I really didn't expect was the digital zoom capabilities. It actually seems to work under some conditions. At the lowest image size setting you can obtain usable pics sufficient for web posting at up to 67.4 zoom. I was able to zoom in on some cows in a far off pasture and read the brands on them. I actually use the camera as binoculars sometimes. It's not a feature I care that much about, but if the only selling point of some other camera over this one is a longer zoom, this one deserves serious consideration. (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  53. Im in Love Review by Snosrapr

    This camera is all it promised to be. My sister-in-law bought one many months ago and I fell in love with it. Its design gives it a richer look and most are surprised to hear the low price I paid. The outdoor night photo's are unbelievable even without a flash. My SIL is saving me time and showing more awesome features this "must have" camera has to offer. I've only owned it a month and battery still going strong but too soon to judge. (Posted on 8/25/2011)

  54. Not for amateurs Review by Love to Travel

    I purchased this to replace a point and shoot Canon SD850 that suffered from "lens error." The difference is apples and oranges. I like that the camera is heavier so there is no shaking and that it has a cover for the lens. I also like that a polarizer can be purchased separately. It did not take clear pictures right out of the box, and there are too many settings and adjustments for someone who just wants to push a button and take a picture. The manual is contained on the enclosed CD and online at but it is very technical and time consuming for the average person. It would be a great camera for people interesting in learning more about photography or those who want a more technical camera at a reasonable price. More than half the pictures I took came out blurry even after spending a great deal of time with the manual. Not for the faint of heart. Returned it for a simpler model. (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  55. Excellent Value For The Money Review by M. Maney "Marty913"

    I have had the FZ40 for a little over a month and taken round 300 pictures, mostly scenic outdoor photos (water, beach, etc.). I started with mid-to-higher-end cameras back in the early 70's and most recently have owned Canon, Nikon, and Kodak digital point & shoot so I do have some experience (although definitely not an expert). Obviously 300 pictures is not a true test but I wanted to contribute in case some of you are sitting on the fence regarding this purchase.

    I'll summarize first. This is a great camera overall. Ease of use is excellent and in the Auto-Intelligence mode and Program mode it is truly a point & shoot camera. All the flexibility is there for the more advanced picture taker but I'm thinking most will use those two modes (and perhaps Macro which is also automatic in the Ai mode). Straight out of the box this camera will take excellent pictures; better in my opinion than comparably priced competitors. Here's a quick list of pros and cons although please keep in mind that one person's "cons" may in fact not matter at all to someone else:

    Ease of Use plus flexibility for more advanced use
    Great Battery Life & Fast Start-up
    Excellent image quality at the most common ISO (80-400)
    Fast & Quiet zoom
    Powerful Flash (compared to competitors)
    Faster Lens (compared to competitors)

    The battery must be removed for charging. Although it lasts a long time between charges, I would prefer the battery be chargeable in the camera. As noted by others, the battery is very expensive. It's good but not $40 good.
    As with most point & shoots, this is not a "low light" camera. ISO settings above 400 will begin to introduce noise - especially so with extended zoom settings.
    The AI mode is not particularly flexible. Raw Image is not allowed and setting a particular megapixel size is restricted (just alternate between Program & AI seems to be the best approach)
    The manual is far to complicated and jumps around a lot. The included software is better left uninstalled (there are better free alternatives).

    I looked at every camera out there that falls with the FZ40's price range and the quality & flexibility per dollars with this camera is outstanding. There's a reason 86% of the customer reviews are 4/5 stars. One bit of advice - buy a 52mm UV filter when you buy the camera. It's great protection for less than $15.

    I'm rating this camera at 5 stars even though it does have some flaws. All cameras have some flaws so it boils down to "what you get for the money". At least for the time being, and in my opinion, this camera is as good as or better than anything in its price range. (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  56. Great Buy! Review by Camera

    I reviewed a lot of cameras before purchasing this one. I also looked at a lot of different stores. Nothing compared to this camera or the price on Amazon! (Posted on 8/9/2011)

  57. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 Review by L. J. Danna "loudan"

    Plus: This Panasonic Lumix is a quality product. The 24X optical zoom should be more than sufficient for most needs, beyond that the electronic zoom extends to 35X without much loss of sharpness. The electronic stabilizer works well. The quality of the images and of the movies is very good.
    Minus: The zoom has autofocus for photo, but it does not work for movies. The user manual is on cd, it has a lot of information but it does not provide for a search,
    so one has to hunt through the many pages. Camera setup is complicated and time consuming. The camera works well on the IA (intelligent assistant) setting, beyond that it is for serious potograohers only. (Posted on 8/4/2011)

  58. Excelent Camera! Review by Luis Enrique

    I have it already for a week, and love the results i have had so far, the options are many, the manual option is awesome, i get creative with my fz40, and take pics of everything. and love the results so far

    the bad thing is that the manual is full at .pdf and its kinda annoying readin on the computer, at least for me. Another bad point is the noise it shows at high iso settings

    The settings sometimes can get a little confusing, but it isnt that bad,

    SOOO my conclusion:

    In low/middle ISO, the results are kick ass, pretty impressive pics. You must buy this camera, you will love it! (Posted on 8/3/2011)

  59. Loving it So Far Review by Art and Soul "ACottageArtist"

    I've owned this camera about 3 weeks now, and before that I owned a Kodak Z712, which did okay for several years, but progressively got worse when trying to focus on long zoom. I'm not a pro, just an enthusiastic amateur, mainly shooting wildlife, especially birds, and scenery when traveling. When I was researching, I didn't find much in this price range that seemed to be appropriate for photographing birds, not a lot of reviews. I've been very pleased with the shots I've gotten so far.....fantastic detail in feathers and fur.

    I didn't read the manual, just wanted to see how easy and intuitive it was to use right out of the problem !! Easy transition from the Kodak. And much better pix already than what I was getting with the Kodak. Colors are good, and this is all just using the AF. Because of the subjects I take pictures of, I like to just pick it up and be ready to shoot really fast, and I can do that with this camera.

    One thing that bugs me is the lens can be "fiddly" to get off and on.....I think they could have done better. When you want to get a shot fast, it can be a hassle getting it off....and tough to be sure it's on well when you're finished. Another thing I notice when shooting birds at the longest end of the zoom....when you take one shot, it seems to move a bit [maybe that's the action of the camera....or maybe it's just me pressing the button, but at the longest zoom, it can be difficult to "find your subject" again. I think a tripod is really necessary at the longest zoom, but I've been able to get very sharp pix without it..just by bracing against something..and a tripod is not always at hand when my painted bunting decides to come to the birdbath. But I'll be taking a small tripod on my travels. A minor problem is that my right thumb sometimes slides down to the Display button.....and I've almost hit it while shooting....but I'm adjusting.

    Obviously, I plan to use this for travel photos, birds, etc. I haven't tried it indoors or at night, as I have other cameras I can use for that. And I am still exploring all the options, and look forward to doing some macro shots with it. [bugs, butterflies, flowers, etc]
    I think the battery life is really good, just charging it today after taking lots of photos....more than I'd take in about 2 days of steady shooting on a vacation. I use the zoom and display a lot !! I like the idea that they include the charger in this package. It's about time they all started making it easier to accessorize these things. I got a Sandisk Extreme 16 GB card.....and it's working great. I've never had any problems with Sandisk cards. It writes to the card fast enough for me. I think I will be getting a second battery, though it may never be needed.

    The camera is lightweight enough to carry easily, but has enough heft, and I like the way it fits in my average size hands. I like the viewfinder, I never buy a camera unless it has one....I can't see myself shooting wildlife through the LCD screen. I cleaned the screen initially, and now it does have some smudges, so it might benefit from a screen protector. I can see the LCD in normal daylight, haven't tried it in bright sunlight yet. I love how big the LCD is.....lovely to look at.

    I think the average person who's not a pro, but wants a good camera that is easy to use for novices or beginners would enjoy this camera. I got it quickly from Amazon. I think the price is great for a camera of this caliber....and I'm not done exploring all it will do. I may update this later. (Posted on 7/30/2011)

  60. No memory card??!! Review by Elizabeth Morgan

    I think the camera is fine. My first digital SLR. But, really, no memory card? Isn't that being a little cheap? The built in memory only held 7 photos!! Not sure about this transaction. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  61. Best 52MM Lense P&S Camera I've Bought Review by BF

    The Good*
    This camera is pretty great when taken outdoor photos. There are 13 photo modes you can choose from, that maybe too many in my opinion.
    *SCN mode has 12 options to choose from.
    *Macro or Close-Up has 4 options (Flower, Food, Objects and Creative)
    *Sports mode Has 4 options (Normal, Outdoor, Indoor and Creative)
    *My Color Mode has 12 options.
    I would list them all but as you can see there is alot to pick from when taking a photo.
    The 52mm lense can give you some pretty wide shots and the 24x zoom is just great. If you plan on getting filters for the lense then I suggest trying this kit. <a href="">Opteka HD² Professional Digital Accessory Kit for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 Digital Camera</a>
    <a href="">Maximal Power 52mm Lens Filter Kit Includes Circular Polarizer, UV and Star Lens Filter Kit for 52mm Camera Lens (Black)</a> They only cost $7.76 so it's not a big bust to your wallet if they don't work out for you.

    The Bad*
    The FZ40 can produce some noise in your photos when taking sky and indoor photos. If you have the right Picture Editing Software this can be easy to fix.
    The lense hood isn't very reliable, it can come of very easly. The lense cap is the same way, it well stay on but getting it on can be a hassle. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  62. HIGH VALUE PURCHASE Review by John Carbonell

    I carried out a lot of comparative research before deciding on Amazon and the Panasonic Lumix DCM-FZ40 bridge camera over other models, brands and sources. The software is easy to set up and use. After two weeks of operating and over two hundred images, I am pleased with the results. The auto feature allows me to succeed while learning the many other options. I do not hesitate to recommend this camera to anyone of any age or experience. (Posted on 7/23/2011)

  63. Love it Review by tigerlily7805

    This is my first bridge camera and I love it. I took it to southern Utah and took pictures in the bright sun, in the dark (would of been great if I had a tripod), up close and personal with lizards and toads, open wide spaces with full zoom and when we were driving down the highway (I used the sport setting and it worked pretty great). I am still learning the tricks but for only reading the quick start guide, I think this camera is very easy to pick up and use. I also used the movie feature and that works great too. I used the camera for about 650 picts plus 3 videos that were, on average, about 1 1/2 min long on the first charge of the battery. You have to remember that this would include lots of zooming and looking through pictures and deleting as i took them. So, after 3 weeks of looking through consumer reviews (good and bad), looking at pictures that were uploaded to several sites and doing a lot of reading of professional reviews, I'm completely happy with the choice I made. (Posted on 7/21/2011)

  64. Good luck with the manual and tech support Review by Joe from LA

    I will limit my comments to the custom settings. The menu is not at all user-friendly. The many steps needed to create and save a custom setting are not presented in the PDF manual in a clear way. Forty-five minutes with a Panasonic tech yesterday ended in total frustration. She didn't have a clue. I called this morning and accepted the tech's assurances that he would help me. By this time I knew enough to realize that his first instruction was totally off-target. Sixty-five minutes later (yes,65 minutes)and after many times on hold, he figured it out and acknowledged that at the beginning of our conversation he too did not have a clue. If two techs couldn't figure it out, and the manual doesn't come close to describing the many steps required to create and save custom settings, you can imagine what you are in for. That notwithstanding, I am extremely happy with the camera. It is well constructed and has many great features. The custom settings are a nice feature, but be prepared for frustration whether you tackle them on your own or call Panasonic. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  65. Panasonic Lumix FZ-40 - Purchased for 50th anniversary cruise Review by William A. Thau

    I purchased this camera for our 50th anniversary cruise with our 16 children and grandchildren. I have owned many excellent cameras and appreciate quality photos, This camera was a shock. In all lower light situations, unless a flash was used, the pictures had a pink or orange tint. When I used the flash, they often looked washed out with poor background. I expected so much more, and am terribly disappointed that so many of our 50th anniversary pictures ended up so bad.

    I do not understand all the great reviews. I tried the auto and P settings, and it was always the same. Picture quality in low light is just horrible. In bright light, the quality varied, but none were Nikon or Canon quality. Panasonic needs to work hard on this camera to correct these defects. I sent it back to Amazon, and they were as always great. (Posted on 7/15/2011)

  66. Panasonic Lumix Review by Ann's Liquidation

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)

    Camera was recommended to Ann's Liquidation Service LLC in Waverly Iowa from a friend. We take 100's of pictures per day for internet sales. Our staff found the camera easy to use with quality photos. (Posted on 7/10/2011)

  67. great camera Review by S. Kudakov

    excelent lense (large aperture, huge zoom), greate ergonomics, amazing performance in low lite, it just keeps making greate photos in every situation (Posted on 7/8/2011)

  68. I am VERY pleased Review by David & Karen Clark

    I've only had this camera for about a week. I am pleased. It doesn't compare to my old rig, but it's much easier to carry around. With the early quick pics I have taken, I know that I'll have many nice enlargements in my future. The camera has many features (that help silence my inner camera geek), I now feel that I can go out and experiment and have fun, instead of having to just record the event with snapshots. One of the reasons I opted for this camera was the ability to have thread mounted filters (52mm), works great.
    Oh yeah, my wife approves also.

    Now after using the camera for nearly six months, I can really sing it's praises. I just had a great experience at the San Diego zoo. The zoom allowed me to get in close and the manual focus let me get through some troublesome cages. It was also very easy to play with different exposures.

    I also had success getting some nice shots at local community theatre. (Posted on 7/6/2011)

  69. Excellant balance of features for the money Review by Montgomery

    The FZ-40 was a better choice for me than an SLR. The quality of photos and ease of operation are just what I had hoped they would be. (Posted on 6/27/2011)

  70. First class camera Review by mummybear

    Having ordered the FZ40 instead of the FZ100 I wasn't sure how well I was going to like this camera. I didn't want the bother of sending it back or paying the fees that would have been incurred so I decided to try it out.
    It is great though and is easily set up even for a novice like me. I wanted a camera that had super zoom and it delivers 100%. The photos are clear and the video better than anything I have had before. I haven't explored all the camera has to offer yet but I am certaain I won't be disappointed.
    I am glad that I kept this model- all the reviews I read showed these cameras as very similar so I think I got value for money. (Posted on 6/9/2011)

  71. CAMERA Review by J. Deason "pepsiman"

    This camera has been thru alot since we got it for my Daughters graduation present. 3 parties, 1 bonfire with a mud pit (I know - RED NECK - but that's who we are. and it was fun0), graduation and a trip to Florida and a youth trip.

    Takes great photo's if your not laughing you a** off. It can also take a drop or two from you hands when you over load them, trying to carry to much. LOL

    My Daughter is 18 years old and half of her friends have used it during party's passing it around and everyone taking some photo's with it.

    I'll probable buy another one in a few years for my youngest Daughter when she becomes a senior. (Posted on 6/8/2011)

  72. Four & one-half stars Review by Tea Time "Tea Time"

    I love my camera! To tell the truth, I've purchased it twice. I bought it last summer, lost it, and bought an identical replacement in December. I've just returned from 3 weeks in France and England and all my pictures are bright and clear and in focus. Pictures taken at extreme zoom are incredibly clear and well-focused.

    There's just one problem: I took three videos during the trip, and I can't find them at all. Did I miss a trick? Should they not simply be on the card with all the rest of the photos? For this little problem I deduct half a star, but truly this is a five-star product. (Posted on 6/3/2011)

  73. Nice Camera Review by lillygal "crazeewoman_2000"

    Good camera. Takes great pics. Lots of fun features I have not even figured out to use yet. The zoom is why I bought this camera and the Zoom is Great. I took a pic that shows the texture of a lizards skin. (Posted on 6/2/2011)

  74. Great Camera! Review by kutter

    I have been an amateur photographer for 35 years, from a 35mm Pentax Super to a Sony cyber-shot to this awesome super camera.
    Going from a good non-fish-eyed wide angle to 1200 mm of "35mm language" focal length is totally awesome. No extra lenses to carry,
    No film to load. With a 16 GB card, you can store a boatload of high rez shots. I carry an extra 16 MB card & battery in my little case,
    but have not needed them yet. I plan to shoot a wedding in the near future, so I might need the battery. The extra card would only be necessary
    if I shot a lot of video. This is a dynamite do everything camera, and it cost under 300 bucks! I cannot understand why anyone would spend $600
    with this awesome camera on the market. The only reason I gave 4 stars for ease of use is because this camera does so many things that a serious
    learning curve is required to master all of them. It does get 5 stars for ease if you just set it on auto & shoot, shoot & shoot some more. (Posted on 5/27/2011)

  75. Great Camera you can't go wrong Review by amunoz

    Got this megazoom last month and wow it blew me away! I've been using point and shoot cameras and decided to upgrade my shooting experience. I decided to get this camera because of the positive ratings it was getting and I'm glad that I got this camera. Its fast and the picture is great. The mega zoom feature is really great you can mega zoom your subject fast and the shake is minimal. If your tired of using your point and shoot camera and want to upgrade your shooting experience I recommend this camera. Only Con that I can find on this camera is the finishing the rubber finish for me gets a lot of white marks from my finger nails but it can be cleaned easily and since I'm so used to point and shoot I find it a little bit bulky. But I guess I'm better off than a big SLR camera on my neck! (Posted on 5/24/2011)

  76. Awesome for Beginners Review by Allison

    If you like the options and feel of a SLR, but you don't want to spend that much money just yet, this is a perfect starting place. The battery life is fantastic and when the time comes to charge the battery it is fully charged very quickly. The camera takes awesome pictures (for an proclaimed super amateur). The only complaint I have is that I wish it had a manual zoom for quicker zooming capability and preciseness, but again it's inexpensive and carries a ton of other expensive SLR features. I bought it off amazon and it came is a carefully packaged box with everything as described. A great buy (Posted on 5/13/2011)

  77. It's a great camera but...... Review by Irene "Angry Birds"

    Overall it's a good camera for the price. The Zoom and Marco features are awesome. Picture quality near perfect. But the drawback is taking pictures indoors was simply impossible not unless you use the flash but then again you lose the ambiance. I've had this camera for a little over a month, I imagine it would help if you have taken a photo class to understand how to adjust the exposure. Unfortunately I haven't taken any, as far as navigation is concerned it gets quite overwhelming.

    The image stabilizer needs improvement, at Sport Mode it still takes blurry images most of the time. Nothing beats a Sony Cybershot when it comes to that.

    It has one particular annoying feature, the focus sensor is located where normally your hands will be as you hold the camera. Panasonic should have place it maybe above the lens so it would be out of the way?

    I like this camera but I still carry my Cybershot around for emergencies. (Posted on 5/10/2011)

  78. Great Value Review by Don Jollota "DJ"

    I have taken at least 2000 pictures with this camera and I have to say that I am very pleased with it. Panasonic made a number of compromises to hit such a good price-point but in my opinion I think they did a great job.

    Image quality is usually at least good or very good. The camera focuses quickly and usually is very accurate. Care must be taken to press the shutter button 1/2 way to focus but even when I barely hesitate I still get good pictures about 90% of the time (OK it's not totally idiot-proof). The camera will track a moving object very effectively. The zoom is fast and quiet. In good light you can get away with using a lot of zoom and still get decent pictures. Image quality deteriorates predictably as ambient light decreases - particularly at longer zoom. If you can stabilize the camera it is still possible to take some pretty respectable low-light pictures. Video is very good & easy to use. The LCD washes out in bright light but having a viewfinder pretty well makes that a non-issue to me. An 8gb card will give you more than 1000 pix at 14mp.

    PROS: very easy to use, good zoom, fast focus, good image quality, outstanding battery life, very flexible with nuerous modes & decent menus.

    CONS: typical shortcomings of a point & shoot - but this camera deals with them better than any other I have seen to date, for guys with big hands it's a little to easy to unintentionally hit some of buttons of the back of the camera, proprietary battery is needlessly expensive.

    NOTE: I bought an after-market battery and it worked just fine. Be slective and find one that specifically states that it works in a Panasonic camera. I have only 2 concerns. (1) the battery indicator does not work (2) the battery gave mush shorter useful life than expected (but certainly reasonable considering it was 1/5 the cost of the original).

    Overall I am extremely pleased with this camera and strongly recomend it. (Posted on 4/23/2011)

  79. All in one Review by pavelrg_66

    This is the one I looking for. Was a long search, looking for a camera who gives me a complete satisfaction. Since my old Kodak Z710, Fujis ( very bad choise),and Kodak again, finally got this Lumix and believe me friends you wont regrets this one. Not heavy or big great for a long day walk for example. Very sharps images, great at low ligths conditions, excellent zoom, complete edition menu, awesome HD video and you don't need to be an expert to take unique memories. (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  80. Amazing photos for amateur photographer Review by MLA

    I bought this camera on the last few days of 2010, so that I could practice using it on NYE AND have a camera to take with me to Egypt. Yes, my friends and I joined a tour group in January 2011 and returned just days before the major protesting against Mabarak. So now the pictures I took really have new meaning to it.

    So, about the camera. . . let't just say that I kept saying "I'm in love with my camera" the entire 10 days we were in Egypt. I swear there were moments when I felt like I was "cheating" and taking amazing photos because of this camera. I remembered in the past when toting my point&shoot, I was not always satisfied with the result of a specific shot that happen to catch my eye. All because the point&shoot lacked capabilities that this camera made up for by 10-fold. Majority of the time I kept the setting on Intelligent Auto, but there were times I wanted to experiment and see what my purchase had to offer. To date, my favorite "tool" is My Color Mode on either Expressive or High Dynamic, especially for sunsets or sunrises (scenic shots). The zoom is amazing as well. I now call this my spy cam. Hahaha! Oh, did I mention how light this camera is? It made for easy handling, even when taking a picture of my friend that was riding a camel behind me. I would say that this camera has rekindled by fondness for taking photos and being creative again. Thank goodness! I was ready to give up on photography as a creative outlet! ;-D

    Testimonial: One of my friends loved the shots I took during the trip, that she ordered one on her iPhone while we were still in Egypt! Crazy I know, but she loves her very own FZ-40 now. =) (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  81. Love this camera Review by MP "MP"

    This is a fabulous camera for someone who wants to be automated when needed but brave enough to start getting creative. It's got features galore & a zoom lens (for a price point like this) that can't be beat. It's sturdy, the battery has a decent life length before needing a charge & with a little editing, even the most mundane shots are absolute pro.

    Excellent choice for the price for a camera that will be as program driven as you want or will give you the choice to make your own settings. (Posted on 4/14/2011)

  82. A good camera Review by The Man

    A very fast and versatile camera. It can take superb photos, but it is very picky about light and the color can be brutally honest. It may take some people a while to get used to the way It likes to do things. Both in image and operation. (Posted on 4/11/2011)

  83. great camera; bad software Review by prof b

    this camera will do everything! great zoom, beautiful quality. however, when i went to download "raw" photos (a feature that the camera allows), i found that option is "incompatible" to the camera's own software. i was disappointed that such a great product (in general) was so poorly supported by it's software, and hence, very difficult and frustrating to use. i would not recommend this product unless you plan only to "point and shoot." (Posted on 4/7/2011)

  84. Great camera for the price!!! Review by Ronald J. Cichocki

    I have only used the FZ40 a couple of times, but the pix have been in focus and not blurred. I'm really a newbie when it comes to cameras, but so far this camera is easy to use. I will admit that I use the 'auto' setting. I find it difficult to remember how to use all the advanced settings available on the camera.
    Its somewhat larger than other p/s cameras, but since I'm over 30 and enjoy using the view-finder, this camera suits me just fine.
    I think that the average p/s photographer will find happy picture taking with this camera. I haven't used it that much to make any comment on battery life.
    <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a> (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  85. Amazing Review by Angela Oas

    I am relatively new to serious photography and have had great success with this camera. I have had it for a few months now, and it has been on numerous adventures with me. It takes wonderful, print-worthy photoes and it is beyond easy to use. It isn't too heavy, and fits very well in the palm of my hand with no strain or discomfort. It has numerous settings on it to make even the most mundane pictures seem like works of art. I couldn't be happier with this purchase and would recommend it to anybody looking for a fantastic camera at an very good price. (Posted on 3/27/2011)

  86. Very fun and capable! Review by R. Britt "Radio Rah"

    The camera is very fun to use! Image quality is great! I dont know if you compared or did side by sides would it win against all competition? However, image quality is fine... you dont look at the picture and think you could have done much just say that is a nice one! I gave it a 5 beacause it really performs as advertised.... the zoom is a winner! And if you are using it as a spy cam then there is intelligent resolution, which takes a picture with the digital zoom...up to about 200X and does all the sharpening you would do with photoshop or editing software and spits out a pretty decent photo for using digital zoom( only useful for spy cam, it is still a bit grainy and digitized to be considered art). The video records in any scene the camera shoots in... for example if you choose dynamic contrast, film grain, Black and white...the video records in that mode...which can make for some artistic clips. If you are familiar with video editing you could achieve the same results with your program...but it's nice that the camera performs as a short cut if you want to do those types of things. Also the battery life on this thing is amazing... I bought a spare battery but I cant imagine when I will need to use it...if you leave with a fresh battery I cant see you burning it out before bed...but I know some people may be trigger happy and take 500 pictures in a day... this thing is rated for 580 pics BTW. My experiences with cameras have been point and shoots...and think this is for the point and shoot lovers that want a long zoom. Football games, concerts, speeches, beaches will be so much more fun now. If you think a high end point 'n'shoot takes nice enough pictures for you. Then imagine it with a 24x zoom and pretty nice 720p video... Manual controls like a DSLR might have and you got this camera. I do enjoy it and it's a great all around family camera. I promise whoever buys this. (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  87. Horrible Image Quality II Review by Marilyn Flanagan

    I wish I had listened to the one star reviews. They are correct! Not one photo was without the dreaded noise. My Lumix 5 megapixel is still the star of the show when photos are compared side by side. Am still looking for a bridge camera that will take sharp photos of wildlife. Returning camera tomorrow. (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  88. Excellent camera! Review by N. Wear

    This camera was everything I expected for the price and more. It takes terrific pictures and is easy to use. It is capable of some very advanced features but also simple enough for a child to use. Highly recommended! (Posted on 3/25/2011)

  89. Camera is great Review by John

    I got this camera for my wife who just wants to take nice pictures without hassles so she sets it on automatic and away she goes. I'm more into full featured DSLR and this camera has plenty of features to let me be in control. It is noisy in dim light with a high iso but with one exception it has given me consistently good shots. I was disappointed in Amazon their description was misleading and I purchased a 46mm uv filter with the camera and had to get the proper 52mm filter later. (Posted on 3/25/2011)

  90. Great Camera - Creates beautiful pictures. Review by sumal

    This is my first megazoom camera and I am absolutely delighted about the quality of images it produces under good lighting conditions (Indoor - not so great). Video quality is very high and great value for money. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  91. Amazing value Review by AppalachianWino

    Truly this camera packs a lot of great features in an affordable price. It does most anything I could imagine wanting to do without upgrading to a truly professional camera scheme. I don't have the time for all that, so this does what I want with the quality I want at an attractive price point.

    The features are numerous, it's sharp looking, lightweight, and does everything (thus far) that I can ask it to do. (Posted on 3/23/2011)

  92. Beyond Thrilled Review by StartingOver

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. After reading tons of reviews, and reaserching for months, I chose this camera. The only issue I have with it is the flash can leave a shadow as the lense is in the way. Other than that I am beyond thrilled. (Posted on 3/22/2011)

  93. great offer for this camera Review by roswel47

    For an amateur like me, this camera is a great step forward compared to the point and shoot that had been taken.
    This camera offers multiple functions and preset scenes sufficient for every situation, plus it allows me to save my settings as I know the functions.
    The zoom is excellent and has great range.
    With just one week of use the battery only loaded once.
    The included software is user friendly and intuitive, with multiple functions.
    This camera is a good choice because of its cost, that by the time I got it for under $ 300. (Posted on 3/22/2011)

  94. Best Camera ever had. Review by K M "Homeland"

    So easy so good and best results. After 10000 pictures I'm very satisfied .The choosing was so long and not easy between so many good options you have today. In this camera I found both stills and Video the best I could wish to have and use in this price. (Posted on 3/21/2011)

  95. Equal to cameras costing twice as much. Review by Robert B. Hirsch

    I owned a DMCFZ18K for several years and really loved it. When my daughter asked for a good digital camera for her birthday, I jumped at the chance to give her my camera and purchase the DMC-FZ430K. The HD video and 24X zoom would give me everything I need in a camera. Also, the camera, like the FZ18K is loaded with features usually found in more expensive cameras. I often use my own settings rather than the A1 automatic settings. I especially like SCN. I use the SCN sunset for striking true colors. The CD instruction manual is 223 pages but provides much vital information. I print out pages that I think I will use often.

    I notice that after reading reviews of products, I often end up purchasing Panasonic. In addition to the cameras, I own a Panasonic TV, phones, electric shaver, and hair clippers. I don't go out of my way to buy Panasonic, except for the camera, it just seems to work out that there products are better. (Posted on 3/14/2011)

  96. Love this camera! Review by Andrew Vos "Andy"

    I did a lot of research before deciding on this camera. It was time well spent... I cannot recommend this camera more! I am not a professional, but I can get some beautiful shots just using the 'IA' (Intelligent Auto) setting on the camera. Love the zoom capability and the high number of mega pixels. I took sunrise pictures, pet photos, and my favorite, the Eagle pictures using IA alone. I could be an even better photographer if I take the time to really study the manual and learn all the features this camera has to offer. (Posted on 3/13/2011)

  97. Awesome! Review by Francis Koala "freethinker"

    I love this camera. My girlfriend purchased it for me for my birthday, and it's great! I'm an average user, not a pro or anything, but I enjoy taking pictures of scenery and wildlife mostly. I'm currently deployed in Iraq, and taking tons of pics with my new camera. It's very easy to use, and didn't take long at all to get accustomed to. All the settings are very understandable - I was shooting with ease in less than a day! I especially love the view-finder option. I've never had a camera this good before, so maybe it's just new to me, but..the viewfinder option is especially useful in the bright mornings here when I can't see the LCD screen. I just push the button to switch from the LCD to the viewfinder, and continue shooting. All the color settings are awesome, too - I have several favorites, and I usually switch between those. Battery life is good - I've only had to charge it twice in five days - and that's after a lot of picture-taking. The zoom is incredible - yesterday I caught a pigeon mid-blink! The zoom of the camera is amazing, and so is the zoom on the LCD screen when you're reviewing your pictures - I can practically see every feather of the birds I photograph! I haven't installed the photo editor disc yet, so I have no experience with that, but I can say that the camera is everything I hoped for, and more. I haven't found one negative thing about this product. I read many reviews on many cameras before deciding on this one, and the reviews were dead-on: this is one awesome camera! (Posted on 3/12/2011)

  98. Awesome Camera for the price Review by Music Mama

    I really like this camera - easy to use and I'm slowly learning all of its many features. The feature I like best is that it takes great pictures of me - and that's impossible to do! Seriously, I'm using it for blogging and the software that comes with it is easy to use. I've also called the help line on a question with sizing photos and they were great help and I didn't have to wait long. I recommend this - great value for the dollar. (Posted on 3/9/2011)

  99. Superb Camera Review by Mani

    This camera is really a good value for money.Picture quality , 24 X zoom , easy use overall a superb deal. (Posted on 3/2/2011)

  100. Battery Review by jorge mendez hassey

    The camera works perfectly, amazing pics, the only problem that I had was trying to buy an extra battery, it was 100 dollars!!! (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  101. Fantastic camera Review by Cisco17

    My wife bought me this camera along with a Logic bag for a Valentine's Day gift. I decided to get this camera on a recomendation from a friend who is a good photographer. I loved this camera from the instant I got it. It was way past my time to up grade and I made a wise choice on this Lumix. The clarity on the 3 inch LCD is remarkable. The iA setting does all the work for you in an instant. I have begun to play with the auto setting and have taken a few great shots. I recomend reading the guide that comes included and the PDF file on the disk, also included. If you want to take videos ( I love this feature ) make sure that you down load the Photo Shop disk that is included. Other wise, the AVCHD format does not transfer properly if you just use a card reader.
    The price on this camera is incredible. If you are on the market for a camera, this one will not disaappoint. (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  102. Amazing Camera ! Review by Banini

    I really recomend this camera to the people that wants to move on on the photo field, this camera has really amazing Zoom and the flash wow NO WORDS ! I 100% Recomend this camera ! (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  103. All Around Bad Experience Review by Joel

    I have owned a series of Lumix cameras over the years ending with the DMC F27 which I thought was the best camera I ever owned. I wanted to upgrade to more pixels and naturally decided to but the FZ 40. This was a bum purchase from the beginning. It took Amazon 5 days before they shipped it. I normally buy from Amazon merchants to get a better price, but this time I bought from Amazon - a mistake. A merchant would not be allowed to sell on Amazon's site with that type of delay. Another mistake, Amazon offered a lens kit with it as something people bought when buying this camera. I did and found out it was too small. The off-site merchant replaced it immediately and laughed when I told them why I bought it. The big disappointment was that I got a defective camera. When using flash, all the images had an orange overtone. After numerous on the phone tests, Panasonic support told me to send it back for repair. Instead I decided to return it to Amazon, another mistake. I now see that it will take 30 days to get my money back. What kind of a company demands that the merchants that sell on there site meet all kinds of strict standards and doesn't come close to meeting their own. As far as the FZ 40 goes, it it has none of the intuitive controls that made the DMC 27 such a pleasure to use and I could see no improvement in picture quality from the 14.1 mega pixels. I decided to get a NOS FZ 35 with 12.1 megapixels since I still believe in Lumix. This time I bought on eBay which is a place I hate to shop, but after Amazon, it may not be so bad. I just received the camera and have only used it a couple of times, but already I am happy with the logic of its systems and the ease of use. I am not happy with Amazon's service or policies and likely will not buy anything, but books from them in the future. I'm writing this here is because Amazon does not ask customers to rate their performance like they do when you buy from an off site merchant. (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  104. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 camera Review by K. Davis

    As a novice, I had a digital pocket size camera, a good one, but it lost focus when I needed a close up view. It had some difficulty with capturing something through glass, and it wasn't great with back lighting. I took a course and learned how to push my little digital to its max. At that point, I ordered the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 camera and when it arrived, I flipped through the instructions to see how the "manual" controls functioned, finding they weren't much different from the camera I had before (and still have). The FZ-40 was far better, however. I started sampling and it took my breath away. This camera excites me to take more creative shots, to time my shots better, to use every feature I can. I am obsessed with it because it makes me look so good. (Posted on 2/25/2011)

  105. Good camera but the zoom button is now 'sticking' and I've had it too long to return for full refund -only had it about 4 months Review by K. Swygert "marine mom"

    The camera takes good pictures but just the other day, the zoom button is 'sticking'. If I want to slightly zoom, the camera will keep zooming all the way in without stopping where I want it to. Does the same when I zoom back out. Can't believe this camera has already malfunctioned. I've only had it about 4 months!! Sure, I can return it but I will only get a partial refund! (Posted on 2/22/2011)

  106. Panasonic Fz40 is amazing!! Review by Avid Reader "sunrize415"

    I bought this camera as a replacement for my 10 mp Fuji and because I was taking a photography class and was thinking about upgrading to digital slr. I am so happy I save the extra $$ and bought this camera. The images are images and "fool proof". I was amazed how well the intelligent auto mode works. My pictures come out amazing. I travel quite a bit and love to do anything outdoors, this camera is very lightweight which makes it an easy to take along. The digital zoom is great. If you want to play with the settings, there are so many to choose from. I will set the apperature myself sometimes but find the iA mode works just fine.

    The photos I have taken using this camera compared to my Fuji, which I loved, is night and day!

    Don't hesitate to pick this camera up, you won't be disappointed! (Posted on 2/22/2011)

  107. A lot for a little Review by CAS56

    I have a Sony Cybershot, a Canon EOS Xsi and a bunch of older film cameras. I was just tired of not having a viewfinder, so went in search for a small camera with a viewfinder. I'd had a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 several years ago, sold it, immediately regretted it, and went in search for a digicam. I do not think the pictures from this are as good as my original FZ50 but they are as good if not better than my Sony Cybershot, the extra zoom is great, I love having the RAW option, and it's much lighter and smaller than the FZ50. I haven't had the time to play with all of the features but for the most part I think these cameras are loaded with far more than the average human walking the planet will ever use. I know these are supposed to be cameras for those that don't really want a full-featured DSLR but I do think there's something to be said for doing just a few things with excellence rather than a lot of things with mediocrity.

    Would I be as thrilled with this is I didn't have my Canon EOS? Probably not, but I just got back from a 10 day ski trip and am pleased as pink with ALL of my photos. (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  108. Just Received My Lumix DMC-FZ40 Review by Judy Perez

    I just received my Lumix FZ-40. I purchased it new from Amazon and it arrived quickly - one day early actually.
    I read through the "Basic Operating Instructions" before unpacking my new camera.
    The enclosed battery & charger is compact.
    This camera is replacing a Kodak point and shoot. I wanted something a bit more advanced and plan on taking a basic digital photography class.
    I was impressed when I turned it on an looked at the LCD screen at how the wide angle captured my room wall to wall. I have a few rental properties and this will certainly take much better photos for the purpose of advertising my rental homes. I would recommend this camera to the real estate professional.
    I found the menu and function buttons easily intuitive. I did not need to refer to the manual to set the time and date. I took my first few photos with ease and was able to play them back and delete unwanted photos with out referring to the manual.
    I was also impressed with the color and clarity of the photos. Even if I never learn to use all the functions of this camera I am already satisfied with it. I think a photography class would benefit a new user with the manual functions though.
    The FZ40 is a great looking camera. If your not a pro you will look like one holding this baby !
    I don't think it is heavy for a super zoom, but it is bulky compared to the point and shoot style cameras.
    The difference between the Z35 and Z40 - I believe it is the lens (you get a larger range with the 40) and the mega pixels (12mp for the Z35 and 14mp with the z40). For a few bucks more ($40) I decided to get the upgraded FZ40 model.
    The Lumix Z100 has an LCD screen that pops out and rotates. This can be a great benefit to a more advanced user but I was not willing to spend the extra $120 for this feature. The lens is apparently the same on the Z40 & Z100 according to some of the Amazon reviews.
    The Panasonic Lumix FZ series (Z35, Z40, Z100) all received excellent reviews on Amazon by consumers. Consumer Reports Magazine, December 2010 issue had Panasonic cameras rated as the least likely to fail.
    I highly recommend this camera if you are interested in a super zoom for a great price with lots of manual functions.
    I will update my review as I learn more about using this camera and plan on posting some photos. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and they are filled with beauty. (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  109. It coulda been a winner Review by Alan K. Fling

    I feel like this camera could have been a winner, but within hours of opening the box and taking my first photos I'm already packing it up and requesting an RMA. The photos this camera takes are TERRIBLE. Honestly my $50 Casio Exhilim point-and-shot takes better photos that this monster.
    The camera tries to be packed with features, like manual control of ISO/Aperature/Shutter speed, etc. It has a "panorama helper" mode, and shoots pretty decent video, but the irony of it all is that for any consumer that is willing to accept the quality of photos that this camera produces, they will probably just put the camera on full auto mode and start snapping away. Which means that all of the extra buttons and confusing submenus are all wasted.

    Yes, the mega-zoom on this camera is very nice. The ability to shoot video is nice, the compact and lightweight footprint is nice.

    If you are considering this camera, find a site that does real hard-core camera reviews and look at some of the pictures they post as examples of the noise this sensor produces. I saw some of those photos before I purchased, but with all the positive reviews on Amazon and other consumer sites, I thought maybe I wasn't understanding something so I made the purchase anyway. Nope, they were right. Every photo this camera produces has so much noise that it looks like there are little tiny worms crawling all over the image. Shooting in RAW doesn't help, it's just the way the camera is built.

    Now if Panasonic had put a micro 4/3rds format sensor in this body which would yield DSLR-quality crispness and color, they would have a real winner. It would probably cost 2 or 3 times more, but it would still be a deal. (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  110. The battery stopped working after 3 weeks of use Review by Nelson Danilo Leon "dan_leon"

    I can't speak for all cameras, but the battery for the one I bought stopped working after 3 weeks of use. And I have to buy a new one now. Very disappointing. (Posted on 2/15/2011)

  111. Disappointed in Image Quality with this camera. Returned it for refund. Review by Lucy fm TN "Lucy"

    I was excited about the 24x zoom with this camera, and pleased with the comfort of this camera in my hands, however, the image quality was just not there. Photos were not sharp and were very noisy, so the long zoom feature was very disappointing. I felt this camera was not worth keeping, so I returned it. I got better image quality with my old Olympus C2100UZ and only 2 mp. (Posted on 2/15/2011)

  112. Buy this camera Review by James J. Gorski

    Buy this will get a feature packed camera and stunning clarity on nearly every setting. I have been using an fz28, and recently upgraded to the FZ40. It is the best decision I've made in a long time! The zoom range is unsurpassed for pulling distant objects in, and the auto-focus tracking is extremely fast and reliable. The multitude of settings, whether manual or automatic make this the perfect camera for both amateurs and pros alike. The large view screen on the back of the camera is easily viewable in bright light; the one button video activation, similar to an "instant on" switch causes the camera to immediately begin video recording; no time lost in recording those unexpected events. I am very pleased with this Panasonic camera and highly recommend the FZ40 (Posted on 2/15/2011)

  113. love my lumix Review by Elisabeth Stewart

    I appreciate this camera, it's easy to use, recovers from one shot to be ready for the next one quickly. Quality of prints is excellent, I'm pleased! (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  114. Panasonic DMC FZ40 Review by ann r

    I purchased the Panasonic DMC FZ 40 in December and I love the camera and the 24 times optical lens. I had the Panasonic DMC FZ18 before this camera and loved that camera also. The last camera came with an instruction manual that was easy to use and take with me to both Africa and South East Asia. This new camera came with a CD for the operating instructions. Because I didn't want to print OR CARRY 155 pages of instructions with me to Morocco I called Panasonic to purchase an owner's manual. My choices were to either buy a basic manual (how to turn the camera on/off etc.) for $15 or buy the advanced manual for $54. I find it hard to believe a manual could cost that amount of money. Would I buy another Panasonic camera ?? I am not sure that I couldn't find an equally good camera made by a company that cares enough about it's customers to include something as basic an owner's manual. (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  115. Great Camera Review by jayvas

    Unbelievable pictures! I thought our 10MP pocket camera took good pictures for the most part but this camera is so much better. The reason we wanted this camera was for taking god indoor or night pictures - this camera works gret for that but I never realized how much better everyday pictures would be with this camera. Of course it's bigger than a pocket camera but I don't think it's the size is too much. The zoom is incredable and the video is perfect. Takes a little playing around with to understand all of the capabilities but it's worth the time to learn. (Posted on 2/13/2011)

  116. ok camera Review by Jeff B "sp44012"

    I bought this to replace a close to worn out SX10. While the
    IS and the focusing on this camera fall way short of the Canon, I
    like how much image detail this camera has. It's also nice that
    Panasonic has offered RAW as an option. (Posted on 2/11/2011)

  117. best service AAAAAA+++++++ thank Review by Juan C. Malaret

    i love the camera es ecelente en todo la recomiendo la calidad de la foto es superior y estabilisador de imagen igual el lente espectacular facil uso (Posted on 2/10/2011)

  118. Good Camera Good Price Review by A. Santilli

    I spent a lot of time researching cameras in this price range. Everything I read helped in determining that this was the camera for us. I am still learning how to use it and have not taken enough pictures to determine battery life. My sister who has taken photography classes and has a very nice camera was jealous when she saw this one. (Posted on 2/10/2011)

  119. Worthy one Review by Mickey

    I love this camera. I take it wherever i go. The picture clarity is very good. The 24X Zoom is too good. You can focus on a distant object easily. Also it has lot of features that it looks a SLR camera. (Posted on 2/10/2011)

  120. Professional results! Review by Darlene D. Stickel "DD"

    We gave the Panasonic Lumix camera to my son and daughter-in-law as a baby shower gift. Not only has the camera been a delight for my grand-baby's sweet mother to learn to operate, but when she tried to have her pictures printed locally she was told that she needed to get a copyright release from the "professional photographer" that took them! It took some convincing but they finally believed they were her photos and no release was necessary. If I needed to buy another camera, this certainly would be the one I would choose for myself. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  121. great deal and great camera out of the box! Review by D. Min

    I normally shoot with the canon xsi, but my wife doesnt know how to use the slr so i got her this point and shoot... Its awesome. I like it too..
    great picture quality. and i like the manual functions as well.
    Havent tried the video yet so, i'll keep you updated once i do. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  122. Great Camera Review by Barnett

    this camera is light, takes sharp images. I had a Canon and this camera definetly takes better shots. I recently purchased it and so far I am very glad I did. I am an amateur in photography and this camera is really simple to use (what I call user friendly..) (Posted on 2/4/2011)

  123. Great Camera Review by Finnmom

    We have had many cameras over the years from simple to top quality SLR's. This camera seems to do everything all the others did without the hassle of changing lenses, etc. The main reason we purchased it was because with our previous camera, although it produced many excellent pictures (an Olympus SP-500UZ), also gave us many that were not in focus no matter how we tried to rectify the situation. With the Lumix DMC-FZ40, so far we have had only one very slightly out of focus picture that was taken in a difficult, darkened situation. The only thing that we wish were different is that when viewing pictures on the camera there is not a complete range of size so you can see only the original picture or an enlarged version larger than we oftentimes would want. There is also the problem of purchasing a reasonably priced back-up battery as Panasonic really discourages (with scare tactics) other than their batteries. (Posted on 2/4/2011)

  124. Nice, but... Review by Shelagh Delphyne

    I bought this as an upgrade from my much loved Panasonic FZ28. Seduced by the possibilities of a x24 zoom. Sadly the image quality was not as good and I have returned the camera using Amazon's excellent return policy. The images has a sort of 'soft focus' quality, a decided red tinge and a nasty glare on photos taken into the sun. Very disappointing after the superb images I have been able to consistently produce with my older camera. (Posted on 2/3/2011)

  125. Lumix Review by Natalie

    I have been searching for a long time for Nikons, Sonys and Canons and finally I checked out Panasonics and came across this one! For the price, look and quality I couldn't resist purchasing this one as all the other brands were completely out of my league. I am very happy with my Lumix and have been bragging about it to all my friends that are interested. Glad I saw this bundle pack when I did! (Posted on 2/2/2011)

  126. Nice tour camera. Review by Karl

    I'm not a professional photographer but I have spoiled myself a bit with D-SLRs. My house was burglarized recently and they stole my Canon EOS 20D, along with the telephoto lens, CF cards, batteries etc. all in my Pelican case. I needed a decent temporary replacement camera with a good price. I read many reviews, from both professional camera experts and every day snapshot hobbyists... this one won by miles over anything else I researched. I'm very pleased with it. I couldn't downgrade to something with a 5x zoom or crappy clarity. And I couldn't spend $500 plus for an entry level SLR (since after I get my ins money, I'm going to buy a full replacement D-SLR). This camera has a great feel to it, not overly large and bulky, but not small and cheap. I'll probably use this cam more than I had my 20D for my world tours, much more portable than bringing around an extra suitcase with me everywhere. Oh, and since my 20D didn't do video, this camera has that advantage over it... and it takes phenomenal video. I like it way more than my older Panasonic MiniDV camcorder. Anyhow, if you're a pro photographer, you may disagree with my opinions, but I believe this to be a great back-up cam, or even primary cam if you don't have to crop a lot or make huge prints. (Posted on 2/1/2011)

  127. Great! Review by L2M

    I bought this camera for my parents. They simply love it, espesially the video feature. I own myself one of the Nikon Dslrs, and all I can say that the image quality is very close. I would definately reccomend this camera for anyone who likes to shoot in auto. Camera is very quick and responsive. Image quality for point and shoot - is superb. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  128. Great Everyday Camera Review by gonecoastal

    This is a nice camera for the price. Picture quality can be as high as HD and as low as you like. With a 16 GB Memory Card and the included battery, I can shoot pictures all day. I use my FZ40 mostly for real estate pictures and constantly receive complements on the professional appearance of the pictures. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants most of the functionality of a DSLR with the simplicity of a point and shoot. (Posted on 1/27/2011)

  129. Great camera.. Review by MVolpe

    The Panasonic DMC-FZ40 is my first digital camera purchase and I am quite pleased thus far. Picture quality is great with nice warm, realistic colors. The features this camera offers are almost too much for me to handle right now.

    I was heavy into photography as a teenager and learned on an older pre-digital SLR. I never pursued it any further, so now I'm more of a casual photographer, I guess you could say. When I started looking at cameras two months ago, I ran the gamete; I looked at all the top brands and "Best Of" lists and really did my homework. I was looking for something that bridged the gap between your typical point-and-shoot and a DSLR, and this camera completely delivers.

    The FZ40 allows for manual settings, which I'm still getting the hang of. The camera also allows you to change the shutter and aperture for whatever situation you find yourself in.

    The 24x optical zoom on this camera is beyond amazing, with very little to no grain on tighter shots; however, I would suggest a tripod for really tight shots.

    Most recently, I used the camera at a WWE live event. I got some really great shots and didn't have to use the flash or anything like that. In retrospect, I probably should have changed the shutter speed to capture more of what was happening, but like I said, I got this camera to re-learn

    Basically, whether you are a novice photographer, casual user or pro, this is a really nice camera for the price and Panasonic has packed it with cool, USEFUL features. Also, Panasonic did a spectacular job with the design of the camera. The placement of the buttons are smart and natural. (Posted on 1/25/2011)

  130. Best bang for the dollar and a great camera Review by D. stump "Idaho Outdoors"

    This is my second panasonic dmc camera the first was a fz7 still works great to this day five years old and 10,000 pictures later A+.
    The fz40 is making me a true fan of the panasonic line up. Not only is this a great camera with above average photo quality it also takes amazing videos yes amazing videos. I am not sure what I like better the photo side or the video side of this camera. I use the archd mode for videos and use avs4me to do my DVD and wmp formatting perfect quality and no audio sync issues.

    The photos look great indoors and even better outdoors. Videos look great in low light indoors blows me away how well they look and outdoor ones look even better. I like that I can use the zoom when doing videos this is a great feature.

    If looking at the fz40 buy it I looked at them all the p1000 the fz35 just to name a few and I am so glad I got the fz40 great wide angle huge zoom and the quality it produces is so good that is a perfect package. Why spend more on a dslr to have to carry all those extras in the field when this package has it all. (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  131. A great camera to begin my digital photos Review by Wiley

    I have used a pocket digital camera that belongs to a family member when not using my 35mm camera. I decided to go digital and a friend recommended this camera and one other. I chose this for its features and the affordable price. I want to be able to expand abilities and hope to be able to learn how to make this camera really work for me. I have been having lots of fun so far and am quite pleased with what I have discovered.
    The only thing I can fuss about so far is the lack of a hands on book for directions. I have tried printing what they gave me in (disc form) but have had nothing but fiascos. Who wants a binder to carry around, IF you can get the thing to print in an orderly manner? I think the company did a disservice to the user by making getting directions so unfriendly! (Posted on 1/23/2011)

  132. Panasonic lumix Review by jp

    I bought this for a gift for my husband for Christmas, who has done a lot of 35mm..A month later he still discovering features. I think he'll really enjoy it as his ease of operating gets more comfortable. He had wanted a Cannon but I was short on cash. I'll review again in 6 months. (Posted on 1/20/2011)

  133. panasonic lumix dmc-fz40 Review by stitchchick

    Does A LOT and is a little overwhelming even for someone like me who likes to tinker with this stuff. Wasn't in the market for a new camera until my Olympus 565 was stolen. Loved that camera for it's power and small size. This camera is a little bigger in size than I would have preferred but minor complaint. However, it won me over when I took a picture of my basset hound from my back door and she was a good 50-60 yards away. Fully zoomed and crisp picture. Seems to be a good buy so far and I've had it almost a month. (Posted on 1/20/2011)

  134. Exelente camara, se la recomiendo a cualquiera Review by Armando

    La persona que quiera comporar una camara barata y ademas de excelente calidad, escoja este produco, no saben lo que tienen en la mano, es como una camara profesional pero en version pequeña.

    <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a> (Posted on 1/20/2011)

  135. Amazing Video and Sound quality Review by SMC

    I bought this as a camera after not having a digital camera for around 6 years. A friend of mine had this camera in the 12 mp and loved it. The camera is easy to use and has many options to choose from when taking a picture, however it is almost too many. I still don't know which settings to use in order to get a great shot. I have only printed a few of the pictures taken from the camera and they did not turn out too well. It could be the user or the developer. Time will tell once I am able to play with the camera while reading the manual. HOWEVER, the HD VIDEO and AUDIO is AMAZING. The quality is top notch. I have never had a video camera do this well before. I am not disappointed at all in this camera at this point. I am just hoping that once I get the hang of taking a good quality picture, that the printed versions will turn out much better. (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  136. Decent camera for the money. Review by Katrina Riddell

    I bought this because I did not want to pay the extra 200 some dollars for an SLR camera. I give credit to this camera for having great zoom quality and other features. I actually really liked this camera and would have kept it if not for one thing. The pictures are extremely noisy. I played around with adjusting the settings for quite a few hours and even did a little computer editing, but was not able to get rid of the noise. It really only affects dark colors, so if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor/daylight pictures then it is still great. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  137. Very disappointing Review by Anita Diaz "Anita"

    I bought this camera because a friend had the FZ28(I think), but this camera takes horrible pictures. I have had it for a month (so it's too late to return it) and have tried everything, but the pictures are never sharp, the intelligent auto is ridiculous - takes rotten pictures. The best mode I have used is the shutter mode and it's not as good as my point and shoot cameras. Very disappointed! (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  138. A Very Good Camera with Excellent Photo Quality Review by Mark S. Buske

    This Panasonic Camera was a true value. The quality of the photos produced by this camera are Excellent. I was pleased to purchase a fine camera without an expensive price. (Posted on 1/17/2011)

  139. Horrible Image Quality Review by Bob

    Ater buying the Panasonic DMC-ZS5 for my back-up camera, and loving it!, I looked forward to the Panasonic DMC-F40. The DMC-F40 has all the bells and whistles for a pro-sumer digital zoom, but when I looked at my photographs on the computer, I was appalled at the pictures.

    There was a superabundance of "noise" that renders shape edges way too sharp. When enlarged, the subjects disappeared in a blur of grainy pixels. This happened for photos taken in all light situations - clear sunny days and overcast cloudy days.

    If you're not too picky, images of many things (i.e. buildings, landscapes, signs) are acceptable, but I purchased the camera in order to photograph birds and other animals. This camera produced photographs that were totally unacceptable.

    I later read that Panasonic cut corners on this camera by stuffing 14 MP photos onto a small sensor. It's too bad. My smaller DMC-ZS5 actually outforms my Canon SX10 in many aspects, including image quality.

    Bob (Posted on 1/16/2011)

  140. Too many engineers Review by Don Alan Hall

    I love it for birding, but for normal photographs I much prefer my Canon EOS SLR. I bought the FZ40 for close-ups of birds -- mostly around my suburban house. Its telephoto zoom has amazed me with many fine close-ups of individual birds. My criticism of the camera is the complexity of possibilities. I sense that a team of engineers and geeks threw every imaginable option into its suite of menus. A misplaced thumb can turn on unwanted features. (Posted on 1/13/2011)

  141. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 Review by Marc DiVergilio

    <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a>

    Having purchased this camera back in November 2010, I had wanted to give myself some time to become proficient before I felt that I could give the most objective review as possible. This is my second Panasonic camera. The first was the DMC-TZ5, which had great reviews, but was lacking in image quality, so I went into this purchase with a little bit of hesitation. My first choice was going to be the Lumix DMC-FZ100, but after reading multiple reviews from many different sites about poor image quality, I decided to to go with the FZ-40, even though the FZ-100 had so many impressive stats. I'm not going to get into any technical aspects of this camera in this review, as I feel that there are enough of them on this camera to be helpful if that is the information that you are seeking. I'm here to give a basic overview of the FZ-40. First off, let me discuss the physical camera itself. The build quality is excellent. The camera feels solid in the hands and, in my opinion, the layout of the controls are very user friendly. As with any new device, you have to familiarize yourself with the User Manual (which, unfortunately, is only on a disc). I found it helpful to put a shortcut to the manual on my desktop so that I may reference it whenever necessary. This is my first "DSLR Type" camera, so I really had no idea what all of the controls really meant at first. If you are not familiar with any of the camera lingo, I would suggest that you go out and get a book about the topic. I purchased "Understanding Exposure", 3rd ed. by Bryan Peterson. It opened my eyes and gave me that Ah-Ha! moment about what all of the controls were about and how to manipulate them to get the best picture possible. As far as image quality is concerned, this camera is very capable. After I had fine tuned the settings, the images that I have been taking are very good. One suggestion that I took from a photographer friend of mine is to not get your pictures developed by an instant developer or by a photo center such as Wal-Mart. Instead, I would either go to Costco, or if you cannot go there, use a reputable online service such as IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! In my opinion, as far as the video goes on this camera, it seems to be very good. I have taken several videos and they looked great on my TV. So, if you want a solidly built camera that has great zoom, takes great pictures and video without the cost of a true DSLR, then I would highly recommend this camera. Just follow my advice and get to know the camera first before you pass judgement on it. Once you understand it, I'm sure that you will be extremely satisfied with this camera. Note: If you want to read an in depth review of this camera (including a comparison to the FZ-100) check out, and look up the review of this camera.

    0 (Posted on 1/13/2011)

  142. Great camera Review by Grecia

    *Nice super zoom
    *Better Video Quality then Photo
    *Light Pics Good Quality
    *Night Pics not so good, some times popup some noise
    *Nice Manual mode

    In general This isnt a professional camera, pics are not going to be the best pics u ever seen
    but still a great quality and fun camera to use im glad i buy it n im having some fun taking photos n video with it. (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  143. it's a great camera Review by new kayaker

    So far, I am happy with this camera. It has amazing quality and focus capabilities that you can't get with your average point and shoot. I am a novice photographer, but I travel extensively and needed a better camera to capture my adventures.
    It is kind of silly that the internal memory only holds 5 pictures at full megapix setting. So, you definitely need a memory card. The additional memory holds about 30 pics per GB. I am happy with the camera settings and options. Using the online operators manual is a little inconvenient, but it's not terrible. (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  144. Great shots the first time Review by Lisavox

    I previously owned a Panasonic Lumix Point & shoot with 6.1 megapixels so it was time to upgrade. This camera shoots HD video and has such amazing image stabilization anyone can take great shots with it. The only drawback is you can't just stick it in your purse and go, but carrying it is more than worth the effort because of the results. (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  145. Amazing Camera! Review by Jameseyboy

    I've had this camera for a couple weeks now. I can honestly say, it's the best point and shoot I've ever used. I can't think of anything that an SLR can do that this camera can't. Everything is adjustable, from ISO, to shutter speed, to exposer, to f-stop. The video recording is great and the record button at the top is inconspicuous but still easy to find if you need it. The 24x optical zoom is amazing. As for the pictures, they are as clear as they could be. Nice, large, sharp images. As for the RAW setting, it's nice, but I don't like the program that the camera came with for editing them. I convert the .rw2 files to .dng files with Adobe Lighroom and edit them in Photoshop CS5 using the RAW editor. The MyColor mode is great and allows for quick, artsy images.

    Overall, I would buy this camera over and over again and I would definitely recommended it to anybody looking for a good ultra zoom point and shoot. (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  146. Highly Recommended Review by Andy

    I recently bought a FZ40 to replace an older FZ28 that had stopped working (after much abuse outdoors). I was in love with the old camera and the FZ40 is an all around improvement on my favorite camera. I use this as a general point and shoot. The 24x time zoom is very quick. I love being able to adjust the aspect ratio (makes beautiful wide rectangular shots at 16:9). The new camera includes a "happy" color effect, but I'm not really sure what that does. With the old camera you needed to remove the lens cap before turning the camera on. That problem has been fixed with the new model. While I was sad that the old camera died, it served me well and gave me an excuse to upgrade to the newer model. I expect that I will probably buy another Panasonic camera three or four years from now. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  147. Finally found a camera to keep! Review by EllenC

    This is my first review, but given the amount of time I have spent looking at cameras, buying them and then returning them, I felt I had to write a review on this one. First off, I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because no camera is perfect, and this one isn't either...BUT, it is exactly what I want so far. I have played with it for several days and have taken quite a few pictures and I am thoroughly enjoying its features and the images I am getting. I am a mom with boys in sports and wanted a long zoom for basketball and lacrosse pictures. The basketball is very challenging given the indoor conditions and poor lighting, but am anticipating the lacrosse will produce better pics.

    I purchased the Canon SX30IS which was top of the line, and about $150 more with tax and all. That camera produced pretty poor general pictures and I was really disappointed in it. If I am going to spend $400, then I want a good quality picture. But, the pics inside in low lighting were terrible - and I used several different settings. The zoom was wonderful on that camera, however, although it wasn't able to get the action shots I wanted (and I don't know that this one will either). Keep in mind that I am NOT a photographer and love the "auto" setting the best, but my thoughts on why I like the Panasonic better are:

    - much lighter (I didn't think this would be an issue for me, but now that I see how much more compact the Panasonic is I love it!). The Canon was really heavy....
    - To me the buttons are easier to maneuver - pop up flash, one button movies, easier to switch to display pics and easier to delete pics. I am a Canon girl, historically, as that is all I have owned so I assumed the Canon would be easier for me, but the SX30 just wasn't for some reason.
    - General images are much better - the flash made everything orange in my Canon and I don't have that issue with this camera. I am surprised about how good the images look even in lower light.
    - Good zoom (not as good as the Canon, however). But, with the Canon extended all the way out I simply couldn't get a clear picture anyway so I am not exactly sure if that zoom is worth it. I didn't use it with outdoor sports (since it is winter) and the zoom I am sure would be worth it in that scenario.
    - Burst shots are much better - can take several right in a row (not as fast as the CMOS sensor cameras, but much better than the Canon which was SLOW!)
    - It just seems more fun and easier to use in general. I know that isn't a "professional" opinion and if you want that kind of review you need to look somewhere else, but it this camera doesn't make me feel like it is an SLR camera in size/use yet you don't get that quality of pics. The Panansonic doesn't feel at ALL like an SLR, but the quality of picture is still better.
    - Price point. Bottom line, for $150 less I will put up with some pictures that are not top quality. At the Canon price I want a great picture and it just didn't deliver that consistently.

    - You have heard it before, but the manual stinks. Very basic, on the computer, yada yada yada....not much help.
    - The auto focus sometimes has a hard time focusing. I have this as a con - may be user error. Not sure yet.
    - The stabilizer when zoomed out seemed better on the Canon. It didn't seem as "shaky" as the Panasonic. However, I have still been able to get a couple of good shots on full zoom but will need to continue to play with it as it certainly is not consistent.
    - I like the Canon software better - but I have always had Canons and so am used to it. Still trying to find a way to only import "untransferred images" and of course the manual has not helped with that. That was a nice feature on the Canon and am hoping to find it with the Panasonic.

    - Battery life
    - downloading movies
    - how pictures will print

    So, for all you non-professionals photographers this is a basic review from someone who just wants to take some good pictures with a great zoom. I have enjoyed it very much so far and would recommend it highly. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  148. Made in Japan camera with an excellent quality Review by Lovelynn Andal

    I'm extremely happy in purchasing this camera. I did my research and so far this is the best for me. Compare to a $2000 worth Casio exilim ex-f1 that we still have, the quality and sharpness of the still images are almost the same. It's lighter and very user friendly than the casio ex-f1. The only difference is the casio's fast 60 fps continuous shooting which is very useful for any kind of fast action sports. But that's the price that we paid for.This panasonic lumix is more of my everyday, anywhere use advanced camera. Highly recommended. (Posted on 1/8/2011)

  149. Wonderful Camera for a Fantastic Price Review by Sirena_85

    This camera is awesome. I replaced my point and shoot camera for one that was going to take better pictures (quality) and that would be light and easy to carry. The panasonic lumix dmc fz40 did not disappoint and it surpasses my old kodak easy shoot camera in every way. I have already used this camera at parties and the image quality is super clear and crisp. I can't wait to take it with me on vacation! Very very happy with this purchase :) (Posted on 1/8/2011)

  150. Love it! Review by blessed22

    The camera came within a couple of days. Great price; great product. I just need to learn all the features as I'm a novice at all this digital technology. (Posted on 1/7/2011)

  151. LUMIX FZ40 Great camera though the price for extra battery is exorbitant Review by Leon Photo

    Both FZ35 and FZ 40 seem to be great cameras Have not fully tested the FZ40 but if it anything like the FZ35 it has to be terrific.. Again I remark on the high price of the additional battery,,,, (Posted on 1/7/2011)

  152. Awesome Camera, Awesome Value! Review by kdttaz "kdttaz"

    I wanted to replace a 4+ year old Canon S2 IS. I researched extensively and narrowed it down to the Canon SX30IS, the Panasonic DMC-FZ40 and its cousin the DMC-FZ100. I was predisposed to Canon based on my history with them, and I would have probably been fine with any of the three.

    The SX30IS and the FZ40 have a CCD sensor, while the FZ100 has a CMOS sensor. The CMOS strength is speed (FZ100 has 10FPS burst) while the CCD is generally regarded as having better picture quality.

    When I was shopping (Dec-2010), the FZ40 was $300 while the SX30IS was $370 and the FZ100 was $400. I liked the speed aspect of the FZ100 and the potential extra zoom of the SX30IS (35x vs 24x), but because of the price differential and the glowing reviews of the FZ-40 (and the previous model FZ-35) I decided on the FZ-40.

    I've owned the camera about a month and have had the opportunity to take a wide variety of pictures and videos. I have been extremely impressed with the functionality available in this $300 camera. The zoom is fantastic and the image stabilization makes it much more useful. I've been very impressed with the image quality as well. I got some pictures of the lunar eclipse on the winter solstice that turned out great. I've had many excellent outdoor day shots. I've had some great Christmas light shots. Indoor sports shots have been good, but not great, under challenging lighting conditions. The modes help a lot but can only do so much. Stick to ISO400 or less if you can.

    The 720p videos work really well also, though I use it primarily for photos. You can zoom during the video, which isn't always common in cameras. Make sure you get a class 6 card if you're going to do a lot of video.

    All-in-all, I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend this camera if you're in the market for a megazoom / bridge camera. (Posted on 1/7/2011)

  153. Oustanding! Review by Elaine Mercil

    I did a lot of research and was originaly going to go with the Panasonic FZ35 as I have read it edges out the Canon SX20. I did fortunately stumble upon the FZ40 and found more features, more pixels and all around for the same price. Still not beating out the newer Canon SX30 but if you want to pay more get the FZ100K.

    Anyway I am very pleased with my purchase and was swayed by many of the reviews here, great features, great images and fantastic video. An all around great zoom camera and well worth the price of 287.00 USD. A must by for those not ready to go to an SLR and a purchase you will not regret. I don't know of how many more ways to say it, I am satisfied. (Posted on 1/6/2011)

  154. The mostest for the leastest!!!! Review by Hardtail95

    If you are not able to get excellent, professional quality pictures with this camera, perhaps it is not the camera, but the person taking the photos.
    Read the manual ( which is a 265 PDF file ) and you will be off and running. Excellent entry level point and shoot camera with all the potential for a novice to experiment with, learn from and develop advanced photography skills. So many options - so little time..... Purchased this camera for daily business photos and I am not disappointed.
    Leicia lens - enough said! (Posted on 1/6/2011)

  155. A Great Camera Review by Hector Covarrubias

    I purchased this camera as my first advanced digital camera(I have 3 other point and shoot cameras plus a film SLR). The film camera was great but you run into the limitations of a film camera pretty fast. This camera is a good camera for an inexperienced user, with its excellent auto modes. It is also a good camera for more advanced users who are still put off from spending a lot of money on an SLR but would like good amount of manual controls that allow you to change shutter speed, aperture size, flash intensity, and exposure compensation. This camera does lack some of the features of an SLR, since it is a bridge camera.
    The image quality is fantastic for something this small. It does not have SLR quality but it is still pretty darn good. The photo noise isn't noticeable until you get up over ISO1600, but if you are like me you never go over ISO800. The auto-focus is quick and the image stabilizer works very well. The 24x optical zoom is more than enough to get you the shot. It is also nice that Panasonic included a lens cap and a lens hood which come in handy quite often.
    Overall I recommend this camera to anyone who wants a more advanced camera but is put off the the expense of a SLR system. (Posted on 1/6/2011)

  156. I'm taking pictures for fun again! Review by pxl painter

    I love this camera! We bought the Lumix-FZ40 to replace a Canon Powershot S31 (suffering the dreaded lens error) and a Sony digital camcorder which needed expensive servicing. The most important feature for me, other than great pictures, was the ability to download my family movies without demanding more of my older mac or needing to upgrade our tv to HD (one $$ at a time!). The FZ40 came with a composite cable which allows me to record to my DVR and archive my movies to DVD with ease. The quality and sound are great.

    My first camera, a Canon AE-1, allowed me to do time lapse of night shots, something I've missed being able to do with digital cameras. The FZ40 not only has the scene features many cameras have now (night portrait, beach, fireworks, portrait, etc.) but goes deeper with creative options. The Starry Sky setting lets you choose between a shutter speed of 15 sec, 30 sec, or 60 sec (knowing that would have sold me right away)! Portrait lets you choose between normal, soft skin, in- or outdoor, and creative, where you can adjust your depth of field. Night portrait also has settings for night scenery or illuminations. Color Mode has several options such as film grain, retro, and the ability to increase or decrease saturation. I still have a lot to discover and tend to fumble on the fly trying to remember where to find the creative setting I want to use, but the intelligent auto setting is great for most shots.

    Another small feature I can appreciate, the lens cap fits inside of the rim of the lens, so I'm less likely to get the lens off track by turning on the camera before I remember to remove the lens cap. Also, because the lens has threads, I can use the filter set I had for my old AE-1 (52mm)!

    I will eventually buy a back-up battery, (hope those become easier to find and cheaper) but so far I've only charged once since the initial charge (just before Christmas), and I've taken hundreds of pictures/movies of Christmas reunions, unexpected snow and a beach trip.
    I researched this purchase carefully and feel like I bought the right camera at the right price. (Posted on 1/4/2011)

  157. The best at its price! Review by Miguel Pimentel

    I could not be more satisfied with it. Just got it yesterday and my friends, my friend's friends and other guys i don't know at college were really amazed by it. Amazing set of features, full manual mode, battery life is really good. I just can't get enough of it! :) (Posted on 1/2/2011)

  158. Why I chose this camera Review by Terry Lingle

    I have had an FZ-8 for about 8000 pictures and been very pleased. Recently it started to show its age. Nothing failed but it is tired. It spends its time in my work truck and i think the dust is finally winning.

    The FZ-40 to me is simply a replacement for the FZ-8. In use it does everything the 8 did a little better pictures are sharp, the camera is ready faster, the macro function is much better, the zoom is awesome and it seems well priced.
    I have used most of the other major brands when mine was not readily available. (I use it as a work camera to record details of issues on job sites) to me it seems that the images worked better on the FZ-8 than the other brands and those I have taken are even better on the FZ-40
    I know that other cameras are better at fine detail or in low light just as this camera is better under some conditions. You pay your money and take your pick.

    99.9% of the time they are all great and if those "edge" area pictures are a concern then this type of camera (bridge) is not what you should be using.
    I love this camera and recommend it to anyone looking for a bridge camera. (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  159. Absolutely FANTASTIC Review by K. Hong "consumer007"

    Looking to upgrade my previous panasonic FZ3, got this camera as a gift to myself for christmas. ABsoluately fantastic. The colors were vivid, loved the superzoom, and the videos were sparkling clear. Really took advance of the great flash and high burst setting. Only complaint I do have is that while it is not as big as SLRs, it is slightly heavier and bigger than most other compacts. But despite this, will high recommend with reservation. (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  160. DMC-FZ40 Review by Gary E. Stoelting

    Only have used camera since Christmas. Will review again when my wife and I have used it more.

    So far the images are really nice. The sports/action setting has had very good results.

    There is a booklet operating instuctions, and a CD instruction disc. I wish the paper booklet
    was better at explaining all the features in detail. Being someplace where you need to access a computer is not convenient.

    Battery life I can't rate. Some other reviews indicate battery availability problems, and
    high cost? (Posted on 12/28/2010)

  161. The best bang for your buck! Review by Danny Gonzales

    Okay, here it is from a person who has been an active photographer since 1973. This camera packs more quality and features for your buck than anything else in the market place. I challenge anyone to use this camera to it's full potential and not totally agree with me.
    If you care to go out and spend thousands of dollars on other cameras, be my guest. If you want to purchase a camera that will match those thousands but only costing hundreds, than this is the camera.
    Think about it, what is a camera? It's a lens, but the digital cameras add more to this as there is no film but a program created to capture images through data. Is the lens still important? You bet it is as all data comes through the lens. This camera utilizes the Leica lens. If you are from the old photography generation, like I am, you will instantly agree that the Leica lenses are some of the best in the world. My daughter is a Neuro Scientist at Emory University and when we talked about the quality of my pictures using my new DMC-FZ40, she recalled that all of their best microscopes use Leica lenses.
    Anyone who can read and use a laptop or desktop computer can use this camera. It will challenge your creative ability and I doubt most will be able to outgrow the features. Since the world of photography is like the world of guns, everyone knows everything, I suggest you read up on this product, view the photos taken by amateurs and make your decision based upon that.
    One last thing to remember; the final pictures reveal whether a person knows what they are talking about as the proof is in the pudding not in the talk! (Posted on 12/28/2010)

  162. say goodbye to blurry pictures! Review by gkwally

    This camera takes great pictures no matter the situation. My kids never stay still yet the pictures are crystal clear. It also works great in low light situations. It has so many features, but to be honest i've only been using the auto mode to take my pictures because it hasn't given me a bad picture. If i had one negative thing to say, it would be that there is a slight delay between the time you snap the piture and the time you actually see it on your LCD. (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  163. Wow! what a nice camera! Review by Joey

    This camera is like the Hubbell Telescope compared to most $100 pocket cameras. I am no photographer but a damn nice camera! I looked @ reviews from several different sites and this camera got very high ratings! Now that I own one I see why! Well worth the money (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  164. Terrific camera that won't burn a hole in your wallet. Review by Linh Nguyen

    I've only had the FZ40 for two weeks, but I'm already in love with it.

    Upgrading from a meager Panasonic ZR1 (so I'm a Panny fanboy, sue me), I wanted something that offer manual controls for exposure and focus but DSLR was out of my range (plus too big for traveling). So after a lot of research, it came down to the FZ40 and the Canon SX20IS. Found a deal for the FZ40 on eBay for $250 with bonus case/memory cards and I jumped on it. No regret.

    This is one slick camera. The size/weight is perfect for me. It feels very sturdy and fits comfortably but not too bulky to be hung around my neck. The only thing I don't like is how cheap the connection compartment's flaps are. Feels cheap, but not really a big deal since I always use a USB reader vs. cable. All buttons are well positioned with a dedicated Movie button. Love it.

    As for features, the spec-sheet tells all. 1/2000s to 60-second shutter speed, f2.8 to 8.0 (would've liked a bigger aperture but what can you do :P). Now I have full control of my exposures. I no longer need to switch Scene modes around to find one that suits my needs. Now I just flip it to Aperture/Shutter Speed Priority modes (or Manual if I feel like it) and get my "perfect" exposure. The Record/Playback button (instead of switch) is also a new welcome addition.

    I can go on and on about what a great camera this is. But the only way you'll truly believe is by using it yourself. Take advantage of Amazon's great return policy and take this camera for a spin. I don't think you'll want to return it :) (Posted on 12/26/2010)

  165. Cannot download movies to computer Review by Webb

    I loved my new LUMIX DMC FZ40 until I tried to download movies to my PC. I run Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS3 and have plenty of horsepower left over, but the movies, even though showing on the camera LCD screen will not download to the computer. Going on line to solve the problem only illustrated how widespread this problem is, with no viable solutions suggested. I feel ripped-off. Had I known about this problem beforehand I would never have purchased the camera. My DMC FZ50 (stolen) had no problem with movies so I just presumed . . . (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  166. This has been the best of the three Panasonic's I have Review by Sylvia

    I have the FZ-8 and also the FZ-18 and now this FZ40, for Birding and critter pictures this is a fantastic camera, also great for family pictures (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  167. Flash seems to be a problem Review by DAVID W LIAO

    I really like this camera, was fun to use and took nice pictures and had alot of features found typically in digital SLRs only. However, I've returned 3 of these cameras due to the build quality. The first one had dirt in the barrel and every picture had a blemish that was obviously in the lens barrel somewhere. The other two kept having problems with the flash. Popping up the flash didn't make the software in the camera recognize that the flash is available and the cameras would still think the flash was closed and thus the indoor pictures were not great without flash. I'm not paying $300 for a camera whose flash doesn't work. the lightness of the camera combined with the advance features and super zoom does make it a great camera but I think Fuji has a problem with Quality of the first batch they produced. I'd like to buy another one again but I'm afraid that I'll get another camera with the same darn flash issue that's plagued me 2/3 times and it's so annoying to have to return them though the AMazon return process has been very smooth and I got my refunds without issue. I wish a local store would stock these so I can make sure it works before I buy... Tempted to just stick to my NIkon D70 for a 6 week China/Taiwan trip though I'd prefer the lightness of this Panasonic camera for convenience and ease of use for travel. (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  168. Great value for all the features, but can be too complicated Review by T. Ryan

    I spent considerable time researching for a good camera AND video recorder to use for our new family to last for many years, and this by far the best buy for the money in my opinion. Since the word "best" is subjective, it depends on what your priorities are (small compact size, or highest quality image, or cheapest price, etc), but our priorities were basically as much quality and features for price under $300. I got this camera back in October 2010 (just a month or so when it came out), and had a good chance to use it.

    1. Great quality photo and best quality video recorder in a single camera for under $300
    2. Numerous options and flexible features for taking photos
    3. Looks cool like an expensive SLR, but smaller and compact (and a lot cheaper) than an SLR

    1. Too many options and features for the time I have to read the 215 page PDF document
    2. There wasn't an apparent distinction between photos and videos, so when we were going through the numerous photos and deleting the bad ones, we inadvertently deleted a lot of videos because the first frame that was representing the video did not show that it was a video (I think you have to manually look for the display option to view a video icon)
    3. Did not know that if you have the Burst Mode on (where you can take rapid pictures), the flash is disabled. I thought it was an apparent defect, especially reading the other review about it (he may have it on too). This could just be a well known thing if one has the knowledge and experience in photography, but I'm just a beginner.

    Panasonic said that the memory card was optional, but without one, you can only take about 6 or 8 photos depending on the resolution quality setting you have it on (I had the default one), so it is absolutely imperative to buy a Flash card. And keep this in mind: not all flash SD memory cards are the same. You spent good money on a quality camera, so don't buy the cheapest memory card you can find because there are different "classes", or speeds, that write to the camera. I highly recommend the new Class 10 version that allow you to take many photos rapidly because the speed of the memory card allow the camera to write to it faster.

    Also, I recomend the SquareTrade warrenty...already used it when my wife dropped it and broke the LCD screen! (Posted on 12/25/2010)

  169. Lumix DMC-FZ40 Review by Manley

    I purchased the camera for my son living at college; he wanted something with high resolution, good zoom and light weight. I have a Nikon D5000, which is a great camera, however he wanted something in an SLR.

    If you want a camera that is light weight, easy to use, excellent zoom and GREAT quality pictures... this is the camera for you!

    I am very impressed!! (Posted on 12/23/2010)

  170. FZ-40 Review by Bill C. Youngquist

    The FZ40 takes Quick pictures which are in focus and blur free 93% of the time. The camera performs well in low lighted areas, if flash is used its fill in is great. The optical zoom works well. In the movie mode it takes great videos and the sound is among the best, there are two formats MPEG2 Quicktime and AVCHD Lite. (After Reviewing MPEG2 vs MPEG4 I am finding The Quality of the video of MPEG2 wins hands Down for Large Screen TVs). The battery holds up good in the picture mode. The Cons The pictures get grainy in the digital zoom , however with 24 optical you don't need digital. The Text stamp has no on and off You stamp them after Picture is taken on camera wich also reduces megapixels,in panasonic software on computer you may Date stamp without loss of pixils, the images in IA mode have excessive red in them and , The movie mode does not have MPEG4 or AVI. AVCHD is a very limited use format. Movies taken with other Cameras with avi or MPEG 4 will not show up on the Panasonic Software. In the Movie Mode battery life is short, and the battery seems priced 70% Higher compared to The FZ35 or other cameras. Generic Batteries will not show the battery level in the FZ40. I have recently Tried other Cameras out,the FZ35 took great looking Pictures with nice color. The FZ100 produced dull color along with some noisy pictures and also had some noise in the viewfinder in low light, the firmware update being blamed by some is already on most new fz100s. The Nikon P500 looked great and had nice image quality however the image stabelization could not match the FZ35 or the FZ40,and the wife said no. The FZ40 takes great pictures in the P mode-auto and has much more to offer when your ready to venture into other modes and options. I would have gave the Camera a 4.5 star if not for the chipped battery, its the worst part of the design. (The Newer Panasonic FZ-47 is out The Specs Look Better its Faster) (Posted on 12/23/2010)

  171. Had several issues with the camera. Review by anonymous

    My FZ40 started giving system error on the third-day and it would ask me to turn off the camera and the flash, and then restart it.
    The night time pictures with flash were too red - looks like the auto white balance would malfunction with the flash. The auto-focus during video mode would also start to flicker with a large noise.
    Had to send it back. Given there are so many good reviews, it may have been an isolated case. (Posted on 12/22/2010)

  172. I'm Lovin It Review by Roland E. Williams Jr.

    This is the first camera I've ever owned, I have used several different digital cameras throughout the years, but nothing like this. It has all the bells and whistles, more features than I will probably ever use, but eager to use. From a feature called "Panning" to "Panorama" to "Aerial Photo" etc. I absolutely love this camera, even though I've only had it for a month, at this point I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography. I will update my review if anything changes.

    UPDATE*** Well I have been using the camera off and on for the past 5 months and my flash is no longer working. I think I have taken a total of 100 or so pics using the flash, I will be contacting Panasonic because I do have a 3 year warranty, hopefully they can fix it and I will have no more problems. (Posted on 12/22/2010)

  173. A different universe from my first camera, The Argus C3 Review by A Reader "snailgate"

    I have had this camera in my hands now for a week. I bought it to replace a FZ30 which I thought was my ideal camera, except for the shutter lag. Now, I push the shutter button down to engage the auto focus, wait for the green light to show, and then there seems to be no shutter lag at all. This is much better for catching the expressions on someone's face.
    the battery capacity seems to be great. I have been just sitting around punching the button every few seconds, with the flash, just to see how long it takes to get the battery down to the signal that I must recharge. I got an official Panasonic brand spare battery with the camera. The problems others have had getting a spare just did not happen for me. With the FZ30. I was in Barcelona and out of power with no spare. Once was enough so I had two extras for that camera. With the way this battery is responding, I am beginning to doubt I will ever need the spare. I have printed out the manual, but not read it. This camera has so many ways to pre-program it for so many conditions, that I wonder if I will even remember what all the settings are for.

    The Silkypix soft ware that was with the camera looks interesting, in as much as I have never used Photoshop. (Posted on 12/22/2010)

  174. Camera Nice Panasonic Battery Sales Tactic Not So Nice Review by A Customer

    The Camera Does a Good Job taking Pictures , as long as you don't turn on the Digital Zoom. If You go into Full Zoom With Digital the pictures get grainy. Battery Life is short in the Movie mode it seems long in the Picture Mode. If you like to text stamp your pictures it reduces pictures megapixils down to 2or3 to stamp them and only after the picture has been takin why? (The Owners manual claims its been found that generic battery circuts are not regulated as well as panasonic battery therefore they will not warrenty it if it has damage due to using a generic battery ) Does that sound like a scare sales tactic to buy only panasonic. For twice the price approx $50.00 way to high. Ive owned many cameras and used generics with no trouble 97% of the time . Movie mode has no AVI its Mpeg2 Quicktime and a Very unfriendly format Avchd Lite. The cameras price at this time is $290.00 good luck. (Posted on 12/22/2010)

  175. Excellent substitute for a bulky D-SLR. Review by Todd Clifford Kenyon

    I purchased this camera to replace my aging D-SLR. I was tired of carrying around a bulky package consisting of multiple lenses, extra batteries, and the body. I also no longer wanted to worry about whether I had the correct lense attached to the body. I chose the Panasonic based on web reviews. A couple of things jump out after using it for a couple of weeks:

    - It is easy to use.
    - It is fast.
    - The battery lasts a long time.
    - It is more portable than my D-SLR. I'm more likely to have it with me.
    - The intelligent auto feature does a great job quickly choosing the appropriate camera setting.

    - It is more expensive than comparable models.

    The image quality is good but I have managed to snap a couple of blurry photos.

    Overall, I'm happy with my decision to downgrade from a D-SLR. I rarely used the manual features on my old camera. I needed a quick camera because I didn't want to miss a photo opportunity. (Posted on 12/21/2010)

  176. Best Feather Weight Pro-Camera Review by Jire Jasper

    Got this camera for a week, its a must have, the features of the camera can be understood anyone, the greatest feature I love is the scenery features, which automatically adjust the camera setting to your scenery, the zoom and stability feature is awesome.

    Will Upload some Picture soon... (Posted on 12/17/2010)

  177. FZ 40 Rev. Review by Alaa

    First we Have to agree that this is not a DSLR so as Under The Point&Shoot category its great & too advanced Excellent Quality in the day light but u might figure a little noisy pictures at night or low light specially with high iso (1600) .... & it got excellent zoom great focus ... if u r thinking of it just place ur order now am sure its the lowest price now 299.99 (Posted on 12/13/2010)

  178. Great camera - read the manual Review by Scotsman

    Bought this camera as a step up from a Sony point and shoot. This camera takes fantastic photos, but you will be frustrated if you don't take the time to read the manual, learn a few basics about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Overall build quality is ok but don't expect it to survive a fall.

    If you want a relatively cheap camera, with fantastic optical zoom, high picture quality and you are someone who wants to do more than just 'point and shoot', this is the camera for you. If you want a small camera that you can put in your pocket and click away with little thought and effort, look elsewhere. (Posted on 12/11/2010)

  179. Panasonic FZ40 Review by lalala

    First I should point out, although I give this four stars, the camera is one of those following the trend to buff up the specs of resolution and zoom, as these two are what the average consumer considers most important. However, most of the added resolution is pointless because of the small sensor. I was considering a bridge camera before getting myself a DSLR and thought this could be a good camera to learn. However, as I learned more about cameras, I realized these mega-zoom cameras are really in the extreme to buff the consumer cared specs (resolution & zoom) as much as possible, even if by compromising image quality. Although the zoom can prove to be very useful in certain cases, personally I think the extra pixels beyond 10M would be noise. For those who want a nice bridge camera and don't care so much about the zoom, I would suggest looking at the Panasonic Lumix LX5 or the Canon Powershot S95, or the Canon G12 and Nikon P7000 if you want some OK zooming capabilities.

    Because of the aboved mentioned reasons, I seriously considered returning the camera after taking a few indoor shots. The pictures taken have lots of noise viewed with full resolution. For example, the white wall has lots of yellow tinge on it. However, before returning it I gave it another chance and took pictures outdoors with fairly good light. I would say the end result surprised me and I decided to keep it. The images are surprisingly sharp (probably due to the partially Leica lens?) even at >10x zoom, and most pictures are usable up to 70% of their full resolution. Some closeups of flowers are very successful too. I would say this is much better than what I saw from a Canon SX20IS, the pictures taken by which tend to be very soft. The pictures taken using the FZ40 have bright and vivid colors viewed from my 27 inch iMac, with lots of details revealing, even if I turn the brightness of the display way down. However, if I put them on my old Dell studio laptop, the colors look washed out. I don't normally print out pictures very often so I don't know whether the quality on a print-out is closer to my iMac or my old Dell laptop. As long as I view them from my iMac, I am happy.

    So bottom line is, I think this is a great camera for those who are not serious about taking indoor pictures or pictures without ideal lighting condition. The mega-zoom really provides flexibility and the possibility of taking pictures that are otherwise impossible (consider the price-tag for the lens with such flexibility for a DSLR camera). So I really don't want to give up the flexibility to take acceptable pictures under good lighting conditions using only one lens and decide to keep it. Maybe I'll get myself a LX5 or S95 to complement this, and eventually an entry-level DSLR (but that would mean $$$ for the lenses). For those who are still debating which camera to get as a bridge camera, I'll recommend S95 or LX5 over this for image quality (at least from what I see online), also the FZ35 for better value. The added pixels over the FZ35 really don't matter, if not worse. They are all noise for such a small-sensor camera. I also don't use zoom a lot more than 10x because of hand shaking. So I think the resolution and zoom of the FZ35 is probably enough for most cases and it is very difficult to do better than that in real life at this class of cameras, regardless of what the spec of the camera tells you.

    For what it does and casual use, the Panasonic Lumix FZ40 delivers quite well, and I think it is one of the best in this class. From the FZ40 to the LX5, Panasonic is doing a fantastic job in the point & shoot segment, where big names such as Canon seem to be only taking advantage of its name and don't put much effort into. If you are interested in a mega-zoom camera, you can't go wrong with this. Just don't expect you can crop pictures at their full resolution or superb low-light performance, you'll be happy. (Posted on 12/11/2010)

  180. Birthday present Review by dcaj

    This camera was purchased as a birthday present for my husband who has been raving about the quality of the shots. It has been just about a month since he received it and we are looking forward to capturing many memories using this camera. (Posted on 12/7/2010)

  181. camera review Review by housewife

    I really like this camera and it meets my expectations, however, I feel the manual doesn't explain thing thoroughly. Great overall camera. (Posted on 12/6/2010)

  182. Happy Buyer of the Panasonic FZ40 Review by C Sinsay

    I love my Panasonic FZ40. Let me tell you why...After some research, I narrowed my choices to the Panasonic FZ40 and the Nikon P100. I tried both cameras out. I loved the look and the feel of the Nikon but it fell short on features and image quality despite the CMOS sensor. The Panasonic was superior in image quality and features in every test. The Panasonic still pictures were clear and vibrant. The Panasonic seemed to retain more detail than the Nikon. The Nikon still pictures were nice but a little washed out. Also, the Nikon seemed to have more chromatic aberration. Video was a lot better on the Panasonic as well. The FZ40 produced excellent video and audio. The Nikons sound was muffled and the noise it picked up from the zoom was extremely loud. The P100 couldn't autofocus fast enough when using the zoom. In summary, I am very happy with my purchase of the Panasonic FZ40. It's feature packed, produces great quality stills and video, its lightweight, and you can attach filters for more creativity! Though, obviously not a DSLR, its a great bridge camera! Recommend for someone that wants great image quality and some DSLR features. ! 5 Stars from this buyer! (Posted on 12/6/2010)

  183. A great camera for the money Review by Stephen J. Koniers

    I purchased this camera through Amazon, and was pleased with the process and the speedy delivery. I had used SLRs back in the 70's and 80's, but had stuck with a variety of point and shoot cameras since then. This is my fifth digital camera, and I wanted to upgrade to a camera with more advanced features, but without the expense, weight, and complications (like lens changing) of DSLRs. I am an amateur photographer who travels so quality, weight, and features matter very much to me.

    The serious contenders to this camera were the Canon Powershot SX30IS, the Nikon Coolpix P100, and the Panasonic DMC-FZ100. All four cameras appear to be great cameras, but I chose the Panasonic DMC-FZ40 because of its rich feature set and value for the money. The others did not quite meet my needs for one reason or another. For example, the Canon is a little too large and heavy.

    So far, I am very pleased with the FZ40. It has a solid feel, handles very well, and while I have not mastered all of its features yet, it appears to be what I am looking for in this type of camera.

    My biggest hesitation about purchasing it stemmed from the battery issue. Insisting on using its own brand of battery is fine, as long as the battery is available to purchase. This appears not to be the case so far. In my opinion, it is inexcusable to release a camera, knowing that there will be a demand for additional batteries, and not having the batteries available. I trust that this situation will soon be resolved, so I went ahead and made the purchase. I gave five stars because of the camera. The battery issue is important, but I did not want to take anything away from the camera itself.

    Panasonic did a good job in delivering a feature-rich camera, with very reasonable performance, at a relatively inexpensive price. I feel certain that if Panasonic had the batteries available, these cameras would fly off the shelves. (Posted on 12/5/2010)

  184. Panasonic Lumix FZ40 Camera Review by Susan McFarland

    I recently purchased my FZ40 from Amazon after reviewing them at an electronics store and on-line. I saved $80 by purchasing it from Amazon and it is everything I need in a camera and more. It is light weight, has a very clear screen, photos were even better in my computer iPhoto program and awesome when printed out. The zoom lens is great allowing me to get good focus from a long distance away and the pictures are still as clear as expected. The only thing I have to get used to and am not too keen on is the digital view finder. The old SLR view finders were better where you actually saw through the view finder what was in front of the camera. However, it is better than just having a screen to look at. All in all, I am very happy with my FZ40 and would recommend it to other amateur photographers. (Posted on 12/3/2010)

  185. Extraordinary Review by Pacbell

    This camera has helped me capture remarkable wildlife photos--a process that was heretofore unaffordable and too cumbersome given the high cost of quality SLR tele lenses, weight, and setup time.

    Before buying this camera, consider downloading the 223 pages of instructions. The functionality of the camera technology is amazing. Maximizing the utility of the camera does, however, require study. The documentation is excellent, and even includes what the camera will not do (usually as the result of a preset nullifying some functions). The camera is too much for the casual, point and shoot photographer.

    I cannot offer sophisticated comparative camera data, but am doubtful that you would wish for additional features were you to purchase the FZ40. The posted complaints are virtually hollow and in some cases dumb. Technology, by the way, has not overcome the visible noise inherent in low-light digital photography. In the meantime you stabilize the camera and use a low ISO. (Posted on 12/3/2010)

  186. Nice camera Review by Bigmonitor

    I got this camera for over a week now. i've been playing it a lot.. So far i like it..the picture quality is very nice, easy to use..I give this camera 4 star instead of 5, it's because of its battery replacement..if you lost the battery,you'll struggle to find the same one, so have to watch out..Overall, everything else works fine to me.. (Posted on 12/2/2010)

  187. Great product, didn't fill the type of need I had Review by wade scott

    This is a highly rated, very nice camera. It is easy to use. The menus are quite intuitive, even for someone who is not an expert in photography. There are more bells and whistles than most people will use. Nice, powerful zoom that works quickly. It is a bit tricky to get the zoom completely extended without accidently moving into the digital zoom but with a little work you can get used to that issue. Nice picture results. I would have kept the product but needed something that was more suited to low light photography. If you are moving from a point and shoot camera to the in between step of a full blown dslr this is a great way to go. 6th avenue electronics was very helpful in working to solve any and all issues. They are easy to work with and friendly. When I am more ready I will use their services again. (Posted on 12/2/2010)

  188. Panasonic DMC-FZ40 Review by Bogdan M. Balasa "Bogdan"

    Camera arrived in due time, as committed. Everything works perfectly so far. I did not had the time to test most of the features, but very happy for now. (Posted on 11/30/2010)

  189. Great value for money Review by Lara

    I have had a Panasonic Lumix FZ40 for a few weeks and love it. The lense and quality of images is superb. I have been using the "sports" mode and have some great mid-air shots of the kids diving and somersaulting into the pool. This is a great camera to start off with for someone who is keen to get into photography. I am an amateur but am enjoying learning more about photography with my very easy to use Lumix FZ40. (Posted on 11/30/2010)

  190. Panasonic camera Review by nnn

    the design is bad. it took several people forever unable to figure out how to delete image on memery card and sd card. finally i had to call cus services. they instructed me 6-7 steps to get to "format" in order to delete!!! The menu says "this camera has a build-in memory card, sd card is optional", it turns out that the memory card can only take TWO pictures!!! Does the maker expect user be satisfied with TWO picture memory? unbelievable!!! (Posted on 11/29/2010)

  191. Best so far... Review by Vanamali Ashram "Hari Aum"

    I sold my Panasonic DMC-FZ18 to a birder in India last spring, thinking that I would simply order one of the next generation of ultra-zooms. Thanks to Amazons 30 day return policy I tried the Fujifilm HS10, Nikon P100, Panasonic FZ100, Canon SX30IS, and now the FZ40.It looks like the FZ40 is a keeper (finally). From a birders perspective....focusing was a constant struggle for the Nikon & Fuji...they only took good pictures in ideal conditions...and even then images were soft (blurry detail). The Panasonic did a great job of staying in focus...but is shots were too soft for my eye. This Canon is doing an amazing job of focusing, it ignored the foliage in the way & picked out a crow perched in a tree enjoying an apple, more than a 1000 feet distant at 35X...the image stabilization is excellent!...and it feels so much lighter than the Fuji...comparable with the Panasonic FZ100. But the SX30 bird pictures were usually soft with a lot of noise, unless there was excellent light. Now the fz40 is taking some good pictures in compromised light, focuses fast, is quick between shots, and is lightweight...images could be more crisp... but so far its the best of the lot, for the way I use a camera. (Posted on 11/26/2010)

  192. Panasonic Lumix FZ40 Review by Donald R. Bartel

    I selected this camera for 2 reasons - the Leica lens and the 24X optical zoom. I have only had the camera for a few weeks so my review is somewhat limited as to its full potential. I must agree with one reviewer who said that the features available with the digital camera are becoming overwhelming. Whenever I buy a digital camera, the number one issue with top priority is a razor sharp image and this camera delivers it. I also sometimes find myself at social gatherings where I can't get as close to the subject as I would like so the 24X zoom was also attractive. I can't say too much about the battery life but it seems to be better than my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W300 which I like in all respects, except for its poor battery life. Of course, the DMC-FZ40 is a bit bulky but I can't expect a 24X zoom camera to fit into my shirt pocket like the Sony does. All in all, I don't think you will be disappointed if you purchase this camera and the price offered on was more than reasonable. (Posted on 11/26/2010)

  193. Light and Easy Review by Iconoclast

    This review might not be in the same league as some, but I have considerable experience with photography and have owned cameras of many types for nearly 60 years. In reading about the camera, I was impressed by the feature set as well as what others had said online, particularly a very serious camera review critic that gave it top marks.

    I think the camera is a superb value for the money and the pictures I have taken thus far are completely satisfactory, but the software provided by Panasonic has been a bear. Neither of the enclosed CDs would install. I found a pdf of the manual online and have tried to download the photo management software. It works but only up to a point.

    Panasonic seems to have rushed this unit to market because the manual makes an enormous fuss about only using the recommended battery and it is not yet available. The LCD screen protectors that were shown to be the right ones for this model were way too small. The same was true about the camera bag so the specs provided to the makers of these accessories need to be corrected, but these are minor issues. However, unlike my Nikon 8700, the LCD screen cannot be safely tucked away. I miss that feature.

    Because I still only have the original battery and have not got all the paraphernalia for taking the camera out, I have mainly been using the camera indoors for product photography and a few shots of pets. I think it is taking very fine pictures. Overall, I would recommend this camera to anyone who likes the idea of a super zoom and HD video. My goal had been to catch more pictures of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds as I have a small herb garden for nourishing pollinators and wild life and I like to document who prefers what and when they move from plant to plant. In six months, I am sure I will have more to say, but will not be nagging me to review this when spring arrives.

    I would not describe this camera as rugged. It seems to be very light construction but nevertheless well made. I tend to take good care of my cameras so we'll see how well it holds up to major use. (Posted on 11/25/2010)

  194. Lumix FZ40 Review by Duke012

    At the beginning I was thinking if I should get this camera or the Lumix FZ100. After reading some comments about the Lumix FZ100 I decided to buy this camera... and I don`t regret at all.

    The menus a pretty intuitive and easy to use (sometimes you need to surf among the options cause you have plenty of them), the modes are pretty simple to use as well and it gives really bright colors even in low light, the Power OIS does a great job, and the super zoom works perfect!!! (I have taken some pretty cool pictures of the moon thanks to this super zomm).

    I haven`t used the video option that much but so far it gives me excellent video quality.

    This camera makes my day everytime I use it, works perfect for me.

    If you dont want to spend much money in a camera and you want to take reeeeaaaally good pictures with a compact camera I`ll recommmend this camera. (Posted on 11/22/2010)

  195. Price just dropped again Review by Cindy

    Yes, the price just dropped to $299.99. I should have waited because Amazon does NOT give price adjustments. Wish they would.
    1. I haven't played much with the camera but so far so good. Picture and video quality is very good.
    2. I am having trouble finding a spare battery. The ones recommemded by the Amazon website are not the correct ones.
    3. The .mov format for video is not as easy to convert without losing video quality. I have to spend more money to buy the right software to put them on DVD.
    4. When I use the continuous shot (which I use a lot), the megapixel drops down to 3M. Not much different from my old Panasonic.
    5. The manual is pdf format. With all the features the camera has, it would have been nice if Panasonic printed a small size manual so I can carry it around. (Posted on 11/22/2010)

  196. Great Camera before a transition to SLR Review by S. Wright

    I've owned the FZ40/45 for just over 2 weeks and it has been a joy to work with.

    I have owned point and shoot cameras before but this blows away anything I've previously owned. I decided to try my hand at photography and wanted to purchase a camera that had a relatively good price but with full manual controls. Having acquired the FZ40, I must say it is simple to use yet gives you a degree of control that you may want, if you envy the range of things you can accomplish with an SLR.

    Let me be clear, this camera is adequate for a beginner who seriously wants to try photography or the individual who does not quite want to make the jump to slr just yet but wants slr type control over their photos.

    1) The build quality of the Panasonic camera is top notch. I never like the flapping battery covers in any device but that is the norm.
    2) The zoom is of course a major attraction and it is beneficial in many ways. The vibration reduction works well and Panasonic's intelligent zoom and EZ zoom features are interesting. DO some research to find out about it. EZ zoom seems to be a mix of croping and refining and optical zoom and intelligent zoom.. is a mystery. They perform remarkably however.
    3) The picture quality is excellent, Color is perfect, all the features you could possible want are here, very similar to a dslr in fact. However if you plan to do a lot of low light shooting, and you don't want to use the flash, get a tripod. The Fz40 has a minimum shutter speed of 60 seconds which is excellent, superior even, for a camera in this class but the iso performance is average. ISO 80 - 200 has no noise. 400 has a bit but not very noticeable ( certainly would not notice it in a 4 x 6 print, depends on the picture as well) 800 Is a last resort and 1600 is unusable in my opinion.
    4) the aperture range is 2.8 - 8.0 depending on the focal length. This is normal for a camera in this class but.. can be quite limiting when trying to take slow shutter pictures in daylight ( you will need a filter) because you can't f stop at over 8... meaning really bright pictures..(So purchase some Filters if you like this kind of photography)
    5) You can manipulate depth of field, fairly well with the camera but the manipulation takes a bit of time and practice, again, normal for a camera in its class but quite a ways off from an SLR.

    In conclusion the FZ40 is a very good camera, I would say perhaps.. top two in terms of a comparison for camera's like this. A lot of dslr features are here, it of course looks like an slr and for the most part will make you feel as if it is one but keep in mind that it isn't and you have to work within those limitations. It is a superzoom/bridge and in that roll it Functions PERFECTLY. (Posted on 11/20/2010)

  197. FZ 35 Mejorada Review by Ricardo Rueda V

    PANASONIC sigue produciendo muy buenas cámaras, y la serie DMC-FZ es la mejor, PANASONIC cada vez que saca una nueva referencia continuna con las mismas cualidades, y mejora en en algunas otras. La he usado un par de semanas y su manejo, calidad fotográfica, versatilidad y duracion de la bateria son inmejorables. He usado FZ28 y FZ35, y seguiré usando esta serie. (Posted on 11/18/2010)

  198. Good camera with 720p video Review by XXL "DIY"

    It's a good camera with 720p filming capability at this price. The 24x zoom works great and the video looks good, but the picture quality is limited by its small CCD sensor. Over all, it's a good bridge camera between P&S and DSLR. (Posted on 11/17/2010)

  199. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40/45 Review from a beginner Review by R. Burke

    Be sure to check out my uploaded images

    Based upon the research I have done and the comparisons between the FZ40/45 and its closest rivals I extend my understanding in regards to these points: The FZ38 (previous model) has 1/2 points of additional quality due to a non ''nerfed'' sensor relative to lumix wanting to get another 2/3 megapixels. The Fuji HS10 seems to generally be seen as having better image quality than the FZ40 though without the zoom and other features.

    Firstly I will say I have only owned this camera for several days but have captured over a hundred images already - 99% of which without desirable lighting. I am an absolute beginner so am not yet aware of adjustments and such - strictly a point and shoot. I am eager to learn more about the camera but so far have been letting the camera do the work and am, for the most part, quite satisfied with this camera so far. I still question times whether or not I should have waited and grabbed a DSLR - either way I am getting good practice out there and at this point would recommend this camera to. :) I can manage 1/2 or 1/3 taking great shots with the zoom maxed so I suppose it comes down to how still your hand is - those with shaky hands will surely find difficulty without a tripod.

    4/5 because I have had a problem while the camera is writing a RAW image where I needed to turn it off/on for it to work again. Did not read anyone else whom experienced similar but since this is a newer product it is not of surprise.

    Will update if anything new comes up! :) (Posted on 11/16/2010)

  200. Satisfied with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 super zoom camera Review by A4STR

    I was in the market for a camera with more user control and wide-angle/zoom capability than a digital compact camera but without the size/bulk characteristic of digital slr cameras. I choose the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 14.1 MP based on the recommendations of a friend and my own research. I consider myself an average amateur photographer that understands the basic workings of a digital camera. I have used the camera for about 1 month and have taken 100's of pictures. The camera has met my expectations in terms of control of picture taking and quality of images.

    If you are considering purchasing a super zoom, I suggest looking at the manufacturers specifications and even downloading a user manual from the manufacturer's site, if available, so you can evaluate the features of the camera and whether it will suit your needs.

    Features that I use and like about this camera (these comments are not meant to indicate presence or absence in comparison to other brands of super zooms):
    * saves images in JPEG and RAW formats (and even both at the same time). The RAW format allows you to have a greater flexibility in using photo-editing software than JPEG since it contains all the picture information captured by the camera's image sensor.
    * information about exposure controls can be shown both on the 3" lcd screen and in the view finder. Seeing information about exposure controls in the view finder is very handy and is especially so on bright sunny days. However the lcd screen is bright enough to be visible in normal daylight situations.
    * you have great flexibility in controlling the camera: you can let the camera make all the decisions so you just have to press the button to take the picture or you can opt for a totally manual mode where you set the aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity (iso), white balance, control for camera shake etc...
    * flexibility in storing images: uses SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards
    * 24x optical zoom: from 4.5mm to 106mm. 35mm equivalent for a 4 x 6 picture is from 26mm to 624 mm. This allows nice wide angles to telephoto closeups with good picture quality. This is one of the main reasons for my supplementing my compact digital camera, which had limited wide angle and zoom features, with this camera.
    * battery easily lasted all day of picture taking (outdoors in mild temperatures). The manufacturer quotes 580 per charge but I have not taken that many in a day (around 100 or so). However, always a good idea to have a spare battery.
    * F stops range from F2.8 to F11 at wide angle and F5.2 to F8.0 at the tele end.

    Other Comments:
    * This camera has an intelligent auto mode which sets all the controls for you so that you just have to press a button to take a picture. IA works fine but you should note that saving to RAW is not an option when using IA. If you are the creative type and want to make decisions regarding controls it was important for me to read the operating instructions for advanced features (supplied on the included CD in pdf format) to setup the camera in order to get the highest quality pictures. I found it pays to spend time understanding and then experimenting with the controls to get pictures of the quality I want.
    * While it is possible to set iso from 80 to 1600, picture noise (grainy appearance) becomes a problem for me with ISOs above 400 in this camera. If you plan to take a lot of your pictures in low light conditions without a flash (e.g. indoors)where there is movement (so you need a relatively high shutter speed and therefore a high ISO) you might want to consider digital slr cameras which have larger image sensors and lenses with lower f stops (i.e. F1.8 to gather more light) that would decrease noise substantially. (Posted on 11/16/2010)

  201. Very pleased Review by J. Thompson

    Received this camera quckly and as promised. Camera is a real steal for the money. Performs as advertised with great picture quality. Very can use it as a very good point and shoot or with all its many custom settings you can expand your own creativity. Very pleased with my purchase! Would strongly recommend this as a great starting camera for someone wanting to get into serious photography. (Posted on 11/15/2010)

  202. FZ40 Review by Allan Hawkins V

    Hola Gente:

    You can get up to 32X with the Intelligent Zoom, and that's power!

    But, still doesn't have a spare battery, and that's a BIG mistake. I'm sure will come soon but when?

    Saludos, Allan.


    This morning I took over 1000 pictures with a single charge, that is Amazing! but spare battery is a must.

    You can see this pictures (most with the zoom) at:


    Saludos, Allan. (Posted on 11/8/2010)

  203. FZ 40 Review by EyeDoc

    Excellent value for money bridge style camera. It suited my purposes wonderfully as I wanted a superzoom that was small, light and quick. Lots of facilities and options - it's well worth reading the manual in detail (CD bettter than written) as there are many features that are not immediately obvious on playing around with the camera (my favorite technique).
    I would suggest going for a class 10 SDHC card - gives more versatility with video.
    If you want to download video to your PC/Mac switch the movie record mode to motion JPEG as this worked better for me. (Posted on 11/7/2010)

  204. Panasonic FZ40 geat camera! Review by Bill

    It is a Great camera with amazing image quality with light, and not so good at ISO 400 or more. (Posted on 11/6/2010)

  205. Great Pictures/Step up PT. & Shoot/ Short of the "big boys" Review by JohnyGolf

    I purchased the FZ40 five weeks ago and have taken over 400 pictures. I have displayed 38 photos in my "Profile". Please review them to see the capabilities of the camera and software-click on Johnygolf. I hope my review will help those contemplating this camera. First, it's critical to understand what I was looking for: I wanted greater zoom capabilities than the pocket "Point & Shoot", greater flexibility for creativity (setting options), excellent picture quality, and DID NOT want to carry large lenses. If this is you... then the "Super Zoom" class of cameras is your target. See www.DPREVIEW to understand your options. Here is my assessment after 400+ shots.

    Overall, the above criteria with the FZ40 were easily met. The setting flexibility, macro/zoom capabilities, and picture quality are all very good. Recommendations: 1) You MUST read the manual (on CD) to understand the camera's flexibilities and capabilities from IA mode to full manual modes. 2) To achieve crystal clear pictures, especially for macro type targets, use a tripod and "timer" settings with this camera. 3) Buy the Hoya HMC SUPER UV 52mm for lense protection, and Marumi DHG Circular 52mm P.L.D. (Polarizer), AND the Panisonic SD HC Class 10, 4 GB card--ALL maximized cost and performance Note: I do not use the video feature of this camera-perhaps later. 4) Shoot in RAW. Again, a step-up from "Point & Shoot". The quality is noticeable in post production work on your PC. I have taught myself the SILKY PICS software (CD w/ camera). Not easy! Be patient... extremely worth it...similar to Photoshop. It takes your pictures to a new level! 5) For "kid" pictures or needing to have a great quality shot in a time sensitive situation (animals), the IA mode in good quality light is excellent.

    Downsides: The "noise level" in low light is very noticeable. The Silky Pics "noise reduction" section helps here. In low light, shooting at 400ISO, is not a good quality picture. It took my rating from a perfect 5 to 4. (All though, I suspect other "Super Zoom" brands have a similar challenge because of the their sensor vs a DSLR sensor). In order to shoot in lower light, with an ISO of 80, 100, or 200, you must use a Tripod. This is where moving up to a full DSLR (big boys) with a larger sensor may make a difference in low light and even crisper picture quality.

    The FZ40 is a great "Step-Up" from your "Point & Shoot" camera. The price/value mix is very hard to beat! The camera has allowed me to get back into creating landscapes and macro pictures that may challenge entry level DSLR's without lugging around the large equipment "sack". You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 11/5/2010)

  206. Great safari camera! Review by Maureen McGrath

    I purchased this camera to use on a safari and I'm very happy with the choice. The pictures are beautiful and I am just a point & shoot photographer. There are so many options that it is a bit daunting to figure out if you want to do anything more advanced. Also, the manual is only online so it's not easy to pick it up and read parts of it or take it with you. That is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 for ease of use. The battery is OK but the drawback is that there is not an extra battery for purchase yet and for this type of trip, I could have used another while charging up again. But the zoom is fantastic, the stabilization worked very well - I even got good shots from a moving vehicle. Nice to have the viewfinder option when the sun is bright. Otherwise the LCD provides crisp, bright images. The camera is quick and responsive. (Posted on 11/3/2010)

  207. Nellie's review Review by A Customer

    This camera has great speed, short lag time and takes great video. I have taken long range shots with the zoom and the "ia" feature and the pictures came out great. I have not recharged the battery since I bought it and it's still going fine. This camera is well worth the money spent. (Posted on 11/2/2010)

  208. Beats the FZ100 Review by S. Paradise

    I have owned many digital SLR's from Nikon and Canon.I am currently shooting with a Canon 1D Mark IV. I also own a Panasonic Lumix G1 with a 14-140mm and 45-200mm. I wanted something even more portable and lightweight for snapshots . I ordered an FZ40 and and FZ100 so I could compare them side by side. After shooting with both cameras for a few days to me the FZ40 is the clear winner in IQ. The FZ100 has a different sensor than the FZ40 for high speed shooting and it is not as crisp as the FZ40. The difference to me was quite noticeable.I never shot video so I cannot comment on that aspect of either camera. The FZ40 gets the job done nicely. None of these cameras will focus fast enough for fast action but I wasn't expecting it to.If I want to shoot fast moving stuff I have to lug the heavy artillery around.
    The EVF is not as large or quite as clear as my G1 but I found it to be sufficient for me. The G1 has better IQ but not by a huge margin and like all cameras you pay for that with more size and weight. (Posted on 10/29/2010)

  209. fun little camera Review by Doug

    Im not a photo geek so the previous camera I had was a Sony macvia (or something like that) that put the photos right to floppy....yes I did say floppy.
    Ive only taken a few photos with this new fz40 camera...but so far I love it!
    The things I love about it.....
    Size...this is an awsome camera....that takes video too!

    options....I havent used them all yet but will be playing with it!

    24x zoom....OMG I LOVE this feature...will probably get the expander bond!

    Ease of use!

    battery compared to my old dinosaur I had...this is awsome

    The one thing I dont like. Is the inability to find another battery....I would like one backup! (Posted on 10/25/2010)

  210. Panasonic DMC-FZ40 Review by DD

    Completely satisfied out of the box. The pictures look amazing. We're taking it on vacation next week so we'll test out even better.

    I'm so glad I waited for the FZ40. I almost went with the FZ35. (Posted on 10/20/2010)

  211. My best camera yet! Review by Mr-Geode

    I have had several very good cameras over the last forty years - Pentax, Canon, and Nikon to name a few. This is the best so far and you cannot beat the cost/feature ratio. (Posted on 10/17/2010)

  212. Need extra battery Review by M H

    The Panasonic DMC-FZ40 fits in your hand well and you can even shoot with one hand if you have to without dropping it, unlike Canon. I like the size and weight of the camera. I have tried many of the different modes. The camera gives you vivid color, but I haven't been able to get beautiful detail in things like leaves and other scenery. The pixels look a little fake. The pictures look better on the LCD screen than they do on the computer screen. It looks like when you blow up a picture too big and you lose detail.(Like a camera without enough megapixels) Looks like it's out of register.(printing term) This camera should do better than it does at 8X10 prints. My old Olympus does better at this and it's only 7 megapixels. The manual is well written and the menu friendlier than most. There needs to be a way to better protect the LCD screen (which I rarely use). The aftermarket screen protector I bought won't stay on. The electronic viewfinder is okay, but I prefer an optical type. All of these types of cameras should have viewfinders. I've heard about all the bright LCD screens, but believe me when you are as close to the sun as we are in Colorado, sometimes you just need a viewfinder. This camera is pretty good in low light or on cloudy days. The zoom, like most of these cameras is good only to about 18 as the picture loses quality with any more than that. I looked at many cameras in this category for over a year. I almost bought the Nikon P100 (image quality looked good) but the reviews from "The Professionals" were horrible. Reviews from buyers were mixed. The FZ-40 was supposed to come out in August, of course being new there were no reviews, just previews. They were mostly good so I bought this camera on the image quality and reputation of the FZ-35. I paid the entry price of $399.00 knowing the price would come down in the future. But $75 within a month,that's ridiculous. Maybe Amazon would like to give me a special deal on accessories to balance the deal. Then there is the problem of not being able to buy an extra battery. Lucky that the battery does hold up very well. You can buy them in Europe and Asia, but not in the US. I quizzed Panasonic on this and they just gave me the run around. I told Panasonic they are treating the USA like a third world country. I told them that I hoped that the camera never needed service because I'd be afraid to send it to them. Also that I hoped someone made a reasonably priced aftermarket battery soon. Also I'd like to see a 12 volt charger for the battery as I'm often in the mountains with no way to charge them. I guess there is no perfect camera in this category, though I sure did read and study trying to find it. I think overall this camera is probably as good as any of them, with some nice features. I'll probably continue to learn more about it in time. The current price of $324 is a good deal. (Posted on 10/14/2010)

  213. unbelievable camera Review by Z. He

    After having spent almost two weeks researching on the various options, finally pulled the trigger and so far are feeling very fortunate about making this choice! Picture quality is excellent compared to other point & shoots and almost equivalent to DSLRs. On top of that, the zoom is insanely sharp.
    Overall, you wont be disappointed, PERIOD! (Posted on 10/11/2010)

  214. Fantastic choice Review by Hawks19

    I bought this camera about a month ago and have used it an awful lot since. It really is a great camera. For those who are not able or willing to go for a DSLR, but want something a bit more substantial than the standard pocket size digital camera, this is a great choice. So far I have been more than impressed with the results. The pictures come out very clear and beautiful in color. The effects you can apply with the camera are also very neat, they have resulted in some of my favorite photos so far. The camera is also very easy to use. If you use the Intelligent Auto setting the pictures come out great, and I can't get over how little camera shake there is even out at full zoom.

    The videos I've taken have also come out very nicely. The sound is impressive and the picture is very clear. I connect the camera right to my TV and play the movies, they look great on the big screen. I haven't noticed too much wind noise or any noise from the zoom when filming video. I love the one touch start and stop on the video as well, super easy.

    The camera is bulkier than a standard point and shoot, but nothing near as bulky as a DSLR. It is a very attractive camera and the 3" LCD screen is very nice, bright, crisp, and large. The menus are fairly intuitive and the zoom works very well. The battery so far lasts very long and the charge time is certainly reasonable. Connecting the camera to the computer couldn't be easier. A friend of mine commented that she wished she'd gotten something similar rather than her DSLR because that is just too complicated and bulky with all of the additional lenses.

    The only downside so far is that I need to figure out how to convert the AVCHD lite videos so they play at a normal speed on my Mac (iMovie), but I know there is a way to do it, I just need to research it. If you want you can record in mpeg as well so it won't be an issue.

    In short I love this camera and I am extremely happy with my purchase. This past weekend I spoke with a professional photographer who uses a DSLR exclusively but knows about this camera and commented on how good of a camera it is for the money. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 10/10/2010)

  215. Beware if ordering filters for this great camera Review by Ian Jennings

    It's too early for me to give a full review as I've only had this camera for 2 weeks and took it on a vacation trip. First BEWARE. You need 52 mm filters for this camera, not 46 mm as Amazon suggests. Maybe the FZ35 had 46mm??? I've just had a 46mm polarizer delivered and it's too small.

    The zoom is amazing. When using movie mode, I zoomed right in from wide to telephoto and the focus was spot on the whole way. The camera is so light, which is why I chose it over the Canon equivalent. The batteries are expensive, but lasted a week and I filled a 4 Gb card before i needed to recharge. You can keep your AAA battery cameras, far too heavy to carry around for my liking.

    The manual focus override is useful. I'm struggling a bit with the various auto focus options on non-movie modes, so have been overriding until I learn more. the instruction manual(on CD) is a 233 pages long! The intelligent auto will suffice more often than not.

    There are too many features though. Like cars, cameras are just getting too damned complicated. It's the 80/20 theory I guess. I'll use 20% of the features 80% of the time. I'm sure any 8 year old kid will be able to show me how everything works though! How old am I? My first camera was an Agfa Sillette, I used flash bulbs! I'll say no more...... (Posted on 10/8/2010)

  216. It's GORGEOUS Review by Bird That Flew

    I bought this camera to replace my older Panasonic DMC-FZ28, which I adored but is no longer useable due to recently succummbing to the dreaded "lens cap error" message of death. I told myself I'd never get another Panasonic because of it, but then I did some research and saw that several brands (including Canon) had this problem and that it seems to have been resolved in all the new models. I loved my old FZ28 so much that I just couldn't resist getting its newest relative (with a 3-year warranty this time...just in case). After having played around with my new FZ40, I feel I definitely made the right decision.

    I generally shoot things like plants in my garden and my animals (cat, horses), though I do a fair amount of indoor shots as well. This camera performs very well where all are concerned. It is way better in low light than the FZ28 was, and the flash is not so bright that it looks like you've got a spotlight on your subject when you use it. The quality of the images in the LCD screen are incredibly crisp, and the big size makes it easy to review everything your shots. This camera comes with a rechargeable battery, which I vastly prefer over AAs (in my experience, rechargeable battery charges last way longer).

    Most importantly, the pictures the FZ40 takes are flat-out awesome. Crisp, clear, detailed, just excellent. I was so excited to try this camera out that I wasn't being careful to hold the camera perfectly still when shooting. Even so, there was absolutely no noise or blurriness in any of the shots I took, even in low light without the flash. THAT makes me happy.

    Only a couple teeny tiny things I don't love but that aren't a big deal: I don't love the lens cap. Basically, tension holds it in place at the end of your lens and it just doesn't seem really secure to me. I bought a holster-style camera bag for that reason, and hopefully it will offer a little extra protection for the lens when transporting. Also, the review feature on the FZ40 is a separate button instead of an option on the dial like on older models. I preferred it the old way, but it's no big deal.

    All in all, I am EXTREMELY pleased with this camera. If that changes or if I notice anything noteworthy about it over the next few months, I'll come back to update. (Posted on 10/7/2010)

  217. Why its price fell down so fast???!!! Review by J. P. Riquezes

    I bought it for 360 just few days ago... Is there something wrong with this camera and the FZ100? It is so irritating... (Posted on 10/4/2010)

  218. WOW!! Review by S. L. Burcham "Shooter"

    WOW, this thing cooks!!! I'm comparing it to my work camera, a Sony DSC-H50 (by no means a cheap camera) and a Nikon L110 ( my personal camera). The Lumix FZ40 takes great photos and the video is superb!! I'm not disappointed at all and I'm sure you won't be either. The end result couldn't be any greater than it is - that's my humble opinion after starting with an Olympus digi camera back in the year 2000. (Posted on 10/1/2010)

  219. FZ40 - Nice Super Zoom! Review by ULong

    Remember: There is always a distance between reality and expectation/imagination.

    Frankly speaking, I am just a novice amateur in photography, so if you're like me, read on...otherwise you may skip this and read my updates at the bottom.

    At first, I thought I would get a decent DSLR, like D90, it would look cool with it on the shoulders, but the price keeps me away. Actually price for D90 is going up! (demand and supply rule, I guess?). Consider the body plus lenses, it easily costs me $1500! That's big commitment. At my level, a bridge camera seems most appropriate.

    I've been searching for compact camera under $400 (the limit I gave myself) for a couple of weeks before I came with a short list of three super zoom cameras: Panasonic FZ40, FZ35 and Fujifilm S200EXR. I prefer shooting birds to shooting night scenes, so I gave up on cameras like LX3. I also gave up on those without RAW mode.

    When I read S200EXR reviews, I was excited about its unique features. I even downloaded the manual and printed it out. I was just waiting for the price drop down, but it was the day before I made the final decision I happened to learn something about HDR. It seems to me most of those sample images come out of S200EXR are kind HDR images, which I can do by myself with software, maybe even better since I can control the settings. I might be wrong here. Also, both FZ35 and FZ40 have High Dynamic mode (but I'm not sure they are comparable or not). According to those reviews, S200EXR is better than the other two in low light condition (?). But I don't think it will help with the long zoom end anyway. Besides I will use the camera mostly during the day (with good light) in the nature. If I really need one for low light, I would get a LX3. Another thing, Adobe doesn't support its RAW format! (due to its unique sensor, maybe?) Although there is a convertor out there, I don't feel comfortable. So S200EXR was scratched from my list.

    Next thing is that, according to most of the reviews, FZ35 has better IQ than FZ40, but its price is getting higher lately! Is it against me or what? I guess it's mixed with some truth and some tricks (i.e. strategy to get rid of the old stocks). One thing I don't feel comfortable is the joystick, never used this kind of thing. Again, the day before I made the final decision, I found some decent images come out of FZ40/45 at, so I thought FZ40 is new, loaded with more goodies, and with the price getting narrow between FZ35 and FZ40, this is at least a good deal (last check FZ35 is even more expensive than FZ40!!!). Besides some average IQ images out there are most likely due to users' skill, not the camera (I would hope). Another thing is the Leica lens (Germany brand, might be made in Japan? Either way is superb). So much for the searching, I put an order as soon as the price dropped to $349.99 at price keeps dropping!

    Waiting is finally over, delivery is fast for free service as usual. I was so happy yesterday when I got my new "toy" (pretty light and small in hands, I had Nikon CP995 which is much heavier than this one), made in Japan (meaning good quality itself). While waiting for the delivery, I downloaded and printed out the manual (it comes with the camera on one of the two CDs, not printed, save some tree or go green?), I think it's helpful to get familiar with those new features first. I don't want to list those pros and cons here since many reviews have already done so. I played with it last night, I found AF is not working well in low light (as explained and expected), I tried MF and it turned out pretty useful. I also like the custom settings, you can save three different settings for later use, which are pretty handy feature. iA mode is pretty cool, I got some decent sharp images in low light, but unfortunately you cannot use RAW for this mode. Auto Bracket is easy to set and use, but again not available for RAW (this is odd, maybe due to the processing limit?). I think a tripod (or at least monopod) is a must-have for this camera to get sharp images (especially for long zoom end). So far so good, the menu is intuitive, the buttons are easy to reach but small, I guess I have to get used it. Time will talk. I hope the weather here will be nice this weekend so I can go out and play more. I might have to update this review with more findings later.

    Talking about something else, if you don't want/need super zoom, LX3 or even LX5 (if money is not an issue) is a very good camera (just my feeling by reading all the reviews and pictures), but they belong to another class though. Technology is changing quickly, more and more new stuff will come out , who knows what's like in five years, ten years. I would hope compact camera with bigger DSLR-like sensor will be a trend to watch. Also, it would be interesting to see how far Micro Four Thirds can go. This is just my opinion. For now I'm going to enjoy shooting with my new toy...

    Hope this will help some people like me make a decision (right or wrong, it's your money after all).




    I just got a chance to have some prints. I have one of bees photos (cropped to size 1168 x 1557) printed 8 x 10 at Costco, very (not super) sharp and detailed. Not to mention those 4 x 6.


    Let's be fair. Let's compare apple to apple, not to orange. Those good low light performers, like LX3, only have 2.5x zoom, and have up to f2.0 aperture, so to compare I used f2.8 (the largest aperture of FZ40, no zoom), I got decent sharp images! When using zoom, it requires more and more lights, so use large aperture, you won't be disappointed. Also, keep ISO as low as possible. I used up to 400. See some night scene photos I posted.
    Close-up mode works well in low light (indoor), I got sharp images consistently (handheld, 2 sec self-timer helps), even with 20x zoom sometimes.


    Simply amazing! Sound is great!


    Some RAW files (size 3244x2436) are not recognized by ACR. I think this happens when using i.Zoom feature with full zoom, not sure maybe a bug or by design?

    FYI: regular RAW file size 4320x3240, I got different size raw files, but ACR won't recognize anything around 10mb. Maybe this is an issue that ACR should take care.

    Not available in some mode, e.g. iA mode. Writing RAW file is slow, a couple of seconds (I use Class 10 16GB sdhc card). I wouldn't use RAW for sports mode though it's available. (Posted on 9/30/2010)

  220. Very solid camera Review by K. Balo "EmilEddie"

    I got this camera a week ago. After seeing some reviews and samples from FZ100 and FZ40, I had low expectations. The first night I took pictures under random settings. Surprisingly I got acceptable results. I have 6 MP Canon rebel and 10 MP Nikon Coolpix. This camera surpasses both in term of resolution and sharpness. I have a Sonny CVX500 HD video camera. FZ40 takes very good video footages, however in terms of image stabilization for the videos the Sony CVX500 does much better job.

    Raw image
    very fast start up
    fast focusing
    a lot of different settings
    Good image quality in low ISO
    good zoom 24X
    very realistic image colors
    Long battery life
    Flash quality is very good

    Price dropped from $400 to $350 in 10 days.
    Relative blurry and noisy images in ISO 1600 and above
    No raw setting with IA setting
    Can not take picture while shooting videos
    I found a software bug in this camera, under specific settings the face recognition utility freezes the camera most of the times. (Posted on 9/22/2010)

  221. Amazing Technology In A Small Package Review by hrhken

    Just received my Panasonic Fz40 from Amazon. I have several other cameras incling a
    Lumix point and shoot, and a DSLR. I was looking for something that had DSLR quality in a small package, with strong zoom. Well, I found it ! This camera will bring out the photographer in you. Indoor, and outdoor shots look great. Because of the very long zoom, a tripod or VERY steady hand may be necessary for best results.

    It is packed with many features. Most you will find yourself using. Be sure to spend some time with the instruction manual. Both the CD and quick guide. Get ready to read over 100 pages.

    For experienced users, you can jump right in. Or use it as a point and shoot.
    Image quality is excellent, however, I keep my ISO near 100, if possible. At 400, the noise creeps in like most digital cameras. This is another winner for Panasonic.
    Run, don't walk, to get one !

    PS the video is great also. (Posted on 9/21/2010)

  222. Glad I waited for the DMC-FZ40! Review by Jim

    I have been searching months for an inexpensive but good quality digital camera and have made the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 my choice.
    I based my purchase on image quality, range of zoom, ease of use, and price. This lightweight camera is amazing with it's 'ai' (auto intelligent)
    engine! Most all my shots are left on this mode. I have only had this camera a week and I am no professional photographer by far but this is a fun camera to experiment with, whether your
    into outdoor landscapes or macro, closeup shots of flowers or insects, etc. It's nice that Amazon has customer reviews and let them post their
    photos here, made my decision alot easier. Check out my variety of experimental photos on customer images! -Jim (Posted on 9/18/2010)

  223. Great Camera for Active Travelers Review by JamesC

    I've owned the FZ-40 for 6 days.

    As an active traveler, I have used several different cameras. You really can't go wrong with any of the mega-zoom point and shoots - they all have their pros and cons.

    However, the Panasonic FZ-40 is probably as good as P&S's will get with the current technology. Some day someone will figure out how to get a bigger and better sensor to work with a mega-zoom lens, but until then, the FZ-40 is my choice.

    This camera is easy to use, quick focusing, and has all the manual adjustments and flexibility you will ever need. It's well-designed and built for the active photographer. It also has a long battery life, but finding replacement batteries is a problem that Panasonic needs to clear up fast! Image quality is excellent compared to its competitors. Image stabilization is outstanding, even at full 24X zoom I don't need a monopod or tripod (I need one with my Olympus SP-800). The zoom is also quiet and smooth. ISO looks good up through 800. I'm still experimenting with macro shots - I'm not real happy yet, but it's probably me. I can't tell a lot of difference between normal and fine JPEG's, except for the file size. The EVF is very good - I can't live without a good view finder. I've tried zooming in the wilds with an LCD screen, and it just doesn't cut it!

    All in all, I rate this camera as excellent. I considered the FZ-100, but decided I did not need, nor want, the extra features. Besides, I've always had good results with the small CCD sensors.

    I've posted some sample pictures here in the customer images section. (Posted on 9/17/2010)

  224. Got it! Review by H. Bowman "Mailman"

    Very well made camera...Made in Japan....Took indoor pics with zoom x24 Great! Good focus...Fast.....I have 8GB class 10 card....Put on screen protection...Should be getting 52mm uv on Fri...Not very heavy...So far a sweet camera....Will test this weekend...Hope videos good! I really like the software included... (Posted on 9/8/2010)

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