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Panasonic Lumix 12.1 MP

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD - Red

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP


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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 Megapixel Compact Camera - 4.90 mm-22.80 mm - Red DMC-TS3R Digital Cameras

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  1. Unkillable Camera. Read below... Review by SoBeBum

    I was so excited when I got my TS3 for Christmas 2011. It promised to be a quick, easy point-and-shoot pocket camera that was faster on the draw than the TS1 that I was replacing it with (the TS1 was always a bit lagging on the shot speed, especially in the active, outdoor environment where this camera was designed to be used).

    After about 6 happy weeks of ownership, I took it on a ski trip to Colorado... where I promptly lost it on the side of the mountain. I had put my name and email on the camera, and retraced my steps (ski tracks) looking for it, but never found it. (Maybe the silver case blended in too well with the snow. That's why the new camera I bought is the orange model.)

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I got an email with the subject line: "I found your camera." I replied to the sender, and learned that they had been hiking on the same mountain (now free of snow) and had discovered the camera with my name and email on it. They agreed to mail the camera back to me.

    When I opened the box, I immediately pulled out the now-dead battery and inserted a charged one. The camera started right up! I went through the pictures on the memory before I lost it, and they were all intact! Then I took a few pictures with the camera, and it worked perfectly! I washed off the mud, inspected the camera, and found that after 6 months of being buried alive, frozen, carried in snow melt, and lying in mud, THE CAMERA STILL WORKS! All functions I have tested operate as new. The battery even holds a charge. I am simply amazed that after all this little guy has been through, it continues to work perfectly.

    As other reviewers have remarked, it takes good pictures, but is not likely to replace the massive SLR's used for photographing magazine covers. But I defy anyone to find a camera that can withstand more punishment without breaking. Kudos also to the Brother labelmaker whose labels adhered to the case for the 6 month enduro so that the kindly person who found the camera would know whose it was, and thanks go to my good samaritan friend in Colorado for returning it to me. (Posted on 8/21/2012)

  2. Love this camera Review by Tink Thinks

    This little camera has gone everywhere with me. It's been snorkeling in Mexico, Belize and Honduras. It survived a 7 year old taking down water slides and many dips in the pool. Video quality is great and pictures are too. We love it and use it all the time. It's going to Eastern Caribbean with us in a few months and I'm sure it will perform well there too! (Posted on 8/19/2012)

  3. Good with the right settings, but not great Review by NaturePhotog

    I purchased this camera primarily for snorkeling excursions. I've used it several times now in the Bahamas and Bermuda. I was also able to use it while scuba diving this year.

    I followed the instructions meticulously about preparing the camera for use underwater, and for cleaning when out of the water. I've had no problems with leaks and it's been over a year.

    The "intelligent auto" setting of the camera did fairly well. It recognized when I was photographing a person and switched to portrait mode. It also switched to macro mode when doing a close up of a flower, and landscape mode while taking pictures of a small island from a boat.

    The camera has several other pre-set modes, including one for beach/snorkel, and a second for underwater. According to the manual, underwater mode is used when going deeper than 40 ft, with the use of an underwater housing. Beach/snorkel mode is used for depths less than that. I found that these modes do not work that way.

    Using snorkel mode while in a 4 foot pool of clear water in bright sunshine, the camera took very good pictures, both above and below the water. The video turned out very clear as well. However, during beach and reef snorkels, despite the bright sun, any pictures under the water have a very noticeable blue-green look, like they were taken through a cloud on turquoise gas. They are in focus, but the colors are washed out. I assume that the camera's mode is trying to adjust for the loss of light and the color shift as you go deeper, but even near the surface, the pictures were not very good. Out of the water (on the surface and in a boat), the pictures were fine and the colors were accurate.

    Switching to underwater mode made a huge difference. The camera still did well on the surface using the underwater mode, but the underwater photos were bright and clear. Both snorkeling, with the camera from inches to a few feet under the water, to scubaing, down to about 25 feet below the water, the photos were clear, sharp, and colorful. If you will using the camera under any water besides a swimming pool, I would recommend only using underwater mode.

    The largest liability of the camera is its LCD. While on land or the water's surface, it is easy to see the LCD, read all the icons to see the settings, and make any adjustments. Underwater it is a different story. The LCD becomes nearly useless when looking through a snorkel mask underwater. Holding the camera at half an arm's length, the LCD was only a light blob with no detail at all. If you held it right up to your face, you cold see it, but then you couldn't see around it. I wasn't always sure I had my subject fully in the photo. When zooming, it was nearly impossible the be sure what you were actually photographing. Even having the camera at a slight angle caused the subject to be partially out of the frame. Consequently, I used much less zoom than I wanted for many subjects.

    The camera is far from perfect. However, I don't want to spend the money for a waterproof housing for my DSLR. So, as a compromise, this is OK. If you are planning on using this more at the pool, on the beach, in a boat, or other areas where you want the safety of a rugged camera, this is a good choice. If you spend a lot of time in the water, this may not be the best choice. However, I don't know that there is a great choice in point and shoot underwater cameras right now. With the right settings, the pictures are good, but the limitations of the LCD are a barrier to many shots. Overall, I am happy I have this camera, but I will continue to look for a replacement. (Posted on 8/8/2012)

  4. Invaluable for every water-related vacation I go on! Review by Robert

    I got this camera in early 2012, and I've brought it with me on every vacation I've gone on this year. It's provided great photos in Ghana, Bangladesh, and Spain! It's great in the rain and in the water (both pool and ocean). The only thing I haven't done with it yet is to take it snorkeling yet so I don't know how great the photos of fish underwater will be, although I'll bet that'll primarily be determined by the clarity of the water. The photos are high quality and the camera has stayed waterproof. In reviews of the TS4, I've seen that customers are much less satisfied as it seems like there have been a great deal of leaks. I haven't had any sort of issue with my TS3. I wish I had a camera like this years back as it would've been great in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and any other place where there's water! I've dropped the camera in the sand and taken it swimming, and it still works like a charm. The key is to clean it thoroughly after use and to not open up the camera until it's dry. Fully recommend this product! (Posted on 7/28/2012)

  5. Absolutely LOVED this camera! Review by Kaela

    I'm stunned when I look at all of the bad reviews that were left on this camera! I originally purchased this camera for a trip I was going on to Hawaii. I was hesitant to spend so much because of the reviews I had saw at the time, but still took the chance. Boy, am I so glad that I purchased it. The pictures that I took while scuba diving and snorkeling truly paid for the camera all in itself. I was blown away by the picture quality underwater as well as the video quality. When I had shown friends and family the pictures they all wanted to know what camera it was. My job requires diving so I knew I had to find a great camera that was point and shoot, this was so perfect and very easy to use.

    I knocked off a star because when I was closer in shore and using it, there were times sand would kick up when the waves would break. Well, sand got stuck in the zoom buttons and it was SUCH a pain trying to get it out. The buttons would not work at all and I had to keep rinsing it non-stop. Besides that, no complaints.

    I was able to use this camera for SO many occasions. I also thought it took great pictures out of water as well. I saw a comment about someone saying that they thought they were grainy. I blew my photos up and had no similar experience.

    I will suggest ALWAYS having a floatation wrist strap on the camera. I took a trip to CA to visit family and friends and thought I wouldn't need my big obnoxious floaty strap. Well, I ended up taking a trip to Lake Havasu with them for the big annual float. I took my chances and brought my precious camera.. I got out of my tube to swim a bit and a random gust of wind came out of no where and flipped my tube upside down. Camera was gone in 70 ft of water :(. BUT, I will definitely be re-purchasing because I never had any other issues :) (Posted on 7/26/2012)

  6. Sadly, it is a Ppiece of Junk - not waterproof Review by dave

    Gave this to my daughter as a gift for Christmas. Was not till the summer that we have started using it. Always locking the battery door and following the instructions.

    Used it for a couple minutes and it may be okay but in the pool for 1 hour and suddenly you will see water on the inside of the screen and then flickering and black. It dries out but it is not right.

    Others have given the same feedback.

    Amazon only offers a brief return policy, not even a 1 year warranty. Stuck with a $260 boat anchor... Something to think about.

    I'm a loyal Amazon customer but this gives me pause...

    Hope this helps others. (Posted on 7/22/2012)

  7. Exceeds expectations! Review by Tina

    I used it snorkeling and it worked great. It so much fun to be able to take underwater pictures and these came out well. I also used it in the snow and it nice not to worry about it getting wet. Additionally, there are numerous features on this camera that are fun to try. (Posted on 7/20/2012)

  8. Amazing Camera Review by Stephyyy

    Amazing camera. this camera has opened up a new view on my life.with its underwater its 40 feet underwater ability and its Hd videos it is turned out to be the best camera ive ever had. although ive been unable to upload the videos on my computer, the quality of the pictures on the lcd screen are still phenomenal. the menu's are very easy to use and simple enough to pick up immediately. this camera is an all around success. it is rugged and has a sleek design. love stephyyy (Posted on 7/18/2012)

  9. Excellent daytime pictures and very easy to use Review by C. Scott "retired slacker"

    This camera gets rave reviews for its daytime photo taking abilities and for good reason. My friends and I love the day time photos I took with this camera while traveling in Europe last year. The clarity and color representation are excellent and it was a breeze to use. The night time photos are gorgeous when I was able to use the nighttime mode which takes 2-10 seconds and requires a stationary surface. The handheld nighttime shooting mode works pretty good but it can't compete with a DSLR nor does it work for motion shots such as during a boat/bus ride or when taking photos of moving objects. If only I could get a DSLR small enough to fit in my pocket with built-in GPS...

    While the GPS and compass make geotagging a piece of cake there was one huge problem with this feature. It seems that all of my photos are off by one GPS coordinate. For instance my first photo after landing in Paris was taken in the US apparently... Also, infuriatingly, they released a GPS precision update after my trip specifically tailored for Europe so some of my geo-tags are off by more than they should have been. The update could possibly have addressed my "off-by-one" issue as well if it's related to acquiring GPS locks but the details on the update are pretty vague.

    One issue many users of this camera will experience at some point is taking some photos after accidentally touching the lens cover with an errant finger, basically ruining the pictures. This is especially an issue because there is no viewfinder and the LCD isn't anywhere near the resolution of the pictures taken by this camera so it's very difficult to notice a smudge on the lens cover. However, due to how the lens is recessed into the casing of the camera I usually noticed when I did this before taking any pictures. 20 of my 3000 pictures had smudges on them and had to be deleted. Unfortunately I wanted to keep two of them.

    I did in fact try out the underwater feature a couple times while on the French Riviera and the camera got some water inside of it after my second trip to the beach. I followed all of the instructions provided with the camera except that I used a beach shower to clean it rather than calm water but Lumix provided warranty service for me anyways. What really sucked about this is that it occurred halfway through my trip and as a result the camera was sporadically resetting itself, especially under bright lighting conditions where this camera excels.

    If you're looking for an easy to use camera for taking daytime pictures that can survive your punishment you'd be lucky to find a better camera without spending way more money. (Posted on 7/17/2012)

  10. This camera died on our vacation Review by MANI S AYYALASOMAYAJULA

    I got this camera for our yearly vacation to Outer banks of NC. I read the instructions carefully before taking the camera to the beach. I didn't even go into the water completely but the camera got wet while taking couple of shots. That is it. The camera just froze and died. Had to return it to Amazon. (Posted on 7/12/2012)

  11. I can't find little reason not to love this camera Review by Carol A. Anderson

    The waterproof camera reviews are full of yeahs and OH NO IT LEAKS.
    It doesn't matter which brand it is. I like this camera for three basic reasons. The 1080p video is better then expected,2) It can go to 40 feet, which means a PADA diver like we are, can use it for a 2nd tank dive. 3) It seems amazing that such a small device can do so much with such a small size.
    Why only 4 stars if I like it so well? Well, yes it is shock proof to it's limits, however, it does chip the pretty blue finish when dropped.

    I will say it is so easy anyone can do it. My grand kids took it in the pool for hours at a time and got by great with it, and it survived them. (Posted on 7/10/2012)

  12. tickled pink Review by elliemae

    this is the 5th camera I've tried in the last month...with the exception of a little bigger zoom I couldn't be happier. For a bomb proof camera the quality of the photos , great. So user friendly that I was able to figure out the video while snorkeling the first time. My favorite aspect, the quick menu which gives you instant access to the most used options. [...] for a great quick lesson on the features. (Posted on 7/10/2012)

  13. Great camera!! Review by Kim

    We wanted to purchase a camera that will take underwater photos. This camera took GREAT underwater pictures. In fact, it took great pictures out of the water as well. We recently took it on vacation and only brought this compact camera instead of our larger camera with multiple lenses, etc. We were pleasantly surprised at how great the pictures turned out. If you have trouble with your mask fogging up, keep the camera on the wide angle setting so you can see it a little better on the screen. We highly recommend this camera!!! (Posted on 7/5/2012)

  14. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA!!!!! Review by db

    I was very excited about this camera as I had wanted something less bulky than the underwater cameras I had in the past. This was not my first underwater camera and I am very familiar with the care of cases and how to prevent unwanted leakage. That being said, I went to great lengths to be sure nothing happened to this camera such as following every direction provided by Panasonic and babying this camera far beyond any of my previous underwater cameras and STILL IT LEAKED!!! What frustrated me even further was that my traveling partner has had a Sony underwater camera for 3 years now and hardly does anything but sometimes rinse it in fresh water and it is still going strong. The Panasonic was still under warranty when it leaked and began to malfunction (and had only been in the water 3 times) so I sent it to the repair center in Texas expecting it to be replaced or at the very least repaired without charge. Another friend of mine purchased an underwater Pentax camera and when it leaked within the warranty period, she received a new camera without question. PANASONIC, on the other hand, wants to charge $180 TO REPAIR MY CAMERA STATING THAT IT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY, and that it was the fault of the user it leaked. Why would I want to pay $180 to repair a camera that was faulty in the first place?
    I want to really emphasize the fact that though you may think you are the exception and know how to take care of the camera properly and it won't leak for you (as I did), it will leak, and malfunction, and Panasonic WILL REFUSE TO HONOR YOUR WARRANTY.

    Yes there are a lot of great things about this camera, IF YOU NEVER TAKE IT UNDER WATER. (Posted on 6/30/2012)

  15. Avoid this camera! Review by DAFXRX

    We bought this camera to use underwater. My husband took it diving to about 6 feet and took 4 picutures with him and his buddies and IT DIED. We did everything that was recommended by checking the seal and making sure it was water tight before and it still stopped working. It was only the 2nd time we turned it on, so we sent it in for warranty repair through Panasonic. Here's the kicker- the warranty work is going to cost me $180!! No thank you. Panasonic can keep this horrible money trap and I'm going to go with another, more reputable brand. Those 4 pictures cost me $75 each. AVOID THIS! (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  16. Warranty and customer service an absolute nightmare Review by Chris Irwin

    All those super reviews must come from people who work for Panasonic. We bought two of these cameras less than 6 months ago AND bought the extended 3 year warranty. BOTH of them began having GPS problems months into the field. So we sent the one in that completely crashed with ALL the warranty and other data physically written on the box.

    We get a call from Texas demanding we pay cash. I explained we were on manufacturers AND extended warranty and they said they had no record on that send us cash or we send camera back.

    I tried to call back and the number the woman left did not work. I called and was transferred 5 TIMES! Each time during the transfer I was hung up on--or was told that was not a valid extension.

    So I called the extended warranty number--they said no problem and in minutes the guy told me that we were still under manufacturers--transferred me and after a few minutes of elevator music I was told not a valid extension and hung up on.

    THEN I called, with all our numbers and data Panasonic and this main number I found. They told me the number in Texas I was given was wrong--gave me the right number--the transferred me--and you guessed it--was hung up on.

    THEN I finally got through to a person at the Texas number--he tries telling me the factory warranty ONLY covers the seals--and IF the seals are good going out, and they test the seals coming back = no factory warranty.

    I explained that our problem was the GPS, which has ZERO to do with the seals--and this baffled him. He said he saw my point--collected my info--promised to call back, then I never heard anything again.

    TWICE our staff has sent the information to TEXAS which is PHYSICALLY WRITTEN ON THE BOX. I also collected all the info and sent it to the email that was left.

    This has been HELL. Do not believe those lying fake post at the start about how wonderful this is. This is an expensive product with terrible tech support--the worst I have ever experienced. (Posted on 6/26/2012)

  17. Outstanding durable camera, takes terrific shots and movies Review by Kyle Lawrence

    When I went on my honeymoon to the Caribbean back in March, I knew I wanted a camera that was durable, was waterproof, and would capture the beauty of both the landscape of St. John as well as the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the water. I was not disappointed at all. With this camera, I was able to take hundreds of pictures underwater during various snorkeling stops, and caught a ton of movies of some of the local marine life (including sharks and barracuda!).

    If you're going to buy this, I definitely recommend buying the Chum thing (that yellow thing that causes the camera to float if you drop it. If you're spend some money on a good waterproof camera, you need the flotation device as the camera will sink like a stone in a matter of seconds if dropped.

    If you're planning on buying this camera, make sure you familiarize yourself with how to properly take care of it. For instance, after each underwater use (or really, anytime it is exposed to water be it at sea or in the elements), you need to soak the camera in cold tap water for 20 minutes, then open it up and let it dry. There are numerous little maintenance tips that you'll need to familiarize yourself with but don't let this scare you off - it's worth it and once you get the hang of it, its easy.

    Happy shooting! (Posted on 6/20/2012)

  18. I love my Lumix Review by Holly

    I noticed there are two different versions of this camera. I have a feeling that the reviews here are from both versions instead of just the one. Anyway, I have had my LumixDMc_TS3 for almost a year. It is the one that says Full HD on the front in the bottom left corner. I have had zero problems with it and we use it almost every day. I have taken some really cool macro shots, many many underwater shots, and more. I generally do my underwater shots with the continuous shot mode because my boys don't hold still for photos. This isn't the best quality mode but even with that, I really have a lot of incredible pictures. I don't know how the knewer version compares, but I know this version I have has been easy to take care of and easy to take great pictures with. (Posted on 6/19/2012)

  19. Very impressed Review by KiwiChick

    I've recently bought this camera for our Cook Island honeymoon. We travel a lot and it is nice to have a camera you don't have to worry about. I also have dSLR and this one is a nice addition.

    I was very impressed with the quality of the pictures, especially the underwater ones that I took while snorkelling. It did help that the visibility in the shallow lagoon was great, but looking through the photos back home I was very happy with them, they are very sharp, and the colours are vibrant.

    I treat all my gear with utmost care and I make sure I always follow the instructions, soak and then dry it properly.

    I'm not one for reading manuals, maybe I should have, because it took my a while to find the +/- exposure buttons. The basic menu, eg how to change settings, is very easy to navigate though.

    I took a couple of videos snorkelling and on land (while riding a scooter ;) ) and I'm equally impressed with the video quality. Thats a great wee

    I've used the camera in the ocean, in the pool and in the rain and I am very happy with it and would thoroughly recommend it. (Posted on 6/19/2012)

  20. Great unless it gets in the water!! Review by Andrew's mommy

    We have had this camera for about 9 months. It takes beautiful pictures both insides and out. It is fairly easy to use and set up. It fits in my husband's pocket, which is a must when we travel. The screen is large and makes it easy to see the shot you are trying to get. It has also proven to be pretty shock resistant as it has been dropped several times and banged on walls - all by accident as we move through the day with luggage and a young child.

    Now, with all of the nice things said about this camera (I am not technical nor a photography expert so I cannot give specific details on more advanced features), this camera is NOT water proof. My husband has taken it kayaking, so it did get splashed on and it had no problems but either did our last non-waterproof camera with this activity. The problem happened last month when we decided to take it snorkeling. Well, it was in about 6 inches of water (since we were still getting positioned) and it took 3 pictures (which did survive) and it died - black screened on us. We thought okay, it needs to dry out and get some rest, as if it had a hard day and needed some time to reflect on how to go forward. Well, letting our little blue camera rest and dry out did not help it. It was utterly and totally dead!!

    We called the warranty department and got a very nice young lady to help us with the procedure on returning the camera for repairs. We sent the camera to them by priority mail and one week later the status online said that they had not received it. We called them again and they said it was there probably but they have a BACKLOG of this particular camera so they will get to it as soon as possible. This was a huge red flag for us and one that I wish would have been in bold letters on the product page!! :) The helpful people, which they were every time we contacted them, called us three days later and left a message saying that they could not repair the camera and they were sending us a replacement.

    Our camera got water in the lens, the flash, and the battery case - it smelled burnt and took two days for the lens to dry out. It was toast.

    I would have gladly given this camera 1 star but I feel as though since the company stood behind their product then they deserve my 3 star rating. With that said though, we will not use this camera in water again. I would not recommend this product for its intended use of being water proof/resistant and it is too expensive for a point and click camera since you can get the basic features on far less expensive models. There are plenty of people who have not had this difficulty but I would read through the reviews carefully before you decide to purchase this camera. (Posted on 6/12/2012)

  21. Overpriced For Mediocre Photos - Waterproof? Review by Lard Helmet "weephole"

    Bought this camera early last summer in anticipation of a trip to Maui, which would include a lot of snorkeling. There were very few reviews at the time so I purchased the camera mostly on faith.
    I recieved it just prior to our departure,and used it extensively on land and in the water.
    By the end of the trip , the camera was no longer functioning - black screen - even though I had followed all of the immersion and post immersion procedures to a T.Upon returning home, I had to send it to Texas for repairs and didn't see it again for 3 months.
    While the camera was working, I took underwater vids, and still photos, on land and in the water. In my opinion, the photos were very good in bright sunlight, and mediocre to poor indoors, or in any kind of low lighting. The underwater videos were good as long as there was ample sunlight and we weren't too deep.
    Compared to the Sony Bloggie that one of our travel partner's brought along, the land videos weren't in the same league - the bloggie took much more vivid videos with less lense flare, and other weird abberations that the Lumix experienced, depending on the angle of the sun.
    All in all,I am very disappointed with the camera. I have an old Fuji finepix 3.5 megapixel camera and a Canon A630 8MP that take much better pictures, and land videos than the lumix. The only thing that I can recommend about the Lumix
    is underwater, or rugged photos/video if you don't mind settling for mediocre shots in most conditions.Also, the waterproof design could be flawed, as mine malfunctiond after a few days of underwater use. (Posted on 6/12/2012)

  22. TERRIBLE CAMERA Review by TravelingWife

    Unfortunately this camera did not live up to expectations. I had a Nikon before and it was far superior to this camera. The underwater shots were good (not great). I'll give it that, but above water shots, not so great. And the camera did fog up. It says several times to not worry about this, but it gave many of my shots a "foggy" look to them. We had a once is a lifetime swim with dolphins and all my photos are foggy and look like they were taken 60 years ago.
    Photography is a hobby of mine and I have an excellent "everyday" camera and was hoping to have something similar for my snorkeling, etc. This one just fell short on several levels.
    Now after only a few months it is dead after taking on water while on a snorkeling trip. I know I had the lock on and am still waiting to hear if Panasonic will repair, replace or tell me to take a hike. I'm hoping for the best.
    UPDATE: so Panasonic wouldn't even talk to me about my camera. They sent it back, of course, not honoring their warranty. They almost laughed at me for trying, they had every excuse in the book to not replace the camera. I read and re-read the warranty and I was completely within my rights to have it replaced. Not only will I never purchase another Panasonic camera, I will never buy another Panasonic product. A company this large should stand behind their products and I should have listened to the other reviews about leaking and poor customer service. I'm going back to Nikon!! (Posted on 6/11/2012)

  23. Used roughly, daily for about a year with no problems. Review by S. Michaelis "S Michaelis"

    I work with the Insurance industry, mostly documenting roofing-type claims. That means I need a good point-and-shoot camera that will survive constant rough treatment while I am scrambling around on roofs taking tons of pictures -- rain or shine.

    I am very pleased to say that after about a year of daily use my Orange DMC-TS3 has held up to this task perfectly. I work with the camera in my tool belt where it is constantly jostled around, often dirty, and occasionally wet. Sometimes I accidentally drop it. In spite of my best efforts to break the thing, it continues to operate perfectly, with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    I am not a sophisticated camera user, but I appreciate all the work others have done to help demonstrate the very good photo and video quality. (All those camera-techie reviews are what helped me decide to purchase this camera over the close competition.) When taking pictures, I most often simply use the "intelligent" auto-everything point and shoot functions. With the work that I do, I need hundreds of high-quality pictures that display good details, but when I'm working (up on a steep roof) I don't want to have to think about how to take a good picture. Thankfully my DMC-TS3 delivers this over and over and over.

    I also use the camera recreationally. I recently took the camera to the local high-speed go-cart track, and was able to shoot pretty good pictures and HD video while driving. About twice a month I take the camera swimming, and my family loves the underwater pictures. My young children especially like having their pictures taken while splashing around. Even when snorkeling in the murky light at depths of 25+ feet, the pictures are much better than I would have expected. There's a handy pre-programed 'underwater' mode that makes this easy. Again, the DMC-TS3 consistently delivers excellent pictures every time, without me needing to excessively fiddle with the settings.

    I found a nice, perfect fitting, shock-protective silicone jacket for the camera, which significantly helps protect the camera.
    Bought here on Amazon, LINK:
    The silicone jacket does not help the waterproofness at all, but I believe that it provides a huge improvement by making the wet camera easier to grip while protecting the camera from drops, etc. After a year of use the snazzy orange housing remains in like-new condition, even after a number of big drops -- a few of these drops happened while I moving fast (running, biking, etc), where the camera fell and then scuttled and tumbled along the asphalt for a compelling distance. To my amazement (wearing the silicone jacket) there is no apparent damage to the camera.

    I also have experimented with a wireless Eye-Fi card in this camera, "Eye-Fi Pro X2 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Wireless Flash Memory Card."
    Bought here on Amazon, LINK:
    While it works reasonably well, and the Wi-Fi functionality from the camera certainly was novel, I suspect that the DMC-TS3's high-quality metal housing might hinder the strength of the Eye-Fi's signal. The card seems to work better in some of my other more plasticy devices (mobile scanner, etc). My experience was that the Eye-fi card was pretty slow in this camera (around 15-25 seconds per picture). When working, I usually am transferring around 100+ full resolution photos at a time, often doing this several times a day. I now use a 'class-10' 16GB card, and I find it much faster to just remove the SD card and manually transfer the camera's data directly to my computer. While I ended up deciding to not use the Eye-Fi card in the camera professionally, it remains a pretty cool gadget. I am more inclined to use the Eye-Fi card while at the beach or while swimming -- places where I do not want to open the camera for fear of contaminating with water or sand....

    All in all, I am extremely happy with my Panasonic DMC-TS3. Arguably there may (or may not) be other similar cameras out there which deliver slightly better performance in one catagory or another. But when taken as a whole, even under the roughest use, this camera has greatly exceeded my expectations. I would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who intends to use it in any capacity. (Posted on 6/5/2012)

  24. Not water proof. Review by Marc

    I used this camera under water while snorkeling. It stopped working within minutes. I checked the latch before using it and after. It was closed and locked.
    I sent it back to Panasonic but they would not honer the warranty and wanted almost $200 dollars to fix it. They said water got into it so it's not under warranty<a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Orange)</a>. I'll never buy another Panasonic product. (Posted on 6/4/2012)

  25. OK when not wet Review by Allen Thomas Jr

    Great looking camera, with a lot of nifty options, but on the third day of the snorkeling trip it fried and went dark. Followed instruction for cleaning and opening the camera, but it did leak some water and that was all it took. Hoping that Amazon will honor the refund request. The few photos I got were good, but not as good as the Canon Powershot D20. My son had it and used it without any problems or leakage.Would buy for hiking and general land use, knowing it could take a rain or light wetting, but not to knowingly take underwater, which is how it is marketed. Also in followup research, Panasonic recommends sending camera in every year to get seals replaced, again wish I had known this before purchasing. (Posted on 6/3/2012)

  26. Good image quality & features - poor waterproof seal Review by A. Rappaport "@AlanRappa"

    Disappointed to leave a 1 star review here, as the TS3 gets high marks from me in all areas except waterproofing.

    I purchased my TS3 from Amazon back in October, 2011 and had two successful vacations with the camera. The third trip however proved to be the camera's last. After a day of taking photos while splashing on the beach, the TS3 began acting up. Fog appeared on the inside of the camera over the lens element, making it impossible to take any worthwhile photos.

    This issue soon spread to sections of the LCD screen - but cleared after waiting a few moments. I thought perhaps the fogging was due to the temperature difference between the cold water and warm air - so continued to shoot.

    That is when the LCD screen began flickering on and off and the camera became completely inoperable. Attempting to review photos displayed a message that the display ration was set wrong - yet I was unable to get into any menu to fix it.

    It was at this point I gave up wasting my time with the camera and went on enjoying my vacation.

    To give you some background on myself - I am an avid photographer as well as a admitted gadget geek. I take extremely good care of my toys, and enjoy reading every page of an owners manual.

    I took great care when it came to my TS3 - brushing the seal with the included brush to remove any dust or sand that might compromise the waterproof seal as well as soaking the camera in fresh water after every use.

    I did not use the camera in any manner that would have been considered 'above and beyond' normal expectations, yet after only a few trips I am left with a non-operable camera.

    After reading about other's experiences with Panasonic support, I'm opting to just completely wash my hands of this camera and call it a total loss.

    Buyer beware. (Posted on 6/3/2012)

  27. Great underwater camera Review by Shelley Niesen

    I purchased this camera over a year ago to take on a trip to the Caribbean for snorkeling. It performed fantastic! I used it 4 times in different locations and did not have a single issue with it the entire time. I did follow the instructions to soak it in clean water afterward and clean the seals, and having done that it has been a terrific camera. We have one also at my work along with a rugged Olympus Stylus Tough point and shoot and the Panasonic has performed much better. The Olympus was taken underwater one time and leaked into the board so it had to be replaced (although I will say their service was great, but I cannot speak about Panasonic service yet since I haven't needed it!). The only downfall I would say it has is that it sometimes does not take the clearest photos in low light, but since this seems to be a common problem with all point and shoots I've used I don't believe it is a drawback to buying it. It takes excellent, clear photos, especially outdoors and also does very well in video mode. The GPS feature is also nice since it will tell you the name of the location you are closest to and saves that information. It also has several different settings depending on the environment you are shooting in. All in all, for the price, it is an excellent ruggedized camera that performs as the manufacturer claims it does- at least in my experience. (Posted on 6/2/2012)

  28. Broke after six months Review by M. Sulc

    Our camera stopped working after 6 months. We sent the camera back to Panasonic for repair and they told us it was broken due to our negligence and we would have to pay for the repair. We had only taken good care of the camera (taking care to always have it closed in water and rinsing with freshwater after swimming). We did have it in seawater quite often (which is what the camera is supposed to be for). Before we decided on whether to have it fixed or not for about $200, they returned it to us. It did work very well while we used it, but if you are buying it to use in water or in any type of harsh condition, I would recommend something else. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

  29. Do not buy! Not waterproof, terrible warranty service! Review by Paul

    I paid $360 for this camera because I wanted a good camera that was waterproof and rugged. From the reviews I read, I understood that this camera took good (not excellent) pictures and video, and with a $360 price tag, it should be waterproof as well. I live a very active lifestyle on Okinawa, Japan, and I wanted a camera that I could take with me on the go. I have a Canon EOS Rebel that I am very happy with, but for obvious reasons, this is not the camera to take with you while you go snorkeling or surfing and doesn't fit neatly into my wife's purse when we go out to dinner.
    But, alas, my dreams of putting this (very expensive) camera into my boardshorts when I went surfing on small days or taking pictures of the reef and fish here were crushed my wife swam up to me in the ocean and said "I think the camera battery died". We came home and I washed off the camera in the faucet and then opened it up to charge the battery. After charging, I put it back in, and I could hear the camera working but the screen did not turn on. Upon further investigation, I saw condensation inside lens and I knew I would sending this back for warranty service. Although extremely disappointed that water got into my "waterproof" camera, I consoled myself with the fact that the camera was still under its extremely short 6 month warranty. I would also like to point out the fact that I had this camera in the ocean only about 5 or so times total.
    After mailing in the camera, I received word that the warranty repair service wanted $180.25 to fix the repair. I called the warranty repair service to clarify, because this was obviously a mistake since (1) my camera was under warranty and (2) I have only used this camera within its given specifications i.e. I never took it below the surface more than 12m (it actually never got below about 1m). However, the repair service center said that the camera was out of warranty due to "corrosion" caused by improper cleaning.
    I am not sure where the corrosion was, because I did not see any visible. I did run the camera under the faucet after use, but for those of us who live near the ocean, you know it is impossible to get that stuff out from everywhere. Either way, I view this problem as a design flaw that should be covered under warranty.
    Bottom line, don't buy this camera or any others in its family. I would also steer clear of Panasonic in general due to their poor warranty service. (Posted on 5/30/2012)

  30. Great Camera for Active People Review by Ron

    I bought this camera because I do a lot of hiking and snorkeling. This camera is wonderful! The clarity of the photos are real good, the hd video recording is good, and it's very easy to operate. The camera takes photos pretty much instantly with no lag, so you are able to take another photo quickly if needed. I haven't dropped the camera so I can't speak about the ruggedness of the camera, but I have taken it snorkeling multiple times. This camera works great underwater and takes good looking photos and video. You can go above water to underwater or vice versa while filming and it still looks good. I really can't find any flaws or complaints about this camera. Overall it's a great camera to have and I'm very happy that I bought it. (Posted on 5/30/2012)

  31. Great underwater camera Review by Andrea K Rankin

    I love this camera! I have been so happy with my purchase and I believe the pictures that haven't turned out so well are most likely due to user error. I am just your average camera user, definitely no professional so all the technical stuff means very little to me. It took many hours of research before I finally decided on this camera, my previous camera was the fuji xp10, which I loved, but this one is so much better. It doesn't really seem like the battery compartment closes tight enough to be waterproof, but as of yet I have not had any problems. I think the most important thing to remember with these cameras is to rinse the camera in fresh water after being in the ocean, the saltwater can damage the seal over time (or so I hear). I am happier with this purchase than expected. I bought it online from 42nd street photo ( it was cheaper there and I was so pleased with the customer service I received

    Pros: This camera is easy to use and the menu is easy to navigate (this was my reason for not buying the nikon, I hear it has a difficult menu). Waterproof up to 40 feet and if you plan on going further it is one of the few lower end models with a housing case that can take it over 100 feet (fuji and canon do not). This camera takes great photos you just have to understand the different modes, and it has so many different scene modes including airplane mode, firework mode, underwater mode, etc.

    Cons: battery life is short especially underwater (buy a second battery, preferably an extended life battery). Slightly bigger than comparable cameras.

    The websites I found the most helpful when deciding were the ones that did the group test and really went into detail with each camera. (Posted on 5/30/2012)

  32. Awesome Camera.. Needs a Lens Cover!! Review by SMB

    Definitely one of the BEST mid-priced waterproof cameras out there. Takes awesome photos, low latency (which seems to be the biggest problem with the other waterproof cameras out there and we know this first-hand..... Really love just about everything about it (and there are plenty of other reviews that get into the technical details so I don't need to repeat all of that again), but WHY, WHY, WHY didn't they design this with a LENS COVER!??? The darn thing gets SO dirty that the pictures start getting all fuzzy and blurry after awhile. And with a waterproof camera that happens SO fast. What a huge miss by this manufacturer. I'm still giving it 4 stars because it definitely deserves it, but ARRRGH, I am SO sick of cleaning off that damn lens cover every other time I take a picture! (Posted on 5/29/2012)

  33. Great Sports Accessory Review by cphedges

    I like to kayak, and this little number took the worry out of being on the water! I originally purchased a case for my regular camera, but it was very cumbersome and limited the view...AND made the camera vulnerable when I was actually taking the picture. But with this camera, I can go without worry. It can handle weather and some bumps without worry. It's great for outdoor shots, but not so good indoors. In addition, the lens is exposed to fingerprints and dust, so you have check and possibly wipe it before you take pictures to avoid fuzzy shots. Also, I have inadvertently lost some video clips I'd really like to have. You have to stop the video BEFORE you turn off the camera or lose the video clip. But all in all, the camera is a great accessory to have for outdoor, especially water, activities. (Posted on 5/28/2012)

  34. This camera is a dog Review by Beardie "Beardie"

    I purchased this camera for a trip to the Galapagos based on reviews and a past favorable experience with one other Panasonic Lumix point and shoot camera. In terms of experience, I would classify myself as an advanced amateur. I was a little concerned that there were several reports of water leakage in brand new TS-3s. There were however, an equal or greater number of reviews from people who loved this camera. Having used waterproof cameras before, and knowing how sensitive they are to the least bit of "mistreatment", I concluded that the people that had leaky cameras had not properly followed operating instructions. And since I am a very careful person (some say to a fault), I figured leakage would not be an issue for me. I now know that is NOT the case, as I'll describe later.

    I obtained the camera about a month in advance of our trip and I took the time to read all of the instructions. Please note that only a very basic guide comes with the camera; the more detailed instruction manual must be printed out from the CD that accompanies the camera. Grrrrr. Annoyance #1

    I took the camera out and took some shots to familiarlize myself with its operation. Each time you turn on the camera the screen flashes a warning about locking the battery/SD compartment to prevent leakage before using the camera underwater. This was more than a little annoying. So, I checked the instructions and followed the directions which were supposed to disable this warning. It didn't. I decided I'd just have to live with seeing the warning each time I turned on the camera - not a big deal. Later, it became a big deal because I had to wait so long for the warning to go away that I missed some great shots. Annoyance #2

    I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the test shots. Not particularly sharp. Color rendition off. And I found it did not have as many potential settings as my other Lumix point and shoot - very limited, with little creative freedom. Annoyance #3.

    But since we didn't have much time before our trip, I decided it was "good enough" at least for underwater photos while snorkeling. I had other, better cameras to use for land-based photography. Off we went to the Galapagos....

    Day 2 of our 8 day trip I took this camera in the water while snorkeling. I had followed the operating instructions precisely, and almost immediately the camera started malfunctionning. The screen flashed on and off, and I was only able to get off a few shots before it quit working. This is beyond an annoyance. This is unacceptable.

    Upon returning to the boat, I soaked the camera in fresh water as instructed, then thoroughly dried it off. Immediately upon opening the compartment to remove the SD card, I noted a drop of water inside the compartment. I removed the SD card and battery and left the compartment open to air dry overnight. I hoped it was an isolated incident, but had my doubts....

    The following day...the camera came back to life, but the same thing happened. I got off about a dozen shots, in between having the screen flash on and off. Again, water droplets inside when I opened the compartment. I left it to dry overnight. And it worked fine on land the next day, but leaked immediately when we went snorkeling with it.

    If you want to see the shots I made with it, go to Days 2 and 3 of: [...]

    At that point, it simply became too frustrating to even try to use this camera in the water. We gave up on it. Since returning to land and apparently drying out, it has again come back to life. But since I'm not crazy about the camera overall, I never use it.

    I've read the other reviews where Panasonic has denied culpability for water leakage, saying that operating instructions were not followed, and trying to charge customers outrageous sums to fix what is clearly a bad camera. Since I know this is what they will likely do with me too, and I don't want to invest one penny more in this piece of junk, I'm not even going to pursue it with them.

    But I do want to warn other potential purchasers away from this camera. I wouldn't want them to suffer the disappointment I have, from missing so many great shots from our Galapagos vacation.

    Panasonic makes some great cameras. This just isn't one of them. Get a different "waterproof" camera. (Posted on 5/28/2012)

  35. I loved it until it got stolen. Just ordered a new one. Review by Igor Beletsky "Malilsh"

    I purchased the camera 2 weeks after it came out, we go to the Caribbean 2 times a year and I wanted something I could take snorkeling and not to deal with and underwater case for my DSLR. I tested it the second I got it home and fell in love with it right away. We took it to our wedding in Dominican and my friends fell in love with it. I took video swimming with sharks on it and show it on my 65" TV and the quality is amazing. Yes it has few downsides, its not great in low light and battery life is shortened by underwater shooting but the quality of the underwater pictures and video is amazing. Mine unfortunately got stolen 2 weeks ago so I have to buy a new one. (Posted on 5/24/2012)

  36. Worked fine for the first half year. Review by Aaron Fry "Aaron"

    I bought this camera last year because I am a very adventurous outdoors type of guy and I needed a camera that could keep up. Up until this last week the camera has worked flawlessly, Ive taken it up mountains, through rivers, camping ect.. Well I guess the Carribean is where the TS3 met its match. After a few days of snorkeling the camera refuses to turn on, even with a full battery. Yesterday it started acting very strange ie lense fogging up, turning off randomly, buttons not working, but today the thing is a paperweight. I have been extremely cautious in handling the camera especially around water and so I know that the malfunction is not any fault of mine. I got on the live chat with Panasonic tech support, all they did was forward me a link to mail it off to get repaired for more than half of what I paid for the darn thanks. So now im stuck in Antigua for the next week with a lovely disposable camera. I loved the TS3 it gave me phenomenal pictures in its very very short life but there's absolutely no way I would buy another one. (Posted on 5/23/2012)

  37. Panasonic, not worth the money - DON'T BUY PANASONIC Review by T. Gagnon "without sound"

    First of all, don't believe the long winded four and five star reviews, they are bought and paid for, or haven't used the camera under normal conditions. After three days in Hawaii, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 lcd started flashing and it wouldn't take any more pictures. It was over a month since it was purchased, so there wasn't any returning it. Went through all the paperwork, sent it in for repair, proof of deliver was nearly a week ago and status of repair says not received. After several emails to Panasonic, I received a phone number for the repair place and they are going to look into it. Panasonic isn't what it used to be, it is POOR Quality, Terrible Support and I will NEVER buy a device with the word Panasonic on it again. Don't buy Panasonic! (Posted on 5/23/2012)

  38. Terrible Warranty Service Review by rong2789

    The camera stopped working after about an hour, the first time I took it snorkeling.
    I had carefully checked to make sure it was properly closed according to the instructions.
    I returned it to the Panasonic Warranty center per their instructions.
    About two weeks later Panasonic called to tell me the camera was not covered by the warranty because they found corrosion in it. The corrosion was probably from water getting through the seal.
    They would not let me speak to a Supervisor or revisit their decision on refusing the warranty but offered to replace it for only $210.
    What is the purpose of a warranty on a supposed waterproof camera if they do not cover leakage? (Posted on 5/22/2012)

  39. Lumix is exactly what I was looking for Review by intlgranolagirl

    Awesome camera! Arrived the day before we left for the Exuma Islands. We used it in & out of the water without any issues at all. (we didn't even test it before we left) Took excellent photos and video. We have great pictures of swimming pigs underneath and above the water. Our photos from swimming with nurse sharks turned out clear and detailed. Had no issues with it at all. Small, brightly colored (easy to see if you dropped it), water and shock proof (within the parameters of the guide)... what more could you ask for?!? The only thing I wish it would do is go into deeper depths for diving. But for the price and size I cannot find a single fault with this camera. (Posted on 5/21/2012)

  40. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch Review by Mike Braun

    For the money, this is a great camera. I wanted a "rugged" camera that I could take with me on ORV trails as well as on the river during fly fishing trips. So far all pictures have been clear and crisp and the HD video very good. It is small and would go in a pocket. Battery life seems ok so far. I did, however, order a second battery "just in case". (Posted on 5/20/2012)

  41. Great =) Review by Ben3n1

    I just came from a vacation to DR. I placed this camera in the pocket of my swimsuit the entire time I was in the ocean and in the pool. I stayed in the water for at least 30min at a time, and the camera still works. It is definitely waterproof, and keep it that way by following the instructions on maintenance written in the owners manual. It takes satisfactory photos and am very pleased. It lacks zoom but what can you do. It's a waterproof camera so the lens is limited. My gf and I love the camera. I have yet to drop it to test out how sturdy it is, but it feels durable. You will be pleased with the product. (Posted on 5/20/2012)

  42. NOT Waterproof - Terrible Customer Service - Warranty NOT honored Review by AmazonReader

    I have had the same exact poor experience as others who have posted about this camera.

    I bought this Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 for our vacation. I took it in the ocean on the second or third day of our trip. I shut the sealed side door exactly as specified in the user manual, and ensured that it was locked completely and then snorkeled for about 10 or 20 minutes with it. I went no more than 5 feet deep, well within the specified limits of the camera. Yet, when I came out of the water, the camera's LCD began flashing on and off. It has acted that way ever since no matter what I try. I am not able to access the menus and I can only occasionally take pictures in auto mode.

    I then called Panasonic tech support, who were not very helpful. I then shipped the camera, under warranty, to Panasonic's service center. That is where the nightmare began. They took about 2 weeks to let me know via voicemail that they tested the camera and found "corrosion" on the USB port inside the camera and that it must be my fault that this happened.

    I tried to call them back, and it took 14 calls to get through to someone who I could talk to about this diagnosis. The first 8 times I called, it sounded like someone at their repair facility actually picked up and hung up the phone over and over. To make a long story short, no argument swayed them to even consider fixing the camera, even though I followed every instruction about sealing the side door.

    The repair center gave me the run-around and sent me to customer affairs department, and vice versa. After six more phone conversations, I have finally given up. The $238.00 I spent on this piece of junk is gone and I'm stuck with a barely functional camera.

    I could not be more displeased with Panasonic and their customer service. I have considered a small claims court filing, but recently remembered I bought it with an American Express card, so I'm trying to file a claim through AmEx first.

    I do not recommend this camera, nor any other Panasonic item. The product does not operate as specified and their warranty is useless. (Posted on 5/20/2012)

  43. Best travel camera in the world. Period. Review by GlobalVagabonds

    After extensively researching all the "tough" cameras out there, we decided on two DMC-TS3's to travel around the world with last summer. We'd been using a Fuji XP50 for our "adventure" shots, and while it survived the abuses we subjected it to the photos were usually really awful. Review after review put the TS3 on top, so we ordered ours here on Amazon for a lot less than we saw them being sold for elsewhere. Then we hit the road with them, subjecting the poor things to multiple falls of 3' or more onto concrete or tile floors (and a sidewalk once), daily snorkeling trips in several oceans at depths of up to about 20', countless pools, rain storms, near-constant humidity, and our own coin or shell-filled pockets with no protective cases. After 7 months of this abuse and some 9,000 photos later (each) both of us still having perfect-working cameras with nothing more than cosmetic blemishes from drops and light scratches on the display screens. Bottom line: these cameras rock if you're traveling.

    We never seem to miss any shots; just pull out the camera, turn it on, and it's ready to go in about a second. The shots aren't up to the level of quality of say, a Canon Powershot Elph series, but an Elph would've been destroyed with the first grain of sand that got into its retractable lens on a beach. Or inevitably dropped. Been there...not fun. That's one thing that sets the Lumix apart from the others: no moving parts. The similar Olympus and Sony models both have lens covers that retract into the body when they're turned on, meaning sand can get in there. The lockable access cover to the battery and card reader slots is accident-proof, unlike the one on the bottom of our old Fuji which could be opened underwater with a wrong movement. I've read the stories on here of people's TS3's getting water in them (sometimes on the first use) but we haven't had any problems with that in 7 months. I chalk that up to carefully doing just what the camera (rather annoyingly) says to do anytime the case has been opened: make sure there's no sand on the access door after you've been in the water or on the beach. It's that simple. Like the manual says, run the camera under fresh water when you get out of the sea, then allow it to dry before opening the case. Use the little included brush to get the little grains out and viola: nothing's gonna get in there...not even water. We usually shower ours off when we're showering the salt off ourselves.

    The GPS is a little hit and miss; it works much faster on one camera than the other but the battery tends to die faster on that camera. That said, the battery still lasts all day when taking 200+ shots. The compass is accurate, the altimeter jumps around with variations of several hundred feet, and I've never used to barometer function. For taking travel pics in every kind of environment imaginable, though - they're perfect. Panasonic makes a scuba case that allows much deeper movement, as well as a $5 rubber skin to keep the scuffs at bay when dropped. I think everyone else had covered the technical aspects better than I can; it shoots fast, auto-shot works well usually, timed shots come out well, and the preset shot selectors seem to work great when shooting in the environment it's made for. Honestly, I usually just keep mine on "auto" all the time and like the results. These cameras really live up to the "tough" moniker, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again in a second should mine get stolen or something. (Posted on 5/19/2012)


    Purchased this for snorkelling and used twice -surface swimming only. The camera failed (while on major trip in Galapagos) and upon return , called Panasonic. After interminable hold, was told to package camera and send to Mcallen Exchange in Texas at my expense, after faxing proof of purchase to Panasonic (only 6 weeks after purchase).
    ten days later, told repair/replacement would cost me $180. Stated I had done something to cause failure-???what? Followed exact directions re use of camera and have used other waterproof cameras from other makers for years. I called stated return phome number in texas- no answer for 2 business days, called Panasonic, was told I would receive an"expedited" response.
    Now 5 days, no response from anyone either place.
    would never buy this or any Panasonic product again as they DO NOT back up their product or honor warranty. (Posted on 5/17/2012)

  45. not bad at all... not the greatest Review by Petr Marecek "glados"

    This is a replacement for my stolen Sony Cybershot camera. I have 2 kids so I was looking for something rugged they drop and step on and that I can take to the beach and shoot them playing in rain splashing mud around. As far as ruggedness goes, it's been exposed to all of the above and held up pretty well (6 months in) as I took good "aftercare" described in the manual.

    The picture quality is average. It doesn't have a lens cover so if you take one picture in rain and a drop dries off on your lens and you don't wipe it off and go on a weekend trip, you'll have 50 smeared pictures. In low light, it's kind of grainy and the flash is not the most powerful. And the video in low light is just sub par. The video is otherwise decent but the width of capture is not quite as wide unless you're standing at a good distance. Underwater looks pretty good. The zoom buttons are somewhat awkward, definitely preferred the zoom "lever circle" on the Cybershot.

    Battery life is average. Size is not the super compact but not too big. Looks are great.

    It is slow. Sometimes it takes 3+ seconds before taking another picture with flash on. And from off position to start shooting a video easily takes 5 seconds which with 2 hyper kids makes you sometimes miss the best action shots.

    Overall, not a bad camera. You can certainly find a better point and shoot for similar or lower price.
    If you like rugged and don't mind extra steps and waiting time, add a star. (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  46. Underwater videos are the best Review by Bianca

    I used this camera daily in the water during a 6 day cruise in Galapagos. I am no professional but still enjoy photography and didn't want to miss out during snorkling. I fully expected this camera to have major limitations in the water but dreaded water leakage the most.
    Still photo quality ranged from excellent to poor depending on the clarity of the water and proximity to object/animal. In clear water with cooperating fish, photos were sometimes surprisingly good for such a little camera and I was very happy with overall results.
    What I really and absolutely loved were the underwater videos - lack of color and some hazyness if water was turbulent didn't matter when seals were flying through the water around you. The videos alone were worth every penny of this camera.

    During this trip, I experienced no leakage. However, I was VERY careful to follow instructions, soaked, dried and dusted. 2 other guests had underwater cameras and 1 flooded due to operator error. Sorry, readers! I believe a lot of times, it is our own fault.

    Out of the water, the camera performed alright. Picture quality suffers greatly when you zoom but for panorama or macros, it did just fine. Pretty good indoor flash.

    For me, this camera did what I hoped it would. I will continue using it for certain things but rely on my SLR for the rest. (Posted on 5/15/2012)

  47. Don't expect a warranty, Don't expect it to not leak Review by John Whitling "BreezyRacer"

    I bought a new TS3 and mine leaked right away. I had read, before buying the TS3 that seals need yearly replacement (they call it packing but it means the orange seal on the battery/mem card door). I read that the unit cannot be shockproof and waterproof at the same time. I rinsed it off in fresh water each time. I used the little brush to clean the seals any time to door was opened. I understood it all.

    I figured "I'm more careful than most and I will heed these warnings and it's a quality product so I'll get it because I like that it's good to 40 ft while others are only good to 33 ft."

    Didn't matter though .. it leaked on it's first trip, never mind that I was super careful in the handling of this unit. In my case the door seal didn't leak but the screen leaked and went out .. and the unit continued to take pictures.

    Weeks after I sent it in for warranty repair they finally got back to me stating that the seals worked and the unit passed their pressure test so IT HAD TO BE MY FAULT .. I was guilty in their eyes. I told them that only seal I can control is the door seal and it didn't leak. If the door seal would have leaked the camera would have shorted out and died. Instead it kept taking pictures. The battery and mem card stayed bone dry. Then they proceeded to try to sell me another camera .. really!

    The warranty dept's stance is "there is water in the camera, it's your fault". Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT IF A WARRANTY MEANS ANYTHING TO YOU. Really in every way (communication with the customer, time to repair, etc) Panasonic's customer service is just horrendous. Someone needs to clean house down in McCallen Texas.

    My take on what's wrong with the camera itself (added on 5/15/12) .. There has to be something in salt water (salt haha) that compromises the sealing on these cameras. It seems that everyone that has problems had the cameras leak in salt water. I seriously doubt it's the door leaking .. more likely seals around the buttons or the lens bezil or microphone. Good luck, and don't even think of trying to use the Panasonic warranty. It will only frustrate you. And there's no fixing the Panasonic warranty dept .. they will always suck.

    I had read a few similar posts to this one when I was shopping and I blew them off, to my regret. It's easy to say to yourself, "well maybe they didn't know what they were doing, or maybe they were careless". However I own, use and know expensive camera equipment quite well and I know I couldn't have been more gentle or careful with the camera and following all instructions. I did everything to the letter.

    So now it's your turn to read "my" warning. Will you heed it?

    BTW the TS3 and TS4 are the same except for some software programming, etc. The seals and body are the same.

    Update on 6/22/12 .. I got the camera back from Panasonic, not repaired or replaced. As promised in the comments section I did tear the unit down and here is what I found .. it seems as though the speaker leaks.

    Right behind the speaker hole is a connector and cables for the LCD screen. There were also a few spots that had minor leakage and corrosion but it had not made it's way into the internal unit. The leak from the speaker hole is different and seems to be, in my case, where this unit leaks and creates the so many black screens you read about in these reviews. The rough surface of the case might make it difficult to seal up the speaker hole with some industrial type tape, but that's what I would try if I already had one of these units and was going to submerge it. Of course, if you haven't bought one of these units the right thing to do is buy something else.

    The main cable to the LCD is very corroded at one point close to the connector end. My guess is that was the "kill point". I guess these ribbon cables are not waterproof or resistant. BTW, you need a really good Japanese type screwdriver ($20), a repair manual ($20, not electronic), and be aware that the two external screws on the lens side of the front of the camera are just for decoration .. do not try to remove them. With those tools and some patience find your way in. I'm undecided as to whether I should order a new screen (this camera still takes pics) .. that'll be a hundred bucks itself.

    Update on 6/26/12 .. Just so everyone knows, the "packing kit" that needs yearly replacement consists of about 8 seals requires a complete teardown of the unit .. not something that a normal user can do by a longshot. If you were to make the terrible decision to buy this camera figure on sending it in for service. Some seals are deep in the heart of the camera. It's not just the seal on the battery door, which is what everyone has been assuming.

    Better to buy something else (the new model Olympus seems quite nice and they have a very good history in underwater cameras) or if you already have this unit, buy the waterproof case at about $250. Then you don't need to replace the seals. (Posted on 5/13/2012)

  48. Light, Portabable, Durable, and Exceeded Expectations Review by cerdle

    When I found out that I was going to be taking a trip to Oahu and Hawaii, I decided that I wanted to get some kind of camera that would allow me to take pictures or video underwater. My other camera is a DSLR (Canon EOS), and I did not want to invest in the waterproof gear that is offered for something that I may not do regularly. My research led me to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 camera, and I have to say this camera exceeded all my expectations.

    This camera is packed full of features and is relatively easy to use. I found myself simply toggling between the various canned modes depending on my needs. The sunset mode, scenery mode, the auto mode, and of course the snorkeling mode. Switching between each mode took 3-4 clicks of the navigation button and I was ready to shoot photos in a few second. I recommend playing with each of these modes and taking sample shots to see what mode works best for your situation.

    While snorkeling, one of the best features of the camera (after setting it to snorkel mode) was the single record button. Previous cameras I have seen always required the toggling of switches or menu options to get into record mode; this camera has a single button and when pressed starts recording video based off your current video settings. I found this to be a great feature when I was underwater and saw a fish or turtle and had to act quickly to record.

    One downside to the buttons on the camera is that the power, shutter, and auto record are close together, and on occasion, I would accidentally turn off the camera instead of taking a snapshot or video. In addition, if snorkeling during the day, with the sun refracting into the water, it was difficult to see the lcd screen on the back to enure you are aligned with your subject. But by knowing where the sensor is on the camera, and a little practice, it was easy to shoot video and pictures blind.

    The micro hdmi port is nice for connecting the camera to the big screen and reviewing your video and photos. I do reccomend a 2nd battery. While the battery life was decent, it is always nice to have a back up. I got this one. <a href="">Panasonic DMW-BCF10PP Battery for Select Lumix Cameras (Retail Packaging)</a>

    Taking care of the camera is important as well. After using it snorkeling, be sure to let it soak per the instruction manual to ensure all the salt and sand come off.

    The stills did tend to have a bit of a washed out look, but nothing that distracts you from the picture itself. The sport mode and high speed shutter mode was fun to play with and I was able to capture some birds in mid flight. By no stretch of the imagination could this camera replace a DSLR that allows you to adjust ISO and other camera settings to a granular level, but if you are looking for a camera that is light, portable, durable, waterproof with decent battery life (I went a full day with it on about 75% of the time).

    For sample video I took using the camera at Hanauma Bay on Oahu, follow this link:
    [...] (Posted on 5/13/2012)

  49. Panasonic Lumix: Mic pickup port leaks when the camera is submerged Review by Uwaterphotographer

    The Lumix has a great set of features. For above water uses it looks and feels bullet proof.

    The question arises as to what is meant by underwater use (waterproof). We used the camera
    multiple times at depths under 10 feet (probably no more than 5 feet) in sea water along
    the tidal pools in Hawaii. The camera worked fine the first couple of uses. It recorded
    great still and video shots of the tidal pools.

    By the 4th use underwater, one could see air bubbles exiting the mic port that is on top of the
    camera unit. One could also see water accumulating in the inside of the lens.

    The camera was rinsed in fresh (non-sea) water after every use in the ocean - so no misuse of the camera here.
    I also checked the side seal before and after every usage. The side seal (where the battery
    and memory card are located) works fine.

    I hope that Panasonic changes its design of the Lumix mic port so that area does not leak after 3 immersions
    in water. (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  50. seems great at first, but you better hope it doesn't break! Review by Cara Laytham "carabear0412"

    We bought this to take on vacation and were very excited about it at first. However, about 10 minutes into using it, the camera went dead. I did all the troubleshooting the manual and website talk about and nothing worked. So I contacted Panasonic about it and they said it would be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. So I sent it in and then got a phone call saying I had to pay to get it fixed. According to them, the camera was damaged when they received it and therefore it voided the warranty...that's fine, except it was damaged when I sent it in! I had also purchased an accidental damage coverage (a friend recommended we do so) and I'm still trying to find out if they can use that to fix this piece of crap camera. Save your money and buy a good quality camera! (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  51. Wonderful camera, and more... Review by Laguna

    I bought this camera for my honey moon trip in Hawaii. And of course, like all the other reviewers, it brings back a lot of wonderful images, on the land and under water. I am also a serious photographer, I use film camera, mid format and big format film camera for a lot of years, and I definitely know how is good image should looks like. I won't expect this camera to give me something like my mid format camera, but it is competable to those semi-professional cameras, like Canon G11 (Well, my wife took a G11 on the trip.)

    So, what's more? The camera once or twice shows to be bad, or I would say dying condition, with all controll bottoms dead and LED screen not work. I thought, OMG, what should I do with the rest of vacation? But, after dry it for several hours and charge the batteries for a while, it comes back, and still do the same job. Well, you might think the camera might be wrong, but as soon as it comes back, I am happy about it. Maybe the waterproof is not perfect, but at least the electronics inside is also tough.

    I also have a chance to do a crash test. The camera happened to drop from my bag and hit the car I rent. Both of them got a scratch, and both of the work well.

    I got to love this camera, and hope it last forever.

    Cheers! (Posted on 5/6/2012)

  52. Horrible experience Review by Brannan Johnston

    We bought this camera 4 months ago. We followed the directions meticulously, and it failed on the 3rd use. We called customer service who said that it absolutely should not have failed, that there must have been a defect, and that it was covered by the one year warranty.

    We sent the camera in and the company has been horrible to deal with since. First they tried to claim that we would need the original box in order to prove when we bought it. We escalated and found someone who accepted the amazon purchase receipt. Then they claimed that they still wouldn't cover it because the camera passes their "pressure test" and therefore we must have misused it. Our remedy is to pay them $180 to repair it or buy a new camera.

    I strongly encourage you to not purchase this camera. It was a horrible waste of money for us. (Posted on 5/3/2012)

  53. Very impressed with this little camera Review by S. Morris "Samdiver74"

    Well I will keep this short and to the point. This camera rocks for the price.
    I have used this camera for numerous dives for work (Underwater bridge inspection)
    Dived in 3 knot current and the camera did excellent, very difficult to hold still in these conditions, a couple of blurred images but once stabilized, images came out great.
    Underwater video works very well, however as noted by another review if you block the microphone you'll hear all the auto focus motors etc on the video audio. This is evident during underwater too, as the water somewhat blocks the opening.
    but it is a small price to pay.
    Flash from this camera underwater is about useless, probably works really well in a pool with good vizability and no floating/suspended material in the water column,
    but during all my working dives where I tried using a flash resulted in illuminating the dirt particles in the water and causing back scatter/snow to appear in the images. This is because the flash and lens are in close axial alignment, same reason why you get red eye in pictures.

    My cure for the flash back scatter was to purchase an Underwater kinetics SL4 LED flash light and inserting a piece of diffuser material (Artist velum, tracing paper) into the flash light lens this results in a nice soft diffused light source. The light can then be positioned in any orientation away from the lens axis but still allowing the object to be illuminated successfully.

    My only gripe about this camera is the lock mechanism, the little slide switch I have noticed a few times has the orange warning section exposed, when removing the camera from an underwater tool bag.
    As far as maintenance the camera requires rinsing for 10 mins and allowing to dry before the compartment door is open. I would soak the camera in the hotel sink in the evenings after working all day and then allow to dry over night before opening the compartment door and downloading the images.

    An underwater housing is available for this camera also, if you are planning on diving deeper than 40ft I would highly suggest purchasing.
    Either the Ikelite Underwater TTL Camera Housing $259 or the Panasonic Marine Case for Lumix TS3 Digital Camera - DMW-MCFT3 $255, this adds great versatility and piece of mind to a great camera.

    Another option for better underwater lighting is the SeaLife SL980 Underwater Photo/Video Light with Arm Bracket, but that is priced at $300+ it also adds considerable bulk to the equipment.

    Images from the camera are excellent. Colors are great.

    Camera is so good that the company I work for just purchased another two Panasonic Lumix TS4 (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  54. IQ is just OK, but the camera is as tough as nails Review by Seamus O'Boogie

    I have had this for a year or so, taking it to the beach in Naples and Venezuela for "don't worry, the camera can handle it" activities.

    I must say, a camera you don't worry about getting wet and will take pictures with you in the water or under water is a pretty cool invention. I have a Lumix with the same MP but is not weatherproofed, and I find that camera takes better pictures than the TS3. I took 1 star off for IQ, otherwise the TS3 is a homer.

    But you buy the TS3 because it is a beast ... and this is. I have taken 1200 pictures without a hitch .. but once I had condensation inside the lens element and I was worried .. until I read the manual: let it warm up and keep shooting.

    Well worth the loot if you want to go hiking, to the beach, or anyplace you don't have the option of babying your camera.

    My daughters will be 15 soon ... I'm thinking of buying them TS3s for their birthdays. Having diffrent colors is helpful with twins and I won't worry the cameras will be damaged quickly by drops, water, etc!

    Oh yeah .. the GPS stinks. Oh, if you ever get it to connect, it will tell you where you are, but in my experience, forget this option exists so you don't get frustrated. (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  55. Great on-the-go camera, not my every use camera (4 stars for it's purpose) Review by Matt Equinoa

    I purchased this camera specifically for a trip to Hawaii where we knew we would be snorkeling. For that purpose, this camera was fantastic. Unfortunately we also left our other (higher zoom) camera at home thinking this could be an all in one. Not necessarily the case.

    - Performed perfectly in and out of the water. By that I mean, under water and transitioning back out of water.
    - HD Video is amazing and the sound quality of the speaker is actually very good.
    - Battery life was more than sufficient.
    - The overall options for point and click or more elaborate shooting are good.

    - Location of the lens makes it easy to get your finger in the way.
    - We really couldn't get as crisp of distance shots because of the optical only zoom.

    Great camera I would recommend for outdoor adventures, underwater shooting, and the HD vid. Not the only camera in my bag anymore though. (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  56. Great Camera Deal Review by chrtis

    this camera is fantastic. It is everything that i had hoped for. underwater and land pictures are clear and the features are very user friendly (Posted on 4/30/2012)

  57. Could've been good - but ... Review by Fred Dagg

    As a rugged camera this isn't too bad. It ticks all of the boxes for specifications and its relatively easy to use. It was unfortunate for me though that I gave it to some guy who took photos under water and must've mistakenly opened it. Anyway, Panasonic didn't want to know about it (quoting me US$184 to repair it), and 2 months after buying it I am now left with an expensive paper weight. Looks like the locking mechanism has some design issues. You be the judge - I'm going back to Olympus. (Posted on 4/29/2012)

  58. Bang for the buck Review by M. Brower

    This camera lived up to everything that it claimed. I took it snorkeling with me in the Caribbean. The seals on the camera held tight, no water got in. The photos turned out beautiful and clear. It even did a decent job on my out-of-water pictures too. Video was crisp and clear as well. I took videos as I went down the water slides at atlantis. (Posted on 4/29/2012)

  59. If you think it's waterproof, you're gonna have a bad time Review by Eric "average consumer"

    After just under a year of using this camera as my primary point-and-shoot, I feel like I've gathered enough info to be helpful here.

    Image quality:

    If you're looking for a camera that will compete with a standard, non-rugged point and shoot, this isn't the camera for you. (The TS4 may have fixed this though)
    If you're looking for the cleanest 1080 or even 720 video, nope. My phone takes better video.
    Is it just crap? No. It's decent, but it's not as good as its non-rugged, even low-end counterparts.

    Ease of use:

    They nailed it here.
    Dedicated video button is priceless.
    Very fast start time has gotten me shots that I used to miss with my old point and shoot.
    Menus are easy to understand and quick to navigate.


    What doesn't it have?
    The GPS was what put me over the edge though. I want geotagged photos for when I'm hiking in Yosemite or whale watching.
    The 3D sounds gimmicky, but with the proliferation of 3D TV sets, it has become less so. I have taken and viewed 3D shots from this camera and they look great! Some things just look really good with some perception of depth. Remember that when you're standing on a cliff next time! The drop looks really dramatic in 3D. :)


    I haven't dropped it, so I don't know.
    I haven't exposed it to super cold temps for any length of time, so I don't know.
    I have taken it snorkeling. Here's what I learned. I snorkeled for about 2 hours in total. While the camera says it's good for 40 feet, it fails to mention that there is a time limit on this. At any depth, even 2 feet, it will eventually leak and stop working. For me, I was super careful about the seal and it held while snorkeling, but then when I was rinsing it in the sink to get the salt water off, it finally leaked. It took 3 days of leaving the door open on it before it worked again, and had it been salt water it never would have worked again. If you plan on submerging it for any length of time and not just dunking it, buy and use a marine housing. I know, you're not trying to take it to 130 feet, right? It doesn't matter. If you're spending more than a few minutes in the water, chances are it will leak without the housing. (Posted on 4/28/2012)

  60. Worked fine, untill it met the ocean Review by J. Drouin

    I specifically bought this camera to use snorkeling on my vacation on St. John and 'was' really looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. I used it a bit on some hikes and general picture taking and it worked just fine. Then, after about half an hour our so in the water, after a bunch of pictures and some video, the screen started to blink off and on. At first it would only do it a little bit, but after time it got even worse and I could not take any pictures. Brought it home, cleaned it in fresh water, let it dry and tried it again on dry land. It would work for a minute then start to fritz out again. After a few days of playing with it I considered it a lost cause. Of course, now that I have returned home, the camera works fine, at least on dry land! How could I possibly trust this thing on another vacation. I don't even know if trying to get Panasonic to fix it will be worth it since they will probably blame it on my use, their warranty is terrible. Judging from the reviews, this camera is hit or miss and the new TS4 does not fair any better. I'm just glad I had my trusty Nikon D40 for regular pictures. (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  61. Not Waterproof Review by Fastdrive

    Had the camera less than 2 days and took it for a test in the pool. 5 pictures later the camera died. Found condensation inside the lens and LCD screen. Panasonic would not cover the warranty stating that water damage is not covered. I had made sure to follow all instructions carefully.

    I will use my GoPro Hero2 for my vacation. The pictures may not be a good as those taken by the TS3 but atleast I know that it can handle being submerged unlike the TS3. (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  62. Awesome Camera Review by richtina685

    This Camera meets and exceeds very thing in a small HD camera for a person should be looking for at a great price. I would buy another Panasonic Lumix DMC - TS3 12.1 MP Digital camera( pictures and videos come out great in HD form ). (Posted on 4/19/2012)

  63. Great Product Review by Dave

    Used in snorkeling and horseback riding on a cruise. Had no issues with waterproof or anything. A great choice if you are looking for some light water use and an outdoors type camera. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

  64. Love my new camera Review by D. Marchenko "Sportivny"

    Was looking for something small and versatile for a year plus, and had previous Panasonic cam that I gave to my parents, so I knew I could rely on Panasonic product. Love GPS feature and underwater photo and video both work very well. Since I don't consider myself or aspire to be pro photographer, I use this to capture memories for flashbacks, and this is perfect tool for me.
    Finish is very durable, no scratches or marks after travel in sand-filled pocket during Songkran waterfest in Thailand.
    Multitude of presets makes capturing in various conditions a no-brainer. probably would no satisfy photography connoisseur's requirements, but for me this is perfect point and shoot.

    p.s. Don't forget float wriststrap if you like underwater photography, case is slippery in water. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

  65. Good camera, but warranty doesn't cover normal wear & tear Review by Michael Goren "celebdu"

    I bought this camera last June. The picture quality is good for a waterproof digicam, but within six months - despite locking the battery / memory card compartment before taking it in the water - water was getting inside and fogging up the lens. I sent it for warranty repair within the 1 year warranty period, but they wouldn't cover it under the warranty because I may not have dusted the compartment before closing it every time. Whether or not this is in the warranty fine print, this is not a reasonable user scenario. In the past, on the other hand, I owned a Canon waterproof digicam. Not only did they replace it - no questions asked - when there was eventually water damage, but they even did so for free after the warranty had expired. So while I liked this camera, it was not worth the cost given that at least for underwater purposes it lasted less than six months. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

  66. Best value underwater camera right now? Review by isvana "Parttime Shopper"

    The 1st review here says most of what I wanted to say (beach holiday, take care of seals, etc). So some supplementary notes:
    - consider a wrist mount like the Golden Hour one. Makes it more convenient to carry and use this size of waterproof camera...
    - while it won't win prizes for image quality vs a DSLR it is more than sufficient for adventure use
    - flash as usual is a bit feeble...
    - if coming from another camera take care not to let your finger get in the way of the lens!
    - didn't test the GPS stuff
    - I found quite a few snorkelling photos affected by camera shake - probably my technique - video was more successful

    Now the positives:
    - a camera to use in the rain, beach etc
    - nice and compact
    - simple to use (/clean)

    5 stars as this is the ultimate vacation camera (for now), especially on close-out deals... pretty sure the TS-4 doesn't add much to the spec. (Posted on 4/17/2012)

  67. Calcification. Review by Alfonso Gonzalez

    Hola. La compra excelente y rapido despacho del proveedor al currier. 100% recomendable. Excelente producto. Respetaron el precio y el tiempo de entrega. Recomiendo la Camara. (Posted on 4/13/2012)

  68. Great underwater camera! Review by drich8

    My wife will be living in Hawaii for a few years so we decided to get a point and shoot that can take pictures and video under water. We were very satisfied with the quality of the pictures and video we took while snorkeling. We go out with some friends and take video and come straight home to watch the footage on the tv. Well worth the money! (Posted on 4/11/2012)

  69. Excellent quality Review by carson

    The camera is just big enough to fit in your pocket, delivers excellent quality video (full HD) and photos, tracks the gps location (lat/lon/alt + textual names) and so far has met or exceeded all our expectations. (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  70. Great waterproof camera - no problems Review by Rob

    Before buying a compact waterproof camera, I read through reviews of all of them and decided on the Panasonic because:

    (a) I like the travel zoom Panasonic that I already have.
    (b) It seemed that while all compact waterproof cameras have a lot of 1-star negative reviews, the Panasonic seemed to have the fewest.
    (c) I was able to get it at over $100 less than the original price.

    I have used it in the ocean, on the beach, in a stream, and in a swimming pool and thus far am pleased with it. Even if you are not in the water, it takes sharp pictures for a point and shoot. I have not experienced any malfunctions, but I am very careful to wash it off with clean water after each use underwater and let it dry before opening, as the instructions indicate.

    For a compact waterproof camera, I would highly recommend the Panasonic!

    UPDATE 7/4/2012: I have used the camera to take pictures and videos of our baby swimming underwater in swim lessons and it has produced some impressive results! (Posted on 4/7/2012)

  71. Extremely Disappointed Review by Marco

    We purchased this camera for our trip to Hawaii, and on the VERY FIRST DAY it broken down. We followed all instructions to the letter, took it to ONE snorkeling outing, shot a couple dozens photos, and by the time we got back for lunch and tried to look at the pictures the camera would no longer turn on.

    It's blinking on and off an error message on the screen, and then it shuts down.

    Unbelieveable. Perhaps we got REALLY UNLUCKY but I don't believe in luck. I simply do not believe this camera is water proof - AT ALL. (Posted on 4/6/2012)

  72. Do not buy from Panasonic! Review by Ilissa Best

    Purchased a TS3 and the camera has been reasonable. The lens fogs in cold weather but otherwise ok until this week. I pulled it out for a ski trip and found the battery was dead. I thought that was unusual as I had recently charged it. I pulled the battery and put it in the charger. It indicated the battery was fully charged and didn't do more. After using the USB cable to charge the battery it became evident that the charger wasn't operating correctly. Being in the warranty period I called Panasonic and they are refusing to cover the charger under the warranty even though it is included in the warranty documents as a covered item. (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  73. Garbage Camera! Garbage Service! Review by Ben Jonson

    This camera broke IMMEDIATELY upon touching even the slightest bit of water.

    It was two weeks old!

    Panasonic claims that it was MY FAULT that their underwater camera leaked, and they refuse to honor the warranty. No explanation, just: "this camera failed the leak test, it is out of warranty." I opened the hatch ONCE to insert the memory card, and I did so with the directions right in front of me.


  74. Great camera, until... Review by AZWolf "AZWolf7"

    I purchased this camera about a month before a big trip where I knew I would spend a lot of time in the water. I wanted that time to get to know the camera, and learn it's features before I put it to use for the reason I bought the camera -- snorkeling. I did a lot of research and read many reviews for these "rugged" waterproof cameras, and nearly unanimously, this camera won out.

    In the month prior to my trip, I took a couple hundred of pictures, and I have to say I like the camera -- easy to use, takes a decent picture, and I liked the GPS functionality.

    However, it all went awry on my trip to Maui. Again, it worked great OUT of water, and even for a bit in water. I say a bit because the first time the camera was used in the ocean, it was dead within 30 minutes. The camera never went below 6 feet, and died in less than 1 foot of water. I suspect the issue had to do with water leaking under the buttons, but that's a guess. All I know is that I took a picture of a fish, the back screen went black, and that was it.

    Hoping it was just a battery drain issue from using the GPS, I immediately followed the instructions for post-water use(and re-read them prior to opening the case), pulled the battery out and charged it, but the camera never returned to life. I never saw any water inside the battery/memory card chamber when I opened it.

    Panasonic service was of limited help, as they help asking me to use cables that weren't part of this model to charge it again, and then they realized they were discussing a different unit. It's currently on it's way to Panasonic for warranty service, so I will update that once I receive the camera back.

    I will say the few underwater pictures I retrieved off the memory card were fantastic. Sadly, the rest of the trip had to be taken with disposable underwater cameras, but those worked great.

    I can't recommend this camera, as least for underwater use. It's apparently got issues and I can't imagine needing to purchase 2 so you have a backup.

    UPDATE: I just received a call from Panasonic that my issue was out of warranty, and it is going to cost $180 to fix?!?!? Apparently, there was corrosion on the inside caused by sea water. Guess what, that's where I used it, and likely there was a leak somewhere. Waiting for call back from supervisor to decide next steps.

    FINAL UPDATE: I was hung up on 5 times by Panasonic CSRs this morning after I gave them my case number, finally got through to a supervisor. Without even asking how I used the camera, read the manuals, anything, they just said it was user error and I needed to pay the $180 to get the camera back. Goodbye Panasonic. Customer lost on all your products forever, and I own quite a few. Horrible product, horrible service. (Posted on 3/27/2012)

  75. Worked well for me... Review by sgb

    I recently purchased this camera to take on a trip to the Bahamas, as we were planning on snorkeling the reefs there. The camera worked very well for me. We took it snuba-diving (which I would highly recommend if you ever get the chance) and snorkeling to a depth of about 15-20 feet for a couple of hours. It took great underwater shots and was completely watertight. One thing, though... I did notice some vertical white lines on the LCD screen for brief moments while in a water park's lazy river, and actually sent the camera in for warranty service, thinking that it might be having a problem. The camera was determined to be in fine condition, and the repair technician sent a note stating that sun rays may produce the lines effect when pointed toward the sun. I will accept that this may have been the problem, as I did not notice any such issue when using the camera underwater or for routine picture-taking. I have recently learned that there is a silicone jacket available for this camera (actually recently discontinued, I understand) that I think will further add to the camera's durability, helping keep the battery/SD card compartment door switch from being tripped (I must confess that I did pay a good deal of attention to this switch when using it in the water, as this would be the main way for any internal water damage to occur, should the switch become tripped and allow the compartment door to open). The location of the battery/SD card compartment door is probably my biggest gripe about this camera, as it is located on the right side and falls underneath your right hand when holding the camera. My concern is that it could be tripped with even normal use, allowing internal water damage should the door seal become compromised during water use. This could be even further improved (in my opinion) by requiring a "double-lock" mechanism for the compartment door to minimize any such occurrence. I also recommend an extended warranty for such cameras (or any expensive electronic device, for that matter), such as can be purchased from SquareTrade. I have this coverage on cameras, netbooks, iPods, etc. It is very reasonably priced (much cheaper than through the product retailer) and usually provides better coverage. Finally, and most importantly, my wife really liked this camera, especially now that we have underwater pictures of us and our teenage sons by which to remember our trip. (Posted on 3/27/2012)

  76. Quality shots, but flash doesn't work well at any distance Review by Sandra Elder "Sandi"

    I have not used this camera in the water yet, so I cannot comment on that. I like the camera overall. The quality of the photos is great during the day, and it will take pictures fast enough to capture my 2 year old's split second smile. But I don't like the flash. In a dark place, the flash only works for close up shots. Any shot more than a couple feet away just turns out horribly when using the flash. (Posted on 3/25/2012)

  77. Panasonic Lumix, Review by eerojas

    Excellent! A great product. Beatifull pictures and great videos, also takes amazing images under the se. I love my camera. I recommend a lot! Very funny. Thats all. (Posted on 3/18/2012)

  78. Do not buy this camera, huge disappointment Review by Stainless

    I looked hard at waterproof cameras. Narrowed it down to this ant the AW NIkon. Went with this camera as it seemed to have better reviews, and Nikon was new to the weather proof market. Plus I had another Panasonic Point and shoot that I was happy with. The main reason for buying it was we were going going snorkeling on a cruise to Mexico and Central America. The camera worked great the first day, shot some great underwater pics while snorkeling in Cozumel. Please note the camera was as new, I had not dropped it. The next day we were in Belize looking forward to snorkeling on their Barrier Reef. I was taking pictures. Pulled it out of my pocket and could not see an image on the screen. I hit the play button and the camera played back the image I took minutes before. I reset the camera, messed with settings and finally called Panasonic who told me after diagnosing over the phone that the CCD went out. Wow, here I am on vacation in Central America and I am hosed. They said send it in for repair. I said I would like a refund as I need to buy another camera for my trip. They said sorry, repair is the only option. I have never been this disappointed with an electronic gadget. I knew I should of went with the NIkon. Hope this helps! (Posted on 3/18/2012)

  79. keep out of water Review by giss53

    I bought this camera just before a Hawaiian vacation. They claim to be watertight to a depth of 40 feet and it takes HD video and 12 MP pictures. It seemed like a good camera for the trip.

    I used this camera a few days around Maui before I went snorkeling. The camera has a good solid feel. The buttons are clearly marked and well placed. Every time you turn it on, there is a warning regarding the door lock to keep the camera watertight. It gets annoying, it's much too repetitive.

    I finally took it snorkeling and took care to cushion it as I entered the water. (They tell you not to splash water against the camera). Well, the camera lasted less than 10 minutes. The LCD screen went to multicolored vertical stripes. I took the camera out of the water as soon as possible. I followed the drying instructions before opening the camera, even soaking it in fresh water first. When I opened the door, it was dry inside. There was no sign of leakage from the door into the battery and memory area. I can only conclude that water leaked somewhere else in the camera, maybe through the power button. The camera's been dead since, and the pictures and movies on the SD card are in a format that requires the camera to download.

    When I got home I sought to return the item. I am extremely disappointed in this camera. I would never attempt to take it underwater, it is just not made for it. Reading other comments posted for this item, the door seal needs to be replaced regularly. I was not aware of that but the camera was new and I had only opened the door a few times. It's way too risky to trust this camera in the water. (Posted on 3/17/2012)

  80. Easy photos Review by lakewood gator

    This was a gift for my husband. He loves it. Says its really easy to use, doesn't make mistakes. He takes it fishing and the red color is easy to find against the white boat interior, and when fish is caught, taking the picture is a quick no brainer. Once home, its easy to load photos onto computer and send them out to friends and family. Also great to have in and around the swimming pool. Have recommended to others who need waterproof camera. (Posted on 3/16/2012)

  81. Disappointed Review by C. Haensel

    Really great reviews on this camera, I did a lot of research to find the best underwater portable camera out there - however, mine leaked on its first day out. Then the screen flashed in and out and would not take pictures. The few pictures I got off of it from my vacation were okay - but not very high quality. I did return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. My next step will likely to be to buy a good underwater housing for a good camera. (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  82. Leaked on first use Review by Joshua B. Haislip

    Since there are many people who haven't had issues with this camera, I will attribute my problem to a manufacturer's defect. However, those buying this camera for an upcoming vacation to a snorkeling destination should be warned: Testing in your bathroom sink will not guarantee that the camera will work while snorkeling. My advice would be to try finding a deep pool and go swimming with it. I did the bathroom sink test with no problems, but did not have the time to find a pool. The camera leaked on the very first time out snorkeling. Luckily, we brought along a second, non-waterproof camera as a backup to use during the rest of our trip. For those who will attribute my problem to operator error, I assure you that I followed the directions religiously and used the included brush to clean the rubber seal of any hair/sand before closing it and locking the door. In fact, that was only the third time opening and closing the camera door since taking it out of the box. This makes it highly unlikely that sand/hair could have caused the problem. The locking mechanism seems very lightweight and makes me wonder how you can get a tight seal every time. (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  83. Incredible camera! Review by S Cormier

    I wanted to buy a camera for my recent Costa Rica vacation. Since we don't get to travel much I really wanted a good camera to capture everything we did. I started looking at big DSLRs. When I thought about the fact that we were taking a jungle/rain forest/beach trip, a large, non waterproof camera would not be too handy. I bought the lumix and I'm really happy I did. This camera functioned exactly as advertised. I took it to the beach, underwater, snorkeling, zip lining in the pouring rain,kayaking, boating, white water rafting....everywhere. The pictures are fabulous. Even taking picture from the water toward the beach, no water marks, clear as ever. The macro zoom performed beautifully. Pictures of small insects, flowers, frogs, you can even see the tiny hairs on the spiders legs. I cleaned the camera exactly as instructed whenever I took it to the sea. Very easy, just soak in fresh water for a few minutes, let it drain, clean around the door with a small brush. Only took a few minutes. I also took a lot of video, equally as good. The settings let you play around with pictures similar to a SLR. I set it up on a tripod and took pics of the house with Christmas lights at night. Has a night setting with a 15 or 30 sec shutter speed. Great shots. My one and only complaint is that you don't get the full owners manual with this camera. You can go online and purchase it.
    All in all the perfect camera for me. (Posted on 3/13/2012)

  84. Not waterproof and poor warranty Review by GLS

    I bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 from Amazon in early February/2012 anticipating a vacation trip and snorkeling in Maui at the end of February. I received the TS3 from Amazon promptly and I checked out the camera thoroughly - including putting it in water for an hour - before taking it on our vacation trip. The camera worked well (all functions), took great video and good quality still pictures. While on Maui, I was able to capture about one hour of good snorkeling video and pictures before the camera failed. There was no evidence that water leaked into the battery/SD Card compartment so water probably leaked elsewhere on the camera - a defect that should be covered by the warranty. I sent the camera in for repair assuming the warranty would cover the repair work. I have had the camera about 30 days. Today, I received a phone call from the Panasonic Exchange Center requesting $180.00 to repair the camera. They told me the camera leaked and that it was my fault by not following the proper use procedures - no warranty protection. Basically there was no recourse to the accusation that I was at fault and that the problem was likely caused by defective material or workmanship regarding Panasonic. So beware if you purchase this camera, the warranty is mostly worthless and if you plan to use the camera underwater buy an addition waterproof bag (Aquapac) or case - kind of defeats the purpose of buying a water proof camera doesn't it. I am not paying $180.00 for the repair and we will never again purchase another Panasonic product. (Posted on 3/11/2012)

  85. Awesome camera, great price Review by motornutt

    We purchased the camera last minute before a recent trip to Hawaii. This camera works very weil above and below water. We took many stills and videos with it in many different conditions - sunlight, rain, on the water, below the water and they came out great. The camera functions very well and is easily adjustable through the autoamtic condition settings as well as manual settings. The camera did fog up on the inside of the lens one time while it was left on for an extended period of time. My guess was that I did not let it dry out enough after rinsing it off. We just turned the camera off and opened the door for about 10 minutes and it cleared up, and did not have the problem again. The only suggestion I would make for improvement would be a better zoom that the 4.6x and an included carrying case - but for the price, I guess you can't have everything. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  86. Panasonic DMC-TS3 Review Review by Dennis Palin

    I received my camera and memory card on time as promised by After reading the manual while the battery charged, I attached an aluminum pole to the camera and put it underwater to video the automated pool cleaner running along the bottom at night with only the pool light on. It's really hard to put a normal looking camera underwater! It did an incredible job in really low light conditions both above and below the water. I did some initial side by side tests of the TS3 compared to my 6 year old Olympus Stylus 800 All Weather camera and the TS3 was better in full auto outdoor and indoor shots, way better in close up-Macro shots and off the charts better in video mode. A huge advantage with the TS3 is that it can zoom while in video mode which some of the other waterproof cameras can't. I'm recommending this camera to all my Adventure racing, paddling and sailing friends. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  87. Very dissapointing Review by L. Olson

    I am a kayaker and a caver and thought the cameras toughness would be suitable for these actvities. Boating pictures have poor focus, soft images, shake and camera performs horribly in medium to low light conditons which are typical in situatons which this camera would be used like boating in the swamp on a cloudy day, taking pictures on a rainy day. I can't even imagine how bad they would be for caving. The version of this camera a few years ago was the top recommended long zoom of the year and provided outstandng performance for me, however, I had to take care not to get it wet.

    The camera performs poorly in blue sky sunny days with totally unacceptable picture quailty and worse under marginal situations. Flash does not produce sharp pictures. I read most of the reviews and made the mistake of giving too much weight to the reviewers who loved the camera because they enjoyed getting recognizable pictres under adverse conditions. I should have gone with the few pros who panned the camera for the poor performance I experienced.

    I did not test the waterproof or drop resistance of the camera. I have notused it after experiencing all the disappointing pictures. This is a bad, throw away camera. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  88. Love it but does have some shortcomings Review by kd24

    Love this camera, have had three of them so far, which says a few things...
    Rugged, they go everywhere with me and take the abuse of my endless wandering
    Good photo quality for a waterproof camera (though the non-water proof Kodak I had previously had better image quality with regards to color)
    Sometimes they are waterproof??
    First camera, excellent swam in VT waterfalls, Jersey cedar water...etc and never had problems, excellent photos...then it was left on the roof of the car leaving an AT trail head :(
    Second camera: bit it 5 minutes into snorkeling off the Yucatan in Mexico, disappointing
    Expensive, but compared to any other quality waterproof cameras, not so much and does retain value, even used they're selling for >$150

    Side notes, I bought a nearly ~$100 eye-fi memory card to go with the camera for geotagging photos, do NOT waste money on these, requires location in zone where there is internet access to geo-tag so unless you're in the city ALL the time useless...

    I'm torn for my next camera however, having learned Pentax offers one that is waterproof up to 40 ft standard and has GPS for geo-tagging photos. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  89. Great Camera! Review by Michael Norman "NeonDemon"

    VERY durable! excellent image quality. Bought this camera to take pictures while contracting in Afghanistan. its on its second deployment and works great. other cameras have been destroyed by sand, dust, rain etc etc. this one is still going strong! Strongly recommend it! (Posted on 3/6/2012)

  90. Nice camera but not totally waterproof... Review by Jon

    This was my first panasonic camera. At first use it performs well, pictures taken at daylight is good. Gps function is a bonus. Its size and weight is acceptable. The problem starts when i used it in the waters. I was only able to take 1 shot under water which is about 6 inches submerge. I was able to review the shot but when i was about to take another shot it went dead and that was the end of it. I checked the camera door and it was sealed perfectly and no signs of water penetration from it. Then i noticed that at the flash window there was presence of water which may have caused its failure.

    I returned the camera for replacement unluckily after weeks of waiting i was told that there are no stocks available and they are refunding my payment.

    Now i'm still in search of a better underwater camera. I was disappointed with the realibility of the panasonic camera, i would have given this 5 stars if all the mentioned function worked well. (Posted on 3/6/2012)

  91. It is full of water Review by Adelino

    I bought this camera at Jun/11, but I just used it last month when I did a vacation trip. It was working very well. I have never done a scuba diving before, and I decided to do a class and do my first dive and use my camera. When we arrived at 9.2 meters the camera begun to blink, so we went back to the boat. The camera was with WATER inside.
    Now, even in a swiming pool the waterproof is now working. So, now I have a Not Waterproof camera.

    Adelino (Posted on 3/4/2012)

  92. This camera is amazing Review by Lee

    I took this camera with me for my first scuba diving lessons and free dives in the Red Sea. The camera took absolutely amazing photos as at all depths. The product performs as advertised. I even accidently dropped it out of my pocket during breakfast and it hit the ground with absolutely no damage. I am so pleased with this purchase. (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  93. Warranty (water & shock proof) DON'T TRUST THEM!!! Review by G. C.

    I got a TS3 6 months ago (still under warranty). I took all the care possible so this camera would last longer(cleaning w/ cotton, making sure no water or sand or pieces of dirty in the compartiment.
    Suddenly, during a vacation in December, the camera compounds started going crazy. Sent the camera to be repaired and just got a call from customer service saying that I have to pay $180 because all the tests indicates that it was our fault that the camera got rust inside their compounds. OH really?! I'm contacting the Panasonic legal department and if they don't take care of my problem I'll take Panasonic to the small claims court. This is ridiculous how Panasonic takes care of their customers. Customer service sucks took me forever to finally get in contact with the repair department. (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  94. loved, loved, loved this camera Review by 'joy to the world'

    I'm so thankful i bought this camera before my trip. I'm thinking of buying one for my whole family before we take a family cruise in a few weeks. We brought it with us on a trip to the Bahamas. They gave us a free Vivitar 'waterproof' camera as a sales incentive gift. It didn't work. This camera was awesome. The camera took great pictures both above and below water. I'm so tickled with the pictures. (Posted on 2/26/2012)

  95. Awesome for Afghanistan Review by Deployed with this

    Bought this camera before I deployed to Afghanistan. Its awesome. Takes excellent HD video and high res. pictures. Way better than most of my friends who bought individual cameras and video cameras. This thing can take a beating, get wet, go under water. The battery is rechargeable and lasts forever. I would definitely recommend this camera to everyone. Only annoy thing I found is having to convert my videos to play on iPhones as it only records in AVCHD. (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  96. Camera stopped working. Review by Carol Hayes

    I bought the camera in August 2011 and had used it as a regular camera for a month or so and it worked fine, but when I took in the water with me to use it for the reason I bought it, ... to take underwater pictures, it didn't last very long. I was using it underwater (snorkeling) and got five or six good pictures underwater when it just suddenly stopped working. Afterwards, I tried to do the washing in clean fresh water like it says to do after having it in ocean water. I then let it set for a long time hoping what ever water might be in it would drain out and / or dry ..... but it never started working again. It is now an expensive paperweight. (Posted on 2/24/2012)

  97. Great Camera for Families Review by Constantin

    I bought this camera for trips to the beach with the family and for that purpose it is great. Everything is sealed, the picture quality is good, and the movies are excellent also.

    The only times I encountered condensation on the inside of the camera was after taking a warm camera into a cool pool. I suggest you ensure that the camera is very dry on the inside before you enter cold water to avoid condensation. The easiest way to do this is to buy a big bag of dessicant, dry out same using a microwave oven, then place the sack and the camera in a sealed zip lock bag with the camera doors open. Let the dessicant do it's magic (overnight?) and then close the door ASAP after drying the camera out. However, for something as warm as regular pool water, letting the camera dry out under a cold AC vent overnight worked also.

    All in all, I am very happy with the camera. I dialed down the MP, as the tiny lens probably cannot properly resolve 12MP anyway. Plus, I get a lot more pictures out of the 32GB storage card I paired with this camera. That, BTW, is another way to keep out moisture, i.e. buy a high-capacity SD card so that you only have to open the case occasionally. That only leaves the battery, whose life I found more than satisfactory. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  98. Definitely better than other options Review by JMcC

    I have tested other rugged point&shoots and this one was the best by far. The picture quality was comparable to non-rugged point&shoots. I've dropped it, taken underwater pictures and been outside in very cold and wet weather and the camera works well. I do follow the camera's instructions on cleaning and drying the camera. The camera provides reminders on locking the latch to the battery compartment religiously, (almost annoyingly) but it helps you double check; so that your waterproof seal is tight and no damage occurs to the camera.

    PRO's: does what it says - takes good pictures in sun light, decent low-light and underwater pictures. Very sturdy design. Easy to use video recording button (although could be a little bit bigger), good range of pictures options (portrait, landscape, macro etc.), Great range in protection (-10C, 6 ft drop, 40 ft deep in water).

    CONS: a little slow to start up, lens can get foggy in certain situations (mine fogged up a little when taking underwater pictures in a very humid climate, but I followed their care instructions and fogging went away). Odd choices given in picture size: Either you take tiny picture (around 300K) or huge (nothing smaller than 5MB, then 12MB) :S Also one annoyance for me because I use a Mac, the AVCHD mode does not play (because the software is not Mac compatible)

    Overall: I would recommend this camera. Although it has it's quirks, it works very well. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  99. Lumix, my favorite camera Review by Joan Hritz "austen fan"

    At last, having had two cameras that broke when I dropped them, I have a camera that is very hardy and does not fall apart when it accidentally drops from my hands. I chose the Panasonic Lumix specifically for this feature and so far, so good. In addition, it takes damn nice pictures!!!!
    It is a little heaver than some other digital cameras, but who cares!
    And, the recharger is very lightweight and so great to bring along on a trip. Score another win for! (Posted on 2/20/2012)

  100. great camera Review by scz

    Im no photographer and I needed a camera for work and pleasure. this camera once set in the intelligent auto function does everything all by itself it truely is intelligent, never had to change a setting since just point and shoot and all the pictures are awesome, the camera can also take a beating and get right back to work highly recommended (Posted on 2/19/2012)

  101. Haven't Regretted the Money I Spent At All Review by ALH

    I work in the woods...laying out, building, and maintaing all kinds of trails: hikig, skiing, snowmobile and mountain bike trails. In addition I tend to be the dirtiest person climbing out of the truck at the end of the day so you can imagine how hard I am on things including technology.

    After much research I decided on the the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 and have not been disappointed in any aspect of this camera. This camera recently accompanied me on a month and a half trip to Costa Rica where it endured my clumsy butter fingers in addition to hours and hours of water time (salt and fresh). Every time I use it I discover something else that makes me fall in love with it more.

    Pros...when you press the power button it is instantly ready to snap a photo. The photos are a great quality. The SCN settings cover anything you need: low light, high light, high speed burst photos, etc. The audio and video are also a great quality. The battery life of the camera is really great. Decent macro setting. Quick camera speed (click the button and the photo is taken). Menu is really easy to navigate.

    Cons...panoramic mode does not stitch photos for you. Long range picture quality is not the greatest, but hey you can't have a long range zoom lens and still be super tough.

    This camera goes EVERYWHERE with me and endures nothing short of hell. If you are looking for a rough and ready camera, this is the one for you! (Posted on 2/19/2012)

  102. Great Camera! Review by R. Davis

    I bought this camera 2 months ago and I love it! It takes excellent pictures!! Many of my friends are amazed at the pictures and high quality I am getting with this camera. The secret is using the various mode functions. I even love the underwater pictures I have taken with it. Although the underwater video was kind of jerky...but I think that is because I was not using the correct settings.
    It takes better outdoor shots than indoors. It does not preform as well in low light situations.
    The only drawbacks to this camera are:
    * I sometimes miss the shot because it doesn't take the picture as soon as I press the button. There is a slight delay. But this is not a major problem and is very typical for compact cameras.
    * I wish the video camera portion had a few more options...exposure adjustment, focusing, etc. But again for a compact camera, I think it does an amazing job!
    * I wish it did better in low light situations and had a better flash. It does okay...but I wish it were slightly better.
    Overall, I am extremely happy with my camera! I can't believe all that this little camera CAN DO! It is simply an amazing camera. Most of all I love the fact I can that I can take it snorkeling with me. It takes great pictures just about anywhere! (Posted on 2/19/2012)

  103. GPS fails to deliver Review by Stanski

    I purchased this camera for my wife because of the superb quality of pictures my wife and kids obtained with their Panasonic Lumix cameras (Leica optics). I wanted my wife to have a durable camera, and one that had GPS features. I was less concerned about the underwater features. Again, the GPS feature is what I felt I was paying extra for. I received the camera one day before leaving on a European trip (not the fault of Amazon, the original shipped camera was smashed by the deliverer, and it had to be replaced).

    The GPS failed to work properly, usually being about a day behind where we actually were. This, despite reading the instruction manual, and "resetting" the GPS coordinates, it would not work properly. Thank goodness the iPhone GPS worked just fine. I would have to take a picture with my phone as well, to GPS the areas we visited.

    When I returned home, I contacted Panasonic. I was told I needed to upgrade the firmware, which I did. The problem persisted. I was then instructed to mail the camera in to Panasonic. It was returned to me with a note stating "the GPS is in perfect working order."

    So, although I love the picture quality, and the HD video is amazingly clear (hence the 2 star rating), I am very disappointed that this camera is considered to have a "GPS" system in it. If this feature is important to you, look for another camera. (Posted on 2/19/2012)

  104. Wanna Know how it works Underwater? Review by JG2Springer

    If you are like me, when I was looking at this camera before buying, you really want to know how it does underwater. My wife and I bought this camera to take to Cozumel and use while we were getting certified in Scuba. We have the old Fuji lime green waterproof camera ( 10ft )(actually work to almost 20ft w/o failing) but we knew we would be going deeper ( oh you must read on) After reading all the reviews and one review that said someone got theirs to 53ft without the seals failing I had to give this one a try.

    For anyone who said this camera doesnt work underwater and that they " followed the directions and still got water in it at 10 ft" I say HA. I took this camera out on my first certification dive and my heart sank when the dive master said "Max depth on this dive 60ft." I figured "what the hell" I took pics of my depth gauge at 30ft, 41ft, and 60ft. Here is what happened.

    From 0 depth to 30 ft.. perfect beautiful pictures. From 30ft to 40 ft perfect beautiful pictures with alittle more blue... 40ft to 50 ft.. still took wonderful pictures.

    So... somewhere after 48ft all hell broke loose .. but only Picture wise. the camera lost its ability to function correctly no focus.. buttons didnt work.. ie I couldnt even turn the camera off. Fearing the worse... I just let it hang by its wrist strap. I checked again when we got back under 50 ft and IT WAS WORKING AGAIN.

    came out of the water Max depth gauge read 61 ft. the seal didnt fail and I got some incredible pics. (see 2 pics with the camera 1st showing depth guage and second of a friend I found at 45 ft.)

    Have been on 6 more dives and the camera went to a max depth of.... get this 82 ft !!! See the picture of my depth gauge without the seals failing. Keep in mind it completely lost funtionality after say 55ft, but above 50 ft it works fine.

    not sure how to post pics but I always took pics of my depth gauge to back up my pics. ( I didnt figure out till the last dive how to set the depth gauge indicator on the camera.

    Plain and Simple. This camera rocks. It works perfect to about 50ft, but can handle depths of up to 80ft. I have the pics to prove it. (Posted on 2/18/2012)

  105. Don't buy Review by Catello Landolfi

    I have used this product for about 5 months and during my last vacation it completely died. During snorkeling I noticed there was water leakage into the camera and then realized the camera started malfunctioning intermittingly. Eventually, it died. I have followed the printed instructions, and never used the camera at a depth over 4 meters (I snorkel, not dive). I think the opening door design is faulty and it slowly allows the water to enter the camera till it affects the circuitry. I also have the Sanyo Xacti which it is a much better designed product and I never had any issues (despite it is designed to operate only up to 2 meters depth). Furthermore, the swiveling monitor makes recording extremely easy in any position. I regret buying the Lumix; buy the Xacti instead. (Posted on 2/18/2012)

  106. Spectacular Camera for Families Review by cartoonsRcool

    I was stuck between this rugged camera and one of the competitor's products. Unfortunately I purchased the other camera for my wife for Christmas. The image quality of that was was terrible, so I returned and purchased the Panasonic Lumix. This camera is a far superior product.

    So far, we have taken this camera sledding and it has passed from snow soaked glove to snow soaked glove. Photo's and images are all amazing and the camera is working great. My wife has dropped it on cement and gravel, and the camera is still in great condition.

    The door that holds the memory card, battery and external connection ports is sealed well and has a lock switch as well as a release switch. The only complaint about the camera is that the lock switched is easily bumped to unlock. Fortunately the release switch has a much stronger gip and takes a lot more to open. I am going to contact Panasonic about this to see if all are like this, or if there is something faulty with our lock.

    I highly recommend this camera to any family looking to get some great photos and videos of their outings, no matter the temperature or location. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  107. ruined my vacation Review by Catherine A Fitzgerald

    this camera just DIED after one day in the Caribbean . went to the camera shop and they told me two others had been in that week alone. DO NOT GET THIS CAMERA. I bought it to go to Bonaire, the greatest snorkeling in the western hemisphere and never got one picture. have to send it back to Panasonic, I understand, which I'm sure will be a nightmare (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  108. Very bad experience Review by Felipe

    I was really excited about getting this camera, since being at the ocean is one of my biggest passions. I followed all the safety instructions, and even then the camera got water inside the first time I was using it, simply stopped taking pictures in the middle of a snorkeling trip when I had finally found a sea turtle swiming around.
    Now the assistance say that they might not be able to replace it because it got water through the battery compartment, and that means the camera wasn't properly locked. I'm extremely disapointed,because i followed all intsurctions, the lock was on, and what they say is that even a small specle of sand ou a stray hair might be enough to get water inside the camera, and that cancels the warranty.
    No words to express how deceived I feel.

    My pursue to get some refund or replacement from Panasonic is still going on. Their customer services is horrible, and show no interest their consumers needs. I got a deffective camera, and all they do is just say I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about it. If I had chosen a câmera from another manufacturer I'm sure things would be different. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  109. New Favorite Camera Review by Nomi Nome

    After reading a lot of "WP" waterproof camera reviews, I got this at the last minute before a Caribbean trip that included snorkeling, wave runners, boating, whale watching & colorful island touring, and SOOO glad I did. It's an addition to my camera arsenal that includes a Fuji Finepix WP and 2 Canon Powershots. The mode selections,zoom ability, focus and color quality are so great that I used this Panasonic Lumix for ALL my photo taking, "wet & dry".
    The snorkeling pics are great in shallow water with more sunlight on subjects; typical greenish cast for deeper shots; however the zoom & focus are amazing. Used the "Beach & Snorkeling Mode" for, duh, beach & snorkeling! Used the "IA Mode" (Intelligent Auto)for most other photos - it's truly "intelligent" from macro to scenery & everything in between. Also used the "Burst" setting for continuous shots - great to capture fish swimming past & whales diving (you know how hard it is to get the fluke before disappearing).
    New to me is the function of entering your trip itinery & time zones, which shows on your screen each day (but not on your photos). The GPS is great, too, but uses a LOT of battery, even when the camera is turned OFF.
    Love the orange color, easy to spot where ever it's sitting; and the adjustable wrist strap is "a very good thing" (hubby has camera strap envy).
    Follow the care instructions for using it "underwater" (cleaning, securing the latch & lock on side door); get a Chum camera float!!
    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 is now my favorite camera. I never even used the Canon Powershot on this trip, and sorry to say, the Fuji "bit the dust" on our 1st snorkel trip, leaving my husband w/o a WP camera.
    I read lots of reviews so decided it was time for me to share my enthusiasm for this camera. (Posted on 2/7/2012)

  110. LOVED IT! Review by Minnie

    Great Great Camera. Although the battery didn't last beyond 50 pictures and a few video captures, it was still a good camera! (Posted on 2/6/2012)

  111. Way too complicated - User interface is terrible Review by Zonama "Zonama"

    This camera is way too complicated and the over abundance of unnecessary features combined with the poor user interface makes this camera not worth buying. They need to take a cue from Apple and make it a friendly and easy to use experience. (Posted on 2/6/2012)

  112. Fantastic camera for use in and around water. Review by Joseph Conner

    Let me preface this review by saying I'm no camera expert, just your every day user. I purchased this camera after exhaustive research. I considered tough cameras from Fuji, Nikon and Olympus. After reading reviews I decided on the DMC-TS3. Boy am I glad. Even though I knew the newer version would be out soon (TS4)the reduced price was just right for my budget.
    When the camera arrived I read the manual before fooling around with the camera. It made operating it a lot easier. I found the camera was easy to set up and the GPS feature didn't take too long to sync with the satellites.
    I took it out that weekend on a kayaking/snorkeling trip to Crystal Springs Florida. The pictures taken were amazing. I switched modes often (from normal to snorkeling) and found no difference in the quality of the photos. It was great to be able to clearly see the view screen underwater. I could even see the menus as I changed options underwater. I purchased a floating wrist strap and let go of it while in shallow water. It floated to the top with no problem so I would say this is a must.
    I noticed if I used two hands to take pictures underwater, I had a tendency to get a finger in the way due to the location of the lens. I found taking photos with one hand was very easy and had no problems switching.
    If you use the GPS, be forewarned the GPS stays on even when the camera is off (camera prompts this to you) so it drains the battery fairly quickly. I just turned it off when not in use. I purchased a second battery but never had to change the whole weekend and took over a hundred photos and 3 videos. (Posted on 2/6/2012)

  113. Lumix waterproof camera Review by donna robinson

    We love our new lumix waterproof camera, purchased for ease of use and quality photos, snorkeling,traveling, etc. We just returned from an extended vacation and found the camera to live up to it's reputation and fulfill our needs. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  114. Great Camera for Outdoors Review by entropy_generator

    I bought this camera for lightweight backpacking. I wanted something I didn't have to worry about. It's been in my salt pool several times, and rainy/snowy/icy weather in the teens without any problems.

    Things that work for me:
    --HD video is excellent, probably my best feature.
    --Outdoor pics are great.
    --battery life is good.
    --seems solid enough.
    --respectable optical zoom.

    Things that I don't like:
    --goofy restrictions on time with certain movie formats (I think this is a copyright/royalty issue)
    --back screen is NOT scratch resistant, I have already scuffed mine (and I'm pretty careful).
    --too many confounded modes, which one to use?
    --indoor shooting is a disaster for me, can't seem to prevent blurring.
    --gps and video can drain battery.
    --I put my finger on the lens regularly.
    --"Intelligent Auto" mode drives me crazy.

    I saw a comment concerning not being able to read AVCHD Lite on the Mac. It's correct that for direct viewing you'll need to convert, Handbrake does an excellent job. However, I've found (by accident) a workaround for iMovie (I'm running '09 on Leopard/Snow Leopard). If the AVCHD is on the hard drive, iMovie won't import it and it looks like it won't read it. BUT, if the AVCHD video is on a media card (or the camera) and you point iMovie toward 'mass storage' rather than 'camera', it works just fine. Look for the 'private > streaming' folder to find the clips.

    As I am becoming more and more comfortable with the camera, I'm liking it more and more as well. I'll probably spring for another battery though. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  115. Utterly disappointing in the snow Review by C. D. Walter "International do-gooder"

    First off I've not used this camera underwater.

    I purchased this camera for a snowboarding trip to Utah (excellent trip, thanks).

    The camera comes with a "snow" mode that is billed as the perfect solution to taking photographs such as those I most wanted to take on my *snowboarding* trip.

    Every shot was utterly and completely blown out -- utterly and completely overexposed. In other words - useless.

    Maybe the camera is good at other things. But it isn't any good at this. (Posted on 2/3/2012)

  116. Great hardware, very poor firmware features Review by S. Lin

    I think the camera is a mixed bag. On one hand, I like the build quality and technical features of the camera. On the other hand, the camera is greatly hobbled by very poor software. For example, it keeps nagging you in the most annoying way. Every time you turn it on, it asks if you closed and cleaned the door, and warns you about underwater usage. I was quickly getting tired of this. Second, there are too many intelligent auto and super intelligent auto and hyper intelligent auto features, which can quickly get confusing since they don't really tell you what they do, but unfortunately there is no manual mode whatsoever. Lastly, what really annoyed me the most in the end is that they introduced a chipped battery. Meaning, the battery now has an additional contact and it will use this to see if the battery is genuine. I bought a spare battery on Ebay, and the camera waited a few seconds, then displayed a message and powered down. I am very much against anything that does so much hand-holding and placing restrictions on how you use it. The DRM on the battery was the last straw, so I ended up returning it. Sorry. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  117. Waterproof TIP Review by K. Lee "HD Fan"

    I've solved one of the mysteries of the waterproof problems.

    The seal on the rubber becomes unstable when you go from hot to cold. I went on a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. I had the camera in the hot tub for less than 30 seconds a couple times and was wondering what would happen. It was working fine. Then I went to the wave pool while the camera still felt warm and I noticed the screen started acting up and went blank. (I used the camera in the wave pool for several days before with no problems)

    I took it back to the room and found a lot of water inside. I shook all the water out and let it dry overnight. It came back on the next day, but still had a foggy residue inside the LCD screen. I left the battery compartment open for a few more days and the camera was back to perfect.

    Lesson learned for people who had leakage problems from other reviews. Do not leave it in the hot sun or beach then suddenly submerge in cold water. The thin rubber will warp. I wish they made the lining thicker with more resistance to close the door shut for a tighter enclosure.

    Note: I have used this several times at waterparks were I kept it in the lazy river for hours underwater with no problems. It's now 6 months later and the camera is still working great.

    Update: It's been over a year of use and I noticed the raised part of the seal is squished and leaning toward one side. The seal does not look firm anymore.
    It was leaking on my last water trip and the camera stopped working. I had to shake the water out and let it dry for a couple of days. It's working again, but the seal needs to be replaced.

    As someone has already mentioned, you need to replace the seal every year. There are only 2 screws holding it in place, so it's easy to replace yourself. Part number: VUMG1978 (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  118. Satisfied Review by Jan Siwierski

    Only downside in my opinion (which I had expected) is macro photography cannot be done it seems with the camera at less than a foot or 2/3foot away from target.

    Overall a great camera, with great resolution, a variety of unique functions, and the structure of a tank. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  119. Panasonic Lumix Review Review by Lisa "Lisa"

    Nice and rugged camera but a little slow in taking images. Image quality is nice not the best quality. Lots of features and my son call play around with this and not have to worry about dropping it. (Posted on 1/27/2012)

  120. the best yet Review by G. T. Cuppels

    bought this to replace stolen ts2 this is by far better than it was. If you want a tough camere to do anything with this is it. You will not go wrong with it. Photos are near perfect for my older eyes and controls are intuitive. (Posted on 1/26/2012)

  121. buy this great camera and pray you will never repair it ! Review by GANG ZHAO

    I bought this model after I did a lot of research and finally found out it seems the best water proof camera on market. I got it at 12/14 last year and bring it with my Hawaii vacation in Chrismas holiday. Before using it under water, I have read carefully about the instrument and the reviews from AMAZON, so I know the preparation work before using it underwater, and the clean work after using it underwater is very importment. But still, after the 1st day using underwater, the flash did not work. after the 2nd day using underwater, the camera can not power on. So I decided to send it back to the Texas service center, and begin from here, the real nightmare begins!!!!

    Before I send back my camera, I have a web chat from panasonic with some customer service guy, they ask me to send my camera together with my contact info back to the service center, and "they will contact me", I WAS STUPID ENOUGH THEN TO BELIEVE THIS! So I use FEDEX ( Thanks god I decided to use FEDEX, because the tracking info by FEDEX is my only proof now) to send it back, then they got it at 01/03. So I called the customer service center's phone number (the phone is very hard to call in, because they are always busy picking other costmer's phone), and the assistant kick me from one guy to another guy ( totally 4 different people), so each transfer I have to wait for a long time under someone speak to me , then I explain to him/her about my story, and during the last transfer, the communication was dropped! Then I have to call in again, finally I was told I should contact another department and gave me a new number. So I use this new number to call in, it seems now it's the corret department.

    Here comes the new story. They checked my info, and said there is no record in their system, and ask me for the serial number of my model, of course I did not remember the serial number because no one ask me to write down before send it out to the service center. After a long waiting, they finally find it in the warehouse (thanks FEDEX again, otherwise I think they will say they never got my stuff), and promise to call me back for update. The next day, some one called me said my camera is under warranty and the technican is working on it and gave me the work order number. I thought I would not worry more because next time when I call in, I have this number for easy tracking my status.

    So today 01/26 I called in again, gave them the work order, and they told me this work order is for someone else with a different model. and, there is STILL NO RECORD of my camera in their system. And after a 30 minutes conversation (plus waiting time), they said they will check the warehouse again using my FEDEX tracking number, and call me back....
    I don't know what to say...I think the slogan in their website " Panasonic, ideas for life" maybe should change to " Panasonic, SUFFERING YOUR LIFE"

    Will be update later...

    01/27/2012: They promised they would call me by the end of the day on the phone( 01/26/2012 ), now is 2PM 01/27, and still no one call me or leave a message or send me an email, I think next week I have to call them again and tell someone my story from the very beginning again ! wasting another 30 minutes or more... (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  122. a much-appreciated Christmas gift Review by Linda B.

    I gave this as a gift to my husband, who killed two different model Nikons in two years - one when his tripod tipped over, and one when the camera slipped out of his fingers and fell about 12 inches onto the dining-room table. Shock-resistance and good picture quality were what I was looking for this time around. I saw a variety of complaints about the waterproof qualities (or lack thereof) for all of the waterproof cameras in my price range, including this one, but that isn't likely to be a concern with how he uses the camera, so it didn't factor in to my final decision.

    So far, no problems at all and he absolutely loves this camera - the picture quality is great, with very sharp, clear images with or without flash, and very fine detail. No accidental drops so far, so he hasn't tested the 'shockproof' part yet - but I bought the ADH add-on warranty this time around, just to be sure. (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  123. Water leakage on first underwater excursion Review by DC

    I purchased this camera to take pictures for a snorkeling trip in the ocean. When I was reading the directions for underwater usage and getting familiar with the camera, the external door didn't feel particularly well designed. To me, it feels rather flimsy and doesn't provide a confident feeling that it would provide a great seal. Perhaps I got a dud but it not, I would not recommend this camera for underwater use.

    The camera stopped working around 30 minutes in the ocean for the first time. The camera was never more than 5 feet underwater and was not subjected to any rough waves. Back on the boat, I opened up the compartment and sure enough the ocean water had seeped in. Luckily I was able to salvage the pictures taken before the malfunction but I was sans camera for the rest of the snorkeling trip. Very disappointed. (Posted on 1/22/2012)

  124. Panasonic sucks Review by lee ballard

    So I was first bummed that for mac users you need purchase software to convert video. Bummer. My camera failed in Hawaii in 5 feet of water. Bummer. Called repair and machine hung up on me 4 times. Bummer again.Finally received info for return and will update. (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  125. Wonderful Camera Review by DroidFan

    Wonderful camera. Easy to use, great photos. I was able to use it almost immediately on fully automatic and with specific modes (such as sunset). Read the manual or play with it for a few minutes to learn how to navigate the modes. Sunsets are hard pictures to capture, but with this camera, the pictures came out better than an amateur like me can do with an SRL.

    I know this is silly, but a WIFI chip to network the pictures to my PC or a website would be a great addition. I kept looking for that function, until I realized this is only a camera. (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  126. Super heavy duty, but just an Ok camera Review by Harmony

    This camera was stolen so I only had a few months to use it, but I was never very happy with the image quality. And every time you turn on the camera it takes awhile and then you have to dismiss the message that pops up asking if you want to view the underwater instructions. It was annoying. I don't recommend this camera. The auto white balance often led to bad lighting and often pixelated images.

    I highly recommend the canon d10 underwater camera. It's much easier to use and better image quality. (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  127. Poor Review by ron

    I'm very disappointed with this camera and Panasonic. The camera stopped working the first day my daughter received it(she's 25). Which just happened to be Chritmas, bad timing. I called Panasonic for help, after an hour on the phone. I was told i had to send the camera back. I was told i would receive the camera back in 7-10 days, that was 3 weeks ago. Panasonic called me and said they were still working on it.
    I asked for a new camera and was told NO! Panasonic does not replace them. I had to wait for it to be fixed. I'm still waiting. (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  128. its not waterproof Review by jimmy Minardi

    Im a surfer, ocean lifeguard and outdoor athlete. This camera is not what they say it is, I never even had a chance to put it up to the advertisted capabilities Its not waterproof a surf with my son settled that. It failed. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  129. DMC TS3 - Six months, leaking, still working Review by westerndiver

    I've had this camera for six months, using it when I go sailing, diving, and general travelling.
    I'll echo what everyone else says about size and general durability. It's size makes it a great traveller and it can take a lot of abuse. I love this camera.
    But what I found out is that though this camera is marketed as waterproof, it's not really. The double lock door and little rubber gaskets do an admirable job of keeping water out and under most conditions it will likely stay dry, but Panasonic would have take it another notch up to make it really waterproof under field conditions.
    So here's some tips:
    - If you're going snorkeling or diving, use some waterproof athletic tape to help the door stay in place. I think that's why mine leaked, the roughhousing you find in the water probably jarred it just enough to seep.
    - Before you open the camera's access door Make Sure the Camera is DRY. The natural tendency is to open the door face up which means any water hiding in the door or gasket goes into the camera. Use a paper towel, newspaper, or toilet paper to dry the door area then open it face down.
    - If you get corrosion on the contacts, use a product called DEOXIT(RadioShack). Works great.
    - If you find water in the camera, Don't Turn It On (you knew that). Take everything out and let it dry for a couple of days. Mine came back to life with no problems.

    One of these days I'll do something to this camera and it'll croak for good, and in a heartbeat I'll buy another one. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  130. Good waterproof camera for extreme elements Review by M. Henderson

    Waterproof, yep. Otherwise pictures are a bit grainy. Trying to get a normal picture in sunshine conditions was difficult. Just didn't seem to have good quality. Make sure to take care of instructions on taking care of the camera after submerged in water to maintain the waterproof structure as well as prevent mineral buildups. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  131. Very pleased with this camera Review by Sherri "king_chaser"

    I was nervous using an underwater digital camera after reading many negative reviews of water leaking or lower quality pictures. However, this was not the case with this camera. I admit that I am quite ameteur at photography, but with this camera we got beautiful, clear pictures. We took it to two Hawaiin islands and had no worry of fog or leaking. We made sure to follow the instructions to avoid problems. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  132. camera review Review by armyz911

    I love this camera, it works great in every condition I use ir for. There are a lot of settings I am still trying to figure out but it works great, only problem I had was when taking motion shots. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  133. Waterproof but requires a lot of effort Review by BW

    Waterproof yes, but it requires a lot of effort and can not be used in rushing water or around shoals. This camera is good for weekend use, but not for the professional. (Posted on 1/7/2012)

  134. Great camera Review by D.S.

    I bought this camera to take on a vacation to Maui primarily to get underwater photos. After reading the reviews about all the underwater cameras I thought this would be the best choice. I've had it a few weeks and haven't been to Maui yet but I did try it underwater briefly (just holding it underwater at the dock where I keep my boat to photograph some sea anemones) and the photos were great. Aside from the underwater capability this is a very nice camera. It's compact, feels substantial and takes excellent photos and video. If I was to complain about anything, it would be that the battery life could be better and it's easy to get fingerprints on the lens but these are minor issues for me. I bought an extra battery and carry it and a lens cleaning cloth in the case. I think this is the best underwater camera out there right now. This is a secondary camera for me and I get the long telephoto and manual capabilities in my other camera (Panasonic FZ100) an excellent camera. I'll try to update this after my Maui trip. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  135. Happy with it so far Review by Aaron Harris "Aaron"

    I am a panasonic lumix fan and bought this to replace my dieing DMC-FX07 which I loved. Since this is my only camera I don't intend to take it under water due to bad reviews I have read about all brands of ruggedized cameras. It would probably hold up fine but I don't want to find out half way through a trip and be left without a camera or loose pics. I wanted water proof and ruggedized mainly so the camera would last and could be taken out in bad weather, rafting, and sailing etc. with out worring. I haven't had a chance to really put this camera to the test but side by side shots with my FX07 show a definet improvement in pics and video dispite the lower max aperature of F3.3 vs. my old camera's telescoping optics with F2.8. I was skeptical about the folded optics and lower max aperature but somehow it just takes in more light. The camera is a bit bigger than my FX07 but I will just have to live with that. I looked at the Sony TX10 very closely due to it's smaller size and came back to panasonic because of their features and intuitive menu design. Another reason the I went with the panasonic is because video starts instantly when you start recordings where the sony takes 4-6 seconds to start recording video. Zooming during video is pretty common now but is a nice upgrade from my old camera. Finally panasonics metal construction gives a solid feel over other plastic cameras. (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  136. Good transaction Review by Charles E. Hough

    I bought this camera for my grandson as a Christmas present. He opened it, read the directions (he is 13), and has hardly put it down since then. Thanks (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  137. Easy to use and takes wonderful photos... Review by W. Raffel

    I already own the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 16x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom, but I needed camera that was waterproof for travel. Since I was already use to the controls on my camera, I opted to go with the Panasonic for my waterproof camera too. I have used the camera on 2 trips in water environments and the photos I took were excellent. As other reviewers have mentioned turn off the GPS to maximize your battery life. I highly recommend this camera. (Posted on 12/30/2011)

  138. Very good Camera Review by Petefriend

    Thanks Amazon, the product arrive yesterday, It is a very good Camera and is the best price that I found. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  139. Excellent camera Review by pealpizar

    Great camera. A lot of scene options and really easy to use. Auto mode is perfect for kids, always a nice photo. Slow auto-focus at maximum zoom (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  140. Buy For Durability, Not Photo Quality Review by T. Patrick

    Good size, shape; feels good in hand. Does survive 5 foot falls--we had a toddler and so the camera has taken a few spills already :( .

    Photo quality is poor given the price. Our four-year old, $149 camera takes pictures that are much sharper with more accurate color. The TS3 cannot deal with even moderate dynamic range in a shot--darker areas are noisy. If the shot is dim overall, the entire image will be rather noisy. And all fine details, regardless of light intensity, such as blades of grass, distant tree leaves, even the striped pattern of bluejeans, get blurred into a patch of solid color. It is amazing that a $300 camera gets away with this!

    GPS is impressive if you wait long enough for it to determine the location. On our 18 day trip, the GPS rarely located us since we only had the GPS on when the camera was on. We did leave the GPS on full-time one day, which was a huge mistake because the battery was dead before lunch. Bummer.

    For a compact travel camera that you can take into water and occasionally drop, this is a okay choice, but it you want decent picture quality and don't mind wearing a wrist strap, look elsewhere. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  141. good stuff for traveling Review by Gennady

    Bought this camera for winter using, the previous camera has freeze on below temperature, but now I found that camera has really good HD video possibility, on that reason we left at house our handy cam at all.
    On this summer we're in Swiss alps and used it too as backup camera and as video cam. Overall all the pictures that were taken are in good enough quality the best in mid light conditions.
    The only one thing that should be taken in mind is to put attention on not get your finger to touch the objective (really not convenient put it on the corner) and check if it not get it "muddy".
    Very fast writing speed (using recommended memory card).
    Now I'm not afraid to give the camera to my little daughters (they like use it very much). (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  142. Water inside after one use Review by Mdevil

    After carefully following directions to waterproof the camera, it got water inside and stopped working after the first use. I couldn't even get it back to my room to soak in freshwater before it shorted out. The camera was in the locked position when I went into the water and I checked when I came out and it was still locked. Missed out on pictures of sharks, sting rays and moray eels on a later snorkeling trip on a trip of a lifetime. Very disappointing. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  143. Not really waterproof! Review by Ironmike

    My wife and I bought this camera for an upcoming Bahamas cruise. We bought it and immediately tried it out. Now my wife is very clumsy with digital cameras and I thought this would be a good one for her being drop proof and waterproof both. NOT! We were river tubing when she decides to flip over and drop the camera in the water. The rumble and tumble of it caused a few scratches and nicks on the camera itself after having it only a week but it still worked well. We took it a swimming pool a few weeks later and took pictures. It came out well and worked well. THEN we finally go on our cruise. In Key West, my wife and I were snorkeling and snapped many photos. We never dived more than 5 feet (well within the camera's 40ft claim), I noticed at one point bubbles starting to come from the camera. Immediately I surfaced. I dried it off and checked the pictures. The screen is now blank and will not show the pictures. We laid it out in our stateroom and tried to let it dry but still to no avail. We are trying to see if the warranty will come through (we haven't even had it 5 months). (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  144. Camera leaks underwater Review by Greg S. Dickhens "hawaii"

    Used the camera twice before I noticed that water entered into the side latch while underwater. Completely unreliable camera. Stick to the canon. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  145. GREAT CAMERA Review by reviewer

    This is a great camera, and for a great price too! I just got it a little while ago, and have been able to test it out a few times. I got this camera mainly for the ruggedness, because i wanted a camera that i wouldn't have to worry about breaking when dealing with water or snow, or extreme conditions. This camera is exactly as described, and then some. I used it for roughly two hours in below freezing temperatures, taking video, and it still had almost full battery. The quality of the pictures and video is unbelievable for such a small camera. I tested the waterproofing, and it worked great with no leaking whatsoever, although i do recommend following the underwater usage instructions very carefully. Overall, great camera for its price range. (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  146. worth the money Review by Mac

    I'm a Pro - I shoot Video and Stills. I needed some HD video footage shot under water in a swimming pool. I didn't want to use a waterproof housing because I needed something more agile and less cumbersome. Housings can be very restrictive.
    So I bought the Panasonic after reading reviews and looking at samples posted on the internet. It does what I wanted - and quite well. And for the $259 I paid, it was a ideal. This is a point and shoot camera, so I won't be using it unless I need another under water shot, it doesn't replace any other piece of equipment that I own, it just adds to my set of tools.

    CONS: only 1 really, I hate the AVCHD codec, it slows down my editing process and I fear I'm losing some qulity when I convert it to a usable codec! (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  147. Panasonic TS3 Review by Arturo Lopez

    I have been researching the Panasonic TS2 and then the TS3 came along, I like the claims that it boasts to have, so I bought the TS3, it is a good point and shoot but you do have to have some good photographer knowledge to help you understand the features like aperture, aspect ratio and ISO settings along with the many shooting modes available to get the results you like, I learned a lot while now owning it and I really like it. Once you get over the learning curve you will get good results, the claims of soft colors after picture taking is more like washed out colors, that I learned to be from lack of proper setting selections, thus the learning curve.
    A very fun camera to own overall. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  148. great waterproof camera Review by T. Nguyen

    we had the canon D10, which was also a great camera, but lost it on one of our trips.

    Replaced it with this one. For a point and shoot, both picture and video quality are quite good (just don't expect DSLR or micro 4/3ths quality). As expected for this camera range, low light pictures are grainy. Built quality is excellent: camera feels solid and substantial.

    We used the camera quite a bit in and under water on a recent trip: no issues at all. As with ALL waterproof cameras, reading the instructions on camera care is a must! (ie., soak in tap water for 10 minutes -> then dry -> would only then open any of the camera's slots/doors. Check for sand/dirt in the rubber seals before closing, etc).

    Had a camera for close to 6 months. No issues.

    compared to the Canon D10: the TS3 felt more solid than the D10. The D10's "bulge" at the lens did make it bulky compared to this one. Picture quality between the 2 cameras are pretty much equal. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  149. Alternative Review by Camman

    I have researched all shockproof and waterproof cameras on Amazon. They all have reported leak issues. If your main goal is a waterproof camera, buy a Canon Elph 100 HS for $99, then get the Canon waterproof case made for the Elph (WP-DC310L) for $45. This will set you back $145 for the camera and the case. You have a nice camera with a reliable waterproof system. (Posted on 12/13/2011)

  150. short-lived waterproof feature Review by Samuel Lo

    after reading the one-star and two-star reviews of this camera, and was told by the camera shop i cannot replace/refund it in case of water problems, i decided to buy TS3 nevertheless. i downloaded its manual and follow its advise on keeping it waterproof. everytime i turn it on, there's also this nag screen telling me how to keep it watertight. so everytime i close its lid, i made sure the battery compartment and rubber gaskets are clean, etc. well, after 3 swimming pools and 30 shots in 3 months later, it conked out. all shots are in 1-meter to 2-meter depths but its screen suddenly went blank: first the lenses showed moisture, then the lcd showed water inside. won't buy any lumix waterproof camera anymore. (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  151. Crummy Warrentee Review by Hiker "Hiker"

    sent camera back after screen broke from a 2 foot drop. They have had camera for two months and still dont have it returned fixed under warrentee. bummer. Other than that camera is great. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  152. Satisfied with the product Review by adrian

    Haven't used it for a long time, but i like what i got so far. My favorite part is the long lasting battery. Least favorite is the way you zoom in and out. I would prefer to use my index instead of my thumb for zooming.. but i'll get used to it. Underwater videos are great. Used it for my nephew's aquarium and it works great! (Posted on 12/10/2011)

  153. Lumix is a dud! Review by Tammy Humphries

    First off, let me start by saying, I know my way around electronics, I have a degree in electronics for Pete's sake. So I'd like to think, a little thing such as a compact camera won't bring me down! HOWEVER, this camera, was 100% overly complicated.
    I had it for a week, read the book, cover to cover, and it was still too complicated. There were features this camera had on it's screen that weren't even discussed in the book. I got it to 'Ia' (intelligent auto) and could never get it back out of that, even after telling it to re-do all settings back to factory. You can't just change the settings on the fly. I was shooting in the bright sunlight, with snow.. and it was having a difficult time finding what to focus on. I could have probably changed the settings, but who has 20 minutes to go through the entire menu!
    There were a billion different features, that just werent needed, which took away the ease of point and shoot. The GPS feature was never right, even when I told it to go out and look for location again. It kept saying "location failed".. i'ts a super heavy camera, so good luck finding a floatie strap to keep it from sinking.
    We have a Lumix regular camera, and the quality is superb, this one however, lacked that crisp sharp picture. This camera was a replacement for my Olympus tough that we'd had for several years(also waterproof, shock and freeze proof) I was looking for better quality underwater photos, and thought since our regular (Lumix) point and shoot camera is awesome, I'd go ahead and pay the high price and get a lumix for underwater, thinking, it would be worth the $$ for the lovely photos. Nope, not even close to the same quality.
    Now, here are a few more weird things. Each time you turn the camera on, it reminds you to check the door, makes sure to have you check that nothing is stuck in there. The entire book is a testament to WHAT NOT TO DO, with way of the sand, or water, and how to lock the door.. its even got its own little brush you are to bring with to sweep the door and seals!!
    The book also tells you that after one year, you need to replace the seals. (read somewhere they are at least $60) If you are in the water more than 60 minutes, it's underwater functions are no longer guaranteed, you are to take it out of the water, then within 60 minutes of coming out it has to be submerged in tap water, for at least 10 minutes. What type of person, buys a tough, freeze proof, water proof camera, and has this kind of time while on vacation? Oh gosh, I have to hurry out of the water, and hurry to someplace where I can submerge the camera for 10 minutes in tap water?! I don't know about you, but if I'm on vacation, I don't want to worry about how many minutes I am in the water, or how long its been since I submerged my camera, or where in the world the silly brush is to clean out my seals!! My Olympus which I had for years, never gave me any trouble, and I can assure you, it was in the water for more than 60 minutes, and never rinsed, brushed or submerged in tapwater!
    I bought the olympus tough once again instead, I should have known better. Why fix something that's not broken, and its by FAR easier and more user friendly to work.
    Returned this one today, and bought my trusty, easy to use, takes great pictures, light, Olympus tough 14 mp.
    Sorry Panasonic, you failed on this one. (Posted on 12/10/2011)

  154. Stayed Waterproof while on Vacation Review by Rick79

    I purchased this camera for general use as well as for snorkeling on a recent trip to Hawaii.


    ~The camera took awesome pictures and the auto settings worked great.
    ~The image stabilization was very good.
    ~Worked underwater as advertised.
    ~Cleaning it after a sandy day on the beach is easy. Run it under fresh water.
    ~Fit in my boardshorts pocket.

    **Long battery life. Even with gps on I was able to take over 150 pictures each day I was there, and the battery never died. This included looking at pictures and normal usage, I wasn't trying to maximize the battery life. I recharged it to full each night in the hotel room for around 5-6 hours.


    ~The lens is in the corner. A few of the pictures include my finger.
    ~Water droplets were a big problem on pictures taken after getting the camera wet. Better coating is needed.
    ~Did not come with a carrying case. (Posted on 12/9/2011)

  155. LOVE the camera! Review by Lindy

    I bought this camera for my son's birthday, as he was going on a Caribbean cruise. To be honest, we were all a little skeptical that it was going to remain "waterproof" since it looked like an ordinary pocket digital camera. In addition, we weren't sure that the pictures would turn out as great as some of the others were claiming. Rest assured...this camera goes above & beyond, and delivers everything it promises. They took it snorkeling, zip-lining, hiking, boating, swimming, touring, etc. The pictures & videos that they were able to capture are amazing. He was definitely more excited with the camera afterwards then when he initially received it, because he didn't feel it was going to deliver on the promises. The first thing he told better give this camera an amazing review! We also purchased the "Chums Waterproof Camera Float" and he loved the ease of being able to easily switch the camera to someone else. He told me that it was great because there was no fear of having the camera sink, it simply floated right near him and worked perfectly. (Posted on 12/8/2011)

  156. looks good Review by Tannis

    the camera was exactly as advertised. The only drawback I can see is the need to use the battery for off loading of pictures unless you purchase the AC Adapter, which should be included. (Posted on 12/7/2011)

  157. Great! Review by hiker bob

    I purchased this camera for a backpacking trip in the mountains of Arizona. I wanted a camera that I wouldn't have to worry about shoving in my pack or getting rained on. Although I didn't test it's waterproof capability, I dropped it a few times without incident. And as far as the quality of the camera goes, it's great. First and foremost, I'm satisifed with the picture quality. Additionally, the camera is user-friendly. There is slim to none shutter lag and the various point-and-shoot settings were useful. Furthermore, I found the GPS/altimeter function to work well. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the camera. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  158. Great underwater camera Review by abmac

    Recently purchased for a family trip to hawaii, exceeded my expectations, great shots while snorkling of turtles, fish and coral reefs. Definately get a floating strap for wrist and I also purchased knock off baterries and charger that worked great as well. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  159. Great camera Review by jongbhak

    I ordered it for my 5 year old boy. He does not use it much, but is is a great camera. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  160. Great little camera. Review by tommy2tone

    Took to Cancun, it took great outdoor pictures even in bright sun. Not great for night but what camera at this level is. Used it for video and stills underwater (snorkeling) worked great. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is it doesn't use standard mini USB I found this REALLY annoying so that cost it a star. Other than that very happy and would recommend to others (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  161. Excellent Review by Linz

    I absolutely loved this camera. It was perfect for my trip to Hawaii. It endured many beatings without a scratch and I never had any problems. Make sure to soak the camera in water after use in salt water and also be sure to remove any sand that might prevent the air tight seal. I would also suggest getting an extra battery if you plan on videoing and taking pictures a lot in one sitting like I did. (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  162. Takes great pictures Review by Patti

    We bought this camera for a cruise and wanted to go snorkeling I ended up using it for almost every picture I took. It took great pictures whether on land or underwater. My husband took pictures while diving down probably 20 - 30 feet and the pictures were still clear and vibrant. The cleaning process after being in the salt water was very easy. There is a little more of a delay after taking the picture then my normal camera but it was not too bad. Overall I think I will probably end up using this camera more than my normal digital camera. (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  163. Very nice! Review by Ryan G

    Amazing lens - very sharp images. However, low-light performance is just so-so; underwater, you have to either have bright sunlight above you, or be very good at holding still. However, thanks to the uber-fast burst mode, you can usually take 3-5 shots and get one that's very clear, when at "snorkeling" depths. (You have to delete a lot of blurry photos when you get home, but it's worth it for the excellent 1-in-5!) But to be fair, we didn't have a lot of direct sunshine on our trip, which would have greatly mitigated this problem.

    We took this camera to southern Thailand for a week, and had a blast - took it on boat tours for 3 days, with tons of playing in the ocean, and played with in in the hotel pools, all without any problems.

    I thought that water on the lens (after emerging) would be an issue, and it sometimes is, but it ruined very few photos. The globs are generally big, so you can see them in the viewfinder; if you see them, just dunk it again, and you're good to go.

    One annoying feature is that you can't just turn the flash on/off if you use burst mode. It should silently disable burst mode when you turn the flash on, but instead, you have to go into the menus, turn off burst mode, THEN turn on flash mode, etc. This is a bummer. The camera's main drawback is its clunky UI, but it's survivable.

    Underwater, though, the flash makes for ultra-clear images.

    Battery life without flash was amazing. I easily got ~700 shots a day, and never even got a low battery warning.

    The battery charger is another story. Ridiculous design flaw here: when it's charging, a green LED is on. When it's done, the LED goes off. But if you see "green", you might easily think that means "done". Oops! Don't do that. They really should have made the LED red, to avoid this confusion.

    The color balance on the camera isn't quite as nice as our Canon S95, but that's to be expected. It's still very good though. We brought both on the trip.

    IMPORTANT: For video, it has 2 modes: AVCHD and MJPEG. I highly recommend AVCHD mode. Further, I recommend using "FSH" (AVCHD at 1920x1080), since the lower-res AVCHD mode (1280x720) is lower resolution but the files come out at the exact same size, so there's no point.

    The three MJPEG modes all show very bad ghosting artifacts - like an old 80's camcorder - do not use them! These modes should be completely removed from the camera, in my opinion; the videos are terrible. Use the AVCHD modes ("FSH") instead.

    Overall, I am thrilled with this camera; it's super sturdy, well-built, and has a fantastic lens (although the zoom is weak, even in bright sunlight and above water). I would highly recommend this as a 2nd camera, although due to the poor image quality when zoomed, and the not-stellar low-light performance, I wouldn't recommend it as a primary camera. (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  164. Not sure yet. Review by Graarg

    I purchased one of these last year. It leaked after the first immersion, but I was significantly impressed by the images and the video quality. So I went again. It didn't work at all. I sent it back, now I have another one. reading about seals that don't work is pretty horrifying to be honest. That said it is an inexpensive and fantastic non-waterproof item at the worst. Maybe the FT4 will be a better buy when it arrives. (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  165. Photo Quality is ...mehh Review by D&R

    We used it underwater and it was decent...above group it was not so hot so we use our cannon instead (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  166. disappointed Review by Marylander

    I bought this camera so we can take it down to USVI/St. Thomas and use it under water during snorkeling. After 5-10 minutes under water, the camera LCD view started blinking and no more pictures can be taken. I took it back to the condo, rinsed off the salt, opened it up to dry it out, and it worked again. This happens every day in underwater conditions. It tells me the waterproofing capability is not strictly true. I have already read the instructions and took more precautions than recommended. It was on my wrist at all times so its not under more than 3-4 feet of water. I had high hopes of getting more use out of this camera, but each day just dashed my hopes more.

    I can only use it out of water, but it's basically useless under water, hence 2 stars. (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  167. Just Wait! Review by fisheye

    Just wiat until you upload pictures onto a larger screen! Then you will see what this camera can do, and it will be a pleasent surprise! (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  168. Camera and customer service SUCKS! Review by Shawn A.

    We purchased this camera based on reviews and the input of the sales rep. We immediately noticed the picture quality was very poor and washed-out. We continued using the camera and trying different settings and modes but the pictures still were not any better than a $100 camera.
    The camera would intermittently not turn on so I contacted Panasonic and they said to send it back (on our dime) and they would exchange it within 7-10 days. I made sure they knew that I needed a camera back asap because I use this for my work. Today is the 10th day and I received a call saying I was given mis-information because it takes at least 3 weeks. After going around and around and talking with several different people at Panasonic all they can say is there is nothing they can do and I will have to wait until the camera gets repaired (it needs a new control board).
    Because of the lies and horrible customer service I will not buy another Panasonic product.

    Panasonic sucks! (Posted on 11/29/2011)

  169. Great for underwater Review by Nberg

    I ordered this camera because it was cheaper than buying the underwater housing for my Canon s95. I only bought it for underwater use and the pictures turned out amazing, I was really impressed with the quality for being in a low light pool. I cannot review how it is above water because I only used it in a pool for an hour straight. But so far so good. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  170. Impressed but not so waterproof Review by J. Hinshaw

    *** 7 Months Later ***
    Still going strong. The minor salt water incursion has not affected anything, except my willingness to take the camera below a few feet depth. Never tried to return it as there's nothing wrong. All functions working well, no new problems. Have traveled all over the place with the camera just thrown in my backpack, and it doesn't seem to mind at all. The GPS has proved to be weak compared to my iPhone or outdoors GPS unit, but with a good sky view it works well.

    *** Update to first part (which appears below)***
    After a week's vacation...

    Took the TS3 to the Caribbean for various activities on the beach, in the water, and on land. I'm still impressed with the image quality and overall performance. Video is very nice too. I took it along on two beach trips, just into the water but not at any depth, with the accompanying sand and dirt. Followed the prescribed rinse / dry / seal cleaning with the included brush and no problems.

    BUT, then I went snorkeling with it to depths of 15 - 20 feet (half the rated level) for about 45 minutes. Got great stills and videos that live up to the claims. Upon returning to the boat I took the camera to the head and soaked / lightly rinsed followed by shaking off excess moisture and drying. When I tried to use it about 10 mins later the screen started to flash and it would not take photos. I immediately opened the door with it positioned down so any liquid would drain away from the battery / card, and found a drop or two of water in there that had gotten onto the USB / Video connectors; there was visible corrosion. I blotted up the drops, removed the battery and SD card,and closed it up. On returning to my room a couple of hours later I carefully swiped off the contacts with a slightly moistened piece of stiff paper, which removed the visible corrosion. After an hour of drying with the door open, the camera again works fine. No water had penetrated to the battery or SD contacts or into the bulk of the camera, but just the same this was not what I expected. Thus I docked a star from my rating.

    I will attempt a warranty repair / replace, but I don't think I'll take it below a foot or so of depth after this experience (which is similar to others have reported here). Even though I followed the instructions it failed anyway.

    *** Original Review ***
    Only had it for 24 hours, but I wanted to write down my initial impressions. I purchased the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 and a Transcend 16 GB Class 10 SDHC card to replace my older Nikon Coolpix S560 point and shoot purchased in 2008. Well, no comparison really. The technology has advanced considerably in the 3 years since I got the Nikon. I paid just about the same for the Nikon in 2008 as for the TS3. For a quick comparison, I took the same composition on both cameras, flash and without flash, and the TS3 comes out light years ahead in resolution, color quality, lack of fringing and jpeg side effects, etc., let alone the video, location features, and many more. So, onward to the new camera, old one goes off to auction somewhere or maybe I'll give it to my daughter.

    Played with the TS3 a little taking shots and videos of the dogs, just to get the feel of it. The user interface is similar to the Nikon and many other cameras of this type, so I had no problems learning the basics. I haven't dunked it in the pool yet; that will wait for the next warm weather water opportunity. But I did take it on a hike today to test the GPS and Intelligent Auto mode. For the most part GPS was pretty accurate. I took along my 'real' outdoors GPS receiver that I know is accurate to less than 10 feet or so, and then compared the GPS metadata in the pictures by plotting waypoints for each picture overlaid on the GPS track of the 3-mile or so hike with my spouse and our dogs. She took the pictures and turned the camera off and on a few times, with the GPS set to 'always on.' Most of the 20 or so photos were spot on, but one came out positioned about 50 feet northeast of the track. Then the GPS seemed to stop working, and the last few jumped to a single point about 15 miles southeast of the true position. Not sure what happened there; nothing different about tree cover or clouds, and the outdoors receiver continued to work. Could have been related to turning the camera off long enough for the GPS to deactivate, and then not waiting long enough after powering back on to get a good fix. We didn't look at the displayed GPS status so it's hard to say. Next time I'll try to pay more attention. Anyway, GPS seems to work very well when it was working and properly initialized.

    Intelligent Auto mode had no problem switching to macro mode when close to some mushrooms, and the rest of the photos of medium to long-range objects were fine. The flash functioned well on macro and normal shots. Overall exposure was accurate, although underexposed by ~ 1/2 stop. Auto white balance was correct for the overcast day.

    Leaving GPS on almost all the time, taking about 50 photos (maybe 40% flash) and around 10 mins of HD video, the battery is less than half used.

    Overall I'm very satisfied with the DMC-TS3 performance. Next challenge -- using it underwater or in other adverse conditions where I wouldn't dare take my SLR. Oh, now I need to find a vacation... (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  171. great little camera Review by Lee Krohn "Vermont Photographer"

    This is a great little camera, with very high, publication quality images. Battery life is far better than my previous waterproof digital; and the zoom works well, as does the macro (and macro zoom!). It could use a bit better grip surfaces, esp on the rear, where your thumb has a tendency to hang on to the camera by the zoom buttons, causing some inadvertent zooming in one handed use. Just be aware (hadn't seen this written up anywhere) that when you power on the camera, there is always a 'splash screen' warning you about waterproofness. Guess it's their equivalent of lawyers' warnings so we don't complain later if it leaks. All you have to do is press the shutter button once as if setting focus/exposure to turn this off and you're good to go. I don't find it a problem, but it could be a surprise to others. I have not yet found a way to turn this off. Most or all Other settings can be set permanently, which I like - esp keeping the flash off unless I want it on (which is rare, if ever). Highly recommended as a carry with you all the time camera, from an experienced photographer. (Posted on 11/21/2011)

  172. Sleeps with the fishes -- in other words, not waterproof Review by C. C. Holland

    So disappointed! Had high hopes for this baby, but four months after purchase it's proven that "waterproof" seems to have a time limit on it. It served me through one trip that included a few swimming pool excursions and a river kayak trip, but the bit the dust on trip #2.

    One dip in Hawaiian waters was apparently too much for the seal to handle, and within minutes of leaving the water, the display began to freak out as the lens fogged from the inside. I opened it to rescue the memory card and was unhappy, though at this point not surprised, to find the innards swimming in sea water.

    I had double-checked the closure before hitting the beach, so is definitely wasn't operator error. I'm leaving it open to dry out and hoping for the best -- but not holding my breath.

    The other features of this camera are pretty good. Solid picture quality, nice easy menu, wide range of settings, and one-touch video operations are nice assets. But based on the fact it failed dismally on the one feature I bought it for, I have to judge this camera a washout. (Posted on 11/19/2011)

  173. Only bad thing is fog. Review by Johnny Sparks

    This is a nice camera! I used it underwater and it was amazing to use. i used this in the rain and it was great, however the lens can get foggy at times (I understand this is normal) but it affects the pictures. And you need to make sure you clean it well after every water use to avoid water stain on the lens which you will see in each picture until cleaned. I like the GPS feature which lets you know where you took the photos, but it seems to stay on even after you turn the camera off. (Posted on 11/17/2011)

  174. leaked first time Review by T. Antony

    Had a Pentax WS 80 which worked well until it got lost. Purchased this camera for a snorkel trip to the islands. Took decent photos until we took it in the water. Leaked after about 15 minutes and hasn't functioned this trip since. No more pictures this trip. If you want waterproof get something else. (Posted on 11/16/2011)

  175. I expected a lot less Review by Jim Moore

    When I buy a ruggedized waterproof camera, one expects a camera that has stiff sluggish controls, is clunky, but the ability to take 'acceptable' but not great underwater pictures. Surprise!
    Meet the TS3. This is a camera I LOVE.
    I bought it without doing much research, I was in a hurry to find something for a trip to Bahia de los Angeles, a place known for whale sharks. The first morning there, I woke to a hubbub of activity, whale sharks had been seen close to shore. I grabbed the camera and within moments had taken a shot of my lifetime of my girlfriend hitching a ride with a huge whale shark! The underwater shot was beautiful. Although I admit there had been a moment of panic of putting the camera under water, there was nothing to fear.
    Since then I have taken beautiful shots in the rain, and in a rain forest in Hawaii. I never worry if it will make it through. Note though, I FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS for the procedures to be waterproof. If you don't, the camera will flood, as would specialized waterproof cases costing thousands of dollars!!!
    The camera is now the only camera I normally carry unless I need my DSLR. Of course, with the DSLR, I also need to carry my Garmin 60 and run all the pictures through GPS tagging software (all my photos are geotagged).

    This is a great P&S. And also, it's waterproof (to 40 feet, optional 120ft case), has GPS, and is very rugged. You can't ask for much more.

    Weaknesses: Low light photography is difficult.

    Note: Get a FLOATING HAND-STRAP, well worth the $8 and has saved my camera twice so far. <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Digital Camera Underwater Accessory Kit Floating Foam Strap</a> (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  176. Bad image quality, outrageously bad tech support Review by D. Friedland

    ***RUN, DON'T WALK. I sent my camera in for its third repair since November. First, Panasonic sent me a work order receipt that listed the wrong problem. Then, Panasonic sent me a refurbished replacement unit THAT ALSO HAS SOMETHING RATTLING AROUND LOOSE IN THE CASE. Why yes, that is the exact same reason I sent my camera in this particular time. So they managed to find another unit with the same problem to replace my old unit.***

    **This camera has now been repaired twice. The first repair took a month and the new lens unit did not seem to correct the image quality issue. The second repair seems to have been more successful, although, in typical Panasonic tech support fashion, when they sent it back to me they included a rubber case--for an entirely different camera--with no explanation.**

    I wish I had held out for the waterproof Nikon.

    The image quality on the TS3 leaves A LOT to be desired - mushy details, way overblown highlights, deep shadows even in good lighting. My camera seems to treat every situation as low light, and unfortunately it really and truly sucks at handling low light.

    I do have to admit, though, that it has performed admirably underwater, in simple terms of not flooding, thus far. The last time I brought it snorkeling I spent an hour photographing sea lions, and it handled that with no difficulty. (When I sent it in for subsequent repairs, they did feel the need to replace the waterproofing kit.)

    Given the awards, reviews, high praise, etc. and after extensive testing to try to find lighting in which this camera actually captures a decent picture, I think I have a lemon. Unfortunately, I'm beyond the Amazon and Panasonic return period, which means I'm stuck with it, despite my best efforts. Although the Panasonic tech agreed that my experience seemed unusual, he refused to agree that it was a lemon, and I have been assured that I absolutely, positively will never see my money back.

    This is where bad tech support meets bad image quality. I have spoken with Panasonic several times, and each time I have been told to manually adjust ISO, exposure, etc...which is a completely absurd suggestion for a point-and-shoot I bought to take snorkeling. I would consider this an appropriate fix if and only if the camera came with the magical power to make fish hold a pose while I futz with the settings. (Intelligent auto on this thing REALLY stretches the definition of the word "intelligent.")

    In short, count me as a distinctly dissatisfied Panasonic customer. I'll stick with Nikon or Canon from here on out, but sadly I can't take my SLR snorkeling. Beyond the realm of cameras, my experience with the customer "support" departments has made it highly unlikely that I will ever buy anything Panasonic again. (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  177. Not sure what I'm missing Review by sue

    I bought this camera based on the reviews which were positive for the most part. I've given it time to grow on me, but it's just not working out. I find the zoom and option buttons very clunky. In the days of touch screen and easy scroll, this set up feels like old technology. That's manageable and can be overlooked IF the camera took good pictures, but it doesn't. The only time it takes decent pictures is outside on a bright sunny day. Otherwise the picture quality is poor at best. The images are grainy and have terrible exposure problems. I thought the saving grace might be the underwater feature, but I guess they mean ONLY underwater. When the camera is wet (but not underwater), the lens gets foggy and all your pictures have a foggy haze over them. I'll say MAYBE I got a lemon, but for the price, this lemon juice really stings! (Posted on 11/13/2011)

  178. Great Camera Review by crazylyfe

    Recently I was going on a cruise and wanted a camera which I could use around and underwater. I looked and researched days and days and finally settled on this camera. Boy am I glad I purchased this product. I do not have one complaint about this purchase. Took awesome pictures and video, highly durable, great underwater, this is just an all around great camera for use in almost any situation. My only advice is to follow the cleaning instruction carefully to keep the camera in perfect working condition. Two Thumbs up!!! (Posted on 11/11/2011)

  179. Love it! Review by sideout132

    Fantastic product - very tough and durable. Haven't used it underwater yet, but works great at the beach, in the rain, and everywhere else I've taken it. The software on the camera isn't entirely intuitive, but it's pretty easy to navigate once you get used to it. Well-built too - I expect it to last a long time. (Posted on 11/10/2011)

  180. Worked GREAT for me Review by Frank J. Weger "FrankInPoTown"

    I was a little leary purchasing this camara after reading user reviews of it failing within days of purchase. I too purchased this camara for a Carribean cruise. This camara is GREAT. Fits in my pocket, was waterproof, picture quality was wonderful. I had reviewed "rugged" camaras and was disappointed with many due to the slowness of picture taking from the time you hit the trigger to the time the picture was taken. This camara had the best reviews, and yes, you pay almost twice as much for it, but I found it to be well worth it. I read the directions and everytime I opened the door to download pics and charge the battery, I used the supplied brush to ensure that no sand, hair, lint, etc. was on the rubber gasket or housing. On Day 6 of the vacation I finally hit the beach with the camara and had to take it under the water, worrying the whole time. I was quite impressed when I came up and it was still working, over and over again. It continued to work for the remainder of the vacation. The battery life with the manufacturers battery was almost impressive. I made it through most days with out the need for charging, though one day I came close while downloading pics at the end of the day. The battery is rated for @ 300 some odd pics and you do get that amount, I would just recharge it overnight. In closing, I would highly recommend this camara if you don't mind using the little supplied brush whenever you open the door. I feel it was well worth the purchase price! (Posted on 11/7/2011)

  181. Adventure Camera Review by Kasanwidjojo Romeo "rom"

    Staying on the beach for most of the day? Snorkling gear ready? Maybe go for a dive or two as well? This is the easiest way to make a snap of those memorable moments. After doing some research on what would be the best little allround camera the choice was simple. It does it all in a small package. Don't expect DSLR picture quality in this small a package. Key is having it around when you have one of those memorable moments you want to keep coming back to. It can take a beating regardless of the environment. (Posted on 10/25/2011)


    I bought this camera only for use under water, inside the pool or beach, but discovered a lot of other purposes. Now I use it for any type of pictures and videos. (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  183. Ideal and has taken some great shots! Review by Andrew "Andrew"

    The first camera arrived within two days and worked perfectly until I needed to download the video to my MAC. The USB did not work. Amazon shipped a replacement and it arrived the same day (two days later) that I was able to get the old one shipped! Works perfectly. Downloading pictures is easy to iPhoto but video has to be downloaded to iMovie and that takes longer than our other camera (iPhoto takes care of both pictures and video with that one).

    I have already used it under water in the local YMCA pool and it worked great, both pictures and video. The quality was much better than the $10 disposables. We have taken it to the zoo and a couple of Fairs. I was never concerned about dirt, moisture or getting it knocked. It has worked as expected in all conditions.

    Remember that it's not a $1000 camera and that there are limitations to the rugged design. Its picture quality is no better than a camera half its price. It's bulkier and a little heavier than most digital cameras; but nothing that causes problems. You are limited with distance with the flash. Remember the limitations and there are no problems.

    The GPS is a little slow locating itself. Recommendation: Take a minute whenever you arrive somewhere to get the GPS set asap. Don't wait until you want to take a picture! The battery has lasted about a day of regular use and the GPS permanently on. With it staying on it locates itself far quicker.

    We are going on a cruise in a few weeks and I will update this review if needed; so far this is a highly recommended camera that will do more and take more abuse than most of us will do with it!
    August 2012 Update:
    The camera greatly surpassed our hopes for the cruise and we came back with some great shots. The waterproof feature held up in surf, snorkeling as well as dust and rain. We have taken it to Charleston beaches several times and it recently survived waves and sand castle building (in the sand) without any issues. Everyone is impressed with what we expose this camera to. Still highly recommended. The GPS is great and the battery lasts better than any other electronic device we've owned, several days of on and off use. Hard to quantify because it will depend on how long you leave it on, use the zoom, preview pictures as you take them etc. (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  184. I like and would recommend this camera (in certain circumstances) Review by stmoad

    The thing is, i went through a few (3) point & shoot cameras, which were always with me. The pocket lint, dust, and rough treatment were to much for them. So I decided I would look for a more rugged model. The Lumix DMC TS2 (the model previous to this one) I had was fantastic. Took great pics, and had all the features i need. I lost that (Fell out of my pocket during a long bike ride...) and I needed to replace it. I looked at all of the water/dust proof cameras out there, and was down to 2 choices, the Sony TX10, and the DMC TS3 (these seem to be the only real heavy hitters in the water/dustproof genre) . When side by side the pics looked pretty comparable, and they both have high res video, etc they seem pretty alike. There are a few features that sony has (like the sweeping panorama for instance) that is nicer than the Lumix "line up your last shot with this one" method, but nothing that was a must-have.

    The 2 reasons I went with the TS3 are this: 1) the Sony has a sliding cover, which gets stuff (sand for instance) caught under it,or in its hinges, leading to potential breakage, while the Lumix has everything internal, and nothing moves or opens to the outside except a locking door... And 2) The capacitive touch screen of the sony renders it useless when it gets wet, where the Lumix is completely controlled by push buttons on the top or side of the screen. In the few years i had the Lumix TS2 I rarely used it underwater, but frequently used it in dirty places, dusty places and had it in my pocket often. So in that the dustproofing was more important than the waterproofing.

    When reading reviews, a few people were knocking the picture quality, and compare it to SLR style cameras. This is not that camera, and never will be. The selling point of this camera is that you can take it virtually anywhere, and any time. Try comparing pictures taken in a dust storm or under water with your SLR, and the TS3 will win every time. It is a take anywhere, use any time camera.

    It is not THAT great at an art camera, but it does take decent pictures (I mean artistically here), not just snapshots - especially if you learn how to adjust the settings to your needs (this means reading the manual, guys I am looking at you). But if your looking for great art cameras, your looking at a much higher price tag regardless. I find the pictures to be more than adequate for my needs. You can print them at 8x10 and have no idea that it was a digital not film image. The composition of the picture, the lighting, the angles are on you. The focal length is limited, but that's to be expected.

    In other regards, this camera has an amazing battery length. I have a spare (as you always should...) And went to England for 2 weeks. I took around 1000 pictures and about 1/2 hour of video, and still only needed to change the battery once (to my spare). The camera is ready to take pics (from off to a shot) quickly. the shutter response seems pretty quick. The video looks great. The quick menus are something I am getting used to (they were not on the TS2) but though limited on what you are 'allowed' to adjust there (As opposed to going in to the in depth menus from another button), they are useful. It is ergonomic for me, and I have huge hands. I think the placement of the buttons is intuitive (except i do not like the new placement of the zoom controls), and easy to use on the fly. The mic picks up sound quite well, and the video is crisp and defined (though I doubt any block buster films will be recorded on one any time soon). The focus tracking is good at following my baby around.

    Again not the best P&S for the money. Not even comparable to a SLR camera. But if your looking for something rugged, to take *well above* average shots any where, any time, and not having to worry about the elements ruining your investment, I feel this camera would suit your needs perfectly. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  185. GPS not what I expected Review by Jeff Legato "Jeff"

    This camera takes great pictures. HD Video has more motion blur than you will find on a dedicated hd video camera but will get you by in a pinch. I won't spend the time rehashing what you can find in all the other reviews. I just wanted to let people know about my one criticism...

    GPS does not work the way I envisioned. The camera will not update it's location for each photo automatically. So if you acquire a location and then move, it will place the location on the photo from where you acquired it, not necessarily where you took the picture. To get that you have to "update location" from the GPS menu manually. I wish it would update itself after each photo without me having to tell it to.

    There was a recent (August 3, 2011) firmware update to 1.2 but this had no effect on this update location issue as far as I can tell. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  186. Excellent travel companion! Review by M.—

    So much has already been said about this camera... so, I'll keep it short and to the point. I am a bit of a camera nut. I've had the pleasure of Leicas, Hasselblads, Nikons, etc. and for taking fine pictures you need a camera with a bit more lens.

    That said, this little guy is a peach! We took it to Hawaii this summer and it performed flawlessly. I banged it around in the snorkel bag... getting in and out of the water, etc. It worked and still works like a champ, easily portable and useable it fits in your pocket.

    A COUPLE OF SUGGESTIONS... 1. if you are going to use it in the water get a 'float' strap. 2. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! AND Follow the instructions for soaking and cleaning before opening! 3. LET IT DRY OUT BEFORE OPENING! 4. Bring some lens cleaner if you're going to use it around the beach...sunscreen inevitably gets on the lens.

    Can't wait to take it skiing this winter! (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  187. Durable, versatile, and takes great pictures Review by sarahfromky

    I just got this camera to take on occasions where my DSLR is inappropriate. I am a very amateur photographer, but I enjoy DSLR quality photos and do a lot of photo projects. I enjoy photography but I am by no means a professional.

    I waited until I had adequately used the camera to do this review. It's awesome! I took it on vacation to Florida. The scene settings are great for me. Basically all I want is a camera that will take great pictures during the day and at night indoor and out. There is a great candlelight setting that I like for outside at night. The beach setting is awesome, too. I took it to the ocean and it took great photos and I didn't have to worry about it getting wet. At Disney, I took some candids and it worked wonderfully.

    My main complaint with compact digital cameras is the shutter lag. After pressing the shutter release, it takes seconds to focus and then flashes a million times THEN takes the pictures. 99% of the time, the pictures are terrible. I would rather use disposable 35mm cameras. NOT THE CASE with this camera. Depending on the setting, it is as quick as my DSLR. The settings are easy to change and work. With other cameras (cough SONY cough) the settings are essentially the same and the shutter lag is terrible.

    If you're looking for a camera that is durable, versatile, and takes great pictures this is it. It's well worth the price. (Posted on 10/18/2011)

  188. go anywhere Review by John Stampfl "traveler"

    Takes good quality pictures, GPS marked. GPS works well, gets position quickly. Has starry night mode, keeps shutter open 15,30 or 60 seconds. I bought this because of the dustproof and shockproof features. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  189. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Kremlin

    Amazing camera. I used under water and the picture quality is great. Would like to be an option to create Sweep Panorama in this camera. (Posted on 10/16/2011)

  190. I never have time to review anything and buy so much Review by Gina Iudica

    I just came back from 5 days in the Caymans with this camera and my canon SLR. I snorkeled, dove in amazing reefs. Came back with so many awesome underwater pictures. I travel all over and buy at least four camera's a year. I never thought from a Panasonic I would get great quality pictures of sting rays, reefs, fish and sunsets. Great buy get wrist band with it. (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  191. Awesome! Review by Paul W Nagle

    I use this camera for bridge inspection, where the camera gets knocked into steel, assaulted by flying rust chips, drenched in torrential downpours, and has to take photos in extreme shadows and contrasting lighting. This camera is awesome! I've had two Pentax Optio camera's, a W20 and a W80, which I thought were pretty good, until I discovered the TS3. Using the IA setting, this camera takes crystal clear shots in places I've never been able to get the lighting right. Taking the camera home, the HD video is a huge plus, way better than our stand alone video camera! (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  192. Not what I expected Review by eyeopener

    After reading reviews and researching basic waterproof cameras, I bought this camera with average expectations. On the first day, the camera stopped turning on. The lock switch on the side of the camera is very flimsy as is the cover. I have returned this camera and hope to find a more durable camera for standard family photos around swimming pools and the beach. (Posted on 10/14/2011)

  193. Leaks Review by ds

    I meticulously followed the instructions and the camera remained watertight for several uses in swimming pools. Snorkeling here in Maui down to 20 feet was a different story. After the dive, the camera started to complain with messages like "cannot play video" and then stopped working. After opening the door there was noticeable water inside. Also once the door was opened, the lens fogged up. Now, the camera is completely dead. I own a few Panasonic cameras ... If they honor their warranty on this one, fine. Else, I'll never purchase another Lumix. In the meantime, I'll have to rent an underwater camera on this trip. (Posted on 10/14/2011)

  194. Seals need annual expensive replacement, poor warranty, terrible customer service Review by apb

    It will cost you at least $60 a year to replace the seals, as required by the manual.

    The warranty on the sensor for labor is only 90 days. their warranty can be downloaded from:[...] They give you 6 months on the part, but what do you plan to do with a new sensor they send you? You'll have to pay them $180 to install it.

    I was considering buying this camera until I read the manual, which states you must replace the waterproof seals every year. After numerous phone calls to Panasonic's customer service in Kingston, Jamaica and Manila, Phillipines over overly compressed garbled phone links, speaking to utterly ignorant CSRs, I was directed to Panasonic's service center in Texas, where I spoke to an ignorant CSR who told me it would cost $180 to replace the seals because that is what every repair costs. After asking her again about a dozen times for about 20 minutes, she went to check with someone and determined that replacing those seals allegedly costs $45 + parts + shipping. After even more asking again and again, she was not able to come up with the cost of the part. However, shipping runs $12 to $30. If you're lucky, maybe it will only be $12, but don't bet on it. And shipping it to them is your problem. No way to know how much they will gouge you on the part. I wouldn't expect it to be cheap, though.

    If you buy this item you should assume that you can only use it in water for 1 year, or else assume it will cost you at least $60/year for the pleasure of owning a waterproof camera.

    (I note that Sony also states you must replace the seals every year on their tx10 "waterproof" camera. I haven't tried to find out what they charge for the seals, because Sony says right in their manual that the camera's touch screen does not work in the presence of water.) (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  195. feels great Review by ctfaris

    This camera feels powerful. A few things were pleasantly surprising. The lens is a wider angle lens than any point and shoot I've seen before. This allows me to get more stunning landscape pictures. The vibration reduction is pretty great also. I had to hold the camera over my head for several minutes to take a video in a crowd. Naturally, my arms began to get tired and shake a little. This is not seen in the video. Also, the waterproofing lock feels very durable.

    Cons: The battery life isn't great, but it's better than most make it out to be. If you have a mac, you'll have to find another way to get the AVCHD video off the camera. The software included with the camera is NOT compatible with Mac. (Posted on 10/11/2011)

  196. Very good camera! Review by angeli

    I love this camera, the pictures are excelente, and the quality of the videos too.
    He really works underwather, no problem with this.

    I just don't like the size of the videos that we can record with this camera, it's too limited. For fullHD you can record only 8 minuts. Too bad!!!!! (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  197. OK, not much more Review by Gery

    I bought this camera to replace a Canon Powershot D10, which is also a waterproof camera and about the same price.
    Main usage is for underwater pictures (snorkeling.)
    Well, it works fine. It takes underwater pictures. But:
    Picture Quality
    When I look at the pictures, I am underwhelmed. Compared to the Canon D10, the pictures don't have the same quality. It's difficult to say exactly what: less vivid, more noise, more blurry shots, too dark, too bright...
    I tried different modes and different settings (especially exposure) which sometimes improves the quality, but not always.
    The Canon D10 takes immediately good pictures, without any need to tweak modes.
    There are dozens of scene modes (more like twenty), so every time I take a picture, I have to switch to a different scene mode.
    The case of the Canon seems a little bulkier, but in fact it feels better in the hand, and also feels smaller than the Lumix.
    It is very easy to put the finger on the lens on the Lumix.
    The Canon can take more pictures than the Lumix on one charge.
    With a very fast card, the Lumix is still a little slow, so you miss some shots. The focus is also slower.

    So, why did I replace my Canon D10: the battery door didn't lock correctly and opened while underwater (only after three years, so I won't complain.) The Lumix "seems" to have a better lock on the door. Experience will tell.

    On the bright side, the Lumix is supposed to be able to go a little deeper (underwater) than the Canon. (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  198. Great waterproof camera! Review by Steven Lee Karsten

    This camera did exactly what it was supposed to do. Solid construction, waterproof and not kidding about that. My first test for it was to attach a floating lanyard, start recording HD video, and toss that sucker out into Lake Michigan during 2-3 foot waves. Not only did the HD record the whole thing in great quality, as my Black Lab Porkchop retrieved it from the water, but the audio turned out pretty solid too From underwater to him

    I have to be honest at the end of this and say that I returned the camera. It was at no fault of the camera, but due to the foolish notion that great lakes water is clear enough to even warrant the need for an underwater camera. The waters in the lake in deep water would be great for this, but I got it for beach use.

    That being said, if I scuba dived or did anything in the ocean I would definitely be using this camera on the reg.

    Cheers! (Posted on 10/10/2011)

  199. Awesome so far! Review by Boricuamom

    Awesome thus far! Great, easy to use, great pics, great video quality. Used it during an air shows, the Blue Angels F18's were sharp and clear in movement. Can't wait for vacation to take under water pics and video. (Posted on 10/9/2011)

  200. Not Perfect, but a Really Good Water Resistant Camera Review by K. Ako

    The Panasonic DMC-TS3 is a very good camera for the application it was designed for. It excels in photography during bad weather, on the beach, swimming pool, hiking, etc...
    This is a perfect complement to my Nikon DSLR because this camera can go places that I dare not take a multi Kilo$ DSLR. I purchased this camera to replace an ancient Pentax Optio 33WR & the electronics in the TS3 are many generations ahead of my old camera.

    The shutter lag is very short for a point & shoot. The TS3 is a full featured camera that is very likeable.

    Many people read reviews to see the bad stuff, so here are a few things I found irritating:
    1. There is no optical viewfinder as there is on my old Pentax 33WR. A viewfinder is very helpful when bright ambient light (usually outdoors, where this camera was designed to operate!) washes out the LCD screen. However, this is a common problem with every current generation water resistant camera I have seen, regardless of who the manufacturer is.
    2. The Panasonic uses a proprietary rechargeable battery. My old Pentax used AA NiMH rechargeables or even alkalines in a pinch. When traveling, especially internationally, the AA battery is found everywhere. Commonality comes in handy if your battery fails. Again, this is a common problem with every current generation water resistant camera I have seen.
    3. While photographing some furniture indoors, I noticed a lot more glare being picked up with the TS3 than I could see with my own eyes. I am not sure if this is the cause, but there is no IR filter in front of the CMOS sensor! This may be common to many point & shoots. My Nikon DSLR does not do this.
    4. In general, the images are a little on the soft side.

    Other things that I found useful:
    1. Olympus sells a competent Neoprene Sport Case (Olympus 202320) that fits the Panasonic TS3 like it was made for it. Excellent scratch protection. It is sold on Amazon for $6.82 on the date of this review. Great price Amazon!
    2. Amazon also sells "Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Panasonic... TS3", consisting of 2 batteries & a charger. So far everything works well with this kit & is a bargain at $29.99.

    Bottom line is that I do recommend this camera. The shortcomings are common to all water resistant cameras of this generation, not just with Panasonic. This so happens to be one of the best if not the best water resistant point & shoot camera available during the time of this review. (Posted on 10/9/2011)

  201. Tough and Incredible Review by BCWF

    Purchased this camera to use on 1 of our wildland fire trucks that operate a cross the country, am glad we did. The photos are clear and the option of having GPS information on each photo is a benefit in our line of work. The camera is easy to use and the battery life is very good. We did purchase some cut to fit screen protectors as we are rough on equipment. Overall we are very happy with this camera. (Posted on 10/8/2011)

  202. Great Camera for a Beach Vacation Review by Saurav Chatterjee

    I took this to Hawaii and it took superb pictures underwater and on the trail. The GPS feature is a plus and the battery life was a non-issue. (Posted on 10/8/2011)

  203. Nice rugged camera Review by jim

    This camera worked for me on the beach; not worried about water/sand, though I did not take it underwater for the real test. I found the case recommendation in "Frequently bought together" to be wrong; why can't Amazon get this right for cameras? The Case Logic DCB-302 fits nicely and has room for the brush you use to clean the seal around the battery compartment. <a href="">Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Camera Case (Gray)</a> Of course, this is not a D-SLR and the LCD screen can be washed out in bright sunlight; in those regards it is similar to other compact camera. (Posted on 10/7/2011)

  204. Great Camera Overall Not Just Underwater Review by Gary G. Chandler

    Just purchased camera and used for both general and underwater applications. Big surprise was that it worked very well for low light situations. The image was excellent at even 3200. Having a separate video and mode buttion make the camera easy to use. It appears to work as well or better in general applications than my new Canon 300 HS. Recommend it very highly but have only one week of use. (Posted on 10/2/2011)

  205. Great thus far Review by sonicspear

    I have only used this camera for about one month and couldn't be more happy. The settings and scene selection are easy to adjust. This camera takes great pictures. I especially like that it has a 'baby' scene that tracks the name and age of the subject. I did not have a chance to test the underwater features yet. Hopefully I won't have to re-rate this product after using this camera under water. (Posted on 10/2/2011)

  206. Very pleased. Review by Benjamin Wilson

    I have a Nikon D300 with many lenses, but I found that for some of my adventures I needed a camera that was less bulky, lighter and could fit in my backpack without consuming too much space. My requirements were to get a camera that was small in size, capable of dust/moisture/impact, low in price (in case I destroyed it or it was stolen) and provided a quality photo with large storage capacity and battery life.

    I'm pleased to share I got this with this camera. I can take the camera snorkeling, mountain biking and camping. It was relatively cheap (compared to my Nikon kit) so if it is destroyed or stolen, I won't cry as much as if I lost my D300. I bought a 64GB card for it that shoots LOTS of video and over 13K images. The battery doesn't last as long as i would like, but I've only cycled it a few times, probably will carry a spare for those longer trips through Thailand.

    Image quality is average, compared to my Nikon. The image stabilization feature makes a big difference. I find the image quality drops a bit when I use the zoom. I relied upon the review at for this camera. That is a wonderful site and I recommend it if you are thinking of this camera. It's definitely sexy and many people have asked about my orange camera. Overall, pleased. (Posted on 9/29/2011)

  207. GREAT CAMERA Review by WLP21

    This camera is great. I took it on land and it took great shots. The camera writes really fast,much faster than any other camera. The pics are very clear... I took it underwater maybe 45ft no leaks and great pics. (Posted on 9/27/2011)

  208. Good Value Review by Gary Mohler "badback"

    I wanted a tough camera that was small and light to use while hunting. This camera meets my needs perfectly. (Posted on 9/27/2011)

  209. Great rugged camera. Fantastic under water. Review by Adam Davis

    I bought this camera for a recent trip to Costa Rica. I knew we were going to be going ziplining, rafting, and snorkeling, so I wanted something that could withstand a beating and also be waterproof. This camera has met all my expectations. I've read other reviews complaining about the indoor photo quality and I have to say, if you select the right settings, I don't see how any other point and shoot is any better. Of course it's not DSLR, but you didn't buy a DSLR. The picture and video quality is top notch. I do wish videos were in a different format, but I think players will catch up and be able to handle AVCHD. There are players out there now, just google. Underwater performance is fantastic. Much better than I was expecting. The only gripe I have is that when shooting video, the zoom is a little noisy. Not so much that you can't hear anything else, but it is noticeable. However, if you'll be setting your videos to music, not a big deal. For the money, if you're looking for a great waterproof, rugged, point and shoot, the TS3 can't be beat in my opinion.

    (for a sample of video quality) (Posted on 9/27/2011)

  210. Love It Review by J. Zawartkay "Happy Dad"

    Great camera - extremely druable and great photos. Used on my recent vacation - 600 photos later and still loving it. (Posted on 9/25/2011)

  211. Panasonic's Rugged Camera Review by J. Kole

    This is the perfect tool for photographers who always end up destroying their cameras. Ideal for those who love the outdoors. If you can sacrifice some zoom capabilities and quality (the digital zoom distorts images in low lighting), then this is the camera for you! (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  212. Solid Feel - GPS So So Review by Ralph Shipp "Craig Shipp"

    This Lumix feels well made and, in fact, is made in Japan! While pictures and video clips are on par with most good point-and-shoot cameras there are issues. 1) The battery life is poor. Count on 100 photos of normal use. 2) The GPS is hit or miss. Don't count on your pictures being geo tagged. So, if battery life and GPS don't matter to you buy the DMC-TS3. You will have a rugged water proof camera that takes good pics. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  213. Comes in handy for summer trips Review by Ricardo D.

    I bought this camera mainly for our cruise trip to Carribean Islands since it will be beaches and falls.
    Ease of handling- OK. Not too heavy but not too light either. It's got that quality heft to it. The GPS function worked well except that it uses battery fast. If you are using the camera all day, let's say 100+ shots and reviews the pictures, you'll be low on battery after lunch! Happened to us everytime. So if you turn on GPS, just shoot and do not review the pics.
    Of course compared to my Canon 50D it won't hold a candle but in open landscape with not too complicated contrast, it's ok.
    Only issue I had is there's too much glare on my pictures taken.

    Waterproofness- I guess it worked. I used it for snorkeling, rain, sand, bumped in the tables and chairs and this camera held its own. I give it 4 stars for battery life. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  214. Best Buy! Review by Dro_Does

    This is not only the best camera that I have ever bought, but it's also the most durable. I love all the features from being water resistant to 3D pictures to HD video capture. All my friends had to leave their cameras on the main land while we went out snorkeling and I was the only one able to capture those great shots. Met another couple later on and their camera weighed twice the size of mine. Great buy and great seller. (Posted on 9/23/2011)

  215. Nice Camera, but does not work well indoors Review by WaterColors

    Nice camera - good design, all buttons and features are easy to access but the pictures do not come out sharp. In-doors, one always needs to use the flash - which is slow and leaves pictures either saturated. The focus is also sub optimal. THe camera does look rugged and there is tons of warnings about locking both doors. The warning about sand is nice, but it appears EVERYWHERE, so it gives the message that this is a design flaw, rather than a system element.
    I used the camera for a bit and then returned it - just want not taking sharp pictures inside. All the images looked very fuzzy... (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  216. Definitely what I was looking for! Review by Sara

    I was searching for underwater cameras for hours on end, reading all of the reviews about them and their features. I finally decided upon this one because it was in my price range and I really liked the color and style of it, as well as the features it had to offer. I have use it twice in the water and so far so good. It has definitely been soaked and everything is still functioning great! I dropped it into the water and it fell about 3-4 feet and hit bottom. It did get a couple of scratches since it was in a river, but all is well. This camera has great photo quality of up to 12 MP, with clear and colorful pictures. I love the design, it's very sleek and eye catching. As far as ergonomics go, I would have liked something that could fit in my back pocket, but it's just a little to big for that (I'm a women & women's pants pockets aren't nearly as big as men's). Battery life is really good from what I have noticed, which is always a big thing to consider. Another fantastic feature is that you can record without having to switch modes, it's its own button! Definitely great value for the money! As long as you follow the directions that it comes with, you should have no problems. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  217. Positive first impression Review by James C. Hill "traveler"

    Ordered DMC-TS3 blue color with amazon prime and it was delivered as advertised. Box arrived sealed and contains most accessories, including battery and charger, but not memory card. You will have to purchase one, however if you own another Panasonic camera of recent vintage (I do), its memory card most likely fits. The battery is different in size that those of two other Panasonic cameras I owned. It took only three hours to fully charge the battery..fairly quick. It is not a true compact camera but is reasonably small and a little heavier than other cameras of this size..and for a is built to withstand shocks and water.

    If you own a Panasonic camera the controls are essentially the same and I did not have to read manual to quickly get started other than cautions about using in water and drops, etc. Inserted battery and memory card and it powered up. All functions worked. As other have noted, having a button for still and movie is great, and the (the only negative for me so far) location of the lens is not ideal..your finger may wander over it if you are not careful.

    I bought the camera primarily for use underwater when I go to Hawaii in a few weeks and to Tahiti next year. In the past I would buy throwaway underwater film cameras but those are now cumbersome and do not take great pictures. As my first test on the first day of use I placed the camera six inches underwater in a sink for ten minutes. No bubbles to suggest air is escaping from camera. I turned on camera underwater and it worked. I then took a video of me outside the water using the camera in the water. I then looked at the film underwater and it showed me in great clarity. I also took a few shots of me and these also were good. I used macro underwater of the sink plug and it was sharp and color accurate. Wide angle and telephoto worked. I then removed camera and dried it with a micro cloth and it is now sitting on the cloth to drain and further dry. I just checked it and it turns on after drying. At least I proved I do not have to immediately send it back to Amazon for an exchange.

    I do not expect this camera to produce pictures as sharply or with color accuracy of my more expensive panasonic digital camera but those that I looked at on the lcd screen are very good for my use. I am not a professional and shoot travel pictures to print in Apple picture books.

    I also bought a Chums camera floater strap to have when I take the camera underwater. As others have noted the cord used by Chums to attache to camera seems thin and weak. I will have to strengthen that cord in some way before I use it.

    Final conclusion after several hours of use and inspection... I am very pleased. I am giving it four stars because of lens location and I have not fully used it for an extended time period. If it continues to work as it does now and in seawater, I will raised to 4.5+ at that time. (Posted on 9/20/2011)

  218. Decent for a ruggedized camera Review by Eric Packer

    Typical Lumix behavior: great performance in natural/outdoor light, and adequate snapshots indoors and in low-light (expected graininess and contrast issues at higher ISOs). So far the camera has survived bumps and drops, and a thorough bath during a kayak day trip on choppy (fresh) water. I'm comfortable carrying it everywhere in the back of my bag without fear that it will be crushed by books, electronics, etc.

    My biggest gripe is the proprietary battery from Panasonic. Either use standard battery sizes or at very least a standard Lumix battery. I don't mind paying a premium for a decent camera but the margin on essentially required OEM accessories is harder to stomach. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  219. Great Camera, Horrid Customer Service Review by Geoff Lodal

    A preface: This is a long and honest review of my entire experience with Amazon and Panasonic. Proceed at your own risk.

    I've had this camera on my wish list forever, it's more or less the go to camera for adventure motorcycle riders. Rugged, everything-proof, east to use with gloves on, etc. When my wife said we needed a new camera to get better pictures of our newborn daughter, I suggested this, she ok'd, and we bought it.

    I got the camera through Amazon's Warehouse Deals shop because I've had great luck with them in the past. It arrived on time (August 4th) and I unpacked it to check it out. The first thing I noticed was it was an open box and despite repacking the box, someone neglected to removed the post-it note from the original purchaser that was stuck to the front of the manual. No bother, it's minor. I played around with it and despite all the great features, noticed an annoyance; the camera required me to press to power button twice to turn it on. After some thought, I decided it was enough to warrant a call to customer service.

    After 45 minutes of going through everything I'd already tried with the tech on the phone, they told me to send it back. To my surprise, it took a lot of convincing to get them to cover shipping on this, which was odd as it is well within the warranty period. In hindsight I should have sent it directly back to Amazon but as it was a Warehouse deal, I was pretty sure I couldn't simply exchange it for a brand new one. Bad decision. I shipped the camera back to Panasonic's repair facility in Texas on August 5th.

    The early customer service process was fine, they called to inform me they got the camera, and called back a few days later to tell me it was in for repairs and I'd have it back within 10 business days. The 10 days elapsed and they called again to tell me that parts had been ordered and the camera was waiting for repairs. I called back and left an angry message as they had obviously misinformed me. I waited a few days for a response and got none, but did get another message reiterating that parts had been ordered but not giving me an ETA. At this point it was already the end of August, meaning my new camera had been out of my hands for about a month.

    I decided to try to email customer service, who also took a long time to respond and ended up just giving me the same phone number I already had. I tried to get more from them with no success. I grumbled and decided to cool off for a few days. Early September rolls around and I get the exact same message, parts are ordered and it's waiting for repairs, no other information. I told the rep to have someone that could give me an ETA call me back, but after a few days I got no call back. I tried calling back within business hours, three times and the phone just keeps ringing. I called later in the day and finally get a hold of someone. When I asked to speak to a manager, he took my name and said she'd call right back. Two days later and I had to call again because I never heard from them. Same response, so again I insisted that a manager call me back ASAP. Another two days and I was losing my mind. I called the main customer service line again, and after about 20 minutes of waiting, was told that the managers were in a meeting and would call me back. I will give this rep credit, he took my entire story down and was the most helpful yet. But, again, no call back. I started looking hard for the CEO's home phone number or something, I couldn't believe how badly this was going. Finally, on September 15th I got a call back from a rep at the repair facility saying the parts were in and the camera was getting repaired the next day.

    I received the camera yesterday, September 19th. It was well packed and they did spring for UPS Next Day Saver, which was a silver lining. Still, it took 45 days for me to get my camera back after shipping it. Do you now how much changes with a newborn in 45 days? A ton, and though my iPhone takes fine pictures, it's not the same. I also had to find another camera for two big motorcycle rides that the TS3 should have been present on(again the iPhone stepped up). I can't for the life of me figure out why they didn't just send a replacement. I was not quiet in my anger at the process and won't be quiet about my dislike for the company, and they have lost me as a customer for good. A large part of me wants to return the camera to Amazon, but I'm not even sure they'd accept it now. I am so soured on the whole company from this ordeal that I've come to loathe the little blue brick.

    Sorry for the novel, I'm just completely blown away by how bad this experience was and the complete lack of respect. A few notes on the camera:

    -Waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, etc. This thing is a tank and I will put it through it's paces. There's a reason it's on top of the rugged camera heap. I expect years of use out of it.
    -Image stabilization is good, as is the auto mode. It takes good pictures out of the box, and if you want to customize them more, the options are there.
    -Dedicated record button for video, no modes to shuffle through.
    -GPS, not sure how much I'll use it but I do like that feature.
    -Buttons are usable (but not easy) with gloves on. I'll have this on a retractable "leash" for shooting while riding and thus far, it looks like it will perform just fine.

    -It's big, this is not a compact camera. Still pocketable, but the comparable Sony is notably smaller.
    -Screen resolution could be better.
    -Proprietary battery, just an annoyance, but inconvenient for international travel.
    -The menus aren't overly intuitive, but they're not bad once you get used to them.
    -Better hope you get a working one, see above if you don't and just return directly to Amazon.

    I sincerely hope someone high up at Panasonic reads this and looks further into their repair process. Until that whole mess gets sorted, buyer beware. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  220. Great Camera Review by The Don

    I have recieved the Camera and seems to be a great item. Havent used it in or around water yet but when i do i will update comment. (Posted on 9/18/2011)

  221. Great underwater camera! Review by Rob in San Jose

    I bought this camera for my honeymoon trip to Kauai, Hawaii. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of photos it took outdoors, and was amazed by its performance underwater. I would highly recommend this camera for anyone looking for a point and shoot that can be used underwater. (Posted on 9/18/2011)

  222. Great product Review by Martin

    One of the best products I've ever spent money on. At first I was afraid to use it under water. But there was no reason. It makes good pictures, also under not good light conditions. The camera is durable, has GPS which is very handy for locating the places and with its built-in landmark database you can even find where you are when you are traveling in foreign country. I can only recommend it. (Posted on 9/17/2011)

  223. Better than expected Review by RazzaQ

    better than i expected, good picture quality , easy menu and excellent feature.
    I liked the red color but I think the silver one is better.
    I hope my review helpfull (Posted on 9/16/2011)

  224. Well... it's very nice, but I haven't really done much with it! Review by greg

    I haven't thrown it around to test its ruggedness. I haven't taken it underwater to test it's "waterproof-ness." The only thing I've done is take pictures of random stuff not even related to the reason I bought the camera in the first place!

    I pretty much only bought a waterproof camera "just in case" I go tubing this summer, which didn't happen. This actually wasn't my first choice... I returned the other one to RITZ and bought this Panasonic because Ikelite makes a waterproof case, good for 200 ft (60m)... Plenty deep for recreational SCUBA diving, for which I've wanted a camera a while!!

    The GPS thing is pretty accurate. Maybe one day that will be useful. (Posted on 9/15/2011)

  225. Amazing Value Review by vamartha

    I purchased this camera for a Caribbean cruise after much indecision between it and the Cannon D10. I am so happy with my purchase! Worked great! Easy to use underwater and switches between video and pictures in an instant! Very pleased! (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  226. awsome! Review by eslonger

    This camera is awsome, it is so nice and so rugged,love it! U won't be dissapointed in this camera! I am so glad i bought this camera! (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  227. Great camera but zero mac support! Review by Aaron N Wong

    This camera take gorgrous shots and videos, especially when using the enchanced settings such as "Happy mode". The separate buttons for taking videos and shots is an ingenious idea. It does take a bit of time to start capturing video though.

    The menus and features are well explained but different functionalities are accessed via one of "mode", "menu" or "" buttons -- however, it's not entirely intuitive which one contains the function you're looking for.

    The software included works only on a PC. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  228. Momma bought it... Review by Teacher Friend "middleschoolssteacher"

    Well, I am NOT like everyone else who bought this camera. I bought it because in the last 3 years, I have owned 4 cameras. My husband and kids are totally destructive. I wanted something that everyone could handle, but I don't have to buy another one next year. It had the highest drop and still supposed to work range I could find.
    My two year old creates a path of destruction that Sherman only hoped to achieve in the South during the Civil War. She has had this camera in her hands on many, many occasions. It doesn't even show a scratch after four months in my house!
    I like the pictures. I am happy with the work it produces. I am just a Mom taking pictures of her kids. I wanted to be able to learn how to use a camera and keep it for a while. I am happy with the purchase.
    ***** Panasonic, please, please, please add a find button for this camera! I LOVE it, but even in orange, it still disappears!**** It would be nice if it had one of those lojack things so that I can keep up with it. (Posted on 9/11/2011)

  229. Survived an Active Week in Hawaii With Flying Colors Review by Dave D

    I bought this camera to replace an old 1megapixel clunker before leaving for Hawaii. I'm very happy I did! It got banged around more than I intended when I took it snorkeling, surfing, and zip lining. It held up very well and took nice photos and videos on both land and in the water. Some reviewers said they had a problem with the lens fogging up due to the temperature difference when going from the beach to the water. I didn't have this problem in the ocean, but I did a little when we went swimming in a creek at the end of our zip line excursion. Not too bad, though- I could still take photos and videos- just steamy around the edges. For everything else, the camera was fantastic. The zoom works great, as does image stabilization. At the recommendation of other reviewers, I bought a second battery, but I really didn't need it. (Be sure you have the latest firmware, and turn off the GPS feature unless you really need it.) Two minor things I would like to see addressed in future designs are: 1) the location of the mic hole for video recording is in a bad spot- right on top where it is way too natural to cover with your left finger when you hold the camera, and 2) when you aim the camera in the general direction from where the sun is shining (not directly at the sun though), depending on the angle of your shot and the intensity of the light you may see a vertical bar of light that divides the screen when played back on your computer. Not really a big deal, just lasts a couple of seconds. Could be case of user ignorance, but I never really had this happen with my Flip. Don't get me wrong, though: I now readily use this camera in place of my Flip. All told, I really like this camera, and I give it 2 thumbs up. (Posted on 9/9/2011)

  230. Best/fastest point and click ever Review by Gkolb

    Have taken this camera in salt and fresh water numorous times to a depth of about 14 feet (salt). Very confident in handing camera to my 5 year old son in pool or ocean. Never had any leaks. The only thing I would like to have is a snap on lens cover. I feel that it should come with a floating strap that will keep it on top of the water. I purchased one and it still let the camera sink, just slower than without. Love this camera's photo speed. Can take shots relatively quick even with flash. Video is exceptional with sound under water. Also love the fact that there are many colors to choose from. Had the camera sence July 2011 and just found out that it can play preloaded background music while scrolling through pictures on the TV. Awesome feature. Would recommend this camera. (Posted on 9/8/2011)

  231. Great camera! Review by Aaron

    I brought this camera down to the dusty part of mexico with me for a couple weeks and it was awesome! Super fast start up, brilliant underwater and really easy to use. (Posted on 9/7/2011)

  232. Portable do-it-all Review by EM Oxon "Tech Solution"

    I love photography and great outdoors. However, carrying close to 20 lbs of photo equipment and worrying about it being smacked against a rock or drawn in a stream doesn't mix well with me. So after my last big trip I figured that I want two have two sets - one for photo-op trips and another for outdoor trips. And it proved to be good (like Bill Cosby used to say - Good, not excellent, but just good).
    First things first - image quality will depend greatly on the conditions - in bright light it will likely to be very close to DSLR, in low-light don't expect it to be stellar. But by the definition the rugged compact design with ability to withstand drops and underwater capabilities is intended for use outdoors, not indoor.
    The wide angle lens allows to capture scenery well, while decent 4x zoom (without use of optical zoom) is sufficient to get you close enough to the subject.
    There are three basic ways to set up camera - "intelligent" iAuto, simple, and plenty of picture specific modes to choose from which will preset camera's settings to the most efficient mode for white balance, exposure and shutter speed (out of which 3D, Sport, UnderWater and Beach mode are accessible directly). iAuto will try to get best setting for situation, but it does make mistake, so I opt for either simple or picture specific mode. There is a 3D mode (which I'm yet to test on my 3D TV).
    The couple of minor drawbacks are ergonomics and interface - are again quite understandable given design restriction of tiny camera. Using zoom in/out buttons is a bit inconvenient for one handed operations (although quite possible). The power button is too close to shutter and dedicated video button - too many times I switched off camera instead of taking a shot or video. Menu is somewhat clunky and complicated. But being as spoiled as I am with highly ergonomic designed bodies of DSLR cameras, this is something I can live with at a fraction of cost and weight involved.
    A couple things I'd like to mention in particular are UnderWater mode and GPS operation. I've been wanting to dip a camera since I first tried disposable underwater camera. However, I could never find the camera reviewed well enough to venture with and didn't have enough courage to stick a few thousand buck worth of photo stuff in underwater casing. Now I can experiment all that I want.
    Another cool thing I wanted to see in camera since Nikon D90 first introduced in DSLR is a built-in GPS unit. You probably won't be using it to navigate, but it is nice to stick photos to the places they were taken. The operation is not flawless (it may take a little while to get the location right) but it is good enough. I have it on Plane mode, when GPS is activated any time the camera is switched on. Since I turn off camera every time after taking pictures (to avoid battery drain from LCD operation) is proved to be perfect.
    At last, despite my preference to regular battery powered devices I can see benefits of using the compact dedicated battery. For $30 I picked up on Amazon a set with spare charger. [...] (Posted on 9/6/2011)

  233. It Really is Waterproof. Review by yaksister

    I bought this camera after acquiring a sea kayak with medium stability, which mean I spend more time in the water for now. I carry it in a pocket in my life jacket. This camera has been in the water for up to 10 minutes at a time never more than a few feet from the surface. Picture quality, very good from the gitgo although not quite a good as my other Lumix (not waterproof), was not affected by being submerged. I carry a lens cleaning cloth in a drybag so that I can soak up water spots from the lens before taking pictures after a dip. The zoom is not a strong as I would like, but I can compensate in post production to create a closer image and still maintain good sharpness. The size is very manageable whether in my purse or lifejacket pocket. I've gotten used to the separate zoom and wide angle buttons; so not a timing issue. Overall, this is a very nice camera even without the ability to be submerged. I did purchase the floatable camera strap--although waterproof, this camera does not float on its own. I would highly recommend this camera to others. It gives me the ablity to take quality pictures in places where I cannot take my other camera without great risk to their life. (Posted on 9/6/2011)

  234. good water proof camera Review by Vinod

    Good Looks
    Good Zoom
    easy to use, description on features with in the interface
    supports SDXC cards
    excellent 1080 HD recording
    used it in Beach, worked perfectly
    more than 30 modes to take pictures
    pictures come in very good quality
    I was able to take around 250 pictures with out switching off the camera in between in a span of 3 hours.

    GPS start up is slow and consumes lot of battery power (Posted on 9/4/2011)

  235. luv my lumix Review by Leigh Ann

    This camera kept the sand and water out after a wipeout on a sea kayak. The video and camera worked well. The picture when snorkeling works a lot better when the water is not murky, otherwise it works really well and is easy to use. It is important to rinse it after each use in saltwater. When the camera gets wet the water may stay on the lense which makes the rest of the pictures out of water a little blurry. Make sure to have something dry to wipe off the lens if you have it. (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  236. Another Lumix That Delivers Review by James M. Bailey

    First, let me get this out of the way since no reviews have mentioned it: this camera *is* Made in Japan, which explains its somewhat high price. Nonetheless, SCORE. I bought this camera because I wanted something that can deliver around water and other organics and not get all fugged up, and bought it based on a recent comparative review of waterproof cameras in
    Second, I also own a Lumix DMC-LX5, and once you understand that camera's limitations and exploit its sweet spots, it delivers consistent professional quality across the board, quality that amazes this professional all the time. I tell newbies that glass is everything: Lumixs have Leica, Sonys have Carl Zeiss, Olympuses have Zuiko, and Samsungs have Schneider. These are the big four global players in quality lens production. Reviews that tout these four brands always point to the lens quality as being a big plus.
    As far as the TS3 goes, I pulled it out of the box, although high-impact plastic with some metal, build quality seems robust. Inserted the battery and an SDHC card, turned it on, set the date, and presto was taking pictures instantly, then downloading them, before I had to stick the battery in the charger. First results are very impressive: flash, outdoors, inside available light. Very intuitive and simple menu, it even tells you how to take care of it before and after extreme conditions. Fortunately you can turn this off.
    Going to an art show opening tonite, and will put it through its paces as a second camera to my Olympus E-3.
    If I could dock Amazon, they shipped through a carrier that only started service in CO on 9/1 (OnTrac) without so much as a peep. Imagine my surprise when I went to OnTrac's website and it hadn't been updated (yet, it is now). A little nervous about this at first, but all worked out well. Their CS was very good, and camera arrived perfectly in an unmarked cargo van. =) Good job OnTrac!
    Anyway I will amend this review as I put this robust little Japanese-made waterproof wonder through its paces. So far, though, so good.
    BTW the replacement battery for this is the DMW-BCF10PP, about $28. Get one.
    Good job, Lumix. Another well-engineered and thought-out product that's NOT Made in China. Score! (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  237. Great anywhere camera Review by Tadd Buffington

    Excellent camera, does everything except take the pictures for you. The Scene selection has over 15 settings that are well programed.For quick and shoot, anywhere camera, wet, or dry this is the one. Tried other brands and this was the best. (Posted on 8/31/2011)

  238. AWESOME CAMERA..... Most Versatile on the Market Review by Jeffrey W. Wilson "J. Wilson"

    This Digital Camera is by far the most versatile camera out there. I recently purchase this camera for a vacation I was going on where I was doing everything from snrokeling to zip-lining. The camera worked great. No issues at all with it underwater in salty sea water. Underwater pictures are awesome. Regular picture come out great with many different picture modes for different lightings and sceneries.

    Only downfall is it 'night mode', but dont let that deter you from purchasing! (Posted on 8/31/2011)

  239. Good Camera - check in fresh water first Review by Daniel F. Lynch

    This is a very well built camera with excellent features...but. I took it it on a recent cruise and tried it under water (very brief) a few times with no problems. I always rinsed it in fresh water when returning to the ship and was extremely careful when opening and closing battery door. Then I took it snorkeling (same trip) and was under water for 10 to 15 minutes ay a time. When I came out of the water it stopped working. When I opened the battery door I noticed there were droplets of water inside. I knew right away the camera was toast as salt water does not play well with electronics. I then tapped the camera on my hand and more more droplets came out. Fortunately I had another camera with me on the trip (not waterproof).

    I want to stress that I was extremely careful in following all instructions on using this camera. I'm assuming I just got a defective one. Amazon took it back and gave me a full refund. Excellent service from Amazon as usual. I would still highly recommend this camera but I would highly suggest you immerse it in FRESH water and leave it submerged for awhile. I'd also move it around like you are swimming. Then open the door up and tap it on your hand lightly to make sure no water comes out.

    I have not replaced this camera yet but will probably just buy the same one again and do some testing first.

    Dan (Posted on 8/31/2011)

  240. Great all terrain (including ocean) camera Review by Jeffrey M Brittan

    I purchased this camera for a trip to Costa Rica (which I knew would be filled with water, dirt, and bumps) and it performed fantastically. For a waterproof camera it's a very reasonable size - I just zipped it in my boardshorts pocket when I went in the about convenient. The zoom is decent for a point-and-shoot, and it was able to take pretty good shots of surfing while standing on the shore. The GPS is cool feature too, and if you upload the photos to Picassa, you can get a visual map of where you snapped your shots. Even with the GPS constantly on, the battery life was good and should get you through your outings just fine. I had no complaints about the picture quality (although make sure you don't accidentally let your finger get in front of the lens while you are taking a picture). If you are in the water, some moisture can occasionally condense on the lens and add a few blurry spots, but this didn't seem to be a major issue for us. If you don't need the waterproof/shockproof features, you can look at other options, but for a rugged camera this satisfied all of my needs (and would work just fine as a day to day camera as well). (Posted on 8/30/2011)

  241. fun to use!!! Review by hot22xl

    Totally exceeded all my expectations! It is a fun, perfect little camera for outdoor activities. Highly recommend this product. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  242. love it Review by ryan45

    excellent pictures . Used at beach and in pool so far and love the pictures. the battery life could be better but the ruggedness and picture quality is great (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  243. Best OUTDOOR camera so far... Go Fish! Review by Electronics Fan

    I will make this review short and sweet....Best OUTDOOR camera I have owned. I fish (More than the average man :-) and I wanted a camera that could take the abuse with crystal clear photos. This camera does that wonderfully well with natural light all around. When you get indoors and need the flash, the lense shows the limitations quickly. If your getting this camera it is because you want it for outdoor use to record your "play-time" and this is exceptional for that. If you want all the other bells/whistles/features for all conditions, you want a pocket camera or handheld such as the Canon Elph 500 or something else in the Panasonic Lumix line......It's that simple! Tight Lines my Friends! (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  244. Lumix DMC - TS3 Review by howzit31

    This camera does everything it claims and more. The high definition video is excellent in and out of the water, as well as the picture quality. It's the best that I have seen. Plenty of different scene modes to chose from to give you the best quality photographs for every occasion. Buttons are easy to navigate, even in the water. It's durability is top notch and it's looks are outstanding, not to mention you have four different colors to chose from. Another important issue is what is included in the box. Here at everything is included in the price. 1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Camera, wrist strap, battery, battery charger, audio cables, cleaning brush tool and USB cables for your CPU. Also, the "firmware" is included. I know that seems a little silly, but some other vendors don't offer that in the price. Overall, I am very happy with my new camera as well as my experience with purchasing my camera from I highly recommend them both. (Posted on 8/27/2011)

  245. Good vacation camera Review by olsi

    Good underwater camera.Easy to use.Good vacation camera. You can give it to kid.
    Picture quality is fine. Video quality is fine. (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  246. Like the camera. Review by Brian S

    The camera has nice build quality and has faired well on the beach and in the water so far. Pictures in low light are so-so. The menu system is simple and easy to navigate. The battery doesn't seem to last very long... but that is a subjective assessment at this point. All in all a nice camera that I'm hoping will hold up to the abuses of the teenage kids. (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  247. waterproof failure Review by Andrew Lobo

    Got this specifically for waterproof abilities. Did not use until 2 months after purchase. Failed miserably. Took 5 pics ok then nothing. Battery stopped and sd card destroyed. Luckily i put in a new card before getting in water so prior dry land pics not lost. Disgusted. (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  248. New Sheriff In Town Review by Mudpuppy

    Great camera. Starry night can keep the shutter open for up to 60 sec! Works flawlessly. I am very pleased!
    Pup (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  249. I like it Review by D. Parris

    I'm super happy with this camera.

    This camera has lots of menus but they are pretty easy to navigate. It turns on quickly. It has a very powerful flash; seems to be able to light up a room. I've played with the burst function and it works really well; it will be great for photos with fast action. I love the long exposure option; being able to leave the shutter open for 60 seconds is great. I have yet to try the waterproof-ness of the camera but being able to take it to 40 ft without a case means snorkeling or even shallow scuba diving will be easy. The zoom is decent and pictures taken with the zoom are still sharp.

    I've tried the movie function a few times and I got nice playback of what I shot on my laptop.

    My only gripe so far is the viewing screen seems to accumulate fingerprints easily but other than that, I love my new Lumix. (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  250. Soooo Happy i bought it Review by Lunacy

    I was looking at this and other water proof camers at my local BBY and they wanted $400.00 - forget that! Thank you for the $260.00 price Amazon, I was able to buy my memory card, the camera, a case, and floating strap - and I still came out better then if I bought it locally. I have had it in the water at the lake and on the river and it performed perfectly. i have not taking it down deep yet but i will in April when im back in mexico, i will update then. The shutter time is quick - however the quicker you got the more chance of blurring so I'm still finding the right combo of settings to make sure it get good pix and not just fast ones. The menu is pretty easy (my wife even figured it out without me). A+++ (Posted on 8/22/2011)

  251. Great Camera Review by Spencer

    We bought this camera for our upcoming trip to Florida. It works great out of water and in. We used it just floating in the ocean, on a snorkeling/kayak trip and a jet ski trip. Not having to worry about running out of film or your camera being submerged is worth the money. The pictures on the right settings in the right light come out just about as well as a DSLR. The iAuto settings do leave a bit to be desired but there are other settings you can choose for better results. We also dropped it once on pavement, with no problems. This is a great camera for any water sports or to just throw in your bag anytime. (Posted on 8/21/2011)

  252. didn't expect it to be so good Review by Amr Marzouk

    A gem to use, much easier to set up than my previous Lumix model I had.
    Picture quality crystal clear.
    Sharing to TV screen simple with HDMI cable(extra-not included) but worth getting. (Posted on 8/21/2011)

  253. Worst Customer Service Review by Michelle T "Michelle"

    I ordered a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 from Amazon and did not realize until I had taken pictures of my daughter's birthday party that it did not come with the USB cable required to put those pictures on my computer. I called Panasonic and was told that I need to fax an invoice showing that I was within the 90 day period and that they would send me one. I did that, but I never received a cable. When I called again I was told that it was a 30 day period and that since that was past there was nothing that I could do. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that the manager, Leon, was too busy to speak to me. In all, I spoke to at least 3 reps there and each one was very rude to me and unhelpful. I was told that if I am unhappy I can return the camera-which I will-but all of the pictures that I took from my daughter's 4th birthday are lost because if I put the memory card directly into the computer it has to be reformatted (something which none of their "tech support" people seemed to know) and all of my pictures will be erased. (Posted on 8/21/2011)

  254. Great Camera Review by shopper

    Read many reviews on various waterproof cameras before purchasing this one. We have had the camera for 2 weeks and so far love it. Used in the pool on several occasions...always cautious by following the directions for drying after...the pictures are fun, clear, and camera is extremely easy to use. Software and camera make it simple. (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  255. Great Camera Review by Tim Caws

    Really good camera for traveling with and great for underwater shots. Highly recommend it!
    Price is good value considering all the features. (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  256. Excellent camera Review by Harry A. Jones Jr.

    Im not a professional photographer by any means but I have just recently purchased this one from Amazon with the best price I could finf $275.00, I can compare it to my Sony DSC-TX10, that one costs around $310.00, The panasonic is much bigger and heavier. The sony is very small and at times that can be a problem. The Panasonic has some great features with the GPS and the many scene selections. However the picture quality it is not as good as the sony. In low-lite situations the sony takes the best pictures of any camera Ive ever owned. But I love this panasonic, it is very well built. I havent used either of the cameras in water yet and will do so. But very satisfied with this camera (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  257. Great Rugged Camera Review by Scooter

    I have spent the past several months researching which underwater camera was the best option. I finally settled on the DMC TS2 and was simply waiting to have the money to purchase it. While I was waiting, Panasonic released the TS3. Once again, after reading reviews on Amazon and other sites, I determined that this was the camera I wanted to buy. In the several weeks that I have owned it, it has been everything I wanted and more.

    The camera is rugged and beats just about all the competition in terms of underwater depth it can achieve and drop height. Never will I be snorkeling past 40 feet and if I decide to do any scuba diving, a housing is clearly what I will need. So this camera is perfect for the water enthusiast.

    The quality of the pictures is great, crisp, clear, and with great colors. I have noticed that it is a little slow to focus, especially while taking videos, but I have not found this to be a major issue.

    Other great features: the designated video button is awesome, making videos SO easy to capture. The playback is pretty easy and shows the photos nicely. Video playback drains the battery pretty fast, but it still lasts several hours.

    The GPS isn't really great and is, in my opinion, a rather useless feature since none of the data transfers with the photos. A nifty gimmick is all. The 3D picture is also a nifty feature, but not very useful unless you have a 3D TV that can playback (which I do not).

    Overall, I would say that this is an excellent camera to buy. It is slightly pricey but well worth it in my opinion. It takes great pictures, is as rugged as you will find, and doesn't look all that bad either. Go ahead and make the purchase is my ultimate suggestion! (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  258. Exactly what it's supposed to be Review by Gregg R Myers

    I purchased this camera primarily for taking with me fly fishing, cycling, and when my DSLR would be just too big and bulky to lug around. It is replacing a Canon PowerShot A640 (which is a great camera) but I broke it by dropping it once too many times and getting it wet while I was fishing.

    The Lumix DMC-TS3 seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

    First, it is small enough to fit in a pocket in my fly fishing vest or the back of my cycling jersey. The Lumix is slim without being too slim or small for my hands. As a rule, I don't like custom battery packs but in this case, I think it keeps the camera small and slim (and I think most other cameras in this class have a similar battery). Some people commented on the Lumix being larger than they thought but for me, I wouldn't want it any smaller. It is just the right size.

    Second, it can take a dunking. I'm probably not going to take it underwater on purpose very much, but it's good to know that I can get it splashed and occasionally dunked and not ruin it. My Canon survived my dropping it in a river at least twice, but not the last time, and I'm sure this Panasonic wouldn't have a problem here! I guess a few people don't like that this camera doesn't float but I actually do. Since most of my time near water is on a river, the camera might float away from me if I dropped it and it was buoyant. I guess it would be different if I spent a lot of time on a boat, and in that case I might invest in a camera float for it. I also chose the orange color because I thought I would be able to spot it easiest in case it sank to the bottom of a river.

    Third, it is rugged. Yesterday was the first time I took the camera fishing and wouldn't you know, I dropped it! I didn't mean to, of course, but it happened. I was putting it in my back fly fishing vest pocket and I missed the pocket and it dropped from waist height onto some large boulders. Not only did it survive, but also not even a scratch! Awesome!

    Lastly, it has to have *decent* picture quality. I don't mean that it has to equal a DSLR (and anyone who thinks this tiny lens and sensor can come close to a DSLR is probably kidding themselves). I have only taken pictures one day, but I can say that the pictures are good enough for me. I had some challenging lighting conditions and some of the pictures had some overexposure, but I expect that with these scenes. You can see the pictures I took here:
    These pictures were all taken with the normal default camera settings. I don't know if I had played around with some of the scene modes if that would have changed things. I did darken these photos a bit with Photoshop Elements, but other than that they are straight out of the camera. So, overall, I thought they were decent for what I was looking for. I'm sure I can tune the settings in the camera a bit to improve them even more. These were some of the very first pictures I have taken with the camera.

    As far as the buttons on the camera go, I think everything is where it should be. If I had a complaint at all, it would be that the menu/thumbwheel button location can be accidentally hit when I "one-hand" the camera. But I'm ok with it, anyway. I'm sure the more I use it, the less that will happen.

    I haven't tried any video modes or anything like that yet.

    All-in-all, I think it's a pretty good little camera that so far has met or exceeded my expectations! (Posted on 8/20/2011)

  259. Excellent Camera! Review by mattyk

    I am tough on almost everything I own. This camera is tough, waterproof, and fast! I had an Olympus Tough and this one is superior! I recommend this camera for anyone that wants a camera that can just shove in their pocket or bag and go! (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  260. Great Camera Review by Bruce Hatfield "J. Bigbooti"

    I just bought this camera on Amazon. I am planning to take it to Florida. It has taken very nice pictures so far. To echo another comment, it comes on very quickly. The warning about the waterproofing coming up each time is a little annoying but it goes away if you touch the shutter. I am impressed with the zoom range that they have come up with for an internal zoom. With its wide angle at 28 mm I like it better than the cheaper (about $100) TS10 waterproof model which has a maximum wide of only 35mm. Speaking of price, it fluctuates here on Amazon but the price I got mine for here was only $274. An amazing bargain for 12 megapixels, AVCHD lite full HD movies, GPS, barometer, altimeter, and compass. Did not mention the 3 d because that has got to be the most useless feature that cameras have adopted. Oh another thing I like is the scene modes are all the same as on my Panasonic Lumix ZS 7. This includes my two favorites, film grain and high dynamic art. The only limitation is the controls. They are all buttons including the zoom and the mode selection. However i realize that this the price one must pay for waterproofing. (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  261. DETAILED COMPARISON OF Panasonic TS3 to Sony TX10 Review by SammiMur

    First, some background on what I was looking for: I'm a casual photographer. I wanted a waterproof camera which would produce high-quality photos in all settings (indoor, outdoor, and underwater. My intention was to completely replace my 7.2MP Sony DSC-W7, which I LOVE. I wanted to add the underwater feature without compromising on other features. I did not want to spend more than about $400 for everything (camera, two 8GB memory cards (Class 10), two extra batteries with charger, and float strap. This left me with about $340 max to spend on the camera itself. I do NOT know a lot about photography. Terms like "ISO" and "white balance" are foreign to me. I like to use pre-programmed scene modes and auto features. I enjoy digital scrapbooking and I frequently zoom and crop. It takes a very high quality photo to crop out/enlarge a small figure without too much distortion.
    I began my search online and spent about 6 hours researching the cameras in my price range. The cameras I focused on most were the Canon D10, Sony TX10, Panasonic TS3 (sometimes referred to as FT3), Olympus TG-810, Olympus Tough 8010, Fujifilm XP30, and Pentax WG-1.
    I eliminated most of these options rather quickly based on their reviews, overall ratings, and the quality of photos that I reviewed. I narrowed my focus to the Canon D10, the Sony TX10, and the Panasonic TS3.
    I wanted to love the Canon D10, since it seems to be the overwhelming fan favorite, but I ultimately decided that it wasn't going to be a good fit for me. The price of the D10 is similar to the Sony and the Panasonic, but it's a 2.5 year old model which doesn't have HD video. The photo quality seemed about equivalent to the other two, so I decided to only focus on the two models with HD video.
    I would have been completely sold on the Sony, since I've used only Sony cameras most of my adult life and I've never been disappointed in one; however, there were some notable deficiencies which most reviewers found with this model (detailed below), so I was a bit hesitant to take the plunge. The Sony was also priced near the top of my budget ($329), whereas the Panasonic was only $275 at The Panasonic reviews seemed to all be very positive, with the only significantly commonly-noted problem being lower quality indoor photos. However, all of the indoor, outdoor, and underwater photos that I reviewed online looked very good.
    I decided to take a chance on the Panasonic TS3 and I really, really, wanted to fall in love with it. I ordered it from Amazon and they delivered it the next day. I wasn't blown away by this camera. The outdoor photos were good. The video was very good. The underwater photos (taken in my large fish tank) were very good. The indoor photos were POOR. I decided to order the Sony TX10, hoping that I'd see better results. I ordered it from Amazon at 9pm that night and it was delivered at 1:00pm the next day (gotta love Amazon!). The photo quality of the Sony camera is outstanding. I'll be keeping the Sony TX10!!! For some people, however, the Panasonic might be the better choice.
    First, I'll provide my overall recommendations, then I'll add in all of the detail:
    You value the quality of the photos/video above all else.
    You like touch screen devices.
    You don't plan to dive lower than 16 feet.
    You don't care if you can't adjust your settings (other than zoom) underwater.
    You want a VERY small camera.
    You always use a wrist strap.

    You can live with grainy indoor photos.
    You don't typically enlarge your photos to 100% (because they will be distorted).
    You want a camera with GPS.
    You plan to dive deeper than 16 feet.
    You want a larger (but not too big) camera.
    You're looking for a less expensive option.


    PRICE - The Sony is +/- $50 more expensive than the Panasonic.
    SIZE - The Sony is significantly smaller and lighter than the Panasonic. I don't think one is better than the other, per se. It's a matter of personal preference. The Sony will fit in most pockets. The Panasonic probably wouldn't.
    RUGGEDNESS - Both cameras are rated very well in this area. I haven't "tested" them, but it seems like the Panasonic is built a bit tougher and would be less likely to get destroyed in a fall. Rather than test this feature, I'm going to just trust the experts that either one will hold up well if dropped. (Posted on 8/19/2011)

  262. Love it! Review by J. Lee "Christian mommy"

    I'm still figuring all the ins and outs of this camera, but so far, I love it! This is my first waterproof camera. I'm not a professional, just wanted to have something that I could stash in my bag to take pictures on the fly of my kids in whatever situation we might find ourselves in. I like that it takes videos, though I did find that after having it underwater, the microphone on the video doesn't pick up sound well. Also, haven't figured out yet how to transfer the videos onto my computer (but I was using software I already had on my computer - not the software that came with the camera, so that may not actually be an issue). Love the pictures it takes so far and had real fun playing with all the modes. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  263. Only buy this camera if you really need waterproof capability Review by Soichi Hayashi

    I bought this camera after reading about its good image quality and 1080p video capability that's worth paying the premium for. However, it turned out that it was really just a over priced digital camera with most of the cost is to provide the waterproof capability. This is not a good digital camera & video camera that happens to be waterproof, but rather, just a *waterproof* mediocre digital camera.

    I have returned it, and currently looking for a much cheaper digital camera that can take better or just as good still photos & videos as this camera. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  264. Good camera, but doesn't include all accessories as promised Review by GHL

    I bought this camera for my wife since I already have a TS2 and we love it. When we were reading about it, Panasonic's website listed the silicone cover (like the TS2 has) as an included item. When I received cover. I went back to Panasonic's site, and now they have removed it. Googling for info found a bunch of other unhappy customers who encountered the same situation - it turns out Panasonic stopped including the silicon cover for the US version of the camera but did not inform anyone or change their website prior to making this decision. Without the cover, the camera body, LCD and lens are easily scratched especially in a beach environment with rocks and sand. I really like the camera, but feel Panasonic needs to take a beating for this -- it's completely unacceptable to advertise one thing then quietly change your website and try to get out of it. Really -- if I had time and energy on my hands I would pursue a class action claim to make them give us our covers as advertised. Very unhappy with Panasonic, though the camera itself is great. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  265. Loved it until it leaked. Review by MWP "Prangley"

    I have owned this camera sense it hit the market in April. The screen in great, it is easy to see and read underwater.
    The picture quality it what you would expect from a camera of a lesser price. But you fork over extra for the GPS feature. This feature is often slow to update and can be very vague sometimes and extremely specific others (like when I was in a community center in the boonies).
    Flash is what you would expect from a point and shoot. Not poor, but I prefer to use my canon with an external flash when I really need some light, so that's not a big deal for me.
    I have not used the 3D feature.
    As my title states this little camera leaked on me last week when I was on vacation in Hawaii. It turned itself off and when I turned it back on it said "this battery can not be used" or something to the effect. I knew what had happened immediately. I took out the battery and memory card and left it open to dry for a couple of days. I have tried it sense and it seems to be dead. I will be calling Panasonic tomorrow.
    UPDATE: they tested it and confirmed it leaked. I got a new one. I really hope this one holds up. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  266. Great waterproof camera Review by Summer ShutterBug

    I've been looking for a good waterproof camera for a long time to use on vacation. The reasons I held off for so long were numerous, but this camera fits the bill. Why did I choose this one over the others on the market (options which include a waterproof housing for my current point and shoot)? What constitutes "good"?
    - waterproof up to 40 ft
    - full HD video recording in AVCHD format
    - fairly good pictures where there is sufficient light
    - uses SD cards. 16Gb cards are really inexpensive
    - acceptable price
    - bonus: GPS!

    Sure it's a pocket camera, so your expectations for picture quality should be set accordingly. Additionally, since the lens does not extrude from the camera body when you zoom, should you really expect picture quality to be as good as non-ruggedized cameras where their lenses do extend outside the body?

    The catalyst for purchasing this camera was a recent trip to Hawaii. Along with such trips the activities included lots of snorkeling. Got good pics of the kids snorkeling as well as various sea creatures. Also took video of our snorkeling trip with the manta rays, which took place at night. Video was decent when the only light source were from lamps 30 yards away under water. Underwater video of the kids in the pool during the day were of good quality. Camera kept it's integrity. Also took this camera on a kayak outing. I would recommend this camera wholeheartedly. Additionally get the Olympus brand float strap thingy - I was confident that I would never lose the camera in the ocean with this strap attached.

    <rant>I really do wish manufacturers would standardize on chargers though. I have so many gadgets, each with their own charger, that it's a ridiculous exercise to travel with them all (phone, iPad, Kindle, cameras, camcorders, etc). But for now, what can I do? Is it really that hard to get electronics manufacturers to use AC to USB adapters (with standard mini USB cables) across the board? I won't ding Panasonic for not doing this now, but I do wish manufacturers would be brave enough to not have a different charger for each and every model they make (well, based on the battery). This camera functions well for summer vacations, but it's charger is not. It's difficult enough where airlines charge $25 for any luggage checked in. Why did I check in my luggage? Because I have so many darn chargers, but I love my gadgets. For now, it comes with the territory.</rant> (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  267. Not really waterproof Review by D. Garza "x_mingo"

    The camera takes nice pictures, but is not really tough or waterproof, the first time i took it to the beach, stopped working after submerse it no deeper than two feet, the camera was bought especially for those beach vacations you can imagine what a disappointment it is to have the only camera that you took with you on your vacations not working (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  268. Great Camera All Around and AWESOME for the beach! Review by Melissa C. Pelaez

    Just tried my new Lumix over the past week at a family beach getaway. Took GREAT pictures... for inside shots you have to play around with the settings for a bit before getting it just right. I don't know much about cameras but tinkering with it after awhile gave me great pictures. On the beach it was just as easy as setting scene mode to beach n snorkel. The pictures outside were magnificent. This is a very rugged camera in disguise. It's tough but looks and feels great in your hand. I also got it the floating strap because I don't want it hitting the bottom of anything (don't want sand to get into it) or if in the pool you don't want it to hit the floor. Also, one day got some sunscreen on the lens (not good) but I cleaned it off. These re the things you have to keep in mind when using a camera at the beach. Lastly, videos were GREAT quality... stabilizer works great. Only thing is to make sure not to cover the mic. when you're recording. All in ALL a great camera for the family to tout around care free and take beautiful pics.

    P.S. I would think it wise to abide by the care instructions when using it in the beach. (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  269. Love this camera! Review by Eagle2mom

    I just came back from Florida Seabase - a Boy Scout High Adventure Camp. We did the Out Island Adventure where this camera was immersed and splashed by the Atlantic Ocean as we paddled 5.5 miles. It got bounced around, went fishing, snorkeling and hiking with me. I was outside taking pictures and kept it in my hammock with me in case a Key Deer came by. The snorkel pics turned out as I expected, fish closer were very clear, but hard to see LCD display through a mask, but then I also wear glasses and felt quite blind already. It took great night pics too. Highly recommend for any campout! (Posted on 8/14/2011)

  270. Lumix Review by chriSenior

    I relied heavily on product reviews while making the decision to purchase a camera so I'd like to also make a contribution. Less than a week before a trip to O'ahu it occurred to me that a waterproof camera might be in order. I pored through dozens of reviews of different cameras. I don't remember what it was that finally made me settle on this one, but I do recall that there was nothing in any review that totally sold me. When I made the selection, I was a little nervous because of the amount of money being spent. All that being said, I'm thrilled with this purchase. Originally I gave this product a four star rating, because I don't award five lightly. However, I then rated the products attriutes individually and realized a four star overall would be silly when I gave five in each category. At $300 on Amazon, this purchase was a bargain. Ruggedness- while I haven't dropped it (yet!), it WILL happen and I love the fact that it'll take it. My wife carries a Cannon Powershot in her purse and the screen cracked within the first month. I guess the waterproof feature also factors in here. I took this snorkeling and surfing. Dove more than 10 feet down, plenty of wipe outs on the board- held up great. I got a little worried while gleaning the owner's manual on the plane. It showed a "sold seperately" waterproof case. I panicked because at this point it's too late to get any other accessories. Decided to just go for it and anxiously took it into the drink. No problem. I guess the case is for taking it below the 40 foot waterproof claim. Ergonomics- one thing I do recall from other reviews was the nod given for individual snapshot and video start/stop button. I also loved this feature. It made taking pictures and video while treading water, diving and surfing extremely easy. There was another review which knocked the zoom buttons on the rear face of the camera. I disagree. Just like the separate camera functions have dedicated, buttons, dedicated buttons rather than fumbling with a toggle switch for the operation make this camera quite easy to use while underwater or trying to keep your balance or stay afloat. I would agree with another's complaint regarding a the lack of a viewfinder. Using the screen can be difficult in bright light, under water, etc. However, this characteristic is not unique to this device and I'm so pleases with all of the other ergonomic aspects that I really feel a five star in this category is warranted. Photo quality- Beautiful. I also own a NikonD60 and can't tell a difference. The underwater pictures were excellent- if the light was good- just like any other camera. Shots taken on the beach were phenomenal. Crisp & clear. Quality of design- see ergonomics. Value for money- the D60 was $800 when I bought it and I like this camera better. You can't add attach a zoom lens to it, but for spontaneous snapshots and aquatic use, the Lumix is a great buy. At $300 on Amazon, it's an awesome deal. I also love the geotagging. Just put it on airplane mode and it'll turn off when you turn it off and won't kill your battery. Which btw, battery life was great too. I also got the Chum float and would recommend it. It works well . The tether is a bit thin so I reinforce it by slip knotting the strap through it for peace if mind, (Posted on 8/13/2011)

  271. Better Than Expected Review by R. Fisher

    I bought this for a trip to the jungles, mountains and beaches of Central America. So far it has surprised me by the photo quality, ease of use and versatility! I carried this camera and my Canon SX is and I used the Canon for one day, after using the Panasonic I swore I would never carry that big Canon around again. Sure there some limitations with Zoom but given the higher megapixels you can crop and still have good shots. I used this in swimming pools, in the rain, under huge natural waterfalls, in fresh water lakes and in the ocean and never a problem other then the fogging up of the inside of the lens when going from super humid and hot to chilling temps very quickly. I found that if I open it up, remove the battery and the SD card and place it where it won't get wet (ie: inside my open backpack) it will dry out within a few minutes and I can shoot away again. A great investment for such a versatile camera! (Posted on 8/12/2011)

  272. Cancun 2011.. Review by rplatero

    my Lumix DMC-TS3 worked great during the 10 days we were in Cancun, We took 850 (Good quality) pictures and 5hrs of video. The under water pictures were great, after I figured out that I should not use Flash when underwater, unless I'm taking a close-up picture, otherwise the floating plankton (show) trashes the shot.
    Still picture capture while taking video and single click video On/Off are the two features that make this camera my favorite, I still take my Optio W90 on trips, but I use my DMC-TS3 the most. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  273. It leaked :-( Review by cpamomma

    I bought this camera for my daughter who is a Marine Bio Major. She took the camera with her on a school trip to the Sea of Cortez. It leaked in the corner of the LCD screen the first time she took it out. She was just snorkeling, so she was well within the depth limits. Fortunately, she can get photos from the other students, but she was unable to take her own photos. I am now trying to get resolution from Panasonic. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  274. Real-World Ruggedness Review Review by Kevin R Hoyt

    There are already a lot of reviews about this camera being waterproof. And it is. I've used it in pools, rain, lakes and oceans extensively without any problems. There are already a lot of reviews about the GPS being a touch finicky. And it is. Practice a bit with it to learn how it operates before setting it to the all important vacation photos. Once you get the hang of it, the GPS will serve you well. What there aren't reviews about is the camera's ruggedness - and rightfully so - who intentionally drops their camera to see if it breaks?

    Here's my real-world review on ruggedness from personal experience.

    We went on a family vacation for two weeks. I used this camera almost exclusively despite having a high-end DSLR in my bag as well. The results were great. The last day of our vacation, with hundreds of recorded photos on the SD card, we went to a water park. So many great pictures to be had going down water slides if you don't have to worry about the camera getting wet. While walking from a water slide to our lunch spot I slipped and fell - down a flight of concrete stairs. As I went down the camera went flying. I slid down a dozen stairs with the camera tumbling after me the entire, painful, way.

    I should note that I'm 6'7" so the camera did a high velocity drop from roughly that height - probably a bit more since I threw it up as I fell.

    After dealing with the immediate pain and getting my bearings, I gathered up the camera, still in one piece, and got to my feet. My first concern was that our entire vacation would be lost. And then of course that the camera would be broken and the remainder of the day would be photo-less. After sitting down at a nearby table I found that the camera itself had indeed taken it's share of bumps as well. Hardly a square inch of the casing was without a scuff. The camera was however still entirely intact - including the screen. I pushed the power button and the camera came on, though it warned me that the seal needed to be checked. It's a typical warning after opening the SD/battery compartment, but I hadn't done that. My next thought then was that the waterproofness (is that a word?) was ruined.

    I opened the SD card compartment and the SD card was in the ejected position. So when the camera came down, it hit hard enough to dislodge the SD card. I pushed it back into place, and checked out the water seal. It also seemed intact. I closed the compartment, and fired up the camera. All seemed in working order. After swapping out the SD card for a second (just to be sure any additional water wouldn't kill my vacation photos) I put the camera back in the water to see if it was still waterproof. No problems there either. In fact, the camera continued to function flawlessly for the remainder of the day - including more slides, wave pools, and other water rides.

    In the end, while the camera looks like it has seen better days, it continues to work great and take great pictures. All the sensors continue to work as well. This is one rugged beast, sure to take just about any wear and tear you can dish out in the course of normal, and even above normal, use. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  275. Rugged Camera with HD Quality Review by Jon

    I recently bought the DMC-TS3 just in time to take it on vacation. After messing with it a little bit I find that overall I like it. I figured I'd break it down similar to other reviews.

    Camera Design. The camera is a little larger than some waterproof point and shoot cameras (E.g., Fuji Z33), however about the same size as the Olympus Tough series. The design makes it easy and comfortable to hold while feeling solid, leaving me with a feeling that I can be a little rough with it without having to baby the camera (like some other point and shoot cameras where the slightest bump will damage the case, etc). The buttons are easy to use, and I found the dedicated video button a nice touch. The scene options are also a nice touch, and all the typical scene features you've come to expect are there. One feature I did like was in the burst mode, it offers you the option for picture amount/speed or quality to adjust the burst settings accordingly. The lock of the battery/sd card slot feels pretty secure. On my vacation, one of the first things I did when I took it out of my pocket on the plane was to immediately drop it onto a metal bar on the floor. Although it made quite a loud *THUD* the camera was fine with no scratches. One thing I found annoying is that the zoom buttons don't really compress when pushed. They obviously don't take much pressure to zoom in and out, but with all the buttons making a sort of click after pushing them and compressing in, it is weird that the zoom buttons are different. This is just a matter of taste though and others may not care. Since getting the camera, it has been dropped several times by myself and friends and it still functions perfectly with no scratches. One note of caution is that if you are used to having the lens on the center of the camera, you may need to watch your finger when taking pictures. Obviously, you will be able to see your finger on the viewer window screen, but some may dislike this design of having the lense close to the left side of the camera (when holding it).

    Picture Quality. I tried the camera in a variety of settings and found that overall the pictures are pretty good for a rugged camera. I personally think this quality is much better than the quality you will get from any Olympus brand. When put onto the max picture quality, the pictures are quite crisp. I found myself putting them onto my comptuer and zooming in just to see how far they would go before blurring, and to my surprise, they were pretty vivid even after zooming in a great deal. I try to keep the settings on around a medium setting (which creates pictures of about 1-2mb each) in order to save some space on the SD card and my comptuer when transfered, however even in these settings, the pictures are more than sufficient if you are just looking for decent quality and not the quality of a SLR or DSLR. If you are looking such quality you may be disappointed. Not sure why you'd expect this type of quality from a point and shoot, but I did see some people mentioning this "limitation."

    Video Quality. As with the pictures, on full HD setting the videos are quite good in my opinion. Although once again, they are not quite up to the same level as some HD cameras specfically designed for video. However, overall I am impressed with the detailed quality you can get, especially when viewed on an HD tv or monitor. Similiar to the picture quality, I try to keep the video on a high def setting that is of medium quality which obviously sacrifies video quality, but keeps the videos a bit smaller in size. Despite this, the videos are still clear and good. The camera comes with a "wind noise" feature that reduces the noise associated with wind. I honestly didn't seem to notice a huge difference with it on or off, however I wasn't in a very windy area. Either way a cool and nice feature if it works when it is really windy. With that said, the audio quaity is what you would expect from any point and shoot camera with video. Nothing too terrible, but nothing spectacular.

    Rugged Nature. As i mentioned before, I have dropped the camera several times and have had no problems, or scratches becoming evident. Although I only tried the camera in a sink and bathtub (since my vacation was not to a "beachy" place) I have yet to try in the ocean, but from my trials I have found that the case is sturdy enough to not have to worry about water leaking in. When I opened the battery compartment after I put it in the water, it was dry inside with no indication that water had leaked in.

    Battery. One annoyance that I found with other similar rugged cameras is that you have to take the battery out to charge it. My old casio had a dock which made it significantly easier to charge. Although annoying to me it is not a huge inconvenience, just something I didn't know what I bought (I should have read better). The battery life is okay, but I had hoped for better. I have a habit of using the camera for a few minutes here and there, turning off, and reviewing later, so with this in mind I found that the battery lasts for at least a day of continued usage. With not much usage, the battery lasted a few days, however when I used continuously throughout the day, I had to charge either that night or the next day. For those who use their cameras a lot, this may be a problem, but for me it is adequate.

    GPS. The GPS is honestly kind of a pain. First thing is I turned on the airplane mode, as everyone suggested since it does drain the battery if left on. With airplane mode on, it often was able to find where it was through satellites and tag the pictures which is a cool feature. However, as others I did have some trouble finding GPS coordinates in some locations. Although not having as much trouble as others, it was still a problem at times.

    Overall. Overall, I have to say I like the camera and am happy with my purchase. I used to have a Fuji Z33 and loved it, as it was small, easy to use, and the pictures were fairly good. However, after losing it, I found myself looking at different models and was drawn to this one due to the features. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  276. Good rugged camera for outdoor acitivities Review by Krystal Nicole Hudson

    I have only used this camera a couple times now, but it seems to work great. My husband and I took this camera with us when we went river tubing, we were able to submerge this camera without any problems later. I will say that the outside case scratches easily, so if you're concerned about that you might want to buy a cover. Other than that I haven't used it enough yet to get more in depth. Good camera so far. (Posted on 8/5/2011)

  277. Panasonic Lumix TS3 Review by Julian Genis MD

    I have tried the Panasonic Lumix TS3, and have some issues
    I can said that it is really intuitive in the design and the controls,
    but the quality of pictures are not good enough when taking pictures and using the zoom the quality dimished a lot, and at night , gosh ! it happened the same!
    in fact, I have used it three times, since I bought it ( july 7th 2011 ) and when taking pics underwater the result is the same, nowadays my digital camera TS3 have a problem the screen began blinking ( maybe it is ashamed of its behavior ) , and consulting the owner's manual it says " Turn it off and turn it on " I did it , but from time to time it happens again , so my last chance is to use the guarantee, and the customer service plan !
    if I do succeed I will give one more star for the service!
    if not I will urgently search for another digital camera with underwater features for my upcoming vacations at the Mayan riviera ! (Posted on 8/4/2011)

  278. Nice vacation camera Review by D. Nguyen "Davalon Five"

    Took this to Turks and Caicos and it worked out great. Only thing I didnt like was when water droplets on the lens would distort the images. Of course im sure this is a problem with all underwater cameras that get wet. Many neat software additions make this a fun camera. The seperate video button is awesome. I would only use this camera in well lit situations. They didnt include a silicon case so I had to order one from Canada. Not sure why the US doesnt have it yet. It came with a floaty that says Lumix too. This will be my go to camera when on vacation. (Posted on 8/2/2011)

  279. Ótima câmera para o dia dia Review by David

    Ótima câmera. As fotos na função automática são muito boas, me surpreendi com as fotos em ambientes escuros. Tem uma diversidade de recursos, para os mais entendidos e curiosos, que pode deixar a imagem ainda melhor. O GPS demora cerca de 15 minutos para se localizar. Ela é um pouco maior que outras da mesma categoria, porém a qualidade da imagem é melhor. O botão de disparo de fotos responde com uma velocidade muito boa. Em síntese é excelente uma camera para vc não se preocupar onde vai guarda-la quando tiver na praia, na piscina, em festas, com crianças... (Posted on 8/2/2011)

  280. Fantastic Camera! Review by Nickiisbell

    Just recieved this camera today, and I absolutely love it! Tested it out in my pool today, and the pictures were great quality! Love all the different settings it has, and the video quality. I would recommend this product to a friend,definatly a great purchase! (Posted on 7/28/2011)

  281. So far so good Review by Bill Honsaker

    I've had the camera for about two weeks and so far so good. I let the kids play with it at the waterpark and they said it was great, much better than our olympus waterproof we had. Good underwater pictures, minimal shutter lag and stayed dry.
    Then we took it to canada and played with it. I swam with it and took pictures of my son jumping off the dock over me and they came out great. No shutter lag, clear and water resistant. Good pictures of kids tubing, no trouble on actions shots. My son snorkeled around the bay and his pictures came out good.
    Have not used it much indoors yet. Screen can be hard to see in bright light, it seemed to turn black when I turned it vertical for some pictures?? Overall I am very satisfied so far. (Posted on 7/28/2011)

  282. Amazing Camera Review by RealityCheque

    This camera exceeds all my expectations - the fact that it is shock and waterproof makes it a great travel companion - no more anxiety at the beach, in a pool or during a downpour.
    There are plenty of useful preset modes that make life a lot easier, whilst users still have the ability to decide their own settings in manual mode.
    Even fill-in flash is available manually, a key feature that some manufacturers have recently left out.

    BEST - the Lumix has a very fast start up so you can start shooting almost as soon as you power on

    WORD OF ADVICE - Change the video recording default format from AVCHD to Motion JPEG HD - otherwise you will have lots of video footage that you can't use on your PC or Mac, in iMovie, etc. (Posted on 7/27/2011)

  283. Sport camera Review by Lauren

    I love this camera Very sporty and so easy to use. Good quality photos and fun underwater options
    I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who needs a reliable durable device!! (Posted on 7/27/2011)

  284. Great camera, great price Review by Zach Mueller

    Much improvement over my last camera (full HD, deeper waterproof rating). Haven't yet tried out waterproof/shockproof ability, but I'm confident with how the camera feels. (Posted on 7/27/2011)

  285. Love It!! Review by Stephen

    Excellent product. Takes great pictures. This is my first digital camera the blue color looks verys sharp. I have not yet had an opportunity to test the water resistance but after a close inspection of the waterproofing seals and door it appears very effective. There is a little lock switch to make sure the battery door stays closed. Overall very satisfied with the product. (Posted on 7/26/2011)

  286. Love the GPS feature Review by LoveToShop

    This is a really nice camera. It has a GPS that shows the location where each picture was taken. So far it works great. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  287. Great camera Review by mymyzoo

    I decided to buy this camera after looking around for a while. I used to own a pentax optima (~4 yr old). The biggest problem of the optima was a slow shutter speed, which seemed to be a common problem among waterproof cameras at that time. Some recent models have the same problem. I bought a Fujifilm Finepix waterproof camera recently and had to ship it back because I didn't like its slow focus & shutter issue. Lumix's is great at this. No frustration of missing critical moments. I have used it under water several times without any problems. Overall, I am very satisfied with this camera. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  288. Buy It!!! Review by kermit eddy

    This is one of the best camera's you will ever use.Very rugged very thin and great to use.If you need something for out door use get it. (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  289. So far so good... Review by toniosmom

    I've had this camera about two weeks and I am so far very happy with it. I have taken indoor and outdoor photos that came out nice. But, primarily I bought this camera to take to the pool and beach. The underwater photos and videos are awesome! However, I have found that underwater photos in our pool are much more colorful when the sun is shining. I took some photos in shade and the color isn't as vibrant, although the pictures are still fine. My only complaint so far is that I am having trouble seeing what I am photographing while underwater. Perhaps I am not doing something properly, but I can't see anything on the LCD, so I have no idea if I am getting the shot or not. I've gotten lucky many times, but there are a few I missed. There is no viewfinder, so you really rely on the LCD to frame your photo/video. I just changed LCD to Auto, so perhaps that will help. If that works, I will raise my rating to 5 stars. All in all, very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  290. good camera but can't download the movies to my mac! Review by EMT

    I've had this for 2 weeks. I previously owned 3 Olympus Stylus 8010's. They all died due to carelessness, so I have been being very careful with my new Lumix. The speed of the TS3 compared to the Olympus 8010 is exceptional! TS3 is really fast. The pics are of good quality, similar to the stylus. The iA feature seems to lend itself to overexposure of pics but the underwater and regular camera mode seem great.
    So.. to the bad stuff. I can not figure out how to download the movies to my Mac. I did not recieve a disc with the camera (as the owner's manual disc says I should have) and I can't seem to get them off even using a downloaded AVCHD converter for Mac (as suggested by some forum posts I found on google). I will keep trying but this is a real bummer! (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  291. Great Rugged Point and Shoot Camera Review by Darth's Ducks "skipv"

    Great camera for the outdoors. Nearly all pictures have been excellent,, with a few exceptions where it was user error, or simply too much for the camera's processors. We have used this everywhere since we bought it without a problem. We love the movie feature which is a separate button on top next to the shutter button that engages the movie mode. Makes it very easy to switch from single photo to movie mode and back without going into menu. You also have the ability to zoom in the movie mode as well. Flash works fine for most conditions but the range is not too great if you are shooting outside at night. The camera knows where you are with the built in GPS but I usually keep it off to save the battery, so can't say how that feature works. Last two cameras broke from use in the conditions this camera was designed for. I have taken a few underwater shots with this but only a few feet under. The pictures were fine. Other reviews mentioned that the camera failed after a few times in the water. I just wait to make sure the camera has been out of the water for a while (several hours) before I open the access door to download the pictures. Follow the manual instructions and the camera shot work fine after being immersed in water. Does warn you not to put under running water but that is the way I have rinsed it off at the beach and haven't had a problem. Making sure the access door is free of any foreign material and locked is the best way to keep things working. I did buy the Chums wrist strap and it was enough to float the camera. Tried a test first day at the beach and it was fine. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for an inexpensive point and shoot that is water and shock proof. (Posted on 7/21/2011)

  292. Great rugged camera, perfect for vacations! Review by Aimee

    I bought my DMC-TS3 after reading great reviews, and I'm very happy to say that I love this little camera! I took it with me to the Caribbean last week on its maiden voyage and it performed wonderfully. Great crisp and bright photos, beautiful video, performs really well underwater, fun modes and settings, and good battery life. Pretty much all the things I'd want from a digital point and shoot that I can literally grab and take with me anywhere without worry! I can tell I'm going to be getting much more use out of this little guy than my digital SLR. Buy from this user for the best price I've seen anywhere. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  293. Great camera. It's as discribed. Review by Brewskies

    Takes relatively good pictures. What I like about it is that it's really fast. You don't have to wait very long between pictures, as I have had to with previous digital cameras. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  294. Happy Review by 3rd Reviewer

    I take this camera to places where I don't want to bring my SLR.
    Under good lighting the picture quality is as good as SLR,
    I've taken this camera to in door water park, beach, kayaking etc.
    Take pictures of my kid.
    Overall, I'm happy with the the camera.

    I paid around $350 when it was just released, I thought it was little too pricy. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  295. What it's supposed to do Review by M. Pierpont

    I purchased this camera after doing quite a bit of homework. This camera went to the Florida Keys with us. We took it snorkeling twice and it took amazing video and stills.
    This is a great camera if you are an outdoorsy person.
    You must follow the instructions on how to keep it clean and waterproof. Don't think you don't have to. If you slack on that, you will be one of those disappointed purchasers. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  296. Great camera for real life. Review by Mickey List "Tired of Greed"

    I purchased this camera specifically for a climb of Mt. Rainier. Its mixture of features and toughness seemed to fit my needs exactly.

    The camera functioned flawlessly. The digital stills are of high quality and the HD video is amazing. I am not a professional photographer or videographer, but I can recommend this product to anyone who wants a feature packed camera, that also takes high-quality video, that is bomb proof (not literally ;-).

    The menus are very intuitive and easily navigated. The shutter button is easily operated, even with gloves on. The only difficulty I had is that the microphone is located directly on top, at the left of the camera (from the user's point-of-view). Multiple times while taking video, I had my finger over the mic which muffled the sound considerably. With more use, I will get used to the mic position.

    Overall, I highly suggest this camera. It will not disappoint. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  297. Greatest Wedding Present we got for ourselves! Review by Abby Hinkle

    Great product! Cost is not much more than a regular camera. Ruggedness tested on a 10 day trip to Puerto Rico and the Southeastern Caribbean as it survived hiking, waterfalls, snorkling and other outdoor sports. Picture quality is great! Very little issues with water on the lens, we were surprised! Battery life somewhat shorter than with regular camera due to GPS but you can turn that feature off to preserve battery. (Posted on 7/18/2011)

  298. Does what it claims Review by milvt

    Great underwater shots. Good in low light. Battery life is not great even under low energy settings. Otherwise it would be 5 stars.

    Video was decent as well. Very rugged. Took lots of beach shots and in the surf then cleaned off easy by soaking it at home. (Posted on 7/18/2011)

  299. Surpassed expectations Review by Suze71 "Suze"

    I bought this camera for our Hawaiian vacation and for use while snorkeling and hiking. The TS3 performed beautifully. I also own a Panasonic Lumix G-1, their first 4/3 format camera with interchangeable lenses and filters. This TS3 performed similarly, although in many respects it is more versatile while I sacrificed little in terms of picture quality in most circumstances. I ended up using the TS3 more than the G1 due to weather, ease of carrying an even smaller camera + lenses, and the video capability. After a few days I usually only brought out the Lumix when I wanted a shot using a viewfinder, a shot with the ~400mm telephoto and/or the polarizing filter. The TS3 only records photos in JPG format - no RAW capability.

    The TS3 doesn't take the place of higher end camera but it is good for better-than-average amateur snapshots.

    After my initial tests in a swimming pool to get ready to take the camera into the ocean, I had to first overcome a lifetime of extreme care around water. Panasonic provides a thorough set of directions for using in the water, and after care.

    The TS3's underwater photos I took while snorkeling are stunning. I used it to a depth of 6 feet, no more, although some of the subjects were in 15-20 feet. Conditions ranged from bright sun to mostly cloudy, during the morning, mid day and mid afternoon. The bright sunlight produced better underwater photos, as you might expect. As expected the photos have a blue cast underwater, as well as above, which is a Panasonic thing. The underwater videos were very good.

    Even above-the-water photos in normal conditions were great too. The photos taken in extreme conditions (driving rain, fog, mist, light rain showers, wind, volcanic dust, volcanic steam, sand, bright mid-day sun, inside a dimly lit cave, in a tropical rainforest, on a boat) presented good colors with good exposures (in some cases minor adjustments were made as needed.)
    I had no problem gripping the camera, or inadvertently blocking the lens, or the mic. (Can't figure that out at all as a criticism. That isn't a design flaw, that is a user-flaw.)

    Prints (4 x 6) are sharp and bright.

    1) ease of use (I am familiar with Panasonic cameras. I think the menus are intuitive.)
    2) picture quality;
    3) sound quality on videos; (I recently made a video of red-tail hawk and the tweety birds sounding alarms. I have since been able to draw interest from the hawk, numerous song birds, and other birds, and my cats in the sounds when the video is replayed outdoors.)
    4) can zoom videos.
    5) Battery life while snorkeling with the GPS OFF was great - I often got a few hours.
    6) good view screen

    1) annoying and unstoppable reminders regarding use around water every time it starts up. (so, on start-up, touch the shutter button and you won't have to go thru the message.)
    2) Excepting typical underwater photos, colors sometimes tend toward the blue end which is also a Panasonic thing. Easily correctable.
    3) The only real criticism I have is that, as many reviewers on many sites have said, out-of-the-box the auto settings tend to overexpose all photos, but my G1 does the same thing. The easiest remedy for this typical Panasonic flaw is to READ THE MANUAL and learn how to override the auto settings with custom settings. The top button on the menu control button actually helps with this problem.
    4) Battery life is dismal while using the GPS. It isn't real accurate either. It is a throw-away feature.

    1) I am very happy with my purchase. It met my expectations, and in fact, surpassed them in many cases.
    2) I would not necessarily recommend this camera for someone who doesn't have some amateur photography experience, or is too disinterested or lazy to learn how to it.
    3) Before going on the trip of a lifetime and coming home disappointed cause you don't know what you are doing: READ THE MANUAL. TRY the camera while reading the manual. TAKE TEST SHOTS (in a pool, or even the bathtub) in sunlight, in shadows, indoors, in the rain or at night, and BRACKET the shots. See what you like and what you don't, then make the custom settings accordingly.
    4) For water use, get a strap that floats the camera if you lose your grip. The one I have is detachable and was not a problem while snorkeling.
    5) Buy an extra battery and keep it charged. With care you can change it out without going through the whole cleanup procedure, EXCEPT drain the camera on a paper towel for a short while until no more water drains. I only had to change the battery once for an extended snorkeling trip.
    6) If you really must use the GPS, turn it on for your first photo, establish your position, take a photo, then turn off the GPS. It isn't that accurate and drains the battery horribly.
    7) For most typical conditions, in order to fix the overexposure, I simply set the eV to -1/3

    This is a great little point-and-shoot camera. (Posted on 7/18/2011)

  300. Great camera Review by Ryan J. Weeks

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought the camera before a trip to Italy and the pictures turned out fantastic. The video quality is great as well. I only used the for a few underwater pictures but it held it's own. The only thing I wanted additionally was the panorama shot where you hold down the button and simply turn the camera. All in all it was a great purchase. (Posted on 7/17/2011)

  301. Great Camera Review by Dierick

    Rugged, easy to use... great value. Picture a bit soft in low light situations but other than that Great camera


    more than 15 dives after, still going and doing great. I`ve taken it up to 35ft and no issues and great pictures. Still on the soft side on low light enviroments underwater, but great product. (Posted on 7/12/2011)

  302. Expensive, but performs as advertised. Review by Kris

    Purchased this camera just prior to leaving for Hawaii on 23-June-2011. Looked very hard at this camera, the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010, and Canon PowerShot D10. After looking at Amazon reviews and other website reviews, all three cameras had people complaining about color reproduction and indoor picture quality. However, all three cameras had good comments for underwater picture quality. This made the choice very difficult. I then visited a local professional camera shop to ask about the three cameras (they had all in stock) and they told me the lens quality on the Panasonic was superior than the other three. That's what finally helped us make a decision.

    1. Only 1 battery and it seems to run out of power very quickly when the meter moves from 3 bars (full) to 2 bars. Battery must be removed to recharge and that means time to rinse and COMPLETELY dry before you open up the access door. Be careful and gently clean the door gasket per the instructions.
    2. Underwater it works great! Really good pictures while snorkeling (less than 15' underwater) with the flash manually set to fire, no matter what. Did not use the video yet. When you want to take an above water picture when the camera is wet, the picture is usually blurry because of the water on the lens. We have potentially great pictures of each other smiling and laughing, that are 'bad' because the lens was wet. :( No easy way to wipe the lens properly while out in the middle of the water.

    1. Buy a floating wrist strap. Any of these cameras will sink to the bottom in a heartbeat. It may be lost forever or scratch the lens on the rocks / coral.
    2. But a very fast SDHC card, like the class 10. The faster the card, the faster the camera can record the picture and be ready to go again. Plus, it is necessary if you want to shoot video in full 1080. If price is an issue, go for the faster class 10 and smaller capacity card.
    3. Familiarize yourself with and use the different settings. To achieve the best underwater, beach, and indoor picture quality, use the camera setting for that condition.
    4. Be patient when rinsing and drying the camera after underwater use.

    So far, we are happy after one trip and 600 underwater, beach, sunset, indoor, and scenery pictures. (Posted on 7/12/2011)

  303. better then my DMC-TS2 Review by Anthony M. Srdar "vivi the mage"

    I had the DMC-TS2, and one thing I loved about previous cameras was the ability to just turn the camera off after recording a video, the TS2 could not do that. The TS3 can, I am happy :). Pictures rock, and underwater videos/pictures are still solid!

    I do wish it came with that rubber cover that the TS2 came with though. (Posted on 7/8/2011)

  304. Great all around camera! Review by Mark

    We were headed to the islands and I wanted a waterproof camera I could take with me everywhere so I didn't have to worry about it being stolen when I was in the water. I also didn't want that goofy looking Cannon competitor version.

    Turns out this camera is the best digital camera I've ever purchased. It's very intuitive and easy to use. Water proofing was flawless for snorkeling and in the pool. Battery life was very good..I did purchase a second battery, but didn't really need it. The GPS feature will drain the battery much quicker if you leave it on all the time. One of my favorite features was the instant slide show built into the camera. Just plug it in and play your pics and video on screen with background music and fade in fade out along with plenty of other transitions.

    It would be nice to have a few more sound tracks for the slide show as it repeats after a very short time.

    I know everyone thinks mobile phones will obsolete cameras, but let's face it, cell phones are a convenience. it will be a long time before they'll have the functionality of this camera.

    My only real complaint is that they should have included the HDMI output cable with the camera. They are cheap enough and the output is sooooo much better than the standard video out. One other wish is that they provide Mac compatible software..only Windows software is packaged. I purchased Adobe Photoshop/Premier bundle for $99 with a $30 rebate, which blows away anything they could have packaged with the camera anyway. (Posted on 7/8/2011)

  305. Traveler Review by Cathy Smiley

    I love this camera. It was bought to take pictures in the rainforest and then for snorkeling in Belize. I love it. Picture quality is great and it is very easy to use with many cool features.

    Cons: Watch out for water drops on lens when taking pictures above water. (Posted on 7/5/2011)

  306. Great Underwater Camera. Review by Scott P. Crawford

    Been using this camera for several days. Takes great pictures in the pool and am sure it will be a great companion for snorkeling. Even got some decent fireworks pictures and video using the Fireworks mode! Obviously the picture quality isn't quite as good as I get with my DSLR but this fills a different niche for me. It is portable and seems pretty indestructible (meaning we'll actually take it places and not be constantly worried that it's going to be ruined).

    The software has a lot of different shooting modes which I'm just starting to explore, but it looks like there are plenty of options to get the right shot for whatever I am trying to do. (Posted on 7/4/2011)

  307. So far so good Review by @user

    We bought this camera to take snorkeling this summer in Hawaii. I bought it early to learn how to use it and play with the settings. So far we love it. There are more settings than we know what to do with, low light, no light, bright light etc. It feels very sturdy and takes great pictures. The only thing I'm a bit concerned with (and for now I'm sure it's user error) is the inherent graininess of some of the pictures. I understand this is all digital zooming and focus, with very few moving peaces but at times the pictures can be grainy. As I said above it very could be (and probably is) user related as 80% of the pictures turn out fantastic. (Posted on 7/4/2011)

  308. Excellent ease of use and overall quality Review by Carlos Alvarez

    I previously owned an Olympus 770SW and wanted to upgrade to a newer rugged/waterproof camera. I bought the newest Olympus, the TG-810, and was rather disappointed. I decided to try the DMC-TS3 and like it a lot more than the Olympus in almost every way. The buttons and menu system on this camera are simple to navigate, well laid out, and the camera gives you detailed information about each option on the screen. Low-light performance is in the top of the class, and the aperture is a bit larger than the Olympus. It is FAST to shoot a picture when you fire it up, so you don't lose any special moments. Battery life is a bit less than I'd like, mostly because the GPS is trying to update itself frequently. You can turn that off, or do as I did--pick up some inexpensive spare batteries ($20 for 3 of them here on Amazon).

    High quality photos and video
    Very good auto-exposure and auto-focus performance
    Fast to turn on and shoot
    Nice physical ergonomics, great button placement
    Easy to use menus with detailed hints on-screen
    Good low-light performance
    High-resolution (HD) video
    Lots and lots of features and modes

    Does NOT work with the Eye-fi X2 cards, may or may not work with other Eye-fi cards (not supported)
    No automatic cover on the lens when turned off
    GPS is sometimes slow to acquire a new position when you go a long distance with it off
    Full HD video is AVCHD, shooting MPEG is slightly lower resolution (typical and not a surprise)

    So I'm keeping this one, and returning the Olympus.

    UPDATE: After a few weeks and about a thousand pictures, I'm still as pleased as I was originally with this camera. Battery life got much better after the second recharge cycle, and now after a weekend of shooting around 150 pictures, the battery icon is still on full. The ability to go from off to shooting instantly has been valuable. Ergonomics are good and it's easy to use in most any position. Flash picture quality is excellent though I do have to be careful not to cover the flash with my finger in certain positions, because the camera is so compact. (Posted on 7/3/2011)

  309. Wow! (so far) Review by Y

    I've only had this camera for a couple of days, but I love it already. I got it from the J&R bricks and mortar store for two ninety nine after a 15 holiday coupon but after tax was more than the three fourteen with free shipping and no tax here (I needed it in a hurry). It's replacing a Canon D10 <a href="">Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD</a> that was great until the LCD screen quit 3 months after the 1 year warranty ended. This is newer and obviously highly superior. Waterproof down to 40 ft, full 1920 HD video, mostly spot on colors, and built in GPS - wow. Also, the camera feels like a (slightly hefty) regular point and shoot, that is nowhere as bulky as the D10 (I can slip this into my pocket). There is a slight lag in starting/ending videos, and the usual shutter lag, but not more than expected and still pretty good for a point and shoot. Obviously the quality will not compare to a DSLR, especially indoors, but then again this is really for the active travels of your life. (Posted on 7/1/2011)

  310. Great camera, best purchase for any vacation! Review by llama-d

    I can't believe I never thought to get a waterproof camera to go on vacation with but I'm glad I waited because this camera packs it all in a great looking shell. The first time taking it into the water was a little nerve racking because it just looks like a digital camera, but that first picture you take underwater is so worth it!

    I got this to take with me when my wife and I went to Disney World and I couldn't think of bringing any other camera. I am a photography hobbyist and would love to be able to bring my DSLR with me everywhere, but I it would be so bulky and in the way at a theme park, this camera was a perfect replacement. It takes great night shots, you don't have to worry about it on any ride, and it stays out of your way so you can have fun! The camera takes great hd video which was really fun to film rides like splash mountain. On water rides when my camera would get wet people would be like, "your camera got wet! Oh no!", this is a great time to pretend to freak out. We brought this to the water parks and I just thought to myself, if we didn't have a waterproof camera we wouldn't even have one picture from that day, there would be no way to bring a normal camera.

    The GPS is really important to a lot of people, and I'm one of those people now. It's so cool that when we went to different parks and it would tell you right there on the screen, "Hollywood Studios," and when you get home and upload all those photos, it has the landmark tagged right in there when you look at it in bridge or the cameras software. The GPS also doesn't draw too much power, I would take about 200 photos and about 6 3min long videos a day without trouble and then charge it that night for the next day.

    Here are some tips I've learned from using it for my first week that I hope helps someone:
    *I don't have my camera with me so I can't tell the exact names of all the buttons and menu items
    -Took me a while to find the different photo options, but when you click the mode button you can choose "scenes" and you will be able to choose things like "night handheld" and a bunch of fun options
    -when asking other people to shoot photos for you, warn them where the lens is because it's easy to get your finger in the picture if you hold it like other cameras

    -When you open the quick menu there is a LED light option, use this to turn the light on because at night you really won't capture anything without it
    -Use the cameras software to get the video off the camera because it will convert all the files it stores into 3 files for your computer, one has the information that the camera captures, like gps and date created. The others is the video, and the last one is a file that if you open in a text document will have the plain text of the videos info again. If you don't do it this way you probably will have a hard time getting that information, and I'm almost positive that the camera data isn't stored in the video file so if that's all you get off the camera then that data will probably be lost.

    -Go into the gps menu and you can have it display the landmark, city, state, ect. which was helpful.
    -If you want to get the gps data to update it helps a lot if you go into the gps menu and click the reposition button and it will find it a little quicker. A watched gps never positions!
    -The gps doesn't take that much battery so don't worry about trying to turn it off or put it on airplane mode, you will probably waste more battery trying to have it relocate you when you turn it back on then just leaving it on, though if you need to sacrifice gps for battery then that is an option, you can use exiftools later to transfer the gps info from a different photo later.

    -=Eye-Fi Cards=-
    -I love eye-fi cards and they work with this camera despite what their website says, but if you use it to transfer to your computer by transferring it through the android app, it will lose some of the richer gps information from the exif data such as the landmark. It will still be in the maker's notes in the exif data but you will probably need exiftools to fix the makers notes offset.

    Overall I love this camera and couldn't be happier with it. I wouldn't think of bringing any point and shoot camera but a waterproof one to any vacation again, even if I brought my nicer cameras as well.
    You can't take pictures in the RAW format, but I'm not missing it that much. (Posted on 7/1/2011)

  311. great camera!!! Review by Christi

    <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Orange)</a> (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  312. Perfect for outdoor fun! Review by vChris

    I bought this because of its waterproof capability and so far so good. I've dipped it in water, gone swimming, accidental spill (in a restaurant) and some snow. I have not tried dropping it though and I don't plan to. The battery life is perfect it I usually do not have to charge it in the middle of the day for a day trip. However the image quality in my opinion is sub-par but that was expected given that it a rugged camera. It is still pretty decent though(look at the picture I uploaded; its the sunset and red flower pictures). Plus I have a DSLR camera for when I want quality. The key to getting a great picture is using the different modes(scene modes) because this camera doesn't have much manual control(you can control iso and white balance that's it). So by using the scene mode you get the advantage of the preset color and other setting. There are scene modes for each situations and each one has a different function for example you can take long exposure shots (15,30,60 sec) with 'Starry Nights' (use a tripod though) and 'Night Portrait' reduces red eye(this is important because the flash is very close to the lens and so red eyes are more likely to happen). In fact by using the Scene Modes you can use this camera for artistic purposes. Now unto the video capability, what can I say it is wonderfully sharp if you have enough light(like outside). I would say that one 100watt light bulb in a 10' by 12' room is still watchable(btw the camera has tiny LED video light). This camera has many features and I'd recommend it just for that and since it's competitively priced given of what you get its almost perfect. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  313. Worth every penny Review by Count Spatula

    I bought this for a vacation to the Dominican Republic because I didn't want to take my DSLR due to size, sand and water. I bought this when it first came out for $400 and really struggled with paying that much but after extensive use it was completely worth the money and more than worth it for the current price. I went snorkeling for almost an hour taking pictures and video with no problems. I didn't have to worry about sand getting in anything and have even dropped it with no problems. If you get something on it, just wash it off. For the size of the camera it takes nice pictures and does pretty well in low light. The video is technically HD and it does look pretty good but is not true HD quality. I would stay away from the AVCHD video because it can be a nightmare to work with or even view. Use the MPEG instead.

    The flash performance was average but most of the time I could get away with not using it. Took many pictures at 800 ASA and 1600 and they were pretty decent especially with the image stabilization. A nice touch is that the LED can be used as a camera light when taking video.

    The quick menu was great and easy to use, allowing you to set ASA, white balance, quality, GPS, etc quickly. The unit powers on really quickly and having a dedicated video button is great. I was able to use the camera all day, on one battery, leaving it on for extended periods, using GPS and taking pictures and video.

    The lens has a nice wide end but doesn't zoom too far. I hate digital zoom and refuse to use it but the Extra Optical Zoom feature is nice and looked good. If you use any setting lower than the 12 MP you can use a subset of the chip to zoom the image further. Frankly a 10 MP or even 7 MP picture is just fine and you get a little more zoom as well.

    The only gripe I have is that the unlike the Olympus ruggedized camera which has a metal lens cover the TS3 has none. I was constantly cleaning the lens which got really annoying. The lens does have a fairly large and deep ring around it, so it's unlikely the lens with get scratched through use, but it's more likely you will scratch it by constant cleaning. Make sure to have the included brush with you so the lens can be dusted before being wiped down. (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  314. Image quality leaves a lot to be desired Review by H. Richard

    I got this camera after reading as many online reviews as possible. The predecessor, the DT-1 did very well in the DPreview waterproof camera reviews. I have Canon point and shoot and Nikon DSLRs. I dropped the Canon S90 in the sand (sand and the pop up flash and extending lens is a bad combination) and it had to go to the shop for repairs. So I took a gamble and purchased the DT-3.

    Pros: I have to say that it was nice to not worry about the sand or water at the beach. The zoom range is longer than the Canon...

    Cons: However, when it came to printing pictures.... The colors are muddy. The clarity and definition are just not there. No amount of Lightroom magic was able to rescue the images. Even at base ISO 100, wide angle, shutter speeds above 500 the images were not up to the level of the older Canon. Compared head to head with the pictures from the Canon S90, the DT-3's pictures are disappointing. Perhaps it is not a fair comparison to the Canon S90. Perhaps I got a bad copy, but I am sending it back. I will look for a waterproof case for the camera that I have, or wait for the Canon D10 replacement.... (Posted on 6/27/2011)

  315. Great underwater camera for the price! Review by C. L. Stephenson

    I bought this camera in preparation for a vacation my husband and I are taking later in the year - however - I tested it on a brief vacation recently in a saltwater pool. The shots came out beautifully - I have posted two of them. I had no issues with leakage or clouding. I thought the details and the colors were excellent and definitely worth the purchase. The camera is user friendly with buttons and continuous shooting that is useful when under the water. We also took some video and it turned out great! While this camera is safe up to 40ft - I only tested it at 5ft. I think the orange color is perfect for snorkeling because it is extremely easy to see in the crystal blue waters! This is not a DSLR quality camera - if that is what you are looking for in terms of quality and control. I did not wish to pay loads of cash for a camera that would only be used once or twice a year; my DSLR is perfect for land and this camera is perfect for under the water. I plan to update my review after our snorkeling trip to provide more feedback. For now it is a recommended purchase to capture those fun water moments with family and friends! (Posted on 6/25/2011)

  316. Works fine (so far) Review by ValhallaSystems

    I have not dropped it to test that feature, neither have I taken it underwater (yet). However it generally takes good pictures, and is quick to respond. However, the user interface is confusing and the manual (pdf) does not help much. Also the pictures are a little soft - but the reviews told me that. Also I'm comparing it to a higher quality camera. But it takes really good movies - so much so that I might abandon my video camera. (Posted on 6/24/2011)

  317. Point and shoot..! Review by Jupp Norhausen

    I am on the water a lot. Dropped the camera into the bilge, no problem. Pictures are of excellent quality (up to 13x19"). If you dropped a camera and had to buy a new one, why not just by a good one and keep it. (Posted on 6/23/2011)

  318. Really 3 MP?? Welcome back to the 90s! Review by Doug Spriggs "doug"

    Are you kidding me, zoom past 4.5 zoom or use the HD video to best quality and the zoom drops picture quality/size to 3.1 MP. Unbelievable for $400.00. My canon died after two years, leaked, but will not be replacing with this POS.

    Read the specs on the panasonic website, not sure they are here, wonder why that is? (Posted on 6/22/2011)

  319. Great camera for the hiker and backpacker Review by Jack P. Hailman "zoologist"

    I was hiking the Appalachian Trail and the weather turned rainy. I had to keep my camera in a plastic bag in my pack. In a town I found this camera on line at Amazon one Saturday, and paid the modest fee for quick delivery. Monday morning it arrived at the hostel where I was staying. The next day I was backpacking and taking photos in the rain. My major complaint is the same for all modern point-and-shoot cameras: no viewfinder. In bright sunlight the LED screen is totally useless. (Posted on 6/22/2011)

  320. Very Disappointed Review by Bruce Jones "xtrmtrk"

    I recently left a Canon point and shoot camera that I'd used for several years and loved in a taxi so had to get a new camera. Seeing as I spend a lot of time fishing and around water, I thought it'd be great to have a camera that could withstand a lot of splashing and maybe the occasional dunking. And after semi-manually geotagging photos for the last couple years having a built-in GPS sounded fantastic.

    Alas, maybe I got a lemon, but after using this camera now for a week, including at a wedding and on a couple hikes, I am very disappointed with the picture quality and the GPS. Images captured on my camera are distinctly fuzzy and almost always over exposed when using the automatic settings. Light levels don't seem to be even across the images either, the top right quadrant always seems to be lighter than the rest of the picture. Compared to the images taken with my 4 year old Canon, these are clearly less rich and less detailed. I set up the camera outdoors with a tripod and went through all of the possible manual and automatic settings trying to improve the picture quality in a controlled experiment and never found a combination of settings I thought produced a good picture.

    The GPS in my unit was also problematic. Even when walking across open areas outdoors, far away from any interference, it could take up to 20 minutes to acquire a location and many times never found its coordinates. My iPhone in the same location (no wifi nearby, no cell phone signal) usually obtained bearings in less than a minute, and never failed outright. Forget about finding coordinates indoors or under tree cover.

    On the plus side, the camera is clearly quite rugged and though maybe a bit larger than expected, still a good design for outdoor adventures.

    I am very tempted to send this camera back, I'm not happy with it at all. But I still like the idea of a camera I can take fishing or rafting and not worry about ruining it. I'll keep it for that purpose. But I will also very grudgingly buy another Canon for my quality point-and-shoot needs. (Posted on 5/31/2011)

  321. Great photos, quirky GPS Review by My Cat's Name Is Bernie

    I got this camera for a trip to Hawaii, where I did lots of snorkeling. The camera takes great pictures, both above and below water. There are more auto-scene moes than you would ever need, and all the modes I tried worked extremely well.

    I thought there might be issues with water-spots on the lens, but that never happened. I could take the camera out of the ocean, and immediately get great pictures on the beach!

    My major complaint about operating the camera concerns the zoom buttons. They are a bit hard to push, and the camera often zooms more or less than you want. It would have been nicer to have a rocker lever like in most digicams. I'm guessing the buttons were needed to make the camera waterproof.

    I am using the camera with a Mac, so I didn't try any of the included software, all of which is Windows-only. None of it is needed with a Mac. Just plug the camera into a Mac, and photo or video apps such as iPhoto and iMovie will find the camera and offer to import the data.

    This was my first camera with a built-in GPS, and most of my issues with the camera involve the GPS. If you don't care about GPS, just turn it off and you can ignore these comments:
    1. When the camera is moved to another position, the GPS doesn't always lock in to that position. You have to check the GPS icon on the display (which is not visible in all display modes) to see if you got a lock. If you miss it, the camera happily records its previous position. It would have been nice to get a positive indication of lock failure.
    2. You must set your timezone for the auto-clock-set to work correctly. Why can't the camera figure out the timezone from the GPS coordinates?
    3. You can't change the travel mode's destination time zone when auto-clock-set is turned on.
    4. The altitude sensor uses barometric pressure and is not very accurate. It thought my house on a hill was 100 feet under water! Why can't it use the GPS to determine altitude?
    5. When the "My Landmarks" feature is used, the camera records the landmark, but stops recording city, state, county, and country. The landmark you set takes precedence over other nearby landmarks in the camera's database, so if you are in a city with many closely-spaced landmarks, you may get the wrong landmark recorded.
    6. The city/county/state/country info is stored in proprietary Panasonic EXIF fields in the JPEG. It will not be visible in applications such as Photoshop. I was able to write a script using "exiftool" (use Google to find it) to copy the Panasonic data to the standard IPTC and XMP location fields of the JPEG files.

    Some of these issues sound like bugs to me, but I was using the latest firmware version 1.1. Hopefully Panasonic will fix some of these issues in a future firmware release.

    Please note that Amazon lists each color of this camera as a separate item, and each has its own set of reviews. So if you want to read all of the Amazon reviews, you need to look at all the colors. (Posted on 5/30/2011)

  322. Wonderful Camera Review by B Legate

    This camera has exceed my expectations in every way. I've had the opportunity to use in the rain, the sea and in a pool. The image quality is far superior than I imaged, especially underwater. The HD video is very good both above and below water. The unit seems sturdy based on the abundant amount of metal use on the body. I wouldn't be worried if I drop it.

    Why did I buy this? Well for one an upcoming Caribbean vacation, reviews and specifications. I plan to take video of Stingrays and turtles soon. Originally I purchased a Pentax WG-1 which really had terrible HD video and image stabilization on land. Admittedly, I am extremely picky about HD video quality (I do videos) and the Pentax just didn't cut it for me. So I returned it and obtained this unit. Glad I did.

    Photos and video taken with the Ts3 underwater are sharp + balanced. The water tight seal seems adequate and did not fail after three hours in the pool and several excursions in the sea. The pictures taken on land are very good and appear 85% as good as a DSLR (this will never replace a DSLR). I enjoy using it and what appeals the most is that I can get it wet and not worry. I can accidentally drop it and not worry. Plus I can slip this camera in my pocket- its portable.

    Things to know about this camera:
    1) Don't expect to record your cannonball jump into the pool. The units water tight seals are not meant for impact in the water. Don't put it into rushing water like a creek or massive wave.
    2) Sand- a sand grain got wedged into my shutter button and made the camera act as if it was attempting to focus all of the time (this made the other buttons on the camera useless). The camera comes with a little brush and I used it to take the sand out. Works fine but the whole experience was not a fun time. At least I've posted this for others.
    3) If used in the sea, remember to soak it in tap water when you are done per the instructions. Then let it dry before opening. Don't rush it.
    4) follow the instructions on caring for the unit such as making sure the seals are clean before going in the water.
    5) Buy a CHUMS (float for the camera- search amazon) especially if you plan to use this in a pool. It came out of my pocket a few times and luckily I had a CHUM attached which allowed it to float instead of sinking.

    I really like this camera.


    update- Used this camera for 11 days in the Caymans and never had an issue. I made sure to allow the camera to dry before opening and closing the door. Also make sure to clean it each time with the little brush that comes with the package. I think some folks may ignore this and that's why they have issues with water entering, etc. I took about about 4000 pictures/video with this camera during my vacation. I did notice when you got into dark situations the camera had issues with focusing but really what do you expect for a camera at this price? It's a trooper in my opinion. Make sure to purchase the CHUMS flotation strap as that saved me from loosing my camera a couple time when it fell out of my pocket in the ocean.

    For an idea of what this camera is capable of here is a link to view..

    Enjoy (Posted on 5/29/2011)

  323. for all those wondering.. Review by surfinglifebk

    For anyone out there looking at the many, many waterproof cameras out on the market these days, I have a few words to say..

    I spent ages looking for the best 'rugged' digital camera; photo quality, ruggedness, price, features and warranty. I spent a year, and was always dissapointed with the 1-2 star ratings telling of repeatedly failing water seals. Olympus, sony, pentax, panasonic, canon, they ALL failed to some extent. So, rather than buying a camera I thought would never fail, I went for the one with the best reviews, and LEAST bad reviews. Olympus and sony had just as many 1-star reviews as they did 5-star. THATS OBSURD! panasonic seems to build a quality camera they are proud to back as oppossed to the many ongoing lawsuits with olympus and canon cameras. Among buying the best product, I believe a reliable accident included extended warranty is a MUST for purchases over a few hundred dollars. Manufacturer's warranties rarely cover accidents, and in the case of water leaking, its always YOUR fault, not a malfunction of the camera. SO, get a good warranty. SquareTrade is who I went with, and they do offer a 3-yr coverage with ADH (accident included) for a reasonable price and with shipping to and from included in as little as 5 days!

    Now to the camera, I have only had it for a week, and will repost if anything changes, but so far I think the camera is GREAT! i have taken many pictures, explored the different features and can say that it feels and acts like a reliable sturdy camera. It does all it says it can, shoots video in 1080i, etc, and even passed a 10 min water seals test recording underwater. So far so good, I love it, will use it a ton as I teach surf lessons in venice, ca. Come down and surf! Cool color (blue) and good picture quality for a CDC.

    hope this helps! (Posted on 5/28/2011)

  324. Delivers everything promised Review by Matthew Greytak

    I purchased this camera for a snorkeling trip to the Caribbean. I was attracted to its high depth rating (not that I was snorkeling at 40 ft, but I figured if it's designed for 40 then it will be reliable at 10), the GPS, and the fact that it looks like a normal point-and-shoot for non-underwater situations.

    The underwater photos came out great. Once I corrected the white balance in post-processing they were eye-poppingly good and will make for nice big prints. (I'm not giving any credit to my photography skills, I just pointed the camera towards the fish and held down the shutter.) The burst mode is fast and very useful for capturing fleeting moments. (One nice feature is that if you use the timer in burst mode, it takes three shots instead of just one. That solves the blinking problem.) There is some sensor noise in the shadows, but I am used to my Nikon D90 so it's about what I would expect from a point-and-shoot. The menu structure is easy to navigate and the quick menu (accessed with the delete key in shooting mode) is very handy. I had no trouble using the controls underwater.

    When I purchased it I wished it cost less, but having used it daily for a week of snorkeling I think it is definitely worth the money. (Posted on 5/25/2011)

  325. great pictures; poor camera Review by William O'Neal "Computer & Mac Guy"

    I purchased this camera to take on a sailing vacation. It's important to know that the temperature on the boat, and off the boat, was a constant ~80 degrees. This camera fogged up (internally) many times, sometimes taking an hour or more to unfog itself. Needless to say, it's unusable during this time - anything taken will be exceedingly blurry.

    Also, I got a large number of unreadable images. I may have lost as many as 10% of the images due to the camera, two computers and 2 different card readers not being able to read the images off the card. I was using a plenty-fast brand new class 6 card (meets their requirements).

    Sometimes during playback on the camera, the camera would only show the thumbnail image. Other times, it would seemingly lock up while it was trying to read one of the corrupt images.

    Battery life is poor at best - you need to charge the camera every night if you are using the GPS. If you leave the camera on most of the day, it's guaranteed to not be around for evening fun.

    Now, that said, it has an amazing picture quality. If the items mentioned above don't matter to you, go ahead and get this camera. I know I wish I hadn't, and I'm just a week past the return deadline. Anyone want to buy a used camera? (Posted on 5/24/2011)

  326. Great Travel Camera and Good Compromises Review by kdkns

    I have a lot to say about this camera and did a video review a month a back on it which can be found here:


    They're two parts, each about 15 minutes.

    For those that can't view the video here's a quick summary:

    1. Camera takes very good photos in GOOD to DECENT lighting. In low-light or indoor photos the quality degrades very quickly. Don't use an ISO setting higher then 400 or use ISO 800 but plan on fixing the noise levels in software.

    2. The 1080p video is beautiful and excellent in again GOOD to DECENT lighting. It far exceeds my Pentax K-x in daylight and only loses in low-light conditions.

    3. There are two video modes, AVCHD must be used to get 1080p video and to use the optical image stabilization. These videos can be open on a PC or a MAC by downloading the free open source VLC Player. Many people use this to play any kind of video you may have. iPhoto and Aperture 3 don't recognize AVCHD video format yet.

    4. I've used the camera underwater and the pictures are good and haven't had any issues with malfunctions. It also contains a LED light that can be turned on in low-light areas just like a Move Camera might have which is very useful underwater or again, when indoors.

    5. The build of the camera is sturdy and feels solid.

    6. It has many features, all which may or may not be useful to you but are nice to have.

    7. The GPS data can be set to store your Latitude and Longitude as well as CITY, TOWN, Etc...

    8. You can set the GPS to airplane mode which will only turn it on when the camera is on, thus saving battery life.

    9. The battery lasts a good while and you can easily get 300-400 photos off a charge. With GPS on all the time expect closer to 300.

    10. The iAuto mode is ok. You can get better pictures by shooting in Normal mode and controlling the ISO and other settings.

    Overall this is a great camera and based on the restrictions it has it does a very good job and can produced excellent video and very good photos. (Posted on 5/23/2011)

  327. Just feels good - and performs as required. Review by Craig Dermer "kaika37"

    Dont plan to prove it's ruggedness by dropping on the floor, or checking how deep it can really go, but if it performs in these areas as well as it performs as a compact camera - it really is a winner!. (Posted on 5/22/2011)

  328. Best vacation camera ever Review by Clinton Pittman "Xmeromotu"

    This camera rocks. I had the TS2, which has apparently gone missing, so after much fruitless searching for the TS2, I got this one. I wasn't really sure how much of an improvement it would be, but really, I didn't need too much improving. The best thing about the camera is that you can take it anywhere without worry about it. I took the TS2 to the beach in Mexico, on a cruise, to the pool, and it was wonderful. It takes great photos - don't let these self-proclaimed "experts" fool you with all this pseudo-technobabble. Yes, it would be wonderful to have a giant sensor, but then the camera would be too big to be convenient, so it would be sitting on the shelf at home instead of being useful.

    You can take awesome underwater photos of your kids AND you can record videos of them splashing about in the surf. Not many cameras you can do that with!!! The other reviewer who hadn't even tried it underwater ... well, I don't know why he/she even bought the camera. Of course it's not a SCUBA-diving camera, because there is no such thing. I have taken plenty of SCUBA trips to foreign countries and taken plenty of video 100-150' deep. What you do there is that you take the best camera, video or still, that you can afford, then you spend 1.5 to 2 times the cost of the camera on a housing that will withstand the pressure at 5 or 10 times the pressure at sea level. There is nothing magic or special about "dive" camera. If you want a housing for this camera, you can buy one - and after you've spent $5,000 on SCUBA equipment and learning to dive, it will be a good investment. But I promise, it will always cost you 1.5 to 2 times the cost of the camera to buy a housing for it. This camera is wonderful because you don't NEED a housing. I am not going to exceed 40' free-diving with this thing. If I'm free-diving, it'll be because I want to shoot fish with a speargun, not with a camera.

    This camera was designed to take on vacation, and you can put a big enough memory card in here that you won't have to take your laptop along to offload the photos and video. I love it - works great (and I have take it underwater, both in fresh and salt water) and keeps ... dang, that would have been so good if I could have thought of something that sounded like "ticking." ;-) (Posted on 5/21/2011)

  329. Freaking Awesome Review by Accountant

    This camera is fantastic. It's compact, and takes marvelous pictures. We have had a few underwater cameras, and have been disappointed with the quality of non-underwater photos. This camera takes lovely pictures in and out of the water. It feels really durable, and is very portable.

    We took our Nikon 3100 and this camera with us to Hawaii last month and were thoroughly impressed with this camera. We highly recommend it. (Posted on 5/18/2011)

  330. Picture Quality Very Good, Usability So-So Review by H. Sansom "huw_the_book"

    [Updated at bottom]

    I have used some 20 or 30 cameras over the past 15 years -- point and shoots like this, video cameras, film cameras and film and digital SLRs. The Panasonic Lumix is a very nice point and shoot, but there are definite issues.... I have _not_ tested it underwater as of this writing (May 16, 2011).

    1. Outstanding exposure balance. High-contrast shots will be well-balanced between light and dark areas. You will see detail in the shadows and in the highlights. This is a significant strength.

    2. Nice and sharp for a camera with a point-and-shoot sized sensor but a high resolution (12 megapixels).

    3. Excellent color balance. Images are not over-saturated, something I've seen frequently. The camera does give you a good deal of control over color.

    4. There is comparatively little barrel distortion when close to subjects.

    1. You do not get as much control over shooting as you do with comparable Canon point-and-shoots. Canon allows you more control over what happens when -- like the flash firing. With the Lumix, the Flash is either on or off. The camera tends to use the Flash when it is not really necessary.

    2. Accurate and rapid focusing is poor. If you hope to catch something quickly, forget about it. My camera sometimes doesn't get _anything_ in focus.

    3. As with most point-and-shoots, the aperture is small, so if you want to get a nice sense of depth, you will be disappointed.

    4. The macro feature is especially frustrating. For some reason, it sometimes fails to turn on. The focusing issues are worse with the macro feature.

    5. Some features remain on or off after restarting the camera, others don't. If you turned off the flash, that will remain off when you turn the camera off and back on. If you turned on the macro feature, that will turn off when you turn the camera off.

    6. Adjustment of some features -- like how the camera selects focusing area -- are annoyingly difficult to access

    7. The video compression format is MTS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) is used. This format is used only by Sony and Panasonic, as I understand it. It will require an MTS converter.

    8. The Panasonic-provided software is Windows-only. (Come on guys, haven't you learned anything post-iPhone and iPad?)

    9. As I said, I have not tested the underwater qualities, but the seal around the door and the locking feature both look pretty feeble. I have used underwater housings professionally, and I can say that underwater is _very_ susceptible to user-error. A tiny bit of dust or a strand of hair in the seal can kill the underwater protection. Water wants to get in... and the deeper you go, the greater the pressure to force water in.

    10. And of course, this is a _very_ expensive point-and-shoot in today's market.

    Update (3 JUne 2011):

    I have had more time to work with the focusing issues on this camera, and my conclusion is that it is _terrible_ on focus -- slow and inaccurate. I rarely use point-and-shoot cameras. Most of the cameras I have used have been Canon (both professional DSLRs and point-and-shoots) and this is hands-down the worst camera I have yet seen for focusing. No matter how I adjust the settings (sports, facial recognition, landscape, portrait, etc.), it routinely fails to focus on the subject of interest. (Posted on 5/15/2011)

  331. great pictures, unreliable camera Review by M. E. Perry

    The picture and video quality were excellent. Great shots, even from a moving vehicle or through a spotter's scope. The underwater pictures were crisp, and minimal glare. However, the camera stopped functioning altogether after the second use underwater. It regained function after a few days, but I decided to return it for a replacement. Maybe this was just a one-of-a-kind software glitch, since no water appeared to have penetrated the camera. Overall, seems like a very high quality camera if the replacement doesn't show the same unreliability. (Posted on 5/10/2011)

  332. Camera Review by DebF "Deb"

    Great camera. Everything it said it would be. Would definately recommend to anyone. It is truly waterproof. (Posted on 5/8/2011)

  333. Just right for the purpose Review by Y. Ulcer

    Just had it for 1 month did not have the chance to try it under water but it is a good general use camera. I got it for my kids and so far they quite happy. (Posted on 5/5/2011)

  334. best of the 'rugged' cameras Review by SAvery

    I purchased this camera as an upgrade from my Fuji xp10. I also bought an xp30 and the Panasonic consistently blows it away.

    GPS: First sat aquisition takes a while, that is to be expected. After than in clear view (no trees, etc) I have gotten quick consistent signals in Hawaii and decent signals in Washington. Hawaii is much better as would be expected because there are more available sat's the closer to the equator. If you are expecting performance on par with your Garmin device, you will be disappointed. If you are expecting the tiny gps sensor to work under most reasonable circumstances, then you will be pleased. The GPS data on the display screen is a nice bonus but again, don't fool yourself into expecting dedicated gps device performance.

    Underwater camera: I've snorkeled in 75 degree salt water for four days in a row for not less than 3 hours. In clear water the underwater pictures are amazing. I never got anything close to this quality out of the XP10 and it is a good camera. It completely blows the XP30 away. The full 1080 movies underwater are also excellent, though to be fair I've only watched them on the 720 laptop screen. The camera has gotten a rinse in fresh water after each ocean bath and plenty of time to air dry. So far very good. I can't say enough about how much better the images are from this device.

    Battery: yet another custom sized battery and accompying charger. I'm not going to pick on companies for having a custom sized battery too much, but for my sanity, please just make the darn camera charge over a standard usb plug. I see how having a seperate charger coudl allow me to run with one and charge another but really, the battery life is very good (2-3 hours of actual snorkeling with the camera on all the time and still only using about 60% of the battery.

    Outdoor picture quality: Good. lots and lots of specific modes (everything from portrait, to sunset, to fireworks, etc..) good enough general use that I left the canon SX100 at home but I do miss the 10x zoom. I'm willing to trade off the zoom for the one device and the massive improvement in ruggedness.

    Haven't done much indoor shooting yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if this camera gives up a little bit in that side of things. There are LOTS of good cameras for shooting indoors, but there aren't many that you can take snorkeling in the morning, drop on the gravel road loading up the car, and then rise and dunk into a snowbank in the evening. This camera impresses me more every day of vacation. I brought the xp10 as a backup but it hasn't even gotten out of the suitcase. (Posted on 4/30/2011)

  335. capable off-road camera Review by Lyle A. Wilkinson "retired"

    I traded in a Panasonic TS2 and Panasonic FZ28 for the TS3 and am very happy. I was using the TS2 more and more and the FZ28 less because of the slip in a pocket convenience. Main reason for switch was promise of better picture quality, gps was a useful bonus. With TS2 two batteries got me through a 3 week trip. I've ordered 2 more batteries for the TS3. My most demanding use is kayaking and the TS2 would fog under the lens cover after a week in the damp. I plan to overnight the TS3 in a Pelican box with desiccant.
    The pictures do appear better than from the TS2 and on par with FZ28. I miss the bigger zoom and view finder of the FZ28. So far I haven't missed the extra pixels of the older cameras. With the TS2 80% of my poor quality pictures were operator error, with the TS3 90% of my poor quality pictures are operator error.
    Biggest problem is, in certain situations screen acts as mirror and picture target is obscured. All of the waterproof gps and cameras I've used have this screen mirror problem. (Posted on 4/29/2011)

  336. Good pictures, unfriendly management/engineering. Review by Andrew Dirschell

    The battery must be removed from the camera and placed in an external wall charger to charge.

    The camera does not pull power from the USB port when attached to a computer, and must be turned on and using the battery to be able to access the content of the camera. You can't both copy files and recharge the battery at the same time UNLESS you throw down another $86 for the Panasonic DMW-AC5PP AC adapter ($64) and the DMW-DCC4 DC Coupler ($22) to power the camera while the battery sits in the charger.

    Even though the sales materials say "Works with iMovie" there is nothing in the camera's user guide or the Panasonic website that explains how. I've hooked the camera to my Mac and tried to import video into iMovie with no success.

    Annoying on screen message pops up when camera is turned on about being sure that the door is closed, etc so the camera is properly waterproof.

    GSP is finicky. I've been within the city limits of San Francisco for six days, but the camera thinks it is across the bay in Alameda. (Where they keep the nuclear vessels.) I try to force an update, and the camera responds "GPS positioning failed."

    Seems like it generates pretty decent photos and movies. I've been happy with the image and movie quality. Also seems very rugged. (Posted on 4/25/2011)

  337. Photo Enthusiast Review by Jim

    This rating reflects the fact that this camera's GPS capability was BY FAR my most important reason for purchase. Panasonic's advertising led me to believe that it would include metadata like city, state, country, and maybe even special sites like Disneyland in each photo's image file. However, once you get your photos out of the camera, at least for Macs (I can't speak for PCs), the photos actually only include latitude and longitude data. I really don't need a $400 camera to only include latitude and longitude data along with each photo. Furthermore, about 25% of the time, this camera does not at all readily acquire GPS information; it might take an hour or more to do so.

    NONETHELESS, just regarding picture-taking, this Lumix DMC-TS3 is surprisingly good! For its price, it has a good zoom range, good resolution, good macro focus, and amazingly good low light level performance. I can't account for some owners' opinions that this camera performs poorly in low light. Our TS3 is far more light sensitive than our 8-year-old Canon G5, a high-end, 5 megapixel, digital compact camera.

    The TS3 is a little slow focusing and setting aperture and shutter speed. With the shutter button depressed half way, it needs about 2 seconds before actually taking the shot. The controls are outstanding. They are intuitive and the camera has just enough well-marked switches and knobs so that you don't often have to be mucking around in endless menus, especially several levels down in endless menus. I haven't tried its waterproof and physical ruggedness qualities, but it looks like it is sealed well enough. (Posted on 4/17/2011)

  338. Good Camera, but... Review by Vincent M. Gonzalez "Vince"

    I am a serious photographer and I usually shoot with a pro Nikon camera. I purchased this camera because I did not want to expose my pro Nikon to the elements, and this camera is wonderful for that purpose.

    I have added some sample shots for you to judge the quality for yourself. I have to agree with other reviews that the GPS function is ok at best. I have found that I need to be in clear view of the sky for the GPS to find the current location. I have noticed that while the GPS is searching, it really uses lots of battery power. I now geotag a few photos and then turn off the GPS to save on battery power.

    In strong light, the camera sensor washes out some images... I would like to see a feature to allow for strong backlight as well.

    It is very easy to put your finger in front of the lens by mistake.

    If you use a Mac, the AVCHD (30 min recording at a time) mode does not play, I have to A) convert the file or B) set the camera to HD (10 min recording at a time) mode.

    I have dropped the camera from 5 feet or so into the sand where it was 75% buried, I found that I needed to rinse the camera off under running water to get all the sand out before I opened the door. No damage or issues with this.

    I have operated the camera in 20 degree weather for hours with no issues.

    I have operated the camera in 90 degree weather for hours with no issues.

    I love that I can simply push a button to start and stop the recording process.

    If you have some basic knowledge of photography, you will be able to use all of the different available settings to your benefit. If you simply want to point and shoot, keep the camera in the iA mode and this will work out fine for you.

    I really like the night shot mode because it allows me to hand hold the camera.

    Overall, I really think that this camera is a very good buy, given all that it can stand and the places I can take it without having to worry about it. No the photos quality is not A+, but I am also not exposing a camera that costs thousands of dollars to the elements. I have in fact recommended this camera to other friends. I am enjoying this camera and I think you may enjoy it as well... (Posted on 4/11/2011)

  339. 4.5 Stars Review by A. Reader

    I've frozen and dropped a couple cameras into not working, so I purchased this ahead of what will probably be my last ski trip of the season. Bottom line: Dont get it for the GPS. Dont get it you want the best indoor/outdoor performing p&s out there. Get it if you love the outdoors and need the toughest camera you can find that you wont be afraid to take anywhere with you or drop...

    +As you can see from the pictures above, I managed to take a picture in the middle of a snow storm! I also dropped the camera once into about 12" of powder (did i mention the skiing was amazing?) and it didnt miss a beat. Also fell onto pocket it was in, had some snow get in with it, and still looks like new!
    +The burst shooting works amazingly well for a P&S. I'm sure part of it is the memory card choice, but still!
    +The IAuto mode works great for someone like me who doesnt want to fuss with settings, and the Optical Image Stabilization is a godsend while youre moving fast or if you just have shaky hands like me.
    +The GPS worked more often than not, which I wouldnt actually use except if I was really lost. (Hopefully improved with firmware updates in the future...)
    +Battery life was great.
    +I could see the screen outdoors in any condition, even while wearing ski goggles.
    +On time to first picture is wicked fast, I never missed a shot, on account of the camera anyway... see Cons.

    \I was hoping the orange would be a little bit closer to Rescue Orange and a lil less like metallic champaigne tangerine. I probs would go with the red if I could do it again.
    \It uses a lot of plastic. I know that cuts down on weight (I forgot it was in my pocket) and probably helps with insulation, but I'd feel better if it was metal.
    \Stupid underwater warning reminding you to batten down the hatches everytime you turn it on. If you hit the shutter button it does immediately go away, but I accidently took a few pictures trying to get it to go so i could set up a shot.
    \More features than I will ever realistically use.

    -Indoor shooting is subpar, but avg for a P&S, probs because of the sensor size and weak sauce flash. Had i manually adjusted the ISO settings it would have improved a bit I'm sure. But I really didnt get this camera for much indoor use.
    -They should make some of the buttons bigger and with more of a tactile feel for use with gloves. I did take some shots ok with my gloves on, but it was a challenge to work the focusing to shoot part. I realize most people dont use cameras with giant ski gloves, but thats the demo your targeting Panny! I can use all my switches on my FJ Cruiser with ski gloves :]
    -The lens is a little too high, again no doubt because of my gloves, my finger ended up blocking a few shots. They should find a way to drop it lower or differentiate the feel from the rest of the camera so I know not to stick my big fingers in front of it.

    I will be snorkeling in Mexico a few months, I'm interested to see how it will do underwater picture quality wise, since disposable come out soooo terrible. I'm assuming it will survive my upcoming trips to Joshua Tree and the sand dunes of Pismo Beach without fail. I'll update if need be.

    Edited to add:<a href="">Timbuk2 Dime Bag Strap-On Accessory Pouch</a> Thats the case I used when it wasnt just chillin in my pocket, its fleece lined and fits the camera like a glove. No extra pockets though if thats your thing. (Posted on 4/10/2011)

  340. Nice rugged camera (with some caveats, see updates) Review by MikeF

    Had my TS3 for about a week and I have to say it looks snazzy in blue. It has so many features that it is going to take a while to figure them all out. Actually most of the features allow the camera to take better pictures in a wide variety of conditions automatically (iA modes). It is definitely more rugged and ergonomic than the TS1 I lost :(. You do have to be careful how you hold the camera on the left side as a finger could easily block the lens or cover the mic.

    I was very happy with my previous TS1 and I can already tell the TS3 it is as good or better in terms of picture quality. I have taken a series of indoor and outdoor shots, with and without flash, macro to full zoom, and overall the sharpness, color and light balance where very good. So far I liked the "intelligent" features like iExposure, iISO and iZoom and decided to leave them on. HD video looks great and the anti-shake works very well while walking with the camera.

    GPS, one of the main reasons I bought this camera, is a little tricky. If you turn it on it stays on even when the camera is off so it can keep track of it's position, however I am not sure how the battery will last in this mode? The manual says it will eventually shut off if the camera is not used for an extend amount of time (doesn't state how long that is) or if the battery become to low. If you put it in the airplane mode, the GPS shuts off when you turn of the camera, which will conserve power, but it takes a few minutes to acquire when you turn the camera back on. I am probably going to leave it in the airplane mode but will switch to ON if I plan to take pictures for an extend amount of time so it is ready to go and I am sure for that short of time the drain won't be an issue. In any case it is good to have spare battery charged up in the camera case.

    Speaking of cases I also picked up a <a href="">Lowepro Rezo 30</a> compact case which fits the TS3 perfectly, and is very well built with an extra pocket that holds pretty much everything I could want including the case strap, extra memory card, USB SD card reader stick, and extra battery very nicely. Highly recommended and a great value. Lastly picked up two <a href="">Wintec 16GB SDHC Class 10 Flash memory cards</a>. I wanted 32 GB of memory to be able to record video and photos but didn't want to chance having one card in case it died so I bought two 16 GB cards. I am not a fan of Transcend cards from my experience with them on my TS1, so I did some searching and saw all 5 star reviews on every site I found the Wintec card. All I can say is these cards work great! I had no problem recording HD video and they are very fast at pulling off data with my USB2 reader. Add in a lifetime warranty and they are an amazing value!

    Update: Be sure you update the camera to the latest firmware. Mine came with V1.0 and Panasonic recently released V1.1 which I installed and it definitely helps GPS acquisition and location handling.

    Update 2: I finally had a chance to use the camera underwater in the Philippines on a several snorkeling trips. First trip was great, no problems, and got awesome pictures and video. Two days later on another trip, water got in the camera and it would not power on. Made sure seals were clean and rinsed it off with clean water afterwards, on each use. If you look at all the 1 star reviews on this camera most are related to water leak problems, which is about 10% of the 300 reviews! Luckily Panasonic replaced it under warranty, but it took about a month to get. Not wanting to get bit again, I also bought this <a href="">Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multi Purpose Pouch</a> for double safety and found it to work great and it is a nice fit for this camera, highly recommended! I also notice problems with the GPS recognizing many of my locations in the Philippines, including Puerto Princessa, which is one of the largest cities and only about half of my pictures were geo-tagged even though GPS was set to "ON" all the time. If geo-tagging is important to you I highly recommend downloading Google's free photo editor "Picasa" which is great for viewing and editing geo-tag information. I orginally rated it 4 stars but because of problems I've had with waterproofing and GPS I changed it to 3 stars. (Posted on 4/10/2011)

  341. Great camera if you know what you're getting Review by Josh

    I just got this camera last week and took it on a short vacation; I took about 800 pictures and I have to say I'm completely satisfied with this camera.

    That said, my expectations for this camera may not be what your's are. So I'll give a breakdown.

    What I expected:
    I'm not a DSLR user, and the only good quality camera I've had before is the Olympus 1030SW, a water proof, so I'm used to reduced picture quality for the sake of robustness. I know that I could easily get a camera that takes better pictures for half the price, but I spend alot of time outdoors and in water settings; so waterproof camera's are a must for me.

    Picture Quality:
    The pictures I got from this camera are far better than my old 1030SW. The anti-blur and motion stabilization work great. I tend to take quick one handed shots, and I never had a blurry picture. All the outdoor shots are great, even those taken from a moving car or of moving objects. The down side is indoor shots can tend to be fuzzy, too dark, or over flashed if you are using the auto mode. I found the party mode makes these alot better, but let's face it you are getting an outdoor camera so outdoor shots are just better.


    The different scene modes are easy to switch to and from, though I mainly stuck with iAuto. The camera is really fast startup and between shots. Combined with the burst mode you can get all the action. Face tracking is good, but doesn't work when the subject reaches a certain distance; such as taking a landscape shot with a person in it. Battery life is also good, I took about 300 pictures a day, half with flash, and never went below the halfway point on the battery (though I did have GPS turned off).

    I had no interest in the GPS and only tried to turn it on once at the airport. It took too long to connect so I just left it off after that. I don't have a 3D TV so I don't care about the 3D pictures. The face recognition, where you register a face and it names the person and gives the age, is cool; but it only worked selectively when the person was close. Plus it briefly confused my face with my girlfriend (I'm white and she's asian so yeah). Panorama pitures have to be done with the computer; I took one and it came out good, but there are other cameras that can stitch it together in camera. You basically have no idea when taking it if you lined them up right.

    Poorer indoor quality, but it's still good for viewing on the computer.

    I haven't tried the water yet but I'll let you know. I'll assume that since it's good to 40ft it should be good for just about anything I do.

    Overall I like this camera, yeah it's a little pricey but it does what I expected it too, take good pictures and handle a beating. If you are expecting the same as me (and can afford it) then I'd get it, otherwise look for something else. (Posted on 4/5/2011)

  342. Great Camera Review by Terry Palmer

    Got this camera in a week ago and love it best water proof camera you can get little pricey though. Takes great pictures and video at 1080p (Posted on 4/4/2011)

  343. Lots of Features but GPS Not working Correctly Review by L. Wong "Hollywood Legend"

    The TS3 is a good camera, has lots of features in a very compact design. Its a must of Outdoors, snorkeling, and Hiking.

    The GPS does not work that good. Does matter where I'm at, Clear Sky or the Forest. It works when it wanted to. some it just can not find the satellite. I called Panasonic Tech Support, they told that's how it is.

    The other Bads:
    I purchased it from B&H Photo, that's a Big Mistake. I should have waited for a few days and Purchase it from (Posted on 3/28/2011)

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