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42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

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Panasonic TC-L42U25

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Amazon Product Detail Page

Panasonic TC-L42U25 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Offering advanced LCD technology for high picture quality, Panasonic's 42-inch VIERA TC-L42U25 LCD HDTV features an improved panel with In Plane Switching (IPS) for an ultra-wide viewing angle and higher moving picture resolution that results in clear, bright images. This U25 series model provides 1080p resolution, 120Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 for crisp, focused images during fast-moving scenes, and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.

This and other models in the U25 line offer Panasonic's VIERA Image Viewer feature, which enables you to play slideshows of JPEG images stored on SD memory cards, as well as the VIERA Link feature for controlling a variety of compatible components--from Blu-ray Disc players to digital cameras--through a single remote.

Adhering to Panasonic's commitment to the environment, this VIERA model--as well as all 2010 models--features improved power consumption and meets the new, more stringent Energy Star 4.0 requirements.

Key Features

With the VIERA Image Viewer, you can view a slideshow of JPEG photos stored on your camera's SD memory card.
VIERA Image Viewer: View full-HD images with the integrated SD card slot, enabling you to view JPEG photos captured from your digital camera or camcorder on the big screen. Navigate your images via an easy-to-use thumbnail display.
In Plane Switching (IPS): The latest iteration of Panasonics IPS LCD panel features excellent light transmittance and a wide viewing angle. The wide 178-degree viewing angle--both horizontally and vertically--ensures clear images even when viewed from an angle. And the panel backlight's wide transmission aperture enhances the contrast between light and dark, improving motion-image response.


VIERA Link: Allows the interlinked operation of various AV devices--from DVD and Blu-ray Disc players to home theater sound systems to digital cameras and camcorders--using only the VIERA remote control by simply connecting the devices to each other by an HDMI cable (see pop-up illustration).




Key Specifications

  • Series: U25
  • Screen type: LCD (EEFL backlight)
  • Screen size: 42 inches
  • Filter: Fine Black Panel
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Contrast ratio: 20,000:1
  • Viewing angle: 178 degrees
  • Receiving system: ATSC/QAM/NTSC
  • HDTV display capability: 1080p, 1080i, 720p
  • EDTV display capability: 480p
  • Speakers: 2 full range, 20W total power; surround sound capabilities
  • Image viewer: JPEG compatibility
  • Aspect control: 480i/p -- Full, Just, 4:3, Zoom; 1080ip -- Full, H-Fill, Just, 4:3, Zoom
  • Optional wall-mounting bracket: TY-WK3L2RW
  • Multi-lingual menu: English/Spanish/French
  • Energy Star qualified: Yes


  • HDMI: 3 (1 side)
  • Component (Y, PB, PR): 1 with audio input
  • Composite A/V: 2 (1 side); each with audio input
  • PC input (15-pin, D-Sub): 1
  • Digital audio output: 1


  • TV with stand: 40.2 x 26.8 x 12.2 inches (WxHxD); 45.2 pounds
  • TV without stand: 40.2 x 25.1 x 4.2 inches (WxHxD); 39.7 pounds
  • What size TV should you get?

What's in the Box

Panasonic U25 series LCD HDTV, removable stand, remote control (with batteries), operating instructions

Which Size HDTV is Right for My Room?

HDTV Size chart
With standard-definition TVs, the rule used to be that viewers would feel comfortable watching a set from a distance of 3 to 6 times the screen size in inches. With HDTV, the resolution is so much better that you can sit closer to a larger TV without noticing the pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule tends to be you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen size (in inches) for the best experience.

If you know the size of the room you have already, where you want to sit, and where your new HDTV should go once you get it, you can figure out the size HDTV you should get.

  • Minimum size = Viewing distance/3
  • Maximum size=Viewing distance/1.5

Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.

  1. AMAZING!!! Review by James "MGD" Miller

    This was my first HDTV purchase, and I am a very perticular electronics shopper. I shopped around between stores and the net, and read many forums and reviews before I setteled on this TV. Being an avid gamer, and movie enthusist, I have put many hours on this TV already. I can easily spend 24-48hrs in front of it without moving. Many settings, easy to use, and the 120Hz refresh compares closely to my 240Hz 30-bit HD computer moniter. I would easily reccomend this TV to anyone I know, and in fact I have. My cousin and a close friend of mine have both purchased this same TV and are equally pleased. The only TV I've seen on the market that even compares "actually it surpasses" is the Samsung AQUIS. However, it may be better, but it better be for the almost $200 higher price. So, if your looking for top of the line without spending a fortune, this is deffinately th TV for you. (Posted on 3/6/2012)

  2. Best quality for $ Review by B. Kellman "Woodshop Teacher"

    What a nice surprise! This was an Amazon special, and now a year later the price has still not come down to what I paid. The audio is more than capable. The ease of setup is quick. The video quality is comparable to any 1080p 120Hz LCD out there. Sitting 10-12' away it offers a lovely picture, but once within 8 1/2 - 9', the high def resolution is amazing. Remote works consistently. Absolutely happy with this purchase. (Posted on 2/5/2012)

  3. One of the best deals ever on Amazon Review by Part-time Professional Shopper

    We caught this on a 24 hour deal and paid less than it is priced even today. Awesome TV, low glare versus most in its category- this is truly a HUGE difference versus friends TV's even in my electronics knowledge. It is just easier to look at with the low glare. Super value and best TV we have ever had. (Posted on 12/20/2011)

  4. Fantastic Performance Review by LonelyPoet "The Signature Of A True Human Is ...

    This is an awesome T.V I will call it a warhorse among T.Vs. I am using it for more than 9 months now. I live alone so I did all the set up myself. It took about half an hour to do it. The performance is Fantastic and I would suggest this T.V to anyone. The price compared to other T.Vs is great too. I had bit of an issue with color in the beginning but that's because I've had bad ligting in my room. I spent about 15 min playing with the color correction and from then onwards never really changed anything. This T.V was literally on for 6 months as I was unemployed and almost slept on the couch all the time. No issues at all with its clarity or performance. Worth every penny spent on it. (Posted on 12/5/2011)

  5. Great TV for a great price. Review by Justin Taylor

    I bought this TV tv 11 months ago at the $549 price and felt it was time to chime in with a few words. At the time I was looking for a TVs in the $500 - $600 range, read many amazon reviews, and ended up going with this one. Out the box, I was a little concerned. It was fairly heavy and I had to tweak a bit with the settings to get the picture I was looking for. Ever since then it has been a dream. It looks amazing in HD and works has been a dream with my new xbox 360.

    I will be upgrading soon with a bit of patience, reviews read, and a larger screen/more money spent. The trusty Panasonic will be shifted to the bedroom at that point. If you are looking for a great $500 TV, you can't go wrong with this one. It's a little heavy and will take a few minutes out the box to find the viewing setting that suits you, but I've had no troubles at all and overall am thrilled with this purchase. (Posted on 11/25/2011)

  6. "Run away! Run away!" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail Review by paulnabby

    Purchased at the beginning of February 2011. Stopped working June 30 2011. Upon calling Panasonic and going thru their troubleshooting, had to take it to another State to be serviced under warranty (thank God!). It is August 15 and I'm still waiting for the part from Panasonic!(power board)My question is: If a power board from a NEW TV is back-ordered that long, how many other orders for that same board caused that back-order? I can tell I'm a-gonna have trouble with this TV in the future, and with Panasonic. (Posted on 8/14/2011)

  7. Great TV for the purchase price Review by asheikh0805

    This is a wonderful, very high quality tv for the purchase price that I paid (got it on a deal day, Black Friday i think? for 499) shipped. The only thing I do not like is that it is not internet capable - :-( I never understood what the big deal would be, but with so many services coming up online for movie rentals now, i.e. Amazon Video on Demand, netflix, googleTV, it would definitely be nice to have had internet so I could watch my stuff directly on the tv. Le sigh. Oh well, next time I suppose. But for the price I paid for this tv for a spare bedroom, I think its a great deal! (Posted on 8/6/2011)

  8. Only 7 months of operation... Review by Joyce

    We purchased this TV in December for use in our bedroom. It worked just fine until we returned from a 2-week vacation on July 20. Just to clarify, the TV was unplugged during that period of time. When I plugged it back in, it worked for one day, and thereafter could not be turned back on.
    Neither the remote control nor the "On" button located on the TV would turn the unit on. I also tried other electrical outlets in the room, to no avail.
    And the red light in front of the TV was off, so it was obvious it was not getting any power.

    Since the unit is still under warranty I called Panasonic for further information and direction. I felt confident they would arrange to pick up this TV and get it repaired or replaced. I certainly was wrong. I found out that any TV under warranty that is not 46" or above needs to be delivered by oneself to a designated repair shop. In my case, it is 60 miles away! And it is heavy and cumbersome to handle. This is ridiculous. I will think twice before I
    buy another TV from Panasonic or Amazon. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  9. TV Increíble Review by Jose Miguel Parra

    El televisor cumple con las expectativas que tenía. Es una excelente opción a un precio increíble.
    La imagen es perfecta. Puedes disfrutar tus películas Blu Ray al máximo.
    El único detalle es que tiene un contraste muy pobre pero la nitidez es buenísima. Ideal para juegos. (Posted on 6/11/2011)

  10. Great first LCD TV Review by jza

    Purchased in Jan '11 for a great price, and it's been a solid boy. Decent for gaming (haven't done any hardcore stuff with it, just basic Wii games) and great for DVD's. I use it maily with my roku player and HD content looks great after a few menu tweaks. My only complaint is the sound quality, It's just ok. (Posted on 5/17/2011)

  11. excelente Review by JHON SAMPSON

    soy de venezuela ,lo compre con muchas dudas, pero llego en excelente condiciones y aparte de eso la calidad de imagen e incluso la calidad de audio son mas de lo que esperaba muy buena opcion (Posted on 5/1/2011)

  12. One of the best purchases ever! Review by Jonathan Shaponick

    I love everything about this TV. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great TV and doesn't want to spend a thousand dollars. (Posted on 4/27/2011)

  13. For the Price, What's not to like? Review by Mariposa, just this side of heaven

    First I'm not a Techno guy nor do I nitpick. I watch TV a couple of hours a day usually DIY, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, Travel, you get the idea and some sports mainly basketball and baseball. It took me two minutes to hook this TV up to my Dish Network HD receiver. The HDMI cables came from Amazon as well. I also bought a sound bar because of some of the reviews I read said the sound was soft. More on that later. The TV is located in a very bright room with windows and no shades. Picture quality during the day is fine, and unless it's the weekend who watches TV during the day anyway? I put cartoons on for the grand kids, it works for them. We sit about ten feet from the TV, picture quality and sound are fine for us. I enjoyed the March Madness this year and the picture quality was great. We do not watch a lot of movies so the booming bass that the younger generation is looking for is not an issue. I figure those folks would plug this set into a home sound system anyway, isn't that why there are so many for sale?

    We paid under $500 with free shipping from an Amazon vendor who listed it as "like new". We live in a rural area of California and shipping costs can be expensive and often items are damaged getting here. Audio & Video Center double boxed the set for shipment with bubble wrap around the inner set box. GREAT JOB! Although the set box had been opened, the TV appeared to have never been used, with the instructions and remote still sealed in plastic bags. As others have written the Panasonic remote is very busy and has a lot of extra buttons. It took us about two minutes to set the picture quality we both agreed on. The Panasonic default settings were good enough for us, and we put the remote in the drawer. We use our Dish Network universal remote to turn the set on/off and adjust the sound or switch the inputs for the grand kids to play video games or watch a movie.

    After reading the reviews I purchased a sound bar from another vendor to be delivered at the same time the TV was, I wish I had waited and tried the TV first. For us and the normal types of viewing that we do, the built in speakers work fine. For sure the TV will not rattle the windows, but in our moderate sized living room we can hear our programs and seldom use the sound bar. One nice thing about the sound bar purchase however is that we can now listen to the Dish Network music channels and do not need to have the TV on like we used to.

    Good customer support from Audio & Video Center. Item carefully packed and arrived on the date they said it would. A "like new" TV that looks like new and saved us $200 off retail. For the price, what's not to like? (Posted on 4/20/2011)

  14. So far, so good. Review by Bill Sheehy "vegasbill"

    The picture is great, easy set up. I have a doctor buddy who has 6 of them, so I went with his opinion and I am very happy so far. I bought the wall mount and talked him into installing it. Not a problem. For the money, this was a bargain and I recommend the TV. (Posted on 4/8/2011)

  15. Great TV for the price Review by B. Melo "berniciber"

    I bought this TV after reading a lot of reviews, and as i expected, is good tv. The DVD movies look great, the only thing i did not like is the lack of audio output but i am not a music or sound fan so, i do not pay atention to this. The SD port read the pictures you have and seems very well. I replaced and old 13 inchs tv for this beauty and i am happy. I recomend this item. (Posted on 4/7/2011)

  16. Decent TV If Paid for at a Decent Price Review by Fat Tony


    -1080p resolution w/ 120Hz refresh rate
    -Works great wth video games
    -many options for picture tweaking
    -above average viewing angles (a "+" for the living room setting)
    -SD reader for viewing pictures
    -sturdy and firm build quality, simple (albiet plain) design
    -very quiet


    -Way too expensive at current price, especially for what you get [Current List Price (April 08, 2011) = $745.76, Paid (February 2011) = ~$550 (list price)]

    -Poor Contrast Ratio when compared to other televisions (Manufacturers' Contrast Ratio claim = 20,000:1, Actual Contrast Ratio = 659:1 according to*

    -Advantage of 120Hz refresh rate limited
    -Works great when set on "Weak" to smooth motion out during TV shows, sports
    games, and some movies
    -When set to "Strong" will cause stuttering problems in high speed scenes and
    certain sports games (when there is alot of motion going on in a concentrated

    -Limited connectivity
    -Only 3 HDMI ports (most sets at this price come with 4)
    -Zero support for analog audio (no RCA audio cable input or 3.5 mm headphone

    -Television cuts off about 2% of 720p video content (though doesn't occurs w/1080p content
    -"Zooms" into the video, clipping off about 2% of image from all sides

    *According to this article

    It should be noted that most HDTVs will have a true contrast ratio of ~2000:0
    and up, on average, but even then, the 659:1 ratio is pretty weak


    For the traditional family living room setting, those not too picky about contrast ratio, and "gamers" who do want a TV with little input lag, this TV is a decent buy

    Those who are more picky about their picture quality and enjoy watching high definition movies and/or those who intend to hook couple this TV w/ an analog sound system and/or a receiver w/o a HDMI or optical fiber input, avoid this television.

    At $550, this TV is at best a decent buy, but at $756, a better, more modern TV can be had. Just make sure to do the research. (Posted on 4/7/2011)

  17. Not so good for use with a Mac Pro Review by Kevin

    Doesn't work with my Mac Pro (2010), screen just stays black when using the displayport to hdmi adapter. Worked great with my Macbook pro 13 (2009) (Posted on 4/4/2011)

  18. Good TV Review by sy

    This is a nice TV. Amazon had good price and return policy of all the stores I checked. I noticed that brightness flicks once in a while but other than that, it's very nice. Once I got used to it, I don't feel 42 inches not so big any more. (Posted on 4/3/2011)

  19. Really unrealistic rendering on humans! Review by Djwilson

    I love panasonic plasma tvs. I love the customer support panasonic includes. But the lcd rendering of people looks terrible on this Tv. They look like home videos, or a cheap soap opera, and I an watching Dark Night on blue ray!. You are better off getting a 60 htz than this tv. (Posted on 4/2/2011)

  20. Great HD picture Review by M. Newlin

    We've had this TV about a month and are very happy with it. It is our first HDTV and we are really enjoying the picture quality. The price was great on Amazon. We did a lot of comparison shopping and Amazon had the best price. We are very pleased with this TV. (Posted on 3/28/2011)

  21. We love it! Review by Reclaimed

    Consumer Reports gave this HDTV a good rating, so we trusted them and purchased it. We have not been disappointed - it is a great HDTV for a good price. We are very pleased - the set is well worth it. (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  22. Very good product Review by Fabio Souza "Shop around"

    After so many reviews and comparison between LCD/ Plasma/ LED, this LCD TV didnt let me down.
    I had a high-end LCD rear projection TV for many years. I didnt want to replace it for something with lower quality. I would say I found the motion of the picture a little strange (typical HD LCD 120Mhz), it seems like you are watching a documentary the motion is very real and similar to a documentary. Now I really enjoy it.

    It's a beautiful product and picture quality is very good as well. (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  23. Panasonic TC-L42u25, PS3, Very Pleased !!!!!!! Review by picky shopper

    Let me start by saying I couldn't have got a better TV for the price I paid. I bought from for $525.00 delivered (which included tax for the state I live in). The one I chose was listed as mint condition. When I received it, it was brand new never opened. Had a 10"x1" gouge in box only, TV had never been set up. Not bad and it comes with the 1 year manufacturer warranty.:)

    Before choosing this model I did alot of research. LCD vs Plasma, 60hz vs 120hz. In the end I chose this TV after weeks of confusion researching. I liked plasma mainly because of the rich colors but was worried about glare, image retention and being too dark. I liked LCD because of brightness, minimal glare, and are cheaper to repair from what I can gather. Was worried about lag, washed out picture, colors not being deep enough.

    Out of the box there was a kinda film on the screen. I washed it, after it dried I used a soft cotton cloth to buff off any residue and it looked perfect . I hooked up PS3 thru rca cables and was very disappointed. Switched to hdmi cable and vwala the 1080p was very impressive. I read elsewhere that expensive hdmi cable was unnecessary so I bought a cable for $15 and had no problems.

    The factory settings aren't very impressive. I bought DVE calibration disc also used THX calibration. If I had it to do over again I would have saved some money and just used the THX calibration, you need to get the blue film to view thru in order to set the color correctly. Once calibrated the colors are comparable to plasma and has a crisp pic quality. This model has 5 pesets that are all customizable. I only use 2, 1 for TV and movies and 1 for gameing.
    Settings #1
    backlight 85
    contrast 66
    brightness 68
    color 36
    tint 0
    sharpness 0
    color temp warm
    ai on
    cats off
    video nr on
    motion pic 4 off
    black level light

    Settings #2
    factory settings ( haven't really set game mode up from factory settings)

    I use this TV for over the air broadcast channels (480i, 720p, 1080i) all are good pic quality for being thru an antenna. Connected to a PS3 I use it to watch movies (dvd and Blueray) blueray is awesome!!! I also play FPS (M.A.G.)plays perfect, no lag or artifacts that I can tell.

    I am very happy with this TV if I were willing to spend more it would have been a good deal for the full retail price at over $700. You wont be disappointed. Easy to set up and customize, solid colors, good performance. Sooo happy I didn't get a plasma, for my environment would have been too much glare.

    Doesnt have as much brightness as others in its price range. Remote feels fine in your hand, easy to navigate but isnt as responsive as Id like.

    Found that my version of MAG has a native resolution of 720p so, even at 720p game play on ps3 looks awesome (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  24. HDMI does not work with XBOX 360 Review by SB "sbloom121"

    Bought two of these for the game room.
    However, the HDMI inputs do not work with xbox 360
    Tried all three inputs on both tvs!
    Awful customer service. Just awful.
    My xbox works instantly with my 55 inch sammy.

    STAY AWAY if you want to game on this screen!
    Buy a Sammy and save yourself the aggravation! (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  25. "SPECTACULAR" Review by Hamed

    Hello, i purchased this T.V after a month of reading reviews of many different TV's. Quality and Price were major factors. Got this TV for 549$ and it was worth EVERY PENNY! Picture Quality is amazing. I am currently using Xfinity and the picture just blows me away. 120hz definately makes a big difference! This TV is great for gaming and a good response time. I use this tv as a computer monitor as well with an HDMI cable. I give this TV a 9/10 rating. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  26. Very Good Television for the price Review by Midcap

    Overall I am happy with this TV. The quality of the picture and the sound is very good but not as good as the Sony Bravia I have. However, Sony is more expensive too. The stand does not allow the TV to rotate. (Posted on 3/23/2011)

  27. Great LCD at an even better price! Review by PS

    We couldn't afford the 2nd plasma we wanted so I decided to purchase this instead. It's a great tv with an amazing picture. Delivery was fast and considering how big this is, was perfectly fine when UPS delivered it, no damage :) Ok, so the black isn't as rich as a plasma but the picture is still amazing. Took us maybe a few mins. to hook up and I've been loving it ever since. Thanks Amazon for a great deal! If you love plasma's you should not overlook this. (Posted on 3/22/2011)

  28. definitely worth the money Review by natalie

    Bought this tv in Mar 2011 and so far it is an excellent tv with a great picture.
    Have hdmi hooked up to directv and it looks fantastic. The 120hz refresh rate is very good for a television in this price range and is in my opinion an excellent bargain.
    Definitely buy this tv and dont be fooled by the bigger name brands out there...your wasting money. A definite 5 out of 5 (Posted on 3/20/2011)

  29. Panasonic HDTV, 1080, 120 Review by Ricardo

    Nice HDTV, 1080, 120, at a great price. I have not seen a better price anywhere! Had for 3 months and no problems. (Posted on 3/20/2011)

  30. Great Value Review by Elliott Flah "It made sense in my head, I swear!"

    Big Screen!
    120 Hz refresh rate makes sports/video games incredible to watch
    Good black levels
    Low glare
    Menu lets you fine tune the image

    Wider/heavier than initially estimated
    120 Hz "soap opera" effect

    I purchased this set as a step up from my first HDTV, a 32'' LG LCD. The first thing you will notice when you unbox it is the size... this TVis much wider than you would expect. It is a solid 4-5 inches wide, which isn't a big issue if the TV is on a table, but if you are planning on a wall mount, it WILL look a little funny.

    The image on the screen is wonderful, and you can fine tune the settings for your specific room. As my TV room has windows facing the screen, I can increase the brightness to cut down on glare without washing out the black levels too much, which is quite the feat.

    The only downside for the picture is not a problem with this particular TV, but with all 120 Hz sets. The higher refresh rate makes sports and video games seem like they are going to jump out of the screen, but it makes regular television, dramas in particular, look like soap operas. It is a function of the refresh rate being faster than your eyes can notice, and it results in the picture being so clear that it seems strange, like when you flip past a daytime soap. I highly recommend looking at one, any brand will do as long as it is 120 Hz, in a store before purchasing.

    That being said, you can adjust the anti-blur in the settings, going from full anti-blur to a midlevel to none so it looks like "normal." Personally, I have adjusted and think it looks better than ever, but if you feel otherwise you can have your cake and eat it too!

    In summation: great TV, great price. (Posted on 3/20/2011)

  31. very good tv for a very good price Review by kentola

    We think that this tv is a great deal. The hd picture is great and the standard picture is better than expected. There was no trouble with the color as other stated in their reviews. Simply put I think that you could do a lot worse than buy one of these. Oh,one other thing, there are not many 42in. lcd's out there. Ours sits in a nook above the fireplace and there was concern about the heat that a plasma would give off, so we were happy to find this one. (Posted on 3/19/2011)

  32. This TV has met all my expectations Review by Bill

    You might say I'm not much of a TV guy. I jumped several generations of technology when I replaced my 1991 square screened analog TV with my first digital, first high definintion TV. In addition to this Panasonic 42" HDTV, I also purchased a heavily discounted discontinued Sony BluRay model with Internet connection, so I can now stream Netflix and other TV and movies to my new wide screen TV in my living room. I am able to get all the stations I need through the air with a $14 antenna. I watch lots of movies and old Network, HBO and Showtime TV series via Netflix, an occasional TV show, and an occasional DVD. I have everything I need - and most importantly, I was able to cancel my poor service, ever-more-expensive cable provider. I pay $11 per month for NetFlix, and if I really need to see recently aired TV programming, I could get Hulu Plus for another $8. My total investment of around $700 will pay for itself in 2 years of a $0 cable bill. Oh yeah - and the picture is a whole lot better. 1080p and 120 Hz give me all the quality I am looking for. I am a happy camper! (Posted on 3/18/2011)

  33. Good Value TV Review by H. Sweet

    I replaced a 34 inch CRT TV with the 42 inch Panasonic model. Interestingly enough, because of the variety in programming format, I often end up watching a raster that is smaller and sometimes much smaller than that. Now-a-days, it's buy big, get the same. Fortunately, the format control is a dedicated button on the remote as I have ended up using it frequently.

    The 42 inch set, when used at full raster, is probably a bit too big for my normal seating distance of nine feet. This is most noticeable when there are scene changes which seem a bit overwhelming. For slow moving scenes,though,it is OK. In addition, with a large screen, when viewing non HD material, the lower quality of the picture becomes more objectionable.

    It is also useful to have a dedicated input button to handle all of my devices. The direct RF input, called TV, is buried in the menu. Panasonic must have felt that if you used a direct input from the cable or antenna that you wouldn't want to use any of the other inputs. Other than that, the input selection button works fine.

    Like others, I have observed the weak audio and suspect that this was planned that way so that owners would go out and buy Panasonic home theater equipment. That I will have to do as the only audio output from the Panasonic is digital and my old receiver is strictly analogue. (Posted on 3/18/2011)

  34. firsttime hdtv buyer Review by BuyerTim

    the Panasonic hdtv i purchased was one of consumer reports better picks for televisions out there. this was my first time to buy HDTV so i researched and browsed around on the internet for what i was looking for. Amazon had the lowest pricing available in this model line and i was surprised to find it so quickly here. this checkout was fast and smooth. plus i had the tv delivered in two days, even though i used regular shipping with free shipping which again lowered my overall price. thanks for reading...... (Posted on 3/16/2011)

  35. Great TV for the price! Review by Linda

    I purchased this tv for my loft which my kids use mostly. The tv has a great picture. The sound is ok, the speakers (like all other flat panels) are in the back or sides of the tv and so the sound gets absorbed by the wall or some other object instead of coming out towards you. It's not a big deal though. Also there are not enough inputs for gaming, dvd...etc. It only comes with 2. Over all a great tv! So great that I tried buying another one recently for my bedroom and the prices have gone up again. :( (Posted on 3/15/2011)

  36. An above average LCD. Review by AT

    I wanted the LED TVs for about $900 but settled with this Panasonic LCD TV since it only cost $500 with free S/H. All-in-all, it has delivered as an above average LCD, but there is no DVI input.

    The shipping company was not the best service. They did not ever take it out of the box, so I had to ask them. Secondly, they said they could not assemble the TV. What a joke of a delivery company. (Posted on 3/15/2011)

  37. great tv Review by minnesota8898

    This TV is better than I expected. It has great picture quality and it works great with my ps3 (cod- black ops, killzone 3). It only has optical audio out though, which is fine for me, but others might need a different output. (Posted on 3/15/2011)

  38. Solid TV, great value Review by Hefferbub

    I did a lot of research looking for a a modestly-priced TV for my kid's bedroom. This unit really fills the bill. It has the full modern complement of inputs, solid picture and good energy efficiency. It is not one of the latest generations of "LED TVs", so it is not as thin or power efficient as those, but most of them cost 50-100% more. The device has an "external cathode" florescent backlight, which, while not LED, is more efficient than typical backlights.

    There is not a whole lot to say about the unit. It works as expected, picture quality is good (at least when you turn down that annoying 120hz refresh rate feature that makes things all look like a soap opera), the remote is good (although not backlit).

    I like that it interfaces with the Panasonic Blue Ray player I bought with it, through its "Viera Link" feature. (Posted on 3/15/2011)

  39. Lcd Review by deekay140

    Nice tv for the price.
    I still get smoother motion with my 60hrz samsung than the 120hrz panasonic.
    Picture is excellent. sound is good.
    tv is very user friendly. (Posted on 3/15/2011)

  40. No problems Review by adkguy

    Purchased the Viera 42" LCD about a month ago and am glad I chose the Viera. HD picture through DirecTV is great. No issue with delays or blurs with sports or action movies. I've had no problem with the sound even before surround sound was added. Setup took minutes, remote control is easy to use. Owner's manual is a great resource.

    Best feature is SD card slot. I'm able to take SD card out of digital camera and HD video camera and insert it directly to tv, no wires hanging down or need to connect camera to tv. Definitely would recommend. (Posted on 3/14/2011)

  41. Great TV for those on a budget! Review by ecugt

    Without a doubt, if you are on a tight budget, this TV has a ton to offer. EEFL backlighting, a modern IPS LCD panel and 120Hz 1080p from a well known and high quality manufacture. The viewing angle on this TV is very wide with little to no loss on image quality until you reach very extreme angles.

    The only minor down side to this TV is in its sound output. Even that is still pretty good, but could be improved on with a sound bar or surround sound system. [What home TV couldn't be?!]

    One more HDMI input on the back would be nice but isn't needed in most applications. The side mounted HDMI input is still recessed behind the front of panel enough that you can easily run cables from the rear of the TV and hid them from view.

    For the gamers out works great with my Xbox360!

    I searched for months for a quality TV that wouldn't break the bank and also wasn't a two or three year old leftover design being cleared out. Thanks to Panasonic for offering a high quality product for those buyers in the market who want to buy a great product that isn't really old technology or the "bleeding edge"!

    Thanks to Amazon for listing this as a gold box deal so it wouldn't break the bank. For what it's worth to other buyers, Amazon has been keeping the price pretty close to the gold box price for several weeks now so it's still a great deal. (Posted on 3/13/2011)

  42. Great picture and gaming Review by ectopy

    Works great for kids gaming system. Super price. Adequate speakers for TV and movies without additional sound system. (Posted on 3/12/2011)

  43. Great value Review by cappy

    This was a great buy for the price I got it on Amazon. We are very pleased with the product overall. The picture quality on non-hi def channels is sometimes not as good as I think it should be, but maybe there are some settings that I haven't explored enough. I don't really have time to play with it very much. It is a little annoying that after you use the Blue Ray player you have to change the input back to the cable TV. Our old TV automatically did that. Again, maybe it's just a setting or something? Otherwise, so far it is a great TV, and again, I got it at a great price on Amazon, with free shipping. (Posted on 3/8/2011)

  44. Great TV for the money! Review by Ryan

    I was able to snag this TV on sale and it was really worth it. The picture quality is great! I'm satisfied with my purchase. (Posted on 3/5/2011)

  45. Excellent bang for the buck! Review by RBGator1950

    Shopped around, settled on the Panasonic; best value in its class. Arrived sooner than initially estimated; unit in perfect condition; setup and performance flawless. Very happy with this product and with the amazon experience. (Posted on 3/4/2011)

  46. best tv for price Review by zaybls

    I looked everywhere for a tv over 40in that was full 1080p and at least 120hz. this was the best deal i could find. The picture is amazing, good colors, very bright, and very tunable depending on your taste. The 120hz refresh rate is very cool, but it does stutter every couple of minutes. you can turn it off, but you get used to it. When you watch regular tv or play video games, you dont notice the stutter. The only times i really notice it are when i watch anything in hd. But, i am very happy with my purchase. For $550, this was a bargain. (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  47. amazing Review by Vek

    Easy Setup, Simple Design, Excellent picture, Good Sound, Beautiful Colors, 5 to 10 seconds response time, Good view upto 170 degree, no problems so far (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  48. Great for the money Review by Glenn

    Bought this hoping to notice some amazing improvement over 60Hz, and actually I did. Gaming is smoother, HD looks better in 120Hz, everything really is better. Sound is OK, but with a TV this nice I recommend a sound system to go with it. (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  49. Love it! Review by S. Langston

    I love my TV.... just wish I had made my mind up when it was the Gold deal of the day.... anyway... this is my first HDTV and I love it... the picture is fantastic... Sound wonderful... yes, it does take 6 secs. to turn on.. but that's the energy saver... the color on mine is perfect.. have read some reviews where there is a problem... but not with mine... it is as good(if not better)as any model I've seen it the stores... (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  50. Read the Manual Review by G. Mortillaro

    I am not your standard user first off. I use this TV as my PC monitor. the difference between me and the other people doing this is that i use a DVI to HDMI cable this gives me 100% view of my screen. next is that i use surround sound so the tv speakers are off. In addition to that i also know how to tune the TV, so this review is from the perspective of someone with a good amount of tech knowledge.

    Picture Quality is amazing when you are using a full 1080 signal. watching tv stations in 720 is ok, but not as good. The black level is fantastic in a dark room you cant tell where the TV ends and the screen begins (watching something in 4:3. IPS panel gives perfect color corner to corner. To insure your tv does the same put up a 50% gray screen and see if there is any shift from center to edge. Also calibrate the monitor when its on your PC this way you get the truest color reproduction.

    The Remote is a joke, but its a remote who is really using that when pretty much every service provider gives you a universal remote. I still use the remote, it has some features on it that i dont thing the universal has mapped, like veralink. Also take into consideration how far you sit from your TV. I am 10 feet away so this TV is on the low end of the size to distance ratio. knowing what size tv to get will greatly improve your experience.

    Sound wise, ok for those not using surround sound and going with the TV speakers make sure this tv is on a hard surface or you will muffle the sound. I used it like this for 2 days and the sound was average, not good, not bad. The speakers work on the concept of reflecting the sound off a wall or TV table...oh yeah the stand, that thing is heavy. The TV has weight, but the stand really has weight.

    The best advise i can give about this TV is if you sit 8-10 feet from your screen, use external speakers and know how to read the manual...then buy the TV. If you have no idea what you are doing or even looking at dont bother with this TV and just go to best buy and have one of there guys help you pick (the people at my best buy are pretty good, cant say much for anyplace else. (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  51. Return THIS TV? Review by USMC Combat Vet "Retired!"

    Not a chance! This review is written 30 days after my purchase. Cut to the chase, our High end Sony Bravia just 13 months old flat died and it only had maybe 100 hours on it. Since we financed as well as bought directly through Sony, we had no credit card extended warranty and I REFUSED to spend even a penny to even consider a repair estimate. It had the nicest picture of ANY TV we ever owned in my 62 years. But $1200.00 for 13 months? Sorry, no more expensive TV sets for me, EVER.
    We have 3 other TV's in our home and again, this is just for an extra bedroom to watch maybe 30 minutes a day of morning news while checking emails etc, more or less just a TV for keeping you company in the background. Now my rating is overall is 5 stars simply because if you factor in the price, I HAVE to give it 5 stars. MY breakdown is as follows.
    -Picture=4 stars
    -Sound=3 stars (speakers are on the BOTTOM front panel and fire DOWNWARD)= Adequate...
    -Looks=5 stars
    -Screen=5 stars-Matte finish=NO glare! In our room this is critical with a huge 8 foot window next to the TV.
    -Remote=3 stars-some features buried in menus as opposed to "one touch" to access. NO big deal but noticeable.
    -Value for Money=10 stars out of 5. THIS is how I give it 5 stars. It is a slightly above average TV for a far below average price at my paid $550.00 at Amazon.

    It has infinite adjustment potential to get the picture that is right for "YOU". If this breaks I am out less than 1/2 of my Sony nightmare. TV sets are too subjective to get all worked up about. I may love it, YOU may hate it! So like all reviews, know that this is just my experience. You may find it a piece of junk? I have learned the lesson of my life with my last Sony. I will simply never, EVER buy a top end TV, not even for my living room. We have a much larger LCD in our living room and we now buy ALL our electronics in the following way.

    We buy with a credit card. I have had 2 experiences this past year where I had used my American Express card. They issued me a 100% credit of my purchase price on a $353.00 Sony Camcorder that died in 14 months (yeah, ANOTHER SONY!), and a 100% credit on a (are you ready?) my 2ND Sony PS3 that died within 2 years! 2 PS3 systems died in under 18 months????The only Sony product I will EVER buy again is a PS3 but that's because of the Bluray player and my games. I understand the Amazon card will also protect you 1 year after any manufacturer warranty expires as well but I only trust American Express so far since they never even blinked and INSISTED I get a 100% refund! As a result, i save the money wasted on any manufacturer extended warranty since MY experience is they do all they can to weasel OUT of their responsibility an/or have about a dozen "GOTCHA!" Clauses to get out of paying. Use a good credit card and SKIP special interest free offers if you are able to pay off your card completely when that 1st bill comes. It gives you an extra year of FREE protection you can count on! Sometimes "free" financing cost you a whole lot....

    Last? Enjoy your purchase that you got at an amazing price, don't sweat the small stuff, and relax since you now have a FREE extended warranty. Oh, and thank the stars for Amazon who is always there for you if you have ANY problem during the purchase or deliver process. NOBODY has a return privilege that compares, you save tax & delivery too. What's NOT to love? Remember, this is just a TV! If you don't find it to be the very best you ever saw, remember how cheap it was! And also remember, it just may BE the very best you ever saw too.....For me, it is 80% as good as the BEST I ever saw and just 40% of the cost. THAT is a deal I couldn't refuse......

    March 7, 2011 UPDATE: Be advised to NOT buy the following to wall mount this TV: AmazonBasics Universal Fixed TV Wall Mount for 26- to 50-inch Displays [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] It will NOT work with this TV. I have since learned it may not work with ANY Panny TV? Oh well, still LOVE this TV! (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  52. Much more than what you pay for Review by D. Lene "dlene"

    I researched HD T.V.s for about a month before I purchased this one. It is fantastic! The only issue I've had is that it doesn't have an audio out for RCA cables. It has a digital audio out, but my receiver is a little older and doesn't have digital audio in. I ended up hooking up my receiver to my cable box, which in turn meant that I had to hook up the Wii to the cable box as well in order to stream movies through the receiver speakers. Maybe I missed something and it can be done a different way. Regardless, this is a great television!! (Posted on 2/27/2011)

  53. So far so good Review by C. Williams

    So far so good on this TV. Have had it about a month and no problems and hope for the best. No reason to believe otherwise at this point. (Posted on 2/26/2011)

  54. Great overall but lacks analog audio out. Review by T. Copland

    This TV is a great deal. The picture quality is excellent with a super wide viewing angle. Refresh rate and color seems fantastic.

    Unfortunately it only has digital audio out via TOS Link. I have a great Logitech 5.1 speaker system that only takes an analog input. It isn't true surround sound but does a good job. I was bummed to find that it won't work. I called Panasonic to double-check there's no way to get analog video and the rep recommended an optical to analog adapter. They're not cheap and wouldn't let me control the volume from a remote so it's not a good solution. I ended up spending $225 on a true surround sound system The internal speaker is more than adequate but I'd prefer a little more oomph.

    I connected my Mac Mini via HDMI with an adapter from the video port so the HDMI cable doesn't carry the audio. The settings let you pick an alternate audio source so I plugged the sound into the RCA jacks for composite Input 1. This was really nice because none of the HDMI ports have a dedicated analog input option. It means you'll lose an analog video input but there are plenty to go around (2 composite and 1 component in addition to 3 HDMI). I was really pleased that this worked.

    I have a couple of other minor quibbles but they're far from deal breakers. First, the power light is off center on the front of the screen. It's kind of annoying. It also has the word "power" printed on the bezel, which isn't really needed and seems kind of stupid. What else would that light that's only on when the rest of the set is on mean? It also has a blue gradient on the bottom of the bezel. It looks like a reflection in the picture but it's actually painted on. It seems kind of tacky but isn't that big of a deal.

    It's a shame it doesn't have analog out for folks without a real digital receiver but otherwise this is a fantastic TV at a killer price. I'm extremely happy overall. (Posted on 2/26/2011)

  55. Fine product. Can't go wrong. Review by David M. Fisher

    After a lot of research, I decided to get an ISP monitor for the good viewing angles and vibrant colors. Also, it had to be 120hz ; Don't listen to anyone that says 60hz if good enough. There really is a large difference. Just go into a store and compare them. the motion on 120hz is crisp and easy to follow with the eye. with 60hz it's blurry and hard to follow. You don't even realize what you've been missing until you have 120hz.
    The tv itself is elegant, made of high quality plastic. the remote is good, made of an interesting material that has a unique feeling on your fingers. I hooked it up to the computer, and the highest resolution where text looked good was 1280x1024, which is ok with me. the sound actually isn't that bad if you plan to use the built-in speakers. I have a playstation 3 hooked into it and it looks great. Also, I am sitting about 6 feet from it, and it's not to close at all. it's absolutely fine. I was going to go with 32 inch because of the closeness of use, but then this great deal from amazon came along, and I jumped at it and couldnt be happier. I think 32 inch would have been to small now. TO the people that say that 1080p is a waste for anything under 42 inch, I can believe it. It seems like the finest detail is just barely visible on 42 inch, and perhaps on 32 inch it would be undiscernable. So this is a great tv for the money, it hits the sweet spot. only thing it doesnt have is 3d. (Posted on 2/23/2011)

  56. Great picture and much better sound than I thought. Review by Just a regular guy

    You can not beat this TV. Picture is flawless and the sound for not being hooked up to my sound system is really good. For the price this is a cant miss purchase. (Posted on 2/22/2011)

  57. Panasonic 42" LCD flat screen television. Review by NuAtta2d

    This is a very good quality television. I am not a gamer, so I dont know if it is good for gaming or not. The sound quality is not the best, but it is fine for me. I was not looking for theater quality sound, but a sound bar would rectify the problem. This is a fine television good quality for the money. It has a good picture. Sometimes it almost looks like a 3 dementional picture. I am very happy with it. I also like that I can put my memory card from my camera in it and immediately see the pictures I have just taken. I've only had it about a month, but so far so good. I would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  58. Great TV. Great Price. Review by C. Pease

    Great TV, beautiful picture right out of the box. The only complaint I would have is the ambient light sensor dims a bit too much in low light conditions, but there may be a setting for that.
    The remote works great with my Sony BluRay. Shopping for a surround system now, to finish off a great home theater for less than a grand. (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  59. Panasonic TC-L42U25 Review by Eric Mills

    Good tv sound is poor rear firing speakers had to use a sound bar I would buy it again for the sale price I payed (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  60. would rate higher, if not for forced 120hz processing on PC input Review by Austin Eric

    All inputs, you have the ability to turn off the 120hz interpolation processing EXCEPT the PC input, which I use exclusively. Very annoying. (Posted on 2/18/2011)

  61. flat screen TV Review by missouri

    We really like the TV. It's large enough to see from our couch. It can swivel from side to side on the wall, since I purchased a wall mount to do that. The color is fantastic. (Posted on 2/18/2011)

  62. Would buy again Review by M. Lenda

    I'll keep it simple:

    -Got it at a great price
    -Free shipping
    -No damage upon delivery
    -Attachment to the base stand was easy; would recommend two people if you can't lift the TV on your own
    -TV setup was slicker than slick and quicker than quick
    -Good remote -- solid, easy to use
    -Menus are easy to understand, easy to navigate, and intuitive
    -Integration with Dish Network box was free of problems -- plug and chug, baby. Choose your cable, plug it in, and start watching.

    Still trying to nail down the right picture color/brightness scheme for the room I've got it in. In any case, the picture is sharper than hell and the colors burst out of the screen. Panny makes great TVs.

    I'm not sold on the motion smoothing feature. Makes things seem... fake. Luckily, not only is there is an "on/off" option for this feature, there is a third option in the middle ("weak") to suit your liking.

    The sound is adequate for now. I plan to hook up a surround system to it because all TV speakers stink. Until then, though, the speakers on this TV will do the job. (Posted on 2/18/2011)

  63. Panasonic Fan, DKC Review by DKCafe "DKC"

    Panasonic! The name alone becons you to buy. As with all my Panasonic everthing,
    this one is a sell. Buy it! (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  64. Great value for this awesome TV! Review by vicious1

    My first review here on Amazon and I'm sure glad to leave one for this item.

    This TV is just simply the best and for about 1/4 the cost I've originally spent on my older 55' Sony Bravia LCD I can honestly say this TV is very comparable or in some cases better. I spent about 2-3 weeks researching and analyzing the best 42' LCD tv for my room and based on cost/performance/feedback this tv comes out on top. I'm so glad that I've made this purchase and absolutely love watching movies and playing games online.

    To sum it up...its we'll worth your while to pick this unit.

    Cheers! (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  65. As Advertised Review by Product Tester

    Our first HD TV.

    Bought used like new, saved 150 USD.
    Came in original box with traces of being unpacked before.
    The PQ is convincing in TV Mode and Blue Ray, especially after browsing all the retail places and comparing to what they have in the show room.
    The response time when changing the channels is a bit slow for my taste, but that is a problem of many other TVs, too.
    We need to adjust to the remote.
    Lots of options to calibrate and adjust to your own taste or room.
    We feel like this was a good buy and hope it will do its job without problems for a long time. (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  66. Awesome TV for a great price Review by J. Martinez

    This TV is definitely a good value. The TV looks sleek and the picture itself is awesome. You have to play with the picture a little to get it to where you want as the pre-installed setting weren't either to dark or too light but it didn't take long to adjust it to how I wanted it. The only complaint I would have is that the sound wasn't all that great but should be expected. Isn't that what surround sound systems are for? I do recommend that if you buy a BluRay player or home theater system that you buy a Panasonic brand one because of the better integration such as being able to control the BluRay player with your TV remote.

    Definitely a good buy and recommend it to any one looking for a value. (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  67. excellent! Review by Yomar Chacon Gonzalez "Vanquishvzla"

    i love my tv!!!!!! great image! bluray pics and ps3 games are awesome! normal tv sucks at 480i, HDtv at 1080i its great, but no as 1080p bluray.

    trumotion its great, the movement seems so much real! (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  68. PERFECT for gaming and PC use Review by Christian M. Montoya "scroogem"

    There are plenty of stellar reviews for this thing so let me cater to the gamers out there who may have run into the same problems I have. Which is, buying a beautiful flat screen LCD TV only to have it utterly fail when it comes to playing games.

    I originally bought the Philips 40PFL3705D/F7 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV, Black. It was on sale at a local store whose name rhymes with Fallmart. TV looked good, picture looked good, but as soon as I hooked my my PS3 and my gaming PC (via DVI to HDMI) it couldn't hack it. There was this terrible lag.

    Not in the picture but in the response to my controls. For example, I'd push left on the analog stick only to watch my race car in Gran Turismo 5 barrel straight into a wall. There's like a .75 second delay from inputs you make on the controller to the actual screen showing you what's happening.

    I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it makes gaming UNPLAYABLE. I thought that the problem was limited to the PS3 but as soon as I tried to play Call of Duty: Black Ops on my PC, the same thing happened. I'd pull the trigger and .5 a second would go by before my gun fired.

    I heard that a firmware update helped the issue some so I gave it a try. Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough to make this hardcore gamer happy.

    So I took it back and ordered this badboy from Amazon (btw, it's worth using Prime if you don't already don't have it. 1 day shipping = $3.99!).

    Picture is great, gaming was perfect right out of the box, contrast is really good, no dead pixels. I'm a very happy guy.

    Thanks for reading and good luck!

    PS: Buy it already! (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  69. Great buy... Especially for the price Review by Jdavis641

    I purchased the Panasonic TC-L42U25 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV to replace a 36 inch panasonic viera plasma. There were some noticeable differences between the televisions instantly. The glare reduction seems better on the new television, the picture is much better and more crisp. Great blacks, and my performance on black ops has gotten better on the new tv. (Maybe placebo effect, but I'll take it!)

    I was nervous about all of the mixed reviews, and the inconsistent quality of Vizio, LG and Samsung. I decided to buy the panasonic because the reviews seemed more consistent and I'm happy I did.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this television and the price at just under $550 for a 42 inch 1080p is an unheard of value!

    Also, the replaced television is a 60hz, I was pleasantly surprised at the increased quality of the 120hz. (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  70. Great picture Review by Carolyn P.

    The television was easy to set-up. Great picture quality even before using a HD reciever, hope to add that and a blue ray player with surround-sound. (Posted on 2/15/2011)

  71. Great product - great price Review by Buffalo Geek

    The quality of the picture is great! My only complaint about the product is that it is a little bit heavier than I would have expected for an LCD panel of this size but again, the picture more than makes up for this. I should have ordered 2. (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  72. Great for the money Review by zmantx

    I am amazed at the picture quality on this TV. I wasn't expecting the TV to be nearly as good as it is considering the price. When I purchased it the price was at $550. It is well worth the money. The only downside is that it is pretty thick and heavy but the quality of the picture makes up for it. I do experience a little motion lag and found that turning the Motion Picture Pro 4 feature off or lowering it seems to make it a little better. All said it is a great TV for the price. (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  73. great picture Review by bigbelts

    The set was very easy to put into use. The picture is crystal clear from the first time we turned it on. The only issue I found that could use correction is the cables are very hard to install when using a wall mount. I would recommend this set to anyone stepping up to 1080. (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  74. Great Find w/o breaking your pocket Review by L

    I started looking for an HDTV since b4 Christmas and I held out waiting for these great tv prices that never Christmas/ Pre-super Bowl i looked and looked for tv that I could just be happy to have for under 400 bucks.....I kept my options open to a little bit more money and low end behold i walk up on this tv that had "all the options" for that price range of slot, 120hz, 42 in, lcd, name brand, right price, pretty happy customers for the most about a few lemons....but all in all found this had the stats for the money....many other brands condisdered.....lg 42 120hz, vizio 120hz, philips 40/42 other brand cud get you a 120 refresh with over 20,000 dynamic contrast, and decent ms rate for under 600 bucks as well as that veira slide show thingy for your sd card.....(you can't play movies via sd card through tv....i guess no video card support for that kind of data transfer)....This TV DOES NOT HAVE A USB PORT.....key to know if you really need that on your tv...this tv is a little thick/ but solid.....not gunna break...a little short on inputs....might have liked more for the 600 i paid....remote dosen't light up....not a big issue....remote and settings are straight forward....if you are gaming with an old system like ps2...gets a little netflix is crisp/def reccomend a 120hz capable hdmi wire can see some 60hz qualities unless you get that.....o yeah got the matching panasonic blueray....the blue ray player WITHOUT the wireless adapter.....just wireless capable/ you have to plug right into this one....but that wasn't a prob for me.....both work great can turn on tv and blue ray with the same remote from the blue ray remote....haven't tried it the other way yet....yeah real happy with both items....netfix with the sick tv......I have told my friends so I thought might give you the same worry about fast will this #$%* get (Posted on 2/14/2011)

  75. Great TV, Amazing price. Review by Mykhaylo Titov "Michael"

    Great TV, Amazing price, 42 inches screen, 120 hz, 1080p, and only $600 (with the taxes).
    I cannot tell anything bad about this TV.
    Bought this TV as a present for my parents.
    They are very satisfied. (Posted on 2/13/2011)

  76. For gamers, for movie lovers Review by Dinh H. Vu

    I spent about 2-3 months researching the best TV for my buck.

    I narrowed it down to only two that could match my original requirements. It had to be at least 40", 1080P, 120 HZ and GOOD response time.

    Let me tell you that i spent nights studying specs and reviews from various websites, including Amazon, Cnet reviews and various other googled sites.

    I found that the Sony EX 500 came closest to the highest praises with the Panasonic TC-L42U25. However, the praises go further with the fact that the Panasonic had an IPS screen. This equates to a larger viewing angle and crisper images.

    I found that the Motion 120HZ was somewhat noticeable on the Panasonic. However, similar reviews stated that the EX500's 120hz motion was hardly noticeable but the Sony costed an additional $100. So it evened the score.. somewhat.

    My biggest priority was to have FAST response times for video gaming. I play street fighter 4 and it demands 1/60th FPS accuracy. I did find noticeable but tiny lag playing on the Panasonic on GAME MODE. However, the lag is so tiny that most other games you'll play will feel instantaneous. The tiny lag, with practice, I was able to land my combos correctly and only required me to adjust to its subtle nuance.

    This TV has great picture quality. But for SUPER MOVIE AFICIONADOS, if you are interested in DEEP BLACK contrasts, this TV might not be for you. It costs $550 and it handles the majority of things very well. But if you're looking for extreme contrast quality, you need to get a TV with a Contrast ratio somewhere above 1,000,000-7,000,000 such as an LED TV that brings deeper blacks.

    The response time on this TV is absolutely fine for 99% of games out there. If you're extremely nitpicky, you should buy a 32" LCD/Monitor for absolute crispness. Otherwise, this TV handles 99% of all the requirements I had.

    Please note, there has been some reviews that during 720P, it doesn't show 5% of the picture (1:1 Pixel on 480 and 1080 is fine). I was not able to test this portion out as I assume my PS3, while watching Blu Ray, is on 1080P most of the time anyway. Where I can see that this being a problem is if your signal is 720P for WHATEVER reason, it might do this.

    So far I love it. It sits beautifully in my living room and replaces my old 27" CRT Sony.

    GET THIS TV. For the price you pay and what you actually end up getting (REMEMBER the panasonic has IPS!!!!), it's well worth the price. (Posted on 2/13/2011)

  77. What a deal! Review by Andrew Castillon

    This TV is great and I love the price. A LCD at 1080p for under $600. Can't beat that. The only con is the motion plus. It works great with blu-ray movies but games look a little off. All and all this is an awesome TV!! (Posted on 2/12/2011)

  78. Awesome !! Review by Doomed

    Just got this TV this morning and man oh MAN !!! I've been watching a 27 inch tube TV for the last 11 years, so I bought this based on other reviews and the price. I am VERY glad I did. I have it paired up with the Panasonic SC-BT230 Blu Ray home theater system. The picture is just so incredible !! So sharp and vibrant and I haven't even had it calibrated yet !! The first movie my daughter and I watched was How To Train Your Dragon and it was so awesome !!! We shall be watching Alice In Wonderland tomorrow :) For $549.00, this TV is DEFINITELY worth it !!

    OK, after further movie viewing, I have noticed that when the "Motion Picture Pro 4" feature is on, you can notice some pretty severe distortion blur. It is most noticeable around a moving figures head and when the background is white or lighter colored. When you turn the feature off, it goes away, but doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of 120hz ? All in all it's still a great deal for the money !! (Posted on 2/11/2011)

  79. Love it! Review by Mike

    I'm a college student, so obviously I have to stay within a budget, and this TV fit perfectly! I had been researching TVs for about 3 months or so, and really liked this one. Consumer Reports ranks it high (I think the score was like 71 or 72 out of 75), so I decided to buy it. I sold my old TV yesterday (Friday) and ordered this one for overnight delivery. It only cost me $4, and I was kind of nervous that in the process of the TV being shipped quickly for next day delivery that it would be damaged, but it is packaged very well so that was no problem!

    I have an Xbox 360, and the response time while playing shooters is flawless. There is no lag associated with it at all. The picture can be a little bright, but it isn't too difficult to change the settings. With that being said, I wasn't expecting the depth of color controls you'd find in a top end Samsung, so this does the job perfectly (brightness, contrast, color, etc.)- basic features that get the job done for the majority of situations. I should hopefully be getting my PS3 this week, so I'll update my review when I get the PS3 and test that and Blu-Ray out.

    One major drawback to this TV is that it only has a digital optical audio out- no RCA. My older Samsung (about 18 months) had RCA out for sound, but from my research I found that newer TVs don't include this anymore, so I can't fault the TV for this. I have a speaker system that works well, but only works with a 3.5mm headphone jack or RCA, so I needed to buy an adapter to make it work. You'll need a digital audio to analog audio adapter if this applies to you. The adapter will run you an extra $50-$60 depending on the quality you get, but it's a necessary evil to keep the sound coming from my speakers.

    The sound on the TV isn't as bad as I thought it would be from reading other reviews, but I don't use it a lot, so it doesn't matter to me. It's definitely lacking on bass sound, but most TV speakers are on the low end and tend to be pretty tingy, so although I wasn't blown away by the TV speakers they weren't terrible either- definitely tolerable if you don't have external speakers or surround sound.

    The picture on standard definition isn't great, but from what I know about LCD TVs, standard definition actually looks better on older CRT TVs. Don't get me wrong, the picture is definitely fine for watching, but it's very clear the picture isn't HD, which obviously is a huge difference. Like I said, it is definitely watchable even on standard cable.

    HD picture quality is amazing! I can tell the difference between the 60Hz TVs and this 120 Hz TV, although it isn't an earth shattering difference. Sports all look great, and so do video games/DVDs on the Xbox. I also use the Xbox to stream Netflix, and HD netflix streaming looks fantastic as well.

    As other reviewers have said, the TV does have a bit of a delay when turning it on (about 8-10 seconds), but that's not a huge issue. My Samsung took about that long to turn on, so I think it's just common to LCDs. Going from channel to channel takes about 1 second, but doesn't negatively impact the viewing experience really.

    This TV is in my apartment's living room, and I'm sitting about 7-8 feet away from it. Personally, this is towards the bigger end of what you'd want from that viewing distance, but this is subject to personal preference. If I were any closer I think I'd have to move my eyes around to really take in the entire picture, but for as small as a living room as I have, this is a perfect size.

    One great thing about this is the viewing angle. My kitchen is at about a 130-140 degree angle from the TV, and I have no problem seeing the picture from where I am. I can definitely notice the difference from my parent's Sony (which is probably 3 or 4 years old) and this one. I had to move even my 26" Samsung (about 8 months old) to see from there, but not this one.

    I definitely recommend buying this TV. BB has it on sale for $699.99, but it's only $550 on here. I am completely happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend dropping the money on this TV! (Posted on 2/11/2011)

  80. Picture is nice Sound is not so nice Review by M. Sell

    This Tv is almost perfect in all ways except the speakers produce this muffled sound that isnt very good compared to other panasonics I own. (Posted on 2/10/2011)

  81. incompatible Review by jess

    i purchased this tv for an upgrade to my 720p 37in olivia flat screen HDTV due to the excellent price and promise of a 1080p 120hz television. the picture quality was worse than my current tv even with 2 days of attempted adjustments, very granular appearance to the picture when viewed closer than 20 ft away. it was also incompatable with my computer (constantly flickered) and my home surround sound/dvd system (appeared green with vertical lines. despite my best efforts could not make it better. I sent it back for a full refund after 2 days. the return was very easy, i am very appreciative of amazon's service in this regard.

    overall an ok tv but there is better quality out there for the price. (Posted on 2/9/2011)

  82. Great TV for us Review by Kay Gray

    Great picture. Have it angled for my husband to watch it in the livingroom. I watch it from the opposite angle from the office which is more than 20 ft from TV. Have just the cable box attached. I read a review that focused on setting the picture. I thought the picture and colors were great and needed no adjustment. (Posted on 2/9/2011)

  83. review of tv Review by chuck

    The t.v. is very nice and working very well. It is a bit difficult to figure out how to use all of its' features. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  84. First HDTV, very pleased. Review by JC

    This television has made our wait to get on the hi-def train very worthwhile. While we were able to purchase it at a discounted rate, even at it's regular cost it would be a very solid value. The picture quality is excellent and although some reviews have mentioned that they had difficulty with the colors, we have not experienced any complaints with the factory settings. Everything looks great, from sports to movies. The selection of inputs is more than sufficient for our needs. While the included speakers will not blow you out of your seat, they are quite adequate for regular television watching and even movies. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  85. For the price... the best deal around!! Review by AtlPopo

    <a href="">Panasonic TC-L42U25 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV</a>

    Bought this tv after hours/days of research and reading reviews... and have had it for a week now...
    this turned out to be worth the effort...

    1. After a little bit of adjustment in the color menu, this looks awesome...
    2. Size is perfect for my room...
    3. Enough inputs... (not tried VGA yet) and good quality
    4. Added the Comcast HD and its incredible
    5. Everything looks beautiful on this one
    6. no issues with the viewing angle

    Worth the price and the interest free financing that i got from amazon...
    and free shipping.. nice.. but thats a review for amazon. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  86. Great product for the price Review by just me "JWW"

    Settled on this model after reading other reviews on Amazon. For the great price, VERY satisfied. We don't use the speakers on the TV. Always feed thru our Yamaha Home Theatre system. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  87. great value for the price Review by TBP

    overall, very happy with this Panasonic LCD tv, easy to set up and the picture quality is excellent, viewing angle also very good, would definitely recommend this unit, and the price was great. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  88. Happy Camper Review by Grandma

    This was our first LCD tv purchase and I did hrs of research, some had poor sound or colors not true, was ready to give up and just keep our present tv, was surfing one nite and saw the 1080-120hz panasonic 42" priced at [...] with free shipping--what a deal--ordered on Fri and received on Tues.
    Love love it--size is correct for the room and the sound is top notch without adding a bar, had comcast install HD which increased it from good to better. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  89. Worth the money. Review by oldiegoldie

    This is the first tv I have bought in 20 years. As you can imagine it is a huge step up in picture quality. I wasn't looking for bells and whistles and I honestly do not know all this tv can do. However, I feel I got a great deal on a good tv. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  90. Pleasantly Surprised Review by nomagoo

    After returning 3 Vizios and one Sony to Costco over the last 6 months, I am pleasantly surprised to find this Panasonic actually works. Was quite leery about purchasing online, but so far, I have NO complaints about performance at all. Granted,it DOES take a far amount of tweaking to adjust the picture to ones liking and the speakers aren't perfect (which is typical for rear mounted HDTV speakers) Compared to the Vizios and Sony the picture is outstanding and the sound is perfectly adequate...and if I choose to hook up a theater system, it certainly has enuf connections for that and more!
    The only comment I have is that I can't run the sound from Netflix (via my laptop)thru the TV speakers...minor inconvenience in my opinion!
    Considering it cost less than $500 including shipping, what's not to like? (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  91. Very Happy Review by jabez

    I finally made the switch to HD--I guess I'm what you would call a late adopter. I had the advantage of watching almost all my friends and family get their HDs, and it was worth waiting for prices to go down as much as they have. While this set doesn't have the bells and whistles of some others, it has an excellent picture and convenient tools to stream internet movies off of Netflix (I use a Panasonic blu-ray player, but lots of other devices work too). Sporting events look amazing and movies are much closer to seeing in the theater. I plug cheapy wireless headphones into my Fios box to use when I don't want to disturb others--works fine. I looked at Sony, LG, Visio, and others but the Panasonic is a great value and I'm very glad I finally took the plunge. Amazon delivered it really fast, and while I didn't need it for this order, it's nice to know that they've been good about resolving issues with other items. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  92. Amazon High Def TV purchase Review by Larry from Herald

    This TV was an excellent buy.
    Great price and the quality of the Picture is top Notch.
    I would recommend this TV and the Amazon purchase and shipping
    process to anyone. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  93. Panasonic TC-L42U25 Review by Almitani

    Very Good overall. Excellent picture quality with the right input, sound is fine. Response time is OK but not great. The setup MENU could be better with more options. V.Good for the price range. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  94. Great Price Review by KK

    I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for a new TV, so I think you get what you pay for. Picture is decent and sound is alright. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  95. Great Value! Review by binhoang

    This is a nice compact tv that has a really sharp picture. I really can't think of any complaints or negative things to say about the tv. You will find this tv to be less in price as other tv's. Why go with any other ones. This is the best for its price. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  96. Great TV So Far Review by C. Jennings

    So far I have no complaints about this TV. Got it for a steal of a deal at [...]. Having no tax and no shipping fees really sealed the deal for me. I don't watch a ton of TV, didn't need anything crazy fancy, this TV is perfect. Makes the streaming Netflix and games on my PS3 look amazing. When it's turned off it looks like a great piece of furniture and does not look cheap at all. Super easy to setup, delivery guys were great and helped set it up for me. I didn't need any Internet connectivity because I already had it hooked up to the PS3 and Tivo, but that could be a downside if you don't have these devices.

    Panasonic has always made great products and I highly recommend! (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  97. Great TV, great value Review by Michelle

    I bought this TV on the Daily Deal for an amazing price.

    I had been waiting for a 1080, 120, 42" flatscreen to come along at a particular price point. The daily deal was my price point, and I still hemmed and hawed for a few hours, since it still wasn't chump change for me. But my old tube TV was really dying and I decided to bite.

    This Panasonic Viera is beautiful. I don't have HD service yet, nor a BluRay player, nothing like that. I'm mostly watching standard definition TV (feeding through a SD TiVo, no less) on this screen until I can afford to upgrade the rest of my system, and it looks so much better than my old TV I hardly know how to describe it.

    My husband had fabricated an HD antennae, and we've got that hooked up to the TV as well. We get about 15-20 HD channels on that antennae over the air. The picture is mesmerizing with HD input. I've caught myself watching shows I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever just so I can see the picture. It's gorgeous.

    And, while I've not had need of it yet (I've only had the thing about 4 weeks), I've heard excellent things about Panasonic's warranty repair services. A friend has the same model (though a few years older), and her house was hit by lightning that didn't do much structural damage but messed with a lot of her electronics. Panasonic sent a rep to her home, fixed the TV, put all the settings the way they should be, and was as nice as could be-- all for free. She's a very crafty consumer, to say the least, and I'll admit that when she told me she'd never buy another brand of TV, I was sold on this one. And I'm very happy with my purchase.

    Also, to the shipping. I have Prime and could have gotten it next day with regular deliver. However with this size a purchase I needed it delivered when someone was home. I selected to have it delivered during a specific time window that I knew we could have someone home. I was able to get in touch with the freight company directly once it shipped, and they were helpful in making sure we'd have someone there to receive our delivery and it wouldn't be left on the porch at 11am when we're not home until five. I was very happy with the whole transaction. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  98. Panasonic TV Review by K. Micham "KMM"

    This Panasonic TV is great. I love it, priced right, lot's of features, great picture quality, and just an over all good value for the money. Panasonic di a really good job with the ease of use and design of this system. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  99. Panasonic Perfection Review by M. D. Berry

    We are very pleased with the quality and performance of this tv. Also when there was a mix-up in the shipment of this item, Amazon reacted promptly and responsibly to rectify the situation and had our new tv to us in two days (at our request) and Amazon would have replaced it in one day. The set up on the tv was not difficult and that is a real plus when you are ordering oneline. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  100. Good Stuff Review by ZippGB01

    Now Granted, this is my very first HDTV. I did a lot of research and I really got a good deal on an Amazon Gold deal. The Gaming is great and it has a number of picture quality options depending on how lit the room is that you are in. I do not know if the sound quality is the greatest, I wish it was better, but nothing a decent sound system can't handle. Great Picture, overall, a great TV. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  101. fantastic product Review by Shawn

    this is my first lcd tv, and i could not be happier with the product. The picture quality is fantastic, the inputs are easy to manage and you even have the ability to custom name the inputs. it is very easy to use and looks amazing. Highly recommend this tv. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  102. Excellent Value Review by blackice

    The TV is awesome and the price I paid at Amazon is still unbeatable. Picture quality is great and set up is easy. I was in the market for a 37" TV but the one day price for this 42" was so low that I had to plunge. The delivery company took the TV out of the box and set it up for me. This service was far and above expectations. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  103. good buy Review by mahew

    picture is great. the settings get some getting used to..wish it had a few other options but a great deal. just watched the super bowl on it amazing. (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  104. Great TV Review by SteelerFan

    Loving this television. Shopped for months and looked at many brands. The picture beats out sony samsung LG and toshiba. Went to stores to compare and always liked the picture and color quality of this Panasonic the best. Go for it (Posted on 2/7/2011)

  105. great tv, crap software Review by Charles E. Stillman

    We received this tv as a gift for christmas of 2010, having had the unit for a few months now I can say the build quality of the tv itself is quite good.

    Connectors are fairly adequate & diverse (wish they'd copy other manufacturers and put in a 3.5 jack to go with the VGA input, because if your computer only has a VGA output it certainly is not going to come with RCA jacks as well)

    Controls are labeled and fairly well laid out on the tv itself.

    Playback is adequate but some night/bright scenes do very poorly on this TV, heavy contrast is where it fails.

    Overall we enjoy the TV itself, it's the software and remote we loathe.

    The matching DVD remote is actually set up with the reverse button layout compared to the TV remote. This seems like a fairly benign issue but I can't tell you the number of times members of this household have picked up the wrong remote (backwards of course) and then proceeded to change channels, inputs, pretty much everything but what you intended to do.

    The software itself is buggy, it's a little distressing to me that you can "crash" a tv now. Sometimes it just crashes the other equipment connected to it however. What's more fun is while I've found others with this issue, I've gotten nothing but runarounds on the issue officially.

    I like panasonic consumer products, I own several I would recommend the brand as a whole. I cannot in good conscience recommend this tv to anyone. If they solve their software problems I would tentatively recommend this tv to people with a lot of tolerance for poorly working equipment. (Posted on 2/5/2011)

  106. Love this TV Review by Angelique

    The picture on this TV looks great. I am very satisfied with this purchase. I recently had a bad experience with my Samsung TV and was in search of a replacement. I highly recommend purchasing the extended warranty on any HDTV...repairs are costly. I purchased the warranty for this TV...hopefully I won't need it. But better safe than sorry. So, far this TV has been great! (Posted on 2/4/2011)

  107. Very happy with this TV so far Review by Russ R.

    Purchased this as a gold box special for 499. Mounted on the bedroom wall. Great TV so far. Picture competes pretty closely with my 52" Samsung. (Posted on 2/4/2011)

  108. Better Than Expected! Review by C. Ochenduszko

    I had my heart set on getting a Sony 48" 1080P LCD TV but I saw this Panasonic 42" on Amazon and they were offering at such a great price I settled. Or I thought I was settling. This TV blew me away! I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the picture is. I read some reviews on it that said it wasn't a gaming TV but I have had no trouble what so ever with my PS3. There is an output for everything on this tv. The only thing that I found less than perfect (but still very tolerable!!) is when you go to shut off or turn on the tv there is a delay. Delays also when switching from TV to game. But its only about a 10-15 second delay and I can definately live with that compared to everything else that is just absolutely fantastic about this television! And I can't even notice the size difference. I love it and I do not regret "settling" for a second!! (Posted on 2/1/2011)

  109. waste of money Review by joeshmo

    Impulse buy. Looked at reviews and sounded good. Just got the tv and the picture isn't the best. Sound isn't the best either. It could be because i'm comparing it to my Samsung ToC and have high expectations. For the kind of money I spent, I was better off dropping an extra hundred or two to get something that has real quality. (Posted on 2/1/2011)

  110. Judder! Can't stand the Soap Opera Effect Review by Dirk Scheepers

    I don't like to whine, but with a big purchase like this, you expect quality. I was under the impression that the Motion Picture Pro 4 would eliminate the judder and SOE - but that was not to be. I watched 'There will be blood' and it looked like Days of our lives, not my cup of tea. So to help other people from making my mistake, buy 60Hz or Plasma. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  111. Great Buy! Review by Sdm

    Great Buy! after lot of looking, I setteled on this TV. It is a great buy and well exceeds my expectations. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  112. nice TV, I think Review by T. Donaldson

    I have waited a while to write this review because we have had just a bear of a time trying to adjust the settings so that we can see darker scenes and not have the lighter scenes look like crap.We do not yet have a BlueRay, that might make all the difference in the world with dark scenes, I don't know. Let me first say, the picture is awesome except for dark scenes, overall I like this TV. I am writing this now because we had a break though and this might help someone else. At first we had the dvd palyer connected to the TV with a coax cable, then my husband switched the connection to an AV cable, the picture is MUCH BETTER now. It made me happy enough to write this review. So we got off to a rocky start with htis TV, it seems better now with the AV connection and I am warming up to it. I suspect that we may not have a problem at all if we weren't playing 10+ year old dvd's. Maybe our next buy will be a Blueray and I will come back and rate this TV a solid fiver.

    **UPDATE: Dark picture has been fixed. We did the reset procedure that isn't in the manual (another reviewer mentioned this, so we tried it) and it worked like a charm. So I have updated my rating to a 5. The darkness of the picture was the only thing holding me back. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  113. I am very pleased! Review by The Whip

    This is my very first review for any product, however I know how much I rely upon reviews so I figured this may help someone else. I bought this television to replace a 26 inch Sharp for my bedroom. I also have a Sharp 52" 700un inch LED in my living room that I purchased a year ago. This television is by far the best bang for my buck. Once I set it up and turned it on I was amazed by the picture quality, shortly there after I was mad that I spent so much on my LED Sharp. In my honest opinion the picture quality on the 42u25 is much better than my LED. After spending 2 months of non stop research and about 8 trips to Best Buy I decided to go for it. I am very happy I did. This is my first big purchase online but it will not be the last. I got the free shipping and to my surprise delivery was very smooth and on time. I read several negative reviews regarding the sound, however since this is my bedroom tv the sound is just fine. As far as the picture quality, this tv literally looked great right out of the box. Honestly. It really feels good as a consumer to purchase something of quality for a decent price. (Posted on 1/29/2011)

  114. Great TV , Nice Picture Quality, Review by The Mystery Reader

    Nice dark rich colors in picture. Great for movies and fast action sports. 120 HZ speed is much better than other TV's in the price range. Glad I listened to the other reviewers. Buy This TV. One of the best in this class and price range. (Posted on 1/28/2011)

  115. A very underrated TV Review by J. Wright

    I was looking for a good TV under $1000 for movies and gaming. I had heard that Panasonics performed well when it came to input lag, so the U25 moved to the top among the TVs I was looking at. When I went to Best Buy to look at them in person, the U25's picture quality stood out. I thought it looked better in person, especially for the price, than any of the Sharp or LG LED sets I was also considering.

    The picture quality is great. I'm not a videophile by any means, but I believe the existing video modes do the job well. I only made a few very slight tweaks. The EEFL backlighting is also a plus, it provides the energy saving and lifespan prowess of LED without the typical problems associated with edgelit LEDs. As far as any flashlighting or clouding, I do not have of it. The screen itself is perfect. It seems to do very well with motion. To my eyes, I can not see any noticeable ghosting or motion blur. Input lag was another area I worried about when researching TVs. The U25 seems to do very well, especially compared to other TVs I have played on. The sound was decent, but you can't really expect much from any flat panel these days. I was planning to buy a HTIB soon anyways.

    It may be lacking in internet related features compared to other TVs. However, its not that big of a deal with as many devices such as bluray players that provide them. For around $500, you really can't go wrong with this TV. (Posted on 1/28/2011)

  116. Amazing Quality for the Price Review by Jason L. Pyrz

    I bought two of these when they were on sale for $499, and boy am I glad I did. The picture rivals the quality of the much more expensive (3x more) Samsung model we had previously, and the response time when changing inputs is light-years faster. (Posted on 1/27/2011)

  117. Happy I made this purchace Review by jackback52

    Bought this TV to replace and old RCA CRT TV that was in the living room we've had forever. Everyone instantly fell in love with this new TV. definitely, happy with this purchace. (Posted on 1/26/2011)

  118. Lucky I found it Review by Big Red Gun

    I was randomly looking through the Amazon Gold Box deals one day and stumbled upon this TV. I had no intentions at all to buy a TV at the time, however I immediately did some quick research on equivalent TVs and prices. Unbeateable deal at the time, I got it for $499.99 price with and additional $100 rebate I had. $400 for a TV this good is quite rare. After a few weeks of using it, I must say I am totally satisfied with all aspects of it, I have not had to tamper with any settings yet, and the sound is very good for TV speakers! Don't let the few negative reviews discourage you, they are either haters or had some other problem that the majority of this TV's buyers did not have. I'm sticking with my 5 star rating. Another great TV from Panasonic (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  119. Overall: great purchase Review by Kyle

    My experience. I payed $600 for this. Saw the price drop to $500. Got upset, called amazon and within 5minutes had a $100 refund. That just made this purchase that much better.

    As far as the TV, the picture is great. The only reason i rated the remote less than perfect is the fact that i have a 32inch panasonic TV in the same room and they both react to the remotes. But i can deal with that.

    I also noticed the speakers sounded like they were blown once (could be because the volume was on 100 and then switching inputs was a bad idea). But anyway, turns out all i had to do was turn it off and back on and they are fine once again.

    Buy this TV. (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  120. Great things can come in inexpensive packages Review by David Tipton

    I recently bought this for my son. Right now he is figuring out the best place to put in his university dorm, so we made the mistake of setting up at our home, temporarily displacing our 3 yr old AOC bargain 720 TV. BIG BIG MISTAKE A big part of me knows that the AOC is fine...and yet, looking at the Panasonic reminds me of when I first compared standard vs HDTV - a leap forward. So, you can read the other reviews, obviously others also think this is a great bargain -- and it is. This is not 3D but on a good high def show, it takes on a 3D quality, like you can reach right into the scene.

    It is simply amazing that such quality is available at this price point by a major brand. I did see there is a 40 inch no name TV for much less -- my advice; spring for the extra $200 and get this. Saw that others also commented on the higher quality of the speakers...and again, comparing to my AOC, they are excellent...and its a crime to get this and not get some form of home theater set up - they too have come way down in price, and you do not need to get a high end system. Consumer reports recently gave an RCA system a best buy rating, and I think it was sub $200.
    ONE NOTE: As always, be aware of the Amazon return policy -- you have 30 days only -- you miss that by one day, and they will not budge -- learned this one the hard way (of course, vs reading their policy) so waste no time putting it through the paces to make sure it works as advertised. (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  121. It's a Panny... Review by G. Clarkson

    I purchased this set based on the excellent performance of a 32" Panasonic LCD (model 32s1)that I have owned for about a year. The 42U25 has a beautiful, natural picture with an accurate color pallette and is a superb value at these price levels. The IPS panel improves viewing angles greatly. The set has a adequate number of inputs/outputs and a more than decent remote. Sound is OK but of course will not compare to a dedicated home theater system. This model is obviously being cleared out for the 2011 models and is non-LED, not 240 hz and not internet ready but it delivers where it counts- image quality. Grab one while they last! (Posted on 1/22/2011)

  122. Very good value Review by Philip Hoskins

    This is our first HDTV and this unit does not disappoint. Easy set up, no problems or mysteries. Very good picture, although I don't have much to compare it with. Sound is so-so but I use my receiver (now I need a new receiver with hdmi inputs so I can consolidate everything). The size is perfect for our modest sized room (16x14) and glad I wasn't seduced by a bigger screen.

    Bought this on a one day sale and the first unit was stolen from the truck right before it was to be delivered so I was very disappointed that I would have to wait another week. Amazon stepped up to the plate and a replacement arrived in 3 days!
    Definitely recommend this. (Posted on 1/21/2011)

  123. My Husband Loves This TV Review by L. Keith

    We needed a new TV because it was getting old having to always change the cables in the back of our old flat screen to change from the Wii, PS3 and TV. We needed a TV to handle all 3 systems. My husband says it's a much better picture than the old TV. I did a lot of research before we bought. This TV rates very well all over. We got it for a great price on Amazon. (Posted on 1/21/2011)

  124. Great value Review by Brad

    Value is great on this one.

    Got the "Gold Box" deal and this set fit perfectly for the need. Have it in a secondary room to be used for gaming, watching Blu rays and sporting events.

    User interface is great. Easy set up, however it does take a bit of tweaking and work to get the color settings right.

    Love how you can change the settings for each input. The ability to adjust the "Motion Pro 4" feature/processor is great and fairly easy.

    Wish it had three HDMI inputs on the back and then one on the side, but alas, it only has two on the back and one on the side.

    You can adjust the sound settings, but the speakers on the bottom of the set do echo off furniture if mounted on the stand.

    The remote is basic, but honestly, it's a remote.

    Overall, love this set for what we're using it for and the price. (Posted on 1/21/2011)

  125. Great TV for the Money Review by rrgallo

    I purchased the TV after receiving a "Deal of the Day" email from Amazon. I only paid $499 for the TV and did not have to pay shipping. Before purchasing, I went to several websites and checked out the reviews and prices. I also visited a Best Buy Store to check out the prices. The TV sold anywhere between $650 and $750. The TV was such a great deal that I couldn't pass it up. This TV was a replacement for a Dynex 32" flat screen that I had in the living room. There is no comparison to the two.

    As with the other reviews, you have to play with the programing to get the color and sharpness that you want. I'm not a football fan, but I did turn on the Bears games to see if there were any issues with motion and I didn't see anything. I am your standard TV viewer; watching the news, movies, reality shows and sitcoms, etc. As with most any TV under a $1000, the sound quality is so, so. I already had a Visio sound bar that I used with the TV that I replaced, so sound isn't an issue. I would most definately recommend this TV to a friend.

    UPDATE: I've had this TV since January 2011. I luv, luv, luv this TV. I have had so many of my friends comment about how good the picture quality is. I've also seen some of the new TVs that were anywhere from $2000 to $3000 and they did not have as sharp of a picture as this one. I would recommend buying this one. Great value and product! (Posted on 1/20/2011)

  126. Good TV - Good Quality - but be aware of "soap opera effect" on LCD TVs Review by Richard

    I have only had the TV for a day, but so far I have been happy with it. This is my first purchase of a larger LCD TV - my prior purchase was a 1080P 50" Plasma, also from Panasonic which I have been extremely pleased with. The picture quality on this TV is pretty good. Although - it is noticeably darker than my Plasma, but that was to be expected. I have tweaked some of the picture settings, and this seems to have improved it from the default settings in standard mode. The one thing I will mention is the "soap opera effect" that I was seeing on some HD shows. The picture looked like it was shot with a hand held HD camera - giving it a really weird, almost surreal look and feel to it. It almost looked fake. I did some research, and this seems to be a phenomenon with many LCD TVs with whatever anti blur motion technology that brand is using. I found a setting in the advanced settings where you could turn this off, and it *seems* to have fixed the problem... we'll see. So - after a day, I am pretty happy. I will still be tweaking the picture settings to get the optimal picture, but for the price of this TV, I think at this point I have gotten a great deal and would recommend it (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  127. A great TV Review by Michael W. Mcginnis

    I recently returned a 40 in sony 60hz model to get this one when the price dropped after Chirstmas. I also have a playstation 3 slim. This TV controls the playstation better than the sony model did, and the remote is much nicer. HD motion looks great too. Some people cited a problem with closed caption, but just FYI it appears there is a firmware update out on the panasonic website if you have a problem. I just wish they would put AT&T uverse in my neighborhood now, so I could use this TV to its fullest. (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  128. This is a great LCD TV for the price Review by D. Falor

    Just purchased and have only operated the TV for a few days, so after using all the features that the TV offers my opinion may change. However, the set up programming was very easy. There are many different settings to assist in adjusting the color of the set, so adjusting for our preferences took a while. But, the color is amazing and the picture is clear and sharp. Initally, it was just set up with a direct coax cable into the set(good picture). It was later hooked to cable box with an HDMI cable (great picture). So, there is a noticable difference in picture quality depending on how the set is hooked up. But this most likely happens with any HD TV. The set is very light weight and the set has many nice features such as the SD card and multiple HDMI slots. This is a great tv for the price(I paid 250. or so less on than the same tv priced at Sears.) (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  129. High Review Review by Julian Nelson

    I got this at a deal and have no big complaints. My reasons for the 3 stars for black level is that it is a little darker then I would like for playing games and have some trouble getting the way I would like it. Also the volume is not the greatest, but I am getting some surround sound and will not need plain TV speakers.

    Over all I am really satisfied with this product and would recommend it. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  130. I'll keep it short and simple. Review by Diverge

    I really like this TV, it has a really nice image, and it was cheap. There are 2 problems I have with it:

    1) Overscan problems no matter what the source resolution is. Hook a PC to it, at boot half the 1/3 the text is off the screen. Boot to windows, 1/3 the desktop is off the screen at 1920 x 1080. Hook a PS3 to it w/ HDMI in 1080P, and 1/3 the UI is off the screen. It doesn't matter what video mode you pick on the tv, none of them fix the problem. The only way to use this TV like it should is by using a computer and scaling the 1080p resolution down to ~60%.

    2) this one is kinda minor, but the menu system on this tv is poorly designed. I bought this TV for my bedroom, and to use the sleep function you have to hit menu>down>down>enter>enter>then the arrow keys a number of times to pick the sleep time you want....

    If this tv didn't have a big overscan issue, i would give it 4.5 stars. I am very surprised more people aren't complaining about this problem. I guess they haven't noticed it. The good thing is i am going to use this with a HTPC.. so I can compensate for the overscan problem with the videocards scaling options.

    Okay, one issue partially solved. I posted this problem in the AVS forums yesterday, and someone told me how to correct it for 1080p:

    "Click Menu, click ok on Picture ( the tv screen) go down to Aspect adjustments and change HD Size to 2."

    So now all is good at at least 1080p. I'll bump it up a star. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  131. What I wanted for a price I didnt imagine Review by Makengee

    I've been in the market for a new television for the last 2-3 years but never considered it a priority to make the purchase. The reason why is I have 2 SDTVs that just won't die (not that I'm complaining). One is a 17 year-old Proscan 36", the other is an 8 year-old Sony Trinitron 24". I'm not one to trash perfectly good and working technology if I can find a use for it.

    Anyway, I'm a big gamer. Last year Mass Effect 2 hit the stores. Long story short, I couldn't read the font in the game and didn't plan to kill my eyes doing so. The game's font had been selected with no real regard for SDTV. Could I blame the designers? Not really. HD technology isn't necessarily new and cutting edge anymore; and a lot of people have them. Did I want to go out and just grab a new HDTV for a video game? Definitely not. I did however, start watching the HD scene, doing my research and saving a little cash here and there for a year.

    The last few months I had my eyes on a few sets: Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX500, Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500, LG 42LD520, LG 42LD550... I had very specific specifications I wanted met as well.

    Then, on January 7th, Amazon had Panasonic's TC-L42U25 up for "deal of the day" at $499. I had considered Panasonic plasma at one point and completely overlooked the LCDs. After a few hours of research, I pulled the trigger and am satisfied with the purchase.


    Phew, enough back story, time for a review.

    Panasonic's TC-L42U25 is a 42-inch (42' screen measured diagonally) HDTV LCD. The setup is 1080p Full HD Resolution. Features include 120 Hz Motion Picture Pro 4; 24p Smooth film; three HDMI connections and a PC input.

    1)Picture quality -

    Out of the box, the picture will be bright and vibrant. First time setup is quick and easy. The settings are easily changed (in case you don't agree) through the menu.

    The setting options for the television are not extensive, but they aren't simple either. You'll have a good amount of control over picture display options. Turning the ambient light option (C.A.T.S.) off, for instance, may be a good idea if your television is in a room that gets sunlight but not a lot directly. With C.A.T.S. on, the back light was not bright enough with the ambient sunlight. I can see a lot of use for C.A.T.S. when viewing a movie at night on this set however.

    Aside from that, you will also have default programmed settings to choose from (Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game and Custom). Select one then tweak it to your liking by decreasing or increasing the contrast, sharpness, color, etc. Color Temp has three settings of course (Cool, Warm and Normal) so you can slightly alter the overall tint of the screen.

    Other important settings are: Video NR, MPEG NR, and the screen format. I don't claim to be an expert with HDTVs as this is my first one, but the the first two settings I listed helped to clear up what I'm thinking were "artifacts" in my display while playing certain games. Very helpful as those "blocky", snow-like outlines around some moving images were bothersome at times.

    Setting your screen format to "Full" with "HD Size 2" is also recommended for the best viewing image in my opinion. Other reviewers have mentioned the missing 5% of the screen... "Full" with "HD Size 2" prevents that in regards to gaming.

    2) Appearance -

    Sleek design. All Black.

    The stand is oval in shape. I found this nice since I was placing the television on a coffee table with a circular glass top. A nice compliment. The stand is also sturdy and does not swivel but, the viewing angles are great thanks to the IPS Panel. So a swiveling stand is not needed. The television's buttons are on the right-side of the set as you're facing the screen (for folks that plan to mount or place the television in a nook).

    3) Inputs -

    Most of your inputs will be on the back of the television of course (2 HDMI, components, VGA, composite, etc.). The left-side of the television sports a SD Card slot (for people that want to use the set as a huge digital picture frame), a composite and a HDMI connection. The PC input on the back-side of the television was perfect for me since I want to have that option. I doubt many (if any) sets in the future will have this option since HDMI is becoming standard on newer computer video cards. PC input allows me to connect older rigs and laptops without the need to update the hardware. Great!

    4) Black level -

    The television's black level is excellent. It is not faded or washed out in the least. To top it off, there seems to be a few settings that will allow you to intensify the black level as well; making darker areas richer. The A.I. Picture setting can be turned on or off an will enrich the black/darker areas of your picture. A separate setting (Black Level) allows you to darken or lighten the screen. From quick observation, this setting alters the whole screen by either changing the backlight brightness slightly or just changing the picture brightness all at once (same thing as tweaking the brightness yourself in the menu).

    5) Remote control -

    Its a remote. I'm not picky about it as long as it works. I didn't buy the television to admire the remote.

    6) Response time -

    Overall, the response time is good

    7) Sharpness -

    Sharpness is great.

    8) Gaming -

    I purchased this television specifically for gaming and movies. I can't speak on how it handles a cable feed in any form. For gaming however, this is an excellent buy. The detail is crisp and the television delivers in regards to response, color and brightness.

    9) Sound quality -

    I do not use the television's speakers so I can't offer a honest opinion on performance. I have a separate system dedicated to audio connected. On that note, I have seen reviewers put down the sound quality of many HDTVs in general. Folks need to understand that most HDTVs don't have the room to accommodate quality speakers in their slim designs. Quality Audio is NOT what these televisions were designed for. There are other sets of equipment specifically designed for sound.

    Final Note --

    Great set! Very happy! And I can read the font no problem now!

    I definitely recommend this television to anyone looking for a nice gaming HDTV.

    Considering the specs: 120Hz refresh & 1080p, this television is really a steal at the price Amazon has it listed for (even now). I'd recommend this television to anyone wanting a great HDTV for a bargain price. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  132. Very good TV for the price Review by Muhammad Shoaib

    I bought this TV after a long internet re-search, Only thing I was worried about the 20000 Contrast ratio because the other companies are offering more then 50000 in this class, but trust me when i turned on the TV I was totally stunned, Picture quality and colors are best in its class and 1080p and 120Hz makes this TV even more lovable. Long story short don't get confused with contrast ratio thing just go for this TV and you would not be disappointed. (Posted on 1/17/2011)

  133. Love, love, love this TV! Review by Mary M. Swan

    Have researched TV's for months now and knew exactly what features I wanted and how much I wanted to spend. This TV is a dream come true for me. It is affordable and has all the quality and features of a high end TV at a more affordable price. The picture is absolutely incredible. It was easy to set-up and mount in the stand which is much sturdier than I had anticipated. The shipping was excellent - no problems at all. I am so happy that I waited and got the TV that I wanted at a price that fits my budget. Thank you Amazon! Good things do come to those that wait! (Posted on 1/17/2011)

  134. Killer price for a killer TV Review by R. Tackett

    I got this on the deal of the day for $499. It makes my gaming experience a whole new experience. Even though I had a HD TV before (56" JVC D-LIA rear projection), this TV is so much better that it's hard to describe. It is stingy on the inputs however but I don't think that will be a problem for my needs. The QAM HD picture quality is lacking but that is most likely my cable company because my Xbox 360 looks perfect. (Posted on 1/17/2011)

  135. Great TV Review by Bennett Matthew

    This TV pretty much meets all my needs, especially with all the inputs it has. I previously had a Panasonic 46 inch plasma, and the picture quality on this almost compares to that on the plasma. I would rate the Black levels on this tv an 8/10. You really can't go wrong with this TV especially for this price. I had bought an LG LED tv, but then returned it because LG is shady with having some of their TV's with VA panels as opposed to the IPS panel, its pretty much a lottery game. This TV comes with the higher quality IPS panel, and you can tell from the viewing angles that they are great. (I only wish the stand was Swivel stand, but its not too big of a deal) If your thinking about getting this TV, dont think, just get it, you will not be disappointed.

    Update 3.1.11: I just found out that I was able to control my Sony PS3 player using the Panasonic Remote Control. Once your PS3 is connected to this tv's HDMI input, and you turn on the input for your TV to HDMI, it automatically turns on the PS3 on, at this point, you can navigate the PS3 menu (especially useful when watching Blu Ray movies, since you dont have to buy another Sony PS3 remote control) Even your high end universal remotes can't control the PS3 because the PS3 uses bluetooth instead of infrared signals, but somehow I guess the panasonic remote seems to work by sending a signal thru the tv's HDMI (dont ask me how, but it works :-) (i was really surprised when I found out about this)
    Have had this tv for two months and I'm extremely happy with the purchase. Also this TV runs a bit cooler than my other Panasonic 46 inch plasma. (Posted on 1/15/2011)

  136. Panasonic 42 inch LCD 120 Hz Review by Tanya S

    I'd always wanted a Samsung 46 inch LED until I saw Amazon display this tv for $499 delivered. I'd never considered Panasonic as they are known for plasma TVs, so I did some research to include Consumer Reports. CR had it as a Recommended Buy at a price of about $300 more than Amazon was advertising. I then went to the local Best Buy just so I could get a look at it in action. I was really impressed with the picture and refresh rates. I stayed long enough to see sports and normal TV programs. The TV arrived two days ago, so I've just set it up and connected all my components. I would recommend getting a HDMI cable but that's the only additional item I've needed so far. The sound is so much better than my previous TV (JVC). The picture is outstanding! I've been watching basketball and football and the TV keeps up with the rate of play without blurring. My daughter watches cartoons on non-HD channels and they look amazing. At first, I thought the non-HD channels left a bit to be desired, but the more I watch this TV, the more I'm impressed. I can't imagine there's a better deal out there for a TV this size. (Posted on 1/15/2011)

  137. Great set was a gold box deal and well worth the price on Amazon. Review by Teacher and Mother "toy enthusiast"

    We just received this television a few days ago and I love it. The picture is great and the volume is great also. We have it in the bedroom and we barely have it turned up and hear it just fine. The picture looks best on gaming mode. Love it.. (Posted on 1/15/2011)

  138. Great TV for the price Review by S. J. Miller

    Bought this set as a "Gold Box" deal and am very satisfied. It certainly is not the greatest TV, but it is a great value. I saw all the negative reviews, and they have merit, but when all is considered, this TV is very worth it. It took a bit to get the picture right (mostly brightness and contrast), and the speakers were weak, but whe we used the HDMI and Component cable inputs, the sound improved immensely. Very happy with this $500 TV. (Posted on 1/14/2011)

  139. Great Budget TV. Review by A. Macharia

    I like to state in my reviews that I am no expert. I am not a so called expert when it comes to AV equipment. However, I am well versed in technology and try to keep up with tech aspects. As such, I think my review would be suited for regular folks trying to get the best bang for their buck.

    Lets be honest. The biggest issue that people need to be concerned about when making TV purchases needs to the the picture quality. Tones and colors that are natural, not too bright and accurately reproduced for the various sources such as DVD players etc. This HDTV does just that. The colors are 'natural' and definitely up there with the more expensive units. Before buying this, I did a little research and was dismayed at the dismal rating from CNET, yet Consumer Reports gave it a nice grade. (4.1/5). It is apparent that CNET may be out of touch with things because the PQ on this TV is great. Yes, the 'Darks' are not as dark as the bezel on the TV or on a $3000 Pioneer 'Kuro' plasma TV, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad.The black levels are acceptable in my opinion. If you are looking at reviews, keep your needs in mind, as a must have feature for one may not be that important to the other.
    CNET also fails to take into consideration that this is one of the few TVs at this price point ($500 as of Jan 2011)that has an IPS(in plane switching) panel. Whether you sit 30 degrees from the direct front of the TV, or on the floor at a lower level from the TV. You still get great viewing angles. I think this is an important feature especially when you have company over for games or something.

    Point #2. The 'viera link', similar to CEC, RIHD or a myriad of other industry names like Anynet for samsung and so on. I have an onkyo receiver with HDMI 1.3 inputs and outputs. Viera link is not just for 'Panasonic' branded devices. I spent a little time looking at my manual and successfully programmed in my TV to the receiver remote and can successfully control both the TV and receiver simultaneously. Importance? Let's say you are done watching a movie and need to go to bed. The viera link feature allows me to use the compatible device's remote (or the TV remote) to turn off the receiver, TV and dvd player with one button. The same goes for turning it on. . I know the harmony one does this, but given the option you obviously saves you $$. This for me if by far the most important discovery so far.

    What else it does,
    well, nothing fancy really. No LAN connection, no 'apps' that stream music, and no Netflix. No worry. I have a HDMI equipped laptop and the connection is seamless. I can watch hulu and ESPN3 on HD, with a widescreen aspect that looks great. You can also stream Amazon Video on demand, and I feel that this gives me greater power and flexibility with my sources than an internet equipped TV would. Next step,get a Netflix subscription.

    Some shortfalls

    Like any other TV this one has its own issues. First, the TV does not have analog audio inputs. This means that you cannot connect your 3.5mm headphones or devices. It also doesn't have RCA audio outputs as well. Your only option is through an optical cable or an HDMI cable. Not good for those with older devices like phonographs...(lol)
    It has 3 HDMI inputs, one less than what I think is the industry standard. Not really a big deal, especially since my receiver has additional inputs, but if you done have a receiver, it is easy to see how quickly these can fill up. Cable box, Xbox, PS3, DVD player and laptop to name a few. Not a big deal. If its really that important, you could get a switcher, or use component cables.

    Swivel. The TV does not swivel on its stand. Another 'standard' feature i feel most HDTVs should have. However, like I pointed out, this TV has an IPS screen which mitigates, to a large extent, the need for the swivel capability.

    Overall, I am extremely happy about this purchase,especially being my first HDTV. The only reason I couldn't give the fifth star was becasue of the lask of analog audio outputs and the lack of a fourth HDMI input. Not deal breakers by any means but standard features none-the-less.

    EDIT** Someone pointed out to me that the review on CNET is actually from a consumer and not an 'official CNET' review. (Posted on 1/14/2011)

  140. Here is the low down on this TV, what you absolutely need to know before purchasing. Review by JB

    1. Picture is fantastic, amazing colors, no issues with brightness, solid blacks.

    2. Absolutely no clouding or back light uniformity issues that SO MANY other LCD and LED TV's have. The screen is perfect from this standpoint.

    3. IPS panel, what more can one say, these are best LCD panels on the market which give you a better picture and much wider viewing angle without much loss of brightness or color.

    4. IF YOU ARE USING FOR COMPUTER MONITOR KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND: You will only be able to use this at 60hz, if you are buying this because you want to view 120hz for games or 3D, this is not the monitor for you. Whether you are using HDMI connection from your video card or the VGA cable, the MOTION PICTURE PRO 4 OPTION, which simulates 120hz, is grayed out, this is by design as this TV is not really meant to be a computer monitor. It does look pretty good when hooked up to HDMI and you get the full 1080P resolution. If you hook up the VGA cable, this TV maxes out at 1368x768 resolution, which is way too big for a 42 inch screen. So if your video card does not have HDMI out, forget about this as a viable option for a computer monitor. If you want a TV that will simulate 120hz as a computer monitor, the LG5300/5400 series is the only one I have seen that is capable of it using HDMI out. If you go for the LG TV, keep in mind that unless you get the 42 inch or higher set, you run the risk of not getting an IPS panel, it is a crap shoot that many have lost. The inferior VA panels are not up to par and have horrible off angle viewing. The LG's also have back lighting issues on all sets that I have seen, from LCD to LED.

    If 120hz was available for computer monitor use this would be a 5 star rating. But for the price, it is an acceptable limitation. 120hz (non tv) monitors are now coming out, if you want a gaming panel this is the way to go, I believe they max out at 24 inches so far, but larger ones are surely on the way.

    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CLEARTYPE FONTS ENABLED WITH YOUR WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM IF USING AS A PC MONITOR - it makes tremendous difference with the quality of the text. (Posted on 1/14/2011)

  141. Beautiful picture right out of the box. Review by JPR

    I've read that other folks had issues with settings, I didn't have any problems. The box arrived in pristine condition (thanks FedEx) and setup was easy for me. I turned it on, set the picture to 'Cinema' and turned down the color and the picture is outstanding! Excellent blacks, contrast, color, saturation and brightness. At this price point, this set is a real value, it replaced a 6 year old Sony CRT HDTV that lost it's sharpness. I've always been a fan of Panasonic products and have no problem giving this 5 stars! (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  142. Anyone figure how to set it for 120hz with a computer? Review by Aerin "aerin44"

    I bought two of these to use for a dual monitor setup on my computer. It is working well so far. However the monitors appear to the computer as 60hz and cannot be set to 120hz. I am using an Nvidia 460 graphics card connected to the monitors by HDMI. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  143. A Great TV! Review by BigTex

    I purchased this model, my first HD TV, around Christmas 2010. I couldn't be happier. Awesome detail, easy to use functions, lightweight and attractive. I'm glad I chose the 120hz. It doesn't skip a beat even on the fastest sports action. This TV is a great buy. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  144. Excellent TV Review by B. Oakes

    This is an excellent TV - great, clear picture and very good sound. I also own a 46-inch Panasonic 60Hz LCD and believe this picture is much deeper, clearer and handles sports action much better...can't go wrong with this TV. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  145. Great TV for a great price. Review by akshayroy

    First off I want to say that there are a couple of reviews for this television that have nothing to do with the quality of the TV and, rather, Amazon's service (mostly 1 and 2 stars), which i think is RIDICULOUS. BE ADULTS AND REVIEW THE PRODUCT IN QUESTION. CRITIQUING AMAZON'S SERVICE ISN'T HELPING THOSE WHO ARE DEBATING WHETHER OR NOT TO BUY THIS TV. THANKS. That said, let me get to my review. This TV is AMAZING BARGAIN. The picture quality is superb, but, as others have stated, the picture settings need to be adjusted as the presets just have a lot of variation. The Motion Pro 120hz is great, as unlike other brands (Samsung and Sony, that i know of) it can be adjusted...great for watching those old episodes of Seinfeld and not making it look "film-like and jittery" (like my brother's Bravia). As far as the IPS-panel goes, the color is fabulous. You want a great viewing angle?? Get this TV. Blu-ray movies with the motion pro on look AMAZING...saw "Dark Knight" with Motion Pro set to "strong" and worked fantastic, especially during the IMAX scenes. As far as gaming, which some have said is an Achilles heal, due to lag, I haven't noticed ANY lag on my PS3. Now, i'm not a "hard-core gamer" who plays 8-10 hrs a day...but I like video games. I've played God of War III and COD Modern Warfare 2 online on this set and haven't seen any lag at all, which was surprising, esp with GOW3, with all its action. Sportscenter?? Fuggheddaboutit. Since it has an SD slot, i threw some of my Canon's pics on the TV and they were stunning...the controls are easy to use and with Viera link, you can even stream it through the PS3, but be aware...if you put a movie on the SD card, it won't play on the tv (not sure whether it has the software to play .avi or .mkv files). Netflix HD...awesome. Some have said the sound isn't as great as they would like, but I really haven't had a problem since my condo is small...even if it wasn't, though, i think the sound is more than adequate..its LOUD!! The lack of a USB port and net apps is a detraction, but my PS3 fixes that most of these internet apps are friend's Vizio has a bunch which he showed my and then laughed about how he over payed for stuff he never used. Anyhoo. Got this the day Amazon had the gold box special, and can say this is a steal compared to other TV (although the shipping by other carriers like Pilot was a little disconcerting). Samsung's are great, I have a 26in, but no IPS and there is some ghosting on my set that's less than a year old. LG has IPS...but 100-150 dollars more. And Sony TV's just annoy me for some reason...maybe its from watching all the choppy tv on my brother's set, but whatever. In short, BUY THIS TV. You won't get as much for this price. Updates to come as soon as I see anything different. Thanks for reading. (Posted on 1/12/2011)


    <a href="">Panasonic TC-L42U25 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV</a>

    I ordered the above listed TV on the 10Jan2011 -listed @ $579.95 and LO & BEHOLD the very next day 11Jan2011, I was on the website and saw the same TV, now listed at a lower price of $549.98

    I tried to get a phone # for customer service or to go on the website to see how to obtain the lower price. I clicked on the check your order and saw that the shipment was scheduled for 14Jan-20Jan, so therefore the order has not been sent out as yet.
    I submitted a reply regarding if you make a purchase and see a lower price that Amazon will credit the difference. I have been checking my email for some acknowledgement from Amazon regarding the matter but no reply.

    I am disappointed of not knowing if my request will be granted.

    T. Terrelonge (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  147. Best of what's available on Amazon, Costco, and Sam's Club right now in the under $600 range for a 42" LCD with 120 htz Review by Matthew Lyon

    The best deal I found at Costco (around 1/5/11) was a Vizio 42" e421a for $479 (120 htz). I took it back. It had no composite inputs and you could hardly adjust anything with the picture.

    This is a much better deal and it has many more features (you can turn on and off the smooth motion). Picture quality is much better than similar featured Vizio's. Saw this TV on sale at Best Buy for $729.00.

    Also, I use this TV as a TV/monitor and the Vizio had to be set in game mode or the mouse would lag, have no problems with this unit. I can set it in any mode with no problems and I use a HDMI connected not the VGA.

    I don't like that the SPDIF out doesn't tranfer the sound as 5.1 unless I run it straight to the receiver.

    Best of what's available on Amazon, Costco, and Sam's Club right now in the under $600 range for a 42" LCD with 120 htz. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  148. This is a good product Review by turtle

    I never watched much TV and care little for the latest
    or even the current. Still I love movies.

    Setting this "big screen" TV up with HD was surprisingly
    pleasant. I shopped quite a while and felt manipulated
    (by Amazon) when I finally made the purchase--I almost
    sent it back without opening the box. I'm glad I didn't.

    I subsequently bought a Panasonic bluray at a big box
    store for Christmas (The four year old Toshiba DVD died)
    and it was a seamless install even tho the advantages of
    the Viera thing is lost on me. It was a source of
    annoyance every time I used the remote. Still, insofar
    as Viera helped getting movies off Netflix effortlessly,
    I like it.

    I hooked it all up with Mediabridge HDMI, Toslink and
    Ethernet cables (I have little faith in WiFi) and watch
    movies using an old Sony tuner which lacks most of the
    latest interfaces. We found just enough
    options on the Panasonic equipment to make it give
    adequate sound thru old (as in 40 years) AR speakers.

    The overall experience was good enough that we just
    bought a Panasonic 3D bluray player for our son-in-law's
    Birthday last week.

    Matsushita has done a good job in recent years on what
    used to be a good but not spectacular brand. (Posted on 1/6/2011)

  149. Great value. Great picture quality. Review by Bob B.

    I actually purchased this @ Sears on 11/14/10. They were running their Friends and Family sale. I got it for $675 plus a rebate of $75 and a free Panasonic Home Theater System ($200 retail value-but like getting it for $100 if I had been able to take advantage of this deal @$500). I searched for about a month before making the purchase. What put me over the edge on this one was the Consumer Reports rating and the price/Home Theater bonus. I am extremely happy with the performance. I, like some other posters, had to spend some major time in getting the picture settings where I wanted them. Once that was accomplished I could not complain about anything. Picture quality is great, black level is wonderful. Crystal clear... everything. Perfect for sporting events, gaming and HD shows/movies. Even my Roku (Netflix) has improved picture quality. Rated everything a 5 except for 2 things. Inputs (would have been nice to have @ least 4 HDMI instead of the 3) but only because I have a DVR with a hard drive that burns DVD's as well as the one for the cable co., which only stores for viewing. I have to share the Netflix HDMI input with the PS3. Also response time I rated a 4. When first turning on or changing inputs there is a delay of about 10-15 seconds that I am not used to. Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase. 94 rating. (Posted on 1/6/2011)

  150. Not what we wanted Review by WestBrom Mick

    The TV is OK, but I am deeply disappointed by one aspect we considered a must, that it doesn't have. I use headphones to watch sporting events, while my wife listens to music. The Viera has an optical input, with which my headphones do not work. In order to use headphones, I would have to spend about [...] for an optical-to-RCA converter box. Panasonic has been unresponsive when I asked about this. Apparently, almost any other comparable brand would have worked with headphones. Had I known, I would not have bought this TV. (Posted on 1/4/2011)

  151. Very Satisfied Review by Buckeye

    We are extremely happy with this TV. Picture quality is great and we have no issues with viewing angle (one of our concerns going in with an LCD). We also feel the size is perfect: not too big, but plenty big to capture effect of movies and sports. Consumer reports ranked this TV very high and I see why.

    We also like the "Versalink" system which allows us to control our Panasonic Blu Ray player using the TV remote pointed at the TV. THis is a plus for us because we have our Blu Ray player in a cabinet in the back of the room. (Posted on 1/1/2011)

  152. Great TV Review by gforce2

    I have owned this TV for about a month and just love it. The colors are very clear and vibrant and the speaker sound is great all by itself. Since we owned a surround sound system with our other TV. I did hook it up to that and it is even more awesome. There are plenty of connections to play everything I have. I think if anyone purchases this set, they will be happy with it. (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  153. Great buy on this tv! Review by agh

    I did a lot of price comparison before buying this tv. For the features included I feel we got a great buy. (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  154. The good -the bad-the ugly Review by Steve

    Price:best around
    pros:Great picture,good remote,easy setup
    Cons:Wayto much time to adjust for best effect.
    Could have better contrast and sound.
    Preset settings groups unusable-very bright or very dim.
    In short a good TV that could have been a great TV (Posted on 12/28/2010)

  155. Great buy for the money Review by opinions "Bill"

    The Panasonic TC-L42U25 is a great buy for us. It is easy to set up and, after adjusting, has a great picture and good sound. It is a great size for our viewing area. It is easy to access Netflix and an occasional Amazon movie.
    Viewing pictures from our camera is very easy. So far, there isn't anything that we are disappointed in. The Amazon guarantee about refund, if a lower price is found within 14 days of shipping, is so full of restrictions that the guarantee is useless. The price through Amazon was very good and shipment was pretty fast. We did find a lower price, by $25, but refund was rejected because the price was determined to be a limited time offer, even though it was effective for more than a month. (Posted on 12/28/2010)

  156. SOLID REMOTE CONTROL plus 120 HZ refresh rate has me sold! Review by Reviewer_54321

    I was in the market for a HDTV upgrade. After thinking about it, what size I wanted, Consumer Reports came into mind, so I went there to shop for tvs and read Amazon reviews as well.
    I was deciding between this tv or a Sony Bravia HDTV (very similiar features). I decided to go with this one because of the favorable ratings by Consumer Reports and some customers.

    Particularly pleasing to me is the quality of the remote control and 120 HZ REFRESH RATE. I play video games and I noticed a BIG difference in picture quality with most motion blur being removed. THAT, and the nice big screen made playing my old video games fun again, like you were really immersed in the scenes and scenery.

    But something else that often gets overlooked by the consumer I think, is THE REMOTE CONTROL!!!!!!
    In good part, I decided to go with the Panasonic over the Sony, just because one reviewer said the remote control had quality to it.
    The Panasonic remote is solid feeling and NOT CHEAP feeling like another SONY remote. (Posted on 12/18/2010)

  157. Closed Captions Review by Bernard Weinstein "Barbara Weinstein"

    I have quite a bit of trouble with the closed Captions
    They are fine on our other TV"s while on this set they
    seem to work and then go off for some period of time.

    Do not really know how to keep them on all the time.
    The instructions are poorly written as well.

    CC button on the remote works at times but not always.
    When the TV is turned off and on again this appears to help.

    Could have bought a better set for $ 655.00

    Other wise the responses are slow hanging channels
    None of this is true on our other TV's (Posted on 12/7/2010)

  158. Great Display; Especially for Gaming Review by Nathan Newlin

    When I first started looking around for a TV, I had a couple of minimum requirements. Firstly, the resolution needed to be 1080p (check). Secondly, the refresh rate needed to be 120 Hz (check). And finally, it would be nice to have a screen size over 40' (check). All those benchmarks were met for $600; it's hard to argue with that. As for the inputs, there are 3 HDMI ports but sadly no headphone jack. From a gamer's perspective this TV is fantastic. It wasn't until I played on this display that I actually noticed a difference between the Xbox 360's component cable (720p) and an HDMI cable (1080p). As a side note: If you play with headphones, don't worry. With a small modification and a thin enough cable tip, one can still plug the component cable into the Xbox alongside an HDMI cable. (Posted on 12/2/2010)

  159. Great TV Review by Pcan

    The TV is beautiful! The picture is awesome and it was easy to set up. I had no problem connecting all our components. Very simple. I found it easier than it used to be connecting TV's to VCRs, DVDs, surround sound etc.

    I read prior reviews about the sound not being good. But we hooked it directly to a soundbar and have not used the sound on the TV, so I did not rate the sound.

    We also don't use video games so I did not rate that.

    Excellent buy and excellent price. I found it cheaper on Amazon than any other site or store and I looked for a month. (Posted on 11/15/2010)

  160. Panasonic Flat Screen TV Review by Roy A. Brown

    This 52 inch flat screen TV is proving to be a great buy. The picture is good, sound is good. It has more capability than we are using. The price was right the TV is great. (Posted on 11/11/2010)

  161. great tv with a great value. Review by rb

    first 1080p tv. bought from bestbuy so as expected we paid about $80 more from what is the listed price here on amazon. out of the box, tv looks ok. i've seen lots of tv's with prettier bezel than this from other brands. but not really a big deal. looking at it from the sides, its obvious that it is abit thicker (maybe 3in) than those upscale lcds or led-lcd's(note an LED tv is just a LCD tv but with a different back lighting). still its fine for me, i was like "does a TV 2in thicker make our living room that much crowded?" well no. so overall i was pleased with the tv's aesthetics.

    this TV is heavy btw. i just use the tv stand provided. the tv stand doesnt swivel btw. and surprisingly you dont need a swivel stand on this tv. i will explain later. so we pluged all the cable connections. we turned on the tv. did the "first set-up"(if you made a mistakeor want to change something you can just comeback thru the tv menu).

    so we finally saw how the tv's picture looks like in manufacturer setting. the way i could judge the manufacturers settings in general (vivid,normal,cinema,game,custom) i think it is somewhat between OK and terrible. its either too bright, too dark or just doesnt suit to your likes. you really need to take time and play with its settings for a long time.i just tweaked the "custom"picture and left everthing else as it is.

    playing with its settings, i thought the settings menu is not as optionated(or finely detailed) as the other high-end tv's. but its fine with me. at least you can calibrate the options that really makes the difference.

    so after hours of calibrating the tv, we finally got over it. and i liked what i saw. the tv's picture quality is very comparable to those priced way more than this. the viewing angle is plasma like, very wide. the picture looks very good even from the wider angles. you will not even need swivel stands(but still having that would be better). i watched football and basketball on espnhd and it looked great, the colors are very acurate and you can see the benifits of having a 120hz refresh rate(i think a 60hz is ok, but a 240hz imo is just not worth it[thats just me]). HBOhd, hd movies and boxing looks fantastic. HD channels looks awesome and will make you think you got more than you paid for. i cant say the same for SD channels, well its just sd anyways. (i heard bravia with its "bravia engine" improves SD qualities better than this, but idk maybe its just a sony marketting gimmick and like $250 more). sound from this tv was good enough for me, very clear. overall we are very happy with the tv's performance. like brett favre said on his commercial "you will pay more but you wont get more". this tv definitely has a great balance between price and picture quality.

    other things about this tv:
    has 3 HDMI inputs(2 back, 1 side)
    a SD card slot(uncommon for many sub $700 tv's, tho i prefer having a USB port instead of this)
    PC input
    ole RCA cable input
    speakers are at the bottom.
    takes about 5secs to show picture after pressing power button.

    and oh dont get ripped off by buying those $40 HDMI cables.. $15 for a HDMI cable is actually too much.

    so my preliminary review ends here. i will update this in the future..

    initially gave the tv 5 stars. now its 4. though personally i will give this tv 4.5 stars.(rounding it to 5 seems too much, the tv isnt perfect)
    the picture quality is great, i see some moments where i think the color(red) is a bit off, its just i cant seem to find the right balance in the settings. im still in the process of tweaking the settings.

    i have noticed that at times the feature "Motion pro 4" is better turned off. and as the other reviewer has stated, it doesnt have a 1:1 pixel mapping on 720p. and as a result of this you can only view about 95% of the picture.. it is like the tv zooms in on 720p images, so you cant see the 5% of the pictures edges.. 5% loss of viewing area may seem unnoticeable, but its not. when i noticed this its a bit surprising how much picture is lost. but with all that said im still very fine with this tv. (Posted on 11/5/2010)

  162. Look elsewhere Review by Mason

    Let Me 1st say I'm a VERY VERY PICKY consumer electronics buyer! My set had 1 Stuck Green pixel and some backlight bleed in the bottom and top right corners but I will not apply those issues to this review as My set is defective (Meaning slim chance You'll get the same issues) and is getting replaced!

    1. Bright vibrant picture! (Great for sports and gaming)
    2. 120hz Refresh Rate (Corrects most motion blur)
    4. Soft picture (Due to Panasonic turning off Edge Enhancers resulting in a beautiful soft/realistic image)
    5. EXCELLENT Blu-Ray Picture (Correctly handles 1080p 24hz Playback)
    6. Minimal Input lag (Great for gaming)
    7. Beautiful 1080p Picture
    8. Excellent Array of Colors

    1. Not really the best TV for analog Cable (Get a Satellite connection to bring out the best of this TV)
    2. Panasonics Basic Remote (Non Backlit keys, Basic rubber style keys)
    3. Non swivel base
    4. Lack of extensive picture options
    5. No 1:1 Pixel Mapping
    6. Only 3 HDMI inputs (2 on Rear, 1 on Side if Your like Me I prefer mine inputs uniform and would've appreciated all 3 on back and a 4th on the side)
    7. Hard to settle on picture settings (Although defaults will do it for most)

    In summary if Your looking for a big gaming LCD and are on somewhat of a budget and love to watch Sports (Me) then look no further this is Your TV! Extra features aren't really necessary as the Picture is beautiful with minimal adjustments. It's also worth noting that Panasonic has some of the best customer service around so You really can't go wrong! Just make sure You leave the Black level on "Light" cause if You put it on "Dark" the Blacks are crushed (Lack detail) all in all Great all around LCD enjoy!

    Comment if You'd like My calibrated settings?


    Unfortunately I will be returning this TV tomorrow morning as it only lacks 1:1 Pixel mapping over a 720p Signal (it has 1:1 over 1080i/p) so unless You wanna deal with 5% of the screen cut off (Overscan) I'd get rid of this set ASAP! Yes You can force Your source to output at 1080i so You get the whole picture BUT 1080i introduces flicker (Which is YUCKY) and not only that some channels are meant to be seen at 720p.

    The 120hz Processing (Motion Picture Pro 4) could be a LOT better, it's funny it's supposedly the 4th edition of Motion Picture 'Pro' yet it still is faulty? The whole set is just herky jerky, and VERY soft! Safe Yourself some time and headaches and get a <a href="">LG 42LD520 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV</a> YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    It's sad as I initially liked this set but it has too many faults to justify even $650 (This set should retail for around $580) (Posted on 11/1/2010)

  163. Great tv for the price Review by SpookyXJ

    I bought this TV to replace a 26" 720p Syntax Olevia used primarily for gaming on my Xbox360 and PC but also have a standard def Directv receiver hooked up to it. I compared this TV to others in its size at Best Buy and this TV had the best picture out of all the LCD's and came close to several of the LED's at a fraction of the cost. It has a very solid oval shaped base that really helps if you need to set the TV an a smaller piece of furniture.

    Xbox 360 output is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe the difference in definition between 720p component on the old TV and 1080p HDMI on the Panasonic. There is no discernible input lag and the increase in screen size has made distance shots in online shooters much easier to pull off. I've watched a couple of movies on netfix over the 360 and picture quality is excellent considering the source although there is a bit of judder and the framerate seems to drop occasionally. Dvds are smooth and fluid but and look pretty good considering their resolution. SD tv via the directv receiver is pretty underwhelming but I am sitting only about 4 foot away from the screen and I have seen very few HDTV's that make a sd signal look even remotely decent. Time to upgrade the receiver.

    The TV arrived a few days before the HDMI cables so I tried hooking it up via VGA cable. My video card has VGA DVI and HDMI outputs. If you plan to use this TV with the VGA input do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Max resolution is 1366x768 and the picture looks horrible. If you drop down to 1280x768 it looks a bit better but you have to play with the manual settings to get the screen centered and change the refresh rate to get it to stop flickering. The VGA input is very poorly implemented and basically is wasted space on a television that already has a limited number of inputs. I also tried a DVI cable with a HDMI adapter cable I had laying around. This is the way to go if your video card has no HDMI output it displays 1080p beautifully. One other bad thing about the inputs is the video1, VGA, and HDMI1(if using DVI to HDMI converter) all share the same audio input so the use of one of the negates the use of the other inputs.

    Another feature I really love about this TV is optical audio output. I have a set of surround headphones with an external amp that only excepts a toslink input so its nice to have all my audio sources unified into the 1 output. This also allows alternating the use of headphones and the TV's external speakers without unplugging the headphones just hit the mute button and your good to go. Keeps the wife happy.

    I doubt you will find a better TV for the price. It's hard to beat $665 shipped to your door with its picture quality and feature set. (Posted on 10/20/2010)

  164. Best qaulity and pricing. Review by DreamWooer "DreamWooer"

    I bought two of this TVs for my father and my son. They both love it. (Posted on 10/10/2010)

  165. Fabulous! Review by Kristi Niemeyer

    This is a wonderful TV, easy to set-up and has a fantastic picture. Plus, the price was just right! (Posted on 8/29/2010)

  166. Love the picture, but have had problems with this TV Review by JAMES E "James E"

    I bought this TV 3 weeks ago. It was very easy to integrate it into an existing home theater set up. The picture was very dark from day 1. I found the filters in the Menu and turned them off and the picture improved nicely. But I found that everything on the screen was too green. No matter how much I fiddled with the available color menu I couldn't get the green out. I contacted [...] and chatted with one of their CSRs. He walked me through a reset of the TV that wasn't available in the Menu. It involved pushing the menu button on the remote while holding down the volume down button on the TV, then unplug the TV for a minute or so. This did reset the color in the TV and I now have a beautiful picture. A few days later the TV began shutting it self off every 3 hours. I haven't used any timers in the menu so I may have to contact Panasonic again. Panasonic was very helpful with my previous color problem so that is a great relief. I am wary of the software for this TV. I also found the Viera link through HDMI that controls linked items like a DVD player can be a problem as it can or will reset the linked item from what it was originally set to on the items remote control. I shut off the Viera link and the problem went away. I have always liked and bought Panasonic products for their reliability and quality but feel somewhat let down by the issues I have had so far. (Posted on 7/24/2010)

  167. Great TV Review by Gcon1234

    This TV was everything we hoped it would be. Great for gaming, and TV/DVDs. (Posted on 6/28/2010)

  168. Very nice for the price- UPDATE Review by JJ

    I got this to replace a similiar hitachi that I had for just a few days. The hitachi had backlighting issues where the top corners had the flashlight effect and it was very annoying during dark scenes. The hitachi did have a beautiful picture other than this one issue.

    This Panny does not suffer from such problems. It has a great picture, same features and very nice sound for built in speakers.
    The remote is very solid (compared to the Hitachi's that felt very cheap). I am very pleased with this purchase. While it's not an LED I was unable to see a difference at the stores when it was side by side, in fact, I was forcing myself to see a difference in the LED models but was unable too.

    You can not go wrong with this TV. I am very picky about my electronics, especially video and this TV has a nice picture, no flaws, no bad pixels, no backlight bleeding etc. I was debating between this and the plasma's but personally I do not like the picture quality on a plasma. I know they are supposed to be superior but I find the quality to be softer than LCD. Also, on the plasma's, if you look closely you do see the screen door effect on the screen whereas the LCD's have a smooth, clear screen. This is jut my opinion and personally prefer LCD vs Plasma but Plasma has it's share of fans.

    edit 7/30
    I initially gave this 5 stars but after comparing it more and more to my other tv's and the one it replaced (Hitachi that had banding issues) the picture is a bit softer than my other HDTV's. Don't get me wrong, its clear but not as sharp as the other tv's no matter how much I played with the settings. (Posted on 6/26/2010)

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