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RCA 22-Inches LCD TV

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22LA45RQD 720p LCD TV -Black

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22 inch LCD Full HD 1080p, + DVD Combo - TunerMode: ATSC, 1 HDMI Input, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Contrast: 1000:1, Brightness: 300cd/, Response Time: 5ms, Digital 3D Comb Filter, Noise Reduction, DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/ MP3/JPEG

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  1. Did not function immediately Review by LCK

    Received the television 2 weeks ago and finally had the time to get it set up. I purchased this so I can work out in a bonus room and just wanted something small with DVD functionality. Unfortunately, after plugging it in, nothing worked. The television turned on but there was no picture whatsoever - the screen never even came on - just the 'on' light did. Very disappointing and have initiated a return. (Posted on 7/6/2012)

  2. RCA GARBAGE Review by David "obxdj"

    I Had 2 RCA tvs and they both broke within a month of each other. Both only 3 years old. RCA said sorry, but we don't use that manufacturer any more.There is nothing we can do. RCA does not stand by their products. AVOID ALL RCA PRODUCTS!!!!! (Posted on 6/29/2012)

  3. Great TV for the price Review by Andrea

    I paid only $329 for the TV (on sale), and overall it was a great value for what it is.
    The LCD TV has a nice, clean design and very good quality picture and sound (with several setting options).
    The only slight thing I noticed is a slight delay with the channel changes (I would dock 1/2 a star for that).
    But it has brilliant display with my DVD player and has worked great for the past year. (Posted on 2/24/2012)

  4. defective garbage Review by FolkFan

    The remote stopped working after the first day. I tried two different universal remotes and couldn't get them to work with this TV. The TV also makes a loud buzz. Afterwards I relegated it to a spare TV in another room. After a couple years of light use, it started turning off spontaneously. DO NOT BUY THIS TV!!! (Posted on 6/10/2011)

  5. Buyer Beware Review by James Eveland "JimE"

    When I purchased this set it was fine and I enjoyed it's company. Then it started..DVD went and I called and I called and I wrote and I called........Nothing for 30 days. Then they finally said the warranty had expired. Luckly I had an add on warranty from Square Trade. Brought it in to have it fixed and the technician said Proscan parts department Sucks.Waited 3 months for DVD player part. He said DVD player was cheap and don't count on it to work any better or any longer. Picture sucks now and doesn't come in that good. Do not buy Pro Scan..Buyer Beware. (Posted on 1/25/2010)

  6. Good Set For The Price Review by Zman "Zman"

    I purchased this set through Costco online for 199.00, but the offer seems to have now expired. It is a great television for the price. High Def and standard def are both great. Wish I had bought two of them for the price. I am not an expert on high definition televisions so can't comment on technical comparisons. All I know is I haven't seen a 26" HD television cheaper anywhere. Great tv for a kitchen or bedroom. (Posted on 12/15/2009)

  7. Remote response time, delay in changing channels Review by Carl F. Jeerings

    Bought this TV when Circuit City shut doors. Was pleased with picture and sound. However the remote is difficult to use from across the room. First it must be carefully aimed at the sensor. Second, the buttons are finicky. Sometimes they work and sometimes you wind up skipping channels. Finally when you change a channel there is several seconds before the TV reponds. It is virtually impossible to "surf" channels without getting frustrated. I also noted the DVD freeze up reported by others. Overall it is a fairly good TV for the money but the quirks are annoying. I have a 24" Samsung the performs head and shoulders over the Proscan.

    PS: The TV is in the bedroom where my wife uses it during the day so I get blow by blow feedback on the remote. (Posted on 11/27/2009)

  8. At $299, this TV was a good buy. At $369, I would pass. Review by DrRob

    On Sunday 11/15/09 Sears marked this set down to $299 on their website, so I ran out and picked one up. They had to get a manager to approve the price, because it rang up at $369. Four days later It is now priced at $369. At $299, this TV was a good buy. At $369, I would pass.

    The picture quality looks good once you adjust the contrast and brightness settings. The pre-set adjustments look terrible. I turned the brightness down very low and the contrast up pretty high which produced a fairly vibrant picture. The picture is not as good as more expensive TV's, but for the price I paid I am pleased. The speakers on this TV are fair. They sound tinny and they buzz if you turn the bass up too high. Also, the volume accelerates too quickly. At level "4" the TV is too quiet and at level "5" it is too loud. The on board tuner is acceptable for over the air HD signals. My original antenna works fine with my old Sony 40" LCD TV, but the Proscan was not able to receive all the channels. I ended up building an antenna out of coat hangers, and after several hours of adjustment I am now able to pick up all of the local over the air HD stations using the built in tuner. HDMI and VGA connections look good; I haven't tried the component or composite inputs. This is a very attractive TV for the price range. Most sets in this range look basic and square, but this TV looks good on the wall and has nice sleek lines. The Proscan logo is not as big as the picture makes it look.

    Overall I would recommend this TV to someone looking for a bedroom or second TV set; but only if the price were still $299. I would not be happy with this TV as my primary set, or if I had paid any more for it. (Posted on 11/18/2009)

  9. Proscan for the pro Review by Old Mullet "Bookaholic"

    Bought at Sears about $330. Easy basic set up. To go further with add-on devices you MUST understand the technical names and connectors. Instructions are limited on plug-ins. Great picture. Great sound for first 30+ days. Now I get a "buzz" on bass type sounds, like distortion of speaker or vibration in plastic case. Not yet worth taking down and going for repair. No direct outputs for speakers/surround sound, have to connect other cables. Overall it is a much better picture than previous 30" analog set. Channel change is slow, maybe due to using an antenna. Reception clips in and out often even on best channels (but never on commercials :)
    The input/output connections are hidden and confusing but overall for our use it works great. Just wish it was more novice friendly on installation. (Posted on 11/15/2009)

  10. JUNK Review by F. Zimmerman "Felicia"

    I had this TV for 6 weeks and it stopped working. The 888 Proscan # that I have been calling for 2 more weeks does not answer OR return my calls to find an "authorized" dealer to fix it. What a ripoff & piece of JUNK!!! (Posted on 11/8/2009)

  11. Hum problem sollution Review by Thomas Korthuis

    Not really a review but a tip regarding the hum issue on this model.

    Having the same issue I contacted support and got the following answer.

    Follow these steps to correct humming issue:
    1. Turn tv on
    2. Input mode should be tv
    3. Turn volume to zero
    4. With remote enter 9 8 7 6
    5. A menu will appear on left side
    6. Arrow down to backlight and with right arrow key move number from 81 to 83, press menu button twice,
    7. Turn up volume and listen if hum is gone.

    This indeed solved the problem (Posted on 9/30/2009)

  12. Decent tv display BUT... Review by N. Jones

    I purchased the 32LB30QR version of this television that includes a built-in DVD player for a decent price (DVD a little noisy when activating but decent). Early in the day I brought it home and set it up, which wasn't entirely difficult at all. The picture quality was satisfactory and the DVD player was adequate enough. I was pretty satisfied with what I had...until I wanted to watch a movie that night. I turned out the lights, and lay in bed to see how Star Wars (Episode 4) looked on the new TV. To my annoyance, I had a bright blue spotlight interrogating me all the way across the room from the lower right corner of the TV. This, of course was the power light. It's red when the TV is off but blue when the TV is on. I thought it was kind of bright during the day but figured it was no big deal...I was wrong. It was way too bright for night viewing. I searched the settings and find nothing to dim or deactivate it. Since the light was immediately above the sensor for the remote control, I had to cover the light with tape and a small rubber stopper. Speaking of the sensor, the remote control was kind of weak. I had to press the buttons several times to get a reaction from the TV. Keep in mind I had this problem even before I placed the stopper over the light. I see this issue is present with other reviews on other sites as well. Maybe a universal remote will suffice, but I may never know unless I read a review.

    Needless to say, I returned the TV the next day because I believe I shouldn't have to make modifications (even simple tape-and-whatever) or grumble over having to repeatedly push remote control buttons to enjoy something brand-spanking new. Overall it was a decent model but these issues, especially that light, are real deal-breakers. I'm not sure I would recommend the 32lb30QR unless you can deal with these. (Posted on 7/19/2009)

  13. Audio hum Review by George E. Stanton

    Proscan 26LB30QD - 26" LCD TV with built-in DVD player - widescreen - 720p - HDTV - black, white, silver
    There is a hum in the background of the audio. Not noticable when a signal is being transmitted but really noticeable between signals. Also, I believe this TV was used not new as reported. The outside of the box was worn and tattered. On the inside of the box, the styrofoam was broken up that usually occurs during unpacking the first time. (Posted on 5/16/2009)

  14. Good Value Review by H. Carter Hunt III

    Very good value. If you hear a faint buzzing noise when you first purchase this do not worry. The noise is quickly and easily fixed by changing a setting. I googled and found many people complaining about it and then found a troubleshooting tip and it fixed it. I believe it is just the sound of a light or something else in the tv and when you change the setting it cannot be heard. (Posted on 5/15/2009)

  15. Great Value, some minor irritations Review by Jimbo42

    This TV was unpacked and operating in about 15 minutes. Easy setup, so far I've only tested direct to cable with QAM tuner. The connections are inconveniently located on the back, in a recess, and pointing down so you can't see them. There are no side inputs. The video setup is easy, I found the user mode to be the best. Good picture, color and contrast. There are no problems with the sound, Quality is normal for a set of this price, basic stereo with no surround. The remote works ok, but the buttons are small and require multiple pushes sometimes. I can't find much info about Proscan but [...] gave a two year warranty. Overall a good value for $[...] plus $[...] S/H. (Posted on 4/8/2009)

  16. Nice cheep 32" LCD Review by D. Duerr

    I also purchased this TV from Costco on sale for $320.

    I'm using this TV in my computer room. It's not my primary TV. Setup was a snap... Hooked up cable, a DVD player, a PS3, and connected my desktop PC DVI->HDMI. HiDef streaming from Netflix on the tv is great. Also the set has a QAM tuner so you can get digital cable without renting the box from the cable company.

    I read a few complaints about buzzing from the speakers and was prepared for the worst. Most of the time I run sound from the TV through an optical cable to my Logitech Z-5500 surround sound pc speakers. However I used the built in speakers for the first week I had the set and never once heard the buzz. The speakers sound perfectly fine to me.

    The first thing I did when I hooked the TV up to my PC was run Dead Pixel Buddy. My set has no dead/stuck pixels.

    Shop around for cables. I wanted one quick so went to Worst Buy. The one HDMI cable I needed was $69. I went online to monoprice and was able to get the same quality cable plus a 15' HDMI, and 20' DVI->HDMI and 15' optical shipped for less than 1/2 of Worst Buys price. (Posted on 4/1/2009)

  17. Best, Cheapest 32 incher I could find... Review by Beau Chevassus " - Videographer /Web D...

    I bought my Proscan 32 inch LCD TV off of Costco for $320.00

    It was the best deal I could find. I'm new at owning a TV, so this is a good starter. I've hooked up my PS3, Wii, and receiver to this TV, and it looks beautiful (I have not used the built-in speakers because I'm running all the sound through my home-theater system. This is the only complaint I've heard from other customers on Costo's website (buzzing in the internal speakers), but I cannot confirm this.). For me, the only downside is there is one burned out pixel. This is pretty much a given these days though, that at least one pixel will be burned out in an LCD screen. (I'm not too picky, especially for $320!).)

    Great manufacturer ("Proscan")--I've never heard of them before. I think they're trying to get the word out about their product so they can get a foot in the market. (like Vizio did when they first started... first they were the cheapest, now they're well-known so they can afford to be as expensive as the top-brands).

    Quick note: If you're going to buy any HDMI cables, DO NOT go to Bestbuy, Target, etc (and get suckered into forking over +$50). Buy them on for under $2.00 They work perfectly fine. I've bought all my electronics off of Amazon.

    Hope this helps shed some light on Proscan! I have never heard of them before this deal, so there's my two cents. (Posted on 3/26/2009)

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