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Tonka Ricochet R/C

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Go wild with this freewheeling remote control car. The Ricochet Stunt Pro was made to steer through the sharpest turns and do the best stunts you can come up with. Its awesome remote technology lets you save your favorite stunts and press Replay to do them over and over. You're at the wheel, so get ready to amaze yourself with daredevil stunt action. The vehicle comes with a controller, battery charger and wall adapter. It includes 3 AAA batteries for the controller and 1 rechargeable 9.6V battery for the vehicle.

  • Product Dimensions (inches): 5.2 (L) x 19.9 (W) x 14.2 (H)
  • Age: 8 years and up

The tough and agile TONKA XT RICOCHET STUNT PRO R/C Vehicle lets you create new stunts and remembers the stunts you just performed. Kids can activate the remote replay function to record and save up to four of their favorite stunts, then press replay to perform them over and over again. The TONKA XT RICHOCHET STUNT PRO R/C Vehicle is fast, rugged, and delivers all the toughness TONKA trucks offer.

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At a Glance:
Age Requirements:

8 years and up

Assembly Requirements:

Requires three AA batteries for remote control, and one 9.6V battery for the vehicle (all included)

The car's oversized tires let you drive through dirt and grass. View larger.
Use the controller to easily maneuver the RICHOCHET STUNT PRO. View larger.
Features Stunt-Replay Action

The TONKA XT RICHOCHET STUNT PRO R/C Vehicle gives you the unique ability to save your favorite stunt moves, so you can replay time and again. Simply press record before performing a move, then use the Save Button when you perform a stunt you want to keep and the remote control saves it! Then press the replay button, and the vehicle will take off and repeat the same exact move. Save your best tricks, and show them off to friends and family.

Ultimate Stunt Vehicle

The TONKA XT RICOCHET STUNT PRO R/C Vehicle is two-sided, so you can drive it, flip it, and keep racing. The vehicle can easily maneuver around the room, so you can perform wicked flips.

Built Tonka Tough

The TONKA RICOCHET RC Vehicle boasts all the toughness TONKA trucks have come to be known for. The huge oversized tires can roll over dirt and grass, while its resilient chassis makes sure this RC vehicle keeps truckin'.

What's in the Box

RICOCHET STUNT PRO R/C Vehicle, controller, 3 AAA batteries, 1 rechargeable 9.6V battery, battery charger, and wall adapter.

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  1. Didn't even last 6 months Review by Mikeswife

    My son played with this off and on since Christmas. It died in May, which is just as well, I suppose because the thing never ran for more than 10 minutes anyway. (Posted on 8/20/2012)

  2. Worked once then charger quit working! Review by Joe

    I bought this for my son for Christmas. We charged it up one time and it worked once then charger quit working! Now we have no way to recharge the main rechargable battery. (Posted on 8/13/2012)

  3. Loads of fun, even for a short time Review by C. Fisher

    I bought this for my 3.5 yr old son. He loves it and cannot get enough.

    Let me start with the cons:
    1 - this is an outside toy. The power and torque in this toy is amazing. It is way too powerful for the house, unless you want damage to furniture.
    2 - This thing is huge. Not a big minus, I like the size, but it is heavy to carry around.
    3 - Battery lasts only 15 - 20 minutes depending on how hard you push it.
    4 - Battery takes about 4 - 5 hours to charge.
    5 - Battery gets really hot after use. Be careful. An adult should remove the battery and charge it. Smaller children might not understand that it is really hot.

    1 - This thing is a blast. They really have a magic with this toy. It lasts only a short time, but that does not even bother my son. He is so excited and happy from all the fun he had in those 15 - 20 minutes that he does not mind. Actually the time for use is about right. A Little longer would have been nice, but it is just right. When it is done you are not disappointed with the fun experienced. I have shown this thing to friends that have high end RC cars and they think this thing is awesome. A Few left saying they were going to buy one.
    2 - Extra batteries are available. You can buy after market batteries. The battery that comes with this is a 1000mAh batter. I bought a package on Amazon that contained two 2000mAh batteries. My son gets about 45 - 60 minutes on a single charge. These new batteries do take a lot longer to charge. So best to charge them over night.
    3 - Incredible distance. My son drove this thing in a field and it went about 50 yards or so before I made him stop it and turn it around. There was no sign of it slowing or losing control. I don't know what the actual range is.
    4 - really fast on concrete.
    5 - Crashes are the best part. The thing keeps going. That is what my son likes the best. It crashes and just flips over and keeps going.

    I would recommend this to anyone. I would recommend it to smaller children too, as an outdoor activity. (Posted on 8/4/2012)

  4. fun toy!! Review by dennis

    bought this for my 5 yr old son and he loves it. I strongly reccomend buying an extra 2000mah battery as the 1000mah battery that comes with it only lasts about 10-15 minutes and then you have to charge it for 4 hours. The 2000mah battery lasts alot longer. Really tough car overall (Posted on 8/3/2012)

  5. Fun while it lasted Review by Christopher Stokes

    My son received this 3 months ago as a birthday gift, and initially it was a lot of fun. We were surprised how FAST it is, so due to this it became an outside-only toy. After about 5 uses, we noticed the tires wouldn't stay on. The edge of tire is really thin, so it wears out easily and the tires won't stay on very well. So we rotated the tires, and now after about 10 uses, the tires don't stay on at all. What's more, is the AC adapter apparently just stopped working and won't charge the battery. The LED doesn't come on and my multimeter doesn't register anything. I don't know what Hasbro's warranty is because their website has limited information, so I'm afraid this toy is condemned to the trash. (Posted on 7/29/2012)

  6. Defective battery or charger, which is what its all about. Review by Prof. GAC "ME"

    Just received the truck. Looks cool but runs for about 30 seconds. That's it! The battery which is about half of the value of this product was charged for 4 hours before usage, (blinking light on the charger) but no joy. Its a huge disappointment as we live overseas. I strongly recommend to search for alternative remote controlled toys. The 30 seconds (and going down) show there is promise in the concept. The implementation is terrible. (Posted on 7/21/2012)

  7. My boys love it Review by L.D.

    My boys love it, and my husband likes to play with it too. It's been durable and fairly easy to set up and use. This thing will fly, flip over and keep on keeping on. Its almost unstoppable and I wish I had purchased two when they were on sale. You may need to get a NiMH battery for it, so you can play longer. (Posted on 6/17/2012)

  8. A fun ride Review by Brian M Palm

    We got this one and really rode it hard. It can take a lot of abuse. The battery died very prematurely for us. The design allows for younger kids to have fun too. (Posted on 6/14/2012)

  9. Beware of the toys packaging Review by Wagcollectibles

    This is a great toy and does all its advertised to do. Buy=t if your thinking of buying this as a gift be aware that the packaging of the cars is always damaged making the toy look like its used or second hand. I've bought two of these (different colors, two different sellers) both had tears, holes,creases, taped, etc on the products packaging. Apparently this is caused by the open design of the cars boxes. If you don't mind boxes looking rough and abused, these are a great toy. Both car's charger's took 4 hrs to charge and showed me when they were charged. Car runs about 15-20 mins depending on how its ran. Its tough built and goes over rough terrain, grass along with smooth, nicely. (Posted on 6/6/2012)

  10. Super fun, perfect next step for RC cars Review by ChrisLM

    I bought this car for my 5 year-old son because he loved RC cars. We had gone through quite a few of the inexpensive ones and most broke after a week or two. He had seen some of the fancy TREXX cars and thought they were awesome, but after evaluating them, they are really for teenagers or adults---they are very fast, and require significant skill to drive and cost quite a bit of money.

    The Ricochet is big, and pretty fast but because of it's big tires and ability to keep on going after it flips, it is incredibly fun. My son loves driving it while chasing after it and sending around on grass or dirt or off jumps. It's still quite fast at full throttle---I have to sprint to keep up.

    One note, it's big and heavy enough, that it really should only be used outside. Also, important, it's been durable: it's still running after six months of intermittent use, though the battery hatch screws are starting to strip.

    Multiple Richochet's can be used together (we've used two at the same time).

    We eventually bought the Tenergy 2000mAH 9.6V NiMH battery to give ourselves longer play time (about 25-30minutes).

    My only real complaint: the charger that comes with it can over charge the battery so you need to put it on a timer to stop it after 4 hours. I just got a separate Tenergy smart charger to replace the one that comes with the car. (Posted on 6/1/2012)

  11. Fun, Durable, Great for Youngsters Review by Tom D

    This thing is durable, runs as well in the grass as on a hard surface and is an excellent choice for younger children, even the 2 to 4 years old range. It's good for the young ones because it flips over, but is always "upright" and able to keep going. The range is excellent, though all things considered it seems to work out best in either a large or fenced yard. You can run it in the house, but best in a relatively open space. It's fast and the speed eats up a small room quickly. The wheels are soft and act as bumpers so when one youngster runs it into another, no damage, no pain. The most fun seems to be jumping the car over ramps or gettin "air" running over a tree root. Lots of laughs and giggles.

    Others have commented on the 4 hour battery charge time, and you can buy a spare battery at a hobby shop for about $20, but the thing runs well for the factory specified 15 minutes and for the young ones, that's a good attention span and time to move on. The battery life just hasn't been a problem for us.

    The "memory" function that saves and repeats the last 10 seconds of the action works fine, but no one seems to care. Maybe when the kids are older that will be an issue. (Posted on 5/20/2012)

  12. great and fun Review by GI TV


  13. Great remote control car! Review by Annette Lewis

    I purchased this car for my 8 year old grandson and he loves it! Every time he plays with it, he discovers a new stunt that the car can do! (Posted on 3/14/2012)

  14. This thing is a beast Review by Tony Huynh

    the toy itself is a little larger than a shoe box. what do you expect from a 9.2 v battery. the kids loved it, it's super fast, and they thank me all the time for it. (Posted on 2/29/2012)

  15. Worth the Extra Effort Review by Edmonds Librarian

    Zippy! Stunt Crazy! This is the real deal.
    You can make this car flip, wipe out, and go "all terrain." It's been durable and fairly easy to set up and use. Any damage that this car might encounter is strictly due to cazy fast speed it goes. My seven year old son has the hang of driving it well (we've had many other smaller indoor models), but I wouldn't recommend it for any younger age (8 year old age recommendation on package.) I wouldn't recommend it in wet grass (or puddles), but short dry grass is fine. Snow is pretty fun too.

    It drives awesome right out of the package. As noted in other reviews, the battery takes time to charge. I'm glad I bought a second battery. Three batteries would be too much as my child usually tires before the second battery runs out, even with sharing driving with a friend. The TINY screws holding in the battery are my only complaint; it's a kids toy and should not have such small screws.
    I did have to troubleshoot my first purchase, and ended up returning it. It steered right and didn't go back to "straight." It was a huge disappointment initially, but the return went well.

    This is an EXCELLENT value for the money. The "grown up" models will cost much more for my family, but we've already arrived at all the fun and joy that a remote car can bring. It's performance for the price has erased all the initial disappointment. My son's friends envy is just icing on the cake... (Posted on 2/19/2012)

  16. Its great Review by GH "Ross"

    First thing my grandson said was : "The tires are flat Papa" and they are if you mash them, but not because they are out of air but because they are soft so as to get traction. This thing will fly, flip over and keep on keeping on. Its almost unstoppable and I wish I had purchased two when they were on sale. (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  17. good for the money Review by James M. Owen

    really suprised @ how fast it goes. Boys love it.Dad likes to play with two. flips over and keeps on trucking.
    would like to get another gold box deal on this one. :) (Posted on 2/13/2012)

  18. These R/C cars are awesome! Review by peteman

    I bought the blue/green one for my 6yr old son for Christmas. We had other remote control cars and they broke fairly easily. I have to say that I am impressed with these cars! We went out and played with it and heand I loved it. It flips and flies through the grass with ease. It is major fun! We were ramping off small snow piles (and you have to be careful as it says you aren't supposed to get it wet). It was so much fun that I finally bought one for myself. We had no problem running two together - I wasn't sure as there really weren't any switches to select a certain number - but they just worked fine. The instructions do say that you can resink them together but we haven't had any problems. These things are very rugged and fairly fast so would only recommend for outdoor use. These are a very good buy and very fun. The supplied battery last only about 15 minutes so I will be buying more at some point. (Posted on 2/10/2012)

  19. It has good reviews but I am not that happy Review by Mark Rickey "paradoxss"

    I thought from all the reviews on here I would love this toy for my son. I was wrong, unfortunately.

    First problem is you have to use a screwdriver every time you want to charge the battery. They made the battery cover screw on and off to get to the battery to charge. It becomes a pain, trust me.

    Secondly, every time I charge the battery and put it in, the car and remote don't sync properly. I get it to sync by holding down a button on the inside which makes it force a resync signal, but it should not work this way. It should do it automatically. Again, another small annoyance.

    And lastly, a BIG problem I have with it, is the tires are not snug around the rims. Numerous times while turning fast on concrete the tires pop off the rim wall and you have to 'pop' them back on. This is the biggest annoyance I have with the vehicle.

    Other than those 3 problems, I love the way it is made. It is fast and durable and goes over grass with ease, which is something I wanted for my son.

    I wish in a future version they can fix the problems I experienced. If they do, I would buy again but unfortunately I cannot recommend this product the way it is currently made. (Posted on 2/10/2012)

  20. FUN BUT DEFECTIVE Review by Anonymous

    Purchased for 7 yr old. SUPER FUN but now after 30 days and a one stunt the front wheels are stuck in a left turn position....cannot find info on a warranty. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  21. What fun! Review by K. Hartling

    Amazingly fun r/c.
    Very fast, so for younger kids it's a bit hard to get a handle on controlling it. Adults will really love it.
    It seems to do well on any surface. Asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, dirt ... awesome!
    Seems pretty durable. Lots of crashes and no issues yet. (Posted on 1/31/2012)

  22. My nephew really enjoys this Review by JosABankHater

    The car is awesome. Seems quite durable and my nephew really loved it as a Christmas gift. He is 11 years and enjoys playing with the car. (Posted on 1/29/2012)

  23. grandsons loved getting 2 of these. Review by jsue

    I actually don't know about the durability or educational values. But I understand the boys loved the the two I sent at Christmas. The boys are 4 and 5 years-old. The younger one has a learning curve in handling it from the video I saw. But he'll get it. (Posted on 1/26/2012)

  24. A birthday present turned into disappointment Review by I. Velikov "Worshipper of Jesus"

    I purchased this car as a birthday present for my son. Unfortunately there was a deffect with this toy - the right wheel spins much faster than the left one, turning this car into virtually uncontrollable remote control car. I went on Tonka's web site and did not find any warranty info, so buy at your own risk. (Posted on 1/24/2012)

  25. Fun toy for the price Review by Snyders Glass

    Great little car for the price. The only thing about it that sucks is the tire keeps slowly coming off the wheel as you drive it. Easy to fix though and for the price who can complain. (Posted on 1/20/2012)

  26. Great fun Review by Bampie

    We have had many different R/C cars in the past, and this one is by far the most durable. The large soft tires cushion the many contacts with curbs, people and such, and keep the body from being damaged. The only negative is that because the tires are so soft, they easily are dislodged from the rims and need to be pushed back on. The fix is very quick and simple however, even for young children. These cars are great fun and are holding up well under the natural abuse of an 8 year old. (Posted on 1/19/2012)

  27. Great RC Vehicle Review by rjgsphinx

    I gave two of these to my nephews for Christmas. They have been a huge hit. The cars are rugged, fast, and maneuverable. The remote is easy to operate and even my 5 year old nephew has had no problem controlling them. The cars are used on a farm and are constantly running into and over things. These cars hit trees, cars, etc. at full speed and then just flip over and keep going.

    As noted before the battery life is only about 20 minutes but that is plenty of time.

    The two work well at the same time as they are on different frequencies and have no problems. Even when they are purposely crashed into each other at full speed it has no effect.

    Highly Recommend. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  28. A lot of fun Review by flichness

    This toy has gotten my 8 year old son out of bed every single day on time since we got it he's in love with it a must have! !! (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  29. Rough Rider Review by Strange Man "Mac"

    Ordered two of these for my grandchildren and we all had a blast with them. Very rugged due to the big soft tires that act as shock absorbers allowing the car to do things that most RC cars would would be destroyed like going down a flight of stairs on my sons front porch. I stopped that right away. Has enough power to run through grass and over piles of leaves. Turn it over and it keeps on going. Battery last about 15 min much longer than most. Charging time is extra long is the only negative so you may want to order an extra battery. (Posted on 1/15/2012)

  30. Great toy Review by Lbravo

    This is a great toy my son loves the tricks he can do with it. I fully recomed this r/c toy. (Posted on 1/15/2012)

  31. Fast R/C vehicle Review by SuburbanTech

    Fast and performs well on grass. Even climbs off-pavement hills. Flips and keeps on moving. Off road performance makes it safer for little kids (stay in back yard), but the 9.6V battery charging requires removing a cover with two recessed screws, not a job for a typical 8 year old, I think. An 8 year old can certainly operate it well enough. I think the 6V trucks usually offer simpler battery replacement. A good value for the $40 I paid. (Posted on 1/14/2012)

  32. Tonka Ricochet R/C Replay Review by Linda Riffert

    I bought 3 of these cars for Christmas gifts. All three of the guys that got them, all over 25 years old, loved them! It has the replay option so if they like a stunt they just did, they can replay. I do not think that the Ricochet would be a good toy for anyone that is too young. They are fast and probably would hurt a pet or young child if they hit them. I definitely will purchase more of these if the need arises! (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  33. Great remote control truck Review by akgirl

    Great remote control truck. Actually survives my crazy kids. Powerful, fast. The battery packs drop like flies, but otherwise very impressed. (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  34. so much fun! Review by ahrust

    My five year old and my grown husband have had so much fun with this car. We purchased several different types of remote control cars for Christmas and this one is our favorite. The only problem is with the battery. It doesn't last very long and you need a screwdriver to open up the battery every time you need to charge it. My son can not charge it so he is always having to ask for help. A little inconvient. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  35. Broken Wheel issues Review by Helen Jo

    This was bought as a Christmas present for my eight year old daughter ( yes girls like these things too). One thing to watch out for is the fact that the wheels are made of plastic and have thin rims inside to keep the chunky tires in place. The rims that hold the tires may become broken. Once broken the tires come off all the time. This only took one eight year old girl a few days to accomplish. Heaven knows what a little boy could achieve. I am contacting Hasbro in the hope of getting some replacement wheels. Once I took off the tires I found all four of the wheel rims where damaged. Other than having no tires it is a great toy.
    I am hoping Hasbro come through on this product. She really loves her Christmas present. (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  36. Awesome!!! Review by D. Golebiowski

    This car is great, it can take a beating and keep on going. The only thing was that one of the tires were not perfectly round and kept slipping off the the manufacturer is going to replace it with a new one....o well. (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  37. horrible battery Review by jamied516

    I bought this for my five year old son for christmas. The car is alot of fun. BUT it takes four hours to charge the battery and it only lasts FIFTEEN MINUTES! The first time he played with it i thought that we needed to send it back because it was broken but in the manual it tells you that fifteen minutes is how long the battery lasts on a full charge. I purchased this on sale for only 35 dollars but if i had paid the full 80 dollar retail price it would have been going back!! (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  38. Awesome RC car Review by b-oklahoma

    This RC car was really impressive, both in performance and for battery life for a charge. Will be interesting to see what it does after several charging cycles. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  39. NEVER use indoors!!! Review by OneCrazyMomma

    Like most of the other reviewers, I found this car to be VERY durable - unfortunatly the other toys and furniture in my house are less durable than the car! The cars battery only last for 15 minutes (litteraly 15 minutes - it even says so on the instructions) and that's a good thing for us because in those 15 minutes the car did $180 worth of damage and nearly gave our dog a nervous break-down. It destroyed my son's train table with one hit.
    After the 15 minutes of destruction, we had to remove two screws to get the battery out to recharge it.
    It's LOUD, destructive and a pain in my behind...but my son loves it. The tricks are really cool and I think it will make a great outside toy that is until I get tired of charging the battery and it 'get's lost in the move' to our new house. (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  40. Super toy Review by Tom

    Wow. After reading some reviews I thought this would be a great RC car for my girl. Man was I right. Super fast, tonka tough, and a freakin blast to play with for all ages. For a first time RC driver she is figuring out the steering and loves it. I would highly recommend. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  41. Fun if the battery worked Review by Katie Stovall

    My 4 year old son recieved this as a Christmas present from his grandparents. When he opened the package on Christmas and tried to run the car, it would not work. The battery had been earlier charged to make sure it was ready, but it was a lemon and would not take a charge. We had to purchase an additional battery so he could play with his present. I have not been able to contact Hasbro on the matter because they always seem to be closed when I call. I will update when I find out how they stand behind their products. (Posted on 12/31/2011)

  42. Happy 26 yr. old kid Review by Walt

    I purchased the Tonka Ricochet for my 26 yr. old son as even at his age he still expects and receives a toy every Christmas. I charged the battery before wrapping so it would be ready to run upon opening. He loved the packaging and presentation of the product and it was put aside until after all gifts were open and we had our Christmas breakfast. It was then that we found out what an amazing vehicle the Ricochet is. It takes off like Moody's Goose and is almost unstoppable due to the flip over action provided by the big wheels and dual personalities according to which side is up. The only regret I have is not ordering an additional battery pack. Be warned though that the car is larger than it appears online and I wouldn't recommend it for a 5 year old as it is quite fast and heavy and would probably hurt like the dickens if it hit you in the ankle.

    Savannah, Ga. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  43. Great Toy, Built Tonka Tough Review by William J. Whitaker "Texacorp Inc"

    Bought this for my son who is 8 1/2 yrs old at Christmas. By far, our favorite toy to play with. The car is big, bulky and tough as nails. It goes head on into the curb, pops up over it and drives across the yard. It is almost unstoppable. I was impressed at the speed it travels and how well it take the hits. It is great on pavement and dirt. It can go across the yard as well, but can get stuck in thicker grass. The tires are airless rubber that get a great grip, but can dislodge from the rim on occasion, if you really run it into things quite a bit. They just push right back on though, so it's not a big deal.

    On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9.5 The only thing keeping it from getting a perfect 10 is the fact that you have to remove 2 screws and pull a panel off every time you finish running the car for 15-20 minutes and plug in the batter to charge. The screws are very tiny and can easily get lost. If they could have extended the battery port through the rear wall, it would be a perfect 10 all around. I would still HIGHLY recommend this toy for any kid 8+ years old. I am 40 and love playing with it myself. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  44. Great car...but... Review by MinnieWinnie

    Bought this for grandson for Christmas... This car is very durable, fast, great stunts & recording abilities...

    But why would Tonka make a product for kids, knowing you charge this for 4hrs. then only get about 30min. of play out of this.

    My grandson was having such a great time with this outside & inside, all of a sudden time runs out.

    The killer part of this is you have to charge it another 4hrs. before it can be used again.

    That's backwards... should be 30min. or 1hr. to charge & 4hrs. of use...

    I am dissapointed in that... you need to buy another battery to charge while using the first.

    I would only recommend this if you can afford to buy a second battery, cause you are not going to get much use out of this toy...

    Poor manufacturing. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  45. Its a BEAST! Review by David L Gerhardt

    Got this for my 10 yr old for Christmas. We've been looking for a durable, high perfoming and inexpensive RC Car for him for years. He's very hard on toys. Very hard, lol.

    Its fast on grass and terrain. It flips, spins and just goes full out. We ran it on 4 inch St. Augustine with leaves and sticks. It was fairly wet and muddy. This thing tore through it all. I was very surprised at the power and traction of a battery powered RC Car.

    It survived jumps from the two foot ramp, the very upset dog(a 90lb boxer) tossing it around and many crashes into bricks and trees with no negative effects but a few scratches.

    You get a battery with it and we got about 20 minutes of hard play out of it. I bought a second battery that was double the other one and I charged both before giving it, so we had an hour of play. That was plenty in one shot.

    We had a frustrating few hours. The power light in the back was blinking and the vehicle wouldnt respond. We figured out that the remote disconnects every time we turn off the vehicle and needs to be reconnected to the vehicles signal. I pressed the play and right red button on the controller for 10 seconds, then pressed the silver button in the battery compartment of the vehicle while the battery was in and the car on. That did it. Now, when I turn it on the light on the car still blinks. However it connects all by itself.

    That info is in the instructions, but who reads those...ha.

    The tires come off quite a bit. Its a little frustrating, but they go back on easy. I may super glue them on.

    this was a good buy and it is a blast. we cant wait to se what it does in dryer weather and a more urban setting. its a beast. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  46. Great Deal!! Review by Evelyn Biava

    I am a big kid and convinced my wife that my boys needed one of these cars so I bought one to share "for them." It was pretty easy when you can get the blue and green car or the yellow and red car for under $40. These cars are huge and rugged. I have looked or played with r/c cars my whole life and I have never seen a car this big for that price with the battery included. I have also never seen a battery that will really last much more than 15-20 minutes so when people complain about the battery, they just were naive. Pretty standard. These cars are also built like bricks. I have had cars that you hit a wall and they break or start to fall apart with little use. These cars can really stand a beating but I guess with anything, the perfect storm could break them. These cars are over 12 inches long so they are better suited for a large area and would not be ideal for indoor use unless you had a large open space.

    The cars do run on 24GHZ. I could not find this information anywhere and was worried you could not run two cars at the same time so that is why I only bought one at first. Though I have not personally had two cars out at the same time yet, the instructions do say, "Multiple RICHOCHET STUNT PRO vehicles can be operated at the same time."

    What a deal! I am buying a second one so I can better "share" with my boys. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  47. Tonka ricochet Review by mx926

    This thing is crazy fast, and super tough. Lots of fun for adults as well as kids. Great great item, and great buy on (Posted on 12/15/2011)

  48. Great Price on Amazon!!!! Review by jessilea23

    This car was one of the only things that my son asked Santa for. I found it in another store in my town for $79.99 and had to put it on layaway! I could not believe it when I got on and found it for $29.99!!!! You can not beat that.....needless to say the other one will be going back to the store. LoL Thanks continue to amaze me with your awesome deals!! (Posted on 12/15/2011)

  49. fun, fun, fun!!!! Review by Texas Charm

    Brought this for my finance as something to make his lease just a little more exciting! Needless to say, he is completely ecstatic! Great buy! (Posted on 12/14/2011)

  50. Fun...but wish it lasted longer... Review by Stacey Warneke

    We got this for my son's 9th birthday yesterday. He loves it!! It is very durable, definitely all-terrain. He was able to drive it over various objects outside, making it flip in the air. He was very excited about the cool tricks he could do with it. I would recommend for use outdoors. It is fast, a little heavy, and rough. I was worried it may cause marks and dents on the walls.

    The only problem is that the battery only lasts for about 15 minutes of play. Then you have to recharge the battery for 4 hours. Also, there is no auto shut off for the battery charger. can potentially ruin the battery by leaving it on the charger longer than 5 hour. We have been setting a kitchen timer for the battery to prevent this problem. But you should definitely be careful. I haven't seen anywhere that I could buy a 2nd battery. For the right price, that would be a nice option. (Posted on 11/11/2011)

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