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Yamaha MCR-040DG

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Micro Component System (Dark Gray)

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We want the MCR-040/140 to be your friendly music partner. Always close at hand. Easy to use, nice to touch, fun to look at, great to listen to. The more you live with it, the more you'll like it. You and your MCR-040/140 are going to be friends for a long time. The cool, colorful appearance is just the start of many things to like about the MCR-040/140. Compact and convenient, it lets you enjoy a variety of music sources, including iPod. And because it features Yamaha digital amp and YST technologies, the sound is much better than you would normally expect from a micro system.

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  1. Good value, good sound, great aesthetics, but has intermittent speaker static Review by Daniel

    All the things others have said about this mini system are accurate. For what it is, and how much you're spending, it's a good solid product.

    I did want to verify that I'm also getting intermittent static on the speakers. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't, but when it does, it's a relatively quiet popping / static noise. You'd almost have to know to listen for it, to realize it's there. But once you know, it can get annoying. I have this in the shelf above my desk in my office, and at this distance and volume, it's noticeable. It probably wouldn't be if you weren't as close.

    Also, this happens when I have headphones plugged in, so I don't think it's something to do with the speakers. (Posted on 8/19/2012)

  2. Very impressive! Review by Chris B

    Received this product today. Though the remote is a little hard to use, the unit sounds great! Great volume, clear sound! I didnt expect the highs to be that accurate, but they are very well repruduced. Bass i also good, given the size of the speakers. It took a couple tries to get my Ipod to be recognized, but once it did, the sound was great, and the remote opperates it as described. Artist, tracks, song title can be displayed on the unit. This stereo replaced a larger one, with 2 way speakers, and the sound is much more clear, with better range. Very happy with the product! (Posted on 8/13/2012)

  3. Sweet little music system Review by Terry M. Riley "ganawalla"

    I gut this unit back in July. An easy set up and everything including the remote, Ipod player and fm/am works like a charm. It fills our kitchen and
    small adjoining room with wonderful clear well balanced sound. I mainly play Indian music and classical music and this was just what I was looking for (Posted on 8/5/2012)

  4. The good and bad Review by Skibumwong

    The good, has nice rich sound. Nice form factor, but am confused as to whether to place the speakers apart separately or keep together as shown.

    The bad, the speakers keep buzzing when my iPhone is in it and streaming from iTunes. I suspect this is due to improper speaker shielding and I plan to return it. I purchased the Yamaha TSX 70 for a room I rent while at work and it does not do this, however, everything is integrated into one. The radio reception is also worse than the TSX 70 which I find weird. The manual is pretty vague and not helpful.

    I plan to order another larger Yamaha table top unit and hope it works better for my master bedroom and if that does not work, will probably just order another TSX 70. (Posted on 7/13/2012)

  5. Wonderful machine for my bedroom Review by Robert Bowers "Silverer"

    This is a well thought out system. It is easy to use, sounds great, works great with an iPod or iPhone, and will let you fall asleep to music and gently shut itself off. Since controls are basic and simple, there's no need to wake up, turn on the lights, and get out the owners manual to operate it. All I hope is that it lasts for a long, long time. (Posted on 7/12/2012)

  6. Yamaha MCR 040 audio system Review by Gabriele

    Hi, I bought this very nice audio system from It arrived soon after I had paid which was great. However, I live in New Zealand and I was not aware of the voltage difference between the US and NZ. I did not use a transformer and I was very lucky that the whole system was not destroyed when I first turned it on. Only a fuse blew which was difficlult enough to replace - because of its rare specifications, it is not readily available here. I think that AMAZON has a responsibilty to warn customers from countries with different voltage systems about the incompatibility / the need of a transformer. Surely the postal address would have given this away. There is no voltage switch from 110 V to 220 V on the back or the inside of the device which is a shame. The audio system is great and I like it. I bought a transformer whcih added quite a bit to the overall cost. My comment regards the sales practice by Amazon.I could easily have lost a lot of money. Any comments?
    Regards Gabriele (Posted on 7/11/2012)

  7. It's Great Review by Berta "The Music Lady"

    I wanted to upgrade my mini stereo for one with a richer sound and I am happy to say that I made a wise choice. I love the design and the convenient settings. I was very impressed with the radio reception. The antenna is just a simple plug-in line, no bulky thing that has to be placed in a certain positon to get good reception. I also like the auto play, just put the cd in the tray, close it and your cd begins. I highly recommend this system.**

    ****UPDATE****I plugged in my mp3 to the USB port and received message UNKNOWN USB. I went to the manual and it recommened that I use a device that is compatible to the unit. I wrote Yamaha and asked them which mp3 players were compatible to the product. They told me the best devices to use in technical terms. I have no idea what they were talking about. Of course I tried to google FAT 16 and 32 but couldn't seem to find any specific device with those formats. I am from a generation where things were not done that way. If you needed to replace a stylus for your stereo they would suggest the best stylus to use for your stereo. (Posted on 7/7/2012)

  8. Yamaha MCR-040 Micro Component System Review by Craig Glasser "dadglasser"

    We replaced an older, much larger system with this. I have to say that my family and I are all very pleased. My only criticism is that there is no software available to allow the unit to read artist, album, and song title information off of a USB drive when plugged in. Because of this, it is almost impossible to find songs on such a drive. (Posted on 7/2/2012)

  9. Yamaha Review by skybuddy

    Decent for the price. Wasn't expecting much and that's what I got. Just right for the kitchen. Would be good for the bedroom as well. (Posted on 6/27/2012)

  10. I'm Nervous Review by MikeNYC

    I just ordered one of these in white and I'm nervous these reviews sound too good to be true....I guess I will find out Saturday (Posted on 6/20/2012)

  11. very nice sound Review by SaintRoch

    I had been wanting to buy a Bose Wave until my friend who has one said that after a year it began to eat her CDs. So I found this, for half the price and I love it. My house is small so when the volume is on maximum I can hear the music everywhere an I love it. (Posted on 6/16/2012)

  12. Who Say's Size Matters? Review by Michael McLendon

    Just got this yesterday. I couldn't wait to take out of the box and listen to it to see if the sound quality was all that the reviews said it was. I can tell you I was impressed with the sound and bass response considering the size of this stereo. The only negative with the sound is the sound is really low for the first half of the volume scale, but after you get half way, it really starts to crank. It scales from 0 to 50 and you have to get past 20 or so to really hear what's playing. Sounds great and is impressive for it's size. If you are looking for a small unit with much better than average sound quality, give this a try. I bought it based on the price point compared to the Base Wave Radio which I was also considering, but some reviews ranked this better on the sound quality. Though I disagree; the sound has more bass thump on the Bose system, but I made the right purchase with the Yamaha at about half of the Bose system. (Posted on 6/5/2012)

  13. Worthless Remote Review by AZTrish

    I owned this unit about 8 months when the remote stopped functioning. You can only change the radio station via the remote - no buttons on the unit itself. The remote, as others have noted, is microscopic and difficult to use when it works. You need a fingernail to hit the tiny buttons, they are hard to read, and they easily get stuck. I made sure no buttons were stuck and put in a new battery - no response. So now I am stuck listening to a single radio station. I don't think this unit is worth the money. To top it off, I can't find a replacement remote for sale ANYWHERE. Buy something else. (Posted on 5/21/2012)

  14. Pleasantly Surprised..... Review by Patricia Abram

    Surprise, surprise something that's worth the money you paid for it! Looks great and sounds even better. Really surprised at the bass quality. Easy set up, but do yourself a favor and buy some 18 gauge speaker wire for a very nice sounding mini component unit. It really fills the room with great sound and has excellent FM reception even on weak channels. (Posted on 5/16/2012)

  15. yamaha Review by Robert G. Mcgann

    I recently purchased the system for a vacation home I am oufitting. The set up was quick and easy and being able to separate the speakers was useful. I was considering the Bose Wave system but purchased this instead due to the lower cost. I was not disappointed with the sound quality as I felt it to be comparable to the Wave. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase so far. (Posted on 5/12/2012)

  16. One of the best options out there Review by G. Larsen

    Very satisfied. If you want an iPod dock with a CD player, there aren't a lot of options in the $200-400 price range. I also considered the Teac SR100i, but I heard they designed that unit so that the bass boost cuts off at lower volumes (odd choice!). So I selected this unit, instead. I would describe the sound as very full for the size. I compared this, side-by-side, with my old Altec Lansing Moondance Glow (a decent dock); the Yamaha sounds much smoother and richer, the mids and highs are less shrill, and it has much deeper, louder bass. It is, however, unreasonable to expect it to sound like a pair of tower speakers- it's small! It doesn't have a subwoofer and the midrange is a little thin. If you only plan to blast rock and rap, look at the Kicker IK501 or Dre's Beatbox. This unit definitely looks more attractive, though. And those other units lack the cd player. Really, I can't even call this an iPod dock; it's more like a semi-high-end micro system. So far I love it.

    PROS: Appearance, sound-quality, cd player and FM, adjustable bass and treble, can move speakers for better stereo separation

    CONS: Need the remote to control almost all the functions, midrange slightly subdued, unit is 11 inches deep, won't recognize my iPad 2 through the USB port (Posted on 5/2/2012)

  17. Very satified with it Review by Dario

    This is a new product,there are not many reviews. After 3 weeks I am happy with it, the sound is very good, have many options to play music, UBS, CD, MP3, IPod, aux connector. I have not try the radio. The shuffle allow to mix the recorded music, either by individual folders or mixing all the folders in the disc or UBS. I have no Ipod. (Posted on 5/2/2012)

  18. Very good Review by Minoesje

    It is quite amazing what Yamaha produces here. I considered the Bose Wave system, but after reading the 1 star reviews (and having a good laugh) I searched further, and decided for the Yamaha MCR-040DG based on the good reviews at Amazon. Being a bit of an audiophile here is my brief evaluation: the base warmth is incredible. Treble crisp, not sharp. Weak spot, inevitably, the mid tones. Evaluated with a compilation of Bach's masterworks and piano music, chosen to expose any potential acoustic flaws. In my opinion this is a worthy minisystem with near perfect performance for what it represents. (Posted on 4/23/2012)

  19. Yamaha radio/CD player Review by Margaret V. Palmer

    We have had this radio/CD player for more than two years and we love it. The sound is great. We listen to NPR on the radio and also music on discs. It is on top of our kitchen refrigerator. The sound quality is very good, better than expected for its size; it is simple to use; and we have had no trouble with it. We would highly recommend it. It is not very mobile, because of the two speakers, but we don't plan to move it anywhere. (Posted on 4/23/2012)

  20. Great product - but don't lose the remote Review by The Dawdler

    This is a really well thought-out, modern system that handles all the different audio inputs you can throw at it - cd, iOS device, aux media input, usb etc. And it sounds great and comes in nice colors. But don't lose the remote or you won't be able to do simple things like skip tracks on the CD since those functions are not on the actual device console (I assume to keep it small). For us, that means that even though it's otherwise perfect we won't buy a second one of these for kids' playroom because the remote will get lost for sure. But we have one in living room and really like it. (Posted on 4/17/2012)

  21. Good for a year Review by Jimmianne

    Looks good. Sound OK - a bit tinny. After 15 months one speaker is now buzzing. I'm now looking for a better unit. (Posted on 3/24/2012)

  22. Outstanding Sound Quality Review by Matt

    IF you hear this "Micro"-System the first time you will be searching for an additional subwoofer! The sound-quality is really amazing, especially the bass with just these little speakers.
    I didn't like that a lot of the functions are only available on the remote - to keep a clean design they could have a cover for additional buttons on the stereo. Now I have to search for the remote to change a radio station etc. Also what I don't like is that when I listen to Webradio over my Ipod the Stereo turns itself off after 60min. (this might be in my settings?!?!).
    But even with these small disadvantages I would highly recommend it for a smaller to medium sized room - you just have to hear it! (Posted on 3/23/2012)

  23. Not good for large music collections on an external hard drive Review by VT Steelers

    I keep all my music on a small portable USB drive, probably about 300 GB. This little drive works great in my honda with its USB input- the factory stereo has a jog dial that allows you to spin through the albums (folders) 1 by 1. While somewhat tedious, you could still spin through the 400 shows or so I had relatively quickly. It also resumes playing exactly where it was when you turn it off.

    I was expecting a similar experience with the mcr-040, but alas, it only has 3 buttons that allow you to interact with the external hard drive. Up folder, Down Folder, and shuffle (folder/all). There is no way to manually type in a song, artist, etc to jump to that part of the hard drive. In effect, the best way I have found is a shuffle all, and then when its near the folder I want, exit the shuffle mode, and then tediously hit up folder or down folder until desired folder reached. And because the unit does not remember where you left off, you have to do this every. single. time. you turn it on.

    Some other niggling problems- the power button is to the left of the USB port, so most devices will stick out well past the power button, and makes it difficult to shut off. I bought a down angle usb adapter to mitigate this problem. Another issue- if you lose the remote, the unit is critically inaccessible. As a kitchen stereo, hooked up to the rather nice yamaha powered subwoofer, I hardly ever use a remote, as the device is at arm's length. I was willing to live with the remote dependency if the system would navigate folders reasonably well.

    Now for the good- it does sound pretty nice. I'm no audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, and most of my collection is in a lossy format to begin with. But shows sounded pretty nice, but like I mentioned above, I have a decent powered sub hidden on top of kitchen cabinet. My previous system was the Phillips MCM-530, which honestly sounded a little better.

    If you do use an ipod for your music collection, then the mcr-040 kind of works well- there's additional ipod controls only on the remote that allows you to control your ipod, which gives you quick access to everything. However, nearly every "ipod capable" device can do this, and I'm not sure this system is even the best among the seemingly limitless ipod "ready" devices in the market. The only way the ipod would work for me is if I removed the hard drive and put in a 240 gig drive or something. But the costs of that, along with the system, does not render it an affordable kitchen stereo. The search continues- surely there must be at least one system out there that can read external hard drives and have a decent navigational capability, without requiring a media player in between device. (Posted on 3/22/2012)

  24. just didn't work Review by darlene anderson

    I had great expectations - in spite of some of the reviews that warned me of the problems I experienced. It played none of my downloaded music and about
    10% of the previously recorded music I tried to play. It would start and stop, continuously. The remote control also stopped working after I first used it. The operating instructions were useless. Funny that I encountered none of these problems on my bose using the same cds. I decided to return the Yamaha and get another Bose - thats what I get for trying to save a few hundred get what you pay for. (Posted on 3/21/2012)

  25. Awesome sound and great reception Review by Bill

    For the money this is absolutely the best sound system we have ever had. It's on 8 to 10 hours a day. Picks up stations we never thought we could receive. Thanks (Posted on 3/16/2012)

  26. very pleased Review by KMJ

    Overall I am very pleased with this bookshelf system. I use it in the living room, which is not a huge space but has tall ceilings - a century house. So, I am not trying to fill an open floor plan with sound. For the price, I feel this was an excellent choice. I tried a few different CD's and only got distortion at quite high volume on the piccollo part of the Stars and Stripes march. I do not notice any "hum" that others have mentioned. However, this has one flaw that is annoying - it does produce some "skip" while playing. I have tried different remedies and I'm not sure if it is the CD's, the lens, vibration, or what. I don't get it, because if a CD player in the CAR doesn't skip why in the world should this have an issue? This is still new - shouldn't be a matter of needing cleaning. It is just as good or better than the $1,200 Bose but doesn't have a CD changer - which I don't really care about. Overall, I would recommend it for the price ($279) (Posted on 3/5/2012)

  27. Great for the bookshelf Review by Bradley

    We ordered this months ago and we absolutely love it. It is compact and since the speakers are not attached it gave the option for us to angle them a bit to hit all parts of the room. The sound is deep and rich for a small system. The dark blue adds a nice color touch in the front, if you want something a little brighter do not pick a dark color. Yamaha did a great job with this. (Posted on 3/4/2012)

  28. Nice Unit-Confusing as To what unit does & doesn't do Review by charlie anderson "cdog"

    I just cannot help myself-poor impulse control is what I have when it comes to audio systems. I really like Yamaha products & then I saw this little gem in orange & I had to have this unit. It arrived today & I have been listening since. What have I found?

    1. Someone had mentioned the sound in their review that the sound sounded as though it did not get "outside" of the speakers. I think that fellow had good ears. What that means to me-always speaker should have a sound stage external to the speakers. That's what a good pair of speakers will do. It gives the music an "ambient" effect. Like porn-you know it when you hear it. On the plus side-the speakers are accurate, fairly neutral, and have quite a good dynamic range with acceptable lows for a four inch box. So I have to say-that for what this little system will do-or should I say-what it will do realistically given its size-it does it quite well.

    2. Now for some of the confusion. You can buy extra a "wireless woofer". What that means is no wires to that one speaker. You pay $112 for that option. The two speakers included are hard wired. The description of this system never says otherwise BUT and I happen to thing it is a big thing and not well explained at all. But-what do you get for paying $385- almost $110 dollars more? You gets Yamaha proprietary wireless system. All that allows you to do is hold the ipod in your hand , and use it in your hand as a quasi -remote control. With it-you can control the music selection & volume. Guess what-you can do exactly the same thing with the supplied remote control if the ipod is sitting in the unit atop the receiver. Is this worth $110 dollars extra. I certainly don't think so.

    3. Apple makes an App called "Remote" that allows you to Control Itunes on your computer if you are willing to use your own computer speakers or powered speakers fed out through the head phone jack. This Apple App is FREE & does not cost $110. So there is a choice. The yamaha unit has sleep timer; so does the Itouch.

    So where does that leave me? I think I would have done a lot better by saving my $110. As I said-the 275 dollar unit would be a lot more cost efficient. But there are a few things I do quite like. This stereo with the Ipod becomes a net radio because I can get many FM station audio streams. That means that I can listen to any respectable audio stream from any where. Ironically-that's not even touted as a feature but is a big one for me. I live in Maine. I listen to WFUV Fordham University-a really great FM station. So this aspect I really like. Still I did not need the extra $110 dollar extra wireless to do that!

    I like the Yamaha design, the excellent workmanship and it cures for now-my bad case of steroeo-itis. But I do think that both Amazon & Yamaha are both remiss for not explaining EXACTLY what in more detail that the vaunted YAired technology does. Allows the ipod to be like the supplied Remote Control with the ipod attached to the unit. Big Deal. And I 'd be willing to bet that many purchasers of this unit were not EXACTLY sure of just what they were paying for when they ordered it. (Posted on 2/28/2012)

  29. USB Input is apparently just for looks. Review by PaulB "Paul"

    FIrst off I do want to say this is a great system as far as sound goes and using an iPod. However... the main reason I bought this system is that it features a USB input. However, after reviewing the manual when I got it... you quickly learn that almost 'NOTHING' is compatible with this USB input. Basically, the manual says the only thing that will 'possibly' work is a memory stick. Well great. I wanted to use my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone through this USB port. Well the system tells you it's an 'Unknown USB'. This was disappointing. So I tried the one thing I thought would work that could be at least some advantage... a 500GB USB Powered External Hard Drive. I even formatted the harddrive and audio files to what the manual claimed 'might' work even though this meant lower quality audio files. But, 'No' this also comes up as 'Unknown' USB.

    What's even more discouraging is the wording in the manual.. where it states things 'might' work on the USB port... and that they do not guarantee anything will work on the USB port or that anything that may currently work.. will continue to work. It almost seems as if the engineers put this input port in with no clue if it would actually read anything. So it almost seems to be there only for cosmetic purposes and to get someone to buy it who thinks the USB port will be functional so the owner can use a digital input for non-Apple devices.

    If you are basing your decision to purchase this on the USB port. Don't. Pretend it doesn't even exist. Because, it might as well not for the use you will get out of it. (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  30. All I can say is WOW. Also, beats the pants of the Bose Wave Radio - hands down! Review by David Verba "Verballz"

    This thing has Ridiculously Amazing Sound! I purchased this for my 10 year old son to put in his room, but now I wish he'd trade me for the Bose Wave Radio in mine! Clear and Crisp, with nice deep lows. Adjustable Treble & Bass (unlike the Bose), TONS of connectivity, really just a fantastic unit. It's also HALF the cost of a Bose Wave Radio and TWICE as good!

    First thing I did was replace the speaker wire - the unit comes with really chintzy wire, upgraded to 12 AWG I had left on a spool from our Home Theater project. (Yes overkill and did need to trim some strands to fit) I do recommend getting at least 14 or 16 AWG wire, as it does make a difference.

    I also like the fact the Speakers are not connected, I put the unit lower for him to reach and the speakers higher atop his armoire.

    My only gripe is it doesn't really serve as an alarm clock like the Bose (which has dual alarms). Minor complaint though as I wake him in the morning and if ever needed I'm sure his iPoop, I mean iPod has an app to work as an alarm and turn on the system automatically. (Posted on 2/22/2012)

  31. unreal : ) Review by mrhowlermonkey

    it just came today when i came home from work.....i through in a dance cd to cheak what way the sound is an was blown away...its well worth the money,looks cool an the sound quality would make u smile....the neighbors are going to love it : ) (Posted on 2/21/2012)

  32. Australian power supply Review by Baxter

    I am struggling to review the Yamaha MCR-04DG Micro Component System because it has never worked.

    I ordered the Yamaha Micro for use in Australia. Amazon even went to the extent of charging me Australian Goods and Services tax (GST). However, when it got here it was, unbeknown to me, configured for the American voltage system. Accordingly, it blew the power supply the second it was plugged in to the Australian 240 volt outlet.

    I would have bought a transformer if I had known it could not take the Australian power supply. Now I am struggling to get a reply from Yamaha regarding a replacement 240 Volt power supply.

    I would love someone from Amazon to get back to me to discuss this whole issue. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  33. Better than Bose for less money. Review by J. M. Dill

    After a lot of research, including the reviews on Amazon, I bought one of these. I've owned some very fine and very expensive audio equipment over the years (most of which left home with my kids...), and I'd put the Yamaha near the top of the list. Superb sound from a small package--better than the Bose Wave, when playing the same classical CD at the same spot in the room. If I could improve anything, it would be to put a few more of the remote's controls on the main unit's front panel. Playing "Find the remote!" when in a hurry to turn the volume down ill suits the truly fine quality of this Yamaha. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  34. Zen Design/Great Sound Review by Isostar

    Just purchased the white MCR-040 (non wireless transmitter version), and I absolutely love it. The design is unobtrusive and sophisticated, and the functionality and sound are excellent for the price.

    I noticed some reviewers complaining that the display goes dark when the device is off. I could see how you might find this annoying if you were to use the system in your living room, for example. However, since I have it in my bedroom, the blank screen is a blessing at night. One thing that has always bothered me about mini-shelf systems is the ridiculous level of graphics and lights that constantly flash and change while the device is "off" or on "standby." I'm really glad to see a product that doesn't follow that trend, but to be fair, they should warn customers in case its not what you're looking for.

    The sound quality is compact and excellent. The ipod dock works great and with a full sized ipod or your iphone, you can control the device using the remote. With smaller sized ipods (nano, for example), it just doesn't work due to the differing finger swipes on that device.

    The 3.5mm input (portable mode) is excellent as well and I've used the device so far with my iphone, a friends ipod nano, and another friends computer hooked up through the 3.5mm jack. They all work flawlessly and produce great sound.

    Overall I'm very pleased with this as a all-in-one system that isn't too large or too expensive. (Posted on 2/14/2012)

  35. Magic Box - The sound is bigger than the system Review by P. B. Panagore

    We hunted and listened in big box stores to a baker's dozen different desktop systems for our kitchen, including all the big brand names. This Yamaha has by far the fullest sound with the deepest base, and the broadest range, including mids, of any system we heard. We've had it six weeks now. A value for audiophiles. (Posted on 2/11/2012)

  36. Hi Review by Dan

    It appears well made and we are happy with it thus far. It does not produce the sound of Boss, but it also does not have its price. (Posted on 2/7/2012)

  37. This is a superb audio system! Review by D. Dixit

    The sound quality on this system is really first-rate. It's what you'd expect from some kind of hugely expensive multi-unit system with a lot more wattage. Just down-right awesome.

    What really blew me away was the ease of use - as another reviewer mentioned, after a few minutes to set it up out of the box, plugging my iphone into the remote was all I needed to do: system turned on automatically and the track I had queued up was playing, and sounding wonderful.

    As some others noted, yes you do have to use the remote for a lot of functions - eg, there is no way to advance a music track or tune the radio. That has turned out not to be a problem for me: I'm pretty playlist-driven and can advance that via my phone if I really need to. And once I set the presets for the half-dozen stations I listen to on the radio, tuning is not really a big deal. Basically the front-face of the unit is so much cleaner without all those buttons I think the remote is actually an ok place to house all of these ancillary functions.

    One other thing that would be nice though is not to have to use the remote at all: there should be an iphone app that let's you do everything the remote can do. As it is now, when I decide to stop playing a playlist I have to actually go get the remote to switch to a radio station, for example (or use the input button on the receiver). Having it all run from the phone would be killer. (I know they have one for some of their other products, but it doesn't look like this one is going to support that unfortunately.)

    Overall, this is one of the best pieces of audio equipment in many, many years of buying, owning, and tweaking music systems, and one of the best technology items I've ever owned. A really great companion for the iphone. Nice job, Yamaha. (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  38. No need to search for any other system. Review by Gordon A. Stamper

    Bought this for the wife for Christmas and it is getting full time use and we both love it. The sound is incredible and the deep rich bass is amazing. If you are in another room you swear you are hearing a big, expensive, monster audio system with huge speakers. You can only play one CD at a time but that is a small drawback for the price there just is nothing else you need consider. I am an old man at soon to be 65 and have loved music and music systems for years. I can say I've been around the block and heard many systems and have owned some of the best, but this tops the cake. At this price you can just forget about anything else. I know you will be happy to own it. (Posted on 1/20/2012)

  39. Awesome audio. Review by Jean Nicolosi

    Just received my Yamaha MCR-040OR and love it. I'm a 63-year old female and had this up and running in just a few minutes. My New Year's resolution was to add more music to my life and this is perfect. I live in an apartment, so, unlike some of my neighbors, I don't wish to rattle the walls, but I could if I want to get even! :)

    The sound is fabulous. I can't imagine the expensive Bose systems could beat this little baby. And the orange...LOVE! (Posted on 1/15/2012)

  40. still happy after a year Review by likes music

    We have a small house. Small size and good tone are important are important considerations for any stereo system we buy. I bought this system a year ago on the strength of the reviews, after the old stereo died. It sits in a corner of the living room and has been a perfect fit for us. It can fill the house with good quality sound. The radio and CD player work well, and the "portable" option allows us to connect our ITunes library music from the computer. The IPod connector/charger is handy as well. I like the fact that it only uses a tiny amount of electricity when it is turned off, and is completely unlit when off. Also it turns itself off after two hours [except for radio] if nothing is going on- for example, playing CDs. Plus, it is red!! (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  41. Great system! Review by D. Tougas

    Purchased this system after reading the reviews online and on Yamaha's website. I was looking for a small stereo for my home office that had an iPod dock but could also play the radio and CD. This system fit the bill perfectly. I had checked other systems locally and had considered going with a Bose iPod dock even though it wouldn't let me have a radio or CD functionality. I'm glad I found this instead! The sound from the speakers is rich and full, the ability to control treble and bass are nice. The option to have a USB port on the front is great as well as the option to move the speakers away from the main component for a truer stereo sound. The only weird part is the time is sent on a 24hr clock without a 12 hr feature, but I rarely use it. I'm very happy with this system! (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  42. Little system, Big Sound Review by S. Marsy "crazy mom"

    I am astounded by the sound that comes out of this "desktop" stereo! Equals the huge Pioneer system we had. Easy to use, easy to connect. An excellent buy! (Posted on 1/9/2012)

  43. Great Gift Review by L. Mcdow "Liza"

    Purchased this for our 17 year old daughter for Christmas and I don't think she has turned if off yet. That is good praise indeed! (Posted on 1/8/2012)

  44. Yamaha and Bose Review by C. E. Hughes

    I listened to Sony microcomponent systems, the Bose wave, and this Yamaha, using the following CDs: Styx, John Williams' Film Scores, Sissel (for upper register vocals), and the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. I quickly dismissed every Sony because of background hiss and a general "cheap" feel about the systems. The Bose was very, very nice, but still . . . the price. On the Yamaha, I played the three note "message motif" to the aliens from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." That deep, deep bass blew the socks right off me. Those little Yamaha speakers on those bass notes vibrated the posters on the wall. And yet Sissel's upper stratosphere soprano was clear as a bell. No hiss on the Tchaikovsky or anything else. What a beautiful, solid little system for 60% of the cost of the Bose. We bought the red version. I am getting a green-colored one now for my office. Highly recommended. (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  45. Great item Review by Buff C. Barr

    Got this for my mother for a Christmas gift, she is 81 so was looking for something simple enough for her to use that had good sound quality. This item has met my expectations and perhaps exceeded them a bit. My mother can't stop telling everyone how she loves it. The radio is coming in well for her and the sound quality is good. Surprisingly she loves the remote as well. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  46. Nice, but I'm a little let down. Review by baldee63

    I spent a lot of time reviewing both speaker systems and stereos, including Bose,Klipch,and others before settling on this Yamaha unit,and I must say, it didn't quite meet my expectations.The 1st time I let my wife hear it, she said it needed more bass,and she is right.And that is my biggest gripe,otherwise, it IS a very nice unit with decent sound,well built, and attractive,but too little bass.I have a Sharp XL-DH259 micro component system that I purchased from Amazon, and I like it better, and it was less $$ than this Yamaha,and has far better bass,so my advice would be to consider the Sharp for a better bang-for-your-buck.There were an awful lot of good reviews for the Yamaha,but take your time and do your homework.I didn't have the luxury of hearing before I bought, so I was going strictly by reviews and product info. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  47. Yamaha Vintage Model CD Player Review by Tamara Hill

    I had reservations about purchasing used electronic equipment. However, it arrived in "just like new" condition including the original box, manual and descriptions of the product. The sound is magnificent, and everything works perfectly! Great seller with excellent, speedy service! (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  48. Great all-in-one! Review by Alan Yang

    I bought this all-in-one as a first stereo for my daughter for Christmas. It's easy to set up and just as easy to use. The iPod adapter works with my iPod nano. If you really want the wireless capability without buying the higher MCR140 model with the special Yamaha remote you can use an Airport Express and connect it to the mini-plug "Portable" input on the front. Any Apple device that supports Air Play (iPad, iPhone, Mac etc...) can then stream to the Yamaha. As others have noted the only quirk is you can only advance tracks on a CD via the remote so don't lose it! Very pleased with this unit. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

  49. Great sound Review by M. Lance "cash dog"

    I LOVE the sound coming out of my new Yamaha stereo. The sound truly is amazing for such a small system. It is well worth the money. My wife bought me the red, which I think is ok. At least she didn't get the pink! Really though, as long as SHE likes it then I am ok with it too since it is now in our kitchen/dining area and fills the area VERY well with great sound.
    The only thing I would change is the ability to play and charge an external source other than apple crap. I have an android phone that this system will not recognize in the USB port, so I have to use the audio-in port. This still works fine and sounds great! But my phone is not charging while it plays. This really is minor, and the only thing I would change. If Yamaha ever does an update to allow me to play my android phone (Pandora) through the USB then I will give this unit 5 stars easily.

    Edit: I have been playing with this stereo for 5 days now, and am still totally impressed. I have played pandora through my adroid phone multiple times on my new stereo, and this morning it has been going for 3+ hours. The sound is great and no problems at all! As I mentioned above, it won't charge my phone while it plays, but all other aspects are a complete home run! Another reviewer said his stereo shuts off after 1 hour of playing through the audio-in port. Either that was a fluke or Yamaha fixed the issue, because I'm at 3 hours now and it is still going strong. Beautiful sound! I am already thinking of ways to save up and buy another for my bedroom. (Posted on 12/26/2011)

  50. Viper Review by Viper

    I was looking for a small multi-input shelf system to replace a 12 year old Onkyo bookshelf system with an Aiwa sub. I needed iPod docking capability, good FM reception, CD player, decent sound and compact size. I tried another Onkyo shelf system then a Tivoli 1. Both of them were disappointing for a variety of reasons and returned. Then I researched this Yamaha product to some length.I am glad I decided to give this unit an "audition". I have to admit I was dubious when I first unpacked this unit and set it in it's current home in our kitchen / dining area. I was thinking there is going to be no low freq joy out of these little speakers . How wrong I was. First impression in the set up phase was that the system is well made and has a great appearance. I have the dark gray color. Ok, now to the real deal, the sound. To put this simply, the sound quality and volume imagery produced is quite incredible given the compact size of this unit. I guess the Yamaha engineers assigned on this product knew exactly what was needed to make this product a winner.
    Pro's- (in order of my priorities)
    Very quality sound at most all volume levels
    Wife doesn't hate it
    Compact size
    Complete range of input choices
    Decent FM reception with antenna fully extended
    Wife doesn't hate it (dudes, let her pick the color as long as it's dark)

    No sub-woofer output jack ( not a biggie for it's operating location) (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  51. Very Impressive System Review by Tom Byers "Tom"

    We bought this to replace a boom box my wife listened to in the kitchen. The hookup was easy. The look is excellent. The sound is incredible--very clear and great bass. I bought it as an alternative to a Bose and am confident that we made the right choice! (Posted on 12/21/2011)

  52. Outstanding bargain Review by exscribe

    Buy the Bose and pay double because of their expensive advertising campaign. Buy the Yamaha-- zero $ advertising-- save money and get a great sound system. The Yamaha has an additional advantage. From the picture, it may appear that this is one piece. Not so. The speakers stand alone (unlike the Bose) and the wires connecting them to the main unit are long enough to provide excellent separation. Rarely do I buy a product without some flaw. I have used the Yamaha for awhile now without discovering one. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  53. Almost Perfect Review by Rebecca R. Kline "reekline"

    Almost perfect for my Music Together class. But after having received it and looked through the instructions, I realized how the wireless remote would have worked, and wished I'd sprung for that option. But I love it. Great sound and easy to use. I like the red. Adds a touch of whimsy to my preschool classroom.<a href="">Yamaha MCR-040OR Micro Component System (Orange)</a> (Posted on 12/14/2011)

  54. Expensive is not always better . . . Review by to be or not to be

    I've had a problem with my Bose wave system ($450.00). Shortly after the warranty expired,
    I started having problems with the functioning of the CD player. I would place a CD in the
    player and it may or may not play. After trying to deal with the Bose service department and
    the cost of repair, I started looking at other systems. I was very hesitant to spend another
    $450.00 on a Bose system.
    I found the Yamaha MCR-040 and after reading the reviews, decided to purchase the
    Yamaha. Much cheaper than the Bose system. Right out of the box I played a Chopin CD
    and an Oscar Peterson CD. It was like taking ear plugs out of my ears. I was extremely
    pleased with the quality of the sound for such a small system. I've had the system for a very
    short amount of time and haven't made any adjustments but if all remains at such a quality,
    I will purchase additional units for our guest room and my studio.
    Expensive is not always better . . . (Posted on 12/12/2011)

  55. Very Good! Review by ICeeSharpNotes

    I have been using this player for a few months now, and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of the player.
    Best part, I don't have to worry about complicated equalizers and other buttons. The sound quality is excellent even without the equalizer.
    It has a very simple user interface and the ability to play from an external player such as my mobile phone or a simple USB memory stick and extremely usefull.

    The orange color player goes great with my furniture (black) so I also like the host of colors that this device is available in.

    I wish it did not come with a iPhone dock.

    Price - Seems a little high for the value. I guess that I am paying for the Yamaha brand name.
    Can do with other external inputs in the back panel. (Posted on 12/6/2011)

  56. Great bookcase stereo Review by AmazonMom

    Just received this -- original one was delayed in shipping and with an email Amazon sent out a new one at no charge.
    I put it together in a few moment and with no adjustments have Les Miserables playing (at a fairly high volume, I might add..) and LOVE this micro componenet system. Great sound, no tinniness. I agree with others that the remote is pretty small (and it's a little annoying to have to control tracks and FM changes from the remote, but no biggie for the overall quality of this well-priced machine.) I haven't tried the ipod dock yet.
    Will probably have a little challenge adjusting the radio antenna -- sounds great when I'm standing in front of it, but static when I move away, but will work on that.
    Overall though 5 stars for the sound alone!!! (Posted on 12/3/2011)

  57. One Thing Missing Review by paolo

    First thing first: the Yamaha MCR-040 micro system provides excellent sound for the money. The availability and ease of use of secondary features,such as Sleep function and Alarm function, merit a high mark as well As do the attractively designed and colored speaker and receiver boxes.
    One feature, however,let me down. Like many such devices, easy access is provided for an Apple mp3. To use another mp3 device, one has to connect it through the available USB port.Alas, the Yamaha MCR-040 USB fails to recognize mine, even though the Sansa Clip+ is a higher quaility and deservedly popular device. The failure of this one not insignificant function prevents me from offering unqualified praise for the 040. (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  58. Very nice unit Review by garyb

    Have only owned it for 2 days. First I want to say that the photography of the product does not do it justice. Ordered the dark gray color and it is much better looking than the picture would have you believe. Everything about this product is quality. It looks, feels and acts like a high quality audiophile component. It's a little pricier than most other units but worth it. I looked at the Bose Wave but could not justify the price. For me this was a great alternative and it looks better! The sound is good - I've not yet used it enough to say more than that.

    One minor negative is the cover for the ipod dock. It does not fit properly, I'm afraid to push any harder to get it to click into place, so I have it siting loosely on top. Most people will not want to cover the dock anyway. (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  59. Excellent sound, great price and very compact system Review by Cristian A. Lilue

    After searching high and low for a replacement book shelve system for my BOSE soundwave, ( which was a disappointment, since the cd player stopped reading cd's and the dock buttons wouldn't stayed pushed in), I came across this little system.
    Because of its higher price, I read all the reviews from A to Z. I'm happy to report that I just got the Yamaha MCR-040 and it sounds great, same or even better than my old BOSE soundwave. Putting it together was a breeze and the speakers fill my average size living room with beautiful clear and crisp music.
    If you are like me looking for a small, yet good quality sound in a compact shelve system, look no further.
    One more thing, the outside shell is a very attractive metal finished ( as opposed to plastic), and it looks very high quality. (Posted on 11/30/2011)

  60. Yamaha Review by Rickl

    Does not play my I phone 4 and unite shuts down when installed, other then that huge miss ! it is great. brown looks real sharp and every thing feels top notch. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  61. Worked beautifully . . . UNTIL . . . Review by C. Coyle "stylemaster"

    First let me say that for the three months that this unit was functioning we were very happy with it. I echo the positive reviews about the sound, functionality and the look of the system.

    However, we are now having the power problems described by other reviewers. The unit shuts down on its own at various intervals. Sometimes it will do it seconds after turning it on. Other times it will shut off after 10 to 30 minutes. It has been at the local Yamaha service center for over a month now. Yamaha has not issued a service notice about this problem, otherwise I would already have a replacement unit. As it is, the local techs are taking their time in troubleshooting it. As much as I liked the MCR-140 to begin with, I would not buy it again. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  62. Super Sound System Review by Doug

    Was perfect answer to the over-sized system I sold before moving to my new townhouse. Wonderfully compact without losing sound quality. Amazing reproduction for its size. While I use it for CD and FM a favorite use has been plugging the sirius xm dock into the portable jack to listen to satellite programming. I'd recommend it to anyone needing to combine great sound with compactness. And Amazon's free two day delivery sealed the deal. (Posted on 11/18/2011)

  63. Finally back in music heaven! Review by Lux Farmer "The Lux Farm"

    I just received this Yamaha and am so thrilled with the ease of setup (<10 minutes). I appreciate the packaging and extra effort of protecting the speaker grills and pre-slicing the speaker wires to come off easily. The tuner antenna was a cinch. I was surprised at the weight and solid construction. Now, the sound. I have been suffering with another brand's equipment for so long that I am in music heaven with this unit. The radio tuner is awesome and the CD audio is exceptional. Tone is great, bass is powerful but not overwhelming, midtones are crisp. I, too, was considering a Bose Wave but, beside the high price tag, the speakers are part of the Bose system. This Yamaha unit has moveable speakers. The wires provided are a few feet long. This gives a lot of flexiblilty for most situations. The remote is a bit small, but I'll put it in an inexpensive plexi business card holder so it's easy to find and reach. I love the orange! I highly recommed this unit. (Posted on 11/16/2011)

  64. Great sound in a small box!! Review by Rick

    I purchased this small wonder to replace my mini-system I have had for about 12 years or so. I wanted to stick with a small system and found this Yamaha micro-system. I did some research and found great reviews from several reputable sources. I knew that Yamaha made great speakers, so I took a shot and bought it. This was the first time I bought a Yamaha, and was not disappointed! The sound was incredible! I could not believe the bass coming out of such small speakers. If your looking for a shelf system that will deliver a great sound at a good price, this is it!

    The only negative I would give would be that you have to use the remote to change some settings such as bass/treble, and tune the radio, AM/FM and such. The remote is rather small, so make sure you don't lose it!.......its the only way to change settings.

    So, if you don't mind these small inconveniences, this would be a great addition to any office or home. (Posted on 11/15/2011)

  65. Great sound, worth every penny Review by Lewis Shiner

    I had bought the Panasonic SC-HC25 Compact Stereo for the kitchen, thinking there wouldn't be that much difference in stereos, so why not go cheap? I listened to it for about a month, every day hating the sound more. Just like the speakers, the sound was completely flat. Stereo sounded like mono, with no dynamic range, no life at all in the music.

    I finally donated the thing to charity (I didn't want to return it--it was my mistake) and got the Yamaha. Complete difference. I've had it for two months now and love it. A friend of mine has a Bose Wave system, and I find the sound comparable--rich, deep, spacious, and detailed.

    To answer some of the criticisms in the other reviews--I checked as soon as I got it for the auto-shutdown problem, and it's definitely not an issue with my unit. Someone else complained about not getting a big listening area. I find that it sounds great all over the kitchen, and nearly as good in the dining room next door. I get excellent FM radio reception.

    The one downside is that a lot of the everyday controls--like track skip--are not on the face of the machine, and you have to use the remote. Not a big deal to me.

    It's a heavy, solid, substantial piece of gear. The action on the CD tray is powerful and precise. The flash drive port is handy. And I love the red color. (Posted on 11/4/2011)

  66. Does Not Support Pandora Review by Chris Smith

    This stereo does not support Pandora/streaming music signals. It will play Pandora via iTouch/iPhone/iPad but won't acknowledge that it's actually getting a signal (displays that your iPod is paused). After 60 minutes it shuts off due to a dormancy timer (even though it's actually playing music). Yamaha customer support refuses to acknowledge the problem so I have no choice but to send back to Amazon. Bummer that Yamaha is so blind to a blatantly obvious and popular technology/service, especially considering so many other companies are going out of their way to support it. Otherwise this is a fantastic little stereo--sounds great for the size, solid build quality, love the unique colors, simple and straightforward to use....just that it's sorta important for a stereo to actually play music. (Posted on 10/31/2011)

  67. CRX-040 Review by Blake Timmerman

    This is an awesome little stereo! I listen to it everyday and the sound quality is really nice for such a small unit. It's fairly easy to use as well. I would suggest to get the model that comes with the wireless sub-woofer option for an even better sound. (Posted on 10/27/2011)

  68. Great, cool looking Review by Mohsen

    This component system is one of the best. I love the blue and you can never go wrong with yamaha, some of the best products out there (Posted on 10/22/2011)

  69. Quality Product - Great bookshelf system - Great sound Review by James Bond "007"

    It finally happened: our local favorite classical FM station went to rock&roll format. We had to get a new arrangement for our home office - something that could help us listen to classical music off web radio.

    I wanted it to amplify iphone and external internet radio (Logitech Squeezebox) and still be able to play regular CD's. Moreover, the color matching was important for us as we just remodeled our home office. I saw the reviews here on the Yamaha MCR-140 and decided to purchase it. I'm quite picky about sound quality.

    The build quality is exceptional as it has no thin plastic pieces. It's solid - it almost feel like a dense hardwood with metal shielding in the front (the colored part). There are no thin and small pieces to vibrate around. The bottom has nice padded feet. The speakers have rear sound ports to improve the bass response. When you turn the volume knob, it's a heavy, slow-turning damped knob that gives a feeling of excellent quality.

    I was impressed with the sound quality - not only does it fill the office with sound, it spills out into the rest of the home nicely so I can listen 30 feet away (our house is quite open). The sound is clear and undistorted - the bass response is impressive for such a unit. I have a Bose waveradio - it is nice too , but the sounds quality of the Yamaha is superior as it allows you to separate the speakers (either side of shelf) making a higher quality sound "image". I also have had trouble through the years with Bose CD players breaking on me.)

    The photo's here are deceiving - the MCR-140 is deep. You need about 12" deep of shelf space for it to be flush with the front. I didn't have the space quite, but I was able to have it protrude out the front about a 1/2". Good thing the unit pieces are attractive(especially white), so protruding out a bit isn't a problem. It's relatively short and low profile , which is nice for a bookshelf. It leaves plenty of room on top for the iphone or squeezebox (internet radio).

    The ipod/iphone worked right out of the box on my wife's new iphone4s - the wireless "shoe" you put it into works remotely without any fuss.

    The controls are intuitive to switch inputs, minimalistic in design, and elegant.
    The external input is a 1/8" jack right in the front, which is disappointing to an otherwise aesthetically perfect design - I hate loose cables. I ran my input cable below the unit, and it pops up just below the jack and plugs in neatly.

    If you have spent time making your office/room look nice, want excellent sound with digital capability/extendability, you should seriously consider one of these. (Posted on 10/22/2011)

  70. GOOD SOUND QUALITY, BUT.. Review by William Baldwin "William Baldwin"

    I very rarely return items to stores, but with this Yamaha micro system I made an exception. I recieved the product from Amazon quickly
    as usual. The system itself was of very good quality, nothing cheap about this unit. The quality of sound puts Bose to shame. Very good
    highs, mid range and bass. The problem that I had was with the remote. The remote is about the size of a credit card and has about
    a dozen buttons on it. You have to operate the remote with your fingernail practically. I could hardly read the remote, relatively difficult to preset FM stations. You can't change FM stations except by remote, lose the remote, or it dies, you don't change stations. I called Yamaha and confirmed this, and I packed it up to ship
    back. Yamaha should spend a couple more dollars on a decent remote and make the reciever a little more user friendly. Other than these
    two issues, a very good quality system, just not for me. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  71. Neat System Review by T. Anderson

    Good price, excellent performance from small bundle. Remote size is tiny and irritating but a minor
    complaint. Can recommend for anyone who wants good sound at reasonable price. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  72. cool little stereo Review by reader29

    Couldn't afford a Bose so this seemed a good option at a much better price. You can crank the volume with no problem. CDs, radio or plug in the Ipod or usb - all work fine. I like the cool color, too. I'm not sad I bought it. (Posted on 9/8/2011)

  73. Money Well Spent Review by shogun17

    This unit is incredibly compact, yet can fill a room with amazing quality sound. I purchased this on Amazon from a great seller: Always bargain. They stated the unit was used, but like new, which it absolutely was-like new. They also upgraded me to the model 140 which was quite a pleasant surprise when the item arrived! The set up took 10 minutes and my cds never sounded better. I have a friend who paid hundreds more for a Bose Wave system and after listening to this Yamaha is sorry he didn't get this one. I bought an inexpensive indoor antenna and can pull in my favorite classical stations very well. The unit is very user friendly and has a fantastic base response. How many times in life do we spend money on an item we want, only to be somewhat or very disappointed? Believe me, this was one of the best purchased I have ever made. Also, the pricing on Amazon could not be beat. Ebay was substantially more for this item. Buy one, I promise you'll love it. (Posted on 9/2/2011)

  74. Awesome Performance for a Great Price Review by Padma

    I got this set just two weeks ago from amazon with no packaging issues.

    Installed the set on the Bookshelf and my entire family listens to crisp clean music and we love it. It is amazing such a small system can produce such a good sound. I went to the Bose Showroom to play and see. I was not that impressed and I sincerely felt that 579 dollars (Bose Sound system + IPOD dock) is too much. Then I got the volume on Bose to be raised to 79/90 notches to really feel a good volume (even for Thriller by MJ). Then I stumbled across this Yamaha Set in Amazon and looking at the reviews I was convinced and wanted to give it a try. I can say that the positive reviews are so true and I already have a Yamaha Soundbar for my TV Surround System and it is another great Product. Overall Build quality + Clear Crisp Sound with good Bass (as I dont want to have room shattering Bass from book shelf system) + Intuitive Remote makes Yamaha MCR-040 a great value for 279 dollars. I bought it Dark Gray finish and it really looks beautiful on my book shelf with IPOD docked on the Top. Easily 5 stars. (Posted on 9/1/2011)

  75. Excellent value Review by dan from binghamton ny

    Bought the red one and it looks and sounds great.The reviews helped a lot in making my decision and have to say I am very pleased.I use it with cds,FM radio and an ipod classic and the sound is very good for such a small "book shelf" unit. (Posted on 8/18/2011)

  76. Great looks and sound, solid build. Needs remote for bass/treble, tuning. Review by MarkM

    1. The sound is great.
    2. It looks great, feels very well-built.
    3. Simple controls (for basic operation).
    4. The IPod area comes with a little plastic cover/latch (so if you don't use and IPhone/IPad, the system will still look good).
    5. Good price, for high quality build and good sound.

    Not so awesome:
    1. You can't tune or change bass/treble settings without the remote (so keep remote handy, and batteries fresh).
    2. The system is a bit deeper than I expected.

    Despite the "negatives," I still feel I got a great system, and a good value.

    Doing homework is much more fun now, with this thing playing in the background. ;) (Posted on 8/14/2011)

  77. Not what I expected Review by Cobe "Cobe"

    I ordered this system for my small studio based on the good reviews. After testing it for 4 or 5 hours, patiently listening both to classical and pop music, I decided to return it. It is true what other reviewers have said concerning the clear bass, midtones and treble, yes. However, one thing that caught my attention, and bothered me greatly, is the sound would get lost when I moved left or right. The sound seems to come out from inside a tube, only in one direction, something unpardonable in this day and time. About 20 years ago I used to have a very good **spacial** stereo Philips micro system which literally filled the room, and I am sure would easily beat this Yamaha.
    My Zune HD (I don't like iPods), which I use with a pair of Bose headphones, provides a better sound than this Yamaha system. I spent a long while listening to the same tracks on both the Yamaha and my Zune HD-Bose headphones combo, and the Yamaha got knocked out in the first round.
    I am not saying this is a "bad" system, but for those of us who have other music systems and good mp3 players at hand, this ends up being an unnecessary purchase.

    I have been buying all kinds of items from Amazon on a weekly basis for over 11 years and I wish to thank Amazon once more for their OUTSTANDING, UNBEATABLE service. (Posted on 8/12/2011)

  78. great little sound system! Review by AIRDALE 19 "CLIFF"

    You will note I labeled this unit: SOUND SYSTEM.. And for it's size and performance it is an exceptional buy.
    In response to and earlier reviewer's downgrade because of a time display issue: If it was a clock you wanted, why didn't you just buy an alarm clock? You can have as many as you like for about 4 bucks at any thrift store.

    It plays music from several popular sources and,in my opinion, it does that better than the big name unit which has been around forever and has gotten all of the attention. (Posted on 8/3/2011)

  79. A great little system! Review by A. Baum

    I bought this stereo in orange (my favorite color), and I dearly love it! I was searching for a stylish micro component system for my home office, and I purchased this based upon the stellar reviews I read here on Amazon and elsewhere. I am not disappointed! It looks great, and the sound is even better! I don't think you'll go wrong if you purchase this Yamaha product! (Posted on 7/26/2011)

  80. Great little stereo Review by Elizabeth Clemens

    Great modern sound system for a medium size room, especially if you don't want really loud music. East setup, simple operation, good sound, solid construction. We're delighted with our purchase. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  81. Great sound and functionality! Review by Bill

    I received the unit yesterday and have not turned it off except to sleep. The Yamaha has, in my opinion, better sound than the Bose Wave System for about half the money. If you want a well made small stereo system with the audio quality of a much larger and more expensive system - the Yamaha MCR-040 is for you! (Posted on 7/18/2011)

  82. beautiful clear sound, classy look, love it Review by T.C.

    I ordered this for myself and love it. the light blue is a rich turquoise color. The sound is clear with beautiful tones. was so happy with it that i immediately ordered one as an anniversary gift for a special couple. (Posted on 7/15/2011)

  83. Simply Amazing.......... Review by Kuldeep Gulati "KK"

    I was looking for a small and efficient music system. I looked over the whole world and discovered this one Yamaha MCR 040, Big/crisp enough sound to satisfy your needs for a room/hall etc.

    I was so satisfied with them that I purchased 2 of these systems which I kept in my Bed Room and other in the hall. (Posted on 7/11/2011)

  84. Great sound from a small simple package Review by Buster Thinks

    Bought this for a sun room. The sound is amazing, the footprint is small, and it's a no-brainer to set up and use. The only problem was with an i-pod the sound was boomy. I found that it is important to set the sound settings of the i-pod to "Flat". This completely resolved the issue. (Posted on 7/9/2011)

  85. Sound thats tough to beat! Review by Bill E.

    Small package delivers big sound! I have been a Yamaha customer for over 30 years and you simply cannot beat the sound that they deliver. And this product is no exception. But I will admit that I have 2 complaints about it: Firstly, it took 4 days to ship the product. Although it came in during the time frame specified, I would just expect the shipping time from order to shipping be a little bit quicker. I was about ready to cancel the order when I got word that it shipped. Secondly, I wish the speakers attached to the receiver unit. Would make it easier to transport it, which I intend to do. Another downside is that you definitely need the remote to fully operate the unit. Even with these little quirks, it beats the Bose. Good priduct for the money! I highly recommend this item! (Posted on 6/28/2011)

  86. Yamaha MCR-040 in Dark Gray Review by David deJongh

    We bought this unit to replace the Onkyo micro unit that sat in our kitchen, but which gave up the ghost earlier this year. It's slightly larger than the Onkyo, which meant I had to do a little additional surgery to the built-in bookcase that it sits in, but no matter.
    The first thing that struck me was the over-emphasized bass. These are ported units, with a very long front-to-rear dimension, so either this was intentional, or simply thoughtless, but the result is very annoying, unless you are one of these people that thinks more bass is better. Fortunately, I was able to re-use the Onkyo speakers, which have a much better balance, but as there is no control over the equalization, I subtract one star for the sound quality.
    The unit will play .mpg CDs, but treats the tracks sequentially, so if you have a CD with 12 album/folders, each with 12 tracks, the tracks are displayed as 1 thru 144. My 5-year old car stereo has the same type of 1-line display, but shows them by title within folder number. Another star lost for usability.
    If you want to dock your iPod on this thing, you have to dock it on the top, which means you can't reasonably park it on a low-profile bookshelf but have to fork over an additional $120 for the wireless version.
    All in all, a good quality, but poorly thought out product. (Posted on 6/25/2011)

  87. TIME WILL TELL Review by Hannibel Heyes "Kenneth W"

    Received the item as expected and on schedule (Amazon really delivers here). The reviews were extremely helpful; research something before you buy and you are ahead of the average consumer/and the game. Knew pretty much what to expect and was looking for a quality item. Still getting used to downsized speaker systems. The only negative was the unit was smaller than expected/however the dimensions were listed. Has good sound and would recommend it. (Posted on 6/23/2011)

  88. Great Review by Jonathan Kacal

    This unit is small in size but produces a rich quality sound that will fill any medium sized room. Works well with the iPod dock which works in the socket or remotely. There is a provision for USB stick also. Most of the controls are on the remote control with minimal controls on the unit itself. (Posted on 6/12/2011)

  89. wow Review by Kaja Marik

    I just bought it recently so I would have to write an update if it breaks soon - otherwise, the sound is quite amazing. I don't have a comparison versus the Bose (some people suggest, though, that the Yamaha is better + it costs half the price) but I was using a standard CD player before, and in comparison to that the Yamaha sounds as if you were in a concert hall. The setup is easy (duh -I did it so it has to be) and it works great right away - no need to fiddle with the controls (which someone might actually enjoy but not me;-)). So far so perfect! (Posted on 6/2/2011)

  90. I'm A Believer Review by lrc13

    I purchased this as I wanted to "downsize" from my old full size component system. To be honest, it was hard to believe the positive reviews about it's sound quality and I was preparing myself to be disappointed upon it's arrival. Boy, was I wrong. Out of the box it was clear that this was a very well put together little system, very solid in build, and very attractive in appearance. After the quick set up I was very pleasantly surprised by the sound. Bass was ample and tight, with none of the "boominess" that I had expected. The mids and highs are crisp and clean too. After experimenting I settled on placing speakers on my existing speaker stands (approximately 4' apart)and critically listened to each of the input options... CD, iPod and USB, and I was pretty blown away by the fullness of the sound of this system. CD sound was wonderful on jazz, rock, classical and electronic music. The iPod dock worked like a charm and the sound from the 256 bit rate files was very nice indeed. I then plugged a memory stick into the unit and listened to the same music, same bit rate, and was equally impressed. The FM reception was fine...on a par with other units I've listened to. But since I mainly listen to Pandora via iPod it's not an important part of why I purchased the system.
    I did find one unexplainable quirk. Some of the music files on the USB device did not want to play (MP3) even though the scrolling read-out recognized them. After spending some time over the next few days "re-converting" the files I was able to get them to play with no further problem.
    There are a few things Yamaha could improve on. The remote has a rather cheap look and feel to it for such a nice unit (although it functions just fine). Also, it would be nice to have some sort of fast search option for the USB input. Right now you have to scroll through folders one at a time via the remote which can be time consuming and somewhat frustrating depending on the number of items on the drive.
    Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it to someone looking for very good sound from a unique little system.

    NOTE: For those with a vinyl collection. The system works well using a "pre-amped" turntable (line out into "portable" input). I've got my Vestax Handy Trax plugged in and it works great. (Posted on 5/26/2011)

  91. Sweet! Review by J. Gabriel

    I was debating between this and a bose wave radio, I couldn't find either in stores around here so I decided to try the yamaha and i'm glad i did, this thing is perfect size-wise and the sound? All I can say is WOW! It sounds like a big component stereo, in a small size. Its a great product, and I love it.. (Posted on 5/12/2011)

  92. Great Product Review by Karen S "Karen S"

    We initially saw this stereo at a retail store, but only in red..this stereo was for our 12 year old son, so we ordered it off Amazon in the dark gray color. The stereo qualified for the Free Shipping when we purchased it..and of course, we won't complain about the "no taxes". Our son loves it. The stereo is very compact and easy to set up..(he did it himself). Also, we like the look of it..not too big, not too little. And the sound is great in his room. Thanks Amazon, for offering this product, in all the colors that you do. (Posted on 4/25/2011)

  93. Great unit all around Review by D. Veneri "David"

    I was shocked with the sound quality of this unit! Clear, well balanced and the bass is taut and strong for 4 inch speakers. I also have the Wave radio and trust me, the wave sounds inferior to this unit hands down. The wave always sounded a bit muddy to my ears. At the expense of trying to recreate some low bass, the wave sounds a bit dull. Granted it was the first of its kind but its out dated. The waves bass was too boomy with no definition.

    In comes this Yamaha to the rescue. Fills the room with clean audiophile sound and the bass is clean. Cello and double bass is no sweat! I sold 4 of these just by letting others listen. A little bigger than the wave, but much better audio. Remote is a bit cheesy but it works.

    Hey, your paying for the sound quality and size I presume. I defy you to find a better sounding unit this size. Great colors, smooth vol. knob. One tip, do NOT use the cheap thin awg. wire that comes for the speakers. Replace it with any thicker awg. speaker wire. Your bass will get even better.

    Great job Yamaha!! (Posted on 4/25/2011)

  94. Lovely...but breaks easily Review by T. Sato

    Ordered the gray one about a week ago, looking to replace my current, ancient mini-component system (CD player is broken). So I was looking for compact size and relatively reasonable price. Having read a lot of the reviews, this model seemed to be a good choice, and it was. Just set it up last night, and it is sleek, compact, and beautiful. Really quite lovely. The almost tubular speakers are very neat looking too. And most of all, the sound is also great. VERY happy with my purchase.

    Addendum: Skip forward to June, 2012. My very lightly used unit can no longer 'read' any CDs. So while all other functions are ok, cannot listen to my CDs. Warranty of course expired 2 months ago. Still looks great, and in fact bought a second unit a few months ago for a different room, but clearly not made to last beyond 12 months. Too bad. (Posted on 4/21/2011)

  95. Love It!! Review by Janet E. Russell

    I did a lot of searching for a small bookshelf stereo. I love this little unit. It was so easy to set up and the sound is right on!! It's perfect! Thank you Yamaha for mfg. this. (Posted on 4/12/2011)



  97. thanks to all reviewers! Review by gail white

    i bought this sight unseen, sound unheard, solely based on the reviews here on amazon. purchased in november 2010 (not thru amazon) and have been playing daily ever since. great range, distortion-free at really loud volume, easy setup, and crazy good looks. a very full sound with good bass and enough highs to keep me happy without changing the default settings. luckily, i don't have the shutoff problems others have mentioned (i play it for hours on end), and am glad to have such good value for the money. would like to know, however, how to get CD text to show up on the display. certainly not addressed in the manual, just in the advertising. advice would be appreciated. anyway, felt that as i rely a lot on amazon reviews to make all sorts of purchase decisions, felt the obligation to add my own. (Posted on 3/11/2011)

  98. WARNING Design defect! Review by CFI Esq.

    Better sound, features, and styling than our Bose Wave at less than 1/2 the price. Rich, crisp bass and lively treble from the ported speakers. Excellent stereo imaging. The physical design is clean and attractive. I decided to forego the yAired system on the MCR-140 (a savings of $120), instead choosing to use a 3 ft long dock extension cable to bring the iPod closer to me. the unit does not have any RCA line inputs on the back to hook up an external audio source, such as a DVD player, digital cable box, etc. It does, however, have a 1/8 mini plug and USB input on the front.

    UPDATE, 3/11/2011

    We are having a problem described elsewhere in the reviews. After an hour or so the unit just shuts off. I can switch the unit on immediately, but in another hour it shuts off. Clearly, this is a design problem. The unit is going back on Monday. (Posted on 3/8/2011)

  99. Testing the MCR-040 Review by Leslie M. Sloup "computer_control"

    Got this two days ago and ran it thru all the numbers. The purpose of this unit is exactly what I needed and the design is awesome. The biggest negative I found was easily overcome. The small credit card style remote had a very limited range and angle (about 4-5 feet) just like the book states. And the battery in the remote is too expensive and small for my taste. So I grabbed an existing Sony RM-VL-600 universal remote and programmed all the buttons into the unit' CD button using the learn mode. Guess What. The Sony remote operates the Yamaha from all the way across the room and even at 90 degress off to the side. I love it. And the Sony uses regular cheap batteries.
    Secondly - the book said it can only handle 200 some songs per folder. So if you are used to piling all your MP-3 onto a FOB and playing it, it will not play them all. You can fix that by putting more folders on you FOB.
    Thirdly, if you press stop or go to another input, the CD loses it place and you most start all over from the beginning. Solution: Keep it on Shuffle, but Shuffle causes an annoying time delay between tracks (4.5 seconds) while it does a shuffle. What's with that, Yamaha?.

    I give it a five because it's exactly what I always wanted in a book-shelf system for MP-3.
    And, yes, the sound is super. (Posted on 3/4/2011)

  100. Good sound; difficult tuner functions Review by Donald Lombardi

    The Yamaha MCR-040GN sounds terrific, and better than the Bose Wave Radio, but tuning and storing radio stations was quite difficult, and so I opted to return it. (Posted on 2/25/2011)

  101. O.K. but had an issue **UPDATE** Review by Frank

    The sound is O.K., I did have a little higher expectations for something that cost this much. The case is solid and it feels well built. The problem I had was this unit is this: it would just completely shut itself off after about an hour of playing. I could restart it without a problem, but then after about an hour it would shut itself off again. I am pretty tech savvy and yes I checked the sleep timer/etc. I emailed Yamaha directly and explained the problem, their tech guy emailed back and said it sounded like a short somewhere.

    I contacted Amazon and it was just over the 30 day return policy (I just didn't have time to mess with it), but I had emailed Yamaha prior to the 30 days being up for their advice on the issue. So, amazon was gracious enough to do an exchange for me. Amazon Customer Service has been great! Thanks Amazon... Hope I have better luck with the new unit. If the new unit works, I might move my review up a star or two...

    **UPDATE** Well I got my new unit and was happily playing pandora on my ipod touch and after about an hour... bang, the unit shut itself off again all on it's own. I could easily turn it back on with the remote, but of course had to do hands on to restart pandora and again after a time, bang the unit shut itself off again. This is a little annoying... Well, I am going to return this unit and look for something else. I wish this unit worked because it is just a hassle to run around, find a box, pack and return an item, but I don't really have a choice... (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  102. An Emerging Audiophile's Review Review by Sean Norris

    Let me start by saying that this system is just gorgeous out of the box. I purchased the "Dark Gray" unit to match my dark gray/black 160GB iPod Classic. The color match is almost perfect. When I finally got things organized, the system blended into the room great and it's very discreet (as a shelf system should be).

    So now I was eager to test the most important part of the Yamaha- the sound quality. Simply put, this system rocks. I'll be honest, if this product could have any negative aspect on the sound, it would be the occasional lack of depth (not distortion) on the low end. But remember, this is a shelf system. It has no subwoofer, but it still produces exceptional bass for its size. And to its credit, I must say that it still handles most bass heavy music, even hip-hop like a champ (not that I'm a fan). Nonetheless, this system isn't about overemphasizing the dynamics of the music. It's about elegance and clarity. If you just want something that gets loud and doesn't care about quality, go buy a one of Sony's Systems. The speaker cones produce some of the clearest sound I've ever heard at low and high volume. Distortion is almost nonexistent for most of the music I listen to (and I have a healthy diet of electronica and house music, and I love to crank my Deadmau5). Mids and highs are especially noteable, yet it's not too bright. The "YST" technology they use comes in handy for the bass. Small but powerful- don't be fooled.

    On the hardware side, this Yamaha is solid. The CD tray is solid. It also runs very quiet. The volume control is just a pleasure to adjust- smooth, accurate, and controlled. As for the buttons, they are all well mounted and the face as well as the top of the system is metal, so it has a very high quality build (this goes for the speakers as well). The display is a simple lcd, but it's easy to see. What more can you ask for- it's the sound you care about.

    The features are very good too. CD tray, iPod dock, auxiliary IN, radio (which sounds just perfect), a usb port (I have yet to use this), custom EQ (treble, bass), sleep modes, and a few more. Those are just the important ones.

    I noticed that some people have an issue with the fact that there are no inputs on the back of the unit, but it not that big of an issue to me- and most people for that matter.

    This is a system I use only in my room, and it's a charm. With it's power though, it could easily fill a larger space without breaking a sweat. If you want the best deal on sound quality, build, and features, this is the one.

    Allow me to clarify, I myself am an audiophile. And I'll set the record straight for all those questioning the latter claim. Everyone knows that the iPod has terrible sound quality compared to the other mp3 players out there. But that's where this system makes even the iPod shine. I record all my music in Apple Lossless format. So since the internal amp is bypassed on a docked iPod, the processing of the audio stream is left to the Yamaha. The only reason I purchased an iPod (ironically as one who hates Apple for the mostpart), was so I could store my large, lossless music collection on a sinlge device. I highly recommend purchasing a Classic for a somewhat "seamless" music experience. (Posted on 2/8/2011)

  103. terrific sound for the price Review by Kate Connor

    I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift for his new den. For a small system it really has great sound. It really feel the room with a deep, rich sound. Works well, looks good and very easy to use. I agree with the high praise this small system has gotten from other reviewers. (Posted on 2/6/2011)

  104. almost perfect compact quality audio system Review by Sebochas "Ambient, ambient, and more ambient"

    After hesitating with bigger mini component systems from onkyo, denon and even yamaha, I bought this one, the majority of positive comments I read on this page had me convinced.
    I must say that I am a CD lover, and even though I have ipods and / or iphones, I enjoy listening to my CDs. So I was looking for a small qualitative audio system with a CD player. The integrated ipod dock was an interesting feature, I must admit.
    I previously had a nice mini audio system from TEAC with an amazing set of Bower and Wilkins speakers, I truly rediscovered my music with it. I moved and had to change my audio set, so before being able to buy something new I had to use a crappy old and small sanyo for the past months. since this afternoon I own this yamaha mcr 040, and I am really happy to rediscover quality sound: it is rich, warm, it has a lot of depth, the bass is suprisingly strong and deep, and I again notice details I didn't hear before with my "normal" audio system (as opposed to this one which is a high end one). That's the sign that tells me it is a quality audio system: hearing small details you never heard before with the previous / "normal" Cd player.
    The power of this unit is also surprisingly good for its size, really enough for me, as I'll use it in my bedroom or studio. I figure I could use it also in my living room even for a party.

    There is ONE THING THAT DISAPOINTED ME though, which I didn't read anywhere prior to this purchase: some functions are only accessible thru the remote, this is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead if 5.

    - clock settings, timer, sleep functions, etc are only accessible with the remote; I'm ok with that since this is a micro component, so they probably have to keep the fornt panel simple and not saturated with a bunch of buttons.
    - Equalization is only accessible through the remote (you can only change bass and treble settings, no mids, which is not that of a problem for me considering it is a small size system, so I wasnt expecting it to be extremly complete);
    - fast-forward and rewind of a track are functions only accessible through the remote,
    - and - this is a major issue for me- even skipping to next or previous track !!!!! The front panel of the unit only has a play-pause button and a stop button. I find stupid having to use the remote to use some basic functions while the unit is right just next to me, at the reach of my hand. And I'll probably find it even more stupid when the remote will run out of batteries... not being able to skip to the next track with a button... come on !

    I have to add also that the system lacks of any auxiliary input; I did know that before purchasing it, it's not that much of a problem for me, cause it has the ipod connection. An aux. input would only be of use to plug in my laptop, and I have my itunes music on my ipod so... And I did buy this thing to listen to my CDs, not to play my itunes library. Could have been interesting to have the Aux. Input, but I can live wihtout it.

    So in terms of sound quality, definitley 5 stars considering the size of this component, and the design is really cool yet sober. In terms of the rest, you have to keep in mind all of the above before making your purchase. I will get used to using the remote for almost everything, and I am very excited to be able to enjoy my CDs with this quality of sound again, but I insist, the remote thing was an unpleasant surprise. (Posted on 1/30/2011)

  105. Great book shelf system Review by J. Robinson

    There is a lot of quality in this very compact, very nice looking system. I bought the brown model and it looks very nice on a brown cabinet. The area I have it is pretty compact so the speakers are right next to the unit. However the sides of the speakers are not brown and may not look as good if placed separately which would probably be advisable acoustically. The sound is very good at all volume levels. I purchased the iPod accessory and it works very well with my 3G iPhone. There is adequate functionality with the remote covering all typical needs. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. I feel I am getting solid quality in a nice looking compact unit. (Posted on 1/29/2011)

  106. Very Happy..! Review by Marcalypso

    I've got this radio for my Xmas present, and I like it a lot because of the size, the sound and the orange color. I have it in my kitchen and my laptop is conected to it, so I can hear music from the internet and listen to it through my radio. I just bought an extra cable...Very cool. The sound is not as good as BOSE, but still good for the price. (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  107. Great small system Review by A. Smith

    I did a lot of research on small stereo systems before purchasing this Yamaha. I even purchased and returned two or three others from various manufacturers.

    Let me start with my final thought. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

    This Yamaha is very attractive in a minimalist euro-type fashion. It has smooth textures and finishes that feel expensive.

    The sound is what really makes it. I can say that it is quite "accurate" in it's reproduction. It does have surprising low end and clarity for a 4" single speaker. The bass is not the driving pounding bass one would get from going to a club or from a full size system. It is quite audible though.

    One thing that I had not really been expressed plainly enough in the reviews that I had read is the light airy/open sound it has. The mids and highs are (and I feel like some pretentious Stereophile writer by saying this) what I can only describe as spacious. They have very good imaging, but it is very hard to localize where the sound is coming from by listening. Some may not like it. I really do though.

    Very different bass/volume wise, but I would liken the audio accuracy and the imaging as close to my <a href="">Tannoy Reveal 6D Active Monitor</a>.

    The only things I would improve upon are the lack of clock display when the unit is off, and the remote could be a bit more substantial. The remote isn't bad, but it is just average. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  108. Good sound but larger than expected Review by Konacoffee

    I was not expecting it to be so deep, which I'm guessing is necessary for the sound quality which is quite good. It would be perfect if it also had an alarm clock feature. (Posted on 1/17/2011)

  109. magical sound Review by ct

    True "retro" design - no boombox-like clutter of controls (bass, treble, etc). harmonized speakers provide excellent punch for a small to a medium size room. i have heard bose ipod docs - they sound bit shallow compared to this one; this provides very natural sound. very happy with the product. be sure to know the dimensions - this piece is a good 9 - 12 inches deep - probably what gives its speakers the nice sound. so, not your small side table-top ipod doc. grey color was a bit cheaper! (Posted on 1/16/2011)

  110. Great sound, excellent unit. Review by A Customer

    I play mostly opera and classical CD's so realistic sound quality was a major factor. I also have limited space so I could not use a system with large speakers. I read many reviews (both on Amazon and elsewhere) before ordering and I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed.

    The unit delivers a rich, full, sound. In fact, if I have a complaint it is that the system was likely designed for playing electronic music. I had to set the bass to a -6 before I got a sound that didn't boom excessively. But that's ok. At least there are bass and trebel controls. I do wish the unit had a pause function. It has a Mute button and a button which seems to pause it, but pressing the button again does not return the sound. In fact, the instructions - which are minimal - do not identify the function of this button. Oh, well.

    Note: as another reviewer has commented, the photos are deceiving. The speakers are not attached and in fact should be separated, both for heat and sound quality reasons. And they are 7" deep, so take that into account in you plans for placing them. I have mine on the floor, 3' apart with the control unit on a shelf above. (Posted on 1/14/2011)

  111. Good build quality and sound- no inputs on back Review by jeff

    Nice little stereo. Be sure to check dimensions, speakers are deep and will not sit upon some bookcases, fireplace mantel, ect. Also, NO INPUTS on back of unit. (a glaring omission) (Posted on 1/13/2011)

  112. Great product for the money Review by D. Denny

    My wife and I wanted to replace a 20 year old stereo radio and cd component system with large independent floor speakers that was increasingly unsatisfactory in its sound quality. We thought at first that a Bose system would fit our desire for a smaller footprint with built-in speakers, but after reviewing the many on-line complaints reported by buyers who had bad experiences with both Bose quality and service, we decided to search for another brand. After reviewing several products offered through Amazon and sorting through buyers comments, we elected to get the Yamaha MCR-040DG and have been very pleased with the solid quality of the unit and speakers, the great sound they produce for both fm radio and cd's, and the effectiveness of the trailing antenna, which easily pulls in a weak signal from an NPR station 60 miles away. We believe we got just what we wanted for half the price of a Bose. (Posted on 1/13/2011)

  113. Most Pleased Review by Gwert

    I purchased this system in November 2010, and in early december I added the wireless subwoofer to it and I must say I'm loving it. This system has very good sound and gets louder than I thought it would. As another reviewer mentioned 15 watts per channel with Yamaha appears to be more than with other systems.
    I wanted a small system, but did not want to sacrifice sound. This unit (especially with the added subwoofer) totally delivers. I got a brown unit, and the model type was the 140. The main difference is the 140 allows you to detach the iPod player so you can use it remotely. Nice touch.

    All in all 4.5 stars!!!

    EDIT (5/24/11): still using it all the time, love it. Cool design and awesome sound. Most pleased!!! (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  114. OK sound. Nice look. Remote could be better. Review by A Customer

    We purchased the Yamaha MCR-040 in orange for our daughter about two months ago. The color and general look is very nice, but we weren't particularly impressed with the sound quality. It is OK for the size, but it just seems to be lacking something. I have a great set of computer speakers with better sound for less than half the price of this unit. The 20 year-old Panasonic "boom box" I have seems to compete pretty well with it, too, which is interesting. I guess it's the look that sells the product.

    The remote keys are poorly designed. They are tiny, so I can imagine they would not be easy for older people to see very well without reading glasses. The keys also sometimes stick underneath the remote faceplate. When this happens, you think there's something wrong with it because none of the functions work. You just have to remember to pry the key out from under the faceplate. The remote itself is very small, so don't lose it! At least it's white, so not as hard to misplace as a black one would be.

    We've used an older iPod on it as well as the latest gen. Nano and the 2nd gen. iPod with the 4.0 software. All work fine with it. The CD player and tuner work well, too.

    I'm not sure if I would buy this unit again. Sure, it looks nice, but isn't as impressive as we'd hoped. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  115. Great Stereo for the Size Review by Christopher Carlsson "Spiritual Advisor"

    I was frankly amazed by the sound quality for the size and price. Yes , It is not the equal to a component system ( with more features and better sound) but for the money and the small amount of space it takes up it is a wonderful thing. Light years beyond the "3rd World Briefcase"/portable stereos of old it delivers solid performance for a excellent price and exceeded my expectation for both price and quality. Well done Yamaha ! (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  116. Yamaha Audio system. Review by Ganesan

    I red all the reviews, I was looking small audio component with great sound quality. It is 100% fulfill my requirement. I can recommend this product to anybody who is looking for Small Component with great audio quality. It needs only small space, nice looking. It has nice facility that sleep mode (30,60 and 120 minutes), it is very useful that when we are in bed. I do not find any negative from this product, small remote and Ipod dock,cd and external source..etc. SO if you are looking this kind audio component Please Go ahead and purchase it. (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  117. Yamaha MCR-040BR Micro Component System (Brown) - Superior!! Review by Margie

    Huge sound in a compact system!!! I recently purchased this stereo system for a gift on a recommendation from a friend. I had been looking at a Bose system but the cost was a bit out of my price range so did not expect to find anything that compared. Well I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised. This stereo more than measured up!!!!

    The Yamaha MCR-040BR Micro Component System (Brown)is the answer. The sound quality is amazing. In my opinion it is comparable to the Bose and more stylish. When you hear the quality of the sound, you would expect it to be coming from a much larger home stereo system.

    I love the clean simple lines of the stereo. I purchased the brown and it is very rich looking. The fact that the speakers are separate from the main base of the stereo makes it flexible as far as where and how the speakers get placed in the room. The stereo is very sturdy with no danger of it tipping over. The speakers can handle high volumes it you feel the need to rock the house!

    The system is very easy to use either by using the remote or without. I was pleased to see that it enabled use of radio, ipod, usb drive or CD. One stop shopping.

    If you are looking for a compact stereo system, don't look any farther. This may be the one for you. In fact when I am in the market for one for myself, this will definitely be it!

    One last comment, I purchased through Superior service! (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  118. very nice stereo Review by H. Soli

    There seems to be conflict about its size. Each speaker is the size of a loaf of bread. The receiver is similar, but half a loaf wider.
    Acoustically, it's wonderful. The sound is very crisp and clear. It fills a room well and goes louder than a sensible person would ever want.
    There has also been a lot of discussion about it's looks. I'd call it both contemporary and "clean." It has a handsome profile that would likely go well in any room.
    The thing is stuffed with features. I wish it had AM but my teenager, whom it's for, doesn't give a hoot about that.
    The advertisement correctly describes the unit's capabilities.
    It was very carefully packed and shipped. It's also heavily built.
    It's ready-to-go, right out of the box.
    I was hesitant, a bit, due to cost. It's worth it.

    After having it for a week, the CD player failed. Amazon has already shipped out a replacement; it's a really quick response. I'm still ticked-pink with the stereo though, so I'm leaving all the stars up.
    *** (Posted on 12/24/2010)

  119. Great little stereo Review by R. Meyer

    We purchased the Yamaha MCR-040LBU Micro Component System (Light Blue)as our music system for the living room. Great sound for a system its size. Can play our ipods, CD's, radio. Cool looking, great colors to choose from.

    The only minor annoyance is some basic functions can only be performed from the remote - like advancing to the next track on a CD. So don't lose that little sucker. I'm going to attach it to the rear of the system with a cable so it can't wander away. :-) (Posted on 12/23/2010)

  120. Absolutely great sterio! Review by oldAVN

    Great sound to include very good bass despite not having a dedicated sub-woofer.
    A very good value for anyone requiring a book shelf stereo system. (Posted on 12/23/2010)

  121. Best Bang For The Buck!!! Review by Audio Ed

    I am a very enthusiastic, experienced, audiophile, having listened to and owned numerous audio systems over the course of many years. I purchased the Yamaha MCR-040 on 12/02/10. It was delivered on 12/08/10, ahead of schedule. I bought it without listening to it, (could not find a dealer in my area that had a demo to hear). I made this decision based on expert and new owner reviews. I have never done this before! I always listen to audio products before I purchase them. However, when I opened the nicely packaged box, a beautiful, well made unit was revealed (I chose Dark blue). It was easy to set up. It's feature laden with a CD player, Fm radio (30 presets), Apple ipod dock, USB input, mini jack for portables and a credit card size fully functional remote, and more. But the main reason I buy any audio system is the sound quality. This unit has a surprising high level of sound quality! The sound is clear, with crisp highs, clean vocals and the absolute best bass response for the price I have ever heard (listening to a high quality CD)!!! As a comparison, several years ago I bought a Bose Wave radio/CD player for my daughter ($500.00). I'm not knocking Bose, they make high quality products. But for $258.00 (that I paid) about half the price of the Bose, the Yamaha MCR-040 equals the overall sound quality of the Bose and delivers much better bass. If you purchase the Yamaha MCR-040, You won't regret it, You will love it, even if you don't listen to it first. (Posted on 12/10/2010)

  122. Are you kidding me? Review by ScottyM

    Sound is A+. But, I'll get back to that. Ordered this on a Thursday morning and it showed up on my doorstep Friday evening. Are you serious?

    Anyway, this competes with the Bose Wave any day of the week and twice on weekends. Very affordable. Solid quality. That's Yamaha.

    Simple to use features -- a little bizarre that you can't forward your CDs from the console (have to use the remote). But everything works seamlessly... you plug in your iPod and you're off. The sound quality is very very solid. I've got a Yamaha component receiver with big ol' speakers. This little thing delivers a roomful of sound to rival that easily. 15 Watts per channel with Yamaha is a far greater equivalent with other brands. Some reviews on other sites say this isn't going to "fill" a BIG room with sound. Well, I'm in one that's 20' x 20' with high ceilings... it fills it with room to spare! It's certainly an entertainment option at a cocktail party of 25... perhaps not a blowout party with 100+, though. Works across genres, as well. Very strong with classical, metal, electronica, etc. It simply has top-notch sound. If you're on the border... do it. You'll be pleased with it's reasonable size (it's got some "heft" to it, as well). By far and away no cheap shelf stereo. This is good, simple-to-use technology at it's finest. (Posted on 12/10/2010)

  123. Yamaha MCR-040OR Review by L. Holder

    What can I say--I'm in Love! I love the sound that comes from this little box. I love the color. I love the features and the versatility and I love the price. I think we're going to be happy for a very long time! (Posted on 11/29/2010)

  124. Tiny, good-looking, powerful sound system Review by Gregory Kerwin

    No mistake, this is a very petite bookshelf system, proportioned like a single audio component. Amazon's Product Details shows the outside proportions of the box it ships in.

    Unpacked it's actually:
    17" wide
    4" high
    12" deep

    It's loud, has good range and strong bass. You can separate the speakers with the long wires included for a better picture. CDs sound great on it, and FM radio. An iPod sounds OK too. FM stations were easy to set up. This had to replace a great stereo system I lost in a move, and it suits me perfectly. I can put it on a bookshelf and forget about it, use the handy remote. With the remote you can switch almost instantly between sources. The design is Dieter Rams-inspired, atomic-retro and very crisp. It complements Jonathan Ive's Apple iPod designs beautifully. It looks like a laboratory audio instrument, not a playback unit. A little bit clinical, industrial and way cool. The design restraint, attention to detail and usability is excellent - the best of Japanese industrial production. (Posted on 11/18/2010)

  125. Need a fine CD/FM radio? Review by Kelly

    Just received and set up this good-looking Yamaha. Took only minutes, including unpacking. Sounds great, and the FM reception, which is notoriously bad in my area, is wonderful. The hissing present on the radio it replaces is gone! Be aware of the dimensions. It's small but if you really want tiny, this is not. It is deeper than you'd think, from the pictures, but the size is stated (though one line in the Amazon description overstates the height while another is accurate).

    I agree with another reviewer that it is kind of a pain to have to use the remote for some functions (changing stations and adjusting bass or treble), but having a nice, clean face is nicer. Hate equipment with lots of buttons in view. One person said his got hot if the speakers were against the receiver, but mine is barely warmer than when off, and even then only over the top ventilation grid.

    Once I decided to buy it, the hardest thing was choosing a color. Finally went with deep blue. Very nice. (Posted on 11/18/2010)

  126. Hard to believe... Review by Bill byers

    Hard to believe that this small of a unit can put out the sound quality that it does. Ease of set up and use is great. Nice to have a product that lives up to what the manufacturer advertises. My wife loves it. (Posted on 11/16/2010)

  127. Nice Little Stereo Review by J. Semple

    I travel quite a lot and I have two of these systems - one in the US and one overseas. The sound quality is very good. The system that I use when outside the US has DAB+ digital radio and this feature is great. For the price and quality of this system it should have:
    -HD radio for the US market
    -Graphic equalizer function (Posted on 11/11/2010)

  128. Elegant, excellent sound quality, highly recommend Review by - "HighTechEngineer"

    The sound quality exceeds my expectations especially in such a small package. It is an excellent mini system. I had been searching and auditioning mini systems over the last year for my specific application in our kitchen on top of the refrigerator and selected the Yamaha MCR-040.

    It is built with high quality materials; metal face plates for the receiver and speakers, smooth action buttons and volume control; and a sturdy CD tray mechanism. The sound production is very well behaved at all listening levels. Sound quality is the most important performance factor for me. As an audiophile I am always skeptical about the ability to produce accurate and clean bass response with proper mid-range and treble balance from a single driver compact speaker system with no discernible intermodulation distortion; having exceptional bass depth a subwoofer is not necessary.

    It has bass, treble, and balance controls with a subtle easy to read cyan dot matrix display (with two level intensity) and an included remote. The speakers have tuned ports on the rear with easy to use spring-clip wire connections and cloth front grills. An unpretentious front panel layout allows it to blend in unobtrusively with any environment unlike many mini systems that often look cluttered or like space age sneakers, yet it has all the necessary features to completely satisfy at a reasonable price point.

    I seriously considered the Bose wave due to the small height, several friends have them, this Yamaha's sound quality is far superior in my opinion achieving much higher undistorted volume levels and better tonal balance, it is better than many other mini systems I auditioned from smaller to larger in size and cost. We use the analog audio input sourced from my digital 900 MHz PCM streaming home-wide wireless system, sometimes a 32 GB Kingston USB stick (full of MP3s) which it accesses fine, and the tuner. FM is still important to me and the sensitivity is excellent with superb signal to noise and 30 presets. Voice reproduction is excellent, strings, horns and piano all true to fidelity; Having a wide variety of music, spanning from Strunz and Farah to Jean-Luc Ponty, Led Zeppelin to Coldplay... jazz, rock, classical, blues, fusion, funk, and talk radio, we are very pleased.

    The deep chocolate brown espresso is very elegant. There are many mini systems that look over decorated, are only available in black or silver, often flimsy build quality; and sometimes produce vibrations at higher bass volume levels. We are thoroughly impressed with its performance at very low levels and cranked up loud enough shake the windows and dance to, believe it or not - no distortion - no straining - no vibrations.

    At about 4 1/2 inches tall and 17 inches wide with the speakers directly next to the receiver-amp (11 inches deep) it fits perfectly on the fridge top under the overhead cabinets. It matches our espresso cabinets as if it is designed for the room. The full function remote is very thin and light weight yet solid. I attached a thin magnet pad with double-sided tape on the remote bottom to enable storing it on the metallic fridge surface for easy access. The remote also works well when bouncing the IR signal off the ceiling when line of sight is inconvenient across the kitchen. One downside is some control functions are only on the remote not accessible from the receiver's front panel.

    I highly recommend this high quality superbly engineered Yamaha mini system.

    Update 2011-04-14

    We still enjoy this Yamaha and continue to have guests comment on the great sound quality.

    I have seen two users experiencing shut down after ~ one hour:

    We have ours running every morning on FM, and weekday evenings from 5pm to 11pm, weekend days it stays on almost all the time day and night. We use FM in the mornings and portable (line-in) for our wireless streaming device otherwise; sometimes USB memory stick, CDs occasionally. Have never had a shut-off or overheat.

    Is the automatic timer-off unintentionally set ? This will cause it to shut down at the preset time you select, and it will retain the setting after power-off. This is in the setup menu, scroll down and "Timer" is where the setting is. A handy feature for those who forget to shut it off.

    Now I wonder if I had reset this timer feature when I initially set it up (does it come preset to 1 hour off-time perhaps for energy saving?)

    I am curious to find out more about this, I find it hard to believe Yamaha would have a defect of this kind, though all manufacturers can have issues; it seems to be a random occurring issue, but at this time appears to be 1 hour, not more or less, not every user appears to be experiencing this. (Posted on 11/7/2010)

  129. Great Sound Review by Bruce

    I bought this for 3 reasons: Small foot print, MP3's play back and I hoped, good sound. For a small 15 watt amp, the sound is great. Not like my 3' tall paradigms. But for music and radio during the day - great sound.
    My only minor complaint: I wanted a machine that would play MP3 disks so I could load it up with about 120 songs (about 9Hrs of music. So it doesn't remember the last song played, so you'll never here the last song unless you skip through songs already played. Also, the shuffle play seems to play some songs more that others - both minor complaints. I payed $279. (Posted on 11/1/2010)

  130. awesome little thing Review by PalmerLeaf

    It gives good enough sound to most of things.
    It can read your flash drive and search music through folders.
    Some one reviewed that it has no clock display when it is shut down, I think this is by design to keep your room off ligth polution at night.
    It can be used as an alarm at morning, playing what you preset, this is very practical.
    I like it. (Posted on 10/30/2010)

  131. Great versatility at the right price. Review by Greg

    Looks good, audio is impressive, good remote control, very versatile. A great do it all radio at the right price. (Posted on 9/8/2010)

  132. Very good sound quality Review by LES

    I wish I could rate this unit separately based on sound quality and functionality. Sound quality would be a definite five star, but a tad of a design/functionality flaw I'd rate it 3.

    The sound quality of the unit is absolutely amazing! Such a tiny thing producing such awsome sound! One of the nice things about it is that you can move the speakers away from the unit. This way the stereo sound is even more enjoyable, and more pronounced. It has a very nice, deep bass, and clear highs. However, you can customize it to your liking, because it has adjustable, bass, treble, and balance controls. You can also dim the display panel - if you wish.

    It stores 30 FM preset radio stations. Comes with an FM wire antenna that you can conveniently plug in at the back of the unit. It does not have AM reception - in case you wonder.

    As you prolly read from the details by now, it plays MP3 and WMA sounds/music from CD-R/CD-RW discs, USB flash drives, iPhone/iTouch/iPods, and from an external/portable source. Unfortunately it does not read songs/MP3s stored on DVDs only CD-R/CD-RWs. If you plug in an iTouch/iPod, you can navigate it via the remote control. Eg, you can scroll the songs up/down, you can navigate outside/inside to a different folder/category/play list etc. The LCD display can display the playing time, remaining time, artist name, song name, album name.

    It does have an alarm that you can set to wake up to your iPod/iPhone/iTouch, CD, radio or USB drive. It also have a sleep function.

    Now here is the bad part, or should I say, inconvenient part. When you turn the unit off, it does not display ANYTHING on its display panel. It means that if you have set an alarm you will not know it because you'll be staring at a blank display. If you have an alarm set and the unit is ON, it will display an indicator that you have a timer set. Also, if the unit is off, it does not display the time either. As a matter of fact, even if the unit is on, it only displays the time when you hold the "DISPLAY" button on the remote for 2 seconds, and even then, the time will be displayed for only a second or two, and then it will switch back to display info about the currently playing media. So this is a disappointing reality.

    I think this is the only thing about this unit that is annoying. If the unit incorporates a wake up timer and a sleep timer function (not to mention a clock), why on earth I am not able to see it or have it displayed when the unit is off!? This design flaw is a definite three star (or less)!

    (Also just as a comment, you can use it only on one voltage setting. Eg, if you bought it in the states (110V) but plan to move or use it in Europe for whatever reason (220V) it won't work.)

    Otherwise it's a great little unit that provides very good sound quality. (Posted on 7/4/2010)

  133. Great small system Review by Brad Vanek

    Sounds very nice for a small unit..(note speakers are separate pieces) take with me RV camping and can be sat out on a picnic table and turned up (boon docking) or low for more populated spots, sound is great High or low or anywhere in between. Has plenty of options for playback.... (Posted on 6/8/2010)

  134. best product ever!!! Review by Mayra J. Hughes "music queen"

    i love, love, love this product! i love it so much i had to order a second one, and am thinking of ordering a 3rd. i first ordered the red one (beautiful color! its a true red), the look, the sound, and quality of it was so fantastic i had to order the orange, which is even more beautiful than i could have imagined (the color is almost a slight burnt orange). i now want to order either the pink or light blue. (Posted on 4/20/2010)

  135. Yamaha MCR Micro Component Orange Review by K. Wooden "boneman"

    I have been looking for a mini sysytem for my home office for months. I looked at Cambridge and Bose and while researching ran across the Yamaha Micro. I have the Bose 321 system for my flat screen but I wanted something portable, sounds full and rich and looks good. The Yamaha hit all three. The sound from this system is fantastic..good base, treble and it does not sound tinny. I am glad I purchased this system...besides I love the Orange and it has button controls as well as a remote....bonus!!!!!1 I recommend!!!!! (Posted on 1/29/2010)

  136. Very well thought out product, great performance Review by Earl E. A. Dopter

    I originally chose this product for someone else, who tasked me to find a great bookcase stereo to give as a gift. I ordered it and received it within two days via Amazon Prime. I installed and tested it on Christmas Day. It truly exceeded my expectations in every way. Very attractive layout and veneer, intuitive controls, solid feel, great sound quality. I tested the radio first, then the CD player, then the iPod dock. In all three cases, the performance was very impressive for such a small system. I would compare this very favorably to the Bose system that gets so much advertising. I've listened to that system in several peoples' homes and although it's a good system, I feel the sound quality and appearance of this Yamaha system is superior.

    I liked it so much that I immediately ordered a system for our home. I ordered the green color for my friend, but I went with red for our home. It's beautiful and looks very sharp. My wife and I both have iPhones, and we use this system to play our music libraries. It comes with a remote control, which is in itself a very nice little unit. Flawless performance and function. I really have nothing negative to say about this system. It is priced very fairly for its performance, build quality, and appearance. I see another reviewer commented that the speakers cannot be placed adjacent to the unit due to heat buildup. I don't get this at all. The unit never gets hot, and the speakers are placed exactly as shown in the product photographs, that is to say "attached" to the main unit. There are zero issues with heat. I love this little system and I'm sure anyone who takes the chance on one without physically seeing one in the store will be delighted. Anyone have any comments on their experiences or questions, feel free to leave a comment. (Posted on 1/20/2010)

  137. Excellent iPod speakers Review by K. Hughes "vety"

    Recently got one of these from Amazon and am very satisfied with the unit. The sound is very crisp and clean. Unit is very well-built and sturdy. Nice metal case. Silky-smooth volume control. It does look better with speakers close to it but that does not concern me at all. (Posted on 12/29/2009)

  138. Great sound, but measure carefully Review by Cascadian

    I like the color (a better-than-Apple industrial safety orange). I like the sound. But the photos in the marketing material are misleading: this is a 3-piece component system, and the speakers should not be placed right up against the body, although it certainly *looks* very sharp that way. Yamaha support confirmed this: there has to be space between the body and the speakers or the unit will overheat.

    Also, if you're putting this on an open bookshelf, you'll have to deal with the speaker wires showing.

    I'd still buy it again. Just wish the marketeers hadn't misrepresented it. (Posted on 12/18/2009)

  139. Nice unit, bad color Review by CB

    This Yamaha micro system has great sound and solid build quality, but be careful in your color selection. Despite the marketing claims, these products are not color matched to the iPod nano.

    I ordered a unit in light gray and was incredibly disappointed by the color. The light gray has strong undertones of 1960s mint green/institutional green. It's not a reasonably close match to a silver iPod--or any other silver/gray piece of electronics equipment for that matter.

    For those of you considering other colors, this is a nice piece of kit. The sound quality compares with the best of the systems I've owned, including a couple of Bose units. The sound is well-detailed and crisp with a natural tone. (Posted on 11/23/2009)

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