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Yamaha Universal iPod Dock

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YDS-11SL for Select Yamaha Home Theater Receivers (Silver)

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The YDS-11SL dock is compatible with all the latest iPods, including the iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod mini, and iPod Classic while still providing the easiest way to connect and control your iPod from dock enabled Yamaha products.

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  1. all ipod models read and charge Review by juan pablo matus olea

    i use it with nano 4 gen (12v for charge) and ipod touch 4 gen (5v for charge) they play with amazing sound and charge all ipod models. (Posted on 8/19/2012)

  2. Yamaha YDS-12-YDS-11SL Review by Olympia Nagy-Hillman

    I have recently ordered from a Yamaha YMC 500BL Neo HD Media Av Receiver;and soon after that I ordered the Yamaha
    YDS-12-YDS-11SL Dock. I love it. I fiddled with it a little until I realized that the Yamaha AV receiver has quite a lot of options: Live TV, Movie, Computer,Ipod-to-watch movie watch, Wach TV/movie-play, Photo, Games, and finally listen to music & listen to Ipod option. Once I figured it out which option I needed, I was ready for my Ipod to listen to. I have a few Ipod Classics and Bob an IPad for his jazz and we ulternate which one we use for the Ipod Dock. Works amazingly well, and if one of us needs to pause we simply push enter on the remove Receiver and play when we are ready to continue to whatever we are listening to. It is quite forward and simple to operate. The dock is a breeze to connect. (Posted on 4/8/2012)

  3. Great Review by Raider nation

    Works great with iPod and receiver. Great price when I bought it. I have enjoyed it. Easy install. Shipped quick. (Posted on 2/12/2012)

  4. Nice Addition to Entertainment Center Review by a36bill

    This is a great way to listen to music from an iPod on an entertainment center. Easy to install and operate. (Posted on 12/17/2011)

  5. Works Great Review by David L. Waters Sr. "Eternal Optimist"

    Works way better than just hooking up out of the head phone jack of an iPod to the aux front input on a Yamaha receiver. Sounds great and being able to use the remote is superb. (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  6. Awesome product! Review by Robert C "Bob C"

    This dock set up in seconds right out of the box. It sounds great and now able to hear/utilize my IPOD Nano 6th Generation through my home theater system. It functions perfectly in the dock as well as my son's I Phone 3G. I would recommend this to anyone who has a Yamaha receiver. (Posted on 4/10/2011)

  7. Ipod Dock Review by STEPHEN C SIMPSON

    This is my second dock. The 1st broke at connector. This unit was 1/2 the price of the 1st, and had increased functionality with upgraded charging. (Posted on 3/11/2011)

  8. Works Perfect! Review by Darrell Brangham

    This dock works great with the Yamaha receiver, smooth music no skips or breaks in song at all charges it and you can use it while placed on dock. Awesome! (Posted on 3/2/2011)

  9. Yamaha iPod Dock Review by Missy

    My husband is just starting to get into the whole iPod scene and he was excited to find out that he could hook up an iPod docking station to his Yamaha stereo and have the music broadcast throughout the house! He is extremely glad that he purchased a Yamaha dock to match his stereo! (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  10. Awesome extra Review by P. Salac

    There a lot of ways to hook you ipod up to your sound system, but this item is really cool. It's nice to be able to control your ipod from the system remote. (Posted on 2/10/2011)

  11. Batmans comments Review by batman1

    I'm visually impaired and had hoped this product would allow me to access names of tunes on my TV screen, but it did not. I have to move along side my IPOD to get titles of songs I wish to listen to, This product is not for people with 20/40 vision or less. (Posted on 1/31/2011)

  12. Great product for iPod Review by A. Kyes "Aaron"

    This iPod dock is easy to hook up and use. Displays music and videos on the tv and you use the Yamaha remote to make selections. The music is crisp and the iPod movies from the digital copy from various Blurays displays surprising good on 67" DLP tv (about DVD quality). Overall very happy with device. (Posted on 1/28/2011)

  13. Only audio works for my iPod 80GB Classic Review by Paul L. Kiser

    I have an iPod 80GB Classic, and I thought it said it worked for it, but I can only get audio to show. I have a composite cable that I use already that shows video just fine, but this device didn't work for me. I decided that the older model would have a better chance working with the classic that the newer one. My mistake.
    Otherwise, it's very easy to set up, works well on audio only. (Posted on 1/23/2011)

  14. Yamaha YDS-11 Review by Randy Smith

    I bought this dock to run an Ipod Classic off of a Yamaha RXV-463 amp/receiver. My major concern was technological obsolescence. I called Yahama and they assured me the dock should work with the Ipod Classic. Thankfully it does and the sound is a big enhancement compared to plugging an mp3 player into the aux dock. You can also utilize video to show and play the content stored on the Ipod. Video is primitive but works reasonably well. If you're interested in sound alone, the YDS-ll works fine. (Posted on 12/24/2010)

  15. Won't work with Itouch running current firmware Review by Elabit24

    I was so excited by the concept of this dock. It arrived quickly, I plugged it into my Rx-v665, put my 3rd Gen Itouch on the dock and nothing happened... Then I tried our nano. It worked perfectly. "ipod connected" showed up on the screen of the receiver, music came out of the speakers, the onscreen menu worked. Just as expected. I powered down the Itouch, put it back on the dock and it worked for a few minutes until I touched the screen. And then never again. I have reset the Itouch, restored it, restarted it several times, nothing... The dock is going back. It works nice for the nano, but so does the A/V cable in the Aux port, which doesn't cost nearly $50... I am so disappointed. I am assuming that it is Apple's fault as I have heard many dock compatibility issues with firmware over 4.0, but I am still sad that I can't find a dock to work with my itouch... back to the A/V cable... (Posted on 12/20/2010)

  16. Excellent value!!!!!!Excellent Product!!! Review by JulesPa

    I ordered the Ipod Dock for my new Yamaha surround sound receiver since I knew it would come in handy because my two older daughters and I all have music on our ipods. I was skeptical at first since I had seen the same product at HH Gregg retailing for $99.00. The item came in a timely manner, brand new. I hooked it up and it worked perfectly!! I am thrilled since I saved a bundle, $60.00, and can now listen to all our music through our home theater system whenever we want. Way to go AMAZON!! Keep up the good work... (Posted on 12/9/2010)

  17. Behind the Times Review by Mark Gertenbach

    It will work with your IPOD- but not your IPHONE. There is a newer version for that- so be clear that an Ipod is what you intend to use it for. The on-screen graphics look like something from a computer from the 80's, but it works and provides a method to use your IPOD in your system and also charge it. (Posted on 11/10/2010)

  18. Okay for what it is Review by Mike in Memphis

    I ordered this ipod dock for my Yamaha V565 receiver mainly because the DLO dock I bought several years ago would not charge my ITouch which I use mainly as an Ipod since my piece of junk 3 year old 80 GB Classic's hard drive bit the dust and I figured the flash drive on the Itouch would hopefully be more durable. The Yamaha Ipod dock works alright, but it doesn't have a screen saver or color changing option like the DLO. It just has a blahhh black and white presentation. The price was good on this product (about $39 with shipping) and it works alright, but it just seems like Yamaha could have provided a couple more bells and whistles at not much more expense. This product gets the job done, but could use a few eye appeal improvements. (Posted on 11/6/2010)

  19. Excellent Review by Mike R

    Works better than I ever imagined. Excellent sound quality, easy to use and only $38, what a deal. RXV665 Yamaha. (Posted on 10/29/2010)

  20. Works fine, hoped for better. Review by Dan H

    I have a ysp4000. Was able to plug it in and use without setting it up. Did have to press display on my remote and change the input on my tv. Very boring display, but using reciever remote onscreen functions/menu navigating are the same as on the Ipod(5th gen nano). Only allows music functions and can ONLY LISTEN to pod cast. I am happy with it despite short commings. (Posted on 10/24/2010)

  21. Works Fine w/ the RX-V1800 Review by B. Falcon

    I finally broke down and purchase the YDS-11SL for my 3 year old RX-V1800. Connectivity was a breeze and it was up and running within the span of a few minutes from the moment I opened the box. No issues with video playing through on my 42" Toshiba Regza. Not sure why I waited so long to get one. (Posted on 10/15/2010)

  22. Is compatible with iPhone4 and RX-V765 Review by John

    Just wanted to add a quick note that this dock does work with my iPhone4. It was bundled with my receiver I purchased last week. I can navigate using my Yamaha Receiver perfectly (newly purchased RX-V765) using the OSD through all my iPhone's video and music collection's which I synchronize through iTunes. It is very nice using my receiver's remote control to navigate my iPhones digital collection, and the sound is very crisp. Video appears to be output in 480i, not 480p, and there is no upscaling to 1080p, but I think this is because I disabled some features of my HDMI controller, so I wouldn't knock off points for my misunderstanding of a newly purchased product. I can even watch videos I recorded from the iPhone 4 camcorder through the receiver, which was an extra bonus I didn't expect. (although I cannot access these videos via the receiver's OSD, but it sure would be nice if all iPhone apps and features including the camcorder could be accessed via the OSD and the remote)

    So my features I like on my iPhone 4 in summary:

    * Charges my iPhone while docked.
    * Plays back video and music perfectly.
    * Can access my camcorder videos and playback perfectly.
    * Receiver's OSD and Navigation via remote works perfectly.

    I'd highly recommend this for iPhone 4 users over the newer model YDS-12, except the price difference isn't really that much, and the newer YDS-12 is more visually appealing. (Posted on 9/15/2010)

  23. Universal iPod Dock YDS-11SL Review by Joe

    This works great with the iPod and iPod Nano in the house. On my iPod I select Bing Music or Pandora and it works great. It is a little hard to control with the receiver remote but it is just that I have to get used to it... The unit charges with no problem and it cost me less than half the suggested retail price. Love it! (Posted on 9/12/2010)

  24. great price Review by dave

    For the price this is a very cool little adapter but don't forget you need a yamaha receiver for it to work. You just plug it in to the dock plug and you are good to go. Don't pay $100 or more at local store, order it from here and it comes quick and you save more than half. (Posted on 8/29/2010)

  25. Ipod Dock Review by Orv

    Received the dock quickly after order and simple to install - just plug it in to the back of the Yamaha receiver. The Yamaha remote has a "dock" button and pressing it is all that's required to have full use of whatever Ipod is plugged into the dock. The Ipod Dock takes little room and has a long cable. It works in both the Ipod Nano locked and unlocked positions, and has full or near full Ipod functionality from the Yamaha remote control. (Posted on 8/18/2010)

  26. Does Just What I Wanted It To Do Review by Jill Korsok

    This is iPod Dock is very practical, easy to set up and use and works perfectly with our Yamaha amp. (Posted on 8/16/2010)

  27. I-pod dock for Yahmaha RXV 1700 Review by Tim "FireHawk"

    Solid product worth the money I paid for the dock. Shipped to the door for about half (.5, 1/2) of what I had seen at the stores. Long cord good for positioning the i-pod. I had to make made my own base cradle for it though out of insulating spray foam and plastic wrap and tape for a more solid base cradle for my Cradle to I-pod connection. (Posted on 8/6/2010)

  28. So easy to use and GREAT sound! Review by K. Brooks

    This was SO EASY to set up with my Yamaha RX-V665 Receiver. The cable is heavy duty and just one plug. It worked right out the box. The sound quality is great. I can't believe I didn't buy the earlier. Definitely would recommend. (Posted on 7/6/2010)

  29. Yamah ipod dock Review by Viet Le

    Very good condition . Easy to use . Shipping on scheduele . Very appreciate .
    Thank you
    Viet Le (Posted on 7/4/2010)

  30. ipod dock Review by JMS

    Use caution when removing/inserting ipod to dock. First one broke after a few months b/c my children handled it a bit too aggressively. Would use this supplier again. Arrived sooner than expected and the price was the best. (Posted on 6/30/2010)

  31. YDS-11 and the RX-V665 Review by Derps

    I purchased the YDS-11 a couple of weeks ago and have hooked it up to my RX-V665. Hooking it up was a snap, and it worked right out of the box. With the caveat that our audio system is good but by no means the best, the sound quality is fine.

    Getting the on-screen display to work was a bit tricky given the complete lack of documentation on the unit available from Yamaha. Fortunately, I found a post from the UK that provided the relatively simple advice: With the iPod in the dock, the RX-V665 set to "Dock" and the television on, press "source" on the RX-V665's remote followed by "Display". Voila! You get an on-screen display that looks eerily like the green screen computer displays from the 60s and 70s. While it would be nice if the dock allowed for video playback on the screen, it still works fine. (Posted on 6/28/2010)

  32. Perfect Review by Bethany D. Land

    This dock works just as I expected it to. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because I haven't used it extensively to see all of the features. One thing I don't like is that when I have the receiver/remote on the ipod dock, the remote switches back to the receiver and I have to hit the dock button on the remote to control the volume. This may have an easy fix. I just haven't messed with it enough. It isn't that big of a deal, just an extra step. (Posted on 6/23/2010)

  33. Good buy, I recomennd it! Review by David Gerson "Banner"

    Great sound and works with my iPhone 3GS. You just have press "yes" when the iPhone wants to enter flight mode. Otherwise when you get a call, you get into trouble (i tried). In order to get things going again you have to restart both the reciever and the iPhone.
    There are new docks out there which are iPhone-compatible, but my Yamaha is not compatible to the dock... (Posted on 6/23/2010)

  34. Better than expected Review by Chris Bower

    I recently purchased a Yamaha RXV-665 and decided to look into the YDS-11. I read the reviews here, and decided to give it a try. I must say I am very pleased. I have used several ways to hook up my iPod(s) through my stereo before, but none were as nice as this. It's great being able to use the receivers remote, and being able to see everything on my 50" plasma instead of trying to read the iPod display. I am impressed with the quality of the videos as well. I have several on my iPod, and watching them on my 50" plasma they look great! Not perfect, but much better than I would have thought. This was definitely money well spent! (Posted on 5/22/2010)

  35. It works great with the iPhone 3GS Review by Zeppelin

    Bought this iPod dock for my Yamaha RX-V665 receiver. It worked like a charm. Not setup time. Just plugged it in and it was good to go. It works just great with the iPhone 3GS as well. You just have to select "No" on the prompt that appears on the phone when you dock your iPhone in the cradle. (Posted on 5/12/2010)

  36. It's a perfect addition to your sound system Review by M. Ivers "bix1228"

    I was looking for an easy way to play my iPod through my sound system. I owned a Yamaha receiver and this seemed to be the logical step. It is. The dock is plugged in, you set your speaker output for the dock, and easy as that, your iPod comes to life in glorious sound. It's a great addition. Recommended for all those who wish to listen to their iPod with the quality of sound that your speakers deliver. (Posted on 4/12/2010)

  37. Does not work with 3gs reliably Review by John Hillestad

    I wanted so much for this device to work but for the price its just to high... your better off using an apple stand with line audio out than this thing , after reading from posters that the 3gs charges I bought one and yes it does charge the phone ... then it magically lets it go.... the music will play on but the charge light goes off and phone battery goes down..... I have other audio gear (Sony) that has no problem keeping the phone charged. There maybe something about the 3gs making it sensitive to what kind of charge it is receiving but at least on my phone this device will not maintain the charge. My ipod touch 3rd gen did seem to work fine...but sometimes a yellow triangle comes up and declares it incompatible and will not charge. if you buy one for 3gs use be sure to keep it on the device for hours and see if it still charges also you need to do this more than once because it is random... Yamaha needs to sell this for more like $20 than $50 because it simply does not do much and the cord is way to short at least for my needs and setup.... the cord is special and there is no way to extend it. It did work great with my older ipods and the remote control worked too. (Posted on 4/12/2010)

  38. This Dock Works With iPhone 3Gs Review by Mr. B. Moulton "irishamazonfan"

    I struggled to find it in black and white, but can confirm that even though you get a message when you to connect that says it's not compatible - it is, I can play my music which sounds great and YouTube videos show up on my flat screen but other videos do not play but I am not 100% sure that there is not some setting that I can change to make this work. Charging function works fine. (Posted on 4/10/2010)

  39. It does its job Review by James Tennessen

    Not knowing if it would work with the iphone i bought it anyhow. Its not fully compatible with the phone, but it does charge the phone and plays the music which is good enough for me. As far a sound, I have no idea why that rating question comes up as the sound is only as good as the recording and the amplifier producing the sound. Overall its a nice unit, plug and play. (Posted on 4/9/2010)

  40. Works great with Iphone thru Yamaha RX-V663 Reciever Review by K. Clay

    I have had this product a couple of weeks. I ordered it after I got my new Iphone. I wasn't sure that it would do all it was suppose to do since it is not made for the Iphone but I figured for $50 it was worth a shot. It works great! The dock even charges it while it plays which is awesome because those that have one know that the battery life on the Iphone is a bit short. There is a message that will come on your Iphone when you plug it in to the dock that states "This Item is not made for Iphone" but it works all the same. If your Iphone is fully charged when you put it on the dock is will give you a message saying that it doesn't support charging for the Iphone but it does. That message threw me off a bit the second time I used it but tested it later when the battery was down a bit and it started charging. Installation was simple, just follow the installation instrucions in your receiver's owner's manual and you'll be rockin out to your favorite music on your Iphone in no time! You can even use your receiver's remote control to control your Iphone once it is plugged into the dock! Awesome!! (Posted on 4/8/2010)

  41. Excellent product Review by E. Davila

    I purchased this unit to play my iPhone music through my stereo. The dock was simply plug and play. It worked perfectly and the receiver recognized it immediately. (Posted on 4/6/2010)

  42. Great addition to a great Reciever Review by C. Price "Cliff"

    Easy to connect, and easy to use. Just wish it could pass photos from my iPod to the TV. Should be easy to do, if it already has the option to pass videos.

    I did purchase a YDS-11SL, but got a YDS-11. Not sure if they are different or not. Information on both exists on Yamaha's site, and neither shows as discontinued. Now I need a newer iPod so I can watch my photos on the TV...

    All in all a very good addition to my RX-V765 (Posted on 4/3/2010)

  43. Works great with my iPhone. Review by A. Palermo

    I purchase the iPod adapter when I brought the <a href="">Yamaha YAS-70BL Front Surround System (Black)</a>. All you need is just plug it in and that's it. Very simple no confusion and it recharges your IPod while you're listening to it. But I have an issue with my 2nd generation nano. It doesn't recognize it. But I usually use my iPhone to listen to Pandora. Works as advertizes. I recommend it. (Posted on 3/29/2010)

  44. Okay, but horrible OSD & Interface Review by A. Cole

    I bought the Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal iPod Dock with with <a href="">Yamaha RX-V665BL 630 Watt 7-Channel Home Theater Receiver</a>. Works fine but the visual on-screen display is B&W text and looks horrible and the interface functions are poor and limited. The on-screen display does not offer all the same menu and playback options as the actual iPod display (e.g. no "compilations" option) and there is no easy way to scroll through or alpha find/sort songs (I have nearly ten thousand, so scrolling line-by-line is not effective). Album artwork is not pushed-through to the on-screen display until Yamaha top-end models costing nearly $1000. I'm using the dock but not the on-screen display function. The convenience of a direct interface with the receiver is nice but the feature set is not worth the $100 MSRP; not even the $59 purchase price. Maybe worth $20 for the convenience of remote interface and charging station functions. I feel is only effective if you position the dock where it is easily visible so you can see the iPod display for playback info. (Posted on 3/19/2010)

  45. Convenient and works well but some limitations with iPod Touch 3G Review by Gauteng

    I am using this dock to connect an iPod Touch 3G to a Yamaha RX-V663 receiver. You insert the iPod in the dock, change the receiver input to "AUX", press the "DISPLAY" button on the Yamaha remote and you will see an on-screen display menu if you have a TV or monitor connected to the receiver. The display is not at all glam unfortunately and looks like something from the Atari era. It is entirely functional though and I had no trouble selecting artists, playlists, genres etc. The iPod Touch 3G does not charge in this dock and you will get a warning message on the iPod. If you do not have a TV or monitor connected to the receiver or switched on, you can use the Yamaha remote to browse and select music through the iPod display which is very straightforward. The song title will display on the receiver's front panel too. The base of this dock is weighted and has grippy rubber feet - it feels quality. The connector cable which uses proprietary terminations is about 7 feet long which gives you some freedom to place the dock in a good location. 3 dock inserts are provided for different iPod models. Overall I am pleased because this device allows me to conveniently access a very large music library on my receiver without a CD player and 100's of CDs. (Posted on 3/19/2010)

  46. Great addition to my media room. Review by Keywestguy

    I have this and the XM Yamaha docks. It's nice having my music from my IPOD go through my stereo system. Changing songs and playlists on the Yamaha Remote is a little confusing. (Posted on 3/16/2010)

  47. Doesn't get easier than this thing Review by Jadecat

    I was debating on spending some bucks for an iPod speaker system for my living room, but already had
    speakers in the wall for my TV. I did an amazon check on my current receiver, Yamaha V465 and saw that it came with the iPod dock output. Wow. Too easy and much cheaper. So, I bought this one. When it came here, all I had to do was hook the enclosed cable (I was relieved to see it came with its own special cable, thought I would need to buy another one) from the dock to the back of the receiver. There is only one spot to plug it into in the back of your receiver, so you don't have to guess which input it goes to. Then click on the DOCK button on your remote and it is on. With my V465 receiver, it apparently does not play videos or show an onscreen display. I DON'T CARE. I just wanted my music, don't need to look at photos on TV and heaven knows I have enough shows to catch up on without watching more off my iPod. This was a great alternative to a separate speaker system. And like others said, Best Buy has it for double the price. Crazy. (Posted on 3/16/2010)

  48. Great accessory for great price. Review by Anthony Deal "sbk510"

    This unit is great. It's solid, heavy and charges the iPod. It also uses the receiver's remote and I can browse the iPod on my TV screen. The only gripe is that when I'm browsing with the remote, the audio does not play (Yamaha RX-V765). If you leave the iPod in the cradle and browse with the scroll wheel, the audio will continue to play. Amazon sold this at 49% off - yay!! (Posted on 3/15/2010)

  49. Excellent iPod Dock Review by steve

    Simply plug and play----first time I ever got something that REALLY WAS plug and play!! (Posted on 3/15/2010)

  50. IPhone Easy Review by Gregory Smith "Carefreekid"

    Great product. Hooked it up to my RX-V2700 and dropped in my IPhone to the port, it immediately identified the unit and was able to play both music from the IPod but videos from You Tube. Also can watch movies from the Itunes store. Quality of the pitcher is not perfect, but pretty good. Can control the IPod from the reciever remote as well. (Posted on 3/10/2010)

  51. Outstanding Accessory Review by Bill H.

    I bought this as an accessory add-on to a recent purchase of a Yamaha RX-V765BL receiver (which I also have high praise for). This is one cool accessory. The ability to see the iPod menus on your TV screen and control the iPod selection and play features via the receiver's remote control are two unbelievably convenient features. Additionally, even though it does not reference that usage of an iPhone is supported (and you will actually receive an error message on the iPhone screen when you plug it into the dock) ... it does in fact work fine with my iPhone 3Gs. The dock also performs charging of either the iPod or iPhone (but only while the receiver is turned on) so you can let the music roll on, and on, and on and not worry about running out of power. All in all, this is one of the best electronics accessories I have bought in a long time ... and on top of all of this, I paid under $50 delivered by ordering through Amazon vs. a $99 price tag on the shelf at Best Buy. (Posted on 3/10/2010)

  52. Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal iPod Dock Review by Bill "Agate Hunter"

    This iPod dock does what it's supposed to do, which is playing music on certain Yamaha Receivers. The screen interface used is definitely 70's/80's style (Think Atari) but it does the job. I have two gripes: First, the dock does not charge your ipod unless the receiver is on, and second, if your ipod has any kind of case/shell on it, it will not fit with the included adapters, so it's not as easy to plug the ipod in without the adapters. I have not tried any video on it yet. Overall, I'm still happy with it. (Posted on 3/8/2010)

  53. Works great.....exceded my expectations Review by Samuel A. Wash "Sam"

    If you've got an Ipod then this is a must have. There is nothing like being able to access and control your Ipod from your easy chair. Nuff said in my book (Posted on 3/7/2010)

  54. Works great Review by K. Hinkey "Kevin H."

    Product worked great right out of the box. Plugged it right in and started listening to music. Its very conveinent to plug the Ipod directly into our stereo system and listen to what ever we want. (Posted on 2/16/2010)

  55. Yamaha YDS-11Sl Review by Hudson "Flash"

    This Ipod dock was easy to connect to my Ipod dock ready Yamaha 7.1 stereo component receiver (no HMDI connections model). This dock works with Ipod classic, Ipod Touch and the newest Ipod line players. Besides being able to listen to my music, I was able to view my movies on my LCD TV. The only con I have is that the music and videos can be only be listened in stereo mode (This might be just my Yamaha receiver model). Otherwise, the product does what it is designed to do. (Posted on 2/10/2010)

  56. Great addition to compatible Yamaha A/V Receivers Review by James A. Reid "gadget guru"

    This iPod dock is truly plug 'n play, there is nothing complicated about it and once it is connected to your Yamaha A/V Receiver it allows for full iPod control via the remote on your TV screen. (Posted on 2/9/2010)

  57. Yamaha yds-11sl ipod dock Review by jeepman "cal"

    I ordered the ipod dock for my yamaha rx-v663 receiver, and I am completely satisfied! I agree with most of the other reviews. The ipod display on the tv is pretty bad, but i think it is a limitation of the yamaha receiver and not of the ipod or the dock. (It looks just like the font used for the yamaha setup screen.) There's not much documentation that I could find to help with the actual control of the ipod with the yamaha remote. The information in the receiver user manual is brief at best. There is no mention of how to view videos that are on the ipod, but it is actually quite easy. After a little trial and error, it is very easy to watch movies/videos on your tv that are stored on your ipod. By the way, I have the nano 5th generation, so I don't know if other ipods will function the same. I have my yamaha receiver connected to the tv with a hdmi cable, and the video size is perfect. Connecting with s-video however distorts viewing of the videos, and results in the video being 'squeezed' from the sides, and looks like a wide screen video is being compressed to fit on a 4:1 screen.
    Sound is great, and is improved by using the '7 channel enhancer' on the yamaha deck. I highly recommend the yds-11sl adapter for your ipod, especially if you have the 5th generation nano! (Posted on 2/9/2010)

  58. good for new models Review by A. Trentacosti "TT"

    the sound is great but with my model receiver no video (Posted on 2/4/2010)

  59. Perfect Partner to the iPod and a Home Music/Theatre System Review by W. randolph thomas

    I bit the bullet and ripped several hundred music CD's for loading on a new iPod, after the failure of my Sony 400 CD jukebox player. Once you've enjoyed the convenience of CD selection and playing at the press of a button, it is hard to settle for anything less convenient. That's where the iPod and the Yamaha dock came in.

    Now I can control the iPod via my Yamaha receiver's remote control thanks to the dock, and my entire music library is searchable and accessible more quickly than it was with all of the CD's in one large carousel/jukebox player.

    And, since the receiver is also cabled to my hdtv, I can view my music playlists onscreen and make my music selections there. Thus, avoiding getting the iPod's mini-screen up to my nose in order to view the music lists.

    I thank Yamaha for there insight in adapting their receivers to the iPod via their nifty little dock. (Posted on 1/29/2010)

  60. Won't pass video with 3rd generation ipod touch Review by Sawyer

    I own an HTR-6140 receiver. By all accounts and advertising for both my receiver and this dock, this dock is 100% compatible with my receiver and should do everything it's advertised to do. It doesn't. You can't view photos or video's from a 3rd gen ipod touch. At least on this receiver. I have been in contact with Yamaha and have been told that there is new dock set to release before summer that MAY address this issue. If this is important to you, you may want to hold off.

    That said, the dock is easy to use, allows you to use your receiver's remote to control your music, gives you a rudimentary on screen display, and charges your ipod. If you have a case on your ipod touch it will not fit in the dock with the Apple dock adapter in place. It will however fit without using a dock adapter but the fit feels somewhat loose and flimsy. This is the only option if you don't want to remove your case every time you listen music.

    To summarize, I like the features that do work but also wish that every advertised feature did work. I also wish the connection was more secure and that perhaps there was a back that the ipod could rest on. (Posted on 1/25/2010)

  61. great add on to my Yamaha HTR-6140 Receiver Review by jrmc

    This little docking station is a perfect add-on to my Yamaha HTR-6140 5.1-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver. Basically "plug and play" ... sound is great. The price was excellent. (Posted on 1/24/2010)

  62. Excellent! Review by RD "Audio/videofile on Budget"

    No problem hooking it up to the RXV-663. Works perfectly. The onscreen & osd are great. Took a little tweeking to get my Harmony remote running it all just the way I wanted, but not any more than other equipment. (Posted on 1/22/2010)

  63. This is nice but.... Review by jazz3k "Lsabal"

    I've owned this for about a month now and honestly this is only "ok". The main feature that I do like is that it allows me to use my ipod with my Yamaha 663BL tuner, which scrolls the name of the song on the tuner. The dock is okay, but very awkward to operate using the controls from the tuner. There is a little learning, that needs to happen, but its still awkward. Also, make sure that the iPod is docked firmly in the unit and that the connection at the back of the tuner is firmly in place.

    Is this worth the price? Yes, because it removes fumbling with CD's, it allows for you to utilize the iPod with your home system (which is awesome).

    However, I feel certain that another company will make this same dock and do a better job its just a matter of time. (Posted on 1/20/2010)

  64. Sound Quality is Passable, but Video Won't Play Review by Larry Kaplan "Larry Kaplan"

    I found that this Yamaha IPOD dock had only acceptable sound quality with my Yamaha V765 Receiver. Pop music had the best sound field. Classical and choral music had a lower sound quality to my ears. Last, I cannot play the movies stored on my Ipod because the V765 receiver doesn't support this activity. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING and shows poor marketing decisions on the part of Yamaha. I, of course, returned the dock -- no need to reward Yamaha executives who have not been responsive to users of the new V765 receiver. (Posted on 1/13/2010)

  65. Beware of Yamaha misleading you. Review by AP

    Bought YDS-11SL for my Yamaha (brand new) RX-V465 receiver. Looked at the Yamaha website and compared all receivers in this line. Yamaha indicated that this receiver was compatable along with all the other models in the line. Easy to hook up but spent time trying to get video. Emailed Yamaha and sure enough about 30 hours later I was infomed my receiver will not play the video.

    Why have the unit and the Yamaha specific input socket on the receiver that does little then hook up an expensive charger is beyond me. Make sure you are going to get video before you buy. (Posted on 1/8/2010)

  66. Unbelievable! Review by Lori Richter

    Plugged it into the receiver, put my ipod touch in it and used the remote to control it! It was easy and it works great. And the price was very reasonable especially if you compare it to other ipod systems. It was nice to not have to have another sound system to listen to the Ipod. I The only thing that was a let down was that I do not have video capability but that's only because it is not a feature with my reciever. I wouls encourage any one with a Yahama reciever that has thee ipod dock option to use it before purchasing another speaker system to listen to their ipod. (Posted on 12/24/2009)

  67. Yamaha iPod Dock Review by Martin G. Raphael

    I have not used an iPod dock and was anxious to try this out with my new Yamaha 863 receiver. I am thoroughly pleased with its performance and ease of use. The item worked right out of the box with no setup requuired. I just plugged the supplied cable into the slot on the back of the receiver and the receiver remote is used to control the iPod menu. Couldn't be easier! The sound quality is great (I am using an iPod Nano). (Posted on 12/22/2009)

  68. Be careful that you buy the right dock. YDS-11 and YDS-10 have some key differences Review by Jonathan R. Asleson "Jon Asleson"

    I have a Yamaha receiver (RX-V463) bought less than a year ago. The logo on both my receiver and ipod read MADE FOR IPOD so I thought they would be compatible, but only for audio. The video/on screen display doesn't work with my receiver model.

    **I'm not trying to be the unhelpful reviewer who doesn't shop smart then complains about it on amazon, I'm just posting this to let people know that you should check your specifications to your particular model, because it does make a difference**

    --You can find the full listing of Yamaha's (Made for Ipod) products at Yamaha's website (I tried entering the URL, but Amazon won't let me post a link to another site)

    My receiver is listed there, but both the YDS-11SL and the YDS-10SL docks read "MADE FOR IPOD," but under my receiver's specifications it reads....... iPod Compatibility * (With Optional YDS-10)

    I use it for just audio and it sounds great. It's better than a 3.5mm (male to male) cable (the 3.5mm cables sometimes make a high frequency hissing noise, regardless of brands) It looks great and works right out of the box with the plug of a single cable in the back of the receiver, and the back of the actual dock. The receiver remote works for controlling the ipod just as you'd expect. The directional buttons and OK button are for navigation. And the scene forward/backward are for songs forward/backward, and FF/RW are for FW/RW (go figure!) That's all I got, hope it was helpful to someone! (Posted on 12/16/2009)

  69. This is great - should be shipped withthe recievers Review by John Sikking "sikkingj"

    This is great. Works seamlessly with my iPod. It should be standard with all receivers. (Posted on 12/14/2009)

  70. A new reason to use my ipod Classic. Review by Billy E. Vinton "akabillys"

    This docking station has breathed new life into my ipod video classic that has been sitting in a drawer for the last year and a half, now I create playlists for parties and have the music playing that I want through out my entire house via my Yamaha RX-V665 and Definitive speakers. The unit itself is very easy to use. The only thing I'm leery about is the actual charger tongue in the dock it seems pretty fragile, just be careful when docking not to snap it off. Other than that this is a must have for me. (Posted on 12/8/2009)

  71. Does YDS-11 works with iPod touch V2.2.1(5H11a) connected to RX-V565? Review by M. Yin

    I just purchased YDS-11 with RX-V565. The connection setup is easy, just a cable to plug in iPod and the Rx-V565. However, I've never got it working. The AV display says "unknown Ipod" when I press "display" button. When I press "volume Trim", the connected TV displayed the menu for "volume Trim", then I press "display" button, TV then displays "unknown iPod" as well. Mine is iPod Touch 2nd generation, with firmware version 2.2.1(5H11a). Has anyone get this version of iPod touch working with RX-V565? or with RX-V666, RX-V765?

    Will upgrading iPod Touch firmware to V3.1 work? Has anyone got iPod Touch with version greater than 2.2.1 working with Rx-V565, RX-V665 or RX-V765?

    Please share your experience if you know it can work.

    ========= comments after upgrading =======
    This works now after I upgrade to iPod Tocuh 3.1.2. So I have changed my rating from one star to five stars. Please see comments for more info. (Posted on 12/7/2009)

  72. yamaha ipod dock Review by Robert Amorello "the clean up man"

    this dock not only makes using your ipod easy, it also really allows for great sound quailty. i used to use rca connectors to one of the recivers input jacks and played through the headphone jack output on the ipod. this did not always sound as good as playing through the direct connection on my car stero. now i notice improved sound and i can control the ipod using the remote and on screen info. (Posted on 11/26/2009)

  73. Great Product Review by F. Bonefont

    I love the fact that the iPOD can be used remotely with the remote control. With the Yamaha 665 stereo, the remote control also allows control over the TV; that's a plus...I wasn't expecting that. Sound is great from the Yamaha 665 stereo and Bose speakers. It is exactly what I was looking for. (Posted on 10/28/2009)

  74. Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal iPod Dock for Select Yamaha Home Theater Receivers Review by Bath Wader "bgd"

    Just place your iPod in the dock (fits a variety of iPods) and control it from your Yamaha remote. There's a button on the remote that says, "Dock" and that is all you need to select iPod input. On/Off and volume also from the remote. Not particularly cheap, but not outrageous either. Very convenient and easy. (Posted on 10/21/2009)

  75. awesome ipod control Review by Jericho Castro "penguin"

    I have a yamaha rxv 765, i plugged this thing on, it's easy to use, now i don't need to get closer to my ipod, just sit and relax get your yamaha remote and you are all set. This unit is awesome!!! I recommended this product!!! (Posted on 10/16/2009)

  76. Cheaper than anywhere else Review by D. L. Sachs

    This is working great with my Yamaha XV-1065 receiver. Solid build. Nice to have all my music playlists available to play in surround sound. (Posted on 9/17/2009)

  77. Yamaha dock and receiver for use with iphone Review by Fabien Gioanni

    I'm usingn the dock for my iphone. I need to manually set my iphone to ipod mode, that's why I only set 4 stars.
    Otherwise, everything works a planned, I can navigate through my ipod playlists with the receiver remote control and activate them. (Posted on 9/6/2009)

  78. Great Product Review by Mitch Rapp

    Easy to use, synced up perfect with my Harmony Remote. No issues with quality or performance. (Posted on 9/6/2009)

  79. Good Product/Lousy Manual Review by Consumer Champ

    Took about five minutes to install after skimming through the instruction manual. Product description ("Universal remote... for select Yamaha receivers." WHICH selected receivers??? If it doesn't work with mine, how can it be "universal"?) wasn't particularly helpful and the manual is all but worthless. I have no desire in playing iPod video on a 46 inch screen so it will be a while before features or limitations involving video become apparent. For now, it work with my receiver and my remote and Dire Straits sound good as ever. (Posted on 8/25/2009)

  80. Great Priced Speakers Review by The Salt Pig

    Did lots of research and didn't want to spend "Bose" level money. Great speakers for the price, easily installed under the eaves of my house above my big back patio. Great sound and great price. You can't go wrong with these speakers. (Posted on 8/23/2009)

  81. Does the job with my RX-V765 - including TV display -- But could be improved Review by John Scott

    After updating my old home theater receiver to the Yamaha RX-V765 to get all that nice HDMI in/out, I noticed the abilitiy to connect the RDS-11 (a/k/a RDS-11SL -- the SL just stands for the color "silver" in the Yamaha product naming scheme). I have a large CD collection so have been thinking about an iPod Classic with a big drive for some time. This pushed me over the edge so I bought both the 120 gig Classic and the YDS-11. Setup was a snap -- just plug in the dock. Set the iPOD on the dock and select "dock" as the music source. I expected the video display to show the song titles on my TV out of the box, but this took a little more work. A trip to the Yamaha support website yielded the information that I then needed to hit "Displaly" on the remote control. Once I did this, I had menus on TV for music and video. (Still checking whether I can also get a menu up to display photos.) So it works. Why I say it needs improvement? The menus are very primative -- think pre-Windows MS-DOS. And no "Shuffle" option. Not sure if its the receiver or the dock that needs improvement on this front, so your mileage may vary if you have one of the truly high-end Yamaha receivers and not this "upper-mid" level RX-V765. (Posted on 8/21/2009)

  82. Great Dock! Review by Juan Henao

    Well Just got the dock yesterday. I just pulled it out of the box, and it had only the necessary equipment. A great build multi-pin cable, the dock, and dock cradles. I plugged it to the dock, then to my RXV663, and it was already playing. I'm still fine tuning the device cause I get a rather low volume from it, but I'm sure its just me getting aropund the system. Havne't yet figured how to play video, but then once again, I have only been trying for a few minutes now. Completely recommend it, great device, and it charges my IPhone 3G!!! no more hassle with getting worried about it getting drained.

    Would have been great if I'd known in advance it would work with the iphone, it said it would work with ipods but not iphone 3g as such, so it was just a wild guess and risk I took there, but it works just fine, so I'm happy with it. (Posted on 8/17/2009)

  83. Display did not work on TV Review by Sharad Mathur

    I bought this for my Yamaha RX-V665 receiver. The display did not came by itself on TV. Every time I had to push the display button on remote to get the Ipod menu on TV. The other default is that it does not allow the screen saver option once the music is being played, therefore, you are burning your pixels on TV all time. I called Yamaha tech support and got a answer that both these functions not present in this model. Finally returned and got money back from Amazon. (Posted on 8/8/2009)

  84. Yamaha YDS-11 iPod Dock Review by Paul D.

    This is something you need when connecting your iPod to your Yamaha receiver. It charges and plays at the same time and the connection is clean. Be careful not to rock back and forth and take the iPod in and out all the time because over time the connection inside will become loose and will not work. This happened to the last one I had YDS-10 with lots of use from the little one in the house. (Posted on 8/6/2009)

  85. iPod Dock Review by Laurie J. Hamel

    The item was delivered quickly and appears to be as advertised, but we have not actually used it yet (Posted on 7/14/2009)

  86. Doesn't quite deliver as promised Review by L. Rifici "ecotoxguy"

    Purchased as an iPod dock for the Yamaha RX-V863 Home Theater Receiver, the YDS-11SL allows you to dock and charge your iPod while playing music. However, both the manual for the receiver and the dock state the receiver's digital display can be used to move through the iPod's menus and select playlists, shuffle, and even program the iPod. This is not true at all. You use the receiver's remote to move through the iPod's menus but you must be close enough to the iPod to view its menus on its tiny screen (I have a Nano).

    Though the product misses on what would be a very useful feature, it does efficiently dock the iPod to the receiver, allows continuous music playback, allows some control over the iPod with the receiver's remote, and, with some fiddling around, will display the current song title in receiver's digital display.

    I carefully researched the YDS-11SL before buying. Yamaha's product information states it is supported by the RX-V863. Some product reviews were very positive, others described the same problem I encountered. GOOD LUCK getting any help from Yamaha. They don't return my e-mails (other than to say they received it). (Posted on 6/29/2009)

  87. YDS-10 vs. YDS-11 Review by Joseph Sheeler

    I ordered a YDS-11 and I received a dirty YDS-10. This is the second time that I have written this review. The YDS-10 works fine but I don't know the difference between the two. I cleaned up the YDS-10 and it looks like new and seems to be a suitable replacement. Would like to know why I didn't get what I ordered. (Posted on 6/27/2009)

  88. Muito legal Review by Marcelo Bittencourt

    Funciona muito bem com meu iPhone 3G. Ótimo áudio e vídeo (depende da qualidade do arquivo no iPhone), posso controlar usando o remoto do receiver e carrega a bateria do iPhone enquanto está na base apesar de o iPhone informar que o dispositivo não é compatível com ele. (Posted on 6/23/2009)

  89. Buen producto Review by Maria Isabel Mantilla "mim"

    Cumple con lo que ofrece, es facil llevar el menu a la pantalla del tv. Deberia poder incluir los videos y fotos para ser manejados a traves de la pantalla del tv con el control remoto del amplificador (Posted on 6/16/2009)

  90. Yamaha Docking Station Review by Paul E. Nistico

    Nice product with its own port on appropriate Yamaha receivers. Charges iPOD while playing. (Posted on 6/11/2009)

  91. Yamaha iPod Dock - Outstanding Value! Review by Dale D. Hill "Truth Defender"

    This was one of the best purchases I ever made! Plug and play simplicity, excellent performance. And, the price via Amazon was 50% less than Best Buy. (Posted on 6/10/2009)

  92. Quality product Review by C. Carroll

    Couldn't be easier to use, truly plug & play. Sound quality is as good as the source file is. Charges the ipod as expected, and dropping one into the dock doesn't interrupt your current activity. And since the ipod touch only comes with a usb cable for charging, it's nice to not have to boot up the computer just to charge the ipod. (Posted on 6/7/2009)

  93. great product with just 1 missing instruction Review by Jeff Cooper

    The Yamaha YDS-11SL allowed me to connect my iPod to my yamaha A/V receiver. My primary reason for doing this was to show the digital pictures stored on the iPod. The instructions did not show how to do this. However, the Yamaha website had the instructions and they were very clear. It works exactly as it should, and it was extemely easy to connect. The review would be 5 stars if the YDS-11SL instructions were more complete. BTW, the ability to play the iPod stored songs is on the instructions and works perfectly. You can even use the small remote that came with the A/V receiver. I recommend this product if you want to show your stored pictures on your TV. Just don't bore your friends. (Posted on 6/5/2009)

  94. Great music addition Review by P. Hernandez

    this dock station has turned our Yamaha reciever into the ultimate music player for our home. (Posted on 5/15/2009)

  95. Top-notch iPod connectivity Review by Andrew Knight

    We recently purchased a Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal iPod Dock to pair with our Yamaha RX-V663BL A/V receiver. Like several other reviewers, I was pleased with how easy it is to connect and use -- it just works, and is a dramatic improvement in every way over the Monster Cable mini plug-to-RCA cable we'd been living with (and draining our iPod battery with) on our old Sony ES receiver.

    The actual receiver-remote controls work well, and I was pleasantly surprised at the on-screen display, which makes operating the iPod from anywhere in the room simple. My only real complaint is the extremely chunky, low-resolution font that the dock generates, which looks like something off a four-bit IBM PC from the mid-80s. Minor aesthetic quibbles not withstanding, this is a great addition to our home theater system. (Posted on 5/10/2009)

  96. A Whole New World Review by Mark Adler

    This is one of those things that once I have it, I wonder how I could have possibly lived without it.

    The dock works perfectly with my Yamaha HTR-6250 receiver and my 30 GB iPod Classic. It's just awesome to have a library of thousands of songs available instantly from my couch using a remote control.

    My only complaint, and really it's with the receiver, not the dock, is that the display of the iPod menus on the television has all of the detailed font rendering of a 1980's Atari computer game. I wonder if they could have just put the iPod screen directly up on the TV instead.

    Still, it's functional, and I'm not looking at the TV most of the time anyway. Once I start the song, I close my eyes as I enjoy my little iPod filling the room with sound. (Posted on 5/8/2009)

  97. Ipod dock yds-11sl Review by Bill Mazanec

    This dock works great. I have it hooked to my home theater system. Now i have all the music i need at my fingertips. Great product,and easy to use. (Posted on 5/6/2009)

  98. Within expectations and a little more (for HTR-6190) Review by R. Ting "Trader"

    (I have an HTR-6190.) Got this iPod dock on Amazon. Shipping was prompt and price was great.

    Once connected it works immediately. It works with iPhone too. My wife and I use it more as a charger rather than playing the music + video through the receiver. Plug the iPhone on it and the receiver automatically turns on - or looks like it is on - to charge the iPhone. When charging is done, the receiver turns off automatically.

    Would have given it 5 starts if it was easier to get the video going and the playlist working. Had to turn on the iPod function of the iPhone after inserting it - or something like that. The fact that it does not say it support iPhone is something I knew so no complaints. (Posted on 5/6/2009)

  99. Great value, for an awesome item! Review by A. Evans

    Love this Yamaha iPod Dock! This items sells for $100 on Best Buy site and I paid half of that here on Amazon. Shipping was super fast too. Highly recommend. (Posted on 5/3/2009)

  100. IPOD HEAVEN Review by Marvin C. Couch "Cliff"

    The YDS-11SL is the perfect addition to a Yamaha Home Theater receiver. How much fun it is to plug in my ipod, sit in my easy chair, and listen to concert hall quality. The on screen display has all the ipod functions and settings available through the home theater remote.. It does not butter the popcorn, however!! (Posted on 4/11/2009)

  101. Great item at a great value! Review by echo_star

    This dock was very easy to hook up and it works wonderfully! The sound is great with my new Yamaha system. I love it, now I don't have to listen to my music on my computer with my crappy computer speakers! (Posted on 3/25/2009)


    I use this YDS11 w/ my Yahama 661 receiver and this works beautifully! W/ 3558 songs on my 80G Ipod video I can enjoy music till my heart is content! This works flawlessly!! I can't believe I've had my reciever now for a year and 80g Ipod for 2 years and hadn't used this. I can control my IPOD with the Yamaha remote and Yamaha receiver onscreen menu on my 56" LCD. BEAUTIFULL! Apparently, the difference between the YDS10 and YDS11, is that the YDS11 will play video from the IPOD so long as you have a Yamaha663 and later model receiver. My Yamaha661 receiver doesn't play video from my IPOD but I don't want to watch 640x480 sized Ipod movies on my TV anyway (I have Blue-ray for that.) If you're a music lover - BUY THIS - YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. (Posted on 3/23/2009)

  103. A perfect fit Review by I. Levy

    This device was a marvelous edition to the sound bar system. It allows tremendous flexibility and the sound reproduction is great (Posted on 3/19/2009)

  104. Unable to get OSD menus to work with RX-V463 receiver Review by JB

    I have been unable to get the Yamaha YDS-11 iPod dock to generate OSD menus when connected to a RX-V463 receiver. This receiver is able to output OSD menus without any problem, but I cannot determine why the OSD capability does not extend to this dock.

    The sound quality is fine, and it is convenient to be able to plug into a dedicated port on the back of the Yamaha receiver, but without the OSD capability this dock is not worth it's cost. (Perhaps it's an issue with this unit only - but I have moved on to a Tekkeon dock which does generate OSD iPod menus as expected.) (Posted on 3/2/2009)

  105. Essential Accessory... Review by Chuck Limmer

    ... if, like me, you (a) have a compatible Yamaha receiver and (b) have reached the point that your iPod is your primary source for music listening. Connection and setup of the dock is quick and simple, the resulting integration between the iPod, receiver and TV screen is seamless, and the sound quality--assisted by Yamaha's Compressed Music Enhancer mode--is remarkably good. The ability to control basic iPod functions with the Yamaha remote is a bonus. And, like other generic docks, this one will recharge your iPod while you're listening.

    Sure, there are cheaper ways to play your music files through a Yamaha receiver, the simplest of which is plugging a stereo mini cable into the front panel jack supplied for that purpose (helpfully labeled "Portable"). But the YDS-11SL dock does its job so well that you won't regret the investment. Highly recommended. (Posted on 2/27/2009)

  106. True plug and play! Review by NoFear_2008

    It took longer to take everything out of the box than it did to plug it in and start listening to music!

    This dock also works just fine with the iPhone, although when first plugging it in, you'll get that message asking if you want to put the iPhone into Airplane mode. No need! When you receive a phone call, the sound fades out and the call comes through. No problems at all!

    The pause, play, stop, FF, etc buttons on the remote all work to control your ipod/iPhone. You can even use the up/down/left/right buttons to navigate through the ipod/iPhone menus.

    There are two minor annoyances that caused me to deduct a star (would've only deducted 1/2 a star if the review system allowed for it):
    1) That annoying Airplane mode message, when used with the iPhone. Come on, Yamaha! The iPhone's been out long enough now, there's no reason why Yamaha can't make it 100% compatible and make the message go away.

    2) The different size inserts are white, which doesn't match the silver color of the top half of the dock. In fact, I'm not crazy about the two-tone silver/black color scheme. Mainly a personal preference thing.

    Other than those two minor issues, I highly recommend this dock. (Posted on 2/25/2009)

  107. Yamaha support unreliable Review by Enjaume "fotutinny"

    If you have a Yamaha HTR-6130 Receiver then the YDS-11 can only play iPod music. It cannot show on-screen displays and cannot show photos or videos. I bought the YDS-11 after assurances from Yamaha technical support that it was 100% compatible with my YHT390BL/6130 but, after 10 days of (unanswered) e-mails to Yamaha and unsatisfactory 'phone conversations with Yamaha technical support, I have finally been told that my system is "entry level" and not totally compatible with the iPod Dock. I would need to upgrade ($$$s) to the 6150 receiver. (Posted on 2/23/2009)

  108. It worked perfectly Review by R. Andrews

    Not much to say here other it did exactly as published. Remote controls the Ipod perfectly. (Posted on 2/23/2009)

  109. Cannot control iPod from RX-V659 Review by Allen M. Cohen "amc"

    I have an RX-V659 and a the new 16GB nano. The sound is very good, but I cannot control my nano at all with the RX-V659 receiver's remote. I have to carefully use the click wheel while it's docked. (Posted on 2/20/2009)

  110. Terrific Docking Station from Yamaha Review by crgillum

    I saved 50% by purchasing this through Amazon!! This Yahmaha Docking Station performs as advertised with my Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver. Terrific way to integrate my IPOD Nano with the rest of my music library and can control the IPOD throught the Yahmaha remote with the same IPOD display projected on my TV. Highly recommended, especially at this price you can't beat it even with a 3rd party solution that doesn't completely integrate with the Yahmaha receiver!! (Posted on 2/16/2009)

  111. A Tuneful Addition Review by Ozoner

    Our Yamaha iPod dock has brought beautiful music into our life, through our new surround-sound home theater system. We're supposed to be able to see the menu for the iPod on the TV screen, but haven't figured that out yet. The dock works great and the sound is fantastic. (Posted on 2/12/2009)

  112. An easy way to expand your audio listening Review by Harvey M. Smith "Coal Craker"

    This item has proved wonderful in the ease of use and the Yamaha receiver has made the listening fantastic! (Posted on 2/10/2009)

  113. Forget about buying a dock from Apple! Review by Brian S. Lohstroh "B.Lo the Belt"

    I am using an IPOD touch (2G), with a Yamaha HTR 6040.

    If you need to sync (with your computer), just use the cable supplied with your IPOD. If you need to charge/rock out, this dock is the way to go. The receiver's on-screen menu is a nice option (if not slightly ugly on your TV), which allows you to use the stereo remote to change songs/playlists. Sound quality is great (especially when using the 5 channel enhancer on the 6040). Turn it up! (Posted on 2/8/2009)

  114. Review of the Yamaha YDS-11SL Review by Flash "iluvthisgame"

    This is an excellent product, simple plug and play into my Yamaha YAS-71 Sound Bar. So far no issues, received the product in a couple days as ordered and for a competitive price. Thanks Amazon. (Posted on 2/8/2009)

  115. Pleased with product. Review by D. Delk "Dan"

    Docking station works great. It's nice to be able to play my Ipod through my stero system. (Posted on 2/6/2009)

  116. Great Little Product Review by Leftontheinside "And Again"

    I just purchased this for a Yamaha V663 receiver. Works like a charm.
    All I had to do was plug it in with one connection (cable supplied) and dock my Ipod. I have a 4th Generation click wheel and a 3rd Generation Nano. Both worked without a problem. I put the receiver input to Ipod dock and within seconds I can play, stop, skip and turn up the volume. You can also bring up the display on your TV for more options, for example going through playlists. The only thing I don't totally like is that when you turn off the receiver your Ipod stays not a big deal since the ipod will go into standby anyhow. At least the Ipod continues to be charged even when the reciever is in standby. After several hours it no longer charges in standby mode, that might just be a setting on the reciever though. (Posted on 2/2/2009)

  117. Yamaha iPod Dock Review by T. Sevak

    This iPod dock has worked really well for me. I use the iPod Touch, but it also works with the iPhone. The great thing about it is the ability to use the Yamaha remote from another room and switch to the next song. (Posted on 2/1/2009)

  118. Great accessory Review by C. Adkins

    Bought this to use with Yamaha HTR-6150BL - great acecssory that works with various ipods and the iphone. The iphone videos look surprisingly good on a 42" TV. The OSD is nice but you have to use the iphone itself to pull up video/photos. The Yamaha HTR-6150BL isnt able to send the video via HDMI - have to run video and switch TV input for that... (Posted on 2/1/2009)

  119. yam1 Review by Steven Cataldo "sfclaw"


  120. Works fine with my Yamaha RX-v663 and Iphone 3g Review by K. C Wilson

    Bought this to try with my iphone 8gb 3g phone.

    I get the message telling me its not made to work with my phone, but..

    1) Charges fine
    2) plays audio fine (played several songs)
    3) plays video files fine (played back an Episode of Stargate SG1)

    The video playback looks a little stretched on my 42 inch widescreen, but probably expected.

    Only complaint would be the menuing options. While they all work like they are supposed to with my receiver. I am not sure why the basic video output of what you see on the Iphone is not being sent rather than a video output only when you play a video file.

    OSD display works fine, but would rather the display screen of the Iphone or ipod be shown.

    Remote control for my receiver is able to control the video and audio playback functions without any problems either. (Posted on 1/20/2009)

  121. works great Review by M. Beason

    I like it and the price is better than some of the stereo docks I have seen on other receivers. (Posted on 1/17/2009)

  122. Works great; wish I could change color Review by Christian "cg"

    I got this dock to use with my Yamaha receiver and my video iPod. It works as advertised and it allows me to control my iPod using the receiver's remote. As a matter of fact, I have a universal remote (Logitech Harmony) and I can control the iPod using it too.

    The only thing I would change on this dock is the color of the base; at least having the option. My receiver is black and most of the components are black including my iPod, so the silver base stands out. In all honesty, it's not a huge deal... it would just make it more appealing. (Posted on 1/13/2009)

  123. Does the job for music Review by Mr.Breeze

    I like not having to get up to change tunes while playing using the recievers (RX-V461) remote control. Song titles are viewed on receiver, or you can have album art on iPod screen. It also shows tune titles on my TV screen, but why have the Tv on when playing music. Plus it charges the iPod. Great addition to my stereo system. Next is XM radio adapter. (Posted on 1/8/2009)

  124. Works as advertised Review by E. Brown

    Unit interfaced with our new Yamaha amp just fine. Complete onscreen audio selection with playlists from ipod. Was hoping we might get the video menu for pictures or videos, but that feature doesn't seem to be there. Don't know if its a limitation on the 250G ipod or the amp. The use of the ipod and dock is much easier than the cassette/or CD player options. (Posted on 12/30/2008)

  125. Right Price; Does the Job Review by GHC

    Rather than spend twice the amount to buy this iPod dock from the box store where we purchased our home theatre component system, we did the research & purchased the identical product here. Fits our classic iPod perfectly, although we need to remove the protective sleeve for the unit to make contact, and adds the right (one cable connecting to the rear of the amp, not a power cord & an output cable into the front) type of connection to our Yamaha 663 amplifier.
    It does the job, and the price/delivery were right. What more needs to be said? (Posted on 12/19/2008)

  126. Audio works, but menus have issues! Review by S Vani

    The audio works great, but here are the gotchas!

    - The features that work only with the ipod scroll wheel (like selecting rating) do NOT work. You can browse through songs, go up or down, but the ratings menu does not work. It was a big disappointment for me since I usually select a single star for the bad songs for deleting later on iTunes
    - While inserting and removing ipod from the dock, one needs to be very careful since the pins are very flimsy (Posted on 12/18/2008)

  127. Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal iPod Dock Review by Ellen

    The dock is solid and well-built and is necessary for Yamaha receivers. All of these iPod products are overpriced for what you get but you're locked in once you buy the idea. Works fine though. (Posted on 11/30/2008)

  128. Better than expected, but not excellent! Review by David C. Rawlings "Dave Rawlings"

    Recently purchased the Yamaha YDS-11SL iPod dock for my new home theatre (I have a new Yamaha 663, Sony 46" LCD and Sony 350 Blue-ray player). It was easy to hook up to the receiver and the music sounds great. The menu structure takes a few minutes to get used to (no instructions, but rather intuitive). I had my Harmony remote preset for this iPod dock when the Geek squad installed my home theatre. Surprise... everything works as expected.. However, I would prefer the iPod song menu and playlists to be visible on the TV, which is not the case. I have a closed Cabinet (hence the Harmony remote), and now have to open the doors to see what I want to play. Yamaha could have done this better! (Posted on 11/22/2008)

  129. Yamaha YDS-11SL Review by J. Piantedosi

    The Ipod dock works great with my Yamaha HTR-6160 receiver. Its a snap to hook up and the on screen menue is an outstanding feature. It works with almost all ipods, I have 2007 classic and a 2nd generation nano. The nano will not show the on screen menue. All and all I would recommend this dock to anyone with an up to date Yamaha receiver (Posted on 11/8/2008)

  130. Works great Review by J. B. Pittman

    I just tried this out and so far it works great. As I was connecting it I noticed the instructions for my Yamaha Receiver stated I couldn't use the controls on the ipod (I had to use the remote control from the receiver). That would have been a deal killer for me...but luckily my instructions were wrong. I am able to use the controls on the iPod as well as the remote control from the receiver. This is great...because I prefer to use the ipod to navigate to an artist or playlist and then the receiver remote to skip tracks, pause, adjust volume, etc.

    Also, the sound is great and it charges my iPod. I think this is definitely worth the price. (Posted on 11/5/2008)

  131. Easy to use - great little interface to play music Review by SL "SL"

    For $60, this is a little gem. Comes with 3 little plastic inserts that you'll use depending on the type of apple ipod you have. We have the small thin nano and it fits into the docking station just great. There is one plug that fits into the back of the receiver. What's really nice about the docking station is that you simply press 'dock' on the remote and then 'display' (as long as your tv is on) and the entire ipod menu will show up on your screen (provided your tv is connected to your receiver via hdmi). As for quality (please understand I am very serious about sound) is very good, but because it's ipod music (digital and compressed) it won't be quite as perfect as a cd. I'll use a cd over the ipod when I'm looking for the crystal clear, uncompressed tunes. (Posted on 11/4/2008)

  132. Also supports iPhone Review by Craig Sullivan "photographer"

    I ordered the YDS-11SL Dock for my iPhone since it said it supports the iPod Touch, gambling that I could view videos and slide shows. Sure enough, it worked and I got excellent quality on my 52" flat TV connected to my Yamaha HTR-6080 A/V receiver. When I first connected the iPhone, it said the connected device was not compatible. But I selected the iPod icon on the iPhone. I watched a video that I downloaded from iTunes into my iPhone, and also watched a slideshow of the photos downloaded from my computer to the iPhone. Very pleased with my purchase of this unit. (Posted on 10/27/2008)

  133. Great iPod Dock Review by Mahendra "Mahendra"

    This is one of the best iPod Dock I have ever used. Works flawlessly!! The main selling point for me is it's on-screen display of playlist and as published this feature works great even with my 4G iPod. The on-screen display is monochrome and I wonder if this is due to my 4G iPod's monochrome display. Get will love it.

    1. Great sound
    2. Easy connectivity
    3. On-Screen display
    4. Fast scrolling through playlist (keep pressing the scroll button for a few seconds)
    5. Works with my Universal Logitech remote
    6. Has a setting to turn-off charging the iPod in stand-by mode (Receiver RX-V1800).

    1. Grayscale display on my HDTV (not sure if this is due to my iPod) (Posted on 10/12/2008)

  134. Yamaha iPod dock (YDS-11SL) Review by Bob Wierman

    This dock works with the Yamaha RX-V1800 exactly as advertised, integrating the iPod into the A/V system. My iPod is an early generation, so I don't get the on-screen display, which would be nice, and I haven't tested a newer iPod in the dock yet.

    If you're spending the money for one of the Yamaha units with which this works, the price is reasonable for the integration. (Posted on 10/11/2008)

  135. Video Features Not Compatible with Yamaha RX-V363 Review by Matt M.

    I recently purchased an entry level Yamaha 5.1 receiver (model RX-V363). I have been very happy with the receiver and liked the idea of integrating an Ipod dock. However, after I received the dock and spending several hours trying to troubleshoot, I stumbled on an review for the RX-V363 that seemed to indicate I had wasted my time. Apparently, the YDS-11 menu and video capabilities are not compatible with the RX-V363 (the other reviewer learned this after the fact from a Yamaha tech).

    The RX-V363 remote operates the Ipod (I have an 80GB classic) just fine, but it is of limited use since you have to be standing within two feet to read the Ipod display. The sound of the YDS-11 is fine. However, as the other reviewer noted, you might consider the Tekkeon Navdock instead of this unit as the Tekkeon has full video and menu capabilities. Essentially, if you have a RX-V-363, you are buying a $60 charger that allows you to hide the input in the back of your receiver and leave the video/aux input on the front of the receiver free for something else or simply to leave open without unsightly cords. Not a great use of $60 as far as I am concerned. (Posted on 9/24/2008)

  136. Yamaha YDS-11SL Universal Ipod Dock Review by Alvaro Fernandez "alvarofdezz"

    I can listen to my ipod's music and watch video on my tv set. This products is a one more fine product from Yamaha. (Posted on 9/18/2008)

  137. Expensive but no other choice... Review by J. Drucker

    It should be an included accessory when you buy the Yamaha receivers. You don't have any other option if you want to use you Ipod with your receiver...!!!! I think Yamaha, makes good stuff....but it should have an universal conection for auxiliar about usb?...or mini usb?. (Posted on 9/11/2008)

  138. Great product, delivered quickly and at a great price. Review by John Love

    Product works great. Plugs in and goes. Can change songs with Receiver remote and you can see the song list on your TV if it's connected to your receiver.
    It's a must for anyone who want's to listen to their iPod through their receiver. (Posted on 9/10/2008)

  139. itouch vs. i-see Review by Robert Johan

    I was under the impression that this would show the itouch screen and it did not! You do not see the album covers which is what I was looking for. However the interphase to use the remote to control the ipod is fairly good. (Posted on 9/10/2008)

  140. Great product, but poor phone support Review by J. Li "Andy"

    When I first got it, it did not work well with my ipod 80G. Called the help desk and was told that it may not work with some models. I almost returned the product. then check with email with another support, I was told to update the firmware in iPOD. After that it worked greart. My feeling is that those technical supports over phone for most companies do not know much about the product at all since they are cheap labor and paid to answer phone with the most common question. If you need support, try to find a way to get hold of a really technical guy to help you out. (Posted on 9/10/2008)

  141. Works perfect Review by D. McCaskill

    Works as advertised. Great add on to my Yamaha receiver allowing it to do more by interfacing with my ipod. (Posted on 8/26/2008)

  142. Basic Features Only Review by P. McConnell

    easy connect and setup and turns your tv into a huge ipod. biggest problem i found is you are unable to adjust the music. none of the dsp or other audio enhancements work while ipod is playing
    and you cannot access the ipods built in equalizer. (Posted on 8/17/2008)

  143. iPod & Yamaha ... together at last. Review by Alistair Sinclair

    My dad passed away, his iPOD full of thousands of old-time musicals, Beatles, etc... all the music he loved. Got this Yamaha adapter for a $210 dollar 5.1 receiver (100 watts per channel) replacing traditional stereo in my old craftsmen house (i.e., small).

    Well, tears came to my eyes as I could listen to Pop's 'ol time favorites over my yamaha book-shelf speakers in Stereo instead of head-phones. I won't change a thing on his iPod, it'll remain plugged in and ready to play. I need to try the remote control part of this which I haven't done yet but I'll get 'round tuit. I'm getting a new speaker system (5.1) from orb audio, can't wait to play back. I'm happy with this product, but do wish it supported iPhone playback as well. Playing back an iPod thru a proper amplifier/speaker setup is pretty darn cool, changing your perception of just what an iPod is about. My 300 CD carousel is starting to look pretty lame... if I could just get off my butt to convert all the cd's :)

    Thanx to Amazon for telling me the product even EXISTED, then offering a good price and the usual great delivery service. God, why does anyone drive to a mall anymore?

    P.S. - bought my Samsung 52" 'touch-of-color' model 650 ... am ECSTATIC! Waited for years, pulled the trigger, Amazon came through... and I was scared about buying something like that over the internet, now if they JUST had a line of Amazon irons, drivers, hybrids, putters, and wedges ... THEN we'd be talkin' some serious nirvana. (Posted on 8/4/2008)

  144. iPod Dock Review Review by OG

    Pros: Durable product that is extremely easy to connect. You simply plug one end of the chord into the dock and the other end into the receiver. The iPod sounds great through the system, much better than hooking it up with rca cables. You can navigate songs through your ipod or for me in black and white on the screen.

    Cons: I have a 250$ 60gig iPod I bought in the middle of December and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it play videos. This leads me to believe my iPod will not play videos with this dock. I don't understand why it wouldn't; it is a new iPod with the newest software for both the ipod and itunes. The black and white screen that displays through my television monitor also shuts off after about 15 seconds. This may be something that can be changed, but even after reading the manual for the stereo and the ipod I could not figure it out.

    Overall, I like the item. I just really wish I could see my iPod's face displayed on my television monitor. I specifically waited for the newer version of the dock because the older model, the YDS-10 (I believe) sounded like it wouldn't play videos with my ipod. I'm harder to please than most people, but I still really like the item. (Posted on 8/1/2008)

  145. YAMAHA-11SL IPOD DOCK Review by Michael Kaplan


  146. Works right out of the box. Review by stlouisbrad "stlouisbrad"

    I cannot believe how easy it was to hookup. A very heavy duty cable with a custom multi-pin plug goes into a custom socket on the bottom of my YSP-4000. Works fine. Listened to podcasts and watched video from a 5G iPod and an original iPhone. Charges while in the cradle. The YDS-11SL came out long after the YSP-4000, but it works great.

    Don't expect great video on a big TV. The resolution of the iPod video is not very high -- very grainy on my 52 inch LCD (not Yamaha's fault..). My AppleTV works much much easier and has a much better picture. (Posted on 7/21/2008)

  147. Great addition Review by T. M. Schultz

    I love this product. I wish it was included in my Yamaha home theater system. You can control the iPod with the system remote. (Posted on 7/16/2008)

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